Having my lovely friends Tanya & Jim staying over, meant being the hostess in my new home. I got to use jugs (!) As it is also pancake day (Shrove Tuesday), where people give things up for lent (until Easter), it meant donning our pinnys and making pancakes. Tanya was chief pancake maker, and mixed the batter perfectly. It was then Alfie who was chief pancake tosser (baha), ensuring all pancakes were tossed with perfection before landing on our plates ready to be filled. I put out a mixture of different things we could use in our pancakes. There was freshly chopped fruit, Greek yoghurt, Honey, Nutella, Marshmallows (I know, seems random, but trust me… Pancakes or Crepes with Nutella, fruit and marshmallows is DELICIOUS), Sugar, Lemon & Maple Syrup. I had Nutella and marshmallows in mine, I know it’s not the healthiest start to the day, but I also balanced it out with greek yoghurt and fruit on the side and a nice glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. I think I could get used to being the hostess, the only thing I don’t like is the cleaning up afterwards. 

What fillings did you put in your pancakes today?

Are you giving anything up for lent?

  1. Yummy! I had banana and honey in mine :) have a good day zoe! x

  2. Aw, Zoe this truly looks lovely! Happy pancake day:) I'm making ours later, we have nutella and ice cream or maple syrup and ice cream:) added with fruit on the side, yummy!

  3. I had nutella on my pancakes today and I have no idea what to give up for lent! D:

  4. looks amazing :) so hungry now!!!!!!

  5. Yumm! Ill be having mine later on havent decided on a topping yet but giving up buying make up, there's no hope for me! D: xx

  6. Yummy!!
    Looks amazing!! <33
    I'm having Nutella and chocolate chips ones!!xx

  7. Those pancakes look so good! I'm having my pancakes later, but I think the plan is strawberries and melted white chocolate. Nom. I've not really thought about giving anything up for Lent, which is really bad. Maybe I will!

    Helen x // Beautiful Curiosities

  8. Daria

    look yummy!

  9. Hmm, yummy ! I had spreadable speculoos on mine and that was really good :p
    http://amyra210696.blogspot.fr/ please go on my blog and leave a comment, I would mean so much to me ! :) x

  10. So delicious:)

  11. so cute!!! I love hostessing too. :) awww. you have the cutest style and it sounds so fun. :)

  12. Ooh so good! I love pancakes. Here in the Netherlands we eat it with 'stroop', which is something like maple syrup. So yummie!

  13. It looks delicious ! x

  14. It's cool to see you using everything from your haul video because I was having a ahrd time picturing what you could have used half that stuff for! Very cute and creative!! I love when you blog zoey!!


  15. Must try marshmallow pancakes! I'm about to have fruit and honey on my pancakes and for lent I am giving up eating meat.


  16. The pancakes look amazing but you're dining table decor looks even better! I especially love the 'You, Me and the Sea' jug! :)
    Hope you all have a lovely day indulging in some pancake day goodness!!

    Ellis – Ellis Tuesday

  17. I love pancake day! The pictures look so nice too :)


  18. These photos are amazing. They so look doll like and perfect. What camera do you use? Perfect post as always!

    Rachel — Claireful

  19. If I could live on pancakes I probably would haha. I love all the decor in your house Zoe and it seems like you're doing wonderfully settling in! I hope you enjoy your time with Tanya & Jim (and I would love to see a house/decor video!)
    Lovely Notions

  20. Aw I love your heart shaped serving bowls! Nutella and marshmallows sounds delicious as a pancake filling to me! I haven't had any yet as I'm going over to my Mum's later after she's finished work to make some with her. More than likely I'll just be having mine with lemon and sugar. YUM!

  21. Noush

    Looks delicious !

  22. Ah they look delicious! I'm craving pancakes now :)

  23. oooh it all looks SO delicious! :D
    I believe that lent is something like New Year. If I wanted to give up on something, I would do it any day of the year. And pancakes are definitely not something I would give up on *.*

  24. Chris

    Beautiful pictures, I love tulips!! :)
    My favorite pancakes are filled with fresh berries and agave syrup or banana and chocolate spread (I melt dark chocolate). Now I'm hungry!! :) xoxo

  25. As.x

    Gluten free pancakes for me haha :D
    I like to put fresh fruit & drizzle a bit of melted honey & butter <3
    'tis divine!


  26. This has made me so hungry!! Your pancakes with their fillings look delicious!! I like your table set up too, looks so classy and cute.

    I love golden syrup and fruit, or Nutella and squirty cream! Mmmm!

    Ayesha xxx

  27. This is the cutest set up! And they look so delicious!

  28. Sofie

    Never heard of pancake day. Don't think we have that here in Belgium, really should introduce it!
    Your table looks gorgeous! You have the most beautiful tablewear. Really love the "You, me and the sea" bottle!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  29. This is the cutest set up! And they look so delicious!

  30. Such thin pancakes – more like crêpes! I think you LOVE Nutella Zoe! I will try to make my meals more and give up going out so much for Lent.

  31. Vesna

    I love your table, everything is so simple yet stunning…I love pancakes with chocolate cream and whipped cream, and vanilla ice cream on the side..:)

  32. SMM

    Its so wonderful to see how you show love, The plates are pretty cute and the thought that went into this seems like a lot. The nutella looks awesome but somewhat thick. Overall the pictures are absolutely AMAZING and i love the feeling that i got after looking at the last picture. Thank you for sharing with us.


  33. they look delicious!

  34. damn, they look DELICIOUSS

  35. Happy pancake day!

    In Estonia we have Vastlapäev today( I don't know the english word for it :) , but we make semlas, which look like this: http://bit.ly/MKLglQ There is bun top cut off, and between them is whipped cream. Some also have jam in them. :)

  36. Gina

    love the dispaly! your home looks cute, i'm going to miss out on eating pancakes!!


  37. so freakin yummy

  38. Looks delicious!
    I usually have some sort of jam and whipped cream on my pancakes, but fresh fruit is really a great option!

  39. Agreed! I may need to make a batch myself now! Lovely post, Zoe!


  40. this looks absolutely delicious!
    I love the dishware too

  41. Looks so yummy!!! I like strawberries and creme freche in mine along with chocolate chips and butterscotch chips!

  42. yummy!!
    I love pancakes with fresh fruits ♥
    Love it <3

  43. I didn't have pancakes or crepes this morning bit after seeing these scrumptious looking crepes and fillings I may do some shopping and try making some tomorrow. Those crepes look like perfection on a plate. Yummy!


  44. mmmm they look so yummy!
    I do love a classic lemon and sugar though.
    Your housie is starting to look so adorable!

    Hope you are well and enjoying being by the sea

    xxx | pixirella.blogspot.co.uk

  45. Omg that looks amazing ♥
    i had veggy sausage salat n sauce in mine :)

  46. Sounds deeelicous! I want to try nuttella with marshmallows too now!

  47. I love the table and the pancakes look ACE – I'm not terribly good at pancake making! My daughter and I are giving up Chocolate for Lent – my son isn't giving up chocolate, he announced 'instead' he is giving up Advocaat! (he is only 7yrs old so I reckon he will succeed until the end of Lent lol!) xb

  48. that looks soo sooo good :) I have new prints on my site, take a peak if you like cute things that make you happy! :)

  49. looks amazing, can't wait to eat mine later might have to buy some marshmallows!


  50. So good! They are crepes though, not pancakes.

  51. The look lovely! I can't wait to have mine tonight :) xx

  52. So yummy!!!! Wish I were there!

  53. WOWS

    HmmmmmmM! Super Yummy!!!!!!!!

    Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

    Today I bring you an outfit showing my New spiked stilettos in leopard print and my new blue leather biker jacket. I could't imagine a better way to wear them rather than both all together!!

  54. That looks so good. I just a plain girl and only like syrup on my pancakes :-) Sometimes I'll put fruit on top.

  55. Marie

    Happy Pancake Day !! Beautiful pictures! Your pancake looks so delicious!!! I put on my pancake maple syrup & fruits. Sometimes I put nutella. Have a lovely day!


  56. I love how you have set out your table and all your cute bowls and jugs!!

  57. Looks amazing! X


  58. Hmmm looks YUMMY :D :D :D

  59. Delicious! x / almeidas.se

  60. Because we all have to be out early etc we have pancakes for tea instead I can't wait, might have to pop out and get some nutella now cause your pancakes sound delish Zoe, loving the decor in your house glad you've had such a nice start to the day x


  61. Blaze

    You've made me hungry. Looks delicious.

  62. looks absolutely delicious!



  63. oh man this looks so good, the set up looks amazing

  64. Gabby

    I wish we had the pancake day in Poland, it's such a great way to spend the last day before the Lent! :) I guess I have to make this tradition my tradition as well. Oh, and your pancakes look truly delicious xx


  65. I'm not giving anything up for lent. Instead I've decided to do something everyday. I will be exercising everyday, with hopes that I'll keep it up long after lent is over! I love your pancake setup, I put a mix of berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) on my pancakes. :)

    Check out my blog! ♥

  66. This post makes me want to move house and invite friends over for a pancake feast! Even though I can't picture myself moving out of my parents house (ever) and I don't have any friends. Need to get that sorted out asap so I could have fancy breakfast parties!

    xo, Sarah Holt

  67. Juliet

    Everything looks freaking amazing! And I love these pictures! xx

  68. Aaaaah gimme some please ! Sharing is caring !! x

  69. Looks so yummy!!!!! I'll try the one with fruit and nutella! I usually just have them with marmelade or nutella xx


  70. I'm giving up secular music.

  71. Klára

    I wish I could have this breakfast every day before school! :D I love pancakes with Nutella!

  72. Lovely~

    恵美より ♥

  73. Oh my! All that just looks so so scrummy! x


  74. This spread looks so yummy, and perfect for a magazine idea. Your new dishes are all so cute.
    Zoe.. hostess with the mostess! :)


  75. They look so yummy! Wish I could have had some. Your new hours furniture and decorations look lovely as well!


  76. Amanda

    Your house is looking so cute Zoe! I love seeing new pictures of it. You should do a post or a video of all the rooms in your new house. I love your style and would love to see more of it!

    The pancake also look so good I can't wait to have some for dinner tonight. I always go simple just butter and sugar on mine. I think I'm going to try and give up chocolate for lent I know it's going to be super hard but that's the point right? haha


  77. Awesome pictures! Your fillings sound delicious! I'm terrible for sticking to the classic lemon and sugar combination! Yummy, all the same.


  78. These pancakes look so good and yummy!! I am giving up sweets and chocolate!! I know a bit hard!

  79. Gorgeous photos! I love the idea of marshmallows…my fave filling is Nutella so adding these to it sounds SO good! Danielle xx


  80. Omg, that's such a sweet breakfast layout! Where did you get those cute heart shaped bowls? They are just stunning! :D

  81. Im giving up chocolate ♥

  82. definitely nutella!

  83. Grace

    Love it! Your flat is so cute zoe!

    graceguide.blogspot.co.uk :D

  84. Elena

    I am obsessed with the heart-shaped bowls!

    xoxo, Elena

  85. Hello there Zoe. i love reading your blog posts and visit them regularly. i hope you don't mind me saying but I get inspiration from your blogs and I would love to continue blogging for as long as possible. I would very much appreciate if you or any readers would pop around to my blog and maybe leave a few tips and comments on how I could improve. thank you very much. Happy Blogging. xxx

  86. Zoe, your photos make a pancake breakfast look so perfect, I'm jealous! My little brother would never allow such a set up! Your little love heart dishes are lovely, I want!
    I appreciate a good traditional lemon and sugar pancake but you can't beat some Nutella, marshmallows, banana and whipped cream, just to be really naughty!


  87. OMG…THAT'S AMAZING! YUMMMI :-****************

  88. adorable setting! Love this! I usually put fresh fruit and a touch of pancakes on my pancakes.. but no pancakes today :( Sucks to suck

    from–The Lion's Den

  89. This looks absolutely amazing! YUM! <3

  90. Nutella and Fruit sounds delicious especially the giant strawberries.

    I completely forgot that the Lent period is starting from tomorrow and I don't even know what I am going to give up this time. Oh god, probably try and spend less money because that is the most difficult thing for me and I am very bad at doing that.

    NaajRonas Lifestyle

  91. So pleased you've started to update your blog again, I have missed it so much! Your pancakes look yummy! x

  92. This looks .. just.. amazing, so inspirating ♥ Yummy :3


  93. This looks amazing! Beautiful pictures <3

  94. This looks so tasty! I think I'll have to go make some pancakes now. xoxo


  95. The healthiest breakfast for someone as thin as you, Zoe, is having fun! Looks yummy. None of you look, like you have to cut back on anything. Enjoy it!

  96. They looks sooo yummy and the breakfast spread looks uber cute!


  97. this is so cute! i love the heart holders with the marshmallows and nutella, they are such a good idea. i can never give anything up for lent….. xxxxx

  98. this is so beautiful it could be in a fancy home magazine

  99. Gerald

    Thanks for your videos on Youtube. I like the great photos, and your accent.

  100. Huyen

    the table looks amazing and the pancakes so good!


  101. everything looks so pretty :) and pancakes are the best with strawberries :)

  102. That looks so pretty! I've got some jugs that I got from Next home that I've still not had the chance to use!
    Need to host some sort of dinner me thinks

  103. This made me want some pancakes! My favorite is chocolate chip pancakes. Love the way you have everything set up, it looks so nice. :)

  104. Love this post Zoe. Your house looks fab. I had nutella on one and lemon and sugar on the other…mmm!

  105. Cams

    They look delicious! I'll try a pancake with Nutella and marshmallows then ;) x


  106. Your photos are stunning Zoe. I'd love to pop round to yours for pancakes with you and all the others!


  107. Those look delicious! I personally don't like the "American" pancake but I love crepes and those look very similar. Also, nutella with fruit! How can they not be absolutely delicious? Love this post and those pictures look amazing!

    A Day in the Life

  108. Lauw

    The best crepe ever is : fried banana/chocolate/Chantilly (Hum, not sure about the english for "Chantilly"…I guess whipped cream?)

    Yummy, we need more posts like this !
    Kisses from France

  109. Oh my Zoe, you really managed to be a great hostess! The breakfast looks super delicious, wish I could eat one :)
    I love that you are blogging more!

    xo Mélane
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Motivation

  110. Nutella and fruit is always the way to go!

  111. These look so yummy, and I don't even like pancakes! xx


  112. These look amazing! We forgot to pick anything up for ours, so just had to have jam.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  113. This looks amazing! I wanted to go to IHOP (an American pancake restaurant) but there is snow every where in Tennessee right now!

  114. Holly

    I just made my pancakes, they were delicious! Although they did seem to end up as crepes without meaning to…

    Holly / hollylikestoblog

  115. Looks amaz!!!


  116. Nikki

    Those pancakes and your decor looks beautiful, I love being the host too! I am usually just simple with pancakes I just use syrup and sometimes bananas.I know it's going to be really really hard for me, but I am giving up sweets for lent, hopefully I can do it. Lol :)

  117. I've never even heard of pancake day before. :D It's a quite funny that when you have that we do here have the "laskiaistiistai" when we usually go for sledding and skiing and do all sorts of fun winter things. Besides that we eat buns willed with whipped cream and strawberry jam. I think I may have to start spending pancake day too now. Those look so delicious! :P tv. Hepaloo.blogspot.fi

  118. I haven't had any pancakes today, oops. I usually have just golden syrup on mine though when I do have them. I gave up on giving things up for lent years ago aha.

  119. These look so good, i forgot it was pancake day so no pancakes for me :(

    i am brand new to blogging (started today) would love if some off you guys could have a look at it for me



    emma xoxoxo

  120. Your home looks so lovely and simplistic, I absolutely love the big glass bottle that says 'you, me and the sea' it's so cute! Those pancakes look amazing, fresh fruit really is lovely in a pancake, especially strawberries! I've never heard of adding marshmallows to a pancakes, but I bet it's delicious. My favourite is the old classic, sugar and lemon, but I like adding strawberries to it!

  121. I love your blog posts they are always so perfect. I love everything in this image, such a cute pancake day! defiantly a good excuse to use all your cute stuff when you have friends round. xx

    Abi from http://kemples.blogspot.co.uk/

  122. Does anyone know where those glasses are from? I need them in my life haha x

  123. Wow everything is placed so nicely and clean! When I make pancakes the whole kitchen's a mess!
    I had lemon and sugar because I love tradition but couldn't resist having a nutella one afterwards! Everything looks lovely!

    http://elizabethstag.blogspot.co.uk/ <3 xox

  124. Beautiful! I love your jugs (!) and dishware. It's all too cute! :)

  125. Tori

    Looks tasty! Sounds like a great start to the day :).

  126. Hello :) I forgot to have pancakes :( but I'm giving up chocolate and crisps for lent to raise money for the teenage cancer trust! It all looks so good, hats off to the chef and the pancake tosser :P


  127. All your bowls and cups are to die for… I'm so envious!

  128. Beautiful! Love the small heart-shaped plates <3

  129. Emma W

    Yum yum yum yummy! These look scrumptious :)

  130. Everything looks so cute it makes me so excited to move into my own place one day. I loved your haul where you show a few items from these photos in that video. I love going into home stores and dreaming about different things I want in my house. That video and this spread is giving me a few ideas of things I would like to incorporate into my house one day. Love your videos and your blog. Congrats on the new house by the way.


  131. They look delicious! I am going to have to try marshmallows on my crepes haha!

    Also the table decorations and general layout is gorgeous :)


  132. I love these pictures! So classic and "hipster".
    Love the blog!
    .Xx Vicky

  133. This is such a cute post Zoe:)
    Pictures are amazing:))))

  134. This is sweet!looks delicious


  135. they sound so nice wish i used marshmallows in mine yum

  136. I had blueberries and cream cheese on mine. Yours looked delicious though!


  137. everything looks so good zoe! look at your little heart shaped bowls oh my goodness! ahhh cutest! you can never go wrong with nutella

    xx Jeremie | jerawrmie.blogspot.com.au

  138. Everything in your new home looks wonderful, Zoe! It's nice to see ya'll had lots of fun together!

  139. Vicki

    I love your glasses and the heart-shaped bowls!
    I like my pancakes simple with good old nutella :) It looks like you had an amazing brunch!

    Xo Vicki

  140. Everything looks great Zoe! What a great day to break in the new stuff you bought <3

  141. Amy

    I just have some lemon squeezed on mine, as I like them quite plain but they tasted delicious! xx You home is so lovely Zoe, I'm jealous haha! x

    Amy | http://amysbeautyjournal.blogspot.co.uk/

  142. I'm giving up sweets for Lent! Healthy living! [halfheartedly punches fist in the air]

  143. I nearly forgot it was pancake day! thank god for brothers right ( never thought I would say that) I just watched your video on blogging you made with sprinkleofglitter, all those years ago ( love her too!). It inspired me to create a blog with my best friend, which we had wanted to do for ages, thanks for giving us the final push. hope it all works out ok x

  144. Ah looks soo delicious! x

  145. This Is So So Cute! I Made Pancake Cupcakes and My Family Thought They Were Delicious! Wish I Was There Eating Them With You!

    Jaydn Walker xx

  146. How cute! Mine were also gorgeous!
    Make sure to check out my blog!


  147. Emma

    Your photography is gorgeous, Zoe! You need to film a house tour soon, we're all dying to see your new place by the sea…as for pancakes, I enjoyed many a crêpe of the lemon and sugar variety, along with chopped up fruit, Nutella and apple and cinnamon. Pancake Day should be everyday!

    A Winter's Walk

  148. Looks sooo delicious!x

  149. carita

    Those look so yummy!!!(:

  150. Jo

    Looks so delicious! LOVE your table too – the bits and pieces you're using, which you showed us in your vlog, are adorable. I live away from home, with housemates, but I can't wait to have a place to myself and decorate it exactly how I want it to be!

    I enjoyed a little dark chocolate melted and drizzled over strawberries and blueberries – then lemon and sugar for the rest. Classic :)

    Jo xxx

    She Wears Burgundy

  151. omnomonom ! Strawberry <3 Amanzing !

  152. Everything is perfect! Amazing!
    Which digital camera could you recommend me?

  153. these look so yummy! x


  154. looks like an amazing feast! so yummy!

  155. Ali

    First of all, your table setting is so adorable! I'm obsessed with that bottle you had the water in. Congrats on the new place. Now I want to host a small brunch!

  156. Ali

    First of all, your table setting is adorable. I'm obsessed with that bottle the water was in. Congrats on the new place! Now I want to host a small brunch.

  157. Dang. Those strawberries and pancakes look good. It's currently 1 in the afternoon from where I am apparently seeing these photos make me wish it's breakfast time! Lovely photos!

    Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic ♥

  158. Zoe can you prettttttty please do an updated hair video and blog post. I have never had my hair dyed and I am wanting to (outright) copy your hair lol. My biggest question is did you dye your hair a darker colour before you ombre'd it? I would appreciate it soooo much you b-e-a-utiful babe :) x

  159. That is so precious and looks like an absolutely delicious meal. You always have very simple yet interesting blog posts which is why I love them!


  160. Laurie

    awww zoe, i love all your jars, bowls n things! everything so adorable and cute and so you! and the food looks so yuuummm<3

  161. KCO

    Your place looks adorable! I love those heart-shaped bowls. Where did you get them? (Apologies if this has already been answered.) You certainly know how to host. I had my pancakes with salted butter and pure maple syrup – gotta have maple syrup being in Canada and all.

  162. It looks so yummy! I love it ♥
    I started a blog and it'd be great if you could check it out :)

  163. Lovely just lovely … and yes look amazing .

  164. So cute, Zoe! Such a lovely table. Why don't you leave a pancake recipe here? I'd love to learn how to prepare them. :)

  165. Beautiful pictures! <3

  166. I like jam or syrup on mine. Im giving up nail biting for lent :P

  167. Your setup is so beautiful! i can't wait til my friends and i actually mature enough to cook and then sit at a table and eat together lol

  168. Emzi

    Looks delicious! :D

  169. I love the presentation! Lovely. Nice photos Zoe :)

    Verve Hues

  170. It looks just Yummi. Love it!

  171. Look amazing, I'm getting hungry :P
    I'm wondering where you have bought your water glass and your water bottle? They would look great in my kitchen xx
    P.S. love your blog and your Youtube channel

  172. All your kitchen wares are so cute! I'm sad I didn't get any pancakes, the struggles of living in a uni residence. But I love Nutella with strawberry and banana!

  173. Sarah

    Your house is so vintage and adorable, hope you're settling into living on your own and you're closer to being with your friends xx

  174. Carrie

    Oh my gosh they look so delicious! I think I might have to have pancakes again tonight – pancakes for dinner should definitely become a more regular thing!
    Carrie xx

    Carrie xx


  175. In my pancake had the (classic, but DELICIOUS) lemon, raisins and sugar :) yum xx for lent I gave up the three Cs (Cake, Chocolate and Crisps) but I already failed :S x lol
    Han x


  176. Yummmm! I had jam and fruit :-) Only just saw your post now because I was busy through the week:-) Love you Zoe!

  177. I wish i could make pancakes as sweet as those!

    Hey guys, I have my own blog and I try to make quality post, but its hard to get people to see my post if you have no exposure. I’m a male British blogger with my own Youtube channel and i hope you check me out! So if you could take 2 seconds to check out my blog, i’d be super grateful!

  178. Hey guys, I have my own blog and I try to make quality post, but its hard to get people to see my post if you have no exposure. I’m a male British blogger with my own Youtube channel and i hope you check me out! So if you could take 2 seconds to check out my blog, i’d be super grateful!

  179. Zoe those pancakes look amazing!! :O I'm attempting to give up both chocolate AND ice cream…. Not sure how long that will last!! Your blog posts and videos are always amazing and you always look stunning!!

    Nathan x


  180. mmmm looks so good :)


  181. YUMMMM. I have to say that they look sooooo yummy. No need to be a bother but I only just started a new blog called "My Polkadot Raincoat" and would love it if anyone would have a peep.
    Thank You

  182. Love all the pictures!

  183. These pictures are gorgeous! makes me really hungry for pancakes, I recently made some scones which were delicious and will be posting it on my blog!


  184. Dayo

    and joe says you buy things you don't need haha the jugs are all coming in handy now ;)
    lovely post zoeeeeeeee! x

  185. Oh wow that looks sooo yummy!!!! My favourite filling is chocolate and ice cream with sliced bananas :)

  186. It looks so nice ugh now I'm hungry :) xx

  187. Where did you get your table and chairs from? They are perfect! Great photography as always Zoe.

  188. Yumm! Your home decor style is so cute :)

  189. Love the little heart bowls they're so cute! i don't like fruity pancakes i always have toffee sauce and sugar on mine.. i should probably try to be more healthy. Everything looks so lovely and photogenic! Also i tried to give up chocolate for lent and failed on the first day :( x

    Sarah | http://morrallofthestory.blogspot.co.uk/

  190. Wow they look amazing Zoe! Nutella and Banana pancakes are my favourtie, yum!


  191. Wow!! That looks yummy


  192. Wow !!

    I love it :) I think I know what I´ll have for breakfast tomorrow :D

    Lenka xx


  193. oh yes, it looks so yummy!

  194. Love your breakfast table decoration !! its soo cute ! :)

  195. So jealous but it's all beautifully presented! Call me boring but I love lemon and sugar :) I gave up sweets, chocolate, biscuits and crisps :( doing well so far – it's hard, but it will all be worth it! :):)

    Molly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  196. Yummy! Looks perfect!

  197. Soph

    Hey Zoe! It looks really good and really pretty, your photos are so beautiful! Can you maybe put on a recipe of how to make pancakes or something? Mine Always go really wrong… haha :) Loveyou! xxxxxx

  198. hantsa

    Where are those glass from or do they have a name? they are so nice:) delicious looking pancakes!!

  199. What an amazing spread!! That fruit looks incredible – and I never would have thought to use marshmallows as a topper!

    aka Bailey

  200. Zoe everything looks amazing:) I'm not giving anything up for lent, tried giving up biscuits, but then someone offered me a cookie haha! love you!xx

  201. All look so scrummy I really like the look of the nutella pancakes. It looks just like a little hotel for exclusive members only haha, I am so hungry now.. I bet you didn't like to clean up after though :) xx

  202. Erin

    This is beyond beautiful!

    Erin, beingerin.com

  203. your table is so cute and the pancakes look so yummy

  204. such a pretty set up, looks like a movie set up.. even the orange juice looks cute (that sounds odd) haha! :)

  205. Carla

    This looks so pretty. I wish I could have been there, the photographs show that it was a cozy morning. Great photos Zoe! :)
    Carla @ love cartista

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