This may be the quickest blog post i’ve put together in a very long time. The sun was setting in Brighton, and the sky looked amazing, so myself, Tanya Burr & Jim Chapman popped out for a beach walk, and on my way out the door, I grabbed my camera for spontaneous beach pics. The weather here in the south coast has been so terrible over the last month, this was the perfect start to the month of March, and the beginning of spring. The water was shallow, the seagulls were chirping (or squawking… you decide), and people were walking their dogs, skipping along hand in hand or dawdling with their children. I took some pictures of my friend Jim, which I thought looked pretty cool. We think he looks like the only survivor of a zombie apocalypse (in the sea.. sea zombies!?).  I also took these snaps of a man and his dog. I don’t know this man, or his dog, but I feel like I captured a few moments between them that were too precious not to share. If you know this man, let him know these pictures exist as they may make him smile!

What made you smile today? 


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  • Luella Lu

    Sometimes, things can make me smile and somethings can make me cry. You never know untill you take a risk. I love blogging. It is my way to express myself. I also love writting things like books and stories, but i never have the confidence to finish them, What made me smile today was one of your posts: be who you want to be and it made me realise that there are people in the world who just exactly like me in their own special way. So when i type something into my blog, when i create a post, i know that somewhere, when i publish it, there will be someone reading it and hopefull feeling confident in themselves once again. What made me smile today is one of your posts, because it cleared all of my worries and made me think that i can be who i want to be no matter what. So…
    Thank you.

  • emily

    Every time you post something,it makes me smile. Love you Zoe! >3 xxx Emily

  • Alex

    This random man as you call him is David Gilmour who is the voice&and guitar of Pink Floyd. His wife,Polly Samson discovers this just now and she laughed at it so much! #RandomMan :)

  • efhess

    @zoella This makes me smile everyday. :)

  • Alice Morgan ✌🏽️

    @zoella reading your blog and watching your videos and also reading both of your books makes me smile because i have been going through a crappy time at the moment and i think reading and watching what you post is just a little heads up that life can get you diwn but chin up because stuff in life does make you smile :) love you zoe xoxoxox

    From alice

  • Keanna Hole

    Reading back over your Blogs today made me smile and also made me realise that I take a lot of inspiration from you. I love your Blogs and Videos so much, as do I Love You!xx

  • it made me smile that your writing on girl online 3!!! whoohooo

  • Lily

    Super Pretty!! Defo will live there some day!! :)

  • julia peter

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  • This was such a nice post to read. If you want to know what makes me smile, its you. Zoe your such an inspiration to myself and so many others and I just absolutely LOVE watching your videos and reading your blog <3 xxx

  • Võ Quang Anh

    So pretty! But i think tropical beach still is the best.