A few months ago, before my boyfriend left for uni 4 and half hours away from me, i was having a crappy day and when i got home from work, he had bought and set up a goldfish tank for me!

I wasn’t allowed a guinea pig because they need alot of attention and i work full time…and i wasn’t allowed a kitten because we live near a busy road and it would have had no chance. So he bought me a tank so i could have goldfish :D He is lovely and it was a lovely surprise….We bought the fish together but they only lasted about 3 weeks and then they all died :( So now i have emptied the tank ready for new ones…and i need some name ideas guys.

I will be getting 3 new fishies so please help me decide some names.

  1. Well I have a betta fish name “Chester the Molester”,being that my friend named him. Plus I would suggest a betta but that means you can only have one fish in that tank. . goldfishes are messy little creatures. Uhms.. I would name the fish uh “SPARKLES”, I just heard that on a commerical btw, lol. Have fun.. (:

  2. What about using the name of your three favourite lipsticks or eyeshadows :)

    I love goldfish, I was looking at some in the pet shop the other day. I had two when I was a kid, they lived for about 13 years!

  3. SaLee

    Poseidon (god of the sea in greek mythology) or sushi (irony)?

  4. Olivia

    Aww how sweet, my sister has 4 fish and she has called them -howl, sophie, tokyo and JiJi.
    Random i know.

  5. i bought my friend 2 fish for christmas once and they were called fish & chips :)

  6. Laura

    Hehe…I had two fish, called Glitter and Sparkles. One of them died, then the other one got depressed (honestly), so I put the other one into my friends pond, and it’s happy as larry now! They were massive…like about 5/6 inches long!!! That’s big for goldfish! x x x

  7. That is a cute tank! My ex bought me fish and I named them “Dolce and Gabbana” cause I’m a huge dork =] Name them after things you love. There’s honestly no bad name for a fish — you can really name them anything. Makes it pretty hard to narrow it down lol

  8. Ondine

    I used to have 2 goldfish many years ago – they were called Bilbo and Rocky. I wish I could remember why I chose to put those two names together, but I have to say, I still kind of like them both!

  9. that tank is soo cute :)

  10. pretty fish tank~ fishes are hard to maintain but beta fishes are low maintenance but they dont move much :/

  11. your bf is so sweet, what a cute tank! i’ve always liked the name bobby for a pet :)

  12. ANGE

    wow i am so glad i stumbled across your blog- definately following you!!

    i notice you like all things 40's & 50's (ME TOO!!) so perhaps: marilyn, audrey and betty would be something fitting and different :)


  13. Thanks for all the ideas ladies! Think i might need more than 3 fish! :O

  14. emily

    name them with people names,so you can say things like “oh, must go, lucy and robert are waiting!”

  15. Katrina Louise

    I'm not saying you should name tthem these but I have 3 fish named Conrad, Ronaldo Q., and Gerald. I like strange names for my fishies XD

  16. i bet you read the Percy Jackson series. Don't worry, I did too!

  17. Munchie

    Cat, dog and tiger. Or loard (or lady) something xxx

  18. Rebecca Waterfall

    name them phineas and ferb

  19. Nicole M πŸ’–

    Pippin, Percy and Nala! πŸ˜‚πŸ’–
    (You’ll get this joke in 2015) x

    • Lee lee😊😍😘

      OMG, yesss!! But no Pippin :(
      R.I.P Pippin xx

  20. Brodie

    I know I’m a few years late but if you get new ones you should call them teddy, Reggie and Brodie :))