A few months ago, before my boyfriend left for uni 4 and half hours away from me, i was having a crappy day and when i got home from work, he had bought and set up a goldfish tank for me!

I wasn’t allowed a guinea pig because they need alot of attention and i work full time…and i wasn’t allowed a kitten because we live near a busy road and it would have had no chance. So he bought me a tank so i could have goldfish :D He is lovely and it was a lovely surprise….We bought the fish together but they only lasted about 3 weeks and then they all died :( So now i have emptied the tank ready for new ones…and i need some name ideas guys.

I will be getting 3 new fishies so please help me decide some names.

  • Rebecca Waterfall

    name them phineas and ferb

  • Nicole M πŸ’–

    Pippin, Percy and Nala! πŸ˜‚πŸ’–
    (You’ll get this joke in 2015) x

    • Lee lee😊😍😘

      OMG, yesss!! But no Pippin :(
      R.I.P Pippin xx

  • Brodie

    I know I’m a few years late but if you get new ones you should call them teddy, Reggie and Brodie :))

  • Charlotte Williams