I was tagged by the lovely Laura (♥My Bloggy Blog♥),

You have to go to the 4th file in your pictures then the 4th image and explain it.

Haha, Mine was quite a guddun…

This photo was taken in september at “Black Gang Chine” (70’S Amusement park) in the Isle Of Wight ( Google it, It’s so retro haha) I dragged my boyfriend there for 5 days as it was somewhere i used to go alot when i was little and i missed it. This was the “funny mirrors”, i promise we don’t always have weird shaped heads and his eyebrows aren’t really that scary.

I tag everyone who hasn’t done this yet..i promise im not lazy at choosing people, i just want to see everyone do it. :)

  1. very cool photo:) i just had a look at my 4th photo in my 4th file in my pictures and its pictures of a grave yard i took for my art alevel i think i wont take part in this lool

  2. Laura

    Love it :) I love your outfit…THAT is how I want to dress! x

  3. Meya

    lol.. really cute!

  4. LOL i am going to be unofficially tagged because this looks like muchos fun…but only if i have a picture as good as this one…!

  5. LOL cute!

  6. Very cute picture…makes me smile.

  7. Awww~ this is adorable.

    You two are so cute together.
    even in the “funny mirrors” =P

  8. ANGE

    this is sooo sweeet :)

  9. this is cuteee xD

  10. Wow im gonna do this now.
    Take a look guys please.

  11. Love love love this!! Is this tag still doing the rounds?! xx

  12. Can I do this even if it is September 2014? :S

  13. Hahahaa funny tag!


  14. Brodie

    First comment whoooo and here is my photo.
    This was like on guy Fawkes night I think and I was sitting in the dark and was on my tablet and I decided to take a random photo of the bottom of my bed. Soon I looked at it properly and you will see it looks as though there is a person at the bottom of my bed! Its is really scary xxx

  15. mollie copeland

    This was actually a custom made picture. The photo of me in the middle was when I was on holiday in Lanzarote. I created the rest of the picture in pic monkey and it is actually my YouTube banner.

  16. Ivy Green

    I just went there during my residential trip! Did anyone go on the landslide thing ride.