Evening All,

As most of you will know, I recently moved to Brighton (I say recently, but I’ve been here since January now). Little by little I have started to build up the bits and pieces in my house to make it a home. I am always on the look out for little touches, and the best place I often find great items is in supermarkets. Waitrose for example have the nicest selection of things in at the moment, as well as Asda and Tesco. You don’t always have to spend a pretty penny on kitchenware (although you do get what you pay for in terms of knives and electricals most of the time), but for cookware, bowls and dishes, it’s brilliant. I have also been loving notonthehighstreet.com and Next Home for other little gems. I can’t wait to make milkshakes and Ice cream sundaes now.
Milk Bottles  –bit.ly/TLMYXm
Straws –  bit.ly/1mme8iX
Mini Vase of Flowers – bit.ly/1jcoxis
Shell and Bottle Lights – bit.ly/1m5Pq6O
Drinking Jars – bit.ly/1vNpA8n
Large Mixing Bowl  bit.ly/1pS24K2
Small Mixing Bowl  bit.ly/1mmeGVO
Flan Dish  bit.ly/1pS2aRV
Batter Jug – bit.ly/1obNzKk
Pillow Cases – bit.ly/1qAOb0F
Chalk Board Planner –bit.ly/1sibWtV

(No links unfortunately, but pop into the shops and see if you can find them)

Milkshake Glasses

Spatulas and Whisk

Scalloped Edge Bowls
Knife Set
Hope you enjoyed this little insight into more homely bits. I always find posts like this really inspiring, especially if you have just moved, or you’re starting uni in september. It’s often the places you buy your bread and milk that you find greatest things.

P.s. Any other girl the “big spoon” in the relationship? Please tell me it’s not just me?

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  1. Love all of these, so cute!


  2. Love the pillows, so cute! Amazing haul, can't wait until I own my own home so I can decorate it how I like :) x

    Rachael | overdosedemaquillage.com

  3. Absolutely love all of these little bits… especially the drinking jars! I also love the pastel theme you have going on; gorgeous Zoe!xxx


  4. Emma

    Everything is so pretty and pastel! I love the milkshake glasses, your kitchen will soon become an American diner, I'm sure of it! I'm really loving Lakeland as a place for kitchenware as well, lots of affordable things to bake with hehe.

    Emma x | Reverie Lane

  5. You're not the only big spoon in a relationship, I sure am!

  6. Wonderful Haul. I really love the way you decorate your home. It is so lovely. I wish my kitchen would look half as nice as yours. Your pictures are definatly a great source inspiration <3
    Love, Sarah


  7. I'm far too excited about you blogging again. I'm obsessed with all things interior, so your last two posts have been a dream for me. All the stuff you bought looks so gorgeous. You've such good taste!
    Katie x

  8. Hi Zoe, everything you have pictured is so pretty, love all the pastel colours! I move out of my home in September to (hopefully) start university and will be living in halls on campus. I was wondering how would you make a place 'your own' when it fully isn't if you know what I mean? :) xx

  9. BERY

    omg i want all this!:)

  10. Alice

    I've just moved into my new flat so this is ideal and just the inspiration I needed – the stuff is all gorgeous. Particularly love the milk bottles and pastel knives! x


  11. Paige

    Hey Zoe,
    All of this looks wonderful, when I grow up and move out – this is the type of things I want in it. I watch your videos and your home looks lovely. I am really excited about you blogging again, I have missed your posts!
    Paige x
    The Joys Of Being Paige

  12. I waited for this sooo longe,Zoe!
    Love this post and all these little things you showed!
    Now you made me want to do some home shopping!:)

  13. Everything is so cutesy and pretty! Totally wishing America had a Tesco or Waitrose now hahah x

  14. I absolutely love your cute mixing bowls, but I especially love the pillow cases, so cute! <3 xx


  15. I'm sometimes the big spoon, but I much prefer being the teaspoon to my boyfriend's table! xx


  16. Zoe these are my favourite kind of posts and videos and the fact that gabby was in them made it 10x funnier you guys are so funny together xx Zoe do you think you could check out my blog thanks xx


  17. You're house looks so cute! Hope you're enjoying living it Brighton :) its been a great place to grow up x


  18. Gaahh!! I'm in homeware heaven. And the bakeware is great. I am in the process of starting a bakery business from home for now (at the age of 16) and I seriously need to clear the cupboards for vute things like these xx
    http://www.emilybelleblogs.blogspot.com xx

  19. I'm the big spoon, too. :)
    Loved that post! I am constantly redecorating my flat and always love to see what people I love watching and reading (like you) buy. :)) X

  20. Natt

    I love these items! Great choices xx Love you Zoe!
    Have a nice day :)


  21. I love homeware things, you're haul is adorable, love all the items!


  22. I seriously love it all. So much cute stuff!

  23. You can never have too many bowls! Loved the video with Gabby you're both a lil friendship match made in heaven 👼 the glass drinking jars are extremely cute and it need to get them asap! Looking forward to more blog posts as Alfie mentioned now you have the chalk board;)

  24. I'm also the big spoon! My boyfriend always wants to be the little even thought he's bigger than me <3 xx

  25. I love the radio and the "big spoon", "little spoon" pillows. So cute! Also, if any of you are looking for a blog all about twenty-something life. Everything from shopping, make-up, hair, to life, thoughts, and ideas, please check out my blog and subscribe! Thanks :)




  26. I love the milkshake glasses! I have a shared kitchen at the moment, but I love kitchenware so I can't wait to have one of my own that I can decorate completely.

  27. ems

    please could you have a look at my blog if you have time:) fadedclouds.blogspot.co.uk

  28. Love those photos!
    It has made me think about, what I still need to get, when I'm going to move out of my parents house in August/September. Kinda exciting!

    And I must say that in the most relationships I've been in, I've mostly been the big spoon!

  29. 2 post back to back! You are on a roll again :) You have a nice selection there, they are all so cute.

  30. LOVE your style Zoe! I seriously can't wait until uni just to buy my own kitchen and room stuff haha! Rebeka xx

    Rebeka Taylor

  31. Emma

    Eggs are perishables so you should keep them in the fridge if you don't want to get ill :)

  32. This makes me wish I lived in the UK so I could shop at those places! I'm sure I can find things like that in the states though.

    Also, I am the big spoon as well. It's not just you, Zoe! :P


  33. Noush

    Your home looks so pretty !

  34. I love love love all your homeware! They are all such fun colours! I especially love the little milk containers and the blue bowls.

    Please check out my blog ! :)
    WTF Is The New Black?

  35. Want everything here especially the big spoon little spoon pillows!

  36. You make me want to shop! I can't wait to own my own place and decorate it and make it mine!! Exciting :):) x

  37. So so glad you're blogging again :) xx

  38. epise

    Always the big spoon, even though my SO is half a foot taller than me! Loved your new home goods… I'm addicted to homewares and kitchen gadgets, so let's hope I don't get too inspired by any of this stuff… My wallet can't take any more abuse!


  39. I'll be moving out next year, you've given me such inspiration! Love you x


  40. Love the photos and all the home goods!


  41. This is exactly what i've spent the last year doing, I hate to think what i've spent. My kitchen and lounge are full of amazing home wear bits & books that I keep finding. Waitrose is fab for cute summer garden party bits & has some seriously cute china bowls :)

    Mel x

  42. Julie

    The knives are such adorable colours, thought everything was so cute! I've cleaned out a few of the large sized candles with the metal lids from Yankee candle to store random bits in in my room, such a cheap way to store jewellery or whatever!


  43. Grace

    Love it all! Buying the big spoon little spoon pillow cases immediately!! xox-Grace

  44. My boyfriend and I share the role of the big spoon in our relationship! Haha xx

  45. I am in love with the colour mint, I need to get your kitchen gadgets. They look great. I am always the big spoon half the time by boyfriend ends up plastered on the wall. Poor guy.


  46. Hi Zoe! The Big Spoon, Little Spoon pillowcases are brilliant, I am going to try talking my husband into getting these :) I am Big Spoon sometimes! Little Spoon others, it depends!


  47. Love what you picked up – never been on NotOnTheHighStreet before but I have a feeling I am going to become obsessed with it. Oh and I am also the "big spoon" ;-P Please do more homeward hauls, I love seeing what you got :-) xx

  48. Everything is SO CUTE and pretty! I am starting Uni in September, and moving out of my parent's house into an apartment with two friends. I am so looking forward to shopping for bits and pieces like the ones you've found. I adore your home! Surely when I make my little space a home I will share photos like these on my blog: laurieamedina.blogspot.com! Much love, Zoe. xxx

  49. Mary

    Yes, finally you started blogging again. I'm so happy. I love your posts so much.
    And I quite like the whole design of your flat. It is really cute :)



  50. Hi dear Zoe.
    It's already evening in UK and probably lovely sunset in Brighton. My friend told me it was cloudy in London today.
    I am very happy for you with your new life in Brighton. It so beautifully organized and cute. I hope you are all well and happy.
    Me and your readers will be happy to see and read more of you and your thoughts here. Don't leave us for long :)
    Don't stay overnight reading comments and get some sleep!
    Tomorrow is a new day!
    Bless you!
    Vanessa Key

  51. Beth

    I love those little milk bottles – so cute!
    And no, you're not the only big spoon. My boyfriend is 6 foot 4 (I'm 5'3), yet he still insists that I spoon him most nights! Sigh… men, hey!

  52. I am in love with everything you have just posted! I've just moved house too (well student house… it counts) , may have to take a cheeky homeware shopping trip when the old student loan comes through ;)
    Loving your blog as always zoe!
    Jo xx


  53. So lovely, this makes me so excited to buy things for my new flat! I cannot wait to move in! Glad you are blogging again Zoe! Loved the video as well!


  54. aww I really love all these products! I came right here after watching your video's haha. I'm like collecting all kinds of homeware for when I move out and you give me more and more ideas! love them :)

  55. Great buys!

  56. cuuute! love the pillows and those milk shake bottles are too cute.


  57. All these things are really lovely! Can't wait to get my own home and decorate it however I want it, it would be amazing. And the big spoon thing, you are not the only one who is the big spoon in the relationship, haha. :) xx

    Carolyn | uncapturedbeauty.blogspot.com

  58. Juliet

    Oh my God, I loved this! And I have the same knifes, haha, that says something. I'm so glad your back and yes, that sort of thing is very inspiring :* thank you.

    Juliet | juliet-and-stuff.blogspot.com

  59. WOWS

    Lovely nice and colorful stuff.

    Oh! What a pity! I was very close to Brighton just few weeks ago. It would have been fantastic meeting you.

    Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

  60. WOWS

    Lovely and stunning homeware!
    Oh…I was very close to Brighton just few weeks ago. It would have been fantastic meeting you!

    Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

  61. Love all the pastel kitchen accessories and kitchenware! It looks perfect for the summer and definitely brightens up a kitchen!


  62. Great to see you blogging again Zoe!

  63. jelous!:)

  64. Blogger isn't letting me post the comment again :'(

    I love your homewares Zoe! They're so bright and cheery :) Hopefully when I get my own place, I'll remember to get my things in pastel as well :)


  65. Those jars are adorable, I love all the pastel colours too. This is definitely the kind of stuff I'd want in my house :) x

  66. Erin

    Cute cute cute! I love the mason drinking jars :)

    erin // beingerin.com

  67. Her things are so lovely and cute, I wanna have a place like that
    Love it Zoe <3

  68. I literally want everything in the pictures, thanks for sharing zoe!
    really love your posts

  69. I literally find all the best stuff in supermarkets and they all seem to be so cheap (which is obviously a massive bonus)! I need to do another new home stuff shop for my new uni house.
    & I'm the big spoon in my relationship too! Find it a lot more comfortable and don't get really hot and sweaty! Haha :) xx


  70. I love everything here! So pretty!


  71. Zoe- I love you blog and your YouTube channel! You have great (and similar to mine) taste! Could you do another room tour and tell us where you got some of your bedroom goods? I love watching those!!! ILYSM Zoe! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  72. Sarah

    Love everything, especially love the mason jar glasses/mugs, very cute indeed. Thanks for sharing Zoe! :)


    (You inspired me to have my hair ombre and I love it but how do I get the orangey tones out?)

  73. I'm moving soon and this has really inspired me to be on the look out for these great finds! I especially love the knives in the pastel colours!

  74. Hi,

    To get the orange tones out, you gotta get some toner on that. Try blue toner from any hair and beauty supplier and it will help reduce the orangeness. Or maybe you need another bleach session? Try toner first and if it doesn't work, another bleach bath with help :) and some more toner and you should be there! Hope this helps you.

  75. I'm going into my final year of university in spetember…surely that qualifies the beautiful heart shaped slate? And perhaps a mixing bowl (or two?!) So lovely to see you blogging again, your photo's are absolutely stunning! Looking forward to any more posts that you have in store! xxx

  76. Great selection of kitchen bits! Love how the milkshake/Sundae cups match your kitchen Aid!

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x

  77. HOW CUTE! love the straws and little bottles so much, i've just started blogging again too, since last summer, if you'd like to take a look, then it's http://nancyjames1998.blogspot.co.uk/ and nancyjames98 on twitter.
    p.s love the pillow cases too:p x x x

  78. I just love the style of your homeware!!! You have an amazing taste, it just look cute and girly, and perfect! I love the colors, the designed… Just beautiful !!! :)


  79. I'm either but yes sometimes I will be the big spoon!
    Great purchases, it's all so pretty!
    alicekatex ♥

  80. I like looking at these type of things in shops. I also love the blog post and videos you do about them. I dream about the day I have my own little place, even if I have five or six years to go!

  81. I absolutely love it all Zoe! its all so cute and dainty.
    I was actually looking at those pillow cases myself! (don't worry, i'm the big spoon in my relationship too)

    x x x

  82. Mahsa

    Ahhh, so cute! The colours are beaut zoe, definitely a fan of pastels. The scalloped edge bowels are my favourite, they'd be good to eat granola and yogurt from
    Mahsa xx

  83. eilis

    I know it's hard to run your own home but I can't wait to furnish my own house the way I like it and buy cute little homeware for my place!


  84. I love the milkshake glasses and the pillow cases!


  85. Gorgeous bits and bobs!! I am also firmly of the belief that boring items like utensils can be made fun just by buying them in pastel shades ;) xxxx


  86. Lovely photos of what you bought! I will admit I get a bit excited when you write a post since you don't do it so often anymore >.< It's lovely you still find the time to update your blog now and again though despite the fact that you're so busy and don't really NEED to since you're doing so great on youtube.


  87. Love all the stuff that you have bought.
    I am so glad that you have started bogging again, I have really missed reading your posts.
    :) x


  88. Love everything! Little spoon, big spoon ;]

    Kim | evladylrebmik.blogspot.com

  89. Ali T.

    Reading your blog always makes me wanna shop!!!

  90. Hayley

    Ah I love the 'Little Spoon' 'Big Spoon' Pillows!- Hayley xo


  91. Gema

    Absolutely love it! This totally makes me wanna go shopping and completely redecorate my apartment. Love the colors and how everything is set up :)

  92. Emma W

    I love everything you've picked up….especially the spatulas and knives! I agree it's the little things like these that really make a house feel like a home :)

  93. your flat makes me so sad, it's seriously gorgeous. we have such similar tastes it's ridiculous, and you've definitely made me want to go out and buy everything! and don't worry, i'm usually the big spoon too, and those pillow cases are definitely a purchase i need to make.

  94. Oh wow! Did you read my comment? (Or you were just planning to..) I really like this blog post! It feels like having a sneak pick into your home designing. (If you read my comment from your previous blog post, I like seeing how others designed their houses)
    I'd really like to watching your Home Tour video someday!

  95. Tingg

    Love this !


  96. "Big spoon" girl right here love!

  97. Such a refreshing non designer logo brand post loved it ! 💗

  98. I can't wait to move out so I can buy this kind of thing!

  99. Such pretty pastel colours, simple and lovely! It must be really exciting finding little things to add to your new home, I often dream of it and sometimes I do find things I must get to keep until I have my own place. You'd be amazing as an interior designer, I love how everything fits so well together. It's all wonderfully captured in these photos too!

    D/w it's not just you, sometimes I do like to be the big spoon~

  100. Cams

    I love all the things you buy, they're so cute and girly! I'm not moving anywhere yet but it'll inspire me someday when I move out of the nest! Hahaha x


  101. Can't help but get jealous whenever I see your hauls for your new place. Everything is just too cute!
    I wish that my place will look as awesome as yours when I move out!


  102. Everything is so cute! I can't wait to move out so I can buy décor and bits and bobs to make it just how I want it! I've missed your blogs and I'm glad your back!

  103. These are adorable! The pastels are so cute! The milkshake cups are so 50s I want them. When I would actually use them? Never. When would I show them off? Always. All of these just reflect your style perfectly!

  104. zoe

    I've been obsessed with kitchenware lately! I can't seem to stop buying bowls, cups, mugs, etc. Your haul is brilliant. I love the milk bottles–it's too bad I don't live in a country with Tesco any longer! xx

    The What's In Between

  105. I know! if my place looks half as good when I get an apartment. I would feel totally accomplished :D haha
    AnnCates xxxx

  106. Omg I am obsessed with all of these!


  107. Oh these are just lovely! Glad to see your posts back on my feed! Love from Scotland!


  108. Gah, everything is so cute and I love that a lot of these things are totally DIY recreatable! You're right, I'm very inspired. I can't wait to have a place of my own to fill with a bunch of things that are trendy and I like, like this.

    ~Briannaly. xo.

  109. This is so you Zoe, I love it. It's adorable! So happy you're back blogging :) xx


  110. Anne

    Indeed the pastel theme is amazing! I somehow wish I could get my own place and decorate it how I want to. :)

    Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

  111. There's such a nice pastel theme going on! You're kitchen is probably so cute! I have knives like that but in different colors. They're really good quality! :)


  112. I love your theme! I will have to come to the UK just to buy things for my apartment (when I get one) because I swear there is nothing that cute over here in the US!

  113. I absolutely adore those pillows and the mason jar drinking cups! I'm thinking about using mason cars as holders for pens and pencils on my desk and now I'm going to definitely check the supermarkets to see if I can find some stuff there!

    Glad you are back to blogging. :)

  114. I feel your pain! I have been lucky enough to find some great things in Target of all places! I pretty much redecorated my room with cute things from Target. Pier One or Home Goods is always good to take a peak in for some little bits and bobs!


  115. I love this post!
    I can't wait to start making my own place feel like home someday!
    from Marlee and You

  116. there all so pretty!


  117. I love your colour scheme going on! The pastels are lovely, and the scalloped bowls are the cutest. I'd love a pretty pink spatula! It makes baking so fun :)


  118. I love those milkshake glasses! I have some too, in pastel green, blue and pink. I'll never forget the amazing ice creams my mum would put in there – vanilla ice-cream, grated Crunchie and chocolate sauce. Try it!

  119. OMG! I absolutely in love with all the stuff! Everything is so pretty! And I really like pastel shades, something I'd choose too :)



  120. Mimmi

    Such pretty things! Your home is a dream :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  121. Your kitchenware looks a lot like mine!!
    I love seeing other people my age buying cute and adorable homeware it makes the home so much more liveable!
    The only thing I don't have is those cute bowls I love them!!!!
    I love your style Zoe thanks for the further inspiration!
    xo Holly xo


  122. Rona

    Wonderful things! I love pastel colors :-)

    Have a nice day, Rona from threepinkcats

  123. I looove homewares! Probably because I'm a Nana in a twenty-one year olds body. I do adore posts like this for the inspiration. I've been wanting to re-dress my room a lot lately. I really love making my own faux flower arrangements by buying individual bits and adding them together. Flowers really brighten up a room.

  124. Everything you got is so cute! I'm starting college in September so this is perfect haha. It's really hard trying to decide what to get right now since I don't have the room right in front of me! So far I've just been trying to stick with little pieces like these and get the bigger ones down the road.
    Lovely post! :)

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

  125. Everything is so adorable! I'm especially in love with the milkshake glasses :) *heading over to your haul video on YouTube* -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  126. Beautiful photo's! Love all the pieces, they are so cute and happy ^^

  127. Great post, such lovely pictures. Love the heart shaped slate x

  128. Loveee the milkshake glasses! Going to hunt for some to put smoothies in!

  129. I love all the colours! They all look so pretty together! The pillows are so cute too! I also happen to be the big spoon which I always thought was a little weird but I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  130. love seeing what other people bought for there home,I just love nicknacks, i especially love the half yellow half cream colored mug, i know its not pictured here but none the less i still love it, and want it. you have also now got me addicted to not on the high street, i have been filing my imaginary online sopping cart to the brim all day. your posts are always make me smile, you take wonderful pictures and you write in away where you make me fell I'm sat in your flat drinking hot chocolate, i can almost here the seagulls squawking as I read. your the best can't wait for all the post to come.

  131. I love all of those items. There are so cute and beautiful. Makes me want them in my future flat xx

    Kiss from remainreverie.blogspot.com

  132. Oh my those colourful knives are the cutest!

  133. Hi Zoe,
    I just wanted to say that i LOVE reading your blog, it is written so well and I am very much looking forward to your book
    it is so sweet and so helpful and i love that you don't just do beauty but you also give advice and try to help all your viewers and so i am really thankful
    I am glad your writing again that's absolutely fantastic
    I look forward to your future posts
    – Zoe King

  134. Your place looks amazing, I love all the pastel bits and pieces!

    Ciara x | Ciara Pocket

  135. your a huge inspiration to me
    i hope that you will continue to blog for many years to come because they make me so happy when i'm down or having a bad day. Your posts have even inspired me to create my own blog
    you so amazing and gorgeous as well
    your incredible and have managed to achieve so much it's just FANTABULOUS
    yours with much admiration
    – Zoe King

  136. I watched the video last night but I was soooooooo tired I must have fallen asleep halfway through haha. It wasn't boring, I just had the longest day haha. I re-watched it this morning. I especially like the 'milkshake' glasses!

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait drawings)

  137. OMG so much cute stuff! Your flat has to look super adorable now (even more than before ;-))

  138. I adore the glass jar drinking glasses and the pastel knives! They are so adorable and perfect for adding a personal touch to your home! All of the items are gorgeous! :)

    -Lauren :) x

  139. Oh my god, this stuff is so pretty :) That's exactly what I meant in my comment on your last blog post, where I wrote about how I'd love you to make blog posts about home decor and all those little cute things around your house. I don't think you actually did this post based on my comment, bud I absolutely adore your pictures anyway <3


  140. I absolutely love the Milk Bottles and Drinking Jars. So tempted to order them! Raspberrykiss xo

  141. I wish I had my own house that I could fill with cute beachy, seaside and overall cute things!
    So glad you're blogging again ^___^


  142. Those glasses are so cute, makes me want to get some whipped cream and cherries in my face.

  143. I've been eyeing similar milkshake glasses for ages and you just made me want them even more! Also, I'm also the big spoon. I find it so much more comfortable!

    What Makes Mary
    Mary xx

  144. I love all the things you bought! They are so cute, especially the colors :) I can't wait for the day I get to move into my own home and decorate down to every detail x


  145. Katie

    Everything is so cute! It's making me want to go home shopping.

    Katie x and-katie.com

  146. I'm moving house soon and now I really want to go shopping! Love how all the kitchen things are pastel colours!

  147. Cute stuff! :3

  148. Such a lovely stuff pretty happy colours which I think make a home more like a place where you´ll be happy ,if there isn´t any colour I think everyday feel like a winter day outside ,not in the pretty christmasly inside ,I really enjoy your blog and your channel on youtube ♥
    lots of love

  149. Aimée

    I am nearly always the big spoon :( Haha!
    Loveee all your things! Such pretty spring colours! Aimee xx


  150. When I was in a relationship I was always the big spoon haha!
    Gorgeous homewares too, I can only hope my house looks this beautiful one day! xx

  151. Your house must literally be the prettiest, most feminen house around Brighton. Stunning purchases Zoe!

    As for being the big spoon – I like to take turns, or sleep on his chest. Cuddles are just the best x


  152. Love all of your homeware, your house seems to just be getting brighter and prettier by the day : )

  153. Claire

    Love your taste in homeware Zoe, you have some lovely pieces there.

    Claire | Style Affinity

  154. Glass jars are some of my favorite things to use/collect. Also: that panda pillow = love.

  155. My weakness is for sure homewear, I can't wait to have my own house to decorate, I'm going to be so home proud! My university rooms have been my pride and joy for the last three years! xx

  156. I love all the bits you got for your home! And no worries, I'm the big spoon in my relationship too, you're not alone! Haha


  157. Tina

    I love your kitchen things, very nice:-)

    Nice blog, you have your own style, I like it.

    My daughters blog also have a speciel style, you are welcome if time:-)

    Enjoy the day.

  158. You have such cute items, the milk shake bottles remind me of this cute little cafe not far from my house where they serve deserts in little garden buckets and little plant pots. x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  159. ABBLE

    I agree, they're all so cute! I love the colours,

    Love from sparklesandshowbusiness.blogspot.co.uk

  160. This just makes me want to go out and buy all these things! Despite the fact I don't even have my own kitchen yet!

    And don't worry Zoe, I am more often than not the big spoon. It's not just you :) x

  161. This is the one thing that excites me about the thought of living on my own is the fact that you get to decorate and buy my own furnishings. Although I'd have no idea where to start!, but it looks like you're doing a great job :).


  162. I'm surely obsessed with everything that has to do with interior only problem is that I don't have a place of my own yet. Hopefully soon. I do love the items you bought! very cute!

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