It’s finally October and this can only mean one thing,


Here are some things I love about Autumn that i’m really looking forward to:

Hot Chocolates


Autumn Leaves

Scarves, Hats and Boots

Candles, Candles & more Candles


Horror Films


Cosy Socks

Comfort Food

Salted Caramel being IN SEASON

Oversized Jumpers

Getting the fire going

The feeling that Christmas is approaching

More baths in the evenings

Rainy days under the duvet watching films

Evenings get darker

Being able to watch Hocus Pocus


Wearing more onesies



What are you excited for around this time of the year?

  1. I don't tend to look forward to Autumn but I definitely am thing year. The cosy, dark nights in with a huge blankets and lit candles, not forgetting movies and hot chocolate with marshmallows. It's the perfect month too get cosy :) Great photos x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  2. Hello Zoe ! I love this post ! I adore autumn as well, this is the best time of the year (with christmas obviously) !

    Your photos are super nice :) Thanks for sharing and being inspirational :)
    Love you!

    Victoria, from France

  3. I'm really excited for Halloween!

  4. VLL.

    Chunky Knitwear, Scarfs, layering, snuggling.

  5. Aww I love autumn too, I am always cold so can't beat wrapping up in loads of layers and drinking hot chocolate! x

  6. Veera v

    I cant believe how cute photos those were! I love autumn too!

  7. Amy

    Ahwww great photo's, love them! I love cozy socks and hot chocolate <3

  8. Everything that you said! I got so excited when I remembered it was the 1st October yesterday. I'm going to add the lush Halloween/Christmas collections to your list! Sophie xx

  9. I'm so happy you've started blogging more frequently! I live in Australia so Summer is approaching but hot chocolate is definitely my favourite thing about autumn ! xxx

  10. Tasha

    I love that jumper! so appropriate for autumn :)

  11. Natt K

    I have never been more excited for Autumn than I am this year! :)

  12. Even though there are no "autumn" season here in the Philippines, I'm still looking forward to Halloween and lots of horror films to be shown in the TV ♥


    Love, Ella

  14. Becca B

    I love autumn colours outside, and going on long walks! Although when you have to go to work and it's cold and raining.. That's not so good! Love Halloween too :) xx

  15. Wishing it was still winter in nz! Can't wait to experience an English winter next year. Your photos making me even more jealous!!! Too cute xxx

  16. Love that jumper! Oooh I love the cosiness of the season and all the things that come with it! <3

  17. WAAAAAAH SO WARM AND COMFY, I wanna get in the screen!!!

    Maria Pol |

  18. Erin

    So cosy <3 It's spring in Australia right now so the weather is beautiful :)

    erin //

  19. Aimée

    I am SO excited for Autumn! Your fireplace is just gorgeous, makes me want it to be Christmas NOW.

    Aimee xx

  20. Kelly

    I love autumn!

  21. I completely agree with all your points and plus, today is my birthday, so yeah, October is awesome to me ^^

  22. Absolutely love these photos! I love Autumn for all the reasons you mentioned and the fact it means Winter and Christmas aren't too far away!

  23. nueyork

    Autumn is my favourite seasons so I'm super jealous that you're just going into it now! It's spring where I live. x

  24. such gorgeous photos and layout x

  25. Kelly

    That hot chocolate loos delicious!
    I am more of a summer person however I can deny that I do love wrapping up in baggy jumpers, hats and drinking hot chocolate.

    Kelly x
    Kelly's Journal

  26. So pretty Zoe! I am excited about cold breezes, nicer hair (because its humid where I live and my hair goes cray during summers), Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks, burgundy nails and of course, the fact that Christmas is so close. Eep!

  27. Zojill

    ahw your socks are so cute!
    I am looking forward to drink a lot of hot chocolate with whipped cream and to decorate my room with candles and stuff :)


  28. You're so adorable <3 love the bambi socks I need those! I love those things about autumn too, especially conkers! Conkers are so great I collected so many of them and have scattered them all over the house (my housemates think I'm mad) there is actually a reason for it! Spiders hate the smell of conkers and having conkers in places keeps them away! I'm mega arachnophobic and it causes pretty bad panic attacks so I have conkers absolutely everywhere! xo
    amber love

  29. Aw such a cute post! I'm definitely most excited for hot chocolate, over sized jumpers and darker evenings! x

  30. Aww fall is my fav time of the year ^_^

  31. Klar

    This is typical autumn for me! Amazing photos <3

  32. Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons – fall is a gorgeous time of year! I love your list. Getting everyone your side of the globe excited I see :)
    It's heading into Summer in South Africa and I can hardly wait for the sundresses and bikinis!

    Enjoy the candles, burgundy clothing and hot chocolate pretty Zoe!! xxx

  33. Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons – fall is a gorgeous time of year! I love your list. Getting everyone your side of the globe excited I see :)
    It's heading into Summer in South Africa and I can hardly wait for the sundresses and bikinis!

    Enjoy the candles, burgundy clothing and hot chocolate pretty Zoe!! xxx

  34. Abi S

    Aw lovely photos! I agree with your list of things you love about Autumn! I love having hot chocolates, I wish we had a fire like you though haha! Abi :)

  35. Reading that list makes me so happy! Autumn is my favourite season <3

  36. Cosy socks and pumpkins definitely remind me of Autumn. I am definitely craving a hot chocolate now x

  37. AAAH this has made me feel SO cosy! I wrote a little Autumn post over on my blog – trying to do one Autumnal activity each week haha! Last week I made pumpkin pie, this week I went for a walk in the woods back home on the Isle of Wight (with a big batch of brownies), can't wait for sparklers! PS… When you're up in London next, try the salted caramel hot chocolate from Hotel Chocolat, it is heaven in a cup.

    Here's my Autumn post if you fancy a ganders :)

    ALSO huge congratulations on everything over the past month, so amazing to see and so bloomin well deserved! I have been popping into every Superdrug asking for the Zoella range but I don't think it's out down here yet! Cannot wait to get my mits on it!

    Immy X

  38. My birthday. Yeaaah and christmas is coming and right now i have a christmas song in my head. Love you

  39. Wishing it was Autumn down here (missing the hot chocolates so much)!

  40. Such cute, cozy pictures! I hope you're vlogging over the next few months! I'm excited to see all your autumn and winter themed videos too :) xx

    Emily ⎜

  41. I'm more of a summer lover but I do enjoy the start of Autumn, before I get too bored of the cold. I wish I had an open fire though, that would make the colder months a lot more appealing! I recently had a week in Cornwall with friends and we had a wood fire every night, the smell took me back to English holidays as a child and it was all very nostalgic. <3
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  42. Loving the pictures. I agree with you, I love everything you've mentioned :)

    Emily x // EmGrace

  43. I LOVE autumn and everything that comes with it. Fluffy socks, onesies, hot chocolate, movies, candles… some of my favourite things :)
    Nilla Forever

  44. Ahhh, I love autumn, by far my favourite time of the year. Everything you listed sounds perfect to me! Ooo, I do really want to bake more pies though. Especially a pumpkin pie ;)

  45. This is my favourite time of year! I even wrote a blog post pretty similar to this one on my blog. 😍

  46. This is definitely my Halloween/autumn decor inspiration post. :L

  47. Oh I'm looking forward to the cosy jumpers and fluffy socks too ! :)
    Jamie xox Reaping Beauty

  48. Lexie

    I love Autumn and Winter, it always gives me more time to spend indoors with my family and friends.. And means I can start wearing berry lipsticks haha x

  49. Yes. Yes. Yes! Autumn is just the best and don't we all know it! The cosy nights infront of the fire accompanied with your duvet and a hot chocolate with marshmallows as you rightly showed, thick oversized jumpers, slipper boots, snuggling up under the duvet, even the colours of the leaves, it's just beautiful! <3

  50. I love Autumn, it's my favourite season! Love like dark lipstick and all the darker clothes colours, and the weather when it's sunny and cold in the mornings is the best :)) x

  51. I wish where I lived it got cold so I could wear oversized jumpers and what not :(

  52. Caro

    I'm also so excited for autumn! But in Germany it's way too hot for autumn.. you don't even need a jacket when you go outside. Don't really like that. ;) xo

  53. I'm in Australia so it's Summer here :)
    This looks gorgeous though!
    By the way, I wrote a blog post about the #barefacedandwhat

  54. I am so unbelievably excited for Autumn and starting university!
    I just put up a blog post about my trip to Croatia if anyone is feeling the absence of summer!

  55. Moniek

    Aw yeah, autumn is my favourite season. So cosy with all the candles and hot chocolates and just YES!

  56. I looove this post, I'm so ready for autumn. All of my favourite things!
    As beautiful as Brighton is in the sunshine… I want to wear my chunky knits haha!

  57. Cute woolly socks are definitely the best thing in Autumn!

    Frankie x

  58. CANDLES AND PUMPKINS :D I love you Zoe! xxx

  59. Oh Zoe.. you watched whole lot of horror films IN yours and your friends' vlogs for the past few months!! It's not seasonal for you!!!!! Haha
    Lovely pics by the way<3

  60. This is soo me – now I'm thinking about a autumn season on my blog …. aww can't wait when autumn is finally finally here in Germany. It's to warm to be already in autumn mood. But my lips got darker, my autumn wardrobe amd sweaters are updated its only a lil thing that will bring me totally in autumn mood. Maybe a hot pumpkin soup :)

    THEVOGUEVOYAGE – by Patricia Sophie Engels

  61. Halloween and Candles are definitely my fav! Oh and the noise of the leaves on the ground :') x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  62. I love this season !

  63. Around this time of the year I'm especially looking forward to two things: My birthday which is on October 9 – turning 26 – and Halloween :D Other things I love around this time is when the leaves turn from green into the warm yellow, red, brown, orange colors and we get to wear our more comfy clothes, and hot chocolate :D Another thing I love is when we turn the clock back, then my sleeping pattern gets normal again – I hate Daylight Saving Time

  64. I absolutely adore autumn! The colours, the dark evenings, the excuse to curl up by the fire it's just…ugh amazing!

  65. Autumn is my favourite season I think its beautiful and I love the fashion! hats, scarves, boots and being able to layer clothes, but not having to wear a massive coat that hides your efforts haha :) Also a massive horror film fan and there are loads of new ones coming out this month! woop!!

  66. Satu

    Best thing in autumn is Christmas that is coming soon. Before that the beauty of nature.

  67. I am most excited for boots, sweaters, hot drinks, candles, crisp air, apple picking, fall foliage, scary movies, and visiting my favorite cider mill! 🎃

  68. Pretty much everything on this list. It's acceptable to watch Hocus Pocus all year round in my world :D Halloween is my favourite! Amazing photos love how you've decorated with pumpkins xx

  69. Cute pictures. I'm most excited for hot chocolate, halloween, scary movies and pumpkin picking with my boyfriend!

  70. I love these shots!
    It makes me feel all warm and cozy
    Fall is my favourite!
    from Marlee and You

  71. Oooh this is perfect! Autumn is my favourite season, I just love the nostalgic feeling in the air. The only thing missing in my life for it to be a perfect Autumn would be having a fireplace like yours!

  72. I'm soo excited about Autumn!

  73. I love autumn! It's my favourit season in the Year!
    Check my blog :)

  74. Is it bad I watch Hocus Pocus all year round? :S

  75. love it! Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile!
    Have a look!

  76. Great pictures! I love fall, I'm excited for vanilla lattes, candles, pumpkin soup, boots, lipstick, etc. :) xx

  77. I absolutely love the atmosphere on the photographs! And these socks are so freakin' adorable!

    I'm personally the most excited about hot coffee, movie nights, fuzzy socks, pumpkin-flavored everything, figs, cozy sweaters and warm blankets to snuggle in <3



  78. Looking forward to hot chocolate and staying in to watch movies in a blanket, ahhhh!!

  79. Quilts, snuggles, candles, Baileys, everything with chilli….

  80. Autumn is my favorite season! Bon fires, sweater weather, layers, beanies, Uggs, boot wearing in general, pretty scenery with the leaves changing, pumpkin everything, hot drinks, cozying up by the fire, the list can go on…

  81. I love how my 3 year-old is noticing the leaves changing colour on the trees and getting excited for everywhere to be frozen – she loves the film a little too much! Big congratulations on your beauty line, very well deserved! x

  82. Amanda

    Fall is my favorite month! I am looking forward to drinking pumpkin spiced drinks :)

  83. I love autumn! Hot chocolate, pumpkin spicy latte, scrarves, colourful leaves and these other little things <3 We unfortunatly do not celebrate Halloween where I live but I experienced it once in America and I think I fell in love with that feast. Cool sock haha
    Xxx, Carade

  84. Curling up on the sofa with a big cosy blanket, fireworks night and comfort food x

  85. I love Autumn! The food, leaves, colours! The fact Christmas is just round the corner :)!

  86. mollaay

    I love this time of year too! I actually blogged about it a couple of days ago, :)
    If anyone would like to check out my blog this is the link, hehe thanks xox

  87. Hot chocolate, yeeees!

    Sophia |

  88. Eek, loved this seasonly, cheery post! I have socks like those but they are thumper! I love visiting the apple orchards and pumpkin farms with my family, and taking my dog for walks through the crunchy leaves. He gets so excited he doesn't know whether to eat them or just roll in them, oh dogs these days ;)

  89. Lovely post :) . I also love this time of the year, especially because I get to drink more hot chocolate, light candles and I also re-watch all those old Halloween Disney movies and some of my favorites horror movies (non-Disney)!
    Plus, Christmas is around the corner :D


  90. Yay! Autumn is the best time of the year! YES, HOCUS POCUS! I've just posted what I'm looking forward to for this month under the title "October Obsession!" So glad we're on the same page! Also, I'll be posting some cute ways to convert your home for fall on my blog as well!


  91. Ahh, my house is cold this morning but that fire made me feel a bit warmer looking at it. Lol. I love all the cute decorations and being toasty in the house. :)


  92. - Karen

    By far my favourite time of year! So excited! Your bambi socks are so adorable by the way! :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  93. so cozy i love it!! it's still really hot here in florida, but that's not stopping me from dressing as if it were fall!! Bring on the autumn woot woot!!

  94. Vera A

    Aaah I'm so excited! Definitely looking forward to the hot chocolate on rainy days while watching some Netflix under a duvet :)

    Verally, my personal fashion blog

  95. Love you Zoe, you are so inspirational <3 Autumn is by far my favourite season for all those reasons haha :-)

  96. kfc

    I can't wait for the leaves to change even more and walking through them as they fall; bundling up in a cozy blanket on a crisp weekend morning and reading a book; and all the good food that comes with it being closer to holiday time!

  97. Elma yo

    Autumn is, no doubt, my favourite season ever! I love drinking hot chocolate/chai latté all cosy and cuddled up in my enormous sweater! The television also seems to get better in the autumn (great British bake off ahhhh).

    P.S. I LOVE your socks Zoe!

    Elma x || PetalGrrl

  98. I'm definitely looking forward to hot chocolate as well! I'm not a coffee drinker so the next best thing is hot chocolate in the mornings for those super cold days!
    XO Janina

  99. Tessa

    The photos on your blog are always so lovely. Love the autumn fibe <3

  100. Hot chocolates, rain, sweaters, pumpkin spiced lattes at Starbucks, cuddling weather, carving pumpkins, and nice hot comfort food! I love these photo's Zoe! It looks so cozy! :)

  101. Love this post – literally just did my own post on Autumn Loves!

    The changing colours of the leaves on the trees
    Cups of hot chocolate with cream
    Fluffy socks and blankets
    Big jumpers and boots
    Pumpkin carving
    Crisp air
    Cosy nights in
    Baking cakes
    The fact that Christmas is not too far away!!!!!


  102. Ahh Zoe! I know this was supposed to be an Autumn post but your pictures just sent me all tingly and excited for Christmas! This has to be my favourite time of year – Crisp mornings, hot drinks, knitwear, fires and loads of high spirits – THAT is my favourite part! A much needed, refreshing thought as I've just had to say goodbye to my sister who's gone to Australia for a year. Thank you :) xxx

  103. Carla N

    I love Autumn so much!!! I live in Latin America now and I really miss it :'(
    Your socks are so very adorable!! <3

    Lipstick and Mocha

  104. Your socks… and the mood of your pics are amazing

  105. New season means new clothes. And hot food like pizza. And lots of chocolate because we need those extra layers of fat to keep warm in Scotland :)

  106. Love the photos! I'm looking forward to having hot chocolate, knowing that christmas is near, pumpkin pie, cozy nights in with blankets and the leafs changing colours.

  107. Fall season in Canada is beautiful! I am looking forward to snuggly movie nights and pumpkin EVERYTHING!

  108. I cannot wait to carve a pumpkin and eat roasted pumpkin seeds with cinnamon <3

  109. YES YES YES ♥
    I love Autumn a lot and I even made an autumn to do list! Your pictures are very very cute. I wish that things like Haloween were a thing too. we only have Sinterklaas and maybe even that is going to quit. I love Christmas and Haloween!.

    I love the fact that your blogging more lately, because I love your blogposts and the cute pictures that you make♥
    Your House is so so cute and I love the way you decorated your place.

    I wish I can tell you in person how much you did for me one day. But for now I just have to deal with to you on the internet. You mean alot to me because you made me happy again and because of you I now know the SacconeJolys for example. And those little videos bright my day so somuch, Thanks ♥

    A dutchgirl

  110. I'm excited about all the things you listed! Autumn is my favorite season and I'm so happy it's October! xo

  111. Love many of the same things!

  112. This is the first year that I've been pretty excited for fall. I already lit my autumn candles last night and I'm definitely excited for all the layers, circle scarves and warm cups of coffee on a chilly day. The leaves are already changing colour here and they look absolutely gorgeous. x Jenn

  113. Em Dé

    Great, now I´m craving hot chocolate! BlogByEmDe

  114. I love that it's nearly CHRISTMAS!x

  115. The candles look so beautiful, and the mustard jumper looks stunning xx

  116. I am so ready for it to get cold here! It's still in the 70's and 80's and I'm dying to wear some comfy sweaters and boots!

  117. Any excuse to drink hot chocolate is always a plus for me! And long cable-knit socks are the best.

  118. I love autumn! I'm so excited for october. Your pictures are really cute, too :-)

  119. awh you look so COSY! I like how you have the pumpkins around the fireplace. I'm all ready for Autumn now! :)

    Emma | The Fashion Six

  120. i love everything about autumn, it reminds me of cozy nights watching scary movies, while drinking hot chocolate, the fact that everything is orange is just so magical, i love halloween… i love everything about it.

  121. really cute pictures <3
    I'm so excited for autumn leaves, halloween and chilly days with hot chocolate at home :)

  122. Really looking forward to scarfs and hats. But at the moment it´s still 24 °C, so I might have to wait just a little bit longer…

  123. Love this post! It makes me excited for all things autumn. This is my favorite time of year and your pictures definitely bring it to life.

  124. really excited for autumn !!

  125. Casetti

    I just love Autumn, literally everything about it! I sometimes think that the build up to Christmas is almost better than Christmas it's self… So much excitement! Oh and Starbucks Christmas drinks! Love it!
    And Zoe, your blog photography puts mine to shame, it's beautiful! x

  126. The leaves falling it's so pretty! Autumn is my favorite season of the year!

  127. I LOVE autumn the comfy clothes, comfy nights in, dark nights, halloween, bonfire night and best of all hot chocolate in front of the fire cuddled up to my dogs!!!

  128. Those socks are so perfect <3

  129. Chestnuts, mulled wine & pumpkin pie!!! XX

  130. Rachael

    Aaah this is so exciting, I love this time of year. I'm definitely going to carve a pumpkin this year, for the first time ever! x

    What Rachael Wrote

  131. I love Autumn! Chunky knit sweaters and scarves are definitely my favorite, and roasted pumpkin seeds! I cannot wait for those, and I'm so glad I can finally pull out my fuzzy socks :)

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

  132. Autumn is my absolute favourite season!
    I can't wait for it getting dark and snuggling on the sofa, excessive hot chocolate consumption, and wearing so many scarves! Also, it's my birthday on Halloween!
    Messing With A Dreamer

  133. Oh my Gosh, could you look ANY CUTER?! Your fireplace is adorable also :) AND THOSE SOCKS! I feel cosy just looking at you!

    I'm looking forward to not getting blinded by the sun coming through my window in the morning (NOT a morning person haha), the crunchy leaves and seeing all the creativity of makeup artists when it comes to Halloween makeup!


  134. Oh my Gosh, could you look ANY CUTER?! Your fireplace is adorable also :) AND THOSE SOCKS! I feel cosy just looking at you!

    I'm looking forward to not getting blinded by the sun coming through my window in the morning (NOT a morning person haha), the crunchy leaves and seeing all the creativity of makeup artists when it comes to Halloween makeup!


  135. I'm looking forward to hot chocolates, the leaves changing colour, wrapping up warm, getting christmas shopping in, visiting my favourite place in cumbria and fancy dressing up for halloween :D

  136. You look so happy and cozy here! your socks are the cutest.
    I watched a blog with you and Alfie recently, where he made hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream – they looked heavenly! I'm looking forward to making those this weekend :)

    M – Mocha and Moccasins

  137. All those things !! I love the smell of leaves, hay, and pumpkins! Halloween costumes & candy! The colors of the trees!

  138. C41Tl1N

    Over-the-knee socks, Choc chip cookies (or basically anything with chocolate in it – you feel me?), Autumn clothing (especially knitted things), Beanies :D

  139. I also love fall and watching some horrors is good, and your socks are so cute hehehhe
    and that fire in stove make nice atmosphere for sure

  140. American Horror Story. Highlight of my Octobers to be quite honest

  141. These look amazing Zoe! I love your blog so much, I didn't know anything about make up or hair until I started following you. You are amazing!!

  142. I think Autumn might just be my favorite season of the year! <3

  143. I just wanted to say that your volg that said that your skin does not define you was really inspiring and I just wanted to thank you because it really opened my eyes. Thank you :)

  144. We are just getting into spring in NZ! Love this post, such cool photos :) check out my blog? xx

  145. Unfortunately it is no longer autumn where I live, but this inspired me to make one of my favourite fall soups today, as it is still quite cold here.

    I love your socks aswell, they are adorable.

  146. Haylee

    This list just put me in the best of moods! I'm soo excited and ready for Fall. Warm sweaters and Halloween yes please!

  147. Ohhh, lovely list! I am also look forward to autumn leaves and hot chocolate from my favorite chocolaterie in the center of Geneva:-)

  148. Yay for Christmas being on the way again!! Lovely pictures Zoe! xx

  149. It's so nice to be able to wear cosy knitwear again!! :) I've got a new coat and I'm just waiting for it to be cold enough to wear it!! Hot chocolates and movie nights are the best! And walking on crunchy brown leaves :) Emma x

  150. Its now Spring in Australia so no more cold days :(

  151. I really love your mustard jumper!

    I love slipper socks, big fat jumpers, knitted bobble hats and sitting under the blankets! My boyfriend and I have recently bought our own house, and it has a log burner so I'm SO excited to have that lit every evening after work – just got to learn how to actually fire build…haha :)

    (I saw that Lindt have released some little chocolate bars, one is salted caramel filled…oh lord it is so good!!)

  152. OMG, I envy the fireplace!!!

  153. Soups ! Simple as that, I looove a good soup in the evening when you don't feel like having hot chocolate every single night :P :)
    Love from Germany,

    Lily x

  154. Love the same things, this is the better time ever, autumn/winter. So cosy, so beautiful. SO CHRISTMAS!

    From a french blogger thaht admire you. YOU inspire me to be blogger. Thanks, for everything.
    twitter: @BeautyandR

  155. Pretty photos! I love warm days, but there is something magical about the comfy autumn days and cocoa drinks :)

    Aniqa Dreams

  156. It's spring in Australia and I love this time of year because it's getting warmer, sunnier, the clothing is brighter and we're on our way to Christmas! (Also it's closer to my birthday!) :)

  157. I love Autumn! Its honestly my favourite time of year now I can start getting excited for Christmas!


  158. Autumn is my favourite time of the year – especially for the change in the leaves – the colours, they crunch and everything just smells fresher! And the hot chocolate of course – lots of hot chocolate :)

  159. October is my favourite month! I'm attempting Blogtober this year cus I think there will be a lot to write about as Autumn comes in :) Excited for my parka, scarf, leggings and boots to be a staple again haha
    Beyond Bally

  160. Hi Zoe! I love your channel on youtube and your blog is so nice to read! I'm really glad your still doing the daily vlogs into october!
    I wish i could be as successful as you are with your youtube channel and blog!
    Could you guys please just take a minute to take a look at my blog?!
    Thank you so much!!!

  161. I love autumn, it is actually my favorite season of the year.
    One of my favorite thing about autumn is hearing the sound of the rain that falls on the roofs, on the streets, while I'm home drinking some delicious tea and reding a book.

  162. Does anyone know where the socks are from?! ZOE TELL US WHERE YOU GOT YOUR SOCKS.

    -Meggy xx

  163. Stefany

    Ouhh such cozy pictures!
    I can't wait to snuggle up in blankets with hot cocoa and watch tons of movies! :))

    xx from Copenhagen

  164. I absolutely love autumn!! Together with winter it's my favourite season! I just love christmas, sweaters and boots too much.
    Love your blog and youtube channel by the way!!
    xx Lotte (Belgian one)

  165. I love your home decor, it's so cosy!

    Sarah x

  166. Those socks are soo cute! I can't wait to drink bucket loads of hot chocolate haha x

  167. I love love love Autumn! Does anyone know where Zoe got that yellow jumper from? I love it so much!

    My Beauty and Fashion Blog:

  168. Sofie

    I love autumn! Espacially the way you can dress than, oversised coats, beanies, boots… :) Amazing picures. You really make me look forward for the colder days :)

    xx Sofie

  169. I just posted my FIRST EVER blog post, its also about autumn! Please check it out if you have a few minutes spare and maybe like/ follow? Thanks :)

  170. Deenie

    Even though Summer is my favourite month, I am kind of tired of the heat and want to be getting into colder, more autumnal months! I want to wear jumpers without sweating and carry a travel mug of tea to the train station without getting overheated as heck! I adore your mustard coloured jumper, I need one of my own, I think they go with brunette hair so beautifully!

  171. Ohhh I love so much autumn! ♥
    Greetings from Poland honey! We love you :*

    Jessika. ♥

  172. Natalie

    My favourite time of the year! Absolutely love Autumn. Agree with your list of things, apart from the horror movies as I don't and can't watch them. Love over sized jumpers, especially being pregnant I need all the space I can get! Lovely pictures, Zoe. Lovely post!

    Natalie xx

  173. I absolutely love autumn!! These pictures have really captured exactly what autumn is about. Really gorgeous shots! Also…you forgot to mention your book comes out this autumn :) Don't forget that!! Then we can all put on big sweaters, snuggle up, and read a good book. <3

    Ahhhh yesss to Hocus Pocus! I watched it on October 1st! Lol. I just couldn't wait!! :D and hot chocolate! YUM! Now I want a mug of steaming chocolate and a scary movie!


  174. Andrea

    Those pictures made me super happy!
    I recently bought the most cozy sweater EVER!

  175. I miss autumn so much! It is so unfortunate that I can't enjoy that weather her in Los Angeles. I love the fireplace setting, it looks cozy and warm.


  176. I love your blogposts soooo much <3 keep going i love you so much <3 <3

  177. I love this so much, so cute!!! The fire is perfect!! xox

  178. gabssss

    I am looking forward to the crisp weather, hot chocolate and wearing fuzzy socks! I love your deer socks, so cute xx


  179. I'm so excited for everything Autumn. Fall is my favorite!!!

  180. Zoe, Seeing your Autumnal pictures just makes me want to sit on the sofa in snuggle pajamas with a hot chocolate..
    thanks or posting this..its so cute!!! love you x georgia

  181. sohini

    LOL…i love watching Hocus Pocus, too! :) (just started blogging)

  182. Aashna

    I did a how post on this on the first day of autumn!! Fall is my absolute favorite season but it still feels like summer where I live and it's annoying. I light candles and put on fuzzy socks to put myself in the autumn-y mood ^.^

  183. I'm guilty of skipping Halloween & getting in the christmas spirit!

  184. Heading to the kitchen to make hot chocolate now!

  185. Laila

    Beautiful pictures! I love them.
    I'm really excited for the amazing pumpkin pie my mum makes!

  186. Love this! Wish it was cold enough to have hot chocolate and turn on the fireplace! :) I'm a new blogger so if you wish to check out my blog and give any constructive criticism it would be greatly appreciated!

  187. you went all out for autumn Zoe!

  188. I can't wait for hot chocolate & movies in front of the fireplace :)

  189. I was paying attention until I read Hocus Pocus and my brain exploded in exictement :) I watch that movie at least 5 times every halloween :D
    <3 Katie

  190. Autumn is my favourite season by far! I just feel like it's the cosiest of them all and everything outside looks gorgeous! I also love rainy days so it's just pure perfection!

    Evelin Kivi blog

  191. I love Autumn so much! The weather, fashion, candles, bonfires and a lot more! :) xx

  192. Super cute photos, I literally do exactly the same in my sockies with a hot choccy x

  193. I'm excited for warm drinks and getting even closer to Christmas!!

  194. LOVE those socks!!!

    Please check out my new blog! :)

  195. I'm looking for fashion, clean blogs. If you are interested just come here —-> MY BLOG CLICK CLICK and write a comment and then I'll visit you :)

  196. The pictures look so warm and cosy, I love it. xx

  197. My list is so similar! I love a cup of tea together with a good book and a cosy, fluffy blanket, it's phenomenal!

  198. Such cute photos- those socks look super warm :)

  199. Ugnė

    Love pictures!

  200. I love all the things about this post! I am so excited about Autumn this year too – can't wait to get my Autumn jumpers and snuggle on the sofa watching TV :-)

  201. I love fall because my birthday is in November :d, and also because I can wear more scarves and sweaters, which are two of my most favorite things to wear.

  202. This makes me even more excited that its finally fall! I wish I could live in a world that was always Autumn. Ahhh

  203. Omg why is zoe so perfect! I love her style soo much

  204. I'm so excited for autumn.I love all the colours and that i can have hot chocolate again as it starts to get colder.

  205. kyla

    Yes! Freak show looks like its going to be great 😄

  206. Wishing I was stitting by a fire place now :(

  207. I love autumn as well ! Better reason to drink more tea than usual, hot chocolate, halloween, scarves, beanies and gloves ! (and it means that Christmas is closer :D)


  208. I love Autumn, your pictures make me feel so warm!

  209. That hot chocolate looks gorgeous!

  210. Marmisc

    OMG it looks so cozy in your flat! I'm looking forward to burn all my candles tomorrow evening:)

  211. Beautiful pictures ! I am most excited about the return of scarves and coats :)


  212. Emily

    Autumn is seriously my favorite time of year. I really need to get a post up about that!

    Emily | Lynde Avenue

  213. Arianne

    this post is sooo cute and those socks! Omg, I want one like it :D It definitely looks super cosy where you live :) It's blimmin' hot here in California!


  214. Iqra

    so cute!! :)

  215. Missing Autumn :( But its spring time here in Aus which means pretty flowers and animals about! X

  216. This makes me so miss the colder climates. I now live in Australia and hate how its getting hot right now.

  217. I love autumn! My favourite thing is the clothes I wear during it!
    Also if anyone is interested! I've recently just joined blogger and started my own fashion blog – please check it out!

  218. The photos are really beautiful, you make me want to decorate my house too !! ^^ (but I will not do it, because I live in France and halloween it's not really important there, there is not a lot of people who celebrate it… ^^)
    And I'm so jealous, i want the same socks !!!
    What are the things you have in you cup ? It's so colorful !

  219. Sabina

    you wrote all thing i love about autumn… :D

  220. I love being able to do all of the Halloween makeup tutorials:3

  221. Autumn is my favourite time of the year! Christmas is on it's way!

  222. Perfect evening! I'm new to this. Please check out my very very new blog! xxxxx

  223. Yay for Autumn (for the UK and U.S.A anyway). In Australia it's Spring!

    Naturally Jes

  224. ~Katie~

    I'm so excited for fluffy socks and hot chocolate! Roll on cosy evenings!
    Katie x

  225. ahhh I love autumn…. all the colors and comfy clothes…I'm sooo exited for Halloween :D

  226. Zoe if you haven't already you should try the Haagen-Dazs salted caramel ice cream!! It's SOOO good!xx

  227. Alice

    Wow! Amazing photos! They're wonderful! I love fall. It's my favourite season! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  228. Your fireplace and home decor are beautiful! Such gorgeous autumnal colours.

    I love all of those things, and I love cold sunny morning walks!

    Elena | A Style Shake

  229. Cosy socks is the best thing of autumn/winter by far!

  230. I'm excited for Autumn so much, and I'm especially excited for the Christmas spirit x

  231. I love autumn and christmas and candles and anything winter/fall related – glad I'm not the only one (and I love your pictures). Have a lovely season. X

  232. Autumn is my favourite time of the year and I love the same things, plus the chilly mornings and going in cafés with friends and having a good time :)
    By the way, these pictures are awesome, I love your fire place and the yellow sweater!

  233. It being acceptable to by christmas presents, which then lead to wrapping them
    Fairy lights
    Cosy sunday evenings
    big coats

  234. Ever since watching your autumn videos I have been obsessed with both winter and autumn and I'm extremely excited for both seasons❄️🍂🙊xxxx

  235. I now love both autumn and winter❄️🍂

  236. i love how beautiful and cosy this picture looks, especially the socks i need to find me a pair!xxxx

  237. I totally agree with you! I love the same things about atumn as you do. xx

  238. ahhh hocus pocus is the BEST! I was so scared of it when I was younger, but I still love it anyway. :) I can't wait to indulge in kettle corn and apple cider! Love you zoe x


  239. wow i really like those socks and I am even more jealous of your apartment now that I see you have a fireplace!!


  240. baysie

    I live in Southern California, so our Autumn takes a little longer to get here. But I'm excited for maroon, cinnamon candles, spiced chai lattes, waking up with the heater on, and beanies!

  241. Yes to all of those things!… Except horror movies D: But I am really excited for fall :3 Will people please visit my blog, if you have the time? Thanks!

  242. M

    I'm seriously wishing it were Autumn where I am. This looks so cozy!!! I especially love the marshmallows in the hot chocolate and the fluffy socks ;)

    The Life of Little Me

  243. Mince pies <3 yum x

  244. I love this blog zoe!! I love all these things too especially the fire and hot chocolate!! Xx xx

  245. I love Autumn so much because jumpers, boots and dark lipstick and nail varnish!

  246. Just love Autumn but I love even more Winter and let's not talk about how much I am excited about Christmas *because I am excited for it since September :D* Love ya' <3

  247. cinnamon and hot chocolate mmmm

    Newbie here, please say hi! :)

  248. Yum mm… that hot chocolate looks delicious!

    If anyone wants to follow for follow – leave a comment in my blog :)

    Amanda x
    The Malteser

  249. Emzi

    This autumn is kinda making me happy :D Which is not normal but I like it. Looking forward to seeing what happens :)


  250. Because it's almost christmas!!
    please check out my blog xx

  251. Those socks are SO cute! Oh my goodness! :) I love fall! Big scarves, comfy sweaters! AH!

  252. Liz

    I think everyone secretly loves Autumn – I mean, Pumkin Spice everywhere (the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks, Pumpkin Pie…) and it's just super cozy, you can run around in oversized sweaters, drink tons of warm drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate) and sit in your blanket all weekend ♥
    Too bad that in Autumn I always have to study for tests :(
    xoxo Liz
    from Little Marzipans!

  253. I absolutely love Autumn! I hate the weather, but the coldness means it's time to put the radiators on! Which is great for warming your towels up for after a shower and heating your clothes in a morning. It makes the season more bearable. Apart from that I love everything about Autumn!


  254. hey i just started a blog i hope some of you guys check it out it's not beauty or fashion related i'll just talk about teen problems that we all face :)

  255. I soooo envy your need for a fireplace! It's sooooo hot in Florida :)

  256. I love these pictures!! I'm also so excited for autumn; it's my favorite season!!

  257. Kelly

    I love going to the lakes with my fiance and staying in a cabin. We do it every year. We watch scary films and drink hot chocolate….bliss xx

  258. Emily

    Yay I love this so much! :)

  259. Tori

    Fall walks :). And candles of course. I love this post all too much.

  260. Amanda

    I love your fireplace! I love big cozy sweaters, candles, and the approach of an appropriate Christmas movie watching date.

  261. Hey zoe! I love this post! I know you probably won't ever see this, but I'm a small youtuber trying to find his way. So it would mean a lot if you would check out my channel and even contact me or shout me out even. Thanks! Much love (SO MUCH LOVe)


  262. Faye

    My favourite time of the year! Halloween, firework night, a whole new winter wardrobe, it's finally acceptable to wear a big fluffy coat, christmas music playing and adverts, christmas decorations, garish pyjamas and jumpers, snuggling up watching films…ahhh <3

  263. i love your photos! *-* how can i learn to photograph?
    Zoe… if you want and have time… i have a blog:… i will be very happy if you will check it… thanks <3

  264. Your fireplace looks so cute and cosy!! It's definitely all about the hot chocolate and marshmallows this time of year!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  265. Autumn for me is chunky knits and beanies and of course spiced pumpkin lattes from starbucks. Love love looooove autumn :))


  266. Kate:)

    i'm super excited for autumn this year and i have no idea why!

  267. I'm just excited to wear my cute sweaters again c: They are so comfty and warm and I loooove the autumn weather! Warm colors are so relaxing to me lol

  268. I love all the Autumn stuff! Makes me want to do an Autumn haul and blog it!

  269. I can totally relate. Love the photography on here :D <3

  270. I absolutely adore it when it's pouring down with rain outside and you're snuggled up in your pajamas with the fire on, reading a book and drinking a hot chocolate :) autumn is the best season!

  271. I love this as usual, she's defiantly one of the reasons I recently started my blog!!
    Any tips and advice for a newbie fashion/beauty blogger please could you reply or leave a comment on my blog? I need all the help I can get

  272. This has got to be the cutest thing ever, I love the colours!

  273. I can't wait for nights in watching the xfactor, winter warmers, autumn/ christmas candles and hot chocolate!

    I just did a post about autumn nights using some of your new products :) x

  274. I love autumn season xxx just wondering how you created your blog??????????????????????////

  275. This is the best blogpost to read, reminded me what a lovely season it is :), I love that it is nearly christmas, and it's becoming acceptable to be excited for christmas (which I am all year round!) xx

  276. This is the best blogpost to read, reminded me what a lovely season it is :), I love that it is nearly christmas, and it's becoming acceptable to be excited for christmas (which I am all year round!) xx

  277. These pictures look lovely!

  278. Cailey

    Your apartment looks SO cozy! I need to decorate my place with candles and pumpkins ASAP. love your blog Zoe. :)

  279. NZ RT

    hot chocolate looks yummy ! :P


  280. BER MONTHS are probably my favorite! theres just so much happening!

    love always,

  281. Luana F

    so so so excited for fall boots and scarves and hot chocolate!!

  282. I love the weather, HALLOWEEN, cozy, hot chocolate…

  283. ahh i love the photos! well, i have just finshed drinking a cup of tea in my broken flask.. risky! the inside section randomly pops out when it feels like it, so when im drinking it i have to hold it all together with every limb on my body! ahh jokes! well i cannot wait to go london dungeon and possibly harry potter world! i wonder if they do something special there for hallaween??

    thankyou for the new blog post, always waiting for a new one!
    -safiyah kelise

  284. I am soooo excited for Christmas!

  285. Zoooooooooooooooooooooella! You congrats for launching your own range! I found your tunnel this year and found myself having fun watching it very much! Good luck! xoxo

  286. Clem C

    Beautiful Photos :) I love Autumn. Wearing cosy socks and getting snuggled up in my blanket.
    Clem xx

  287. i'm so excited for autumn and halloween xx

  288. Holly R

    I absolutely adore Autumn too because it means it's that much closer to christmas! I'm from Australia so sadly it means it's getting warmer but nothing is prettier than Autumn leaves.

  289. Love this post! Makes me want to cuddle up in bed! love it!

  290. Hi Zoella! I love Autumn too! I am born in September so this is my favourite month. I like all the things about Autumn from the feelings you get when it's starts to the pumpkins, hot chocolate, fireplaces and more… Autumn has so much to offer.
    With Love, Alexandra from

  291. Looks so cosy. Now I just want to cuddle up on the couch, watch Disney and drink hot cups of Coco (with marshmallows of course!) xo

  292. love love love cozy socks + hot cocoa :) happiness in a cup!

  293. I ADORE autumn aswell…bonfire night, fluffy socks, cozy pyjamas, wooly hats the list goes on! :) xx

  294. it's so cold that you just wanna cuddle up in your bed and watch netflix all day long!
    By the way,love your sweater!:))

  295. Love you Zoeeeeee <3 best best best person on this universe <3

  296. Zoe!This post made me wanna drink hot chocolate and watch horror films…love 'em

    xoxo thelifeblog

  297. bonsol

    Love this post, Zoe! It gives soooo much inspiration :))

  298. I love the layout of your fireplace! I can't wait for it to be autumn now :)

  299. First, I really wanna tell you that you inspire me to write blogs!
    And second, I'm excited that i'll be able to buy autumn/winter outfits and that i'll be wearing cozy jumpers!

  300. Making the most out of the cold weather!

  301. I must tell that autumn is an "important" season for me. As since for years ago (02/10/10) my stardoll account appeared and also two years ago (06/10/12) my blog was born. Also, my birthday is coming (28/11). What I'm truly looking forward is starting my own vlog and of course every single oversized jumper, cozy pair of socks and warm hug I'm going to get this year! This year's going to be AMAZING! Have a nice season^^ <3

    Kisses from Greece,

  302. Lovely pictures! And ahh yes, I love hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows:)

  303. Hey guys! I just uploaded an OOTD Crop top and high waisted leggings for fall! Would mean the world to me if you could give it a look and some love <3 Thanks :) LBD: Lifestyle, Beauty, Divinity

  304. Love this post! xx

  305. I miss autumns. I know it sounds wired but here in Bali is never gets cold, only wet during rainy season :).

  306. Hi everyone, I would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog. I work really hard on it and post daily. My blog consists of beauty posts, fun crafty, DIY posts and a lot of things to do with Disney. Very sorry if you think of this as spam!
    -Lily <3

  307. You're an inspiration to a lit of people including myself hope you know that . Keep doing what you like best ! Ilysm ♡

  308. Oh my goodness, these pictures are so beautiful!! Hot chocolate is definitely my favourite drink (all year round actually) hehe and again, your pictures are ah-mazing!

  309. Autumn is really my favorite time of the year! so cozy. :)

  310. ♥ i agree

  311. I really love being able to curl up in a blanket and feel cozy, I love the color of all the trees changing, and all the autumn fashion choices! Autumn is truly a wonderful time of the year x

  312. In Australia its spring :) :), gonna miss those cold winter nights though

  313. Daniela

    Autumn is my favourite season.. I love everything about it! :3

  314. Wohoo! So much to look forward to! Loving it!

  315. I feel you… I just love autumn.
    The clothes, warm socks, hot drinks, boots, scarfs and all that good stuff!
    Btw. I like the pictures you took.

  316. I love your Blog Zoe,I hope to be as successful as you at blogging.

  317. Wow I really love your blog and YouTube channels! I personally think you are a very good example to other people. Your blog is very interesting! Also I love autumn posts that's my favourite month, as its my birthday. Keep on by doing the great job and inspire more and more people. As I think you are a very interesting person to look at. I also started my blog recently, which I have been trying to start since February but never knew how, but with your help and videos I actually done an amazing research and started off. Thank you

  318. I love autumn, crisp leaves, brisk weather and the endless amount of scarves I can wear to bundle up and keep out the cold!!

    My blogs full of AUTUMN-NESS

  319. So excited for it to be Autumn, especially excited that it means it's almost halloween!!! Also congrats on your products and its success, I got far too excited when I saw your advert and made all my housemates watch it!

    Emily x

  320. I just love how cozy it is during fall! ALMOST CHRISTMAS!

  321. So many lovely fall posts going round lately, really puts me in such a festive mood! Love getting a glimpse into your little autumnal world, Zoella! I'm currently in London and I've just done a blog post about fall in my hometown in New England, feel free to check it out, guys!

  322. This is so cute! Fall is also my favorite season. Being next to a fireplace with hot chocolate with a good book is one of my favorite things i like to do.


  323. Love those adorable socks =] I wish i had a nice toasty fire.

  324. Frances

    Those socks are adorable! Im so excited for christmas this year!!

    Frankly Frances

  325. I love Autumn, it's one of my favourite times of the year!x

  326. Finally I can drink hot tea anytime I want ahah

  327. I'm excited for fall weather so I can wear all of my warm sweaters :)

  328. Oh Autumn makes me feel so cozy :)

  329. This makes me jealous, its going in to summer here and all this makes me want to do is light a candel and curl up in a ball watching Christmas movies!

  330. Helena

    Omg I love it!

  331. Helena

    Hi, would you check out my last post?

  332. Adorable pictures! You've inspired me to show what Fall looks like in my neck of the woods. Haha love that you included salted caramel being in season. It's a fave.

  333. Always such great photos and loving the hot chocolate, much needed in this weather! X

  334. Dear Zoe,

    Please keep doing what you do with your blogs, vlogs, etc. because you make me happy! I suffer from anxiety, especially now it's my final year. Every little thing is at some point to much. At those moments it helps me to lock myself in my room, turn my phone of, my PC on and just watch something, anything. Your and your friends vlogs usually distract me the best. I'm kind of addicted to your channel nowadays. :')

    Anyway, let me stop riddling,

    Love Emmy
    (ps. I'm not English so please don't mind my mistakes, if you're reading this at all.)

  335. I LOVE autumn and winter!
    All my friends prefer summer but I'm like "Are you crazy?! It's all about Halloween and Christmas!!" :D
    Glad I'm not the only one hahaha!

  336. Autumn is my fave season, maybe 'cos I'm a libra?! Would love if you check out my latest beauty post xo

    Aliona |

  337. I love this time of year x

    You kind of make me want to make hot chocolate too!
    But I just brushed my teeth. So no.
    Stop making me excited for Autumn.
    Love your mustard jumper. <3

  339. Love this post, Zoe. Autumn is such a lovely season. Crisp-air walks with crunching leaves… Hot chocolates… Cozy clothes and blankets… Halloween… The Vampire Diaries… The list is endless!

  340. I adore your little Bambi socks! They're soo cute :) x

  341. Love this small time blogger at come tell me what you think and tell your friends follow my twitter @eleanabog

  342. I love autumn! so cosy and a great excuse to have more hot chocolate movie days:) xx

  343. Loving the jumper Zoe, Autumn always makes everything seem so cosy!x

  344. Also in love with fall. My favourite part is definitely the smell of wood stoves burning when I go for walks at night. Would wear it for perfume if I could.
    – KL xo

  345. My favourite thing about autumn is the fashion. You're able to incorporate both summer and winter pieces into outfits – autumn style is so versatile! x

  346. james

    im so excited for christmas you wouldn't believe

  347. Dear Zoe
    I know you… probably… don't know who I am and… you probably couldn't care less… but… I'm gonna… I'm gonna write you this message anyway… and.. well… I hope you get it. Hopefully you read through the whole thing and… try to understand where I'm coming from. I know you probably won't but.. I hope you'll at least try. My name is Connor. I'm 17 years old, and I live in Sydney, Australia. (Worst country ever I know). I have no friends. My "family" treats me like I'm nobody. I have major depression, extreme anxiety, schizophrenia and OCD. ( 5 pills a day ). I get bullied. Beat up. And all my days are spent at home crying.. doing nothing. I'm suicidal, and think about grabbing a knife and ending my life every day and night. I can't believe I just shared my problems with you, I never talk about my problems with anybody. You're the first person I've told. A couple of months ago I found out about your vlogs while I was browsing.. and.. Its changed me. Its changed the way I look at life. I watch your vlogs every night before I go to bed. And I know since I just said that.. you are probably looking at me as just a statistic. As.. just a "fan". Just a number. Just a subscriber. But… well… this is the hard part.. but… here it goes. I really want to meet you. Not in the just take a picture and go home meet you. No. I want to… I want to meet you meet you. You know? I think you and I would make great friends. Now I know what you're thinking.. creep alert, creep alert. I'm sorry if you feel that way, but I need this. I think about you guys every day and every night. How you and Alfie, Marcus, Niomi, Jim, Tanya, Louise, Joe, Caspar, Gabby, Louis, Marzia and Felix hang out, go out to eat, watch TV, play games, laugh, cry, enjoying these special moments, taking them for granted. Having fun, Loving… with nothing to prove. I've been alone my whole life and… I think I'm ready for my life to start. I really want to be part of that. I want to be a part of your group. Now I know you probably think I'm stupid, dumb and pathetic for asking such an idiotic question but… Hopefully you'll look past my flaws and let me be friends with you guys. I mean… You met Louise online.. so why can't you meet me online? You know… I wanna be apart of your gang, group, Team, whatever you guys call it. Please don't make me beg.

    If you want to know what I look like I just started a YouTube channel, . My video are pathetic, stupid and disgustingly cringy and boring but, I'm trying to improve. So please click on the link and and subscribe or like or whatever. So… now that I'm done talking.. what do you say Zoe? What do you say?

  348. I am patiently awaiting a new post!! xoxo.

  349. Had to go put on fluffy socks, make a hot chocolate and sit by the fire after reading this post! love the pictures zoe, you look gorgeous! Does anyone know where zoe's jumper is from? i love the colour!xx

  350. Those socks are so gorgeous, I have the same but they have pink stripes and Thumper from Bambi on the side!
    I'm looking forward to Winter Wonderland without a doubt! x

  351. I am definitely looking forward to the cosy sweaters and the seasonal candle scents!

  352. Sab B

    This is the sweetest thing ever. I really hope that Zoe gets to read this and one day you really do meet her.

  353. Sab B

    This is the sweetest thing ever. I really hope that Zoe reads this and I hope that one day you really do get to meet her.

  354. Hocus Pocus has already been viewed. Netflix baby!
    Death Becomes Her and Beetlejuice are next on the list!


  355. Anais D

    The colour trees get when is autumn. I'm always amazed by how my garden looks like's on fire when autumn comes.

    From Making Things Alive | Bloglovin'

  356. hey everybody! I'm new here and it would mean a world to me if you check out my blog, I know that these kind of comment can be annoying but if you maybe have a second to pay my blog a visit it would bright up my day. anyways thank you all ♥♥♥♥

  357. I love, love, love your blog, please keep on posting again and I am so happy about your announcement with Alfie! Have luck! xx (fashion, beauty, book, lifestyle blog <3)

  358. I really like it and wanna be as good as you but I'm starting in this world with my vlog and wanna improve.
    I know it is gonna be hard but I love it and I love what you do even knowing sometimes it is hard but I hope you stay a lot of years more.
    Thank you for sharing all your things with us.
    Love youuu

  359. Nossa perfeito ♥
    Deve ser muito bom morar nos E.U.A , #EuQuero
    De garota Beijos

  360. personally autum is my favorite time of year! its not exactly freezing cold yet, nor is it scrothing hot! i absoultly love Zoe! actually she was my inspiration to start a blog of my own or all personal thoughts.. almost like an online diary! ive been following zoe for almost a year now and i will say she has made me a better person! if any of you out there need a place where youre not alone and or just want to catch some fun blog post drop on bye ! i love you zoella !

  361. LOVE the little bambi socks!! and Im with ya on the hot chocolate I just did a blog post on hot choc too :) #brainbuddies have a looksee if ya want :P

  362. oh I love the little bambi socks! and im with ya on the hot chocolate I just did a blogpost on my experience with the best hot chocolate ever lol

  363. Zoe

    I'm looking forward to drinking hot chocolate again! ❤️

  364. Actually love autumn and chocolates, halloween, the colours… Ahhh

    We've got a new fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, maybe some of you and us could follow each other on it?

    Thank you xxx

  365. Love this post! xx

  366. I am so excited i be getting my scarf and gloves out.. cuddling up watching films.. CHRISTMAS! i also love all the beautiful colours the trees are starting to look bare but the leave colours are amazing. ohhh and BONFIRE NIGHT thats exciting to :)

    also im not sure if this is just me but i like to feel the wind and know im snug and warm

  367. I absolutely adore the socks! Must get some of those! Also in the mood for some hot chocolate now! Haha!

  368. Love everything about autumn xxx

  369. I love Autumn! Halloween and bonfire night, also the hot chocolates with Marshmallows X

  370. t

    Love fall! I've been drinking so much hot chocolate these days! :)

    xo T.

  371. Autumn is gorgeous :) It excites me because Christmas is coming!

    I really enjoy your photos always! I need to decorate my apartment with pumpkins too <3 :)

    Love from US & Japan

    Click & Visit me ★ Smile with Vivian

  372. Vicki

    I don't want it to get cold, but I also can't wait to sit in front of a chimney fire with some homemade cookies :)
    And your socks look so cozy! :)

    Xo Vicki

  373. I love knitted jumpers and feeling cosy when it is cold and raining outside. I love your blog and YouTube channel lots Zoe!
    Your socks and fireplace decorations look really adorable!xx

  374. Loved this and it made me so excited for autumn :) I have just written my first ever blog post and you were my inspiration zoe x

  375. Iulia

    Zoella! Love your YouTube crazy channel! :) Wouldn't mind more Zalfie videos though!

    Hey, talking about autumn, I kindly invite you over my blog if you want to check out all-natural remedies for colds for this autumn! It's sort of a lifestyle blog you can find a little bit of everything there!

    Take care and enjoy autumn!

  376. You're such an inspiration to my blog zoe, hope to be as successful as you some day :) xxx

  377. I'm obsessed with hot chocolates lol xx

  378. I love hot chocolates! And just lying in my pyjamas all day! x

  379. i love your blog, you actually inspired me to start my own blog keep on doing what you love and best wishes for the future xx

  380. Your home (or at least that little corner of it) looks so cosy. And though I don't impose seasonal restrictions on watching Hocus Pocus, haha, I have to agree, it is just so much more magical to watch near Halloween.

  381. My fave thing about fall is being able to curl up in a chair with a nice fuzzy sweater and a hot chocolate :)

  382. I've been drowning myself in hot chocolate all month! It's the best part about this time of the year, I think. <3

  383. Mashie


  384. So cute socks, I want the same! Hot chocolate with marshmallows in front of the fireplace – now I'm really jealous! This is the perfect autumn and winter evening for me, may be with a good book at hands :)

    Steam carpet cleaning Croydon

  385. Its Spring here is Australia so I'm loving the smell of flowers and pollen the maxi dresses the sea the pastel colours and the bright lip colours!!!!! xxx

  386. i love all the new clothes in the stores and that the styles change! I'm sooo looking forward to the first snow!

  387. PLEASE CHECK ME BLOG!!!!! I am a bristish teenage girl who has just started a blog, very exciting aye?!?! Anyway pretty pretty pretty check it outit would make my day :-)

  388. Julia

    Autumn is absolutly my favourite season :)
    You're so cute Zoe! I'm Julia nice to meet you :)

  389. hanney

    Autumn is magical! The cosiness of home and the urge of peace! Books, teas, pillows, blanket, rain outside, and few cheeky sunrays getting through cloudy skies.
    I love that, but I also love to run away from that from time to time.
    To everyone I would advice to look into this Facebook page to get great travelling offers, They are places in Brighton, where Zoella is from, so they must be just as good as she is :) Please LIKE, you won't regret! :)

  390. When it gets to autumn it's basically a countdown to Christmas haha! I also love wearing my Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 107! Xx

  391. Just spent half an hour on your youtube, absolutely love your posts! I can't wait to get to Lush and get my Christmas goodies in.

    I've just put my first post up, a Skull tutorial for Halloween. I'd love it if you could have a look and let me know what you think!

    Jamie xx

  392. Cute pictures!! ♥♥

  393. when are you going to put on a new blog post? I've have been checking your blog every day for a week ;3. Please take your time if you'r bizzy I can wait a bit longer just please tell me if it's even happening :) xxx

  394. could really use some of that hot chocolate right now its freezing !

    guys please check out my blog just started !



  395. Aala

    Love the oversized jumpers x

  396. trayel.


    I totally understand why Zoe decided to move out of her flat. Even I would feel anxious if girls were waiting outside for me. And I don't suffer under anxiety.
    But I also have to say that I'm kinda bummed.. I loved her flat. It was so cosy and beautiful and I love the rooms and how she had decorated everything. And the location! A dream. I wish I could rent her flat lol.

    Yeah, I know, I know I haven't seen their house yet. It may look even better than her flat. But still haha.

    I know that it may not belong here but I saw the pictures and I always feel like nobody sees my yt comments.

    I hope nobody understands me wrong. It's their cup of tea. I don't want them to film a house tour if they don't want to. And I understand her decision.

    Zoe, I wish you all the best, luck and happiness in your new home. ^-^

  397. Kate

    These pictures make me feel so cosy! Love the socks x

    Under Blue Lights

  398. mmm Autumn. Though over here (in australia) its heading to summer, which I am also super excited about! All the sun and beach time…. yay!

  399. This looks incredibly cosy! aww totally wish I had a fireplace


  400. All of the autumnal blog posts are making me wish I lived in the northern hemisphere. xxx

  401. Hot chocolates are by far the bet things about Autumn! x

  402. this post literally made me feel so happy and warm inside hahah. I am so super excited for autumn and christmas! Thanks Zoella for yet another amazing blogpost and your house looks stunning by the way :)

  403. This post literally made me smile and feel warm inside hahah. I am so super excited for autumn and the fast approaching Christmas, and for all the same reasons as you Zoe by the looks of things. Thanks for yet another amazing blogpost and your new home looks stunning by the way :)

  404. This post has made me even more excited for christmas- time to start the shopping i think-no?!
    Day off and ive just started a new blog!

  405. I love your fireplace it looks so warm and cosy! I'm so excited for Halloween and Christmas :D xx

  406. e-Rose

    Hi Zoella really love your blogs just as much as your videos. I to love autamn because of halloween and the thought christmas being around the corner. Keep doing your blogs and videos, I love them!
    From e-Rose

  407. Autumn is just a lovely time of the year. I also look forward to hot chocolate, over-sized jumper, bonfire night and candles! This post has got me even for excited for Autumn nights, lovely post.


  408. I'm super excited for winter! Woooooooooooo!

    I hope you don't mind checking out my new blog, and maybe leaving a comment or following. I always follow bacck x :-)

  409. Zoe is my inspiration and She is really beautiful, just wanted to say that.
    In my country helloween isn't that popular but I trying to find any way to celebrate that. This year I will go to my friend's house and we will have little helloween party.
    Things whats pop in my head when I hear the name – autumn is sweaters, hot chocolate, movies, fluffy slippers and cold.

    If any of you have some time then please check oot my blog –

  410. All of these photos make me really happy! I LOVE this time of year! Love, love, love!!

  411. Jessie

    Zoe I just want to say your a huge inspiration and you have made me really want to become a youtuber when I'm older. I have those Bambi socks haha xx from primark

  412. I am looking forward to apple picking and haunted hayrides and dressing up with my friends next Friday!!

    aka Bailey

  413. I love Autumn too!
    I can't wait for your October favourites Video<3
    You're such a talented blogger xox

    Please check out my blog xo

  414. I can't wait for autumn and christmas now after seeing this! Eeeepp xoxox

  415. It looks soooo cosy)))))))))))) Nice pics thanks for the inspiration. You are awesome !!!

  416. I love everything about autumn! Especially drinking hot chocolates in a nice warm room x

    Gegsy Blog

  417. I love your socks Zozo! They look so cosy and snuggly! x

  418. Paige

    Such a lovely post, makes me want to make a big mug of hot chocolate and snuggle up by the fire!

    Skin and Roses

  419. I wish we have Autumn season in where I live :(

  420. I love this time of year as the dark nights come 💕

  421. Charlie

    Hi everybody. I just started a blog. It would mean the world to me if you came to check it out!
    And I love your fall ideas Zoe!

  422. oh my goodness, i'm so excited for autumn, i've gotten all my jumpers out!! <3

  423. Autumn is my favourite!! I love a good night in with X factor, blankets, snuggly pjs, fluffly socks, the fire going, a hot bath, a cup of hot orange squash, fairy lights, and a million candles!! just gets me excited thinking about it haha!! xx

  424. Love this post so much ! . Christmas is almost here :D

  425. I know right !

  426. i am excited for every single thing you have just mentioned!!!!! xx

  427. I tagged you in the Autumn tag :D Check out my post for the questions, love your blog lots and lots and lots!
    Almsee x

  428. looks so cosy :)

  429. It's almost my birthday! xxx – goandfollow!!

  430. Autumn has got to be one of my favourite seasons! I'm thinking of doing a similar post to do with Autumn and what I love about it – please could you check out my blog if you have spare time :)

  431. Hot white chocolate with MARSHMALLOWS! <3
    Books making me forget about cold outside
    My Insanely Pink blanket keeping me warm while Im trying to cut down the heating
    Moto Boots and Long Coats
    Over knee socks all the way!
    Evenings full of blogging.
    Xmas is coming!


  432. The thing I love the most about this Autumn is the amount of opportunities I've been having!

  433. OMG, just beautiful. Zöe, if you can get back to me and give me tips for a fashion and lifestyle blog I would totally love it. You are like my idol ;)

  434. Love this post, it's made me feel all autumnal! That hot chocolate looks amazing! :) x

  435. I love pumpkin spice lattes and salted caramel muffins! Can't wait for Christmas, never too early to be playing christmas songs in October!

  436. you are so pretty!
    i love the decoration :)
    here in my country, we don't celebrate halloween hmm


  437. It looove Autumn, just because it is the most exciting time the year! Halloween, and then Bonfire night and then Christmas :D

    LOVE IT <3

    Check out my blog, its a lifestyle blog which I have recently gotten into! <3

  438. I love the fireworks and mini fairs, I also have the same type of socks as you:) wear them all year round haha x

  439. love your blog!

  440. heyy zoeee ur my inspiration keeping blogging about what you love. it really inspires me and others. thank you please do more outfit ideas blogs.

  441. Beautiful photos! This year has gone soooo fast

  442. love this post, and it's cool to know we share so many things in common! I love autumn too, especially hot chocolate and the colourful leaves :)

  443. Looks so cosy ! :)

    Your blog posts are just soo HELPFUL!! Thanks so much :)

    If you like blogs like this, I'd love for you to check out mine, I'm sure you will LOVE IT (hopefully) :)

  444. Looks cosy! :)

    If you like blogs like this, I'd love for you to check out mine, I'm sure you will love it (hopefully) :)

  445. Great photo's! I love candles, scarves, hot chocolate and christmas ofcourse!

  446. Hiii, i just began my blog and I get a lot of inspiration from Zoe, style and makeup wise. If you're interested, I would LOVEEEEE for you to check out my page. Thank you lovesss xx

  447. Ditto on the Hocus Pocus! Also looking forward to Halloween, ALL THE PUMPKIN THINGS, the color orange, the layering, and the leaves changing :)

  448. Molly M

    I love wearing fluffy socks with no one thinking I'm strange. Also, I love crunching leaves whilst walking to school. x

  449. Looks COSY! X

    If you like blogs like this, I'd love for you to check out mine, I'm sure you will LOVE IT :D

  450. I love when I walk through a big pile of leaves and kick them all up and everyone looks at me weirdly :P

  451. You are so beautiful I can't even describe your beautifulness

  452. I love Autumn, however its almost summer here in Australia. I cant wait for fall to come around again, would have to be my favorite season! Please come visit Australia some time its amazing <3

  453. Love this post and Autumn itself.! x

  454. It is the perf weather for working out outside! And the colors is so nice too.

  455. Autumn is definitely one of my favourite times of the year! Probably because I know christmas is right around the corner!

  456. I'm not a huge Autumn fan, I'm more of a Summer lover, but I am especially excited for warm oversized jumpers, turtle necks and lovely hot cups of tea and hot chocolate (definitely taking a trip to Starbuck's as soon as I can!).
    I love the pumpkins and candles Zoe, lovely looking interior!

  457. Nabihah

    Looks so cozy! This makes me excited for Christmas even though it's still two months away!

  458. I really like how it feels, like cosy and stuffs, you look so cute !

    die Annakonda

  459. Zoe, these are such nice pictures! It looks so cozy, Im going to recreate this (: i recently started a blog too (:

  460. Me too!! I love christmas!

  461. Too many christmas lovers!


  463. AngLaw

    You are sure ready for all of the holidays this season!


  464. I love apple sauce and making sauces and storing them in mason jars :) x

  465. I would just like to say I love your blog! I just started my own for a project in school and it is about Fall. I think you have a great variety in your post content and keep it so fun and helpful! I got a lot of inspiration for my blog from yours. Things that I look forward too would be pumpkin carving, egg nog for sure, scarves, dark plum colors of makeup, the leaf colors changing, apple ciders, Halloween candy, and days spent on the couch listening to the rain. your blog is awesome keep it up!

  466. I love autumn too. I like layering up clothes and the fact that it's nearly Christmas!

  467. sarah:)

    hello everybody so i just made a blog and wondered if some people could check it out <3

  468. You look stunning like usually

  469. I love your idea of putting some pumpkins next to a fire! Totally did the same thing.

  470. Beautiful home decor zoe! Have a very happy halloween friend :)


  471. Wow, i'm loving all of the autumn decor Zoe! Have a wonderful halloween friends! :)

  472. Wow i'm loving all of the beautiful autumn home decor Zoe! Have a wonderful halloween friends :)

  473. Love the fluorescent orange leaves and the big chunky scarfs you can chuck on that makes you feel super cosy :)

  474. awww I love autumn too, and yes pumpkin carving is the best!!!

    Emma Louise x

  475. Autumn is the best, love pumpkin carving and warm wooly clothing like your socks :)

    Emma Louise x

  476. I love autumn so much! One of the best seasons ever! What I love about it are hot chocolates, seeing the leaves change colour, candles….

  477. I love the amazing colours and the way you always get to snuggle up more and watch more films and tv
    I think that you are amazing you get me up when times are hard and whenever im down your blog and youtube channel will always lift my spirits xx
    Keep going and i hope you reach your dreams
    You have inspired me to start a blog and you are and always will be my favourite idol and youtuber xx
    The one thing i really like is that i get to watch more of you and fill my bedroom with amazing scents with candles xx
    I know your always busy but if you ever get anytime can you please check out my blog but dont worry if you do
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3

  478. leaves, halloween, all, I love autumn

  479. hi zoe, if you see this and have time could you please read my blog? published my first post yesterday which was really nerve-wracking – don't know how you manage to do it on such a regular basis, so big respect. thanks, zoe x

  480. I love your fireplace, it's gorgeous! x

  481. are nearly all these comments published on the same date Thursday,October 02,2014?

  482. ignore my last comment soz

  483. I'm excited for everything you said as well as the German markets! Every flavour sausages, crepes and mulled wine (which I'm not a fan of but like the idea of it haha!) Also, getting all wrapped up in a big coat, wooly hat, scarf and gloves to go on long walks!

    I love your blog Zoe and I've just started a blog myself, I hope you can find the time to go over and have a look


  484. I love your blog! Thanks for inspiring post, I can't wait till it's Christmas, can you do a candle haul please?? xoxo Heidie

  485. Tiffie

    I love your socks!! Fall is great, It's the time where I bring out my oversized sweaters c:

  486. I love the leaves, I know I'm weird ;)

  487. For me in australia, autumn is a great relief from the heat of summer and I love the beautiful autumnal colours in both the trees and fashion.

  488. I just wrote the biggest paragraph and it didn't post so hopefully you will see this. i had a package waiting at home for me all day and i just got home and opened it and omg your products are eeek! amazing!. I got the bath soak and shower cream which smells fricking amazing! i hope your perfume smells the same because it will be my next favourite forever!. I also got the body lotion which is so light and smells the best! and the guinea pig bag which is so roomy and i cant wait to use it. I got my boyfriend into liking your videos and watching them with me thats how entertaining you are. You are truly inspiring and amazing and i wish you all the best with your brand and cant wait for you to release more products!!!!! it takes forever ordering online as i live in Perth, Australia but its so worth it getting these amazing products!. Please keep doing what your doing as your are such an inspiration. I log on every day just to watch your next video as they are also so interesting. You probabally wont see this but i really hope you do and please come to Australia !! love Jacinta (19) xxxxx

  489. Candles, candles, candles! LOVE Yankee Candles. Oh yes!! :)

  490. Autumn's my favourite season too! I love the crunchy leaves :)

    Karis xx

  491. For me it's spring time… I live in Chile ha!
    Hey guys I invite everyone to my youtube channel! I do makeup tutorials, fantasy, fx, vlogs etc…
    Hope you like it!

    And cheers from Chile!! <3

  492. I love autumn, it's my favourite time of year by far. I love the cosyness of these pics :) Lovely Jubbly Blog

  493. Ponyo

    I love autumn so much, this is a super cute blogpost!

  494. Can't even deal these photos are toooo cute!!! and you look sooo cozy zoe!

  495. Katie

    I love Autumn, it's probably my favourite season of the year.
    P.s I love watching hocus Pocus this time of the year xx

  496. I love autumn! Warm fuzzy socks and warm blankets! Yay! It is also my birthday season and it is now my birthday month yay ! Love you zoe ( :

    Here is my blog i just started so its kind of ehh for now! Enjoy guys!

  497. wow.. marshmallows!!! i love it.. beauty!!!!
    thanks for the inspiration