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Galaxy Snack Editing in my car Geek glasses?

Liquid Gold Guinea pig get well card from my mummy New Mac blush in “Supernova”

Funny editing face Photoboothing Popcorn time at the cinema

Blowing bubbles Joe found a thatch roof at Longleat In the mirror maze at Longleat

Snapback posing A lovely little present from Megs Joe eating fruit…

Prizes for my blog and youtube giveaway Vans and Disco Pants Curly hair

I’ve also started using my Tumblr again. Not sure how long-lived it will be as I feel as though Tumblr and Pinterest are very similar, and I’m ultimately pinning and reblogging very similar things! Although I know that some of you may use one over the other so just thought i’d mention it. :) 

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