This may be the quickest blog post i’ve put together in a very long time. The sun was setting in Brighton, and the sky looked amazing, so myself, Tanya Burr & Jim Chapman popped out for a beach walk, and on my way out the door, I grabbed my camera for spontaneous beach pics. The weather here in the south coast has been so terrible over the last month, this was the perfect start to the month of March, and the beginning of spring. The water was shallow, the seagulls were chirping (or squawking… you decide), and people were walking their dogs, skipping along hand in hand or dawdling with their children. I took some pictures of my friend Jim, which I thought looked pretty cool. We think he looks like the only survivor of a zombie apocalypse (in the sea.. sea zombies!?).  I also took these snaps of a man and his dog. I don’t know this man, or his dog, but I feel like I captured a few moments between them that were too precious not to share. If you know this man, let him know these pictures exist as they may make him smile!

What made you smile today? 


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  1. Beautiful photos Zoella!!!! :3333 I love you <3333

  2. beautiful Zoella as always:)!

  3. they are beautiful! but my fav photo is without people, just with a dog. amazing! love xx

  4. Some lovely photos, Brighton looks lush with the lovely Spring sun! Jess xx

  5. I am jealous of your view from Brighton, I wish the sun sets were so beautiful here.
    Today, someone sending me pictures of baby animals while I was sick made me smile.

  6. did the man see you taking pictures of him or did you just be like hiding your phone from him seeing xx

  7. The pictures are breath taking

  8. this looks amazing!! you're an amazing photographer! for real!

  9. aahhh what beautiful pictures <3

  10. You have such an eye for photography! Really gorgeous photos. Can't believe I only live about an hour away but I've never visited Brighton. Would love to see more quick little blogposts from you <3

    Love Julia :) xxxx

  11. These photos are stunning! I also live on the south coast and can second how horrendous the weather has been! I've also been making the most of our beautiful coast with my friends :) Glad you had such a lovely time !!

  12. Your photos are sooo gorgeous! Lovely post, have missed your posts :)

  13. Mahsa

    Love these photo's Zoe! Brighton looks so beautiful, and i agree, the photo's of Jim do look somewhat Zombie-Apocalypse-Survivor like. ;)
    Mahsa xx

  14. You're such a big inspiration, I would love to be a photographer/youtuber/blogger and you've got it all! You've got an eye for photos, and my grampa says so do I :)

  15. So beautiful Zoe hope you Tan and Jim had a great time

  16. Julii

    Beautiful pictures!! I like that you are using your blog more often now!! because i love it!! lots of love from Uruguay

  17. Ohh beautifull photos. Love You! ♥♥♥

  18. Carrie

    So lovely! The sky was so gorgeous tonight! Nothing beats a sunset walk on the beach :)

    Carrie xx


  19. You are fab at photography! Those photos are stunning and breath taking. You sure you don't do photography too? This blog post made me smile, and you always do. Stay perfect :) xxx

  20. It made me smile how some girls of my Field Hockey Team are so goofy and ridiculous (funny way) :)

  21. Beauitful Zoe :D So pretty !!! xox

  22. i love all these photos you took, zoe.
    but i don't know if it's right to post photos of a man you don't know on the internet.
    maybe he doesn't like him being on here?
    well anyway it looks lovely!

  23. Beautiful photos Zoella!

  24. You're photography is the best I've seen in a while, you should do weddings :)

  25. I'm glad that your weather is perking up! I love the spring time and can't wait to get out to the beaches near me for a nice relaxing walk! I really love the shots of the man with his dog, so lovely!
    My boyfriend made me smile today when on our way out of the house this morning he said "bring the fall out boy CD down to put on in the car" haha, the simple things :) x

  26. Amazing pictures! Love the pictures of jim!

  27. Such beautiful pictures ♥

  28. The dog and the owner match each other:)

  29. the pictures of the man and his dog are absolutely beautiful. i don't think you could have gotten a better shot. it would be really nice if that man somehow found these pictures.

  30. "I also dont really like the sea. I dont trust what's in it." things have changed since your "Your questions answered" blog post in 2009!!

  31. Sofie

    Beautiful pictures, Zoe! I hope you had a wonderful day at the beach!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  32. Beautiful pictures! It's always so lovely to have a day walking on the beach.. Hope you're enjoying your new home and all the lovely Brighton sunshine that comes with it :)

  33. aww this looks like such a lovely beach!! i need a good beach walk now!! such lovely pictures! :) i love that man talking to his dog – they look like best friends! so glad you posted today – made my day!! post more often!!

  34. Aimée

    These are really beautiful pictures! Makes you love England scenery :) Aimée Xx

  35. Really nice photos <3 I was on the beach today with my friend, I really want to meet yooooou guuuuys xxxxxx

  36. Klára

    Amazing photos! I'd love to live there, in Brighton… :)

  37. These pictures are just wonderful and amazing. I love the ones with the man and his dog, just the moment captured, really nice !

  38. Van

    I wish i could be there! It looks amazing :)

  39. abboo

    Wow it looks amazing- what lovely scenery!

  40. I honestly can't say much more than your pictures managed to impress my mother. Not an easy task I can assure you :) Beautiful! x

  41. Noush

    Amazing pics !

  42. Such pretty pictures!! Those kind of beach & sunset pictures are beautiful :)
    So far I've just gone to Starbucks today so… that made me smile haha! I'm volunteering this afternoon too though and that makes me happy!!

    Cachoo Joo // CACHOO JOO

  43. aww your pictures are absolutely gorgeous as always! xx

    Bethany // Lots of Sparkle

  44. Beautiful photos Zoe, Brighton looks such a lovely nice place xx

  45. Lirie

    Hi Zoe!

    I love watching your videos on youtube and your blog is also very fabulous! You've been an inspiration to me ever since I started watching your videos and I aspire to become a well known blogger/ maybe even a youtuber like you! I would love for you to check out my blog that I just started, since I love reading yours so much.

    Lots of love,

  46. Imy L

    Wow stunning pictures Zoe. Hope you are enjoying your new lie in Brighton! :*

  47. You have taken some wonderful photos here. Brighton looks perfect.
    I love the photos of the man and his dog, I bet he would love to see them.


  48. Cristi

    Such a lovely view to have! Beautiful photographs! That sunset looks amazing and yes, it does look like a scene from a movie. haha x

  49. I love when you blog Zoey!! And you're pictures look gorgeous, I wish I lived there!!

  50. ahaa 'i don't know this man' aw zoeeee a haha xxx

  51. Lovely pictures! I'm sure the man with the dog would really like the pictures you took of them :)

  52. Beautiful pictures! Love the lights and colours. Such nice mood

  53. Beautiful shots!

  54. Carla

    Aww, such beautiful shots! Your dog is so darn cute! I can't believe it's already March 1st! :)
    Carla @ Love Cartista

  55. What a beautiful scene!
    also, cutest dog!!

  56. Wow, the view is amazing!! (:

  57. My 1 year old nephew is staying the night :) that made me smile !

  58. WOWS

    Marvellous pics! I recognized Brighton seashore even before start reading your post hehehe ;)

    Kisses from

    Today I bring you my last Make-Up NEW IN…vibrant colors for my lips!

  59. Wow these are really nice pictures!! what lens did you use?

  60. Woah, SUCH pretty pictures !! <3 Working with my fav colleague today made me smile :)

  61. such amazing photo's, well done Zoe

  62. Amazing pictures Zoe x wish I lived on the coast x

  63. Martha

    love your posts and your videos zoe! :) this photos are amazing.. the sunset looks so good! xx

  64. You are my inspiration Zoe!! I started making videos on (deleted them all now) but you are amazing and these pictures are beautiful! What made me happy today? I think walking with my dog and taking photos with a professional camera <3 I love you Zoe!! <3

  65. These pictures are incredible. The ones with the man and his dog are amazing. :)

    Where I live it's pretty much sunny all the time, which I know is an odd thing to complain about but too much of one thing can get tiring, and today it's raining. Woke up to it, and now I'm feeling really good. Relaxed and happy when all week my anxiety has been horrible. So today the rain is making me happy :)


  66. Beautiful pictures as always Zoe! For me I loved that today was the first day of spring and that made me smile xx

  67. I saw you guys today! I was too busy stuffing a burrito in my mouth to run out of the restaurant and say hi! Was gutted, but thought you would think I was a little bit crazy! Hope you had a lovely day, amazing photos, makes me feel very lucky to live in a town very near to Brighton x

  68. These pictures are so beautiful ! I wish I had that kind of weather where I live ahah xx

    Enora from

  69. Hey Zoe, you might not see this but I want to buy a camera (preferably a canon) that has film and photography but I don't have that much money so i wanted to ask if you had any tips, I was thinking about Canon EOS 1100D but I'm not sure yet, I'd love it if you could help!

  70. Pili G

    This is so cute!! What a beautiful city!!

  71. those pictures make me smile, thanks :)

  72. Hi Zoe, I'm a new reader to your blog and after reading just one blog post I know that I will keep reading for a long time. Those pictures that you took were AMAZING!! I especially loved the one's of the man with his dog. It showed the true friendship of a dog and it's owner. Whenever I read you blog, it makes me smile:) you are a true inspiration to me and I know want to start writing my very own beauty, fashion and (STUFF) blog.

    thanks, Charlotte
    xoxo <3

  73. Amazing pictures it likes like such a lovely day.

    My baby boy clapping and giggling has made me smile today x

    Catherines Loves

  74. C+G

    wonderful pictures, thx <3

  75. Hey everyone I'm new to blogger and have just started a fashion blog! It'd mean a lot if you could take a look and make sure to follow as I'm following everyone back xx

  76. Such lovely photos that make me wish I lived by the beach. I live in southampton at Uni and love being on the coast, just wish there was a beach! Maybe one day xx

  77. Saloca

    So happy the weather is finally improving! I can't wait to get out and about more! Those pics are brilliant, I do love the shots of the man and his dog, they both look like they're having such a good time! I really want to go and visit Brighton, such a picture postcard place!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  78. Why can't I live near the ocean!?!

  79. Aww this reminds me of the movie angus thongs and perfect snogging when they're sitting on all those pebbles. Such an amazing view!

    xx Jeremie |

  80. These pictures really made me smile, they are so beautiful. I really want to go to the beach now!

  81. Very beautiful pictures, pretty *0*

    恵美より ♥

  82. Let's just say this blog post made me smile! Ly Zoe:)

  83. Hello everyone please check out my brand new blog, about fashion and beauty. I would really appreciate it. Also does anyone have any DSLR camera recommendations because I really want to get one but don't know which one. Thank you!

  84. Incredible photos! So jealous of you living in Brighton, I used to live there and definitely want to move back someday!

    Imogen // imogenscribbles

  85. The 2nd pic is amazing – they all are but I think that's my fave!

  86. Świetny post. : ))

  87. Beautiful pictures – I have never been to Brighton but it looks lovely! :)

  88. Stunning pictures, absolutely love the ones with the man and his dog!!

  89. Such pretty pictures 💕

  90. Wonderful shots, Zoe! I hope this man and his dog find these photos one day~



  91. I can't wait for spring. Sun, warm wind and long walks on the beach. This is what I'm waiting for since October :)

  92. Stunning photographs Zoe :)


  93. Wooow very beautiful photos <3__<3

  94. These pictures are really amazing, Zoe! Love them ♥

  95. Gorgeous pictures Zoe! This post made me smile today :)

  96. This post made me smile today! I absolutely LOVE the sea, these pictures are beautiful, I'm basically jealous that you live so close to the sea haha x

  97. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Amazing clarity and quality in every picture, reminds me of my trips to Apollo Bay with Mum… *sigh*


  98. Love the photos! ❤

  99. These are gorgeous!

  100. looks so beautiful!

  101. Anela

    Beautiful pictures, I wanna be there right now!

  102. anna s

    such lovely pictures! i think i need a beach trip soon xx

  103. These photos are beautiful. I've been having such bad anxiety the past few days, last night causing me to be in pain physically due to so much mental stress and anxiety. I spent all day laying in bed just not knowing what to do. But after I opened up this blog post, I felt a rush of peace come over me. So I know it might not seem like much, but thank you for taking these pictures. They helped me calm down quite a bit. It looks so peaceful there. Thank you!

  104. These pictures are absolutely stunning! Chills are just starting to run through the air in Australia!


  105. Love love love these photographs! Brighton beach has amazing sunsets! I'm there for work on Tuesday is hopefully it will!
    Love your blog Hunni.

  106. I love your pics~ I just woke up in Korea and thank you for making me smile first thing in the morning!

  107. Cams

    What a lovely post! The pictures are beautiful and emotional, I fell in love with them <3
    I spent my day with my friends and that made me smile, such a very good beginning for this month :)

  108. What made me smile today? Meeting you tan and jim in lush xoxo

  109. Erin

    This is lovely. I absolutely adore when you do posts like these :) <3


  110. Looks absolutely stunning! Beautiful pictures :) xoxo

    Emily ⎜

  111. These photos are lovely :) What camera did you use to snap these shots?

  112. they are beautiful! but my fav photo is without people, just with a dog. amazing! love xx i really enjoy to read it i love this blog Very nice outfit, I really love the shorts so much !
    Giveaway on my blog, you can find here HYDRATION EVERY HAIR !

  113. Haley

    Beautiful pictures, I love candid pictures of strangers, there is something so simple yet mysterious about them!

  114. Brighton, especially the beach and the sunset looks incredibly beautiful. I love your shots of the man and his dog. It also put a smile on my face. It's amazing how little random things and moments in life are the ones that make you feel happy and peaceful the most.


  115. What camera did you use to take these? Any special settings done to achieve these photos?

  116. Aggie

    Zoe thanks for sharing this thought with us. Time just pasts us so fast that we forget to smile and appreciate the little things. This blog post made me smile today ❤❤❤
    ❤The Secret Life of Aggie❤

  117. OMG! Incredible pictures :-***

  118. These are such wonderful photos! I love spontaneous captures like these, I think they really make for a more genuine moment! Today I spent the day playing with my dogs and hanging out with friends, so I had a lot of reasons to smile (:
    Lovely post!

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

  119. Gorgeous stunning pictures!!!

  120. Love this!

  121. Gorgeous photos Zoe! Xxx

  122. Beautiful pictures :)

  123. Gorgeous photos!

    I need to take my camera around more often for spontaneous photo opportunites. You never know what you'll catch =D. And who knows? You might see this man and his dog on the beach again one day ^_^

  124. Billy

    Hello Zoe,
    I am Minna Griffin, one of your biggest fans. I know lots of people may say that, but I really love your videos. Anyway, I heard you have a little bit of anxiety. I get it a lot as well. When I can't reach my dad at work I get really worried and lots of thoughts pop into my head which I know are not true but it still worries me. I was wondering if you have any tips? Thank you and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Minna xxx

  125. These are some gorgeous photos! The sky is so pretty; it makes my heart happy!

  126. What a beautiful place!! I am looking forward to visiting Brighton :)

  127. Amazing pictures! Sunset in Brighton seems so relaxing! xo

  128. Kiia

    Amazing pictures! It's funny cause it looks like it's warm in there but the people are wearing coats haha!

  129. Today I had a big cup of hot chocolate and that made me smile today. Those pictures are beautiful and the dog is more than adorable. I hope you are enjoying your new home in Brighton :)

  130. Mia

    Beautiful photos!! Hmm what made me smile today?! My answer would be everything :)

  131. Lisa

    Looks amazing, Zoe, as always! I love the pictures, they are beautiful!
    And who cares that it's a short blog post, enjoyed it none-the-less.

  132. That is SO Beautiful! Here in Sweden it's just grey and foggy all the time at the moment and I Think we've had about 15 minutes of sun in the last week. Very depressing! These Pictures made me smile

  133. Zminka

    The most beautiful view i've ever seen!

  134. That A level in Photography is really kicking in (wink wink nudge nudge)

  135. Grace

    Aww love the photos!

  136. brighton looks lovely!
    cant wait for some more pictures as you get to know the place more. x

  137. Wow, absolutely stunning photos. I hope the man with the dog gets introduced to the pictures of him, they are fantastic. Definitely perked up my not-so-bright Sunday afternoon.

    Thank you!

    Kathryn x

    Bit of a Freak | UK Beauty and Lifestlye Blogger

  138. These photos are beautiful zoe, your such a good photographer!💕👍

  139. Those are some beautiful pictures! Spring is coming very fast here in The Netherlands. Hope you can enjoy it too very soon!

  140. Emma W

    What beautiful scenery no wonder it made you smile :) Today spending time with my mother made me smile :)

  141. Emily

    Beautiful photos, it makes me wish I lived by the seaside! :)

    Emily / Glittery Teacups

  142. Gorgeous pictures!

    Lucy x

  143. Beautiful photos Zoe, I love how you captured the beach and the sunset it looks amazing! I'm so jealous I would love to live near the beach :) xx

  144. The photos are really good. I bet that man would love to have copies! x

  145. Hannah

    These are amazing pictures! Love the pinkish sky so much, so glad the weather has picked up,

  146. Great Pictures. What made me smile today? I published my very first blog post :) so exciting

  147. Beth B

    such lovely photo's! x

  148. Stunning photos Zoe! I've never been to Brighton but I'd love to visit and one day live there – everything I've heard and seen about it makes it seem perfect :)

  149. This beautiful beach makes me miss summer so much!
    Laura xx

  150. Mary

    Such beautiful pictures, the light and colour is fantastic. I've never been to Brighton but it always looks amazing, such a creative place. I've only just come across your blog and it's absolutely adorable! New follower here!!! xxx


  151. What makes me smile is you!

  152. Wow those are some truly beautiful pictures =D x

  153. Lovely pictures :) makes me want to go visit a beach!

  154. Your photos look absolutely amazing, didn't realise you were such an awesome photographer aswell! :)

    Rachel — Claireful

  155. I didn't know you were so into photography! Your pictures are amazing! ;)

  156. connie


    I absolutely love these photographs. Congratulations on reaching 4 Million subscribers! I watched your eleven-year-old vlog. So hilarious!

    Connie @

  157. These photos are so incredibly beautiful! I had no idea you were such a gifted photographer. I definitely love the image of the dog, it is so lovely that I wish I was in Brighton instead of San Francisco!

  158. I am exactly the same when it comes to snapping photos – just yesterday I was lying on the beach here in South Africa and telling a friend that I'd love to just take pictures of people completely in the moment.. in their own little world and give it to them later. They are the best kind of photographs and yours are stunning xx

  159. Awwww Zoe, your photos ALWAYS make me smile!

  160. Living by the sea makes me smile every single day! I've been living by the beach in Cornwall for nearly 3 years now. After over a decade of London living I still wake up each day incredibly happy, even when the wind is blowing a hoolie!! Enjoy Brighton x


  161. pinja

    oh. i've been that beach. brighton is so beautiful place to live. ♥


  162. What gorgeous pictures Zoe, I love Brighton but haven't in years, so these were lovely to see and you really made me laugh with the paragraph about the man and his dog! So nicely worded :-)

  163. amazing photos! I've always wanted to visit Brighton.

  164. Beautiful pictures, especially the first one with the man and the dog <3 Love the light in it!
    I spend my day with very special person, so there were too many reasons to smile! :)

    Liebe Grüße,

    *eleonoras blog*

  165. Your blog is amazing <3

  166. The pictures are beautiful! Brighton seems such a nice place to live!


  167. Absolutely amazing photographs! Brighton looks lovely :D


  168. you should go back at the same time next week and show the man those pictures! I think he'll love them.. after all a mans best friend is his dog :')
    (providing the weather holds up haha)

  169. Heading to the beach this week and absolutely can't wait. Also, loving your blog!

  170. eM

    Wonderful photos!!! Love it :-)

  171. KCO

    Stunning photos! Are these unedited? They're beautiful and I feel as if I was right there with you. Thanks for sharing!

  172. hey guys please check out my youtube channel beautybysherene! It would mean the world to me! <3

  173. Hello my name is steph and I am in search of more worthy subscribers ! I post Beaty, fashion and lifestyle blogs and if you come and follow me I WILL FOLLOW YOU BACK

  174. Zoe you are my fav YouTube's and wheneva I watch your videos/blogs they always put a smile on my face! I love reading your blogs and I am so jealous of your pancakes! They look delicious! I had 1 cheese pancake and 3 nutella pancakes! YUM! I'm not really sure if you reply to your comments on your blog but if you replied to me it would mean the world!


  175. This post makes me wish I lived closer to the sea xx

  176. Billy

    Your Pancakes look delicious Zoe! Hope you enjoyed them!

  177. Amazing pictures, you can see inside peace, love, feeling…this is the life a little things…wow i envy you
    but i have a little bit of this…some times…some times…

  178. Awww this made me smile :) Hope you're having a lovely March Zoe <3

    Molly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  179. wow.. those photos are beautiful! I love the colors and atmosphere they create

  180. Your photography is so good, your an inspiration x

  181. Wow Zoe I love you and more by the time I see and watch your amazing posts here and on Youtube. You took these incredible shots worth keeping in a portfolio. Hope you also feature a still shot video next in your channel!

  182. These photos are amazing!

  183. Aahw, you can see the love for the dog. Really cool photo's. You should do something with that. You made them on the right time !

  184. I want to visit Brighton so bad! It looks so beautiful! Love you so much Zoe! Your absolutely gorgeous and your personality is just so cute and nice! I honestly am so happy I found your blog and YouTube channel! Xoxox

  185. Such a lovely post!! Your pictures are beautiful Zoe! I love how you can see the strong bond between the man and his dog, its wonderful! I love Brighton, i recently did a post about Brighton, i'll see if i can link it, you might see areas you recognize :)
    Wonderful post, i really liked it!

  186. im hopefully going on holiday to brighton soon cant wait it looks lovely!!!
    love from livvy

  187. im hopefully going on holiday to brighton soon cant wait it looks lovely!!!
    love from livvy

  188. Oooh! I would love to live in Brighton — such a lovely seaside town! Your photography is lovely, this post really made my day!

  189. Benice

    I absolutely adore your photos. The colour of the sky is beautiful. Brighton seems to be a lovely place. You are so lucky to live near the sea. You knew how to capture a random moment and now it's not just a random one ! It makes us dream and smile because it is stunning. xx

  190. Reading all of your 22014 Blogs and i love your Blog alot . I always watch your youtube videos but it's the first time to visit your Blog and it's so exiting and I love it .!:D

  191. Luella Lu

    Sometimes, things can make me smile and somethings can make me cry. You never know untill you take a risk. I love blogging. It is my way to express myself. I also love writting things like books and stories, but i never have the confidence to finish them, What made me smile today was one of your posts: be who you want to be and it made me realise that there are people in the world who just exactly like me in their own special way. So when i type something into my blog, when i create a post, i know that somewhere, when i publish it, there will be someone reading it and hopefull feeling confident in themselves once again. What made me smile today is one of your posts, because it cleared all of my worries and made me think that i can be who i want to be no matter what. So…
    Thank you.

  192. emily

    Every time you post something,it makes me smile. Love you Zoe! >3 xxx Emily

  193. Alex

    This random man as you call him is David Gilmour who is the voice&and guitar of Pink Floyd. His wife,Polly Samson discovers this just now and she laughed at it so much! #RandomMan :)

  194. Alice Morgan ✌🏽️

    @zoella reading your blog and watching your videos and also reading both of your books makes me smile because i have been going through a crappy time at the moment and i think reading and watching what you post is just a little heads up that life can get you diwn but chin up because stuff in life does make you smile :) love you zoe xoxoxox

    From alice

  195. Keanna Hole

    Reading back over your Blogs today made me smile and also made me realise that I take a lot of inspiration from you. I love your Blogs and Videos so much, as do I Love You!xx

  196. Kate

    it made me smile that your writing on girl online 3!!! whoohooo

  197. Lily

    Super Pretty!! Defo will live there some day!! :)

  198. julia peter

    wow.. so peace full beach. it’s really i just loved it can visit EasyWayFinder in which ,you can find more location about shop,hotel,bank etc..

  199. This was such a nice post to read. If you want to know what makes me smile, its you. Zoe your such an inspiration to myself and so many others and I just absolutely LOVE watching your videos and reading your blog <3 xxx