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Galaxy Snack Editing in my car Geek glasses?

Liquid Gold Guinea pig get well card from my mummy New Mac blush in “Supernova”

Funny editing face Photoboothing Popcorn time at the cinema

Blowing bubbles Joe found a thatch roof at Longleat In the mirror maze at Longleat

Snapback posing A lovely little present from Megs Joe eating fruit…

Prizes for my blog and youtube giveaway Vans and Disco Pants Curly hair

I’ve also started using my Tumblr again. Not sure how long-lived it will be as I feel as though Tumblr and Pinterest are very similar, and I’m ultimately pinning and reblogging very similar things! Although I know that some of you may use one over the other so just thought i’d mention it. :) 

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  1. Always love your instagram pics xx

  2. Love your instagram posts! And the vlog where you all went to Longleat was so funny! I laughed all the way through! I went there a few years ago and loved it :) xxx

  3. I love the picture of you blowing bubbles, So cute! Shame I don't have instagram :( xxx

  4. Laura.

    your Vans look awesome and making me want some :) x

  5. your so pretty! and i love the guinea pig card :) xx

  6. Emma

    I really like your blog :D
    nice job!!

  7. Beautiful photos :) I really wanna get an iPhone just so I can have instagram.

  8. Love the photos! I wish I had instagram :( stupid blackberry aha! xxx

  9. Erica

    I'm glad that someone shares my silly love for guinea pigs :)

  10. It's unreal how pretty you are! *sigh* xx

  11. Ginger

    Great photos! :) Loving the guinea pigs!!

    Ginger x

  12. Rachel

    aww love your instagram pictures. and your hairrrr :) cute picture with the bubbles!

  13. so many beautiful pictures. love instagram!

    Anyway, you have such a great blog! What do you think of following each other=?


  14. galaxy cookie crumble is the most yummiest thing ever!!


  15. I can't wait til I've saved up enough to try that mac blush, it's literally like my dream blush :) these instagram diaries make me want to have you're life :P

    Grace x

  16. Love your blog it's so cute! x

  17. Erica

    Aww I love it! You can see your love/knowledge of photography coming through even in your Instagram photos! Amazing :)

  18. Lisa

    Your hair is looking gorgeous! New colour? X

  19. Lauren

    Fabulous pictures!!


  20. Honestly wish I had that quinea pig mug!
    That picture of you wearing that cap (or is it called something else? I don't remember what those kinds are called) is gorgeous! Can't remember I've ever seen anyone with such long, strong and thick hair as yours.
    Very jealous! x

  21. Very very cute Pictures dear!
    Ohh i love your hair so much! it looks abselutly greatful!!

  22. amazing instapics :) you're so so pretty and I want exactly the same vans *_* the colour is gorgeous!

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  23. Lovely photos!! Still wanting to grab up that blusher!


  24. Eve J

    Love your photo's Zoë! Love your instagram,
    Eve xx

  25. you look so pretty in the curly hair picture x

  26. got to love instagram xx

  27. I need those geeky glasses in my life!

  28. Jenny!

    Love the photos! :) x

  29. Maigi

    Your hair is amazing! I wish mine looked like that :)

  30. where did you get your black maxi skirt from? all the ones i find are too long for me, because im really short! including topshop ones! boo :(

  31. Lovely photos! X

  32. you're so beautifullll Zoe:) I love these instagram diaries<3

  33. Sarah

    Lovely photos :) I'm so envious of how incredibly stunning you are! xxx

  34. Love your instagram pictures, they always make me smile! x

  35. Ouuu, a giveaway?! Sounds fun!! xx

  36. I love these posts. My friend at work has the guinea pig mug, it's adorable :) x

  37. lovely insta photos :D

  38. Lovely pictures Zoe !!:)xx

  39. Nina94

    I have just bought the liquid gold too! How's your feeling about it?? Does it work on you??

  40. Beautiful instagram photos :) I have serious hair envy!! love you guinea pig presents and card.

    Jo. x

  41. Nini

    nice pictures ! are you beside being a blogger also a photographer ?
    Like a job i mean ,because your pictures are really good !
    Btw love your yourube channel and blog ! expecialy Weekend of Funzies :) please keep on going !


  42. i love your instagram diaries! and cant wait for the giveaway! looks good!! xoxoxo

  43. Lizzie

    eugh i wish i could get instagram! MAKE IT FOR BLACKBERRY FOR GOD SAKE!

  44. I'm addicted to Instagram like its a drug. Seriously, im posting pitures of things that i only care about and people them must think im bonkers!! Hahaha!!! You're amazingly pretty and your blogs make me smile!:) I love you and louise on Youtube you two are amazing and have really opened doors in my life! I have also recently started a blog myself,please could you check it out when you have time! That would really make my day:)

  45. Hello Beautiful, I read your blog for a long time and really like him, I like to read your tips and watch photos cosmetics from UK:)

    Can you come on my blog?

    Greetings from Poland: *

  46. JOEYYYYY. <3

  47. Your Istagram pictures are always amazing!
    I especially like the one of you in the middle – I'm a huge fan of your top knots. :D

    Love from Germany! xx

  48. Cute pics! Love guinea pigs so much :) xo

  49. A new follower and I am in love with everything! Your tumblr is awesome too! Stay you angel xxxx

  50. Maike

    Love your photos!!! You are so beautiful.. I think I´m writing this in every comment ^^
    Always enjoy your posts ♥

  51. Your hair is absolutely gorgeoussssss – so jealous! Loveee your tortoishelle glasses too! The bubbles pic is my fave, though! :D

    Shannon @ Foxie Hollow

  52. instagram diary's are one of my favorites

  53. The MAC Blush is so goooorgeous! <3

  54. Beautiful pictures!:)

  55. Love your blog….

  56. Hello, nice girl. This ain't gonna be a very original comment. Like everyone here, I like your blog =) Very neat :P
    Kiss from France =P

    PS : Feel free to contact me =P

  57. Nicola

    Great photos :) Love your blog and YouTube channel xx

    Am doing a giveaway on blog if you're interested :) xx


  58. Alice

    The MAC blush looks amazing! You are so pretty as well! :D x

  59. Your are so pretty!:) Also love those vans, i've been thinking of buying some recently :) Great post :D xx

  60. Mattie

    awww Joe and you are both so beautiful:) Your hair looks gorgeous in all these pics, you are so lucky:')xox

  61. Awesome instagram photos! U are so preety!!!! <3

  62. I love your instagram! Your pictures are always lovely.

  63. what lipstick are you wearing in the head shot? it's the pink one :) looks like Lucky by DIOR :)

  64. you are so so zoo pretty!!

    what is the pink lipstick you're wearing in the middle picture? dior lucky?? :) i reviewed it on my blog!

  65. Yoli

    The "Blowing Bubbles" is my favorite one. xx :)

  66. Rosie

    So pretty. I've recently discovered your blog and youtube and I'm addicted! You are my new favourite vlogger :) Your videos are interesting but funny at the same time, and you just seem so sweet!

    x x

  67. Hannah

    Your relationship with your brother is so cute!

  68. zoe you're so pretty, so photogenic!

  69. love love love instagram posts :)

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  71. Gemma O

    How on earth do you do those 'fairy light' style pictures like the one in the bottom middle and left?? I really want to learn how to put that effect on my photos, but cant find the filter on instagram. Please reply to me!

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  73. Joe looks so young haha!

  74. o my goodness these pictures are sooooooooooo pretty! Every single one is beautiful and I just want to…. I don't know don't you know this moment when you think something is so beautiful or so cute you just want to… You don't know what to do but you're just flippin' out ;)

  75. Little Miss Kiwi

    2012… haha, don’t really see blog posts like this now :)