I’ve never lived on my own, so moving out was quite the task. I realised I had way too many clothes when packing, as most of the boxes contained my gladrags. I found it quite a shock at how much needed to be done. I’ve never had to find the electricity meter, or gas meter before now and I’ve also found myself scouring interior websites and getting lost in the joys of dining rooms chairs. Never thought i’d be saying that at 23 years old. The shocking price of the first food shop where you are having to buy all the staples like oil, ketchup, teabags and coffee (I drink neither, but what if guests want it?) and of course, the largest jar of Nutella you can possibly find. I then had to buy a mattress. Little did I know that there were so many different types of mattress, and all very pricey. I told myself that half my life would be spent on the mattress, and that eased the pain when handing over my debit card. I then had to work out what thread count was and how many it went up to, and what would be the best for sleeping in. There was a time last year, that I stayed one night in a hotel in chicago, and the bed was so comfy, and the sheets were so soft, i’ve never quite gotten over it, and so I told myself that it would be JUST AS COMFY as that very bed. I almost rang down to reception to ask them if they knew the description of everything I slept on (Mattress, sheets, size, pillow stuffing…), but I thought they might have laughed at my lunacy. Instead, I took everything out the sheets and searched for a label (Just as weird). You’ll be as saddened as I was to discover they had cut the labels off, probably to ensure that the bed was ULTRA comfy with no hard labels attacking you. 

I have also had to completely sort through my makeup stash. Their were mascaras in there that were so old, they had sealed themselves shut. Foundations that I thought I loved, but had used two pumps of..so clearly hadn’t loved them as much as I first thought. There was also a pile of almost gone Collection concealers, as clearly having to scrape the barrel of the tube with the doe foot applicator was all too much for my lazy self, so I’d run out and buy a new tube the minute it started becoming a chore. You’ll be pleased to know my makeup is now looking a lot healthier, but a trip to Boots and Superdrug is definitely on the cards.

There are aspects of this that i’ve found quite challenging, and also aspects that I have really enjoyed. I can’t say that living for weeks without internet or television was too much fun considering I am glued to one or the other, but buying little bits to fill the place has been SO much fun. I wasn’t sure which direction to go in with the interior. Did I want Retro? Shabby Chic? Modern Contemporary? Super Modern? Let’s just go with “I’m still not sure but I’m hoping it all comes together nicely in the end”. 

So all is going well so far on the “Zoella moves to Brighton” front. My internet gets installed today, and the lovely Sky man is popping in tomorrow to give me television. All I have to wait for next is somewhere to sit to watch television as I don’t have a sofa yet. Did I also mention that furniture can take up to 12 weeks to be delivered? I didn’t? Oh, well I am looking forward to my sofa arriving sometime in April! haha


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  1. Everything is so cute! I don't know what it is to live on my own, i lived my parents to move in with my boyfriend and it's hard to decorate our flat because we don't have the same tastes at all! I wish you the best for your "new life" in your new place! Kisses from france!

  2. the pictures of your house are so adorable! your house would be the cutest! love all the decorations! xxx

  3. Amelia

    I find it so stressful moving house, I've had to do it a few times! But I also quite enjoy that feeling of waking up in a nice place and sorting everything out :) I hope you enjoy Brighton, I adore it.
    It looks like you're making your new home really gorgeous.

    Amelia Rose | Beauty Blogger

  4. Zoe you always write to beautifully! Love the look of your lovely little home. I hope one day I can replicate it in some way. Love the self help books too. Do you recommend the ones you have read?… I'm looking for a few. Mainly business but also confidence.

  5. Amazing post zoe, and good luck for this new achievement in your life, wish you the best ;) ***

  6. I'm so proud of you for doing this, it sounds like an awesome adventure!! I can't wait to see more photos/videos of your new place!! :) xx

  7. ava w

    yayy! good to hear about it. :) congrats xox

  8. Your decor looks so cute and quirky! It all looks lovely! Congratulations on the big step of moving out! I'm sure you'll love living in your new home! I'm looking forward to reading lots more interiors posts and watching more of your home videos- they're some of my favourites! Alice xx

  9. This makes me want to move house, yet also makes me grateful for living with my mum so I don't have the hassles and expenses that come with being an adult! I'm so glad I'm a student!

  10. All the things you have bought so far are beautiful. I am in love with that custard cream cushion! Where is that from? Good luck with the house xxxx

  11. Really love your style that you have put into the place. Love that cushion! I saw a Bourbon one recently and had to stop myself getting it. I should really do an updated post about my flat. Have been in it for just over three months now and I swear to god I need to remember that it is not actually mine, I just rent it and at some point I Will have to move out and move all the crap I keep buying haha!

    I recently cleared all my stuff out of my mum and dad's attic and it is amazing how much cool stuff I had up there. Loads of candles and china tea sets….

    I need no more, but of course I will buy them haha

  12. I love all the little bits you've bought for your house. Especially the little glass jars you've used for the tea bags! Looking forward to you one day maybe giving us a full tour of your house like you did with your bedroom!

    Good luck! x

  13. Laura

    Moving out is definitely hard work, but so exciting and such a fun new adventure! Wishing you all the luck in the world zoe! x


  14. What a beautiful house haul! I can't wait to have my own house to decorate it with my own style! X.


  15. Woah 12 weeks for the furniture to be delivered?! Well, I loved reading your blog! Thanks for sharing Zoe!! Much love from Japan <3 <3

  16. Joelle

    Oooooooo, exciting times! Your new place and decor is fabulous!

  17. Lois J

    How can it take 3 months to deliver a sofa?! This always baffles me. Pretty sure I could build one from scratch in less time :p hehe

  18. Looks so pretty!! Have fun in Brighton, you'll be fine!

  19. Wishing you all the best in your new home! :) I'm hoping to move out of my parents house in the next year or so, so hopefully I will get some tips from you when it comes to moving.

    Ellis Tuesday

  20. the joy of a new house <3

  21. You have an eye for detail! Not jealous at all! :)) Hope you will enjoy Brighton <3

  22. Congratulations! I'm so glad everything is coming together nicely, love the custard cream cushion

    Gemma from ButtonsBlog

  23. Kim

    I love your style and it makes me wanna move out too haha. Moving out is such a big thing and I can't explain how proud I am of you, even you no idea who I am. You're such an inspiration to me and please keep doing what you're doing, I love you so much. <3

    Kim (http://kimjanelouise.blogspot.com)

  24. Being in Brighton makes it even more exciting! Good luck with everything :) xx
    Alex – glitterandcookiesblog.blogspot.co.uk

  25. Mia

    You've done a pretty good job. I love how you pay attention to details. Everything looks so perfect! :)

  26. So happy for you Zoe! Those books look right up my street too..*amazon time*

  27. Congratulations on the move. It all looks lovely so far! It sounds like you're having fun getting to grips with independing living :) Enjoy and looking forward to reading more! Danielle x


  28. Moving out is always a task :). I didn't realise there was so much grown up things to do: electric, council tax etc. My parents make it look easy!

    Interior shopping is always amazing :) – Next always seem to have cute bits and sometimes I find cute things in charity shops :)

  29. Aby

    Zoe you are a grown up now! Congrats :-)
    I'm sure the choices are multiple and difficult to handle, but in the end everything will come together perfectly!
    I wish you happiness and joy in the new hows, lovely moments with your loved ones :-)

  30. So excited to see the finished place.Please give us a blog or tour of the room you are comfortable sharing. I still want to know where you got those great pillows from your home shopping haul vid.:):) Goodluck with the rest of this journey.

  31. Everything looks so wonderfull! Congrats!!!

  32. Ah everything is so cute, I love that cushion!
    I hope you have settled in and can start to enjoy your new home once everything is sorted out :)

    Amy xxx
    messing with a dreamer

  33. I've recently moved house with my Mum and as I'm older I've had to choose everything other than the carpet myself, in a way I think it's nice to prepare me for when I eventually move out, you are right about the delivery time, feels like I've been waiting years for my furniture!

    Colourful Stuff | Beauty, Fashion, Life ♥

  34. looove your house! need to find the custard cream pillow immediately! x

  35. Anne

    Living so long without internet and TV?
    I think you deserve an award (:
    I love the way you've decorated your house, it looks great.

    Xx Anne

  36. I hope everything is now good for you and that you're feeling well in your new home, by the way I love the decoration and I'm sure that everything you will choose for your interior will look super cute and beautiful ! Love from France :) xx

  37. i love this post because i moved in to my own flat when i was 16 and then on my seventeenth birthday i moved 400 miles away from my home town of sheffield to Torquay in Devon which was terrifing to say the least but im really proud of my self and all the challenges, such as the ones you have mentioned, that i over came. I turn 18 in less than a month so its been almost two years since i moved out now and i'm still buying new furniture and little bits and bobs for my flat and let me assure you that it never stops being fun, lots of luck with your future endeavours xoxo

  38. it's really cool that you're now living on your own. like .. really by yourself. i've been living away from my parents since i was 19 (i'm now 21) but i'm living with two of my childhood friends so it's not that lonely.
    i hope you wont get lonely at all (.. well you have pippin & percy) and i wish you well ! ;*


  39. Good luck Zoella! Living on your own terms is going to be super cool. I wish I could experience that soon. Have fun and enjoy every moment decorating :). Loved the pictures in this blog post. Take careeee and update sooooonnnnnn ♥

  40. It looks awesome so far! You don't need any theme your own style is spectacular as it is, just stick with it.
    We would love more pictures!


  41. I've been living away from home since September 2012 when I started university in Bristol, student accommodation was easy-ish to get used to as all of the bills (except for food and phone!) were included in the rent. As of June 2013 I've been in my own flat with 1 other girl and OH MY GOD the responsibility of setting up gas/electric/internet/water bills AND still food shopping and paying for my phone! It's so stressful in the first month or so but now I'm pretty settled into the routine of it all!

    LOVE all of the little bits and bobs you've chosen for your new home, it's exactly my kind of style and I wish I could turn my flat into something like yours but my damn student budget just does not allow it! Can't wait to see more of your moving out adventures :)


  42. I absolutely love this post. I love the way that it is written, the few snaps of your new place, and just the whole post in general. I can't wait to hopefully see more of your new place and look forward to a haul after you've been to Boots and Superdrug! Keep being amazing xxx

  43. Lets hope your furniture doesn't take too long to get delivered. Moving house is actually pretty stressful, but moving out for the first time gives you the chance to make your flat/house your own and that is fun!


  44. haha hopefully your sofa comes in soon! I too am moving out of home but nowhere near the same sort of trouble, just to college :) The apartment looks gorgeous and it has such a nice view of the beach (from what i can see in your videos anyway)!
    Great post and lovely pictures



  45. Conny

    Love the decoration, so so so pretty! :) xx

  46. Even though its been difficult you are doing an amazing job and choosing ADORABLE things! I loved your "House Haul" video! :) I'm glad you are having a fun experience with it and not getting to stressed out, it should be something you always remember! I'm moving from the US to London in a few months and thats going to be a stressful move but you're posts about moving are making me extremely excited!! :) Oh the joys of being 22 and 23 :p

    Have an amazing day!! I'll be praying your sofa gets there before April! hehe

    Anna xx

  47. Lafie1

    congratz Zoe, all very proud x

  48. Erin

    Your home is lovely thus far – can't wait to see how it progresses in the next few months. You have such a great eye for decorating. The grey computer chair is my favourite :)

    Erin, beingerin.com

  49. Se op

    Do a house tour and a makeup collection/storage! Love, love, loooove you arrangement of decorations things and furnitures. It's veeeery stylish!!! xx

  50. I know exactly what your going through zoe :) I moved house in 2011 ( i was 21 ) I've always been quite dependent on my mum and so moving was a big scary thing to me, but I had to do it so I could get my daughter into a good area for school. I had to wait about 2 months also for a sofa! Now waiting that long with a toddler isn't great lol! I'm still living here now and STILL trying to make it my 'home' but it's still in the process!

    hope you have a wonderful time in your new home and hope your settling in nicely :)

    Clair x


  51. fruit-s

    great ! have fun ! x

  52. You should be so proud of the huge step you have taken! Although the moving must've been stressful, you seem to be making the most of it by turning some of the less positive things around and seeing hope at the end!

    I love the way you've started doing the decor, I'm rather fond of the 'it doesn't match so much to the point that it actually looks really good' style. You definitely have an artistic flare that will show around your home.

    I hope that you got all of the support you needed whilst making the move.. I think you must've because you seem to have been coping so well and staying happy throughout!

    Within no time your new house will feel like home and you'll be settled in perfectly, I hope you continue to aspire to great things. You really are an ispiration Zoe. xxx


  53. Very nice!! I love your decoration stuff!

  54. WOWS

    Enjoy this great experience! It's not easy but has many advantages! ;)

    Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

    Today I bring you a Comfy total OxBlood outfit…..with Neoprene and my rock touch!!

  55. Congrats Zoe, from what I can see your decoration is impeccable xxxx

  56. Noush

    It looks amazing :)

  57. Well done Zoe :) I think you've done amazingly and your place looks amazing! I know it must have been hard leaving home, especially having anxiety, but you've been so strong and very soon you'll have your house exactly as you want it and be very happy :) You deserve the best :) xxx

  58. How does it feel to live in a seafront house?

  59. Well it's looking great so far! Well done :) xxx

  60. Your place looks so cute already I love the little jars with hearts on them, and the colors look amazing too. I hope everything goes well for you and am sure you are hardly ever going to be on your own, I would love to live on my own but like you I use to suffer from really bad panic attacks I now know what triggers mine so I stay well away from it but I am still a bit nervous when I think about ever living on my own, I would love it though, I wish you all the luck in the world ^_^

    Much Love, Lynsey x


  61. It all looks amazing! I wish you all the best and hope you are settling in well, I hope you like Brighton x
    Abbey – http://www.absie.co.uk

  62. good job zoe! i'm sure your house will look great, i always love your room decor videos!
    xo teensbeautybible

  63. From what ive seen it looks lovely
    Love what you did with the jars (already thought that the bigger jar is going to end up being filled with sweets cause you seemed very enthusiastic about that in your video
    Also love the idea of putting makeup brushes in the cute white candle thingy (ikea, am I right ? ;)

  64. Congrats Zoe! I'm sure your space looks lovely and from what I can see from your pictures: it is! I can't wait to have my own space too! You're one of my biggest inspiration in life Zoe, and I'm so happy that your life is a big accomplishment! I dream to be the "French Zoella" someday, but I'm just starting now so I have time. Have a wonderful day darling! xx


  65. I'm sure once you are done decorating your home it will look so cute!! I'm moving into a new home soon and I'm looking forward to seeing what you have done with yours to gain inspiration :) xxx

  66. It looks soo cute and gorgeous ;) hope that you enjoy your time and that you'll take as much as possible from this experience. I'll probably do the same as you did in like 4-5 months…so I think I'll visit your blog more more often. Love you Zoe! :) Kisses and yeah. I just love you. xx

  67. From what ive seen it looks lovely
    Love what you did with the jars (already thought that the bigger jar is going to end up being filled with sweets cause you seemed very enthusiastic about that in your video
    Also love the idea of putting makeup brushes in the cute white candle thingy (ikea, am I right ? ;)

  68. I discovered the shock of how much things cost when I moved to uni, so expensive!
    Love the photos and good luck with your new home :)


  69. I loved reading this, its been months since I have been able to watch a youtube video of yours and i was reading it and could hear you saying every word. Growing up is hard to do. Who knew that everything would cost so much money. I guess its far to late for me to take back years of birthday wishes to "grow up" and to rewish " to stay young". Any who , after having accomplished 6 moves now since i have moved out of my parents home (military life) and I happy to say that I enjoy moving house. Because it is so exciting to clear out things you know you should have thrown away while you lived there but are now forced to and to redecorate in a new place.

  70. Kat

    Wow and congrats! Sounds like you're having a great time despite the new challenges you are facing. Don't stress too much and enjoy the journey :)


  71. I love everything in your blog Zoe :D I'm moving out next year and I'm looking forward to some interior design myself! haha :D xox

  72. ok Zoë you have to tell me where you got that little container that you put your makeup brushes in. I've seen in before on weheartit.com and have been looking for it everywhere but could not find it. I would really really really appreciate it if you could tell me !! love you lots, luna xxx

  73. congratulations on your first home! it really is quite a chore but also extremely rewarding and fulfilling beng able to put your ery own stamp on everything D i hope you have any happy years there ..( can you coe and decorate my house please you have waaaay better design and planning skills than me! haha) xxx

  74. Congratulations Zoe !! , Love you♥♥

  75. Chloë

    I love your photos Zoe! It must be hard mobing out and living in a completely new place at first, but it's good to see you've settled in nicely :)

  76. Amy

    Hey Zoe! Its Amy- from beauty Bootcamp/Style Haul Party/Daily Mix Halloween Party… etc! I live in Brighton too, so if you need any tips- best hidden gems, best place to buy macaroons, best burgers- I know it all! You can tweet me (@thisdystopia) if you need help :)x

  77. The pictures looks lovely!! Don't you want to make a apartment tour when it all is done? Maybe film a little apartment tour for the vlog channel, because that could be so cool! haha <3

  78. Ah I am glad it is all coming together nicely, from what I see it looks beautiful.
    I hope you are settling in well and the weather has been okay to enjoy the scenery a little too.
    Looking forward to the new addition of a sofa – only a short wait – hurrah for living room picnics!

    Rheya xxx | PixiRella

  79. I'm sure your new place will look amazing once you have everything in place. I love your accessories xx

    Sweet Electric Blog

  80. Sofie

    Reading this post makes me want to live on my own and find nice furniture, and make the place my own! It must be hard living on your own (like the furniture accident :p) but it also must be a great adventure!?



  81. I can't wait until I move out so I can make my home look pretty! But I am not looking forward to shifting all of my things out of my mums house haha
    Bea x
    Bea's Beauty Blog

  82. Hi Zoe: Glad you found a practical (and colourful) use for those HomeSense glass jars! House Tour PLEASE !

  83. From what you've posted so far, your move to Brighton seems to be going rather smoothly! I'm jealous. I moved to New York City a couple of months ago and I still don't have that much furniture yet! Anyway, I'm excited to see more pictures. You seem to have a vintage theme, which I'm totally loving!

    XOXO Melissa | SnapsForMel

  84. I'm glad you're enjoying it, from what I've seen of you're new place in your videos so far, the decor is really nice and I love all your little jars and trinkets that make it so homey. I can't wait to get my own place, purely so I can go home-ware shopping :) I hope Brighten treats you well x

  85. I love watching your videos and getting to know you, what's going on in your life. I love all your accessories, it fits you both so well, I feel like you live in a Urban Outfitters shop haha. I'd love it if you could do more vlogs, especially now that you have moved to a new home, new town. Show us little bit of your new environment. Since I am Canadian, I don't know much about the UK so I have no idea what your town looks like or why you chose to move there ? Just to be near Alfie ? Or is it near London ? just a little tiny bit curious as you can see :) hahaha
    I also find it so interesting to read posts like this one since I will probably be moving out of my parents' house during the next year or so. It gives me pointers on what not to forget or what to plan.

    You just might be my favourite youtuber, I wish I could do like Louise, send you a letter and we can be bestfriends haha and really hope this did not come out as a stalker comment… well too late now.

    Good luck with all your projects, I hope you get your furniture soon :)

  86. Beth H

    I hate the realisation of long sofa devliery times! We had a lot of bean bags and blow up chairs for while…! Enjoy. Creating your first independent place is so much fun :) It looks great so far – love the kitchen jars.

    Beth // SANS SOUCI

  87. I'm glad it's all coming together nicely. The interior and decor shown looks wonderful and so my style.
    Kelly x
    Kelly's Journal

  88. Wow it looks amazing Zoe,The pictures look lovely!!.I'm so glad it is all coming together nicely for you and looking forward to seeing that sofa :) <3<3

  89. Sofie

    Ooh Zoe, this was such a lovely post to read! I'm so happy that everything is going well in your new home. Decorating your own place must be so exciting. You've found some really lovely things (really like the retro radio!) I don't think I would stick to one particular style either. It will match if you want it to match :)
    I hope you're having a wonderful week!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  90. Congrats! All the decoration looks really lovely! You already have done a pretty good job! <3


  91. I'm so glad you're enjoying the move! I'm moving apartments in august, so I know it's not the same as moving house completely, but it's the first time I'll be paying for everything myself! Seeing you doing this is definitely perfect timing!


  92. Nancy

    Hi there, I am not Zoe but I can tell you where the container is from :) Have a look at IKEA, there is a smaller version which was originally intended for candles and a bigger one that was made for plants.

  93. Amanda

    Well done to you Zoe – what an exciting adventure, and wonderful city to move to. Can't wait to see how it looks when you've got all your things in there!


  94. Jenny

    I think the worst thing for me when I moved out was having no internet ;D but I then decided to come back home to save up for a morgage deposit when the time comes :) and I understand what you mean by hotels having the most comfiest covers ever!! My last hotel had a duck feather cover and it was super soft and the most comfiest thing ever so I need to get onto Amazon asap to order one as they mould to your body shape and its super luxurious x

    Damaris £100 Lingerie Giveaway! X

  95. Everything looks so cute! I love your little positive book collection and the Custard Cream pillow!


  96. This is my first time on your blog and what a great first post to read. I'm 23 as well and I want to move out and finally be on my own but as you said…I don't know what I would be getting myself into. What an exciting new adventure for you! Congratulations and Good Luck! I can't wait to read more posts.


  97. Anne

    I moved out 2 months ago, Im 23. And all the things you say are so true! There are so many things to think about, that your parents just have been doing, fx the electricity. I have been so happy about moving, of course it is different, mostly because when I come home from school I am alone, it is nice but also so strange when I have been used to have my parent and siblings around. The "worst" is, for me at least, that I love cooking but cooking for one person is kind of difficult, I will always make to much and sometimes I'll have to eat it for dinner the following 2 days, in the beginning I would just freeze it, but now my freezer is stucked with random dinner left over haha! Good luck with everything Zoella :)!

  98. Congratulations Zoe! Although stressful, moving out is so exciting and it's so much fun buying all the little home bits for around the house :D no internet sucks though, I remember we had to wait nearly 2 months for ours to finally get set up, very frustrating!


  99. I can only begin to imagine how much needs to be sorted out when moving out. Congratulations! X


  100. I was at the same point three years ago and sometimes it was so frustrating and sometimes I was just glad to go all my stuffs through. Enjoy your new home, it's worth of all boxes and bubble wrapping! :D

  101. Love the style you're going with! Yellow + Grey looks so great together. It's a lot of work to furnish a new home but so much fun too! Thanks for taking us along! :)

  102. Moving out is the worst but the best thing I have ever done. It is so upsetting leaving the family home, but exciting to start that new chapter in your life. And the sofa dilemma, I feel your pain. We had to wait 6 weeks for our sofa, sitting on garden chairs in our front room just didn't cut it.

    All worth it in the end though :)



  103. amazing love it! specially the books!!



    Mollie xoxo

  104. Lovely pictures and decorating, congratulations zoe!


  105. Looks great! Good luck! Love how you used the jars! :)

  106. Emzi

    I am so excited for you! And I am waiting for the day when I get to move :) Hopefully this year :)

  107. Hello! I'm from Italy!

    I moved out with my boyfriend almost 7 months ago. The entire matter of cleaning and packing and then cleaning again was so stressful we haven't gone out with friends for weeks. But trust me, when you look at your home, enjoying what you have done, you feel so proud and happy that you leave all the stress behind.

    Good luck, I'm sure everything's gonna be fine!

  108. Fauve

    I love how It's looking you house!
    Do you like living by yourself?
    I'm asking this to so many people because i don't know, when it's time for me to move out, If i want to live by myself. I don't think i want to but you know.. asking around helps, but for know i still want to live with a room mate.
    So how do you find living on your own?
    Lots of luck and good luck with making your house look awesome! <3 (It's already looking good though.)

  109. Eleanor

    ah wow congrats! i'm 21 and still haven't moved out – i feel like i need to soon though. it sounds like you need to do so many grown-up things (BILLS?!) your new place looks so so lovely – dying to see more of how you decorated!! :)

  110. House Tour would be lovely Zoe! I'm pretty sure your Chummy, Jim or Alfie can help you with it :) XX

  111. I know how overwhelming it can be I moved out when I was 22 and I had all the same problems and still are figuring out my style for my home. This year I'm moving again to a bigger apartment with my boyfriend and I'm excited, but at the same time I'm scared to go true all the moving and packing process

  112. It looks really good, cozy and like a real nice home. Enjoy your new home!

  113. Hello, Zoe! Lovely photos. They are so inspiring, make me want to move out now just so I can decorate my own house!

  114. Yay! Your little house snapshots looks beautiful, can't wait to see a house tour ^^ I am actually waiting for the day i can move in to my own house and relish in decorating and buying bits and bobs! Happy House Moving!

    Biancarosa  // xoxo

  115. Cams

    I haven't seen your entire house but I like what I saw in the pictures! I wish my house would look like yours when it's my time to move out my parents house!
    By the way, congratulations for the beautiful work you've done! x


  116. Aww, this is so nice! I love those "glass bowls" of yours; I saw them in your video. Very smart. Me and my boyfriend are moving for the summer (if we find a new apartment, of course). So this is great ideas!! :) Good luck living on your own, Zoe.

  117. I loved reading this post Zoe! I love shopping for home ware too, it's so fun! I don't know how you could last without TV or internet, wow! I am glad you are enjoying your new house and new life! Can't wait to see more! Thanks for sharing! xo

    Natalie | Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  118. Carly M

    Beautiful photos *.* Amazing home <333333


  119. I love youre blog Zoella! :)
    I'm polish fan :)


  120. Everything looks so cute. Especially this glass bowls ^^ You're very inspirating ♥


  121. Camila

    Keep waiting!! Haha Very proud and the photos look amazing! When you are done of the decoration take a photo! :D Love you! xoxo

  122. Pili G

    Congratulations on your new house! It looks beautiful! I hope you are enjoying it! I love your blog!

  123. MD

    From what I am seeing in the picture, I'm loving your decorating taste !! Hope all goes well for you and I can't wait to hear more about your new adventure as I can't wait to start living on my own too xo

    MD. http://byourbself.blogspot.ca/

  124. Elle

    I've always dreamed of moving out because I can't wait to have the chance to decorate my place the way I want to. But I think you're doing it in a good way, picking things out and hoping it comes together. I think that way you get to stay true to things you love and make a very "you" home (:

    good luck with the waiting!


  125. Moving is hard work, but eventually You've got such comfy place!☻ It reminded me your last room little bit.
    Well done!!
    We all wait for your new vidoe about your house♥♥

  126. Love the décor you have so far! Very cute!

    Ray | Obey Ray

  127. Livia L

    Hey, I recognized the glass jars you showed on the video home stuff :)
    Well, I started to live alone last year so I totally understand your situation, but don't worry! In a few months you will get used to it! :)

  128. A really nice and enjoyable post, Zoe! Even if I laughed all the way through because I was thinking how many times Marzia and Felix moved and how many times they had to go through all of this LOL

  129. I live by myself too, so I know exactly about all the ~adult stuff like electricity and gas. And the dining chairs!! My place doesn't really have a theme, but it's "me" and that's what I like about it :) Good luck! You can do it <3


  130. Congrats on the move. Such an exciting time. I moved into a new flat with my boyfriend in June and it was seriously fun getting everything set up and buying all our stuff (although so expensive) but definitely an adjustment living with a boyfriend. My clothes situation is definitely a point of bickering …. I need a walk in wardrobe & that would solve the issue :)

    Mel x

  131. Awesome (Y)

  132. wow Zoe! well so far, your decor looks so chic. I love the books you have stacked next to your fawn :) something i would love reading.. <3 good luck with your new home!

  133. Oh my gosh, I'm so happy for you! I have always wanted to live on my own, but considering I'm in my first year of uni, and my part time job barely supports my excessive needs of material stuff, haha not happening! But i'm gonna go on exchange during my third year, hopefully to France and that's gonna be my first year living on my own. So excited!

    Good luck with everything!

  134. Massive congratulations Zoe!! :))
    oh..no worries, everything will soon work out for you.
    For now, stay strong xx

  135. Oh Zoe I've always been nervous about moving out for all of those reasons but seeing how happy you are about it makes things a little easier for me ! all of those pictures are absolutely adorable and so you I hope you have a wonderful time in your new house! But I just want you too know you can NEVER have enough cleaning product
    Best wishes xoxo

  136. Your house looks so adorable already! I moved out on my own in July so I know it's hard figuring it out. I had no idea how much stuff at the store cost, how much I needed, where I would put it all even. I inherited all of the furniture so that's easier, but I'm wanting to replace it all when I can.

  137. Zoe! Fingers crossed! I hope everything that you need will be at your home soon and you will be brave with everything. Beautiful pics with sweet things <3 Best!

  138. Bea

    Aw cute pictures.
    I guess I will live with my parents for now, but I can't wait to move. I'm sure it's stressful though. I hope you're doing well!

  139. Nina

    Congrats on the big move! I've not 'lived' at home since I started uni so you'd think I'd be used to sorting out the gas meter and the internet but I forget how hectic it can always be! I've only ever lived in rented accommodation which already has all the furniture I need. Can't wait for the day when I can decorate it how I like!
    Best of luck for everything
    Nina from little nomad

  140. OMG! I love all of your pictures, I want the custard cream cushion, I'm munching on some custard creams this very second. Congratulations on the new home, I am literally so excited for the day that I can move out now. Which is ages away considering I am only sixteen and in the middle of my GCSEs *funtimes*. But, yeh, I am so excited for you and I hope things begin to settle down within the next couple of months xx

  141. Deenie

    These photos look so lovely! Moving out is an experience I'm really, really looking forward to in the next couple of years, although I'm worried about how challenging it will be! You seem to have done a really good job of it- I'm taking note!

  142. Eek! Congratulations! These posts are very very exciting and informative. also, as someone who suffers with horrible panic attacks regarding future plans (moving in with boyfriend, jobs and such!), it's nice to see that these big things are achievable and that the positive rewards outweigh the negatives. I hope this makes sense?
    Wishing you all the happiness that is possible in your new home :)


  143. I love your home decor, especially the Custard Cream cushion! x


  144. Ah so exciting – the photos look lovely!x

  145. I spy your awesome jars from your haul! I love the look of your house from the little corners you've posted, I hope everything goes well and your furniture arrives soon! For the meantime, I think pillows and blankets on the floor are in order ;) x

  146. Zoeeeeeeey, do a house tour,when you get all stuff . Ly <3

  147. Love the pictures! <3

  148. It's beautiful! I love the decorations! But I don't know how I would survive THAT long without internet!!!!


  149. Shanice

    Looking at the snapshots, the style of your new home will be great! I don't think you should consider a specific style; buy what you like, and you will probably love the outcome of it, as it's totally you!

    If you really haven't got a clue, try this: Create a moodboard, and put everything on it that you like. Don't think "this image does not go along with that one", just put it on your moodboard. After you're done, you'll see a style that came out of it all, even though you think you put random things together! This is a great thing to do when you really don't know what you want, and so, where to look.

    Good luck with furnishing your house, I hope it will feel like home to you! And I would love a house tour when it's done! (which probably may take a while if your sofa arrives in April haha!)

    x Shanice

  150. Lovely blog post zoe!
    I love all of the little quirky pieces you have for your house like the cushion and the wooden plaque!
    Lovely interview on CBBC also!

    Love Francesca

  151. Best of luck with everything Zoe. It sounds so exciting to me!


  152. Moving house is one of the most stressful things to do but also one of the most fun too! You're home sounds like it's coming along nicely and you'll be surprised at how quickly everything comes together! Can't wait to hear more about your new journey :) x

    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  153. Seppy

    What an entertaining blog post Zoe! Loved it! And I felt overwhelmed too when I moved when I was 21, but since I had (have) roommates, it wasn't quite as daunting since some of the furniture was already and I mostly had to worry about the kitchen (which my mom helped with) and my own bedroom. The prospect of having to move again soon is giving me anxiety though…it's such a tough process!!


  154. It's so nice to hear about other people's experiences with moving out :) My boyfriend and I are planning on moving out sometime between April and June, and already the anxiety is overwhelming! I'm glad I'm not the only one who is feeling this way about it. Congratulations on living on your own, and I wish you the best! xoxo Ashley

  155. Jessica

    Well I love this style your going for Zoe. I'm glad you are settling and hey your learning new things along the way hehe! Lovely photos, wishing you all the best! x

    Essence of Jess

  156. Such pretty and unique decorations. Good luck in your new house x


  157. Well done Zoe, I can't wait to see how it all turns out at the end!! Keep doing what you're doing because you're great at it. Just know we all love you big much and the true ones will always be by your side :) ps love the cheeky forn in the background <3

  158. Oh noooo you should have gone ahead and asked them the bedding details! A lot of hotels have deals with designers and they LOVE it if people buy stuff they experienced in the hotel room.

  159. CaiCai

    your house looks gorgeous, pleaseee do a house/room tour video when you're done decorating! Loved the Home "Stuff" Haul one. Lovely pictures <3

  160. Looks amazing and I love the photos :)

  161. Love the pictures and the style you chose. You doing so well Zoe :) Good luck :) & btw my sofa took 4 weeks to arrive – its crazy right :) All worth a wait tho. xxxxxxxxxxx

  162. Maddy

    Love your decor, everything looks gorgeous and I am glad that it is all going well for you at the moment! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  163. I enjoyed this post thanks.
    There's more fun yet to come, when you look about for something random, like scissors or elastic bands, and realise that you have to acquire EVERYTHING that goes into your home! I never gave the matter any thought at all until I moved into my first flat!
    Good luck sorting everything out.

    Laila x


  164. Aww, the photos are fabulous! I love how your place is coming together! I can't wait to see your home tour video :)

  165. my cake pops i made for my blog would go so well in those jars ! :D xx


  166. .

    Ahh it looks so nice, you're such a pro at taking photos! Would love a "House Tour" video ;) Wish you all the best in your new place, and can't wait to follow you for many years to come. Lots of love from Norway x

  167. Congratulations Zoe, it's lovely to know you're loving your new place! It looks beautiful, I adore the vintage look with a touch of 'modern'! It is shocking how expensive everything is! When I moved to uni and started doing my food shops, I was astounded at how much pennies were being spent for the littlest amount of stuff! But this way you'll learn to budget and look out for good offers too, because you'll have no other choice! And remember you can freeze bread and defrost it in the toaster rather than have to throw away gone off bread of you can't finish it.

    Take care and good luck
    Ayesha xxx

  168. I've only moved houses once, (with my family) and I know how hard it is! I didn't had any internet or TV for 2 moths the first I moved and everything was in a total mess! I'm happy that your so organised and I bet your place looks amazing! I'd love to see a tour when is all done and ready! XOXO

  169. congratulations zoe!! so exciting for you xxxx

  170. Sometimes I wish I could move out already but then again.. no bills to pay and no things to worry about when living with the parents.. :)
    Laura x

  171. adorable pictures. Moving out can be scary and involves lots of grown up things that aren't as fun as they sound, but your house is adorable and it is fun to pick out everything to go into it!


  172. I love what you did with the little heart jars! So cute! Congrats on moving, your house looks amazing :)xx

  173. oh my gosh! I love it!
    such a cute little place you have

  174. ooh niice happy that u enjoyed the experience hope u will get the sofa soon :) love u zoe

  175. I have that same Roberts radio! Woop!

  176. the accesoires i saw in the pictures are so cute! i am very excited for a roomtour on yout yt channel and i am sure it will look really nice!


  177. Nessi

    Hey, Zoella!
    It's one of the step to independence and you mastered it wonderfully! Be patient, the rest will come :)
    Maybe it's to some consolation to you if I tell you that everyone is weird and doing weird things. I once took a wrap from my plate in the restaurant up to my hotel room, just so that I could find out what it made so absolutely delicious. It must have something to do with the sauce in the tortilla wrap…And yet I still don't know, because I tried to make the same one at home, but it didn't have the same taste! Something was missing… Oh well.
    Love from Germany,

  178. Wow, it all looks great so far! Can we please please please have a house tour? xox

  179. Great pictures! Everything you've bought looks lovely and it all goes together really well :)


  180. Zoe, I'm so so happy for you! Everything looks so incredibly cute. I'm quite jealous that you've moved out on your own and can do all your own decorating and things. Hopefully by next year I'll be able to do the same and can draw some inspiration from what I've seen here! Hope everything is going spectacularly (: xx

  181. wow everything looks really great! i love the style it is unique :) xxx

  182. I love the pillow! Looks good so far!

  183. The stuff you have picked out looks amazing!


  184. I love reading your moving updates :3 I just turned 24 and getting ready to move out for the first as well. There's so much to buy! And I'm not even moving alone, but with my boyfriend and his brother. You'd think that means three people to share the shopping chores with, but…….boys are bit useless for these things and would pick out the ugliest mix of interior things I've ever seen.

    Good luck with finishing your move! Here's hoping mine goes alright as well <3 Rin

  185. Wooohhhooo well done zoe !! It looks so nice from the little pictures !! I see you put sweets in the jars you featured in your 'house stuff haul'.You made a great job of the house x


  186. It already looks lovely :) Good luck and I'm curious when you're sofa arrives :)

  187. Your new home looks lovely, I can't wait to move out of the dorm and to my own place.
    My parent got a bamboo sheets for their bed and it's the softest thing in the world! they're very pricy but i think it's totally worth it.


  188. Hahah yes! Homes require so much more than I ever realised when I was younger! I really hope you like the move to Brighton- if you ever feel a little lonesome there is a big old group of bloggers in Brighton- we tend to get together for coffee, dinners and general chats about once a month, which is lovely. It made such a difference to me when I moved down, to find other ladies into the same things and they are such a supportive bunch. If you fancy any Brighton tips, get in touch :) I'm @lauracandc on twitter

    Chambray & Curls

  189. Love this!!
    Sophie xx

  190. Everything looks beautiful! Seems stressful but worth it!


  191. Laura

    Fabulous post good luck in your new place :) x

  192. have fun in your new home! :) enjoy it! x

  193. I've lived "on my own" since I was 18, but my first and second apartments were definitely just thrown together, with furniture given to us by friends, family and bought on the super cheap from charity shops. However this last place that I've been in since I was 24 (I'm 27 now) is slowly coming together in to being a home. I've just done over my kitchen things (it's a rental so no painting or changing counter tops) and last year we did the living room mostly. I'm really quite in love with my little house, and while it's scary at first, I really like this grown up having my own space thing. My husband lets me decorate pretty much however I want, except when we buy a house I've been told I can paint one room pink.
    I think what you've done so far is just lovely and I adore those jars and that chair pillow.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  194. just.me

    love the pics, looks so cute!

  195. Congrats on the move Zoe!!! So far everything looks bright and relaxing. Hope everything sails smoothly. Can't wait to hear more.

  196. I wish you the best!!! <3 amazing pictures :)

  197. Can't wait to see some more photos of your house! I am moving out of my parents house again in September to go to university. At 27, moving out doesn't get any easier; I'm still terrified!!

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  198. Lovely post!xo

  199. 12 weeks! oh my gosh unlucky Zoe, absolutely love your interior tastes hoping for a house tour when you eventually get all ur furniture lol


  200. I wish I could move right now… Lucky you))
    And I use the same thing from IKEA for my make-up brushes but in red colour)

  201. Well done on the big leap! I can't wait til I can eventually move out properly after Uni. Taking some tips from you already x

  202. I love your Pictures they´re amazing <3

  203. I'm loving hearing about your move. I hope in a few years time I'll be doing the same! Hope you're settling in well! (:

  204. Congrats on moving, Zoe!!! The pictures are amazing

  205. your new housing stuff is just so cute!
    especially, I love the gray chair!

    I have been decorating my apartment for awhile, but it doesn't really go well. haha
    I have too much stuff :'(

    Hope you love your new place! congrats :*) !!

    Click & Visit me ★ Smile with Vivian

  206. Tina Le

    I love this! I cannot wait until you have everything fully decorated and have a house tour! :D


  207. Of the little bit you showed us Zoe, I totally love the decor ^^ It's so lovely but still very simple and cozy. I just love it. Also I wish you all the best in this new step of your life.

    Stay amazing <3

  208. Congratulations on this new chapter in your life :) I'm sure when it all comes together in the end you'll be very happy in your new place. Enjoy every minute of it! Much love x

  209. This sounds both lovely and difficult though creating your own space always takes time. Keep us updated!


  210. Wendy

    Aw congratulations on the move, Zoe. I hate moving, as it's always so much work and although you're excited for where you're going, it can be very sad to say goodbye to the place you're leaving behind! It's all for the future though, so enjoy it!! :D :) Wendy xx PS: I noticed in your sweetie-jar you have Maoam Pinballs – BEST SWEETIE EVER. xx
    Scottish Wendy | Wendy's World

  211. Congratulations on moving, I'm sure your place will look lovely when it's all done :)


  212. your home looks so comfy and cute! I hope you enjoy Brighton! xx

  213. Alyson

    Congrats on the new move! A totally big step, but it's definitely an exciting new chapter in your life!

    xx Alyson
    Beauty Vanity

  214. If your home looks anything like your old bedroom, I know it will be gorgeous and lovely when it's all done. It will probably take you at least a full year to get everything ready, but once it's done, it will be a relief. I can't wait to see the final outcome!


  215. Beautifully decorated so far, Zoe! Congrats on a successful move :) xx


  216. Hi Zoe I was just wondering where did you get the holder in the picture that stored your make up brushes? thanks it's just it's really pretty and I'm looking for something to hold my brushes too and that suites my bedroom decor thanks so much and sorry if this is a hassle don't worry you don't have too reply back i was just curious to know

    From Ciara :) xx

  217. Also congrats on moving out!! I

  218. Love this post. One day I'm hoping to move out on my own too, I wonder how that will work out ha! Love the fact you have the One Line A Day journal too, I love writing a lil summary of my day every night

    Yazzy xx

  219. How exciting is this! I would loooove to live in Brighton! It's such an artistic and inspirational city. :) Good luck, Zoe!


  220. KR S

    Congratulations! The pictures look amazing – such fantastic light you've got in the new place! It's constantly dark and freezing here in Chicago, so you've let a little light shuffle across the pond ;)
    You definitely should/can give the hotel a ring – Chicagoans are friendly and, quite frankly, you most likely wouldn't be the first!

    Congrats again – can't wait to see how it all comes together!

  221. voovoo8

    I have that one line a day book too! I've never seen anyone else with it but I think its a really nice idea Xx

  222. Casetti

    Congratulations Zoe! Everything's looking lovely, just the thought of one day being able to design my house exactly the way I want makes me very excited! x

    Alice | Casetti.blogspot.co.uk

  223. Mahsa

    love this post Zoe! Your house looks like it's coming together lovely, it's very Zoe-like and fun, i love it!
    Mahsa xx

  224. Alice H

    It looks so lovely already! Hope your furniture comes sooner rather than later (:


  225. Emilia

    the pictures for this blog are so cute, I am really jealous your house looks amazing! Those heart glass pots are soo cute and look so nice with the teabags, sugar and sweets! hope you are settling in well, and please carry on with what you are doing, making people very happy, and uploading videos and blogs and vlogs and whatever else forever and ever…. lots of love and best wishes xxxxx

  226. It looks gorgeous Zoe! Xx congratulations xxx

    if you bloggers wouldn't mind, could you please come and check out my blog and answer my quick pol at the bottom of my page, thankyou xxx

  227. Emilia

    the pictures for this blog are so cute, I am really jealous your house looks amazing! Those heart glass pots are soo cute and look so nice with the teabags, sugar and sweets! hope you are settling in well, and please carry on with what you are doing, making people very happy, and uploading videos and blogs and vlogs and whatever else forever and ever…. lots of love and best wishes xxxxx

  228. I remember when I moved to UK when I was young and my mum being all over the place decorating the house :) Anyway congrats Zoe your decor looks amazing. I love you xxx

  229. Congrats Zoe!! The pictures show your house coming together beautifully! good luck in Brighton <3


  230. I reckon it looks amazing Zoe! You have definitely given me inspiration for my move in a few years!!
    my photography blog

  231. Hi Zoe! I really like the way you decorated your new house and I want to see even more pictures! I am such a huge fan of you and I watch all your videos and read all your blog posts! :)
    You're great! <3

    http://livialinette.blogspot.co.at/ :)

  232. Zoe Zoe Zoe you have an awesome taste you! I love blogs like these (I laaaaav interior design and house stuff and I'm a tad nosy :p ) But I'm so proud of you, moving away is a big thing and idk you've just come such a long way with your anxiety and just everything, and I love that you're so happy! Enjoy your new home and go crazy with the decorating (I know I'll go completely whacko with decorating if I could haha, one day one day)!
    Hope you're having fun!

  233. Amazing, in love with the mustard. I've just moved to New York from London…..scary!

  234. awwww april ahaha omg i had to wait ages for my dressing table to come but 12 weeks and love everything you have bought especially the dog fox mugs!!! ly x

  235. 나니

    Moving away from home is super exciting! But it DEFINITELY opens up your eyes to how expensive electricity and water actually is… Gives you a bit more respect to hold for how hard your parents have worked for their kids all these years o__o

  236. Good luck Zoe, this is such an exciting time for you and I wish you all the best! I'm sure your little place will look beautiful and I can't wait to see/read more about it :)
    Daniela xo

  237. My boyfriend and I discovered the exact same thing when we ordered our sofa when we moved into our house in October last year. It arrived a few days before Christmas!

  238. Good luck Zoe, this is such an exciting time for you and I wish you all the best! I'm sure your little place will look beautiful and I can't wait to see/read more about it :)
    Daniela xo

  239. Sally

    yeah moving is always a bitter sweet process.. and yes finding a good mattress for a reasonable price is horribel I also had noooooo idea that matresses are soooooo expensive. I moved 5 months ago and I'm still not completely done with the decorating. So I wish you good luck with it and can't wait to see your new home when it's done..

  240. Hi Zoella! I am new to your blog but I do love it and I was curious what kind of camera you use to shoot your pictures as the depth of field is impressive. Or is that a filter you use after you've taken the pictures?

  241. Nevermind…I found the answer in your FAQ page. happy blogging!

  242. Lude S

    good luck zoe! you should do a house tour when it is all done <3

  243. I love the pastel colors in your home!!! :D :D :D Hope it all comes together for you! :D

  244. Good Luck Zoe~ Everything seems to be coming together and looking super lovely at that. Don't worry you totally got this, girl :) Some adventures start out as tiptoeing, before you sprout your own wings and soar <3

  245. The first time I moved out of home it wasn't too daunting… In fact I actually loved the freedom that came with having my own place and not having my parents looking over my shoulder all the time (not that they do that, but sometimes it felt like it). Now moving from the country town I grew up in to Sydney… that was entirely different.

  246. When you think of moving out you never think of any of those things!! I never realized just how much stuff you actually have to purchase when owning a home. It sounds so fun shopping and decorating though!! That is going to be my favorite part! I already have a whole pinterest board full of ideas for when I move out :) Definitely go there for some inspiration!


  247. Trixie

    Congrats!!! I love you so much and you are an AMAZING role model…thanks<3

  248. Thanks Zoe! This post has given me confidence in gaining my own independence and living solo eventually- you've made it a really positive experience. All the best and good luck without a sofa- I do not envy you! haha Enjoy your little home, I'm sure you will make many wonderful memories in it. Love from an Aussie subscriber, Shivi xx

  249. WOW ZOE you have a lot of cute items! In fact everything seems to be cute! (or you wouldn't keep them heehee)
    isn't it when we have to move house or in my lucky case take over my brother's room (much bigger, 1 more window than my own and has his own bathroom) because he's moving out, that we finally get a chance to gather all our stuff, toss out what we don't need and rearrange everything again?
    it's really the feeling of having new arrangements of items, dust-free and a whole new setting that gets us so excited.
    I hope you settle in well and please show us a tour of your new home if you can! <3
    best wishes and lotsa love from Singapore :* :* xx

    PS: did you also rediscover awesome clothes you'd totally forgotten about whilst packing? :P it's like… *glittery eyes* yay.

  250. Your house looks fabulous! It looks very cosy and what better than a beach front! xo


  251. Wendy

    I love al the little boxes and jarsit looks really nice! keep enjoying the moment and everything will be ok!

    <3 – w

  252. Congratulations Zoe!! The pictures make what you've done so far look awesome! Envious of the day i hope to get my own place and discover what sort of "theme" or "look" I'll go for:) Sounds like great fun amongst all the decision making <3

  253. Ari Boo

    haha sounds like quite an adventure, i havnt yet worked up the courage to move out myself, but i hope you can have some furniture before april! xxo arielle

  254. Ari Boo


  255. Wow moving house! Such fun but massive stress!
    Love the cushion and I want the radio,


  256. I'd say the style is whimsical – vintage inspired chic ;) xx in other words…. lovely.

  257. I love your posts about moving! I remember someone saying that you know you're old when you get excited by furniture and kitchen appliances.. Well damn.

  258. Congrats zoe! I love you how you've decorated your own place, it's so you and youthful!


  259. Alk

    Enjoy your new life ;)

  260. How I wish you could make a house tour or room tour video soon!! :) Goodluck Zoe :))

  261. Looks bright and fresh! I love the idea of mason jars filled with sweet and kitchen essentials. I also have the 5 year memory book and think one line a day is a brilliant idea – I love it too.

  262. Cissi

    I REALLY love you Zoe/Zoella! if i ever gonna be ask who my idol was, i would say you! Because of you i have started my own blog, and i love it! if any one, want to cheek it out its here :http://cissidk.blogspot.dk

  263. Love the pics x

  264. I love the photos! I hope someday you'll show us around the apartment, for what you've shown it looks amazing!
    In ten days I'm moving away from home, to New York. So I found this post and the previous one specially interesting and helpful :)
    I am new here and I've just published my first post so I'd appreciate if anyone passes by my blog http://sheseeksvictoria.wordpress.com comments, suggestions, tips, everything is welcomed and thanked for!
    Also, I look forward to blog recommendations :)

  265. All the decorating looks amazing already! Very you! So I'm sure the final product of your house will be just as gorgeous! Can't wait for you to finally get everything sorted and do a house tour :D
    Elephant stories and more

  266. great post!
    hope you visit and follow my blog

  267. your house video was so cool!! I loved the sea in the background :)
    <3 victorique

  268. Loved this post! I'm enjoying hearing about your big move, it's so humorous and real at the same time. Others can relate to it, no body tells you these things and school and uni don't really prepare you for all this either, so it's nice to hear about all this from an honest voice :D



  269. Great post, gorgeous photos, it all looks wonderful and I love that custard cream cushion!
    Moving is such a great excuse to have a fresh start, not just in the obvious way of a change of scenery, but like you say, things like cleaning out your wardrobe and makeup.
    I had to move back in with my parents to be able to follow my dream career but I long for the days of having my own place and being able to do homewear shopping and the like. So much fun!!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  270. Beautiful pictures! Your place looks amazing!

  271. Congratulations! Your place looks great. Beautiful detail shots, too. Enjoy living alone! In case you’re having trouble unpacking, I just wrote something on unpacking after the big move over here: house movers

  272. Do house tour, please :) | vanillia96.blogspot.com

  273. Setting up your own home is hard work, but so rewarding! You can finally make everything your own! I loved that about moving out for the first time too!
    Lovin' your decor! Keep sharing!

    — Anie from Anie, Inspired ^_^

  274. Good post but I don't really have time to read it since I really need to do a new post on my blog mycatrodders.blogspot.com. Maybe this could be a blog series of you moving.

  275. Joy A

    Wow Zoe looks like your house is amazing! Congratz! Looking forward to a house tour to see the rest!

    P.S. I am a new blogger and you have inspired me on so many levels to start writing my blog. Thank you and please keep on being awesome! Love u!

  276. Congrats zoe!!..

  277. Congrats zoe!!..

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  279. Ahhh, I know what you mean! I remember when I first moved out (last year haha) and I realized how much stuff I actually needed and also new things I had to pay attention to. It's crazy! But it's also fun and exciting! Hope you enjoy your new place. After a year it's going to feel like you've never lived anywhere else :)

  280. I'm glad that the move went well and I love the way you decorated your home. Maybe do a apartment tour when you get all your furniture? :)


  281. I have to admit that all of the things you mentioned are reasons that I dread living on my own. I absolutely cannot stand to clean and grocery shopping is a nightmare. However, I wish you the best of luck in getting moved and I absolutely love everything that you have done thus far. I also second the motion that you should do a house tour. :)

  282. Congrats Zoe, that is awesome! I'm really happy for you and glad that it is going so well! Haha I'm going to college next year so I've been looking forward to getting stuff to decorate my dorms, so this is getting my excited! And the pictures are so lovely. I hope everything else continues to go smoothly!

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

  283. Congratulations on the move! Looks like a beautiful home already! x

  284. Bethany

    Your style for everything is fab xx

  285. I love the colours you picked! It looks amazing so far.

  286. Do house tour :) | vanillia96.blogspot.com

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  288. good luck with everything!

  289. could you please check out my blog? you're a hug inspiration to me zoella! I also suffer from anxiety and you have really helped me realise that I can beat it! thankyou so so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ♥

  290. Wow, I love the pictures- it definitely looks like it's all coming together nicely. I love your sense of style, and by the way I loved the video of the home 'stuff' haul. Is it weird that i don't live alone, yet i love that kind of stuff? haha, well, anyways, good luck!!x

  291. Hello there, I'm quite a new blogger and blog about a lot of different things like fashion, food, DIY etc. It would be amazing if you checked out my new blog!
    Have a nice day :) xx


  292. Congrats Zoe, That's so exciting! I'm both nervous and excited for the day I'll have to move out, but I don't think it'll be for a while (who knows) :P

  293. I definitely admire that you moved away from home. Would you ever consider moving to a different country? I recently visited England and fell in love, but being from the States I'm afraid the change would just be too overwhelming to be worth it.

  294. Aggie

    Haha Zoe you're hilarious the way you write. I'm kind of scared to become a "real" adult now…. btw I started a new blog. Only has one post on it, but it's about being single on Valentines day. Check it out guys! You won't regret it I think….. http://thesecretlifeofaggie.blogspot.com#sthash.3yhPg447.dpuf

  295. Congratulations on your new house Zoe! Hope you fully settle in well, and soon!
    Love the pics, your new home looks beautiful! :)xxx

  296. em emz

    Hello :)
    I was wondering where you get your brush holder from as it is really nice x
    Thank you

  297. Why is it that everything you have is so pretty?

  298. I`m so happy for you :)

  299. Anon.

    Hey, I know your always busy doing youtube videos but in all honesty i love your blog posts the best! The method in your writing really stands out and really speaks to the reader… so i guess what im trying to say is, please do more?

  300. Love the details!
    It can be so overwhelming when you first move out…so many things to think and worry about! I still can't get over the price of food and electricity and so now I'm the one turning off lights like my parents used to when I was at home!
    Katie x

  301. Love all the little bits and pieces!



  302. Your place looks so cute, I love the heart jars and just how put together your place looks already! I hope Brighton is treating you well so far, although the weather hasn't been the greatest in the last week or so has it? I cannot wait till I am able to move out, it all seems so exciting! xx

  303. Adi

    this is crazy! i cannot wait to move out but when thinking about it.. yea there is so much to get done!!! good luck, and everything is looking great so far! can't wait to see it!

  304. Your house looks so modern and beautiful! Makes me excited for when I'll be taking this important milestone in the future :)

    Jenny xx

  305. you're such an inspiration zoe and your new house is beautiful!

  306. Sarah

    You have some gorgeous bits already! Can't wait to see some more of how you decorate, i love interior posts :)
    Hope everything is going well in the new house and you and the guinea pigs are settling in well :) xxx


  307. Rachel

    love how you've stored your teabags and stunning photos!

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  308. Shana

    aw whatever style you are going for in your house works cause it's adorable. <3

  309. Nice place Zoe!Hope you are all well and I've been really busy too this week too.So,I understand it's really tired but keep going :) <3

  310. Really nice place Zoe!Keep on going <3 xoxo

  311. It's looking great. I moved from melbourne to sydney for a few months for work. Now I'm slowly buying all those house things so when I move out later this year (I hope) so it's not such a shock to the bank account haha :)



  312. Does anyone know where Zoe got the custard cream pillow from? xx

  313. Chaiti

    congrats!!! <3

  314. it's so amazing you're in Brighton now! i hope we bump into each other and become friends and bake and things!

    good luck in your new venture and WELCOME TO BRIGHTON :) x

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  316. C+G

    Beautiful stuff! Love your style… house tour please :)

  317. visit my blog please , I just started to do it shakeofstylish.blogspot.com

  318. Love this! I wish I had started my blog before I moved. I know everytime I go home to my mom's house, I just avoid the boxes that my mom keeps trying to send me back with. I've come to the understanding if I haven't realized i don't have it. I truly don't need it.

  319. I love the photos! Do a house tour soon please. :) I can see your style being modern/cutesy. :)

  320. Lilly

    I'm going to be like you in about 6 months, I'm going to move to a different country so i'm pretty excited and a little nervous, maybe you can give me some advise ;)
    Anyway, Lovely pictures and hope your new home is everything you are expecting!


  321. Lilly

    I'm going to be like you in about 6 months, I'm going to move to a different country so i'm pretty excited and a little nervous, maybe you can give me some advise ;)
    Anyway, Lovely pictures and hope your new home is everything you are expecting!


  322. I started reading your blog recently… good luck with your new experience! :)

  323. Hi, only just found you via YouTube and happy to find your blog, which I love!! Where is the little deer/ bambi ornament from its so kitsch and super cute I want one!!! X

  324. Hannahh

    Hey guys! I really hate to spam Zoe's wonderful blog like this but I would appreciate it so much if you would visit/follow my blog. I've just started and I am a HUGE fan of the youtube crew. My blog is beauty/fashion/random. THANKS SO MUCH!!

  325. Eesh

    Adore the decor so far.
    You're going to love living on your own, I promise.

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  326. Moving into your own place is so so exciting. Best of luck for the move and happy decorating! It is my favorite part about having your own place. Decorating however you like! :) And you have such a gorgeous sense of style I'm sure it is going to be breathtaking xx


  327. Best of luck for moving in and happy decorating! It is the best part about having your own place – and you have such a gorgeous sense of style that I have no doubt it is going to be breathtaking!


  328. I simply cannot wait to move into a place of my own. Congratulations on making it!

    Check out room decor tips for a clear and happy mind over on my blog.




  329. I am so unbelievably jealous of you. I really want my own place now. Since coming back from uni I'm far to aware I'm not living in the 'family house' I'm in my parents' house and that's quite a difference. I wish I earned enough to support myself :(

    Good Luck with everything Zoe! And I love the pictures :D


  330. Your house looks like it will be really nice once you've finished. I love the way you have yellow and green in with all of the decor which adds a retro spice as well as all of the jazzy prints you use

    Evie x

  331. I want my house to look like this when I'm older :)


  332. wow, it's all fun and games ! i am sure that everything will come together nicely , and you will have somwhere you are proud to call Your home. I agree about searching for homely bits and bobs, i havn't even moved out yet and already i am pickin random cute/quirky bits and bobs.I Love it !
    I wish you all the happiness in your new home , you work hard for it, you deserve it xx

    if you would like to check out my blogg please go over to


  333. Soo

    OMG your house looks gorgeous

  334. I know you probably wont read this, but you have motivated to get saving and move out.
    I can't wait to blog about it aswell lol :)


  335. All of your belongings match so well, I'm jealous!

  336. Best of luck with the move in! :)

  337. I'm really happy for you Zoe!!! It would be amazing if you could do a house tour or an updated room tour ;) love you xoxo

  338. I think your house is precious, so far. I wanna see the outside!

  339. Ali Ce

    I love these pictures!!

  340. SARAH

    you have such a good eye for design zoe! good luck with your new home and i can't wait to see if you do a tour or not. will definitely be interested to watch!

    xo Sarah

  341. Hey, sorry to bug you but I've been reading and loving your blog for a while and I just wondered if I could get some feedback on my own blog recently started? I am aware the layout is awful but I have no idea how to go about designing or acquiring one as professional as yours so I hoped you'd give me some tips on improving the layout and design as well as the content. I understand if you haven't got the time to do this after trawling through all the comments you get.
    This is my blog: http://elesaurus.blogspot.co.uk/

  342. Rocio

    Love pictures!!

  343. Your house is so pretty and cute! I must admit I stole your idea about the colourful sweets in the tub! It looks so nice and I love how you even have tea in there are you don't like it! That is a good friend! I am also very jealous that your house is so close to the beach!! Basically I love your house! haha :)


  344. Please can you do a before and after blog/video of your house? I'd love to see what you've done to your place :D xxx

  345. Zoe i'am loving how your new home is coming together. I absolutely love the pictures and i love how you have used those beautiful jars. I cant wait to visit Brighton! I have never been there before but i have heard that its a beautiful and amazing place maybe i will see you there … haha jokes sounds creepy …love you Zoe you are an amazing person never give up! p.s Remember to drink lots of WATER! xxx

  346. I love everything you've done, your style is perfect.. <3
    Coming together nicely! x

    Molly | beauty-babbles.blogspot.co.uk

  347. Moving can be really challenging! Last time I moved I went to buy a bed, and was so looking forward to sleeping in the new house for the first time THAT NIGHT, only to figure out that the stores (yes, I went to several stores just to see if I could get it that day) didn't have the beds in storage, they had order them. So I slept on a mattress that night, my bed came 4 weeks later. But hey, it is the comfiest bed I have ever owned (and the only one I have owned) and I have filled it with pillows and pastel colored bed linens, and sleep like a princess every night :)

  348. Good luck! Hope you have a great time moving into your new house! Have a great time! I was just wondering if you would like to check out my blog lilyolamaidment@blogspot.co.uk I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

  349. It's such an exciting time, I'm planning on moving out near the end of this year xx

  350. Good Luck for the new house <3

    I'm new to Blogger – would be absolutely amazing if more people would follow me :) http://amandinaa.blogspot.com/

    Thanks x

  351. shereen


  352. Ahhh. This makes me so inspired!
    Im in my senior year of high school so it might be a awhile, but really cant wait to move out and get a place of my own. :))

  353. this is amazing, and I'd like to say thanks for inspiring me to create my own blog (which at the moment is of course having little success, but everyone starts somewhere), if anyone would like to check mine out please do, just starting and would love some audience or constructive criticism :) http://nailsfashionmakeup.blogspot.co.uk/

  354. WELL DONE!!
    I'm really looking forward to living on my own, not because I don't like living with my parents, but because I will be able to decorate my house exactly as I like! If my house looked half as good as yours does I would be so happy! I love that you've really thought about all the cute little details.
    PS congratulations on getting through your weeks without TV or internet – don't know how I'd have coped with that!

  355. UB

    I am so excited for you!!! :D

  356. Your have some beautiful photos! I've never moved house before, i did move rooms in my house once though and i was surprised at how many clothes i had too!

    Love Emma xx


  357. Everything is coming together nicely, moving is stressful! But buying things and picturing how things will look makes it fun. I love your style, I can't help but want everything in your photos haha! Hope you settle down in your new home nicely (:


  358. Natmila

    All of your home decorations look adorable!

  359. Congrats on the new house, hope you're settling in as best you can. So far it looks quite cozy!

  360. Your new house is absolutely gorgeous. I love it, especially the Custard Cream pillow, I wish my house had little Nik-Naks like that. I love those sort oft hings, especially when you get them from places you've visited. you're a real inspiration Zoella and this is one of my favourite blogs out there.

  361. Lindas as fotos. Amei tudo. *O*

  362. The pictures are lovely and your house has a lot of care into it! I love the cushions! I wish I could decorate as good as you!

  363. Amal

    From what I've seen in these pictures, and your videos, your places looks amazing so far! Seriously, when I move out I want to decorate like you do!

  364. I love the pictures! Please do a house tour when you can!

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  366. i can't wait till i can move out and do something like this with my very own living space! i love the way you chose to decorate your house and the way its not too uniform and its cute and quirky x


  367. I love zoella and how she has become so successful and I love how she's becoming independant and everything.
    I know you shouldn't promote your blogs here and its 'SPAM' or just plain rude but in every way I want to be as successful as Zoe! If you stumble across this post then please give my blog a little look and maybe contact me/comment with what you think! It would mean the world to me!

    But thank you for even reading this ♥

  368. Eli W

    Hey Zoe, I've been a fan of yours for over 2 years. You inspired me to start a beauty blog and I just wanted to say how much I love your blog posts!! If possible then please check out my blog, it's not got many posts or followers but it would really mean a lot if you even knew of my existance :')

  369. Hiya Zoe I am having to write this comment again as I pressed sign out instead of publish what an idiot! Anyway let em get on with it the first question I would like to ask is where you got the custard cream pillow from and the this our happy place sign as I have just moved house as well and they would go well! Oh and I though I might say the new home card furthest to the left I have as well! Due to moving house I have also had the same problems that you have had like finding out I have too many clothes as I filled boxes with my clothes and my makeup don't get me started! It was gross my makeup the worse were the mascaras but after a good spring clean of my makeup stash it is like yours looking much healthier no high gross makeup cholesterol will come round to my makeup again! When you said about the Chicago hotel I could imagine the receptionist on the lin raising her eyebrows thinking there is a first time for everything as she answered the questions about the bed! The Nutella situation I wouldn't feel to bad about as I have tubs of it in my cupboard! Oh and your tv and internet situation I feel bad for you as I only had to deal with no internet or tv for a couple of days but I have virgin which isn't as good as Sky we all have to comprise, eh? So I can relate with you to a certain extent as I got bored in the first day and you had to wait for weeks! With your furniture situation you may have to pay a little extra for it to come sooner but I think you would rather that than no sofa or go to one off outlets and they will deliver sooner as they have less deliveries to go too! Oh and if your at a loose end I also have a blog that is lifestyle, beauty and fashion and I just did a post on my top bloggers I hope I don't offend oyu by not putting you in my top 3 it is just everyone follows your blog so all that could be said has been said about your blog so I have done some blogs not everyone follows! Anyway I hope to see you there thanks for reading and my blog is:


    Thank you and good luck with moving house issues!

    Maddie xx

  370. Andrea

    You have som awesome stuff. Congrats with new house (:

  371. Good luck – Brighton will be so much fun for you, look forward to seeing more posts about your new life there. Love your blog, it's great x

  372. Gosia

    Moving out can be challenging, I did it nearly 2 months ago. But after all, it's your little space now :) I love the books <3

  373. Amylia

    Gorgeous Zoe, love you♡♡♡

  374. Your new home looks so nice and perfect! I'm so happy for you!

  375. wow! It looks amazing xx

  376. Good luck living on your own Zoe! I'm sure it'll be great! Lovely pictures x

    – LooselyLucy

  377. I love your blog, so inspirational, I also have a beauty blog, mind checking it out? :) leahreedblog.co.uk

  378. Love the blog, Zoella! If anyone would be willing to check out my own blog I started that would be amazing! http://www.simpywistful.com :) I just put up a new post yesterday!

  379. Lovely~

    恵美より ♥

  380. Kim

    Loving it!

  381. Love the pictures, love the house, love and envy you!!!!

  382. Jo Leo

    I love the idea of using the IKEA plant pot for make up brushes!

    Zoe, you inspired me to start my own blog! It would be awesome if some of you would visit it :) I always appreciate constructive critics :)


    xx – Jo On The Go

  383. Hannah

    Your house looks so lovely! x


  384. I love you Zoella! You just brighten up my day! x

  385. Moving house is so exciting! Just work out a budget for food and bills and have a separate bank account for that money to come out of- easy :)
    Jenni x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

  386. Natalie

    Your place looks gorgeous! I'm so glad your happy x

  387. I loved your homeware haul, you got some really nice bits! Jealous because there's such a good Home Sense in Brighton! x

  388. I love your blog Zoe!! You're lovely and I cant wait to see more of your new home!
    I know I mean not much for you but if you want to go see my blog, I'm a french new blogger !!


  389. Hey everyone! I'm new to blogger & have just started a fashion & beauty blog! It'd mean a lot if you could check it out I'm following everyone back :)


  390. Becky

    Looks lovely …very cute and you, x

  391. Dus ieg

    Great photos *.*

  392. Aoife D

    Oh Zoey, it looks great! I'd love to have my own place. It must be great getting to decorate it to your specifications! So jealous! :D

    Please check out my blog! : http://titaniumwonderland.blogspot.ie/

  393. Thank you so much for doing your blogs and videos, you inspire me so much and I love what you have done with your new place and I hope that you settle in well :) x

  394. congrats on your new place! it looks lovely so far!

  395. Very sweet pictures, Love what you have done with your new place :) hope youre enjoying it!
    Lots of Love <3

  396. Congrats zoe! The house is looking soo good!! Love your style! I hope you enjoy living in Brighton as I love it!! Wait for the summer and go on early morning walks on the beach! That's my favourite thing to do! Also just looking out my window seeing the beach huts! Will u do a house tour?? That would be amazing!! Love you zoe! Could you check out my blog that would be like the best thing ever!!

  397. Congratulations on moving into your own place! Gosh there is so much to do! You seem to be dealing with it all so well though and your pictures look lovely! It looks like you are decorating well! :) x


  398. Dayo

    You have such an eye for aesthetics Zoey! Everything is so cute, and colorful and adorable. I can't wait to get my own place just to decorate everything… who cares about having a roof over my head haha.

  399. I completely love your decor choices! your new home will be a lovely place to live x

  400. As soon as I saw the fawn I was like yeah this is Zoe's house!!!

  401. Removing furniture and transferring it to new place is an intimidating task. Especially removing furniture from commercial place takes a lot of time and effort.Furniture Removals Hornsby

  402. I am so glad for you!! You are achieving everything you have ever wanted, well done!
    The colour theme you adopted for the house is amazingly cute! So vintagy and even though there are limited colours, the ones that are there(the mustardy/yellow one) add a bright and happy tone to the house!
    I am moving house and at first i wanted to keep my room monochrome and very minimal but this is starting to change my mind, everything is just too cute and doll like! soo pretty! i love it!


  403. Love these pictures! Hope my house will be as cute as this one day! Lauren from Paddling In Puddles

  404. Lovely place Zoe!:) Those photos are beautiful, very talented photographer!💕 oh and DRINK MORE WATER!😊💕

  405. Your new place looks really nice Zoe! I also really like these pictures, I watched your video with the stuff you bought, it's nice to see what you used your jars for and stuff :) x

  406. Where did you put all the clothes and makeup you didn't need?:o

  407. Dayna

    everything looks so cute, love it!

  408. what adorable photos! I had the same issue once with makeup… I had so much that there was no way to use it all up before it went old. Then I decided to just go with one of everything: 1 mascara, 1 foundation, 1 powder, and so on. I do however have a couple of eye shadows and lipsticks, but other than that I just buy expensive brands, but go for the basics. I like the "natural" look anyway (meaning -wearing just as much makeup as anyone else but trying to make it look like I just look like that when I wake up- like scarlet in gone with the wind ;)

    Latest post No. 4 Rule of a Lady and the art of persuasion

  409. Perfect inspiration, definitely would love more updates on the home hauls

  410. congrats! this all helps us in some way :) thanks for sharing!

  411. Congrats! The decor looks great! :) Good luck with everything.

  412. I loved this post! Your writing is beautiful and your pictures are such a nice quality. I'm just a huge fan really! Can't wait for a new video will it be on Sunday this time? xx

  413. I was just wondering what camera and camera lens you used to take these pictures with? :)

  414. osoeco

    Love you style, it's so clean and put together <3


  415. You possibly the most amazing person i've ever "met" I love you so much zoe! You're new house looks amazing! <3

  416. Hey Zoe! I wanted to ask you something, Where do you get your music in your videos from? Do you pay for them? I love you so much!

  417. I actually bought some of those glass heart jars for tea and sugar from TKMaxx yesterday after watching you haul video. So adorable!!

  418. Ahh the joys of moving out – everything looks beautiful though you're clearly having fun putting your own stamp on the place.


    Georgina at itotallypaused.com

  419. I love your grey velvet chair!! Could you please let me know where you bought it from?! I've just bought my first house, and looking for something exactly like this! Congrats with the house move! Can't wait to see a tour :) x

  420. Zoe! So funny to see you moving! In 2011 I live alone for a month in another city. I felt so free. However, it was all paid by my bosses. It was 'easy'. I want to live alone soon. I want my own place, my own space. I'm looking forward to moving. How's your relationship with your family? Have your parents reacted ok to this idea? I think my mom wouldn't. She would create a bit of a drama. haha

  421. Lovely pictures – really glad everything is going well for you <3 :):):)

    Molly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  422. Moving house is dificult everytime. Zoe, you did a great job! Congrats! Keep your nose up and smile as sunshine!

  423. Love this post!



  424. Moving out and into your own home is so exciting! It's fun making it yours and turning it from a house to a home! Somewhere you can call your own! I can't wait to see more photos and home hauls! Congratulations and sending you lots of luck for your new chapter in life :) x http://fayemay.com

  425. Moving out can be quite stressful..especially when its time to choose your furniture. I talk about tips for choosing your sofa in my blog..you can check it out if you like – sclivinglovelyblog.blogspot.com

  426. Does anyone know where her gorgeous lacy make up brush holder is from? I love it!!!!!

  427. Zoella these photos inspired me with decorating my room. Although you probably couldn't tell at the moment due to how messy it is but I love your decorating ideas! Please keep them coming!

  428. R u and Alfie moving in together sorry I haven't cought up yet xx

  429. R u and Alfie moving in together sorry I haven't cought up yet xx

  430. Your place looks already so much pu together. :-)

  431. maybe you should reconsider your consumer behavior, regarding how much stuff you've forgotten you had..
    I always find it awkward how funny ppl seem to find this…imho it's just shocking.

  432. ruby.b

    I hope your enjoying Brighton! My parents just told me we are going camping near Brighton this summer. I hope I bomb into you!!!!! x

  433. What you've done is totally inspirational, thanks for sharing it!

  434. so happy for you! it looks great!

  435. I am just away to move house this month. First time I will have ever moved in my life. It's good to know that someone around my age is going through the same things as I am. I am dreading the first food shop to get all the staple items and the electricity meter like you mentioned is a total minefield! I'm sure it will be fine once I get organised. Would love to see more 'House stuff/Moving' related posts, I have found this plus your youtube video haul of house things pretty helpful. Thanks Zoella! :)

    April xx

  436. Are you moving in with Alfie ?

  437. I love your radio and your cute little jars :) you're so good a photography!!!

  438. Lovely pictures and text Zoe! *^-^*

  439. I have absolutely fallen in love with the yellow/white/grey combination that you've got going on. When I finally can move out of my parents' house, I'm definitely using you as interiors-inspiration!


  440. congratulations. Your new home looks gorgeous. I have those books too and i may or may not be in love with your custard cream cushion.. <3

  441. That's amazing!! I would like to move from US to London. But I have to be more prepared for it. I'm excited to check out your blog and see how things are going for you!


  442. I too am 23 and looking to move out. We 23 year olds need to stick together and help one another on this. I look forward to reading your blog and seeing how your "moving out, moving on" blog's go.

    HayleyKaye :)


  443. I love your cushions! :) x

  444. I giggled my way through this article. I love the way you described your old makeup! Going through all your bits and bobs that you've collected throughout your life must have been a heartwarming experience. Thank you for creating such a beautifully entertaining blog <3

  445. I recently moved into my first apartment as well, just before you. It was so nice reading this and watching your videos about moving because it made it clear that it is a bit hectic for everyone else as well :)

  446. Moving Home is undeniably stressful process, its always better to be well prepared and pre plan things to avoid any inconvenience. why not to hire professionals for pack and move your stuff when required
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  449. Enjoy this great experience! the pictures of your house are so adorable! your house would be the cutest! love all the decorations.

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