It’s that time of the year again, when we all make the dash around numerous City’s and Towns searching high and low for presents and gifts for our loved ones. Last minutes Christmas shopping is the worst! I’m just going to throw this out there too, it’s the one time of the year a lot more men leave their caves in one big men-mass swarm, all grunting and groaning in the shops looking for something to get their wives, girlfriends, sisters and mothers (okay, we know that’s not entirely true, and some very organised and thoughtful men did their Christmas shopping in February…YEH RIGHT!) This year, I have completed my Christmas shopping AND wrapping by the 20th (not bad).

Although Christmas is a time for giving and receiving, I am one of these people that is ALL about the giving. Putting lot’s of thought into people’s presents, wrapping them nicely, and PRESENTing (see what I did there?) them to special people in your life is SO exciting. I always feel a great sense of satisfaction when the presents are all bought and wrapped ready for the 25th and popped under the tree.

I thought i’d share some of my wrapped presents with you, in order to get your creative juices flowing if you lack a little in that department or just to give you a few ideas!

Red, Striped & Snowflake Wrapping Paper – M&S

Retro Wrapping Paper – Urban Outfitters

Red Ribbon, Natural Twine, Bakers Twine, Sequin String – M&S

Naughty Swear Word Paper (For the Christmas Un-Enthusiast) – Urban Outfitters

Where’s Wally Paper – Urban Outfitters

Red Bells – Wyvale Garden Centre in Northampton

Plush Hearts – Wyvale Garden Centre in Northampton

Red and White Stitch Ribbon – Wyvale Garden Centre in Northampton

Present Labels – M&S

I hope this has inspired you, or if you just like to have a nosey at how people decorate presents, then this has fulfilled that desire for you. I’m a firm believer in how a present is wrapped is a good judge of character and says a lot about someone as a person ;) No pressure guys! 

Have you done all your Christmas shopping? Do you love giving presents as much as I do?

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  1. They look magnificent, I love you Zoella <3

  2. Jelle

    I love you, I love christmas. Perfect combination!


  3. Ashley

    Beautiful! I love the retro wrapping papper :) Wish I was half as good at wrapping. :)

  4. Love it! The wrapping paper is so cute and vintage! I have my presents under the tree but they don't look as good as this! xx

  5. Kate

    You are so good at wrapping presents aha! Mine always turn out so messy! x

  6. So beautiful! :) Lots of love from Finland xx

  7. Almost forgot! Have a great Christmas! xx

  8. I just finished wrapping my presents and I naturally suck at it. This post just makes me want to re-do it! HAHAHA! Really lovely presents! xx

  9. Becky

    Woah, I love all the festive wrappings. The tags are cute, too!

  10. I adore the vintage wrapping paper and the cute features like the bells and gift tags!
    I just finished wrapping mine and they look NOTHING like this! As much as I would love to make them look this lovely, I can never justify spending a lot of money of things that are just going to get ripped open and thrown away! haha, maybe next year!

  11. Erica

    The Urban Outfitters wrapping paper are all so adorable! Great photography, Zoe :)

  12. I really like the wrapping paper xo

  13. great post zoe your so good at wrapping

  14. Paola

    This is probably one of (if not THE) best wrapping I've seen. I might copy some for future gifts, hope you don't mind. :)

    Have a great day! x
    And (early) Merry Christmas!

  15. That must have taken time :D if only my mum allowed me to be that festive… shes boring

  16. Looks great! I haven't started wrapping yet but I'm going to start very soon haha! I don't have all my presents yet! x

  17. im from northmapton and wyvales good for bits a bobs!

    whereabout are you from? x

  18. I love shopping for christmas presents for people :) I love putting a smile on their face when they open their presents! thanks for sharing, zoe! I love the way you wrapped the presents :) so festive and beautiful! Wish I was your friend :') I blog daily!

    Merry "early" Christmas to you and your family!

  19. They look gorgeous Zoe! I finished my Christmas shopping & wrapped mine back in November! Eager much? Haha! Your wrapping paper is fab (not surprised it's from M&S) Hope you have a wonder Christmas time and an amazing new year :)

  20. Hayley

    Love your wrapping, so much nicer than mine x

  21. These are such cute wrapping papers! THis year I'm doing mine out of old sheet music xo

  22. They look great, a lot better then what I've done this year. Maybe next year I will grow tonnes of creative skills and wrap them like yours.
    Merry Christmas Zoe x

  23. This is such a lovely post! Made me feel so festive! :)x

  24. Noush

    Your presents are so cute !

  25. Lucy

    ohhh I ADORE the 'Where's Wally?' wrapping!
    I love you Zoe, merry Christmas and happy new year! :)

  26. Zincy

    They are so pretty!!! xxx
    Hope the receiver loves what you gift to them! Happy Xmas!

  27. Haha love the 'fuck' wrapping paper;)

  28. loved this post! :) i love christmas :)

  29. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your wrapping! super cute and festive!! your little tags are sooo sweeettt!
    it would mean a lot if you could check out my blog! …only if you have time hehe!
    thanks xxx

  30. I'm the same regards giving presents. I know alot of people would say that too but I genuinley know nothing better than to hopefully happy look on peoples faces when you have bought them something nice. I'm also a mad OCD when it comes to wrapping presents!! I got all my shopping done but the end of november/start of december :D

    I love the tags they're very cute and the retro & wheres wally paper!!
    Merry Christmas


  31. I'm exactly the same Zoe, I love looking at peoples faces when they open the gifts. I also love spending time and effort finding presents.

    Could you guys possibly read my blog and help me out, i'm new to the world of blogging :-)


  32. VLOE

    Theese are some really lovely present wrapping ideas, I really like the way they look slightly vintage ! The ribbon and tags are a great little touch xxx

  33. These look gorgeous. Unfortunately I don't have the time or the patience this year. I think I should make the effort next year thought because they really do look fab! X

  34. Cara H

    I LOVE wrapping gifts, it's probably my favorite part of Christmas. So that vintage wrapping paper with Santa is MY FAV. xoxoxo

  35. Look lovely Zoe, is it sad I completed my Christmas shopping in October and all wrapped the beginning of December? X x

  36. Norina

    nice photos!! Merry Christmas Zoella!! :))

  37. The wrapping paper is so cute! Merry Christmas!

  38. Daria

    I love your gift-wrapping, it's so cute! :) Xx

  39. Ally

    Such pretty wrapping! :–)

  40. Ohh how cute :) they look lovely!♥
    I think I might pick up the M&S tags, shame I can't wrap presents for the life of me lol

  41. Sidney

    Holy cow girl! Those are wonderful presents. I'm a bit jealous :) I love giving presents and I appreciate a nicely wrapped present, but I definitely don't spend the time to "decorate" (as you put it) them all. It definitely shows how much you care!

  42. Yes I love wrapping presents! Although this year I did all my shopping online because I just couldn't face the madness of Christmas shopping! Beautiful pictures zoe (and I LOVE the swearing wrapping paper – brilliant!) xxx

  43. So cute, I love the twine so much, so simplistic yet super cute! Nothing beats someones face after giving them an awesome christmas gift, you're totally right xx

  44. Bianca

    So I'm busy procrastinating on present wrapping, fire my laptop up and see this! I guess this is a sign that I need to get wrapping and maybe at the very least be a little enthused? Your pressies are lovely any chance you wanna do mine!? oj Merry Christmas x

  45. Amy ♥

    Wow, well done you getting all your shopping/wrapping done! I always leave it until the last minute. Oh and the Where's Wally paper is amazing! :)x

  46. To be quite honest, I'm extremely bad at picking christmas presents, but I do like to wrap them up though, so that's a plus ;) But still, I mostly end up with "last minute shopping".. Oh well nobody's perfect right? ;) xx

  47. wow! they look lovely zoella! i'm feeling so xmassy!

    adore your blog and youtube hun!

  48. I absolutely love giving presents! I get quite embarrassed opening presents in front of people – even family… Strange, I know! I much prefer putting the time and effort into selecting a perfect present, wrapping it up neat and then seeing their face as they open it! There's nothing like it :)

    Christina x

  49. Lovely selection of wrapping paper!!!


  50. Tara

    i am the same, when it comes to giving presents christmas birthdays anything I like them to be wrapped us perfectly and also ready in time… i will never give a present to someone late…

    btw the where's wally wrapping paper is my fave…


  51. Jackie

    Lovely zoe (:

  52. Kit. Xx

    I completely agree that how you wrap a present is a judge of character, I think these represents you to a tea.

  53. Absolutely beautiful wrapping!! Love the bells detail, so cute :) xx

  54. Beth

    Im the same as you – i lovee wrapping presents. I always pop a christmas film on the telly and sit in front of it and wrap til my hearts content! I love the wrapping paper you chose – i definitely need to get myself to Urban Outfitters next year! xx

  55. Nina

    Oh wow you are organised! I love seeing how people celebrate christmas differently. We never put our presents under the tree until the evening of the 24th when we open them so mine are still hidden away. They'll be the classic night before scramble to wrap everything. Happy holidays!
    Nina from little nomad

  56. Janine

    I am the same as you I put so much effort into the wrapping. I also love to give presents!

    They look great.

    Janine xx

  57. Kind of in love with this wrapping!! I always think that's it's nice when people make an effort with things that not everybody will take as much time on. I spent hours this year wrapping all of my presents for my family and friends amd each one of them appreciated how much time and effort I put into it and it felt really good. Well done Zoella, whoever these are for will love them :)

    Mark xxxx

  58. Haylie

    These are so adorable! I love the where's wally paper, so cute! :)


  59. Emma

    Girl, your punctuation is all over the place!

  60. I use brown paper and different colour Ribbons! I love it!
    Yours are gorgeous! Good job Zoe :)
    Lots of love

  61. Chloe

    Oh my! i love your wrapping paper! it's so cute & you did a fabulous job at wrapping! can you do mine next year ? haha :P

    plus i had all mine bought & wrapped last night aswell! before the boyfriend finished work, i'd also say i boyfriend had mine all wrapped just before christmas! he doesn't like to get stressed at last minute present shopping haha

    And there's nothing better than getting your best friend/mother etc a present that they will appreciate, love sentimental gifts :)

    hope you are all set for christmas & new year :)

  62. Emily

    The labels are so cute!!

  63. I love getting presents and hate giving! I know that sounds bad, but I get SO stressed out thinking of what they would like and what would be useful towards them. I don't hate seeing them recieve the presents, that's the best part, but they are so blumming hard to buy for!

    Laura xoxo

  64. Zoe

    love the wheres wally paper.I still need to wrap my presents,really hoping to improve my wrapping skills this year <3

  65. Kay

    Beautiful wrapping! I have some of the M&S paper and tags/twine but my wrapped presents don't look as gorgeous as yours!

  66. Your choices in wrapping paper are stunning so unique and quirky I adore them all! Wow I need to step it up next year haha! Xx

  67. Wheres wally wrapping paper?! Wish I knew sooner! Great post :)

  68. RCagz

    That wrapping paper is actually amazing! xoxo

  69. That must've taken you so long to wrap all of those! I'm worrying about my boyfriend now… he's a terrible wrapper! Merry Christmas!

  70. I love this post as making presents look pretty is one of my favourite things at Christmas, it's like giving them another present because you've put so much time and effort into it! :)
    Frankie xx

  71. Olivia

    I love the wrapping paper, especially the where's wally one! x

  72. It all looks gorgeous, I'm in love with that Where's Wally paper! I can be known to be a bit anal when it comes to wrapping, everything has to match or at least colour coordinate. I had to admit defeat earlier when I ran out of paper on the last present and had to use a totally different colour. Oh the pain!

  73. Anusha

    wow those are wrapped so well!

  74. Love the where's Wally Christmas Wrap!!! Love how you put so much effort in your gifts!

  75. Aisling

    This is such a lovely post, you put so much effort in :) You always have the nicest photos as well! xx

  76. Bekah

    I absolutely love your blog Zoe!! Keep up the great work :)

  77. That's really sweet Zoe! I love the paper!
    commenting back! xoxo

  78. Ahh so jealous of your wrapping! Definitely going to use a couple bits and bobs you used next year :) I love making presents special with ribbons, tags and little extras stuck on them. Lovely post Zoe! xxx

  79. Fatzee

    The most beautiful Xmas wrapping I have seen so far…..i myself pay a lot of attention to details while gifting and totally agree with you. I even go to the extend keeping the wrappers from all my gifts.

  80. best wrapping I've ever seen! & those gift tags are really cute and vintage looking. definitely need to invest in some for next year


  82. I love the 'Where's Wally?' Paper – so cute for a child & adds some fun to the wrapping paper! :D
    This year I used brown paper and pretty ribbons to decorate my gifts – it is cheap but effective.
    If you have any spare time, please check out my blog –

  83. Rachel

    You wrap things so beautifully, you can really tell how much care you put into this. :) I wish could wrap well, my presents always end up looking like crumpled up paper covered in sellotape!

  84. You're the best blogger and youtuber :)

  85. Aw your presents are wrapped so nicely, I think a trip to urban outfitters to get some wrapping paper and ribbon is in order for me, you've given me some really cute ideas:) <3

  86. I though't I'd picked nice paper but yours is so much prettier! Haha, I love the jingle bell, it's a really cool idea(:

  87. Stella

    Awww, the Where's Wally wrapping paper :)

  88. Vanessa

    These are all so beautifully wrapped! I love cute little touches :) xx

  89. Wow, your presents look gorgeous! I always put loads of effort into wrapping about the first six presents, then get bored of it and do a bodge job! Happy Christmas xx

  90. I'm like that as well, as in I like giving presents to people that will mean something to them and it'll be something they love. My presents aren't wrapped quite as nicely as yours are though :)

  91. They all look so pretty :)
    im actually going to put more effort into my wrapping this year ;)
    ahaa i LOVE giving as well, its all about going out to find the perfect present for someone and waiting to see their reaction when they open it :D
    Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! :)

  92. Your wrapping is so lovely! I'm the worst person for wrapping, I usually buy the cheapest paper I can find, stick on a load of cellotape and hope for the best haha x

  93. Your wrapping ideas are really creative and sweet! you've inspired me to try and be a bit more creative… <3

  94. Bethany

    I love your blog and your youtube channel's. Love your wrapping ideas, I always try hard to make my wrapping the best in my family.

  95. BECCA

    love how you've wrapped these presents! so quirky and unique :) x

  96. These look amazing! I couldn't wrap a present to save my life! – Emma May x

  97. aly7

    These all look so pretty Zoe! I love wrapping presents even though I'm not very good at it! x

  98. Sandie

    preeeeeeeeeetty presents

  99. Such pretty wrapping! It's always a shame it doesn't last though!!!

  100. Asmilla

    Oh, sweet photography !
    cool blog !

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  102. Nomad

    I LOVE that Where's Wally wrapping paper! :) x

  103. Lauren

    Love the wrapping paper! I'm rubbish at wrapping anything that doesn't have 4 corners!!!


  104. Wow your presents look lovely! I hand make my cards which is a nice thing to do for Christmas as well :) might make a post about them x

  105. Sandra

    Everything you do is magical tam taram! But really I like your blog, your youtube channel, your tumblr (but you could post a bit more on there) etc. Keep on going girl! And wardrobe tour would be much appreciated!

    With love,

  106. lolly

    these are so sweet, i love good wrapping paper! the where's wally one is my fav and the little fabric hearts are so sweet :)

  107. Rebecca

    wow your wrapping is gorgeous! I love giving on the holidays :)
    Rebecca @

  108. Done shopping but I always wait to wrap mine til the last second.

    xo Ashley

  109. Oh i wish i saw this post earlier so i could steal a few ideas! they're great, if i received a present that looked like these i wouldn't open it until i had at least 10 photos of it!x

  110. Imi Loa

    I love the wrap paper you chose ! You're family are so lucky with all tos present ;)

  111. These look absolutely incredible! I'd feel guilty opening them.

  112. Elise

    I love your Where's Wally paper, awesome! I found a Wally notebook in TK Maxx last month and went a bit nuts over it, the colours and the busyness of the pattern…perfect! :)

  113. cloboh

    wow….. my presents look absolutely pathetic compared to yours haha

  114. Took a leap out of your book – although your wrapping puts mine to shame! Haha

  115. I love doing Christmas wrapping (yours looks so cute) and giving presents is my favorite part of Xmas))

  116. o.2


  117. Amazing! Love the presents! I also have a Christmas Blog! Would love if you could check it out! xxxx Merry Christmas!

  118. Layla

    Aww!! So Christmassy and cute!! If only my wrapping was as neat haha! Merry Christmas to everyone!! :) xx

  119. All of these wrapping papers are so christmassy and beautiful, well done xoxo Merry christmas

  120. Its lovely and festive, i got wrapping paper almost the same.

    merry christmas

    love Pipp x

  121. Maow

    They look so pretty! Hope you had a lovely Christmas,

  122. Yaz Xxo

    Love the idea. Really helpful since I barely have the time to wrap gifts myself this saves me a lot of time :)

  123. I am so so bad at wrapping. I do try, I blame it on the awkwardly shaped presents I buy.
    Thank god my family doesn't think it's a reflection of my character haha
    Merry Christmas! x

  124. Lauren

    Merry christmas xxx,

  125. Happy Holidays, Zoella!:*

  126. Merry Christmas! Absolutely love your blog and youtube, you're an inspiration to my sister and I


  127. Emily L

    I am obsessed with the Where's Wally wrapping paper!


  128. Jade

    I wish I wrapped my presents as good as these but I just didn't have the time :( haha

    please check out my blog I'm new to blogging so it would be really lovely! xx

  129. I really love reading everything you write Zoe!
    Hope you and your family had a lovely christmas!

  130. caitem

    I absolutely love the Naughty Swear Word Paper! It's so lovely that you put so much time in effort into presents for you loved ones Zoe. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas! x

  131. Love this!

  132. J

    The wrapping paper looks so cool. *-*
    My Presents never look so good. :'D
    Lg c:

  133. I wish I wrapped my presents as good as these

  134. I've never been jealous of someone's gift wrapping before…

  135. I just love all the presents wrapping!
    Mine are silver and white, also very pretty
    but yours have that extra touch haha.

  136. I love this wrapping style! its so vintage! i wish I read this blog before christmas! where can i get myself some brown paper from i think that would be great for birthday presents, A little tip i have to recycle is to cut around old christmas cards and using them as gift tags :)

  137. chloe

    omg diogofkdjgsdf all so cuteeeeee :-( sad christmas is over!

    can you please check out my blog

    <3 thankyou!

  138. i love reading your blog, you inspired me to create my own, thankyou

  139. They look so cute! I was so sick this Christmas I didn't have the chance to buy presents for people until after Christmas when I was better and I didn't even bother wrapping them because I thought there was no point, i'm definatly going to do this next year though!

  140. Wow! I love the Wheres Wally? wrapping paper! I'd end up using it as wallpaper or something rather than seeing it ripped up! Next year I want to try wrapping presents with Japanese Newspaper!

  141. Lovely wrapping paper! Especially the Where's Wally, that's awesome! x

  142. I know you get loads of comments a day and you probably won't see this but i just watched your vlog of you and Joe and the Alpacas and you live where i live as in i could literally walk to your house, seriously i fangirled (no clue how to spell it) for about 20 minutes! It's still processing that i may have seen you while out walking etc. and i've been watching & reading you for years! Ah it's just so cool to me ^.^ I just started a blog too as i was inspired by you to start and just mentioned you in my most recent post as one of my fashion inspirations! I know so many people ask you this but if you could check it out that would be so lovely of you! Sorry for rambling on so much but thank you for being an amazing blogger! Olivia xxx

  143. P.S. You're very talented at wrapping presents! I'm sure they were very appreciated! xxx

  144. Ellie

    ooooh so cute! I'm still in such a christmassy mood and its the 30th ;) Hope you had a lovely christmas Zoe! xx

  145. This has inspired me to take so much more care with my wrapping next year! x

  146. Hi Zoe,

    I have been watching your channel for over one or two years now and you never dissapoint me! I started my own blog about two months ago because I love reading yours. I am 12 years old and one day i want to make my channel amazing and as good as yours! I am wanting a new camera for my blog (that's how obsessed I am!!).

    Bye Zoe! xxxxx

  147. lizzo

    Your presents are wrapped so well! Wish I put more effort into my wrapping now! Oh well, next year ay!

    I've just started my beauty and fashion blog and would really appriciate anyone reading this taking a look – I always follow back:-)

    love lizzo xx

  148. oh, how lovely and neat! i adore how you wrapped the presents and the wrapping paper prints!

    lindsey louise

  149. Jenn

    i wish i could wrap presents are gorgeously as that. they all look so quirky and festive, i love it.

    chīsana blogger

  150. Andrea

    Well done! They look good! I really suck at wrapping :(

  151. Sharina

    LOVE WRAPPING PRESENTS! More than opening them! LOL. I find it very therapeutic :)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Zoellz!
    The Misty Mom

  152. That is definitely the best gift wrapping ever!

  153. Holy Monkeys! I wish I had seen this when I was wrapping my gifts! All my gifts were in bags. Epic fail. I know.
    Hope you have a lovely New Year's Eve!

  154. what absolutely gorgeous presents all wrapped perfectly. I need to take some lessons from you i think!

  155. Your blog is amazing! ♥

  156. Happy New Year 2013 ! Champagne !

    You will be sublime in 2013 as you have been throughout 2012.

    Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3


  157. Thank you for putting this up I am terrible at decorating the wrapped presents this year every one was impressed with my …well your wrapping ideas.These skills will be helpfully all year round for birthdays and Christmas,Thanks xx

  158. hey, im martyna. i love your blog, zoella. i always watch your videos, you're a really funny and entertaining lady, hahaa. i don't have any money for advertisements, so i thought i'd leave a comment here :/ sorry if you dont like spamming…~

    anyway, i 14 yrs old and i started a blog on like march in 2012, so it's my second year, yay! hahaa. my blog:

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    – Martyna

  159. I love this Christmassy post :) Zoe your so creative x

  160. I love that wrapping paper! I'd be happy if I recieved them presents aha ;)
    You have an amazing camera, your pictures always look amazing.
    Mind checking out my blog? I was inspired to write one, after seeing yours.

    Thanks c;

  161. I love the old fashion way of gift wrapping.very natural looking. :)

  162. Hejsan,

    Tänkte bara tipsa dig om mitt partnerprogram där du har möjlighet att ge bort gratis fotosessioner till dina besökare :-)

    Hör gärna av dig om du har några frågor ;-)

    Med vänliga hälsningar,

  163. Hi i absolutley love your videos and blogs and i was wondering if you could give me some feedback on mine. Im new at it all and id really love some advice.

  164. Eda.

    All of those gifts are so beautifully wrapped, I will aim to have mine look as good as this next Christmas :)

    Eda x

  165. zoe i really love your blog, i read it all the time:)you are just so sweet and funny oh my god that sounds really lame.. anyway you inspired me to start one it would be awesome if you could go have a look? thanks :)xx

  166. B-E-AuuuuuuuuTIFUL wrapping!xx

  167. You are too cute! Love your blog sweet girl! I must find some paper like that for this next year..

    Much love from Texas!

    xo Victoria

  168. I am absolute rubbish at wrapping presents therefore i opt for gift bags because then that person can reuse the bags as well! I do lovveee giving presents. It makes me feel so good when i see the other persons face when they open it :)I just did my winter beauty and non beauty favorites and i would love for you all to comment on them with your favorites so i get some ideas of what to try next!

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  170. I love wrapping presents too, haha :) x

  171. HanaBee

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  172. Aw Zoe I love your blog, you can tell that you really think about what you're writing and it's really nice what you do on it! Oh and I would love to be able to wrap like you haha, my wrapping is horrendous x

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  174. Wengie

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  175. Festive present wrapping is shown in the post here. Have a look at it

  176. Sarah

    i love these :)))
    but we haven't got such wrapping papers in Germany…i wish we would:(

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  179. They look lovely! I love the where's wally wrapping paper, bit sad that I've wrapped all mine now! :(

    Gifts Magnetic

  180. Mila S

    I always go back tonall of Zoe’s Christmas posts for ideas and inspo🙌🏼❤️

    x M