Dear Blog Readers, 

If you’re still here… (analytics tells me you are, which is very comforting), as you may be aware, I haven’t blogged very much this year. I haven’t got any excuses besides the fact that I appear to have got super busy over the last few months, which is AMAZING, EXCITING & also a little bit exhausting. 

Things are going to change around here, there will be more posts (I know you have heard me say that many times before but I have organised my life a lot more) and I want to get back into my blog, which was my first internet baby (and nobody puts baby in the corner – corny…)

I wanted to share with you my little office space where I will be getting my creative juices flowing and doing things you might like to read and watch, one of which is finishing the book that I will be releasing on the 25th of November (EXCITING)

*whispers* You can actually pre-order it HERE

Since moving, I found that my work space didn’t really feel like a place to work, it was quite unorganised and a bit empty-feeling. Now that I have made it a lot more homely, and put all my photos on the wall, it makes me feel more happy, and it’s a place that I love to be. 

I’m excited to get my teeth stuck into my blog again! Hope you are too.

Let me know in the comments what sort of things you’d like to see & read here on my blog!


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  • Alex Kilgore

    Where did you get that chair from??

  • Pareen

    Super cute office!

  • Caroline Tyler

    Where did you get your desk from?

  • Pierina Campbell

    Love the decoration <3

  • Jennifer Stanford

    This is AMAZING! How can you take such beautiful photos?

  • sophie sullivan

    love the thorn theme! sooo cute

  • anonymous

    i wish i can really do that too :(

  • Huey Li

    I love your decorations it looks so clean! Btw how do you stick the pictures on your wall, do you use a cellophane tape at the back or….I really want to stick my photos on my wall :D

  • Beckie Whelan

    What do you use to stick your fairy lights up? I live in a rented place so I don’t really want to wreck the walls :/

  • hannah xx

    I love the theme in you office its so cute and lovely

  • carrie

    i love the walls of pictures that is soon cute !

  • Caitlin

    Where did you get your embroidered heart from as I have recently come home from Monte Carlo and had one done that looks exactly the same? It was made by a lady who’s shop was along a small street opposite the palace xx

  • Casey 💗

    Zoe your such an inspiration to me I love you so much not in a creepy way but I’m having a bit of a stuggle at the moment with relatives that have pasted away and regrets of mine and I watched your recent video of your Feburary favourites 2016 and I thought that your happiness planner might be a good thing to help me through the tough times in life and was wondering where you got it from if you could maybe have a spare second of your wonderful life to tell me where you got the happiness planner from thank you hope you have a brilliant rest of your day Casey xxx

  • Ted Long

    Your office space is small and yet very nicely organized I enjoy it when I see a good working area like this, you have a thumbs up from me ;)

  • Such a cute little office! Would love to see an update!! :) xx

  • ItsNira

    What theme does Zoe use and what company, I have seen websites say that she uses wordpress but I don’t know what theme

    Nira xx |

  • Kendudy dudy


  • Raul Harman

    Love your office :) I don’t have that much space for pictures because I equipped mine with great shelving ( for my office material and a few action figures :)