One thing that I have to be very selective of, when going on a sunny, bikini-clad holiday, is deciding which beauty items I will be taking with me. I don’t know about you, but personally, 90% of my holiday just consists of bare, makeup-free skin (with SPF of course). Therefore, once you have packed what you think you will need, take out at least 1/3 of the products and you should be good to go. I tried to stay very basic, and actually didn’t use all of these items at all. Obviously we all have different types of holiday, some people like to really glam up in the evenings, and if that’s the case, by all means, go a bit more overboard, but personally, I think the minimal the better. 

In terms of skincare, I stayed very basic, and took a RMK Balm Cleanser* (not pictured as placed “neatly” by the sink in the bathroom), Hydraluron, Murad Hydro-dynamic Eye Cream* and a Laneige water sleeping mask (which I like to use in the daytime as a normal moisturiser as it’s so lovely and hydrating). I also have a teeny nivea deodorant which perfectly lasted the whole 7 days. Beats taking the full size and wasting potential extra clothing weight. I also used P20 SPF 20 for the majority of the time I was there. As I’d been in the sun a lot more this year, I wasn’t planning on burning myself to a crisp, so I started off the holiday with a higher SPF and then used this for the rest of the time, giving me a lovely natural tan. I also used a Vichy 50 SPF Face Sun Protectant*

I took a fair selection of lip products (First fail). When selecting colours to wear on holiday with the potential of getting a tan, don’t take pale colours or you will look very scary and a little ill. This meant I didn’t get any use out of the Bourjois Colour Boost “Peach On The Beach”. Instead, I mostly reached for my bright orange Topshop Lipstick in “Infrared” which I found complimented my skin tone perfectly. I wish I’d taken a red or a bright pink, as I think they would have looked good also. I took a Maybelline Baby Lips in “Hydrate“, although it’s important to remember that it’s only good for when you aren’t in the sun, as a lip balm with SPF is essential. I had a Piz Buin SPF30 which worked wonders, and I used Baby Lips at night. 

Other items of makeup that I used for the evenings were a dash of Collection Lasting Perfection concealer blended out with a brush, a smidgen of Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation (when it was still suitable for my skin colour – which was only the first few days), Guerlain Bronzer in Terracota* (I used this to death – some nights I only used this with a touch of mascara), Estee Lauder Tease for a touch of blush/highlight, the new blush by Benefit in “Rockateur”* (a nice mix of bronzer and blush), Urban Decay Naked Basics palette (I thought i’d use this for eyeshadow, but I only applied basic eyeshadow once, the only colour I did use daily was the matte brown in Faint for my eyebrows), Bourjois Liquid Liner Feutre* (Used this every night) and Benefit’s “They’re Real” Mascara* in travel sized form (too adorable). I didn’t use powder as I didn’t feel as though my face needed powdering as the sun made it a little dehydrated. I also didn’t use my Benefit Erase Paste as it was too light in colour and creamy for the humidity. 

Other things on my beauty shelf are Oribe Dry Texturising Spray which I did use a lot as it doubles up as a dry shampoo. A teeny bottle of Tresemme Hairspray (which I didn’t use very much), Some Zoeva brushes* which I wanted to give a try, as they had been sent to me a while back (I was thoroughly impressed and will review them soon) and my Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Butter Cream (STAPLE).

Do you often find you overpack for sunny holidays? What are your beauty essentials when going away?

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  1. Love this blog Zoella, you so so pretty and you and SprinkleOfGlitter are my inspiration :)

  2. Renate

    This was really interesting to read. To me, this seemed really excessive, but then again, I hardy bother with… anything really :) I also travel with a hand luggage 95% of the time, so really, really take only essentials. I thought it was fun how you reflected back on what you used and didn't, it'll definitely help packing for the next one :)

    Renate from

  3. I love going on vacation and not wearing any makeup, but sometimes a little bit is essential, like a light powder and concealer. I always end up over packing, but it's better to bring too much than forget something important, right?


  4. Jenny

    Any chance of a Rockateur review?

  5. Alies

    Great things!
    I love your blog and your style!

    Nice weekend,

  6. I love your blog! This is a great post :)

  7. Bee Cee

    Wow! This would have eaten into my luggage allowance hahaha! I assume you were allowed more than 15kg ;) Lovely blog post regardless, great idea! x

  8. Conny

    The Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, is great, it really controls my oil :) x

  9. kfc

    I think everyone always overpacks for holiday and have the thought of "oh I need it just in case" when in reality it is never used. I think you brought a good basic selection and I feel skin care is more important on holiday, especially if its one spent in a sunny location! And I agree, the minimal is better =P


  10. Jessica

    Loved this post Zoe :) I only take a few make-up essentials when I go away, I take the same amount as you minis the bronzer and blush I have naturally rosie cheeks which is a blessing and a curse haha and I'm pale very pale.

  11. I always take a huge make up bag packed to the brim on every holiday and I never learn! A touch of mascara, bronzer and lipstick is all I ever use too. Can't wait to read your review of the Zoeva brushes, and I'd like to hear what you thought of the Rockateur bronzer/blush, I love Benefit blushers and bronzers separately and I'm interested how it'll work as a combo product. Super jealous of the Oribe, I've got long, fine but lots of it, hair like you have, but this is waaaay out of my student budget right now, a girl can dream ey!?

    Hope you had a lovely holiday,

    Tilly xoxo

  12. Brilliant blogpost! i have the naked palette and it's brill! :)

  13. I aaaalways overpack for vacations. I bring half my makeup collection with me, practically, and then end up using about 4 products in the end. During summer I went to the Caribbean and brought so much makeup with me, which was silly because I was at the beach or in the pool the whole time!

  14. I love how refreshing it is just using minimal beauty products on holiday :) Really want to try that Oribe stuff! Xx

  15. I always overpack when I am away. I love taking my mac face body! Its so lightweight and I always get it a shade or two darker for holidays. Thank god for the small bottle otherwise I couldn't justify buying it. I also love my hoola powder when I get too dark for foundation/I'm being lazy!

  16. Love your blog, it's been a while now that I've been ready it and it's amazing!
    Keep up the good work!
    Love from Portugal

  17. i share your love for these products!
    -Elle @britishbeautybasket x

  18. I love your blog Zoe and hope your holiday was great x

  19. I have most of these products…



  20. so helpful! love it :) x

  21. Fab blog post :) I have the naked basics palette and love it, but I definitely want to buy some more benefit stuff, since I bought the benefit boi~ing concealer and instantly fell in love xx :)

    EmilyBelleBlogs x (

  22. i love banana boat's sunscreen and cherry babylips! i also love to use the max factor eye brightening mascara though it can smudge a bit :) x

  23. Lindsey

    Haha. I also have learned the hard way to bring as little as possible on beach holidays. Mascara, bronzer, and concealer ( and my face washy stuff!). That's it. Tans tend to eradicate the need for makeup. Bless them.


  24. I always ending up taking far too much stuff with on holiday as i always think "yeah i'll wear that with that, and that with that". Never happens, i end up bare-faced most of the time. Love what you took on your holiday :)


  25. Bella

    This is a lovely post and great essentials :) I don't tend to take much make up at all and only a few products that I could use in more than one way x

    Pretty Miss by Bella

  26. I'm always the same despite me wanting to take tons of makeup with me (as a beauty blogger) on holidays, I know I never wear it so I always take minimal items with me and then over-do it with the clothing. Its the best way to go!

    Eloise | simplynaturale xo

  27. Love the wake me up foundation! I love the shelf

    Emma | x

  28. That mascara is deffo my fave if I am not wanting to wear a lot :) x

  29. Perfect post. I never know what to take on holiday but packing – then removing 1/3 of the items is a great way to narrow it down! I'll definitely be testing this theory soon ;)

    Christina | Passion Obsession – Currently hosting a beauty hamper giveaway!

  30. Maddy

    I love your picks, those eyeshadows look really pretty! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  31. Loved this post! Your so inspiring Zoe! In fact YOU are the one who inspired my to make my very own blog! And although my blog how NOTHING on your amazing blog, I feel so happy to know that I actually produce something that someone out there will enjoy or find useful!
    Reading your blog or watching your videos can TOTALLY reverse my mood from bad to AMAZING!
    Your videos are so inspiring and I love them
    You have such a sweet happy bubbly personality, you have THE cutest smile and your just so perfect.
    You are without a doubt one of my biggest role models! This will sound weird, but honestly your positivity has changed the way I think and look at new things.
    Your 'just say yes' video opened up my eyes and made me realize there's a whole big world out there and I just need to take a chance!
    Even though I'm still only 14 and I have my whole life ahead of me, I definitely aspire to be someone as amazing and lovely as you!

    I know you probably will never even see this, but I just needed to express how much of an amazing Impact you've already made on my life Zoe and I haven't even met you!

    Asma xx

  32. Looks intresting!

  33. I over pack all the time and then I don't end up using half the stuff:P But for me mascara is a must, and Benefit's "They're Real" is my absolute favourite!! :)

  34. ~Katie~

    I always over pack. I really need to stop haha! Hope you had a lovely holiday Zoe.
    Katie x

  35. I always try not to overpack, but usually end up forgetting items! Love the naked basics palette! Your pictures look amazing.

  36. Katie

    So much here that I want to try. Especially the Oribe!

    Katie |

  37. I really love this! These are some fantastic products!

    x leah symonne x

  38. Nice products! Im totally in love with that rimmel foundation :) And i need to smell that Jo Malone perfume asap!
    xx Stephanie (

  39. I love/have most of those products!


  40. I saw these on your video :) I have been wanting to try out the Stay Matte powder by Rimmel, I might just have to go get it this weekend!


  41. Love hydraluron, all the products you've mentioned are things I want to try :)

    Roshni’s Journey

  42. great post , once when i went on holiday , i had forgotten all my skin care products on th train journey , so that holiday was pretty great until i realised that it was gone . :)

    Beverly |

  43. What shade is the nars eyeliner in?

  44. I can't wait for the brush review! They looking lovely, I think I might have to purchase some :) xxx

  45. Maky

    Soo nice)

  46. I always overpack, always! You have such lovely makeup! Guerlain does beautiful makeup, and everyone loves the bronzers, but they have such a selection I never know which one to choose! Amazing and really helpful post to see what you take on holiday, love ya zoe :)

    isabella <3

  47. I always over pack when I go away. Its so nice to see what you take, lovely pictures as usual! xx

  48. I really loved this post! I hope you had a really good time in Mykonos with Alfie and his family. I went to Spain recently and their Piz Buin was about 10 euros. What is your favourite face SPF? I am looking for on to use on a daily basis I also definitely overpack however only clothes not beauty products. I love to take my After Sun as I burn very easily. :) Jenny xxx

  49. I usually overpack for any holiday really! I'd take most of the things you took with you like the Collection concealer, UD naked Basics, Stay Matte, and the Wake Me Up foundation. I'd also make sure to bring ALL the lipsticks, just in case haha x

  50. Ohh totally I think over packing is just inevitable at least for me, haha
    because you never now how the weather will go down!
    I like to keep it quite simple even just for the night out just mascara with a bold lip to complement the total look!
    Enjoy your weekend!! x

  51. keb

    Do the Baby Lips in the UK not have SPF? I live in Canada, and all my tubes say SPF 20.

  52. I ALWAYS take too much – I could probably do with just a tinted moisturizer, mascara and lip gloss…but WHAT IF? haha

  53. love thi post♥

  54. Great post Zoe(: and yes, i do overpack, clothes, makeup, accessories. Haha basically everything 3>

  55. I definitely agree! I always over pack… always! I set off determined not to when I start out packing but I only ever use 1/5 of what I bring! I find the sun does wonders for my skin and I come back with such clear skin! Oh how I love holidays! <3

  56. Found this so helpful.. Thank you… I go away in 2 weeks and always over pack my beauty products, will try keep this in mind and hope for the best, thanks again :)


  57. Nice things you`ve got there. I started making lists of things I need a while before my holidays, so I` won`t end up taking my whole wadrobe and all of my make-up :)

  58. Great picks for holidays :) I agree it's good to keep is as basic as possible to give your skin some rest as well as some sunshine xx

  59. I'm confused? I thought Hydrate contained SPF20 in it? Or SPF15 or something? I don't get the 'only use it if not in the sun' comment haha! Other than that I absolutely loved this post. When I am on holiday I don't wear any make up. A little concealer and perhaps a tinted lipbalm and I'm good to go!! :)

  60. Loren

    You're so organized! When I go away I just pack everything for "just in case" :)
    Love your blog sooo much and always enjoy reading your posts, all the way from South Africa!

    Loren |

  61. Crystal

    I definitely over pack on holidays, I don't know about you but I feel like I need certain shoes for every occasion. It's getting a little sad haha :P


  62. Kelly

    Great post and great products too I love your blog :)

  63. I definitely tend to overpack but I have to agree, basics are best for sunny places! You don't want anything too heavy!
    Lovely Notions

  64. Depending on where I was traveling to, if there were excellent beauty and fashion centres, I think I might want to go all out and splurge on having my makeup professionally done someplace where they had vegan and cruelty free makeup. That way I wouldn't worry about having what I took there confiscated in transit and would have new ideas when I got home. That said, your beauty shelves look fabulous!

  65. I find that I can swing either way, I tend to overpack or underpack and the thought of underpacking on a trip and leaving stiff behind stresses me out so much so I usually over pack and prepare for every situation. Love your blog Zoe! xx

  66. Lucy

    I live in Greece and when I go on vacation on our islands I always make the mistake to overpack when most of the times I only wear makeup at night and only the basics because of the untollerable heat!

  67. Great post Zoe! I love seeing what products are packed for vacationing. I'm off to Vegas in a couple weeks so this was quite helpful!

    Xo, Michelle

  68. Welll you have quite a lot of make up! I wish I was into make up tbh but I just can't seem to like it :(

  69. Hope you had fun in Greece, Zoe! Love your beauty advice!

    – Janelle
    Follow me:

  70. OMG! The Oribe products are so good!! My aunts's salon carries those products!! Highly recommend :)

  71. I over pack… every time! Whether it be beauty cosmetics or clothes, I always over do it. I was going to purchased the little colour boost in that colour as well, but I think I'll give it a miss and get some new lipsticks instead. Hope you had a lovely time :) Chanelle Jade xx
    don't forget to enter my soap & glory giveaway x

  72. Loveeeeee everything you use! I'm slowly buying everything you've reviewed! Always my favorite blog<3


  73. Whoa, I took way too much on holidays and then regret it
    because I can't fill up my suitcases with the things I have just bought!
    Haha! I'm Indonesian on my study in Europe, I brought a few too much product aswell!
    (i actually wrote about it on my blog) :P

  74. I agree completely with your idea. minimal is better! Who wants to go on holiday feeling like they have three layers of paint on. Plus its better for your skin if you don't always wear makeup. And the Stay Matte is my favorite powder; I use mine for everyday looks. Thanks for the inspiration Zoe!

  75. Zaibun

    Love your blog Zoe!! ;) XX

  76. Lovely post zoe, Topshop's Infrared looks beautiful on you!x

  77. Zaibun

    I always overpack haha. And I always pack moisturiser and bb cream. Those are my life savers and lip balm.

  78. Zaibun

    would love if you could check my blog out

  79. Nita

    I also like to keep my makeup minimal during vacations because I'm already stressing my skin out with the change in skincare routine, so I don't want to add more to it. The only thing I may put effort in are my eyes with eyeliner and mascara, since I tend to have a baby face.

    – Nita

  80. Marie

    Wow I'm really surprise to see you're using a Laneige product!
    The water sleeping mask is one of my all time favorite profucts,
    It is my in flight essential as it works wonders :)

    Out of curiosity, where did you hear about it?

  81. I am loving the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation!!

    I just did a review of it on my blog actually.

    Hope you had an amazing holiday!

  82. A perfume or body mist with heavy hydrating lotion!

  83. I love P20. I tried it on holiday this year for the first time. I got the best tan and didn't feel all greasy like with normal sun cream.

    What Sarah Says

  84. Hi Zoe, I love your blog and your Youtube account. You are like a role model to me. You are so care-free and love what you do. When ever I feel down, I watch your videos or read your blog and I feel better. Thank you for that Zoe, I am forever greatful :)

  85. Hi everyone :)
    I love the look of the Estee Lauder Tease blush but I know it's been discontinued,
    does anyone know of a dupe?
    This is a great post Zoe :D x

  86. Amazing! Thanks for the tips ^^

    xx Mandy

  87. Everything in this post is either something I have and love, or something I really want to try haha! I hope you had a lovely holiday, Zoe! xx

  88. I'm so bad when it comes to packing makeup for holidays. I love the look of that benefit blush.

  89. Love this post zoe! Then again i love all your posts:) Hope you had an amazing holiday zoe!

  90. I always find myself overpacking when I go on vacations! For my upcoming caribbean getaway in October, I vowed to myself not to overpack! I want to make sure that I just pack the essentials so I can have some room for souvenirs! My beach essentials include sunscreen (of course!!!), blush, waterproof mascara, and a lip stain! I'm going on a cruise so I'll probably pack foundation, and fake lashes for formal night! :) What are your favorite beach makeup? Mine is lip stain and bronzer!

  91. Love your blog your make up is lovely!x

  92. WOW! You have lots of amazing stuffs Ms. Zoella! ^^

  93. hope you had a great holiday!! os many of my favourite items!! love you xo

  94. nice post for the beginners especially for the adults.
    my wife has been using this body care product
    from last 2 years. and its been amazing. it makes skin so soft like velvet.

  95. I really wish you would do a meet up in Cornwall! xxx

  96. Wow, I love how you gave yourself a fairly good selection of products to choose from on your trip without being excessive, I should keep this in mind next time! Haha

    emaerie | blogspot

  97. I loved my Bourjois colour boost lipstick, but I lost it the day I bought it, it really annoyed me! Two months on and I still haven't found it :')

    My Little Piece Of Internet

  98. I take hardly any products on holiday and i still manage to have too much. I always take too much jewellery too xxx

  99. I always tend to overpack for sunny holidays! I can't really have a free makeup day because when I am on vacation I'm barely at the hotel or whatever I stay, and I can't go out without makeup, I wish I could thoug, but I just feel insecure and more shy than usual… makeup is what makes me feel good with my self so yeah… I really overpack! sometimes for a week vacation I bring like two mascaras and two of everything in case that one doesn't work, I have the other.
    By the way I really love you and your blog <3

  100. Hayley

    Peach on the beach looks like such a gorgeous lip colour, perfect for holidays!

    Water Painted Dreams

  101. Perfect amount of makeup for holiday, you packed just basics I like that. I love benefit's erase paste it is an amazing concealer. I want to try those blushes so bad they look gorgeous!!


  102. If I go somewhere really hot I don't tent to bring make up, heat makes you sweat and it washes off which is horrible but if I do it's only for the evenings :)

  103. Your photo's are perfection (:

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  105. Lollie*

    Love this <3 trust your opinion so I love when you do beauty posts <3 xx

  106. Hey Zoe, can you please do a halloween make-up tutorial? :)

  107. all of your make up products are beautiful zoe! xxx

  108. if i were you try primarks chubby lipstick me and my friend think that its a bolder colour then borjous!

  109. omg you have the dea dorant in a mini version!!! i want it toooo! :-)) soo cute :-))
    xoxo chelsea <3

  110. I hope you had a great holiday zoe : D

  111. Zoe! I love watching your vlogs on YouTube and reading your blog. Absolutely amazing!

  112. I would have so much more with me, hahaha! I always over-pack with cosmetics and beauty stuff for holidays. I mean, who knows, I could have a total skin melt-down! xx

  113. You are the best fashion blogger in the world for me:-)love from Italy

  114. Great products you have here. I wish I also have those things or maybe half. I love your holiday beauty shelf and love your blog!

  115. General Make-up question for you… I use liquid foundation and then put a powder over it but it i feel like my make-up is always rubbing off and will start to look blotchy… any suggestion as to how to prevent this? also any tips for under eye circles/bags?

  116. Claire

    Depending on where I'm going my makeup varies. If I'm going somewhere sunny and hot I don't bring foundation. Otherwise I just take mascara and eyeliner cause thanks to a special company who's name I shall not say *coughs* Ryanair *Coughs* I can't take so much as I would like. :(

    Pretty Please with a cherry on top check out my blog. Would mean everything. (I hate writing these sort of things cause it feels like I'm spamming.)

  117. I also use the oribe texturing spray and it is fab! I've also been dying to dry the Rimmel wake me up foundation but have not found any drug stores in my area that carry it. *sigh*

  118. Lipsiie

    i love reading all your blogs and some really good products, i use some of them myself..

  119. Great post darling! I love most of the items you got on here too! :)

    Boonya –

  120. Sofia

    I absolutely love your blog and youtube videos! You are an incredibly beautiful and inspiring person! Im looking forward to heaps more of your lovely videos and posts<3 xx

  121. Your makeup shelf looks so simple but so cute Zoeee!!!! Do you think you can do a first impression video??? that would be amazing!! xxxx

  122. im definitely gonna try out the products you that were shown, look amazing..

  123. GM NH

    I love you blog!!! This blog post is great and I'll probably have to be buying some of these products:) xx

  124. i absolutely love that colour palette!! :)

  125. Lovely post as usual Zoe, I also love a lot of these products, which is why I nearly always go to you when buying something new! xo

    Molly |

  126. Gosh people just spam your blog with their links. Lol.

  127. Izzelle

    wish i had the naked basics pallet, along with everything else!

  128. Zoe you are such an inspiration to me, I read and love every single one of your blogs!xxxx
    I would love it if some of you guys could check out my blog

  129. I love this type of blogposts the rimmel wake me up foundation is amazing as well as the Bourjois color boost lip crayons they are moisturizing and have great suttle colour I recomend you try out the new one in Plum russian it's lovely.

  130. ekk I want to try every single products :D follow me ill follow back :) x

  131. Lovely blog! It really helped me pick out products for my holiday! <3

  132. Reading this in 2014! I'm off on holiday next month and I'm the worst over packer, the last time I went away I took SO much makeup and used 1/3 of it! Lovely post :)


  133. Zoe M

    hi zoella just to say that you are amazing and how did you make a awesome blog like this and make it so popular at the same time?
    also you are extremely beautiful and please follow me on instagram my name is @zoeeeeeeee_x
    please follow me i am private but i will say yes
    thanks bye xx

  134. Love this! Makes me very excited for my upcoming holiday, will certainly be taking some of these products!

  135. Yeah she has with me too! Will look really good for my upcoming holiday! :)

    Samantha xx

  136. I always do the same, right up till I leave I am checking the luggage allowance! The benefit blush is amazing, I have it too & gives great coverage!


  137. check out my blog! i do things like zoella & Tanya burr!

  138. check out my blog! i do things like zoella & Tanya burr!

  139. This is great, I have a tendency to over pack on products, I always worry I am going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and want frizz free hair or my false lashes and then not have any there but I am feeling inspired and will pack light when I go on my jollies soon!

    Rachael xox

  140. I'm really sorry to self promote but if anyone could spare a moment to check out my page id be really grateful. I'm new and would really appreciate the support and advice. Please comment and tell me how i'm doing, thankyou everyone x

  141. I understand that you don't want spam but I would love it if you could check out my blog as you were the one that made me want to start blogging. My first post is even dedicated to how you helped me gain the confidence to start my own blog, and you are soooo pretty XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  142. Great post:) Love reading posts like this gives me ideas about what to pack for my holidays! think im gonna write one on my

  143. Laurie

    ZOE :) i know you get LOADS of requests but would you please please review all the zoeva brushes you've got? I'm thinking of purchasing because I've heard they're great, but I've got to do so online since I'm from the US. xx

  144. Kat

    Awesome :) and btw im thinking of getting the zoeva rose gold brush set do you think it will be worth saving up for or do u recon i should get something cheaper sooner but maybe not as good quality? or are there any similar brushes for a little cheaper? :P

  145. I love your blog so much!!

  146. Thank god for this post,I never know what to take on holiday although I'd say take bb cream instead of foundation when going somewhere warm as foundation is a little too heavy for hot weather!

  147. you, ingrid nilsen, & sprinkleofglitter are my beauty inspriations :) love you guys

  148. I love your blog! I am actually going in Turkey this week and I was wondering "what should I bring with me?" ( beauty section) and then I saw this post which helped me a lot! Thank you, Zoella!

  149. Yes, I always find myself overpacked for summer holidays. I pack in lot of makeup stuff and end up using only 1 or two of them. this is mostly because I love buying makeup and knowing that I have so many make up products but I don't actually feel comfortable with too much makeup.
    But the ones which I use are definitely my sunscreen and a lip balm (which doesn't really stay more than half an hour)

  150. Yes, I always find myself overpacked for summer holidays. I pack in lot of makeup stuff and end up using only 1 or two of them. this is mostly because I love buying makeup and knowing that I have so many make up products but I don't actually feel comfortable with too much makeup.
    But the ones which I use are definitely my sunscreen and a lip balm (which doesn't really stay more than half an hour)

  151. Yes, I always find myself overpacked for summer holidays. I pack in lot of makeup stuff and end up using only 1 or two of them. this is mostly because I love buying makeup and knowing that I have so many make up products but I don't actually feel comfortable with too much makeup.
    But the ones which I use are definitely my sunscreen and a lip balm (which doesn't really stay more than half an hour)

  152. Omg peach on the beach is my absolute favorite lip produced i really loved this post zoe xxxxxxxxxxx

  153. Georgia

    I usually over pack for holidays in general, but the only beauty products I really take is mascara and concealer. If im in need of more makeup I go to my twin sister, who is more girly than I am so she has everything! I also pack travel size shampoo and conditioner because they are so cute!

  154. Hearts for evaaaa

    I usually only take powder for a base because I need a light consistency. I find mac studio fix great one for holiday and at home because its amazing in coverage. I only then take a coloured lip balm but if I need anything else, My mum always over packs makeup so I go to her!

  155. James56

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