I’ve never lived on my own, so moving out was quite the task. I realised I had way too many clothes when packing, as most of the boxes contained my gladrags. I found it quite a shock at how much needed to be done. I’ve never had to find the electricity meter, or gas meter before now and I’ve also found myself scouring interior websites and getting lost in the joys of dining rooms chairs. Never thought i’d be saying that at 23 years old. The shocking price of the first food shop where you are having to buy all the staples like oil, ketchup, teabags and coffee (I drink neither, but what if guests want it?) and of course, the largest jar of Nutella you can possibly find. I then had to buy a mattress. Little did I know that there were so many different types of mattress, and all very pricey. I told myself that half my life would be spent on the mattress, and that eased the pain when handing over my debit card. I then had to work out what thread count was and how many it went up to, and what would be the best for sleeping in. There was a time last year, that I stayed one night in a hotel in chicago, and the bed was so comfy, and the sheets were so soft, i’ve never quite gotten over it, and so I told myself that it would be JUST AS COMFY as that very bed. I almost rang down to reception to ask them if they knew the description of everything I slept on (Mattress, sheets, size, pillow stuffing…), but I thought they might have laughed at my lunacy. Instead, I took everything out the sheets and searched for a label (Just as weird). You’ll be as saddened as I was to discover they had cut the labels off, probably to ensure that the bed was ULTRA comfy with no hard labels attacking you. 

I have also had to completely sort through my makeup stash. Their were mascaras in there that were so old, they had sealed themselves shut. Foundations that I thought I loved, but had used two pumps of..so clearly hadn’t loved them as much as I first thought. There was also a pile of almost gone Collection concealers, as clearly having to scrape the barrel of the tube with the doe foot applicator was all too much for my lazy self, so I’d run out and buy a new tube the minute it started becoming a chore. You’ll be pleased to know my makeup is now looking a lot healthier, but a trip to Boots and Superdrug is definitely on the cards.

There are aspects of this that i’ve found quite challenging, and also aspects that I have really enjoyed. I can’t say that living for weeks without internet or television was too much fun considering I am glued to one or the other, but buying little bits to fill the place has been SO much fun. I wasn’t sure which direction to go in with the interior. Did I want Retro? Shabby Chic? Modern Contemporary? Super Modern? Let’s just go with “I’m still not sure but I’m hoping it all comes together nicely in the end”. 

So all is going well so far on the “Zoella moves to Brighton” front. My internet gets installed today, and the lovely Sky man is popping in tomorrow to give me television. All I have to wait for next is somewhere to sit to watch television as I don’t have a sofa yet. Did I also mention that furniture can take up to 12 weeks to be delivered? I didn’t? Oh, well I am looking forward to my sofa arriving sometime in April! haha


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