Sometimes, when life catches up with you, and you find yourself doing everything at a million miles per hour and forgetting to breathe, it’s good to just take some time away. Which is exactly what I did. As you may, or may not know, the Isle of Wight is one of those places where I always feel relaxed and have such happy childhood memories there. When i’m feeling stressed, the beach and the sea are the perfect de-stressing combination. I think I could sit on an empty beach all day, just thinking and doing nothing. It’s important that we all take some time away from our busy schedules and life’s many stresses and have some recuperation. I love the Isle of Wight because it’s only around 2 and a half hours away and a short ferry ride and you feel as though you are detached from the usual familiar surroundings. There are so many quaint little towns and villages and it only takes you around 30 minutes to get from one side of the island to the other, and you just feel as though you are surrounded by beaches and the sea. It was so nice to get away! Here are some snaps from my IOW visit. Sadly the one place I really wanted to go was BlackGang Chine (an old childhood favourite) and that was shut for the winter (re-opening on the 22nd I believe), so I JUST missed out on that one, but come summertime, I’ll be back and hyped up for it, haha! I hope you like my photos and that they also bring you a nice sense of calm.

Places I advise to you to visit : 

BlackGangChine (once it’s open)

Godshill (The Model Village & Chocolate Island – The hot chocolates are INCREDIBLE)

Shanklin & The Chine


Sandown Zoo

Owl & Monkey Haven


Go for random drives where you don’t really know where you are going, and anywhere that you see a few cars pulled over, just join them. Chances are they are watching an incredible view of the sunset or know a secret pathway to a remote beach. 

Do you have that one place where you can completely escape life to? Have you ever been to the Isle of Wight? 

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  1. Looks amazing! I go to the North of Devon every year which has the same peaceful and nostalgic feel to me.


  2. such good photos! xx

  3. Wow such lovely pictures Zoe :D <3

  4. Amie H

    Looks like you had an amazing time :) I've never been to Isle of Wight, was meant to in year 6 but the trip never happened :( Lovely post Zoe xx

  5. Tamsin

    Beautiful post. I remember going to Isle of Wight as a child too and it was always so much fun. I always try to take time out when I'm feeling everything is moving a little too quickly. Everyone needs a little RnR sometimes! x

  6. This place looks beautiful <3
    Natalie xx

  7. I love going to the Isle of Lewis, I have family there. It's a whole two days in the car away from me though, I live in the Midlands! Even though I only go once every year or two, I absolutely love it.

    Lovely pictures, it sounds like you had a lovely time! x

  8. This looks like my idea of paradise right now, somewhere peaceful. It's good to step back and take 5 minutes every now and then.

    Lovely photos.


  9. Looks wonderful! I love your pics! I am hoping to get to europe in september! Just can't wait! Have a wonderful relaxing time!

  10. allie

    Beautiful pictures, just looking at them made me feel calm. I visited IOW a few years ago but I was only there for about 2 hours. It'd be lovely to visit when the weather's nice.

  11. Lucia

    Aaw… I've been to the Isle of Wight once and I remember the Rock Shop. It's such a cute place. Maybe you've heard of our school? We go there every year around February for a drama workshop.

  12. Wow! This looks like such an amazing place. I have heard of the IOW but I've never heard how pretty it is, definitely been aded to my list of places to visit!

    Thanks for sharing your amazing trip and hope you feel all refreshed :)


  13. Some amazing pictures I bet it would be a great place to go when the sun is out xxx

  14. Laurie

    Your photos are really good! Which program do you use?

  15. Such a lovely pictures! :)

  16. this post makes me so so so happy! i used to go to the isle of wight every half term with my family and this reminds me so much of everything! i used to love black gang chine and also robins hill! thank you so much for this post which has made me wanna go so much again!

  17. I havent been to the isle of white in a few years and your beautiful photos have made me wanna go again this year so badly!

  18. Becky

    It looks so lovely there! I really want to go now because I just love places with little pretty cottages and cute shops and lovely beaches :) Hope you had a lovely time Zoe xx

  19. seeing you there makes me miss Dorset soooo much! I love you zoee! and I love when your hair is ombred. I showed my mum the photo and told her I want my hair to like that and she agreed haha!

    Love you! xxxxxx

  20. if you like the isle of white, you'd love cornwall. it has the beach shops and countryside about 2 minutes away from each!

  21. it looks beautiful, I have always wanted to visit! my mum visited all the time when she was little and said they were her happiest childhood memories visiting:) xo

  22. Ooooh I ADORE the Isle of Wight and I'm really near so massive bonus. I'm surrounded by some of the best beaches in the world so I'm ridiculously lucky that on my door step are a million adventures and peaceful moments to be had but I'm staying with my Auntie and Uncle soon in Wiltshire and I cannot wait to explore more. Roadtrips are escapes are the best. The very best.

    PS: Stop by my way next time lovely!!


  23. Im from the Isle of Wight, I live in London now as Im at uni and its so nice to go home to somewhere completely different, the ferry ride too makes it feel like your going that little bit further away from what is now reality, to a place which for me is now all about relaxing and enjoying times with family and old friends. It really is a little sanctuary. Glad you enjoyed a corner of the world that I love. :)

  24. lovely

    This place is sooo beautiful *-* wow i would really never know that in England are such lovely cute little places :)the pictures are beautiful , too!

    I escape into my holiday home there is a lot nature and silence and i love to be there :)


  25. Jordan

    I loved the photgraphy and the outfit Zoe! Also happy st Patrick's day for Sunday from an Irish follower :)

  26. I would love to go to the Isle Of Wight, it looks amazingly pretty! <3 xx

  27. Su Doh

    It looks beautiful out there :) I'm really looking forward to a small trip to Calais with my close friends in the summer but this blog post has made me EVEN MORE excited! Looking beautiful as always Zoe :) x x

  28. Becca

    Wow, such gorgeous pictures. Love your blog.

    Becca x

  29. awh i love the photos so much
    it looks really cute there, i'll have to go visit someday (:

  30. Lovely pictures. I live opposite the Isle of Wight. I get to see it from my bedroom window every day and I never tire of it. It's a lovely place to visit, very calming.

    Claire x

  31. Your place to escape is so beautiful!
    I realised that I don't have my place and I have to change it :)

  32. Alice

    This looks amazing! I've been thinking about this a lot recently actually- my escape used to be Guernsey, as my ex lives there ( andI went a lot when we were together), and now I can't go there, I think I need a new one. I think there is something about British islands- they are just so lovely! x

  33. That looks so cosy – really makes me want to go somewhere and forget everything about all the exam-tests I have at the moment, sigh. ;-)

  34. We went to the IOW for our first ever school trip. Black Gang Chine is awesome! Also….is it alum bay sands with all the different colour sands that they layer into like a guitar for you?! Childhood!

    Nothing like sea air and the sound of the waves to relax you xx

  35. Beautiful pictures Zoe!! I have only been there once but really loved it!

  36. Beautiful Photos! Thanks for sharing! Architecture in the UK & Europe is by far WAY WAY WAY more beautiful then here in the states! My favorite place to unwind is Sanibel & Captiva Island off the coast of Florida. I have a lot of really good memories from my childhood there too! It always relaxes me and makes me happy :) I"m a new follower of your blog & youtube! Thanks for posting such great posts!
    -Ashley Kdottie

  37. Celine

    why are you so gorgeous? <3 xx

  38. The pictures are incredibely beautiful! Whenever I see a cottage my heart explodes. :D Other people want white beaches and blue seas, and I just want a good old english cottage on a pretty island. :) The Isle of Wight is definitely one place I want to visit.
    Lovely, lovely post, Zoe! <3
    (I just recently wrote about my 5 favourite videos of your Youtube Channel on my blog. :))

  39. Amy

    The IOW is extremely special to me too. I had all my childhood holiday all around the island and it's now the place where I go with my family for day trips. It's become even more special to me since it's the place my boyfriend and I had our first couple holiday together. I'm sure it will always be a special place for me to go and get away from it all, like it is for you :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  40. Such a beautiful place…I'll have to visit, for sure! :D

    Castle Fashion

  41. Completely agree Zoe :) I live in Portugal, very close to the beach and at the moment as there are no tourists, it's really quiet and peaceful. I love to go there with my doggie woggie and my boy and just take it all in. The sound of waves are very relaxing and I just feel at ease. :)

    I've never been to the Isle of Wright, but having seen your photos, I think a trip is in order! xx

  42. This looks amazing! I wish we had a place like this here in Australia! Love this post xx

  43. Beautiful photos! I have to visit this place! :D it is amazing!

  44. Katie

    Awh I love the Isle of Wight! The beaches with the little rock pools are so cute I used to go there from London when I was younger with my parents. Its nice to know people appreciate them too!

    Katie xx

  45. beautiful pictures! I love how you made a lot of them sit on an angle to the horizon or the beach, makes them look very cool.
    I love getting away to a favorite spot to unwind, makes everything okay again <3

  46. Oh my gosh im so jelly! When ever i get to UK (Hopefully soon :( ) i hope i can visit here!
    Love, Lizzie
    (BTW new post on ladies and gents spring fashion ideas, and a special wedding one!)

  47. oh my gosh! your photos are so beautiful and make me want to pack my bags and leave Canada this instant to visit this little piece of heaven!

  48. It looks gorgeous- it seems like such a peaceful place.


  49. Gorgeous photos, Zoe! I know what you mean about sometimes needing to get away to some calm, remote place when things get stressful! I've never been to the Isle of Wight but from your pictures it looks so perfect I really want to visit it now :) hope your little getaway was refreshing. places by the sea make good places to escape to for me :) x

  50. I've been to that rock shop hehe, when i went on a trip with my school!x …. i bought my first collection 2000 concealer from the boots there hahah!

  51. Stefy

    Such a wonderful looking place, wish I could go there. Maybe some day when I visit the UK I go. Those photos are just beautiful, looks like you had wonderful time.

  52. Kelly

    I love the photos, I've never been but seeing this blog post and the amazing photos really wants to make me visit there :) x

  53. The photos look so beautiful! I've never been to the Isle of Wight but now I really want to! Hopefully in the summer :)


  54. I love the Isle of Wight :) my auntie and uncle own a hotel in shanklin called the overstrand hotel, it's right on the coast :) sandy beach is my absolute favourite place :)

  55. RCagz

    I think people really underestimate what a gorgeous place the IOW is. Shanklin is especially lovely :) lovely photos, makes me wanna go visit again! xoxo

  56. I'm from NZ too and was just thinking the same thing. I think one day I want to go on a road trip and find the NZ equivalent of this stunning piece of the world :D x

  57. You look so calm and at peace at those photographs, it's great you had such a lovely time destressing there! The Isle of Wight seems like a really beautiful place to visit. Those are such wonderful photographs! :)

  58. Wow, I would love to visit these places one day! The photos you took are beautiful! xox

  59. I've actually never been to the Isle of Wight but I would love to go, the pictures you took are really lovely! I go camping a lot and because I am outdoors constantly I feel that is a place where I feel I can be free from all my stress and just relax. :)

  60. I've never been to the isle of white. The photos look so beautiful and relaxing. Glad you had a lovely time x

  61. Teresa

    looks like you had a great time! i wish the weather was nicer in michigan so i could go somewhere like this :( if i did id have to bundle up! hahaha

  62. If you like the Isle of Wight then you'd love the Channel Islands- Guernsey, Sark and Herm! They are tiny islands between France and England, only 30 minites plane journey, and they're so quaint and gorgeous!
    That's where I love to escape…

  63. IOW is absolutely amazing, when I went I felt so calm for the full week I was there and I have honestly never stayed so calm and relaxed. The rock shop is such an amazing shop, everything tastes so good!

  64. Nicole

    I totally agree! I can't visit my place as easily, but I always loved Drackendorf right down the road from where I stayed on my year abroad. It was really strange, because I lived in a part of the city that could have *seriously* been used for a documentary on eastern Germany, but then you walked past the hospital and you were in a hilly, green village. But the walks around that part of the city were so soothing.

    In the UK, I love driving around the north Wales area – there's a great stretch on the A5 (I think!) between Bethesda and Betws-y-Coed that looks like it's been lifted out of an LotR movie.

  65. Inez

    Cute scenery, I haven't been to the Isle of Wight since I was a child, so you bring back memories for me too. Thanks for the post, xoxo.

  66. have you ever studied photography? you're very good :) i loooove the british seaside, its very much under rated. isle of wight seems so cute the shops are like little doll houses x

  67. I would LOVE to go there. But I'm in Texas (;
    very beautiful!

  68. I went to the Isle of Wight in 2011, and it was one of my most favourite times! I took the exact same photo as the last one you've included here, that's so weird haha! The rock shop is amazing too, it makes me want to go back! I completely agree with the taking time out thing, lovely post Zoe <3
    Love, Jo xxx

  69. Chloe

    beautiful photos, I used to go the the isle of wight when I was very young but don't really remember it, this makes me want to go back!

  70. The photos are stunning! Now I want to be at that beach. It looks so peaceful, and you seem to be very happy there :) Have a lovely week! xx

  71. The pictures are stunning and so do you! I'm so glad you had the chance to go go away from everything for a bit! <33


  72. Sally

    Your pictures are so lovely! I'd love to visit the Isle of Wight one day.. *le sigh* I'd have to say my favorite getaway- though I've only been once- is La Cadière in the south of France. I've never been more at peace in my entire life and I could sure use a little mini break there right about now!

  73. I'd love to go there – I love sitting on the beach watching the world go by :)


  74. I've been to all the places you recommended :p I love the island it's so cute :')

  75. this is such a lovely post – and i completely agree – it's nice to have somewhere to disappear off to! :) great photos! you should take more in london too – it's my favorite city in the world and i'd love to know some of your tips or thoughts on the best places to go!!! :)

    (there's one day left in my FASHION GIVEAWAY so if you're interested check out my blog and enter!!)

  76. I've had such a busy evening and your blog was the first thing i opened when i sat down and this was just perfect to remind me to just chill a bit. Thank you so much lovely i really needed a post like this today!


  77. These pictures look beautiful! I'm from Canada and was in England for 4 months last year and absolutely loved it. Unfortunately I did not get to visit the Isle of Wight but I have always heard many good things. I also completely agree with you with taking some time to "free your mind". xx

  78. Mandy

    Isle Of Wight looks so pretty, I cannot wait till summer for beach visits. Living near London I rarely see places like that. I went to Portsmouth last week and just disconnecting myself and listening to the waves crash feels like a stress relief; Under so much pressure and stress at the moment due to university approaching.

    Last time I went to IOW was when I was 11/12 on a school trip, my most memorable moment was when my childhood best friend and I was finding sparkly stones on this beach as an activity. She found one and had it halved. She kept one piece and gave the other piece to me, sadly she is my distant friend now. I wonder if she still hold that piece of halved stone. *smiles at the thought*

    & Zoe, you look so pretty, I particularly like your outfit with the pink skirt. It's a quite daring piece. I have to venture out these summer colours too (if I'm brave enough).

  79. Taylor

    It looks beautiful xo

  80. M+K

    These photos look professionally taken! We love the pink skirt you are wearing. We've never been to England before but we want to and now that you've shown us all the great places to visit we might just have to come!

  81. I go to Tenby when I feel stressed! It is about an hour's drive from me, it has a beach 20 minute walk away and has a cute, small town. It makes me feel very relaxed and makes you realise how small you are! Loved this post! <3

  82. Chloe

    I went Yes! when i seen you had written a new post :D I love going away to places that i've went to as a child mostly them being up in scotlan but there is a few places i've loved & have amazing childhood memories. The Isle of Wight looks so nice to go to in the Summer :D & i love beaches too – they are so calming :) i love your photos you took too :) the angles in some of them are pretty awesome :D & i love the outfits you have worn in them :)
    might need to visit here in the summer as a mini break :D

  83. TSOH

    Not as fabulous and peaceful but I live with family currently and go to the family flat in Manchester when I need to de-stress. It's only an hour away. Wish I could go to the IoW, really want to go Bestival!

  84. Lucy B

    These photos are amazing! It looks so beautiful and calm :) how I wish I could just go there now!!

  85. I love going to West Bay in Dorset :)

  86. The little cottages were so cute! :)

  87. Joelle

    I LOVE it there! Been there a few time's and it's just a quick ferry-ride from where I used to live.
    I do love Cornwal more though. It's like my little escape from the big city!

  88. Aimée

    I went to the Isle of Wight when I was a lot younger with my family and loved it. I haven't really thought of it since then, but seeing your pictures has really made me want to go back. The beach looks beautiful, I could of done with a calm beach today!

    Aimée Xx

  89. I've never been there but it's the first time I see pictures that make me really want to go! It lloks so quaint!

  90. I would love to go somewhere like that! I've never left North America!
    The houses look like play houses or doll houses! They are really cute! Do all the buildings look like that! It's so beautiful.
    I know what you mean… You get so busy doing things that you loose your focus on what really matters! Or you stop giving everything 100%

    I'm glad you got a break! We all need one now and then!

  91. What a lovely blog post Zoe. Your pictures are incredible. I haven't visited the IoW since I was a child so can't really remember what is like there. I leave near the beach and I love taking long walks down there, especially when its snowy and the sun is setting. It really helps me to unwind and calm my soul. Sometimes I do feel it is a bit too close for home and would love somewhere to go that is a bit further away. I may go and visit the IoW under your recommendation as it truly looks stunning. I'm glad you had a lovely time where you could unwind and detach yourself from your hectic life :)

    Steph xx

  92. I love your photos great photography work so beautiful this looks like a really nice peaceful place and I especially love rock :P lovely post! :D x

  93. I can't wait to escape back to my home city this weekend, too. It'll be a nice break from being immersed in this med school environment. Sometimes it gets too intense and overwhelming!

  94. Noush

    It's looks so lovely ! I hope you had a great time :)

  95. Amazing photos! I love them <3

  96. Karlee

    That was such an inspiring post! I love your blog so much zoe

  97. my grandparents lived on the isle of wight and i used to spend my whole summers there until they passed away, and i really miss it so seeing this kind of took me back and it was so good to see you'd been to godshill and ventor because they were my favourite places too aw thank you, as soon as i can drive thats the first place im going!

  98. I want to go to IOW so badly! Looks and sounds like you had a good time though, it genuinely looks like such a nice place xx

  99. Rosa

    Those are such gorgeous photos! I love the British seaside in the winter! It's so blustery, wet and cold. It's refreshing to wrap up and just walk for as long as you like, without worrying about bumping into someone you know or seeing big billboards and taxis on every corner. I envy you!!

    Rosa :)

    hello scrapbook

  100. These photos are SO beautiful!! I'm happy you had a chance to escape from your busy schedule for a little while :)


  101. Mary

    I live on the Isle of Wight :) shame I didn't bump into you! x

  102. The photographs are beautiful. 'Pencil Cottage' looks very cute :) I love your outfit where you are wearing the pink skirt and the Topshop coat. xxx

  103. These are great snaps Zoe! Looks so cute. xxx

  104. Katie

    I have so many memories from there, it was my first ever holiday when I was 4 months old! xx

  105. Great post, ive never been to the Isle Of Wight but i do love Cornwall :)

  106. la_lí

    The pictures are beautiful! And the houses look just as if they were from a fairy tale, not from a real world place!

  107. jenn f

    i have to say that the photos were wonderfully lovely. the pastel coloring almost was childhood-esque and some of the photos seemed almost like miniature train set models. wonderful wonderful :)

    no i haven't been to the Isle of Wright but i would have to say that Whistler, BC, Canada is consistently my retreat. the mountains and the winter air. perfect.

  108. Wow it looks gorgeous! Would love to go there :)

  109. yay you posted again~! The photos you took are lovely and the places look amazingly beautiful! If only I could visit in real life! Sadly, north america is quite far from the UK but one day, I hope to go to all the places you mentioned!

  110. This is absolutely gorgeous. People think that because I'm from Florida and live by a beach, that it's like a vacation all the time. It's not. I would trade anything to be there any day. It's just so cute! xx

  111. These pictures are gorgeous! I was super excited to see a blog post from you, but it's good that you've been taking some time for yourself. So often, we run ourselves down into the ground trying to keep up with everything, and we forget to just breathe. Still, these pictures make me so nostalgic of beach vacations. I love your outfit with the pink skirt. You really are a fabulous lady. :) Hope you are feeling more relaxed now.

  112. it looks magical :D I have that in Bulgaria – million places to go to and escape. Today I was thinking so much how I miss that – the untroubled childhood – walking in the warm rain, running in the village with goats, cows,ducks at endless green valleys, which have million shades of green – grass green, lime…
    or in the town – going in the mountain just 2 hours away from the city center – on foot…aaagggrrrr, now here – in Scotland it's nice – high up North – but here in the big city what can you see? a wonderful sunset in the summer, in a park…and someone getting mildly assaulted three meters away – picturesque I guess. :) but hmm when you need to escape and do not have the means (financial, in terms of getting out of town) – getting back to old photos, switching off the phone, tea and good friend (in case the friend is far away – a book, or a pen and paper) r the perfect remedy of escaping.

  113. These pictures are amazing! I came to NYC for my vacation!:)

  114. The rock shop is just cuteness overload!

  115. These are such wonderful photos, Zoella! I really enjoyed reading this post. Yes, we all need some time to breathe and spend time just enjoying life once in a while!


  116. I have never been there before but there is nothing nicer than being around water. I hope you managed to de-stress :) life can get too crazy sometimes!

    if you get a moment come stop by my blog :) a comment will make my day :)

  117. Love all the photos. You're so pretty! :)

  118. Oh My God!!!It is wonderful!I want to see this place too. but i can't because i live in Russia ^^

  119. liz

    This was such a very inspirational blog Zoe. You are one great cookie! I hope you know that!

  120. I love your posts, thank you so much! I'd love to go visit the isle of wight!

    May I ask, where is your fluffy green jacket from? Its wonderful!

  121. I'm calling my landlord immediatley and moving out. Then buying a house on that bloomin' lovely island, you even made it look warm which I know for sure it is not as Bristol is bloody freezing at the moment.

    Lovely post

  122. Such a cute post! I haven't been to the Isle of Wight since I was a child and I would love to go back. This post has definitely just made me want to go back even more. xo

  123. Amazing views, amazing place. It is nice to have somewhere where you know you can just relax and escape the craziness of the day. For me, when I cannot put up with life anymore, I go for a walk, to a park somwhere near my house. It is not that stunning, but I still like to walk endlessly, whithout caring about the time, the place or the few people around me. I just walk and walk through the flatness of the Netherlands, until I arrive to the next town or the next house. Sometimes, if I have the time, I take the train and go to the beach. The sea has an amazing power to heal our souls, no matter how broken they are…

  124. I seriously love the isle of wight! I went there 3 years in a row and its just the most beautiful place. It just feels so strange because its not that far from london yet feels like your in a different country. Beautiful

  125. Lara

    stunning photos, looks like an amazing place! I wish I lived near the sea, it's just something about it that's so calming.

  126. You are right, when my exams are finished this year, i just need to go somewhere different. I've never been there, it looks so stunning and looks as if it would be fun to explore!


  127. I can't get to IOW easily as I'm from Malta but it looks so serene and nice! Loving the photos… they just remind of how much I need to take some time off :)


  128. Wow zoella…this Pictures are zoo amazing and wonderful!! Wow wow wow!! :)

    Greatings from munich

    xx Marina

  129. very beautiful place. :)

  130. really nice pictures!! :)

  131. Dear Zoella,

    I've been living in Plymouth for a while and enjoyed the beautiful Isle of Wight, even as the whole coast around Plymouth, such as Porthmouth, Torquay and also Bath! (saw that one earlier on Joe's Vlog). You bring back the good memories, even as the familiar style that I miss back here in The Netherlands. Great fan of yours and England!

    Charlotte – The Netherlands

  132. Doke

    Hey, I'm from the netherlands too! :) And although my town (Deventer) is also very lovely, I definitely want to pay a visit to Isle of Wight some day, it looks dreamy…

  133. Julie

    I'm so jealous Zoe! It looks like the prettiest place! Xxxx

  134. Jovana

    Zoe this place is amazing! Love the pictures! I will use one of them as my background on my computer, if you don't mind :) :*

  135. wow! beautiful!! love how unique it all is seems like its out of a fairytale book! soooo lucky you can see that in real like il put it on my list of places to go!

  136. Wow those pictures are amazing. I love the IOW. When I first took my husband though, I managed to trick him into believing we needed our passports to get there tee hee xx

  137. Emmy

    Love! It looks so relaxing and calm. You are also amazing Zoe, you really inspire me and I never say that because its soppy :) xx

  138. The IOW looks soo pretty. I'd love to go there one day. My go to place for chilling out (if I had the petrol money to waste **sigh**) would be Cornwall.. specifically St Agnes in Cornwall. It's so darn pretty and a really cute village.

    If you want to please feel free to check out my 100 GFC follower giveaway :)

  139. Daria

    This is such a lovely post :) I love the fact that you have a favourite place to go to relax as an island, it makes me think of Peter Pan (is that weird? haha) :) Love the photos and thanks for the suggestions! Xx

  140. Miila

    That place looks so relaxing and I totally agree with you about taking time off to jsut relAX :D … if I ever get the chance I will most definitely visit that place :)

  141. It looks so pretty! Definitely on my list of places to visit. I live in Singapore and the environment is distinctly different here. Very busy, lots of people and I like to be in places like the Isle of Wight where you can just take a breather. Thanks for sharing your experience here love x

  142. I'm from Belgium and I can tell you that I really really want to move when I see those beautiful places haha. Lovely pictures and you look great!

  143. Looks absolutely amazing :) Such a cute getaway place!

  144. What a lovely cute place this looks! Will definitely be adding this on my "places I MUST visit list"

    Love India

  145. Your pics are great, it looks so calming! Living in Miami, I go to the beach to clear my mind also.

  146. Lin da

    Soo beautiful pictures! And the text was really beautiful too, just so true! :) Thankyou(:

  147. Amazing places! I hope I can visit them one day! =)

    xx, eleonora

    ♥ My Blog ♥

  148. Emily

    This looks like the most perfect place to visit. I live in Indiana and I've never traveled to a beautiful place like this. Loved your pictures too, Zoe!

    xoxo, Emily

  149. I wish I could just escape! WOuld be so nice to get away somewhere as beauts as that…thinking of running away with some make up, clothes and a laptop hahahahahaa.

    Beauts post!

    Kassie xo

  150. It looks gorgeous! Did you stop by the Liz Earle store while you were there?

  151. Shauni

    Your pictures are amazing Zoe :) You have a real talent there.
    I'm also glad you had a nice time and that you have de stressed, remember nothing in ife is worth getting stressed over.
    Shauni xx

  152. I have a place like this in north wales, and anglesea lovely and rural getaway a cut off from everything and a place to relax, :) I am planning a trip down there in the summer with my friends, Its where all my childhood memories are and a happy place.
    Lovely post Zoe.
    Pipp xx

  153. I've never been to the Isle of Wight, but now I'm adding it to the bucket list! The Netherlands, I hear, is absolutely gorgeous. Coincidently, I make my way down to the beaches as well when I'm feeling stressed. Here in South Florida, there are a bunch to choose from. Yay for beaches!

  154. Unfortunately I haven't been to the Isle of Wight. But it's on my list of places I want to visit. I actually have 2 places that I like to escape to if the world overwhelms me or i just want to be alone. The first place is a beach about 45 mins walk from my house and nobody knows about it so it's always empty. Or the second place is a drive up the mountain an sitting at the highest point you can find and just look down to the sea. I definitely feel like I'm on top of the world up there. Oh, and I should mention that this amazing places are on the island were I live, Kefalonia, Greece.(If anyone wants to come visit)!!!!

  155. Why wasn't Alfie in any of the photos?

  156. I've only ever been once to the Isle of Wight and have always wanted to go back. Ventnor beach is one of my favourite memories and these pictures make me want to go back even more! Will have to go there next year sometime… The photos are fantastic! xxx

  157. This places looks absolutely gorgeous. I'm from Amsterdam and I love going to the southern parts of The Netherlands where the lifestyle is so different from what I'm used to. I have so many good memories of holidays spent on the beaches just being a happy kid. Everytime I go back I look forward to long walks on the beach and a stroll throught the old town.

  158. I love Isle of Wight, my nana's brother lives there. It has such beautiful beaches(: Shanklin is probably my favourite place.

  159. Hi there^^,
    I just love this pictures, they´re so relaxing to watch. It must be beautiful there! I wish I could go there! I wonder what you can get in the rock shop O.o, but it looks very cute ♥
    I love you and your blog, its awesome ♥♥♥
    XOXO Abby

  160. I need to take a step back sometimes and slowwww the pace down! Very much needed this post Zoella…so thankyou very muchos! <3 p.s the photographs are taken so well, deffo shows off the IOWs cuteness <3

  161. Jade

    I totally agree. Sometimes it's just brilliant to leave life behind, jump on a train and get off without a care in the world. I could certainly do with doing that right now to be honest. Never been to the Isle of Wight before but it looks beautiful and quaint.


  162. Sarah

    Lovely post! Looks like a great place to visit :) x

  163. Lou

    Ah, lovely photos and I love the IOW. It is such a great place to go. Where do you stay when you're there?


  164. Lovely post Zoe, it looks like you had a great time! I love the Isle of Wight too, I have some great memories of camping and surfing and just general fun! I can't wait for the next time I visit now…
    Thanks for sharing!

    Charlotte xxx

  165. Kate

    Stunning pictures :) I've yet to go to the Isle of Wight even though I live in Southampton – I think these photos have persuaded me! x

  166. you are so pretty and amazing post xx

  167. The Isle of Wight makes everything alright.<3 …on a less cheesy note, it is a beautiful place and I would love to go someday. :)

  168. This post reallyyyy makes me want to go a be beside the sea somewhere…

  169. Kelly

    This looks like the cutest little place. I'm sure there are similar places (well not surrounded by beaches) in the US but not anywhere close to me. Did you go by yourself?

  170. Nyssa

    This looks beautiful! Your photos make the island seem so serene and quaint. I hope I get to visit there someday, but for me, Santa Cruz (CA) is where I go when I need to escape :)

  171. Always amazing look! sweet escape!Peace Kisses and love!! Have a fun!Do you want to follow eachother?

  172. I love the Isle of Wight! It's so relaxing there, and 2 summers ago I even got a bikini line there by the beach! x

  173. This looks so quaint and relaxing, i've never been to the Isle of Wight before but it looks amazing xxx

  174. The pictures are so pretty! I'd love to visit there x

  175. Such lovely pics. Hope you had a nice time. I always find it relaxing being near the sea.

  176. hey. I'm from a small town on the south coast -not too far from Brighton- and I love the Isle of Wight! Such a beautiful place.
    Although my favourite place to get away too has to be Newquay. We visited so much when I was a child that I instantly feel happy again.
    You've taken some gorgeous photos here!!
    Much Love.

  177. Lexie

    I love the Isle of Wight! I literally just got back from PGL on the Isle of Wight a few days before you went! It's so peaceful there, probably one of my favourite places xxx

  178. woah this place looks incredible. Definitely considering a road trip come summer!! :)
    I visit a little village called tenby most summers and have the best childhood memories plus it's god the same stress-free vibe that you describe here! Perfect when you need to take a break from all the stress of reality! x

  179. I absolutely love the Isle of Wight, so many happy memories there. My godfather lives there and we visit every year at least once! Shanklin is such a beautiful village! Lovely post as always, soso looking forward to the next one :)
    Sassy xx

  180. you look really cool:3

  181. Jazz

    Omigosh I've been to that Rock Shop and Model Village. Love the Isle of Wight :)

  182. This place looks absolutely beautiful. Amazing for a little wind down time.

  183. Going to the Isle Of Wight soon, after seeing these beautiful photos I'm even more excited :D so beautiful Zoe as always. Does anyone know any good places to go there?

  184. This is beautiful! I've added it to my list of places to go… honestly, I felt the calmness radiating through the photos! Thanks for sharing (:

  185. Dalia

    Your pictures definitely brought me a sense of calm! I wish I had a little getaway, that's not too far away. This looks so lovely and like the perfect escape.

    The Introverted Brunette

  186. Zoe, i absolutely love you and this post, especially seeing i am going to the Isle of Wight in April , i am going to Shanklin, if you do read this where did you go in the isle of wight because the shops and the whole area in general looks cosy and cute. I love places like this they seem vinatgey and well you know.

    I love you loads
    Vicky :D

  187. the photos are amazing :)

  188. I bloody loved BlackGangChine when I was younger, I have a whole array of different shaped plastic filled with coloured sand! x

  189. Beauty

    Nice work done… You have shared very good information… I enjoyed your post.
    You can visit my blog for more related beauty information.

  190. My escape place has to be Red Warf Bay. Its a beautiful bay in Anglesey, Wales. Its so peaceful and remote however its only a few hours drive. Plus theres always new exciting things to discover there, wether its a secret beach or a old vintage shop. Definitely a place you'd love!

  191. Oh my gosh, all this looks so pretty I could cry! The little cottages and trees look like they came straight out of a story book. I'm definitely adding this to my bucket list – thanks!

  192. OMG, I was in the isle of wight, between the 4th-6th of March. The photography is amazing. I love the isle of wight, the atmosphere of it is so fresh and relaxing xo

  193. Absolutely love these photos! I would love to visit the isle of wight too. it just looks so peaceful. I don't get the chance of getting away from my busy life at all really but when i do get the chance to run and hide away for a while this is one of the places i'd love to visit :) Great post :)

  194. Helena

    i live in cowes!!! you should have said you were here!!! :)

  195. SELAH

    I looove the quilted sleeved on ur jacket! And your blog:) makes me want to move to the UK.

    Ps. wheres the jacket from??

  196. This is such a gorgeous place!

  197. Amazing photos Zoe I wish I could go there to relax and thing :)

  198. You're so right! I don't have that one place yet, but I hope I'll find it soon :) Amazing Pictures Zoe!♥

  199. I've alwaysss wanted to go to isle of white as it sounds soo peaceful and the views look amazing but i've never really got time to spend going away. its the one place i've always wanted to go to :)

  200. Conny


    Loving your pictures!

    xx from Austria, Conny (:

  201. I really want to go to there even more now! Even though I already live on an island(Isle of Man) I guess I'll have to go to another ^_^

  202. I'm going to Isle of Wight in April, I'm really looking forward to going, I can't wait! It all looks so pretty

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)

    p.s. I’ve given the blog a bit of a face lift!



  203. Vikkii

    I could definitely do with a nice beach holiday away, the photos are beautiful and you deserved a good de-stress. :)

  204. Chloe

    Hi zoe :)
    I have never been to the IOW but my calm place is in Cornwall :)
    Also beautiful photos and you look stunning as always <3
    Lots of love, Chloe xxx

  205. What a magical place Zoe!
    So true, and i have to say, i find great escape at home with all things cosy as well :)

  206. Saskia

    Even looking at these pictures makes me de-stress a little, they're gorgeous! I wish I had such a nice place to go to, but so far, no luck. Just gives me an opportunity to visit loads and loads of more places to find that one perfect spot for me, right?

  207. I've never been to the isle of wight, looks lovely though :)

  208. Oh I wish I had known about these wonderful places when I was still living in the UK.
    Now I'm back in icy Switzerland and even though I sometimes escape to the mountains for a weekend (I probably sound like a real Swiss-Heidi-Girl haha) I miss the beautiful hills and fields of Devon!
    Have a wonderful time and if you ever plan on visiting beautiful Switzerland – let me know!:)

  209. Oh I wish I had known about these beautiful places when I was still living in the UK. Now I'm back in icy Switzerland and even though I sometimes escape to the mountains for a weekend (I probably sound like a real Heidi-Swiss-Girl haha) I miss the hills and fields of Devon.
    Have a wonderful time and if you're ever planning on coming to wonderful Switzerland – let me know!:) Lena x

  210. Oh I wish I had known about these beautiful places when I was still living in the UK. Now I'm back in icy Switzerland and even though I sometimes escape to the mountains for a weekend (I probably sound like a real Heidi-Swiss-Girl haha) I miss the hills and fields of Devon.
    Have a wonderful time and if you're ever planning on coming to wonderful Switzerland – let me know!:)

  211. Hey Charlotte!

    Sounds like you really enjoyed your UK stay… I lived really close to Plymouth when I was having my "Gap-Year". Did you ever heard about a pretty little town called Totnes? If you liked Bath and Plymouth you would absolutely LOVE it there.:)
    Go there if you ever have the chance!

    Take care
    Lena x

  212. Love your pictures, i've never been to IOW but it looks lovely and would love to visit some day! The one place i escape to is Northumberland, Alnmouth in particular, love it there :)

  213. aw the pictures are such beautiful pictures! I agree Zoe, sometimes you do just need to get away! Since i can't drive and don't have any friends that can and living so far in-land it's sometimes hard to get away. So instead of physically going away, i let my mind go away. I either read or write because it just puts my mind into a whole new world that can be however i like.

    I'd love to visit the Isle of Wight though! it looks so beautiful and picturesque!

    i hope you have a good week Zoe!<3

  214. Well, I definitely know where I'll be visiting when I go to Europe, haha! Beautiful post.

  215. Mani

    These photos are lovely!

  216. What magical photos Zoe! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. I hope you looked out for some woodland creatures for Louise. Were you able to put a few of them in your pocket? Love that you dressed up a bit in the photos as well.

  217. I am always blown away by your photography Zoe. It looks like you had a fantastic trip and I hope you found some peace of mind while there. We all need to sometime. I'm about to do it to – although my trip is slightly more drastic.
    I am from South Africa and will be jetsetting off to London for two months and in between I am doing a camping Contiki tour of most of Europe!!
    Sometimes we all need to get away ;)

  218. The photographs are amazing ! I've never been there but it seems to be a lovely place :)


  219. Really pretty pictures. I love England. I live in The Netherlands, and although I kinda like it, it's nothing compared to England. Love it!

  220. I've only been to the Isle of Wight once and that was with my school for a week when I was 11. It was an activity camp thing and I barely remember any of it. I should go and explore more sometime.

    When I'm stressed I will either go and stay with my friend, because we watch films and do crafty things and I find being creative really helps when I'm feeling stressed. Or I will also head over to the beach; which happens to be just over the road from my house. It's a gorgeous little beach that I adore. Music and the beach <3 I wish I had a car that I could just get in and drive.

    I utterly love your photos! I am glad you had a great time :D

    Kateez | Beauty and Lifestyle Blob

  221. No wonders you love Isle of Wight it is beautiful! Xx

  222. Beautiful post. :) This is exactly how I've been feeling recently, so this was really nice to read. ❤

  223. Sara

    Gorgeous photos Zoe! xoxo

  224. I'd love to go there Zoe! Next time I come to UK, I visit this place. It seems so calm ! I really need to be away from where I live for a while because I feel like I am a prisoner of my life :/ That is so sad to say because I have an amazing boyfriend (but I will take him with me when I will go away haha) and my life is not as sad as some people's lives but I don't know… I need to be away ^^ Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures with us Zoe :)

    Melanie ♡ ~

  225. Lauren

    I must go to these places, they sound amazing! Love the photos


  226. Hey Zoe,

    I love your pictures! I really agree that sometimes we let life get the best of us and we need to take some time out for ourselves.

    xo, Donya

    check out my blog!

    dubai based ♥

  227. Julie

    Love your photographs! I used to the isle of wight a lot when I was younger with my grandparents and actually all I remember is driving around in the car and the views from there but I went again about 5/6 years ago and loved it!

  228. This photos are lovely Zoe xx

  229. looks so nice! love your photography!! :)

  230. Hi Zoe,

    I really loved this post. I totally agree you do need to take some timeout now and again else the stress level rocket through the roof. My family and I have been thinking of going to the Isle of Wight for a summer break for the past few years and now that I have read this I’m even more charmed by the look of the place. Thanks again for the lovely post.

  231. L

    lovely photographs. x

  232. I would love to go to IOW, it looks so calm and nice! When I'm old enough and have my driving licence then I'll be hopefully making these kind of trips few times a year! I love traveling and relaxing! <3

    I'm holding a giveaway on a custumised phone case and a software program !!

  233. Zoe, these pictures are so beautiful and I hope you had an amazing time<3

  234. Wonderful post & lovely photos.

  235. Wow this place looks amazing will definitely be planning a visit at some point!
    thanks for sharing :) x

  236. Sophie

    It looks so pretty! especially the part about the hot chocolate mmm

  237. The IOW is literally a place that holds sooo many incredible childhood memories for me..noone understands how much I want to go back and visit!! I used to go every Easter for about 8 years running.. we had friends that went every year too! we used to stay in the savoy country club (Maybe you've heard of it??) and we would go swimming and go to the kids club then my brother (who is significantly older than me)worked in the bar and we used to go and see him :) amazing place.. need to visit in the summer :) xx

  238. like your bag!
    where you get this? :)

  239. I love this post Zoe, the Isle of White looks so pretty. Cornwall is my 'happy/relaxed' place, like you a lot of my happy childhood memories are there :) xxx


  240. Amelia

    It looks like such a serene place to visit. I don't have anywhere too near by for me to really escape to, so I usually just take about thirty minutes to an hour about twice a week for a nice long bath. That, or a museum visit can also really help me chill out. I hope you're feeling the calm that the Isle of Wight I'm sure has in abundance. xx

  241. awesome pics sweety!

  242. That looks so beautiful Zoe! I can't believe it's in the UK… I may just have to take some friends and go there myself for a couple of days in the summer. Thanks for sharing!!

    Lu ♥

  243. I've never been but it looks and sounds lovely! xx

  244. This looks like an amazing trip! I'd love to visit there one day. Glad you got to get away for a bit Zoe :)

  245. Wish I could visit Isle of Wight! Definitely looks like the kind of place I love to go to.. (:

  246. I so agree and it's so much fun to get away! these photos are gorgeous! please stop by my blog and join the awesome giveaway I have going on for a smashbox under eye primer! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  247. looks like a really lovely place, hopefully I'll get to visit there someday:) you look amazing in your first photo!

  248. Amy

    I've been to that rock shop! There were some questionable rock shaped body parts….

    I went on a university trip in first year, there was a lot of walking and crazy mini bus driving but it was a laugh :)

    You look like you had a nice time too!

    Amy xx

  249. Wendy

    Hello Zoe,
    I absolutly love the pictures that you made, it just looks like an really old fairytail village! So cute…
    And I fell in love with your skirt, the colour pink is just perfect…

  250. Oh my god, the small houses are soo cute! I would love to go there one time :)

  251. Really good pics of isle of wight maybe you should date robert pattinson since his fav place is also isle of wight and he is british too lol this is so random :P

    btw zoeee where in UK do you live? love love love your blog and videos btw! love how witty and pretty you are ;)!

  252. OMG! I new all of those places that you took pictures of in the IOW, I even brought a marshmellow sandVich in the rock shop! :) And have food in the pink cottage, I love you Zoe <3 xx

  253. Nell

    These photos are lovely Zoe!

  254. I love doing that! It's definitely something you need to do every so often :) I haven't found a specific spot yet I don't think, but the beach always works for me too :)

  255. Katja

    I'm from the U.S., but I originally found your dealing with panic attacks and anxiety video on youtube. I don't have panic attacks, but I had found myself anxious with something, and I didn't know what is was. I saw your video come up, and it really helped me! After that I checked out all of your videos, followed your blog, Tumblr, and everything else you post at the bottom of your videos. You are a very inspiring person, and I really appreciate you trying to help everyone who needs you. You actually inspired me to start a blog as well! You're a really sweet person, and there's never a bad thing to say about you. This post was calming, in a way. I like how you take the time to show us what happens in your life. I would love to talk with you sometime! Thanks for being, well, you! :)

  256. I've never been to the Isle of Wight but it looks so pretty and quaint – I too could sit on a beach doing nothing all day but thinking…although preferably a hotter one haha :p

  257. I realy love the photos!!! It is a magic place, I want to go there!!! :3

  258. Ah! It looks so cutee:)
    I live near a place like this it lush to just go and sit every once and a while

  259. Tiggy

    Gorgeous photo's! Just looking at them makes me feel calm and happy :)

  260. Kawlly

    Breathtaking pictures!!!! "The Rock Shop" looks like it has DELICIOUS stuff. I'll definitely put this on my list for places to visit…I think I need a little getaway soon too…(:

  261. Megg

    I love the Isle of Wight, Shanklin is beautiful. Has anyone ever been to the sweet making factory? Shows you how they make classic sweets like bonbons and mint humbugs.

  262. TineD

    Such BEAUTIFUL pictures. If only it weren't so far away (I'm in Denmark) ;-) Thanks for your lovely and honest blog.


  263. Zoe! Why do you have to be so pretty? Please make some more Youtube Vid's i am subscirbed to you!!

  264. Hi Zoe! I've recently started a new blog and I have mentioned you on the 'I recommend…' page. I was wondering if you'd like to take a look at it? And perhaps, if you like my blog, you might give it a mention somewhere? I'd love it if you did but I understand if you don't:) Still, enjoy looking at it:
    Thankyou xxx

  265. These photos are so beautiful! I live in Iceland and I think it's safe to say that my country is beautiful too. So MANY things and facts. I guess I need to write about that someday. Zoella, you would love Iceland, It's so unique in many ways. For example the Blue Lagoon! Does anyyone here know what it is? Has anyone perhaps been there? SO incredible. You should try it!

    just wanted to ask you a quick question: what effect do you use on most of your photography? it is kind of a vintage effect and i love it!! i love everything about you and your style zoe, you are such a role model :-) xx

  267. Oh I wish I had known about these beautiful places when I was still living in the UK. Now I'm back in icy Switzerland and even though I sometimes escape to the mountains for a weekend (I probably sound like a real Heidi-Swiss-Girl haha) I miss the hills and fields of Devon.
    Have a wonderful time and if you're ever planning on coming to wonderful Switzerland – let me know!:)

  268. Oh I wish I had known about these beautiful places when I was still living in the UK. Now I'm back in icy Switzerland and even though I sometimes escape to the mountains for a weekend (I probably sound like a real Heidi-Swiss-Girl haha) I miss the hills and fields of Devon.
    Have a wonderful time and if you're ever planning on coming to wonderful Switzerland – let me know!:)

  269. All the pictures are so lovely I hope you had a wonderful time :) <3 xx

  270. I love you so much Zoe, and you know what, i love your hair soooo so so much, i'd just love to coe into your house at night, cut it and take it to myself (well that sounds really creepy now, but this is supposed to show, how much i love them) :D

  271. Your blog, YouTube channel, style, friends and just your lifestyle in general has inspired me so much. I've been in love with your channel for so London and began reading your blog in January and it gave me the motivation to start my own one! I cannot explain how much you've actually changed me without even knowing me. You inspired me in my style, and made me so much more interested in make-up and gave me a bit of a wake up call to life. Thank you.

  272. What camera do you have Zoe????

  273. What camera do you have Zoe????

  274. Beautiful and lovely place! Plus the photos are gorgeous!

  275. Thanks so much for sharing Zoe! Lovely to hear your innermost thoughts :) Would you please do a blog about your favourite music? xo

  276. hayya, Zoe, i enjoy your blog so much and i also love your videos, you are so beautiful and you just know, how to write really awesome posts, about a week ago i started my own beauty/random blog to and you are definately my inspiration on that! <3

  277. Such a beautiful place:)

  278. Me and all of my massive family used to go every single year, and Black Gang Chine was my favourite place ever! I actually have a scar where I fell over in the maze once haha.

  279. Orla

    I really love the pictures you've taken, they look like there from a holiday website ;) I've never been to the IOW but I'm going with my guide group during the summer holidays and this definitely got me excited!

  280. Lily

    I used to go to the Isle of White all the time when I was younger and I really need to go back there. It is a beautiful place

  281. hey zoella, its always been my dream to live in isle of Wight. weather im 62 or 26 i will live in a little thatched cottage :)
    please have a little wiz through my blog thanks love u :) :)

  282. HELLO !
    I've been trying to follow your blog FOR AGES. Well…I think a month counts as ages, anyway. I only recently started watching your videos, but I can tell you I am a huge fan already. HUGE. You are so gorgeous, and you are so lucky to have such wonderful friends :) You're so pretty! And your brother is funny as well xd And you are too! And your friends ! I want to be your friend :( Haha :'D Sorry if I'm creeping you out, I'm trying my hardest not to. You're like a role model to me…you're always so positive and you're such a nice person, and your sense of fashion and humour are just enviable. You are a perfect role model. And it's always a good thing that you're a girl, since all my previous role models have been men….ok, that was a bit too much info, eh? Well, but I'm being honest with you! Where was I again..? Oh yes. So you have the honour to be my first "proper" role model…(I guess?) And another reason why I am so jealous of you is….can you guess already? YOUR HAULS. Yes, I have watched every single one…and while doing so, I've been drooling after all those gorgeous clothes you've bought. Worst part? I don't live in the UK. So I can't buy any of those things T__T So I guess it's not very healthy for me to watch those videos but i just can't resist. And sorry if I'm writing an essay again, it's just that I just envy you and…and…BOW DOWN TO YOU. You are beautiful ! x And I've got so much to say! I was actually planning on buying you this set of lip smackers, or you know…those different soft-drink flavoured lip balms? Like…vanilla coke, pineapple fanta? But then, I figured it would be really complicated to send them to you, so I should probably ask whether you can buy them in the UK already, because in one of your videos (I'm telling you I'm not a stalker at all >.<) you said you can't get them in the UK anymore, but that might have been like 2 years ago…I don't know..I should check. BUT, IF YOU CAN'T GET THEM, LET ME KNOW. I'll buy you a set and mail it to you! When is your birthday again? And…um….well, i can't send you lucky charms, we don't have them here. What else….OH YES. YOU HAVE INDEED NOTICED ME BEFORE, ON TWITTER…tehehehee…You favourited one of my tweets :) DUK (did you know) THAT TWEET WAS ACTUALLY MY FIRST TWEET (ADRESSED TO YOU) EVER! And you noticed it straight away! And in case you weren't aware, I consider you famous. So when you noticed me on Twitter, it was as exciting as if….Lady Gaga noticed me on twitter. SO you're like Lady Gaga to me. Fame-wise xd
    So….I guess what I'm trying to say is that I LOVE YOU (in a non-creeper wayyy!!) and you are an inspiration to me…a role model :) And I look up to you and I admire you ! :) But I'll leave it to this for today, I'll come back tomorrow to continue my essay xD
    Byeeeee and I hope to hear from you ! :) xx
    Polished Kiwi , @karinwilkko on twitter :) I also like your videos on youtube xD

  283. emma M

    I'm a London girl and love escaping to the isle of wight to visit family there.
    The spy glass Inn in ventnor is lovely..right by the beach -great to have a drink there when the sun is setting- so relaxing x

  284. wow, i'd love to visit there!

  285. The pictures are so beautiful!xxx

  286. Lauren

    It looks so perfect there xx

  287. i love the isle of Wight too, especially Godshill. i would recommend the Taverners in Godshill they do amazing food using local ingridents ( and make lush apple jucie!)

  288. Wow…really good photos! What camera do you use?:)

  289. Love the post. Made me relax a bit! Iowa is where I am from and on the eastern side there are many little river towns of the Mississippi that one can travel to by boat or by car.

  290. I'm so glad you had a great trip! I'm so jealous. I really need to get away and take a nice relaxation trip….if only. Beautiful pictures as always! I plan on visiting Isle of Wight sometime, and I'll be sure to visit every place there you mentioned! <3 Love you Zoe! If you checked out my blog, that would mean the WORLD to me! I'm just starting and trying to get it to kick off. xxx

  291. AMANDA

    Galveston Island here in Texas is my IOW.

    It's a little under a 2 hour drive from me and growing up I only ever got to go about 4 times, but while my husband and I were dating we would drive at least every other weekend and get a cheap beach front hotel.
    -Sometimes a nice one if we had a little change to spare.

    (Though, don't tell my dad, he's a preacher, he thought I was working nights at the nursing home and crashing at my friends the next morning so I didn't have to make a long drive home!)

    Anyway I always feel completely relaxed there and could just walk the beach for days.

    We always go there on our anniversary now or any time we need to get away and just focus on each other.
    Even though the beach water isn't a lovely crystal clear blue but instead a murky grey(or brown…) I always feel warm inside when I think about My 6t3 husband letting 5ft1 me ride piggy back out over my head into the ocean and threatening to abandon me,then giving me a good ole salty saltwater kiss, ha!
    Why am I telling this to strangers?!

  292. I might be road-tripping to the isle of wight now! I've heard of it before but after your photographs it just looks so beautiful – I love it!!

    So when I start my camping / backpack tour of Europe next month I think isle of wight is going to be one of my destinations!

  293. It's so pretty there, hope to go there soon

  294. Nope, but I'm going to visit Isle of Wight this summer! :)

  295. Amy

    it's so lovely seeing you talk about my little home! im from the isle of wight and i absolutely love it there! i go to college in london and it's sooo nice to come home for half terms back to my little island, like you said, to escape everything! glad you enjoyed yourself zoe, its so exciting to see that people love the island as much as i do :) xx

  296. Beautiful images Zoe, you should be so proud, looks fun! x

  297. That looks amazing and so pretty! I know how you feel. There's an island 3 hours away from where I live and its my favorite place in the world! Its so tiny! There's 1 shop, 1 pub, 1 restaurant and 200 people live there. Its where I've made my best friends and its always where I'm happiest :)

  298. Hi Zoella!
    Thank you for the lovely posting about my home !
    Anybody that is planning to visit the Isle of Wight etc can see some of the reviews about places I have visited, such as The West Bay Spa in Yarmouth and The Met Tapas Bar in Ventnor. I also do beauty reviews, lifestyle etc.
    My blog can be seen here:

    Clara x

  299. I'd love to go here, it looks sooo pretty!! :)
    please could you check out my blog as I have recently deleted half my posts by accident and managed to get them back however all my comments have gone and I worked hard to get the comments I did :(
    thanks, love your blog and youtube! xx

  300. Love your pics Zoe! Looks like you had a great time! I haven't been to the Isle of Wight since I was teeny tiny so am well overdue a revisit!

    you're totally right about needing to get away sometimes, I get like that at times and just need to feel like i've recharged my batteries, then I'm back to my old self again!


  301. ohh wight is so pretty <3 i have a place like that to, just to go and relax. Its a little island in germany :)

  302. Wow beautiful pictures! I've always had a strange intrigue with model villages, the Isle of White looks absolutely gorgeous!

    Chelsea :)

  303. Those pictures are stunning Zoe :)

  304. Anita

    This is the place I need to be in! I've been to one of the beaches there but by looking at these pictures I clearly haven't experienced the beauty of the Isle of Wight yet

  305. I love your posts <3

  306. Amara

    England is so beautiful. I visited twice. It is beautiful. The photos make England 10 times more beautiul.

  307. JoAnn

    Beautiful place!


  308. WMBG

    great post!


  309. so beautiful zoella, come to australia though please! :)

  310. Elena

    this place looks awesome. i always feel relaxed when i'm at the beach in danmark. i've spend so much time there.

  311. really lovely photos

  312. Martin

    God Zoe, you're so freaking beautiful

  313. That place looks really nice! I hope one day I'll be able to get to visit the UK and maybe see IOW! Thanks for sharing the pictures!


  314. Wow the photos are amazing! X

  315. This looks so nice and peaceful! I love Jersey, in the Channel Islands the thought makes me so calm!

  316. Oh Zoe you are beautiful :) Amazing post

    x Love M

  317. I love your photos! :)

  318. The coloring of the photos is absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully I'll get to visit Isle of Wight someday if I study abroad in England!

  319. OMG!This Place Looks so Nice ;)

  320. Gorgeous photos Zoe. I'm from Australia so I am always so jealous of your amazing British winters and sleepy towns. I think I am the same as you- an empty beach is amazing to think and escape on. I also have this very strange love for the beach in the middle of winter, when its cold, and dead and you can drink coffee and watch the waves roll in but have nobody on the receiving end of their force. Maybe they get lonely in winter too? Haha any way, killer blog post as always Miss Zoella. x

    wallflower jane | design, fashion, lifestyle

  321. I've always wanted to go to the Isle Of Wight. It's definitely on my to-do list now! So pretty x

  322. Oh my god. These photos are amazing, i've never been to the isle of wight but i'd really like to go now after reading this. Ah incredible. Thank you :) xxx

    Em xx

  323. Such a beautiful place!

  324. I haven't been away for 9 years this year…

    Saving for next year though, (YN).

  325. Zoe!! I am completely obsessed with you and your blog!! I just started my blog and i would loooooove for you to follow it!! You're my inspiration, please follow me on twitter @Mis_Kaye <3 i love you doll!

  326. The pictures are beautiful, i've always wanted to visit the Isle of Wight and now I know I defiantly have to.

    Im new to blogger and would love if you could follow me(or whatever you do on here) would be much appreciated.

    oh and Zoe have fun in Florida :)

  327. I absolutely love your pictures it looks and sounds like you had a lovely time! I live in an area where there is beaches and villages similar to the Isle of Whight, I agree, so calm! xo

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  328. I wish I knew you were going there! I live in Portsmouth! Would have been nice to meet you!

  329. wahhh so so beautiful (you and the Isle of white!)(follow back blog) xx

  330. Yes it is indeed nice to take some time to relax and be away from the everyday life :)
    whether this is a nice afternoon reading a book, a pampering evening, or going somewhere else. I would love to visit the Isle of Wight some time…

  331. Hi Zoe : )
    I just want to say, I've just about read your blog from start to finish- I literally only have a few of your last entries before I've read every last one. You are a fantastic writer, and as I'm sure you are told all too often, completely gorgeous (enviably so).

    I just want to say thank you for putting so much time and effort into your writing, photography, and videos. It really shows, and makes it hard to stop reading and watching. If you haven't already, consider planning a book in the future!

    Looking forward to revisiting the UK in the future to see all this beautiful countryside that you've shown us

  332. Gahhh this is where my next spontaneous trip out of the US will be!!

  333. Karla

    That place looks lovely! I wish I could go away somewhere that looks like that. No where in the Canadian Prairies that can compare.

  334. The pictures look gorgeous! It looks so serene and lovely. If I would escape to anywhere it would probably be to Stockholm. I love cities and Stockholm just looks like a really eclectic city. I'm also quite interested in Swedish culture.


  335. Alina

    Pictures are so stunning & beautiful…..Great Post! But you might just want to try having the holidays in killarney , it would be really fun!

  336. Oooh it looks dreamy! There is literally nowhere like that in Australia

  337. who was she on this trip with? :) x

  338. Vivien

    These days I strongly feel the urge to escape this familiar place and travel the unknown, I really need a relief..
    Beautiful images :)

  339. Hiya,
    I live on the south coast in Bournemouth/Christchurch/Mudeford :)
    I've been to the Isle of Wight so many times, and must agree with the many memories and feeling chilled there bit!
    P.s. I love you (good film, not intentional haha)

    Katie xo

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  341. Hi, love your youtube videos and your blog! Please visit mine!! I go on hay day and my sims, i am addicted! Add me on hay day my farm is called holikins. Whats yours called? Plz leave a message on my blog. Plzzzzzzzzzz visit my blog thx!! :)

  342. Carson

    This is awesome! I would love to go there some day. Check out my blog too, if you'd like :)

  343. Greetings from the US!
    This place looks beautiful!

  344. I wish that I lived in Britain. Absolutely beautiful!!! <3


  345. Rachel

    That looks like the nicest little place ever! I really want to visit Isle of Wight now, I've never been before :)

  346. i live on the island :) in gurnard and i see youve got one of gurnard front amongst your pics :) hope you had a nice trip x

  347. i live on the island :) in gurnard, i see you have one of gurnard front amongst your pics! hope you had a nice trip xx

  348. wow.. it looks amazing there.. I'm from the states and i want to visit so bad, actually i want to move there… its so beautiful

  349. Hi, Zoe. I love your blog so much. It is one of the inspirations for my blog. I just posted one thing so far but when I post more could you check it out please?

  350. this place looks so pretty, i need to go someday… <3

    sara x

  351. hey, great photos !! looks like you had a lovely time. I was just wondering where you got your coat from in the first picture its really lovely!! xx

  352. Wow the isle of wight looks amazing! I'm inspired now to put it on my list of places to go! :)

  353. I just love the sea and once i leave school i cannot wait to have time to just go visit places and the Isle of Wight is one of the places i want to go. To be honest most of the places will be on the coast just because i love beaches so much ;) xo

  354. Hey, I've just set up a blog and I'd love for you to check it out! I know I sound so generic but I promise you'll love it!!! to

  355. An

    Lovely pictures!!! Looks like a beautiful place, would love to visit unfortunately I live very very far… maybe one day, I hope so. You're lucky to have a place to escape like that… it seems like a fairytale :)

  356. ahh that place looks so lovely! we dont have anything nearly as pretty here in australia. I wish we did though it look absolutely gorgeous!

    check out my blog!

  357. SO BEAUTIFUL! I would love to visit one day!

  358. Zoe

    So beautiful zoella!!! I blog about fashion, beauty and everything in between! :) every mon&fri! please check it out :) much appreciated.

  359. All your pictures are amazing, and I really love to go the local beach in my village and omg you look so pretty!:)

  360. Hello there! I'm Ellie and I've just set up a blog- and I really want to try and gain some followers and readers! Could you give me a shout out or even just give the blog a quick read? It would mean so much and I'm sure you appreciated how much a helping hand was needed when you first set up! Much love Ellie xox

  361. Those pictures look A-mazing!! I must must visit there someday.. Thanks for the inspiration :D

  362. When I read this and I thought about the ways of distressing and I have found that I love sayings. The simplicity of a good, happy saying can make my day. If you want to see the ones I love then Have a look at my blog, I did a whole post about it but even if you don't look at my blog, I recommend having a look at some on google. They can very inspiring xx

  363. Diya

    i agree! sometimes, everyone needs brakes xoxo and u have an amazing blog.

    im new, and would be highly be inspired if some people read and like my blog.

  364. Penny

    Where is your grey jacket from? :) And it looks like a lovely place, Zoe! You look really happy in your photos, it is good to see you smiling! :) xx

  365. Hey Zoella, I love this post as sometimes when everything gets to me, as I don't have a beach near by I love just going to the park and just thinking and clearing my head. But now seeing this post I definitely want to visit the Isle of Wight now. I love brighton and Clacton as it holds alot of childhood memories for me there. Lizzie xxxx

  366. your photography is lovely :) its very much persuaded me to visit the Isle of Wight :D

  367. i love your beauty sense ill be extreamly happy if you could give me advice on my blog
    hope we can be online buddies :)

  368. One place I'd love to escape to is the Philippines ! :) there's soo many beaches, plus it's always sunny and there's an abundance of unique shops to purchase clothes at and the vibe's just really chill over there !

  369. ahhh I understand how you feel ! I'm basically landlocked where I live ! I wish I could just drive to a beach whenever I feel stressed and overwhelmed. . .

  370. Haven't been there for years. I always used to love Blackgang Chine, I'm remembering the snakes and ladders slides being awesome. Loved going to Brickfields too to see the horses. I remember us being really bored on Needles beach once so we buried our mum in pebbles :)

  371. What a beautiful little place to escape to! The shops and colors are all soo adorable. I'm from California.. I love to escape to the beach.. but need to find a lovely place like that to escape to. Thank you for sharing. :)

  372. You take such amazing pictures Zoella! I've been trying to get this sort of creativity in my pictures but not everyone has that talent, haha. I hope you had an amazing time! :)

  373. The Isle of Wight looks gorgeous, so pretty and picturesque! I have been inspired to book a trip!

  374. Jess J

    Looks like such a nice place, I would love to travel!
    And also love your photos x

  375. Wow, awesome pictures – I'm jealous. Time to set a nice little vacation up …thanks :)

  376. emzoo

    hello zoe!

    I know this is a lot to ask but my best friends birthday is coming up soon and you and Louise are her favourite you tubers of all time . I'm making video for her like you did for Louise and I thought it's worth a shot to try and ask you if you would film yourself just on your webcam wishing Ellie a happy birthday and send it back it would mean so so so much. thank you for reading this xx

    If you would like to please contact me at

  377. so pretty!! I saw your keek when you were at the beach aswell :) it looks so nice.

  378. I love your jacket where is it from?

  379. jule

    oh good god, I WANT TO GO TO THERE!!!

  380. Such such such gorgeous pictures!

  381. Would love to go to the Isle of Wight, not really sure why I've never made it!

    Stunning photos.

    It's a LDN Thing

  382. Zoelle. You look damn AmazinG!
    Wow. Just perfect, I like to spend some days in london next month hope so for sure :)
    Love P

  383. hello zoella, im from portugal and i just wanted to tell you that i love yoour blog, and your pictures and everything. you just inspire me
    please take a look: i just made it :)

  384. I would LOVE to visit there! the beaches look beautiful! lovely photography zoe!

  385. The Isle of Whight along with Scotland are two of my favourite places! It just proves you don't need a 10 hour flight to some tropical country, sometimes peace and quiet is closer than you think!

  386. nice photos!
    big like

  387. This place looks so pretty. I need to visit here wow!

  388. Oh! I love the Isle of Wight !!! especially the little town called Cowes ! It's just so lovely and peaceful and there are some amazing vintage shops!!!!!

  389. i love these pics!! i have been ill today and i think i have watched almost all your youtube vids! you really inspire me and i have now got a blog because i think what you do is great! im obviously not copying you but you have just inspired me!! i think your zoo pretty and sweet too xxxxx

  390. hi zoe! i like the name of the blog zoella!! (((: it's just make the ordinary name more unique and special!! i felt the name sooo beautiful as well…because it reminds me of bella in italian in ella in spanish…it's just beautiful (((:


  391. Anna

    I am going to be honest, living in NZ i feel that the UK dosent really et the credit it deserves for its stunning landscape. ZOe, this is such a stunning post :)

  392. These are amazing pictures, and you're looking gorgeous as always!!
    I'm also from NZ, and still haven't found a perfect place like this, but a place that I do love to go is Eastbourne, which is across the harbour from where I live. I lived there for a few years as a kid and it's such a beautiful place!

  393. Dear Zoella

    You are my idol!:) I currently started my own blog :) It's fun to be creative and write down my thoughts and I appreciate your tips about blogging or taking photos highly!


  394. Nana

    These are honestly one of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen. MIss the country sometimes while being stuck in the city.

  395. This place looks so nice! #jealous ;)

  396. nice photo..:) you´re beautiful!!

  397. I love this post, The Isle of Wight is such a beautiful place to visit! x

  398. Omg you look so beautiful and I love your clothes Omg you're so pretty <3

  399. Maja

    Well, all I can say is that you have one of the cutest blogs on the whol wild world. I love it so, so much :)<3

  400. It looks so amazing there! the shops are so cute :) and i love your outfit!

  401. Oh my goodness I went to the Isle of Wight on a trip with school when I was 9, it was my first time away from my parents and these photos reminded me how much I loved it! especially the model village.

  402. Izzy C

    Zoe, I really loved this Blog post, its just a peaceful post. Everyone needs there own time and space to think and their happy place, everyone has one of those from when they were younger :) Mine is forest and woods and lots of mud :P, the pictures also really inspired me to take some more landscape pictures, if you could check out my youtube channel I would really appreciate it thank you. Its BeautywithIzzy :) Thanks for the amazing blog post again :)

  403. Love your blog! Gorgeous pictures:) Would you mind checking out our blog btw? That would have made our day!

  404. wow what beautiful pictures, my friend just reccommended your blog to me and I'm so glad she did, really enjoyed reading your posts ;)

  405. It looks absolutely beautiful… I wish I lived somewhere like that :( I hope the residents realise how lucky they are! Glad you had a nice time :)

  406. ZOEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

    Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, visit my blog, and tell me what you think about it! <3
    It would mean so much to me. You inspired me!

    Love you! and thank you!

  407. these photos are absolutely gorgeous!! looks like you had a great time.

  408. alniac

    Awww you're so cute and pretty! :) I always can't wait to see your another video on YT or post on blog. You're my inspiration! Kisses xoxo

    (everyone is invited to my blog though)

  409. Cata

    Oh gosh! What a lovely isle! must go there sometime! I'm really dying to escape from Buenos Aires and wander around UK! I completely agree with your opinion on random drives, they are definitely the most enjoyable thing in life!

    Hope you post soon! I personally love your blog soo much!!


  410. I really really need to go to other places in England except for London! This is seems awesome!

  411. TaiBea

    Love this post zoe :) It looks so beautiful there.

    TaiBea x

    Ive just done my first post. Just come across your blog and i love it, followed straight away.

    TaiBea x

    just done my first post on my blog.

  412. Nareen

    I was born on the Isle of Wight. We moved from there to Australia when I was 2, and unfortunately never went back when I've been to England to visit family, my family find it quite boring, so we didn't end up checking it out. Now I wish I had. Oh well, next time I'm in England I'll make sure to do so :)

  413. Wow the place looks very beautiful and you are a cute girl :D
    I am a new follower from Costa Rica, very far away jeje


  414. Becky

    Do you have a formspring? I found one that's supposedly you but I was wondering if it was fake because you never link it anywhere :-)

  415. Dear Zoe, I live in the United Kingdom but I have never visited there. Your photos make me feel like I am missing out! I agree that everyone needs some time to themselves and away from work every now and then. Have a wonderful Easter! Xox Laura xox

  416. The photos you have taken are stunning

  417. Megan

    I love this post, it makes me want to re-visit all the places I went to as a child and had happy memories at! :) And the photos are so gorgeous, you're really talented Zoe :) x

  418. I would love to be able to go somewhere like that! Your photography is amazing! Really enjoy reading your blogs! They always give me something to look forward too!

  419. It would make my life if you followed my blog and my twitter and everything!! I love love love you! You inspire me a great deal!!! <3

  420. This place looks so tranquil. Your pictures are brill x

  421. HIII owww i love your blog/youtube they're so pretty!!

    iv only had my blog 2 weeks id love if you could check it out and mabey give me some pointers??

    thankyou so much (id follow you but i dont no how haha)


  422. I'm from Essex (England) so we have lots of rivers and beaches near us where I walk my dog to chill out and clear my head :-) There's something about fresh air that is amazing for de stressing! :-) It looks really peaceful and great for photography in the Isle of Wight, think I might arrange to go with some friends! I can imagine its so lovely to just sit and watch the sun set :-) I love your blog Zoe!

  423. Great pictures and I will definitely want to visit the gorgeous Isle of Wight some day

  424. hi zoe it looks like your having fun over there

  425. Dear Zoe,
    once again you nourished my wish to visit England again. I'd love to see the Isle of Wight. When I need to escape from the world, I just grab a good book, some chocolate and go into the forest to read.
    Have a lovely day!

  426. that seems to be a very nice place! I hope to have the chance to visit there!! Hello from Hong Kong! :)

  427. Zoe, You are so inspirational and because of that, I decided to create my own blog. You may or may not see this comment but I would just like to thank you! I've only just started out but someday I hope to inspire people! Thank you so much :)x

  428. Queen

    Cool Pics….
    Really beautiful place…

  429. Laura

    Looks like a very beautiful place, would love to go there someday

  430. aw wow! going to try and visit some of these in the summer look beautiful!!

  431. I absolutely adore the Isle of Wright. Lovely post!


  432. Hey everyone!
    I just started a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog and I'd love if you checked it out!
    If you could give this a thumbs up that'd be awesome! It's really hard to get started on here <3

    Thanks guys! <3

  433. Diya

    Zoe, your blog is amazing! The only problem is that you don't post very often. IT's like once a month ….


  434. Such beautiful scenery. All very nice. And you Zoe is also very beautiful :3

  435. I love your blog and I read every post! The photos you have taken are really great. I have never been to the Isle of Wight, but I may go net summer with my family. You are a huge inspiration to me and my friends. I can't begin to explain how much I look up to you. Keep doing what you are doing. xx

  436. I have never been to the Isle of Wight but after watching your snaps I really feel it's a beautiful places I must visit one day :)

  437. Such beautiful photo's. haven't been to the Isle of Wight in years, definitely want to visit again soon after reading this post.

    Charlotte xx

  438. This actually looks like the nicest place. I also love love that pink skirt you're wearing in one of your pictures. Where did you get it?

  439. Hi, new follower here from the Philippines. I absolutely enjoyed your youtube videos-was searching for what's in my bag videos when yours came up and I really enjoyed your bubbly character and actually finished the video unlike most who bore me to death in the middle:-) I've always hoped one day I could visit UK-just had too many places in my bucketlist that I wanna go too like the Isle and Cornwall etc.

  440. All of your posts make me smile!x

  441. Love this post Zoe!! I've been watching your videos for a while and now reading your blog-I have to say, I love them both!! xx

  442. I go to the Isle of Wight almost every summer with my family. I went last year and I am looking forward to going this year again. It is also a childhood memory for me coming here its so beautiful in every place and I have many great memories. It usually takes about 6 hours to drive down to Southampton from where I live in South Yorkshire and then an hour on the ferry and its well worth it. I love going to the little villages like Shanklin and Godshill just to walk around and I know what you mean about the chocolate island stuff I remember I got one of those huge lollipops hehe it was yummy! It's a lovely getaway from the big cities and its a beautiful place to spend time with family! :)xo

  443. Caty

    Love the photos! I'm going on vacation in a couple of weeks and this post just made me all the more excited! :)

  444. That's really pretty! I love the pictures of the village! Is it a real village or is it more like a themed place? Where is that exact place? My sister and i and perhaps my bf would love to visit that place <3

    -love louis.

  445. i love your blog! xxx

  446. Escaping is the thing I need right now and I am so jelous, looking at the pictures where you went is beautiful and I am definatley looking into going there. I have never been to the Isle Of Wight but a trip there is need! I love reading all your posts.

  447. Hi zoe, I loved this blog post and your stunning the Photography is amazing and please check out my blog it would mean the world xxx

  448. Isle of Wight looks amazing! I really wanna go there now,by the way i love the pictures and your so pretty:)


  449. I adored this post zoe, you are so inspiring :) x

  450. Zoella, you're so pretty and it's not fair :( anyways i just recently started watching your videos, and i love you and your personality already!! You're the reason why I started watching UK youtubers!

  451. I have a house in the Isle of Wight and have literally just come back from there for the Easter weekend! Isn't it such a tranquil place and I too have many childhood memories there! I was lucky enough to go to Blackgang as it had only just opened, my favourite place EVER!! ha! Where abouts do you stay, that beach looks very much like Compton…? Here's my blog post about it

  452. happy birthday zoe :) hope you had a lovely time.

  453. great pictures!! <3 lovely blog!

  454. i love love the isle of white! its just perfect!

  455. That looks like an awesome place to think through everything on your mind! :) Would love to visit it once.

  456. The Isle of Wight holds great childhood memories for me too :) I too always loved Black Gang Chine as well as the Brading Waxwork Museum and creating little bottles of coloured sand at the Needles Park. There's something about the island that always seems sunny :) Another place I love to escape to is Salcombe, Devon – so beautiful, so many memories :) x

  457. Looks lovely (if a little cold)..

    Living in London, we're always so caught up in the Rat Race, but we really do need to take some time out sometimes for ourselves.. Deffo taking leaf out of your book and booking me a flight! Haha! x

  458. These pictures are beautiful, the cottages look like a little movie set. So cool! I want to go oversees so bad! I can't wait to read your next post, I love your videos and blog.


  459. Amelia

    wow it looks so beautiful! hope you had a lovely time. I'm a big fan of yours and I've been watching your videos all day. Keep doing what you're doing :) ♡

  460. Hi, I live in Portsmouth and I can see the Isle of Wight! It's such a beautiful place and I have been there a few times! Lovely pictures :) xoxo

  461. Hi Zoe,

    I have never been to the IOW but it has always been on my bucket list – you have completely re-inspired me to go now!Do you know of any good hotels / spas there which you could recommend? Any excuse for a jacuzzi and massage during a weekend of meandering the streets of a chocolate box town!! :) Melanie xx

  462. I love this blog :) I love your quirky posts about life, I think you are an excellent blogger and I look up too you! I really like how you are so passionate about everything you blog about too. It's inspiring. Thank you :)


  464. Hey I just checked out this blog and wow sure looks like a creative one,do u have a custom facebook page design as well?

  465. Hi ^_^
    I can't be certain, but I think I went to the Isle of Wright just last year, did you have to take this sort of fancy boat which flies on the water? I went there for a day and I found the area so lovely :D we visited the town and although it was a hot day and there was a lot of walking but I loved how old fashioned the buildings were and the icecream was tasty :') xxx

  466. I like the necklace on the fifth picture down.

    Anyone know where i can get it?

    :-) x

  467. Noah

    Hey! Beautifull pictures Zoe! I Really like your blog and your youtube channel! You are so beautifull and inspiring to me.
    I have a blog too and it would mean alot to me if you would check it out out and tell me what I could improve about it! Lately I have been struggling with my posts and I could really use some help from someone who inspires me.

    Kisses Noah

  468. What a beautiful place!! I will really have to go some day!!! I really love your blog, I'm following you!! I know you must get this a lot but I would really appreciate it if you had a look at my blog left a few comments and maybe followed me back?? I am just starting out but I have done quite a lot so please have a read through!

  469. Diya

    Hi! I don't want to be mean, but you haven't posted in a while and I understand you may be busy but starting a blog means keeping up with it! please don't take this offensively, i'm just saying! I still love you and your youtube videos xx :)
    Just don't take your followers for granted.

  470. Emilia

    Those are beautiful pictures, Zoe :)
    Love the outfit with the pink skirt.

  471. where is your fur lined parker jacket from?
    Or if anyone reads and know please let me know!
    i've seen in so many videos and love it, also been looking for one for months and months!
    please let me know
    lots of love

  472. the sight of those beautifull places just keep me feeling happy!

  473. this looks really beautiful:)

  474. Such a lovely post! I've also been to the Isle of Wight it's such a beautiful place to visit.I spent my 2nd, 3rd and 4th birthday there, I'm 17 this year and we decided to go again last year with some of my family. It just reminded me of all the memories spent there and I can't wait to visit again…I really hope it's soon :)

  475. I love the Isle of Wight!
    Such a beautiful place.

    I also love that sweet shop ;)


  476. I love reading your blog and it just makes me really happy to read. I sometimes just sit in my room and re-read your posts for hours. I loved this post as it reminded me of when I was little and went on holiday there as a big happy family!

  477. Because I am from the Lake District I know exactly what you mean about places you can escape to, after looking at your pics I definatly want to go to the isle of white though
    Just started my own blog::

  478. Wow these photos are amazing!! I really want to get a camera like yours for my birthday which is really soon (:


  479. Don't underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can't hear, and not bothering. ~Pooh's Little Instruction Book, inspired by A.A. Milne

  480. Don't underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can't hear, and not bothering. ~Pooh's Little Instruction Book, inspired by A.A. Milne

  481. Wow your photography skills are amazing, how can you take pictures that are soo good??

  482. You are so pretty and I really love all your pictures!! :)

  483. i'd love to go there one day!

  484. Hi guys, Beautiful post, amazing photos and your soo pretty zoe!! Okay, I know these comments are really annoying but i need to start some where so please if you have a minute could you check out my blog? I would really help!! a subscriber for a subscriber?

  485. I come from Norway and when I went to England I visited Isle of Wight. I liked it incredibly much!

  486. Evefi

    i love the isle of white, so relaxing!


  487. it looks so nice!!! I really want to go there now

  488. WOW how amazing is your photography I love your beach photos I like taking pictures like that I've only been to the isle of white once on a school trip but I am determined to go again as you have made it sound beautiful !! xxxxx You are an Inspiration ZOE

  489. Aw I love the Isle of Wight so much! Used to go there all the time when I was younger and my absolute favourite place was Blackgang Chine – I've heard a load of it has fallen into the sea now / had to be removed so it doesn't fall into the sea because it's so close to the edge of a cliff though :(

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  491. sheikh

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  492. You are by far my favorite blogger Zoella! I did a similar blog on my page few days ago, well I wrote it few months ago but never got the change to put it up :P Keep being so lovely person!
    – Elisabeth

  493. very interesting photos and great blog ;)

  494. Zoella your so inspiring! Sadly I have never been to the isle of white, but I definitely plan on going at some point after reading your post and looking at all the wonderful photos! x

  495. I love BlackGang Chine, I've only been there once but I remember it so well. The Isle Of Wight is such a lovely place!

  496. how wow this place is gorgeous!! I wish we had a old town like this in Canada :( well one that is closer to my home town:P

  497. Yes! I'm from the United States. If you google Minnesota, you'll find the state on a map. There's a small town where my grandma lives. That's my IOW! Haha.

  498. Zoe, you are truly an inspiration to me, than you so much.

  499. Hey, I am Duru from Turkey. I am new with this blogging stuff, but I want to say that Zoe is my inspiration to start it. Even though she says the opposite, I found her very self-confident. Keep going Zoe. You are the best! :)

  500. The Isle of Wight is my favorite place! I've been every summer holiday since I was born, but it takes us about 4 hours to get there. The scenery is amazing and is so beautiful, my favorite part of the year :)

  501. am currently planning another overseas holiday. after these gorgeous photos, i might have to add this to my 'places to visit asap'. gorgeous!

  502. I grew up on the Isle of Wight and I do miss my daily walks on the beach with no one else around. Now I can't live too far from the sea otherwise I get withdrawal symptoms. I'm glad you love it there

  503. This is such a beautiful blog(: Its nice to have a getaway from life sometimes! and the pictures you've taken are gorgeous!

  504. Where did you go on the Isle of Wight? xxx

  505. Where were you when you went (what village on the isle of Wight)?

  506. Would you recommend to go/stay anywhere/ any village?

  507. Wish that I could just drop everything and start travelling too! Unfortunately life just keeps getting in the way >:(

    Photos look so stunning and unreal :)

  508. Looking at all these beautiful photos I've never wanted to visit England so badly in my life! Escape days are the best <3

  509. Hi Zoella,
    You are so inspiring and such a great role model to us all, you have helped me through so rough times and you make me laugh when i watch your videos. You are the reason i brought myself build confidence and start my own blog and really hope you could take time out have a look at my blog, i only started it today so there's only four posts. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as you enjoy yours. lots of love, Sophie xxx

  510. One of the places I've been to here in the states that is similar, in my opinion, to the Isle of Wight is Fire Island in New York. It's a quaint little beach town that is quiet and peaceful and incredibly beautiful, but also a little rugged and.. for the lack of a better word, edgy. All in all, it's one of my favorite places to go to when I visit New York. So many memories have been made there.

    I absolutely love the photos you took. It looks like such a sweet village. I definitely would like to visit there one day.

  511. I remember going there when I was 9 or 10, that's the only time I've ever been to the UK. But it was lovely :) My mom has been a couple of times and since I have a lot of family there, I hope to go back and visit soon :)

    Lovely pictures!

  512. Dear Zoella,
    your blog and youtube channel has inspired me to do different things and to broaden my perspective. Hahaha all I knew before starting my own blog was the life a very studious high school student who really only saw the world in one perspective. I love all your posts and videos you always say how shy you are (as am i) but since doing posts and videos i can really see your confidence shine. You are stunning and so down to earth; when i leave school i'd love to grow up to be more like you.
    From Australia with Love
    Carol xx

  513. Hey you are stunning I wish I looked like you hehe. I love your blog and your youtube your are so funny do you have any tips for me as I also have my own blog and would love if you could give me some tips to make it as good as yours thanks.Oh and I love your accent if I had it I would never shut up im from Ireland by the way x

  514. That pink skirt is to die for! Also, the views are just breathtaking. Looks like your contributing to promote tourism!!

    Loving all of the fashion blogs on here, would love to check more of them out!

  515. The pictures are beautiful, I absolutely love the IOW, I spent so much time there as a child on the beaches, walking and on the water, I haven't been to Blackgang Chine in years though, I used to love all the massive animals and dinosaurs, the maze and the western village oh and I think I remember some kind of log flume, there are lots of very 90's pics of my brother there, very embarrassing! My grandmother lives on the Island so we would spend our summers there visiting her going to the beach and fossil hunting, sailing and cycling, we used to keep the boat in Yarmouth it's such a lovely place. My Grandma still lives in Cowes but I think you see places like that in a much more magical sense when you are younger, saying that nothing can take away my love for the place, it is a lovely place to escape all you have to do is jump on the Red Jet or the Red Funnel. I love going off on little trips but for the last six months or so I haven't been very well and it has really exacerbated my anxiety so I haven't been able to.

  516. Your blog posts have given me so many new places to travel to when I move to Europe this fall! Thanks! :)

  517. Heyyy, i've only just got a blog and i got one mainly to see yours, I just spent like 10 minutes trying to figure out how to comment then i realised all i had to do was scroll to the bottom haha i need help on here!! love your blogs!

  518. You take nice pictures! And
    thanks for the hotspots suggestions!


  519. heyy we watch your videos and love you you are so so pretty the photos were fabulous and your boots haul video was one of our favorite videos by you so far x

  520. zoe you should go for some modeling jobs your beautiful!

  521. Jessie

    come on zoe! post another post! Dont take your followers for granted xx :) and dont give up.

  522. I Live on the Isle of Wight! This is so strange, I followed a link from another blog onto your page and the first thing I see is my pretty little village! (shanklin)

    If you ever want to find a new hideaway let me know and I'll tell you some of the cute little places that are pretty secret!

  523. Heya, I love reading through your posts, you seem so lovely and you're gorgeous! (you probably get that a lot, but you really do seem like an amazing person!) Anyway, thought I'd comment because oh my goodness; Black Gang Chine was my FAVOURITE place in the world when I was younger! I used to go there every summer, bit of nostalgia in the air for me! The picture of the Rock shop you've posted is where I bought my first piece of rock and I was so excited (though I did bite into it so hard it gave me a wobbly tooth ha!) a tad random lol. Anyway thank you for sharing this post, it's brought back so many childhood memories :-) xxxx

  524. I love your blog and your YouTube clips. Really nice pics.

  525. What do you edit your pictures with?x

  526. I'm too from NZ and I also wish there was a place like this here. :)

  527. Hi! I loved your photos. The beach is so similar to some here in Portugal! :)
    I really need to escape to the Isle of Wight someday… For now, the sunset in Leça da Palmeira is the one for me.

  528. making me homesick ! <3

  529. Hi Zoella,
    Your description about escaping every once in a while is beautiful and utterly true.
    I'm glad you had time to de-stress and visit childhood memories.
    I am definitely tempted to escape to the Isle of Wight and just reflect on its beauty someday.
    I actually don't have a place to escape to, a place that would block out the piling troubles of life, but I would love to find a place someday. So far, my ultimate places to escape to are my Harry Potter books, haha.
    -The Beauty Maniaks ( )

  530. Also, your pictures are absolutely stunning! They make me feel like I'm a hungry kid walking into a chocolate factory.

  531. Hey, Zoella! Your blog is amazing, i really love it! Me and my friend also write a blog about fashion, beauty and every day life. Check it out

  532. Dear Zoe,
    I went to the Isle of Wight once and loved it!
    Please post about the Beyoncè concert!

    Olly-Chelsea, London x

  533. The Isle of Wight looks absolutely beautiful and I'm hoping to visit myself sometime soon. Going to favourite this page so I can check back go and to some of the places you have recommended, especially Godshill… Chocolate Island sounds right up my street as I LOVE hot chocolate! :) Thanks for sharing!


  534. This place is sooo beautiful *-* wow i would really never know that in England are such lovely cute little places :)the pictures are beautiful , too!

    I escape into my holiday home there is a lot nature and silence and i love to be there :)


  535. i cant access your blog from that link?! x

  536. Thank you for being super beautiful and entertaining. I love your blog and your YouTube, you have been really helpful and your make up is inspired. I would love to go to the Isle of Wight some day after seeing those pictures x

  537. I definitely going to see if I can go there sometime this year, it looks incredible. I love your blog and all of your pictures are amazing!

  538. I have a weird place I like to escape i like to go to the woods with my dog. like on a hike. No people. no nagging or chores and you don't need to worry what you look like. Its so calming. Once you find a tree with a good nook or one you climb and sit in a branch I just play some music and bring a book. Its nice. and my dog scares away animals like wolfs and such.

  539. Loved the pictures! This post reminded me of how overdue I am on some get away time! My favorite thing to do is just drive around, and go wherever life takes me.. which in Iowa isn't usually as amazing as this beautiful place, but I still love the adventure!

  540. Hellooo! I absolutely adore your blog! It is soooo cute and inspirational! It's also super handy! I'd like to say a great thank you and say how much I appreciate that you spend so much time on your blog! (..and might I say it has certainly payed off!) I would love it if you could check out my blog, I do reviews/tips and sometimes cute little posts that I think people may find interesting! :'D thank you! xo

  541. Hey! I really like your blog and enjoy watching your videos! Please try and look at my blog, thanks! xx

  542. Aaaah! Love this so much! that candle picture is soooo pretty! You look gorgeous in Paris haha ! :') Love it! x x x

  543. hey every body . check out my blog ! if you comment and like and follow . ill be posting more . so pls chk it out .

  544. Ilaria

    What a nice place! It seems so peaceful and out of this time! :)
    Your pictures are amazing and I really love that one under that sort of wooden arch! :)

  545. This post has made me really wanna visit Isle of Wight, looks beautiful! xx

  546. maya

    These photos are so beautiful.
    Another beautiful place to go is Iceland, I was there last summer and it's absolutely picturesque.
    (please someone check my blog out, im just getting started)

  547. Loving your style of photography! I find myself needing a getaway more and more often! Haha. I just got back from California and feel so refreshed and rejuvenated!


  548. This looks so lovely xx

  549. I love the Isle of Wight, it's gorgeous :D

  550. That place adorable! I wish I could go there :( what you're wearing underneath the tree arch is just adorable! I love it!

  551. This place looks stunning! We have a caravan down the coast in Australia, that is my place where i can just forget about everything and get back in tune with myself! So many great memories. A home away from home!

    Thank you for all your posts and videos Zoe … you have inspired me to finally start writing my own blog and soon starting a youtube channel.


  552. Hey i live on the Isle of Wight, I would love to see you sometime here :)

  553. Hi, I'm new to the whole blogging world and stumbled along this post first and I absolutely love it! I have just started up my own blog as I suffer from an anxiety disorder and depression and have found writing an amazing outlet to express my emotions! I'm just blogging about all the things that make me happy, such as trips to English beaches! and keeping a list of the things that have a negative impact on my life so I can avoid them! its very scary to put my feelings out there but im eager to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illnesses and want people to understand the thought processes behind the crazy things I do! any support, advice, promotion of my blog would be much appreciated! best wishes! x Charlotte


  554. That's my home! Lived on the Isle Of Wight my whole life :) x

  555. Katie

    BlackGangChine- AMAZING xx

  556. wow u really touched my heart your gawjuss i love u your work and yeah your phtotos are bootifull

  557. I live on the Isle of Wight and its one of the best places I've ever lived. the beaches are amazing especially to the west side of the island. The places you end up if you just go on a drive is amazing down to the cute little villages and the breath taking views. I hope you come back soon because me and all my friends love your videos and would love to meet you :) xox

  558. IMN

    I dont know how much i love your photo Zoe

    ps. Guys please chech out my blog, it means a lot to me . Thanks :)

  559. This looks heavenly , would love to visit !

  560. I love the isle of Wight! I went there quite a few times when I was younger and every time my family and I went we always went to blackgang chine. It is honestly one of my favourite places ever! I really want to go back there soon, even more now because I saw you vlog when you went :) x

  561. you have the most amazing fashion sense! Hopefully one day i'll have a collection half as nice as yours x

  562. I love the Isle of Wight, my gran lives not to far from there on the mainland so my family and used to go there quite a bit but we haven't been in ages…really want to go again

  563. Omg! My best friend works in The rock shop! I can't believe I missed you :'( Would have been amazing to finally meet you!

  564. YES I've been there 4 or 5 times already and going again tomorrow! It's relaxing, peaceful and bliss :)

  565. Heyy, I live on the Isle of Wight, I definately recognise your photos and the places you visited. I recently visited black gang chine and they have some new activities and entertainment which I would definately advise you check out. It was a great day out and can't wait to re-visit. I do love living here although it is expensive to get off the island and wish we had more shops like primark. Be sure to visit my Blog. :) xxx

  566. Flo Jo

    Wow Zoe, I didn't realise you visit the IOW! I've been there for the past 7 years with my family and it's lovely there. We stay in a little holiday chalet right on the edge of a cliff in a place inbetween Freshwater and Yarmouth. It's really weird seeing the picture of the rock shop- I go there every year, it's like a tradition! Also- Blackgang chine! I love it there. I'm still terrified of the rumpus mansion haunted house thingy even though I've been there many times!
    Flo xx

  567. Flo Jo

    Wow Zoe, I didn't realise you visit the IOW! I've been there for the past 7 years with my family and it's lovely there. We stay in a little holiday chalet right on the edge of a cliff in a place inbetween Freshwater and Yarmouth. It's really weird seeing the picture of the rock shop- I go there every year, it's like a tradition! Also- Blackgang chine! I love it there. I'm still terrified of the rumpus mansion haunted house thingy even though I've been there many times!
    Flo xx

  568. I totally agree, sometimes you need a break to just sit back and appreciate everything. :)

  569. I am very lucky to live on the isle of wight, and you have truely summed up how beautiful it is. I live in Chale green which is 5 mintutes up the road from blackgang :) Also, fun fact. You may have noticed there is a little house next to blackgang chine, well when i was little my best friend lived there, and she could go into blackgang whenever she wanted, i was very lucky to go in there when it wasn't open, and it was so much fun. Thank you Zoe for this post, made me very proud of my little home town :)

  570. This is perfect! Lately I've been doing the same thing to take the stress away. I'm from Australia and we have some beautiful beaches that are literally two minutes from where I live. I love driving with mates and following the coast line and feeling the energetic bolt of freedom. These are the types of things so simple but make life spectacular!

  571. Vicky D

    Such an amazing place it looks so beautiful!!Always wanted to go the Isle of Wight its so pretty the nature is amazing there!U really escape when goin to such a place!

  572. The isle of wight is my favourite place ever! Me and my family have gone every year since I was about 3, nowadays I spend most of my summer down there, a week or two in a rented house and a few days camping. We just can't get enough of it! I've been at least 18 times or so, I love it! It feels like my second home!

  573. I love all these places, they are so nice!

  574. Geege

    The Isle of Wight is so quaint with all of it's little shops and villages, I love it! You just look so beautiful in these pictures Zoe <3

  575. I live in NZ too, but I reckon its pretty darn beautiful down here too! I mean, we have like every time of element here! Mountains, forests, desert, ocean… what more could you want :)

  576. Golly I'm utterly jealous of this gorgeous little town. I live in the States and nothing here compares to the beauty of Europe. Enjoy the peacefulness of your surroundings. Thank you for bringing such gorgeousness to the eyes of a distant fellow blogger.

    HayleyKaye :)

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  578. When I lived in Scotland, there was many places you could go to "get away from it all" for a bit. There was about 10 beaches all within a 5-10 minute drive from my house. Living in England there isn't much apart from maybe Southend … not really a beach though as its mostly stones and pebbles!

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  582. Hi! Icha

    Zoella…zoella…i really like anything about your creativities. I always watching your amazing funniest vlogs . XOXO God bless you all, Zoella & Joe.

  583. Kacey

    The isle of wight seems amazing

  584. Rafiya Haque

    Wow mashallah everything looks gorgeous

  585. Rachiiee Leigh

    I used to go to the Isle of Wight all the time when I was younger! I don’t really remember too much of it, but I know there are plenty of pictures from visiting Godshill! I’d love to go again, see how much I actually remember and experience it again :)

  586. River Strong

    Zoe I don’t know what I would do without you. Without you I would think I was crazy I used to think I was crazy until I watched you vids on panic attacks and anxiety. This blog post is perfect because now I will go there again (I haven’t been there since I was like 10) for my birthday (the 28th of March). You’re amazing!

  587. Chinelo Chizea

    The Isle of Wight is so amazing, I went a few weeks ago and spent some time in Sandown. It is so cool :)) Your Blog Posts are very inspiring Zoella! Well Done :))