Pure Color Envy Eyeshadow Palettes in Currant Desire & Fiery Saffron
Perfectionist Youth Infusing Makeup

Sculpting Foundation Brush
Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum
When it comes to high end beauty, Estee Lauder is always a firm favourite. From the classic, elegant packaging to the beautiful products housed within, they never seem to let me down! They have recently released a huge range of shades of their Pure Color Envy Palettes, some of which like these two are perfect for this time of year. There are different shade ranges to suit every skin tone and eye colour, and I personally have been particularly enjoying wearing this purple palette, in Currant Desire, and a bronzed version, in Fiery Saffron.

I’ve also been trying out their new Perfectionish Youth Infusing Makeup, and really been enjoying it. It has a medium but buildable coverage, and a soft and creamy texture. It is infused with serum meaning my skin has been feeling amazing after use, it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth, with a lovely natural glow to it. To apply I have been using their amazing new Sculpting Foundation Brush which is a fairly unusual shape, but allows you to follow the natural shape of your face to apply the makeup for a really even finish. I can’t say I absolutely LOVE this and that it’s life changing as it takes everything in me to not want to grab a bigger brush and blend like a boss instead of delicately applying it with this, but I have found that around the eyes and nose, it makes application a lot more precise and easy.

As one of the more sensitive areas of skin on my face, I think it’s really important to take care of your undereye area, and recently have been really loving the Advanced Night Repair Serum. I’ve used the usual facial serum version before and love the smoothing effect on my skin, and the eye version is no different. I apply this in the evening after removing my makeup.

  1. Such pretty packaging! Will definitely have to try some of this out!

  2. that looks so expensive, but the packing is beautiful. Going to be wanting that.


  3. the packaging just does it for me! Need to find my nearest Estee Lauder counter.

  4. Cari ^^

    Pretty packaging, I never tried these cosmetics.


  5. Caitlin

    I need…


  6. Aww the palettes look gorgeous! Would love to get my hands on them ❤


  7. Thank you, you get me out from depression and you're kind of a best friend for me :)
    Also I met my ex girlfriend (but we are chatting very often these days xd) because of you and Alfie! Thank you a lot! My biggest wish is to somehow move to Brighton or any other town in the UK, just to get out of Serbia and to meet you and Alfie! I really don't belong here! Love you so muuuch!

  8. OMG Fiery Saffron looks amazing. I would love to try it. I love the packaging too. Perfect colours to be used this time of the year.


  9. Deanna

    Glad to see a post from you again! I hope to read more of your posts in the future! I love the beauty pieces you feature <3

    Rosegold Fox

  10. Such pretty packaging! I love you Zoe xxxxx

  11. These palettes have the most amazing colours and look just gorgeous but my issue with Estee Lauder is that I recently discovered they conduct testing on animals which makes me feel uncomfortable about using them.. which is especially unfortunate as they own MAC! I really feel more needs to go on to urge companies to refrain from this when there are clearly alternative methods of testing

  12. lovely post zoe!! always get so excited when i see a zoella post pop up in bloglovin <3


  13. I'm soooo in love with Estee Lauder!! If my purse allowed I'd have the whole range :) Have you tried the Rose Tea lipstick? Its stunning and would suit your skin colour perfectly. I've raved about Estee Lauder so much in my videos ahha. And to say a lot of people seem to think its a brand for the older generation!?
    Alice xx

  14. Wow that palette!! I NEED <3


  15. Such lovely looking palettes, wow… I think I'm in love!

    Hannah | The Crafty Fox

  16. They all look beautiful, especially the Fiery Saffron eyeshadow palette! Great post Zoe x


  17. Those palettes look amazing, I need to try out some Estee Lauder products!


  18. The eyeshadow palettes are beautiful, i love the packaging!

  19. Looks like I have another thing to add to my Christmas wish list !!


  20. Ah, I'm quite familiar with blending like a boss! I love huge brushes for my face…I don't know how I would fair with this brush, although it does look like it would do an amazing job of getting the product nice and even. Beautiful eye shadows! The 'Currant Desire' one is gorgeous! :)


  21. Estee Lauder is such an iconic brand. The shades in the palettes are lovely – all wearable when blended nicely and perfect for this season. Thanks for your update on the brush, looks like I won't be purchasing that! <3

    BerryBloomXO.com | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

  22. I've had my eye on the Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum for a while now and I think you've finally convinced me to go out and get it! I've got a bad case of the dark under eye circles and I'm hoping this will sort that out to some degree. Thanks for sharing! Love you Zoe! You're such an inspiration for me :) xx


  23. I totally agree that their packaging is some of the most elegant. I love Estee Lauder and have used them for years and years. These eyeshadows look beautiful xoxo


  24. Hi Zoe, I say this as someone who have followed your blog and YouTube channel for a long time, I feel there is a backlash coming toward you and I want you to be ok and keep going. Already there been the indy article (no need for me to repeat that again) and now a hufflingpost (I almost wrote hufflepuff) article, I also find when I google your name I come up with various nasty online bullies in forum talking S**t about you.
    I'm not a young teenager but a 31 year old women who admire you and think your success have been brilliant and I say this in a very British tone ''well done ole' girl' – seriously you have handled you 'fame' very well and I only came to this conclusion just from watching your video.
    I don't know you in real life but please keep going as there are TONS of people who simple follow your every words (admittedly I’m one of them) and admire you. Listen to those people and keep being you – that’s what made you where you are today and that is what people love about you.


  25. Those palettes look incredible! Estee Lauder's packaging is so so gorgeous!


  26. these palettes look amazing <3


  27. kfc

    That purple shadow in particular looks gorgeous. The warmer brown and neutral palette is also very eye-catching as well!


  28. Such pretty feminine packaging would love the eyeshadow palettes


  29. Abi S

    Really love those eyeshadow colours, love the berry purple ones they always make your eyes look bluer when you wear them! Abi :)

  30. I recommend using the estee lauder all day natural blush. I am currently loving the shade 6; tawny. It gives this really nice blush to your cheeks and more exciting, it looks natural as ever! I am totally repurchasing it over and over again!!

  31. That purple palette is beautiful!

  32. Such lovely pallets ! I especially love the purple one !

  33. Lovely shades! I also have the estee lauder foundation and I love it! Even though I have some blemishes, with that foundation my face always looks flawless ♥︎
    x Valerie


  34. I am going to get the brush tomorrow :) :). Thank you Zoe

  35. Aah it looks amazing, lovely shades 😍

  36. I saw that brush in Boots and thought it would be great for cream contour! The packaging of the palettes is lovely!

  37. Hannah

    The palette in the colour 'current desire' is absolutely gorgeous! I might just have to go pick one up myself! x


  38. i have the eyeshadow pallette in current desire and its absolultely stunning, and such great quality too! i did a GRWM video with my sister on our youtube channel using it too hehe (shameless self promo haha!)

    anyway, yay for more blog posts zoe! i just love your photos :D

    ♥ Ellen #NZblogger
    Facebook + Instagram

  39. - Karen

    Gorgeous products! The eyeshadow palettes both contain such beautiful shades! :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  40. Beautiful palettes! I really want to try the foundation, it sounds so amazing!

    Sophia // sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  41. nueyork

    The eye serum is definitely on my wishlist, I have heard so many great things about it! The palettes are so stunning, too.


  42. Ah, Estee Lauder is seriously one of the best make up products out there. Unfortunately, I don't have many products from there, but my mother loves Estee Lauder, and I always borrow (take) some of her stash ;) xo


  43. They look like they have beautiful products! I'd love to try them but Estee Lauder are pretty big on animal testing though, so I'll never be using them until they stop… :/


  44. Patrisz



  45. I'm sorry to say that I won't be trying out any of these products. Estee Lauder are pretty clear about their complying to requirements for animal testing (where required, ie, China). Maybe one day with enough pressure they will stop it all together :) Let's live in hope!

  46. Gray

    Oh my gosh I love these. I wish I could have them

  47. Jaileee

    Hi would you mind checking out my blog? I would really appreciate it!

  48. I don't think I've ever used an Estee Lauder product before! I quite like the sophisticated packaging and colours in the palettes. Lovely collection!

    M – Mocha and Moccasins

  49. Nabihah

    I love the names of the palettes but that brush would drive me insane! I love giant foundation brushes because I feel they're so much faster and easier to work with!


  50. Jodie V

    The packaging looks beautiful! Definitely going to pick this up!
    Jodie xo // La Lune Song

  51. Beautiful Packaging. Gorgeous Products… May have to look in to a few or maybe as a early Christmas Present ;)

    Daisy xo

  52. Ooh, pretty! I love colours selection in fiery saffron, and the packaging is quite elegant! <3


  53. I wouldn't say that Estee Lauder is a brand that I've ever really looked into or desired to have any products from. Having said that, seeing those eyeshadow palettes has really tempted me to go check out their products!


  54. All the products look amazing and I really want to try out their night serum because my under eye area is awful :-( crying about dark under eye circles:-( Must invest in this asap and I lurrrve the eyeshadow palettes – the packaging is beautiful too!xxx

    Love Charlotte xxxx

  55. I have always loved Estee Lauder eyeshadow palettes. In fact, my very first palette was EL's Film Noir, which I still use on a weekly basis. Their eyeshadows are of such quality. I also have Sea and Sky (blue) and Emerald Oasis (Green), all of which are fabulous. They are worth buying.

  56. Such lovely packaging! Absolutely love the colours in those eyeshadow palettes as well, so beautiful!


  57. i really want to try at least on of them :) xx


  58. Estee Lauder, class per se, beautiful looking set. I am quite tempted to try the night serum, however I lost all hopes something will work for my under eye area. I still have couple to test out, I think, however it will be difficult when I literally live in the night time. Ehh

  59. i just bought some of their new staff and i really love their lipstick great one even better than mac lipstick

  60. Emma Hawthorne

    The Night Repair Serum sounds fantastic; I’m looking for a new night cream or serum to nourish my skin and undereye area. I will definitely check this out!

    Fantastic new blog design Zoe, it’s beautiful and a very happy welcome back to blogging!

    Emma x | https://emscoffeechats.wordpress.com/

  61. Megan Young

    😊 love you zoella!!!!

  62. Nav Kaur

    Estee Lauder skin care products are THE BEST <3

  63. Mary Nascimento

    Love the colors, especially the purpleish one, although I’m not sure I would ever have the courage to use it myself XD

  64. ChocolateCake

    I am DYING to get the Night Repair Serum. Anything good recommended by Zoella is a good product. I also need something to remove my make up! – ChocolateCake <3 <3 <3

  65. Smallfreckles

    Estee Lauder are hands down my favourite brand! Every product I have of theirs never fails to disappoint… Must get my hands on this make up brush though!

    Stacey | http://www.smallfreckles.blogspot.com

  66. Sierra Matchett

    the eyeshadow palettes look so pretty ! <3

  67. John Carter

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  68. cloudyskiesblogging

    I adore estee lauder eyeshadows – theyre probably the most pigmented I’ve came across and I cant get neough of them.

    please could anyone who is into blogging check out my blog i’d really aprieciate it! https://cloudyskiessite.wordpress.com

  69. Keira Teale


  70. Lana Watts


  71. I love her products. especially her foundations.