Pure Color Envy Eyeshadow Palettes in Currant Desire & Fiery Saffron
Perfectionist Youth Infusing Makeup

Sculpting Foundation Brush
Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum
When it comes to high end beauty, Estee Lauder is always a firm favourite. From the classic, elegant packaging to the beautiful products housed within, they never seem to let me down! They have recently released a huge range of shades of their Pure Color Envy Palettes, some of which like these two are perfect for this time of year. There are different shade ranges to suit every skin tone and eye colour, and I personally have been particularly enjoying wearing this purple palette, in Currant Desire, and a bronzed version, in Fiery Saffron.

I’ve also been trying out their new Perfectionish Youth Infusing Makeup, and really been enjoying it. It has a medium but buildable coverage, and a soft and creamy texture. It is infused with serum meaning my skin has been feeling amazing after use, it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth, with a lovely natural glow to it. To apply I have been using their amazing new Sculpting Foundation Brush which is a fairly unusual shape, but allows you to follow the natural shape of your face to apply the makeup for a really even finish. I can’t say I absolutely LOVE this and that it’s life changing as it takes everything in me to not want to grab a bigger brush and blend like a boss instead of delicately applying it with this, but I have found that around the eyes and nose, it makes application a lot more precise and easy.

As one of the more sensitive areas of skin on my face, I think it’s really important to take care of your undereye area, and recently have been really loving the Advanced Night Repair Serum. I’ve used the usual facial serum version before and love the smoothing effect on my skin, and the eye version is no different. I apply this in the evening after removing my makeup.

  • Emma Hawthorne

    The Night Repair Serum sounds fantastic; I’m looking for a new night cream or serum to nourish my skin and undereye area. I will definitely check this out!

    Fantastic new blog design Zoe, it’s beautiful and a very happy welcome back to blogging!

    Emma x | https://emscoffeechats.wordpress.com/

  • Megan Young

    😊 love you zoella!!!!

  • Nav Kaur

    Estee Lauder skin care products are THE BEST <3

  • Mary Nascimento

    Love the colors, especially the purpleish one, although I’m not sure I would ever have the courage to use it myself XD

  • ChocolateCake

    I am DYING to get the Night Repair Serum. Anything good recommended by Zoella is a good product. I also need something to remove my make up! – ChocolateCake <3 <3 <3

  • Smallfreckles

    Estee Lauder are hands down my favourite brand! Every product I have of theirs never fails to disappoint… Must get my hands on this make up brush though!

    Stacey | http://www.smallfreckles.blogspot.com

  • Sierra Matchett

    the eyeshadow palettes look so pretty ! <3

  • John Carter

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  • cloudyskiesblogging

    I adore estee lauder eyeshadows – theyre probably the most pigmented I’ve came across and I cant get neough of them.

    please could anyone who is into blogging check out my blog i’d really aprieciate it! https://cloudyskiessite.wordpress.com

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  • Lana Watts


  • I love her products. especially her foundations.