Having my lovely friends Tanya & Jim staying over, meant being the hostess in my new home. I got to use jugs (!) As it is also pancake day (Shrove Tuesday), where people give things up for lent (until Easter), it meant donning our pinnys and making pancakes. Tanya was chief pancake maker, and mixed the batter perfectly. It was then Alfie who was chief pancake tosser (baha), ensuring all pancakes were tossed with perfection before landing on our plates ready to be filled. I put out a mixture of different things we could use in our pancakes. There was freshly chopped fruit, Greek yoghurt, Honey, Nutella, Marshmallows (I know, seems random, but trust me… Pancakes or Crepes with Nutella, fruit and marshmallows is DELICIOUS), Sugar, Lemon & Maple Syrup. I had Nutella and marshmallows in mine, I know it’s not the healthiest start to the day, but I also balanced it out with greek yoghurt and fruit on the side and a nice glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. I think I could get used to being the hostess, the only thing I don’t like is the cleaning up afterwards. 

What fillings did you put in your pancakes today?

Are you giving anything up for lent?