Evening All,

As most of you will know, I recently moved to Brighton (I say recently, but I’ve been here since January now). Little by little I have started to build up the bits and pieces in my house to make it a home. I am always on the look out for little touches, and the best place I often find great items is in supermarkets. Waitrose for example have the nicest selection of things in at the moment, as well as Asda and Tesco. You don’t always have to spend a pretty penny on kitchenware (although you do get what you pay for in terms of knives and electricals most of the time), but for cookware, bowls and dishes, it’s brilliant. I have also been loving notonthehighstreet.com and Next Home for other little gems. I can’t wait to make milkshakes and Ice cream sundaes now.
Milk Bottles  –bit.ly/TLMYXm
Straws –  bit.ly/1mme8iX
Mini Vase of Flowers – bit.ly/1jcoxis
Shell and Bottle Lights – bit.ly/1m5Pq6O
Drinking Jars – bit.ly/1vNpA8n
Large Mixing Bowl  bit.ly/1pS24K2
Small Mixing Bowl  bit.ly/1mmeGVO
Flan Dish  bit.ly/1pS2aRV
Batter Jug – bit.ly/1obNzKk
Pillow Cases – bit.ly/1qAOb0F
Chalk Board Planner –bit.ly/1sibWtV

(No links unfortunately, but pop into the shops and see if you can find them)

Milkshake Glasses

Spatulas and Whisk

Scalloped Edge Bowls
Knife Set
Hope you enjoyed this little insight into more homely bits. I always find posts like this really inspiring, especially if you have just moved, or you’re starting uni in september. It’s often the places you buy your bread and milk that you find greatest things.

P.s. Any other girl the “big spoon” in the relationship? Please tell me it’s not just me?

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  • Vivi

    Hey love all of the mint but maybe the mixing bowls can be a different colour like maybe copper love you xxxx

  • kacey smith

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  • Alessandra Calzoni

    Hi Zoe!! i always watch your videos on youtube!
    it’s a pleasure now reading your blog too!!
    greetings from Italy

  • Yasmin Attarchi

    Hi Zoe I really really like your videos especially your hauls and collaborations! You are my idol and I am currently obsessed with you! Never ever stop making videos and always do the thing you love and most important ignore all the haters!!! Lysssm! Yasmin xxx 😘😘❤❤

  • Fashionista Era


  • Koko

    Well, I hope am not the only Kenyan Fan, will spread the word as you continue doing what you do. Am inspired daily. I Thank You….

    Be Blessed.

  • Olivia Alesha

    These are soooooo cute!


  • Lucie

    I love your blog and youtube videos

  • homewareblog

    All these items so are so cute. I love the knives!

  • Belah

    Hi Zoe!! I can’t believe I’m in this post again.
    I’m moving and thinking about inspiration for homeware, remember when I read your blog several years ago. With those milkshake glasses, I love them and I also have to admit that I always was obsessed with the combination of mint and pink in the kitchen is super cute
    4 years and you keep inspiring me day by day!
    I hope you have a beautiful day
    love, Bel

  • Gabrielle

    These are all so cute!!