I apologise now if you just scrolled through those images tucked up under a blanket listening to the rain pouring outside (That’s what i’m currently experiencing myself). I just stumbled across the other half of all the holiday pics I snapped in Santorini and couldn’t NOT share them (since I was originally going to anyway). 
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the colder months and everything Autumnal and Wintery, but looking back through these photos I now have complete holiday envy and want to go back. I absolutely loved it, and during these past few months I have probably been the most busy I have ever been in my entire life and I feel like that little getaway was SO lovely (and it feels so long ago).

I hope you guys liked seeing more of these photos, let’s pretend we’re all cosied up together under the blanket whilst it’s raining outside, just flicking through the holiday albums together. :)



  1. Brilliant photos, looks like you had such a fab time! ps can I have your figure?! :|

    Frankie x

  2. These photos are so gorgeous! Santorini looks so amazing!!!


  3. It looks so amazing!

  4. Santorini looks beautiful! Such lovely pictures Zoe ❤


  5. Niamh M

    I'm not lusting for summer…
    your holiday looked perfect & I love these photos Zoe ^.^


    niamh / niamhsdream.blogspot.co.uk

  6. You all look lovely!! :) Missing summer now! And Santorini is beautiful! Can't wait to visit! :) xx,Jo.

  7. Niamh M


  8. It looks beautiful! I'd love to go 👌

  9. You girls look beautiful! and the place you stayed looks amazing!!! And the food looks so lovely!!

  10. Fab photo's beaut!

    Sarah – Ohhsoglam.com

  11. You're so beautiful zoe ❤️ your holiday looks amazing and i really want to go to santorini! I went to Kos this summer and these pictures are reminding me of it ☀️

  12. I love them Zoe <3

  13. Brett

    Love love love this post, it's definitely one of my favourites! I love seeing your holiday pics

  14. Lovely blog post Zoe, you all look so beautiful, tanned, happy and relaxed! Thank you for sharing. :)

  15. You are completely stunning as are these photos so glad you posted them !!! Lots of love xxxxxx

  16. kfc

    All the food pictures are making me droool! Greece looks so beautiful. It is definitely on my list for places I need to visit. Cute swim top too! And yes, that tan! Haha


  17. Ametist

    If you liked Santorini you should come to Menorca, Spain!!! It's beautiful and the beaches are amazing! I'm waiting ;P ~ @ThisIsALiar

  18. besutiful and amazing🙌❤️ gugmubble.blogspot.com thers a little something a about you on there☺️😘

  19. Thank you, you get me out from depression and you're kind of a best friend for me :)
    Also I met my ex girlfriend (but we are chatting very often these days xd) because of you and Alfie! Thank you a lot! My biggest wish is to somehow move to Brighton or any other town in the UK, just to get out of Serbia and to meet you and Alfie! I really don't belong here! Love you so muuuch!

  20. I really want to go on holiday with friends now! I love your Bikini and the picture of Alfie and you on the boat. And I am really looking forward to your Chrismas posts after this gorgeous summer break! <3 Love love love from Germany!

  21. Abi S

    These are so lovely! It looks so sunny and I'm glad you got a nice break away from blogging/vlogging and everything, it looks so perfect there and the food looks amazing! Abi :)

  22. These pictures looks so amazing!! – You must have had the most amazing view :))
    The first picture is sooo good of you all!


  23. beautiful pictures!! makes me wanna visit Greece haha
    btw i loooove that picture of you and alfie on the boat, probs my favorite <3

  24. Your trip looked lovely. Santorini looks beautiful and the food looks amaaazing! I really want to go to Greece one day, definately on of my dream destinations! :)

  25. Even though I really like autumn and christmas time and all, when I see these photos, I wish it was summer just a little bit longer ♥︎
    x Valerie

  26. There is seriously a reason all of you are becoming so famous! You're all gorgeous!! And in one of the most gorgeous places in the world to boot :) I love you all so much and I'm so glad you had an amazing trip. That sun and that beach look absolutely divine right about now! Oh and I must say your black bikini is killer! Love you Zoe! xx


  27. That picture of you an Alfie on the boat! It looks like you two are modeling for swimwear! It's such a cute photo! :)

  28. Gorgous photos! Today it snowed where I am. SNOW. On november 7th.

  29. I have major tan envy right now!! Haha! Looks like you all had the best time <3

  30. Paula B

    Omg now I want to go on holiday. Looks like you had an amazing time, every single photo is perfection! Love the wrap bikini too!

    Paula ♥ | http://www.la-vida-fresa.com xo

  31. aww great pictures Zoe! i'm planning to go to greece next summer to celebrate the end of a'levels so i hope to see some of those beautiful views you have shared with us :)

  32. This makes me miss summer :(


  33. I feel likes summer went so fast! i loved this post Zoe and i loved all the photos you took. There's something about summer that just makes it a beautiful season. x

    ~Katy Summers (TeenageBlogger)


  34. Hi Zoe, I say this as someone who have followed your blog and YouTube channel for a long time, I feel there is a backlash coming toward you and I want you to be ok and keep going. Already there been the indy article (no need for me to repeat that again) and now a hufflingpost (I almost wrote hufflepuff) article, I also find when I google your name I come up with various nasty online bullies in forum talking S**t about you.
    I'm not a young teenager but a 31 year old women who admire you and think your success have been brilliant and I say this in a very British tone ''well done ole' girl' – seriously you have handled you 'fame' very well and I only came to this conclusion just from watching your video.
    I don't know you in real life but please keep going as there are TONS of people who simple follow your every words (admittedly I’m one of them) and admire you. Listen to those people and keep being you – that’s what made you where you are today and that is what people love about you.


  35. Beautiful photos! I am just writing a post myself looking back at all my holiday snaps, makes me feel a little bit better about sniffling in my dressing gown haha! Ix


  36. Katy

    I'm having serious holiday envy right now as there is a storm going on outside in Brighton right now.


  37. Zoe you look absolutely gorgeous as always! Loved this pics! Thanks for sharing. You should come to Australia as it's nearly summer ;)


  38. Utterly gorgeous!!! You all look stunning



  39. So jealous! Now i really wanna go on holiday. Beautiful photos Zoe :) I LOVE your bikini <3

  40. sykaki

    i am from Greece and i have worked us a tour guide….If you want to come again some day i can show you my town like a local :D:D ( the best way to see a place is through the eyes of a local ) ;) santorini is amazing but is only one of the 6 thousand islands of Greece…. :D :D:D

  41. Pictures look amazing, Santorini is beautiful! :)


  42. Paige

    I am suffering from holiday blues too! Santorini looks incredible !
    Much love – Paige xx
    Skin and Roses

  43. These photos are absolutely stunning Zoe! The landscape, the weather, the outfits, and of course the people! Just wandering what camera you used for them? Xx

  44. I love your pics, are so cute! I have a new post in my blog you should wacht it!! :D

  45. These pictures are amazing, really making me miss the summer right now…


  46. Love your black and white striped dress! The pineapple head photo is my favourite haha x


  47. Tes photos sont vraiment magnifiques et ces vacances avaient l'air tout simplement parfaites.. Je t'aime trop et vous etes tous les 6 mes youtubers preferes, et de loin!! Gros bisous, et ne change pas t'es parfaite ❤️🇫🇷🇫🇷

  48. maybe somebody knows what camera she used?

  49. Awesome pics Zoe

  50. Looks amazing. Definitely looking to book for summer 2015 with my better half. This post makes me so sad though! as much as i love these months, I am missing the sun etc ahhhh..
    lovely photos Zoe

    love Amy xxxx


  51. These photos are amazing, I feel like I'm practically there. Wish I was, I've always wanted to rent a boat like that! I hope you have a nice evening/night :)


  52. It's currently approaching 25°C in Australia. Perfect weather!!

    Jen x
    aka ReelDork

  53. <3 that tan though!
    i need that get away; i made my first mental health appointment today for myself.. my anxiety and stress are out of control. i have tried herbal remedies and breathing, but some times they are out of control.
    BUT i hope you are having a great day zoee!! :)
    abbydorable or (abigail :)

  54. beautiful photos!!what kind of camera did you use?? :)

  55. So beautifull photos! I cant's stop watch :P

    Greetings :)

  56. Love all the photos, you guys are all gorgeous!

  57. Amazing💕 Love you so much Zoe u r such an inspiration😊💕 also where is your black and white dress from and your plain black dress??? Xxx

  58. Zoe! Firstly, these photos are amazing! It looks so beautiful over there, the food, the view, just everything. Also, you look absolutely stunning in all the pictures and I love everything that you are wearing! I also absolutely love your bathers.
    You are so incredible. Stay amazing! xx

  59. DashKos

    That's literally what just happened: I watched all your amazing photos, sitting under the blanket, while it's rainy outside :)

  60. Amazing Photos Zoe <3 Santorini looks like a beautiful place x

  61. EllJaye

    You're all soooo lucky! It looks absolutely amazing and gorgeous :) You all look beautiful too xx

  62. sofiaaa

    I am exactly like this now "you just scrolled through those images tucked up under a blanket listening to the rain pouring outside". And yesterday I was wondering about the part 2 of the photos here in Greece. You can come back whenever you want. We'll be waiting :)

    with love from Greece.

  63. I neeeeeeed a holiday.

  64. Pictures look amazing. So jealous! I would love to visit Santorini. Beautiful pics btw<3


  65. that place looks so amazing! Oh my.. This made me miss summer because here in Finland it started snowing yesterday. I'm so happy and sad about that at the same time.. :D

  66. This holiday looks incredible- you all look fab! x

  67. Ah this looked so cuteeee, your photography skills are amazing zoe :) <3

  68. Laura.

    Stunning photos, Zoe!! You look amazingly beautiful. Very jealous of your adventures and great times there. The food looks incredible too omg. Thanks for sharing with us :) xxx


  69. Nes

    Amazing pictures! Santorini looks so beautiful, really want to visit Santorini:)


  70. Laura

    I have serious holiday envy! I went to Crete this year and absolutely adore Greece. Next stop either Santorini or Mykonos but they don't fly direct from Scotland! It seems like you had a really fun holiday with lovely friends and you always deserve a wee break from your hectic schedule. Also that tan though – I'd look like a ghost next to you missy!

    Laura | http://www.laurakathren.blogspot.co.uk

  71. Milena

    Zoe I live in Izmir by the Aegean sea.We have almost the same culture,same weather,same food so I am happy that you like Santorini.
    Also the weather is amazing here,it is 21-22 C.We love the weather here but it is so hot sometimes:)

  72. It has always been my dream to go to Santorini. Those white washed buildings with blue <3 wow!!!
    Gorgeous photos and love the white bandeau top with the lace! I agree, Autumn/Winter is great but….summer sun, I miss it now :( x


  73. Hannah

    Fantastic pictures Zoe. Santorini has always been on my bucket list, and this post has really got me wanting to go! x


  74. Lovely pictures Zoe! Thank you for showing how beautiful my country is! You must visit more islands and cities soon! Greece is also a winter destination and full of beauties!

    Lots of love from greece! Xxxx

  75. I'm doing just that, the rain is ridiculous right now! I had been thinking about booking up for Santorini next year, I think you've just convinced me :)

    Happy Friday Zoe! x

  76. These photos are so so nice. I love Greece, it's perfect places on earth and it seems you enjoyed it as well.
    I just have to say, that photo with you and Alfie is just so cute. :)

    Patricija xx

  77. Kate J

    I love everything about your black dress, makeup, and bun. Do you think you could re-make that look for a video? It's so gorgeous and I absolutely love the way you did your bun. Plus, I can easily see myself wearing a "winterized" version for a Christmas party! Eeeps! Also, reminiscing is so much fun. I remember I was on vacation in Florida as you were in Santorini, so I remember seeing some of these photos on Instagram as I myself was vacationing. :)

  78. These pictures are absolutely stunning, people included. I wish I was somewhere sunny right now *sigh*

    Amazzable // Life As Amazzable | Lifestyle Blogger ❣

  79. santorini looks so beautiful! this makes me so excited to be there next august :)

    Elena x rosielena.blogspot.com

  80. - Karen

    INCREDIBLE photos Zoe! I bet it was SO good to relax!
    & I'm now really hungry thanks to that scrummy looking food! :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  81. Been waiting for these and was worth the wait, spectacular photographs! so jel of the tan as well!


  82. Karin

    I was literally in the same places Zoe and took almost the same pictures as you (up on my blog)! though i think I came a day or two after you guys had left. It was one of my favourite places i went on my vacation


  83. Zoe,

    Thank you so so soooo much!!! i literally watch your videos EVERY day and i love them sooo much! You've inspired me to write my own blog and of course…. just say yes!

    tysm and love the pics btw ;)

  84. Zoella, you are perfection! Looks amazing lovely photos! <3

  85. nueyork

    These photos are incredible! Santorini honestly has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.


  86. I think my favourite picture actually is the second one with the food. I really like it as a picture and it has such a calm, relaxed atmosphere and really gives me this summer holiday feeling :)


  87. I love that bathing suit :) And that picture of you and Alfie on the boat is probably my favourite out of them all! It's just "summer" encompassed in one picture. This looks like it was such a fun trip and I definitely wanna hop on a plan right about now haha

    Great post Zoe! :)
    Kinza x


  88. You're right, that tan though! You are so beautiful, Zoe!

    And it's actually almost summer here in Australia, so it's fairly hot right now… but I still wish I was where you were!

    Naturally Jes

  89. These pictures are GORGEOUS!

  90. Teresa

    Omg, hahaha, Zoe. When I finally finished scrolling through the pictures, I couldn't help but literally laugh out loud after I read the first sentence.

    That is exactly how I was. I'm tucked into bed all cozy and warm and there's crazy wind outside. It's freezing! c:

  91. Zoe you looking fabulous <3 Cant take off my eyes from you <3 You are beautifulllllllllllllllllllllll

  92. You look amazing zoe.. your figure..!! 😍😍😍😍

  93. you look beautiful Zoe & the pictures look so good. Santorini looks amazing thats one of the places i really want to go.

  94. Zoe ur so lucky to go on a holiday like that! You've got such awesome friends (and boyfriend), it makes me so jealous! Thank you for uploading more images. Luv ya xx

  95. you're truly living the good life

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    New blogger, trying to build up my blog so leave me a comment if you wanna be following buds!


    x Felice

  96. Sofie

    These pictures are so lovely! Now I really wanne be there instead off in this cold weather :p
    Sofie x

  97. Lovely photographs – it looks like you had an AMAZING time! I love the creativity that you can see shining through every photograph. X

  98. Elre

    THAT holiday! I hope one day I can go. Lovely photo's Zoë!

  99. Santorini looks absolutely lovely, I would really loooove to visit one day. These pictures are amazing and you're stunning zoe, just had to mention that. Hope you're having a fab day! xx


  100. Gorgeous pictures Zoe! Definite holiday envy from here!

    – lana (lana-sultana.blogspot.com) x

  101. I'm with you on this. The composition of all the photos is brilliant and the lighting spot on. I'd also like to know the type of camera Zoe uses. I've been to Santorini and it's definitely a place you need a decent camera to capture the beauty of it.

  102. Now I want to visit Santorini even more. :)


  103. Hi everybody! I just started a blog and I'm really struggling to get people to view my blog, so if you would take the time to read it and maybe recommend it to others? Even comment or share? Thank you so so much💝

  104. Maria

    Greetings from Greece Zoe :) Santorini is amazing island, next time you visit Greece you should go to Corfu or Ithaki or Crete. All islands but bigger and with much more olive trees.

  105. OMG these photos are actually amazing:) xxx

  106. i love you zoe :*****and these photos are amazing

  107. you look stunning as always


  108. Alise

    These pictures are so good! Looks like you've had a good time. Makes me miss summer as well :)

  109. Your pictures are amazing! The atmosphere is so good that now I also want to have a vacation 8)


  110. Ah Zoe! You look so happy and de-stressed here! :) I hope you're having a lovely Autumn and aren't stretching yourself too thin with your workload! I also hope that everything is coming along nicely and that your blog, book, youtube, beauty activities are all running as planned :) Have a lovely weekend! :)

    Chez x

  111. Love these photos! Zoes body is so perfect♥

  112. Ugh… These pictures are perfect. I wish I could just take a break for a week right now and visit this place! This London weather is getting really tiring!

  113. So unbelievable envious of this right now!!! Totally inspired to take a trip of my own!!! Most beautiful photos, you all look so happy and enjoying life xxxx

  114. Kate

    I can see your tan, omg. These are gorgeous. Loved the photos! ♥

  115. Mia

    Just WOW! :D

  116. Love your photo Zoe <33 You and Alfie are so cute!!!!!

  117. I absolutely love your bikini! So cute!

  118. Lovely photos! Please tell us what brand that wrap bikini is? It is so pretty! Xoxo

  119. I am greek and I'm so excited that you enjoyed your holidays here so much! I also hope to meey you all one day!!

  120. Holl JC

    Your photos are just stunning Zoe, looks like you guys had a fab time x


  121. Simona

    Santorini looks amazing! I'm so in love with the little white houses.


  122. Emma F

    Amazing pictures Zoe! Looks like you had an amazing time!!

    xx Emma, ouvrirlabouche.com

  123. It's so sad that I live in Greece and I don't even have the money to visit santorini!! :/ Anyway, great photos, you all look amazing <3

  124. I thought that you were terrified of the sea and being on boats? And not that I'd like you to be scared, but it looks like you're very comfortable and having a blast. You don't seem terrified at all.

  125. Beautiful photos Zoe! Santorini looks amazing :)

  126. I do miss my summer tan! I love the colder months and being able to cozy under a blanket while it's pouring outside, but I do miss that glowing tanned shoulders! Great pictures! Here's to a lot more getaways to come!

  127. Zoe you look absolutely STUNNING in the photo of you in the white bralet! wow xxxxx

  128. Santorini looks beyond beautiful!! You all look fantastic too! Love you! 😘😘😘

  129. Lovely photos and Santorini looks amazing x

  130. Judy

    You look absolutely amazing in all the photos ZOE!! (Tan and Niomi too hehe) Love all your blog posts and videos!! Much love from Singapore <3

  131. It's so cold right here in Canada too! I'm missing the heat already. I love your bikini, Zoe, and all of that food looks amazing!!

  132. Nabihah

    That trip looks amazing – I don't usually like boats but I do have to say it looks fun to be on one with your friends in beautiful weather for a couple hours!


  133. Jodie V

    Santorini looks amazing! It looks like you had an amazing time!
    Jodie xo // La Lune Song

  134. Rosi

    Looks amazing, such lovely photos! Would love to visit one day!

  135. Aww you need to give us outfit credits!!! I ADORE your lace crop top, your black swimsuit and your black dress <3 So beautiful <3

  136. Zoe!! Please teach me your ways of photography!! Amazing pictures girl!! :)

  137. I agree!! Canada is too cold right now!!

  138. ~Katie~

    It looks like you all had a fab time! Your tan looks so good. I'm dying to visit a Greek Island, it's one of the things on my bucket list.
    Katie x

  139. I totally agree!! Missing tans as well, especially living in Canada!!

  140. WOW! Its such a truly incredible place!

  141. Elma yo

    More like that view though! All the food looks so yummy and delicious, great to hear you had an awesome time there. The houses look so pretty!

    Elma x || PetalGrrl

  142. THAT TAN THO INDEED!!!!!!
    There is something warming about looking at holiday pictures.


  143. Santorini looks amazing!! I would love to go one day xx

  144. These pictures are brilliant! I'd love to go back there as well, I'm exhausted from all work.

    Btw do you possible have a sister that your parents haven't told you about (ask them?) I bet she would be as petty as you, and I'm currently singel so! Just kidding


  145. Lucie

    Amazing. Makes me wanna go on a holiday sooo bad…

  146. Aria.

    Greece is beautiful. <3
    Beautiful photos!


  147. Amazing pictures! So Beautiful.

  148. Beutiful photos !!! What's the nae of your camera ? :)

  149. Aw wow it looks like you had such an amazing time! The photos are absolutely incredible as well, Santorini looks gorgeous. And the food…mm looks delicious xx


  150. Amazing post as always! I loved your photo with Alfie, you look so much happy!

  151. Daniela

    I wish I could be there right now, Santorini looks amazing. love the photos,:)

  152. I absolutely love your photography, Zoe! ♥ I'd like to see more beautiful posts here in the nearest future:) Have you ever thought about making a little, kind of… travel guide to Brighton, where you'd show your favourite places like cafes and shops and the most beautiful streets there? I think it will be great and very interesting to read:)
    P.S: Thanks for taking over Zoe's blog, Tan ♥

  153. Mel

    looks like such a lovely place, beautiful pictures also x


  154. I loved this and I totally miss summer but there is just something about autumn/winter! Click the link to see my favourite things about this seaon!


  155. You all look like you're having so much fun, so jealous of your friendship it is tooo cute! Your bikini is lush Zoe <3

    Love Charlotte xxxx

  156. These photos make me want to go on vacation! You are such an inspiration and you seem like a genuine person.


  157. Celine

    such cute pictures! now i want to go to santorini so bad !

  158. Haylee

    You are actually perfect, just in case you didn't know. I love your swimsuit too, I'm tempted to sew one like it now.

    This vacation looks like SO much fun ps, wow talk about a dream vacay. (Or holiday I guess is what you guys call it, which is definitely more fitting!) Everything is so gorgeous there- even the food! I'm definitely adding this place to the list of places I want to visit, like to the very top. ha I'm seriously swooning about everything about it right now.

  159. Amazing place ! This is just amazing. I would like to go somewhere like this in the summer with my love / friends :)) ♥

  160. hira s

    Zoe that little white bikini top is AMAZING!! Where can I find it? :) & btw you look so beautiful, as does everyone else. Xxx

  161. Santorini definitely looks like such a beautiful place to visit, you look lovely as always! x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  162. Conny

    Your figure motivates me to lose weight haha, you look gorgeous! xx

  163. I am currently sitting in bed with a hot water bottle and listening to the rain outside! haha. The photos are so lovely. Looked like an amazing holiday!

    Love M

  164. S

    Gorgeous photos! And that food looks amazing :)

  165. That sunset makes me want to be there jaja, amazing vacation! I would like to see more photos Zoe, just to continue in the 'zone' of "let's pretend we're all cosied up together under the blanket whilst it's raining outside, just flicking through the holiday albums together"

  166. These are lovely photos and amazing quality, would love to go there one day <3

  167. Anne

    These photos are indeed lovely Zoe! They make me want to go on a vacation in Santorini too! That photo of you and Alfie on the yacht though… It looks like the ads I see on magazines. So lovely!


  168. Absolutely stunning shots Zoe!
    Such a beautiful place. It's nice to see you all enjoying yourselves!
    Friendship goals right there!

  169. Breathtaking photos, thanks for sharing them!! You looking stunning (very jealous of that tan!)

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  170. Nothing like holiday pictures to dream yourself away when it is pouring outside…

  171. OMG amazing pictures!! I can't wait to get over there, looks so so amazing and great weather. I'm not in complete freezingness just yet, but we're in that in-between-spring-summer could be warm could be cold thing. best!!

  172. Love love LOVE these photos! The lighting is just fantastic, you all look so happy and relaxed and the food looks amazing! Glad to see you all had a great time, and it's so good to see more activity on your blog Zoe, keep up the good work! xx

  173. these pictures are so beautiful Zoe! It looks like such a lovely place. You look so happy and carefree, which is how you should be! Keep smiling girl and do what you love! xox

  174. Beautiful photos! You're a great photographer!

    xx Esther

  175. That tan thou..!! Looks like you had a wonderful time!! I would love to do that same trip with my friends in santorini! I was also watching my Summer pictures some days ago and made me miss it so much (and miss my tan!!). Can I have your body zoe please?
    Where is that white laced top/brallette type a thing that you were wearing in two pictures?

  176. Beatiful pics! Greece is definitely on my list now. Thank you for sharing!

  177. Ellie C

    Wow Santorini looks absolutely beautiful!

  178. Oh my God I just love all of these photos, Santorini looks like heaven on Earth :)

  179. Nancy P

    Amazing photos! Love your bikini :)

  180. Ami x

    Santorini looks beautiful!! Definitely one to add to the bucket list.

    Stunning photographs by the way

  181. This looks like such a wonderful place to go on a holiday! It has officially been added to my long list of places a dream of going to.

  182. lovely photos!!!!! I am from Greece! I live in Athens! Cyclades are wonderful !!! next time visit Ios and Folegandros islands!

  183. Amazing pictures, and oh my gosh, you look so stunning in these photos ^^
    Muilo Burbulai

  184. Arianne

    I LOVE seeing you all smile :D it makes me happy! and your swimsuit is so lovely!!

    I can't stop screaming… dammit…

  185. WOWS

    Fabulous shots of this magic and lovely island…next to the rest of Greek islands.
    I also stayed there last summer and I loved it. Did you see my pics?

    Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

  186. Jade M

    Such a beautiful group of people and everything looks SO lovely. Like even the food looks beautiful, is that weird?! Haha!


  187. Lali

    Beautiful holiday pictures. :)
    Looks like a lot of fun! Happy Monday, Lali

  188. Oh I am so envious! One day..

    xx Bridget


  189. I have to say that I absolutely love your swimming costume Zoe! <3

  190. You're so gorgeous zoe! Would love to know where you got your bikini from :)

    xx jerawrmie.blogspot.com

  191. Love the pics!! This is def on my must visit places.


  192. Well thank you Zoe! Now I'm craving for some vacation time even more!!
    I love love love the pictures!


  193. These are amazing! Super jealous, kind of wish I could book myself a little getaway right now! xx

  194. TarsoBo

    Zoe, I'm so glad you had such an amazing time in Greece! I live there and I've been so happy since I found out how much you liked it<3 Come and visit us again soon. Next summer I will probably be there:)

  195. Laura

    It looks so amazing!! And I love the picture of you and Alfie on the boat <333

  196. Marj

    Did you go to Santorini this month? It looks like it's still warm around about this time? :) We went to Santorini in July and it was just amazing. So unforgettable :) Love all the photos though :)

    Marj from: Fashion Travel Accessories

  197. it looks like the best holiday someone could ever have :) xx


  198. It looks like an amazing place and your photos are fab :). Hope you had an amazing time, it sure sounds and looks like you did!

    Gem x

  199. Ah!
    I am so envious of your photos :) You look like you had a blast! + that tan tho.

  200. Ahh!
    Beautiful people and beautiful location~
    I am so envious of your photos :) You look like you had a blast! + that tan tho.

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  207. Emily B

    I just found your blog by random, and it was very inspirational! If you have any blogging tips I would love your insight! <3 http://www.stylememitten.com

  208. Emily B

    I just found your blog by random and it really inspired me. If you have any tips I would love your insight! <3

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    Lovely greetings from Germany

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    Love you lots Zoe
    Keep doing what your doing ♥

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  232. Hey, I really enjoy reading your blogs and watching your youtube vids, you've inspired me to do more with my hair and makeup. :) It would mean so much to me if you or anyone who sees this comment were to check out my blog. Tks!


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