AA Nail Polish £9 each

I wouldn’t say i’m much of a nail enthusiast, I don’t really get excited by nail polish or painting my nails. I always see it as a chore, and much prefer someone else to do them for me. I’m very good at perfecting the 5-year-old-girl-paints-her-nails look. I’m not one for fancy nail art, or anything spectacular either. I find it fiddly, and have no patience for something so delicate and time consuming. Having said this, I have been a huge fan of “stand-out nail colours” recently. Something that contrasts with the rest of my outfit and is effortless. Neon colours have been a go-to for me this summer. I love the neon trend, but don’t feel comfortable enough to rock out some neon trousers or bright neon dresses, so i’ve injected a teeny bit of neon to my hands instead. I love the AA nail polishes as the quality is really good. They are definitely on the pricey side, but they have such an amazing collection of colours, the packaging is unique and they stay put for a good amount of time with no chipping. I also bought a glitter polish as I just couldn’t pass it up. Look at the amount of pretty! The glitter instantly makes the nails a whole lot more interesting without spending ages fiddling about with nail art or glue. The middle nail was 2 coats of glitter, I feel like it spreads out well on the nail too (something I thought it wouldn’t do). 

Have you used any of the American Apparel nail polishes? Would you happily spend £9 on a nail polish if you felt it was pretty enough? or am I a bit crazy? 

The colours above are Neon Green, Neon Yellow and the glitter is called Galaxy Glitter. 

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  1. I REALLY want to give that sparkly one a go, it's gorgeous! I like the neon trend but I'm not brave enough to wear it either, so maybe I'll give neon nails a try :)

    I'd definitely spend £9 on nail polish if I liked it enough x

  2. they look so pretty! im definitely one for stand out colours as well i just think they go so nice with a tan xx

  3. Amy

    I probably would if I knew the quality would be great. :) I think these colours are a bit too bright for me, but I loove the glitter top coat! xx


  4. I love the AA neon polishes – currently only have the green one, but next on my list is the pink! :) They actually look fab with a coat of the glitter polish which I'd never thought of trying, so may have to give that a go now too!

    What I really like is that unlike some polishes, they actually come out on the nail just as bright as they look in the bottle!



  5. Lydia

    I do think they're gorgeous polishes but I can always find very similar great dupes so I never let myself spend too much on higher end nail polishes. I know 9 pound isn't extortionate but I still don't think I would pay it. Great post zoe, they're great neon colours! xo

  6. I have the AA nail polish in the neon fuchsia colour and I wasn't really impressed with it. I found it chipped so fast! I think it was a lot cheaper though at $7.50 (Canadian).

  7. Sophie

    Love the green, it's so bright and gorgeous!



  8. Sophie

    I meant sophie-said.blogspot.co.uk not .com :D


  9. I have been using Maybellines Glitter Polish in the colour "Flash Cosmic" it has a gorgeous blue undertone and reflection!£9.00 is a good price to pay if you get a good amount of product and the staying power is good, so AA nail varnish is going to be on my list!

  10. LOVE the colours im not really a huge glitter fan so for me sadly that one doesn't float my boat. I do love my nail varnish and nail art so i certainly dont think your crazy on spending £9 on a bottle especially with the likes of OPI and Nails inc bein slightly more expensive. In my eyes as long as it's a pretty colour it's totally worth it. Also im with you on the not being daring enough to wear the neon trend so putting it on my nails instead hehe xx

  11. I absolutely love the glitter polish. It adds an extra WOW without too much effort! love them xxxx

  12. RuBee

    These look fantastic. I'm not brave enough to wear neon either, but this is a subtle way to wear it, if neon can ever be called subtle! I wouldn't usually spend £9 on a nail polish. £6 is usually my limit, but I have been known to spend a lot more when I become obsessed with a colour. x

  13. I walked straight past the American Apparel nail stand the other day, telling myself they were too expensive, but seeing in this I kind of think it's worth the quality! Most nail polishes I'm using at the moment chip after like a day :/

    Grace x

  14. I love you blog <3

  15. These colours are so nice.
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  16. Rachel

    neon nail varnish has always intimidated me a little. i've never been quite sure whether i could pull it off. that said i really like these two neon colours.

    i don't mind paying quite a lot for nail polish because i really think you can tell the different between the cheap and expensive stuff.

    i'm going to keep an eye out for these the next time i pop into american apparel :) x

  17. Folio

    These neon polishes look really good! And that glitter is really pretty (: I love just a little bit of neon in an outfit, these are perfect x

  18. Nina

    oh my gosh, so great colours!!

  19. You are not crazy… I would do the same :)

  20. Katie

    Wow they are bright! I'm similar to you, not comfortable to wear neon clothing but nails are a-ok! I think neon dipped tote bags are also really cool, especially orange ones! I love the glitter nail polish, it reminds me of primary school! xx

  21. India

    I really like these the neon ones make the nails look like sweets :D I normally don't spend that much on a nail polish but if i was super in love with it then I probably would – ur not crazy :)

  22. the glitter galaxy one looks amazing!! i regret getting the opi glitter one now :( thanks for posting!! xoxoxo

  23. Jodie

    These actually look amazing! The glitter one is so unique I love it! I totally agree, nail are the way to go with the neon trend :) x


  24. Hannah

    I love the glitter one! Not sure if it is worth £9 though as the Models Own Ibiza Mix looks very similar!




  26. gorgeous colours, not sure im brave enough though! I would deffo spend £9 on a varnish, but it would have to be a treat! im all about Barry M £3 hehe

  27. Cantiq

    Wow..they're so…. Neony! Nice

  28. Pao

    I have never tried American Apparel nail polishes, but would be glad to try it :)
    I don't like spending too much money on a nail polish, I rather buy cheaper ones, since I like changing them often, I have a very similar one to the glitter one from a brand Confetti and got it for $2 :)


  29. I love this trend but I woulnd't dare to wear neone clothes either, maybe a tshirt but nothing else.
    I would totally do that on my nails!
    Love your blog

    Flo !

  30. Love the colours and love the glittery one :)

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  31. Wow I love the glittery one!
    – keyta x

  32. They look amazing! I wish I had an American Apparel near me! :( xx

  33. Rachel

    I use all Essie (the salon polishes, not the diffusion line) and O.P.I so the price is not an issue for me, but I have yet to try AA polishes, but I really must. These neon ones look great, so I must pick up a couple in Los Angeles next month where they'll be cheaper!

  34. Tanya

    Those are gorgeous colours! Definitely worth the money! But I must ask you Zoella, where is the neon orange? Because I know how much you love your oranges!! x


  35. Erica

    I'm usually one to go for taking quality of quantity, especially when it comes to nails. I really love the Dior polishes, but usually only have 3 colors at a time. These would be a steal if they're as high quality as they sound :)

  36. Im of to Ibiza in a few weeks. These colours would be great.


  37. Erica

    I'm definitely one to sacrifice quantity over quality, especially when it comes to nails. I absolutely love Dior polishes, but I tend to only own 3 colors at a time. These AA ones would be a steal if they're as good as they sound! :)

  38. I love how chunky the glitter is!

  39. Maggie

    Love these colors! The glitter seems a bit too chunky for my taste though.

  40. Lauren

    Lately I have been wanting a yellow nail polish, I think I might get the AA one!


  41. Oh wow!
    The colours actually come out exactly the colour in the bottle, not like some that come out watery and more pale!
    Love the glittery one:)

  42. I have never used american apparell nailpolish but after this post I definately will. xoxo Vanessa

  43. wow its so cute…I am usually skeptical of AA nail polish

  44. Been debating these for a while! Love the neons xo

  45. Yay for neons! Thanks for the swatches!

  46. they look a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
    I want ALL of them, haha. NEED to go to AA soon!
    Never heard of AA polishes before really.. I love finding out about new stuff through your blog! YAY
    Love, Lenna

  47. I recently purchased the neon red, neon orange, neon green, and neon yellow AA polishes. I love the red and orange but the green and yellow have disappointed me. They are matte and this makes them chip like crazy. No matter what I do if I paint them on my finger nails they just wont stay. I've decided that those two colors shall be reserved for my toes only. The other too colors are fab though! :) I'm looking forward to purchasing some from the regular and glitter ranges.

  48. I really want to try the orange one now!:) Xx

  49. I really want to try some neon colours now! The glitter
    One is lovely too:)xxx

  50. Pretty!:)
    I <3 neon!

  51. Personally, i think £9 is a lot for a nail varnish, but if it's got good reviews then i'd be willing to dib in!
    I'm not brave enough to pull off the neon nails yet!

    please take a look, http://www.happyrebekah.blogspot.co.uk

  52. Erica

    For some reason I HATE American Apparel nail polishes! I don't find the quality good at all :( Maybe it's just me!


  53. Julie

    love neons! :)

  54. I'd love to try the AA nail polishes, all the ones i've seen so far look worth the money!


  55. I've seen them! Never felt brave enough to spend £9 on them though.
    I found a cheaper alternative in Primark though (of the glitter one) check out my blog post on it! Best of all-its only £2.50

    Love your blog Zoe


  56. I would happily spend £9 on them. I haven't tried AA nail polish yet but they must be good, a lot of people are buying them. I really like the sparkly one you have there. I might have to do the same an treat myself to a neon nail varnish just because I am definitley not confident to wear the neon clothes fashion at the moment. Love your blog, your such an inspiration and I have nominated you for the Liebster Award – http://yasminaawrites.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/liebster-award.html :) xx

  57. I love how bright these are! I'm so lazy with my nails (typing with chipped, week old pale pink!) so it's great that the glitter one makes things a lot more interesting as well as being quick and pain free!

  58. they look amazing! will have to try them out soon!!!


  59. Rosie

    What font do you use on your photo's? Its perfect!

    Beautiful blog by the way (:

  60. I love those nail varnishes. I think the glittery one is worth paying more than you normally would for a nail varnish, and the neon colours are amazing! I'm not brave enough to rock the neon trend either though :) x

    Sophie Louise

  61. TBH Essie nail polishes are 7.99 (i think?) so yes I could definitely justify £9 on a pretty polish, then again I am a sucker for nail polishes! haha x

  62. Lucy

    love neons and sparkles so its perfect for me,
    may just need to purchase these soon hehe.

    lucy x


  63. Envious of the green! They look lovely, but I don't know if I'd splurge out £9 on them, I think I'm too much of a penny pincher for that!

    Katie x

  64. I've only used one AA nail polish, and it was of horrible quality. However, it was in white, which is always a difficult colour to work with. It was super streaky and kind of clumpy and sticky in a way. It may have just been that colour, but I've never been able to justify buying another one even though they have sooo many pretty colours.

  65. Bethan

    These are such pretty shades, and they look really opaque as well :) I would spend £9 if it was a colour that I really wanted, and if there wasn't a cheaper dupe available! x

  66. Julia

    I love bright nails, my style is pretty plain so I think they add a bit of interest :)

  67. I don't think I'd be brave enough to spend £9 on nail varnish – I'd muck it up and most likely spill it anywhere! Am just trying Topshop nail varnish in Fisherman's right now – LOVE LOVE LOVE.
    http://ohmyolivia.blogspot.com/ xo

  68. I love the glittery one and would happily pay £9 for a nail varnish but not a fan of the neon ones too much. MissDanielle x

  69. Those colours are amazing! If I really loved the colour then I definitely would pay £9+ so I could add it to my collection.



  70. Katie

    Wow that much for a nail polish?! Goodness, here in the US they are only $6, but I do suppose that that is to be expected since they would have to ship it over seas to go to the UK. Either way, those are lovely colors!



  71. super fun! love!

  72. I love american apparel nail polishes! They have tons of lovely shades. My favourite is Summer Peach. It's the perfect pastel pink, definitely check it out (:


  73. I love those colors! I really wish I could get away with applying neon colors, but sadly I cannot. I'm positive you'll be rocking them though.


  74. Laura

    I am so into neon nails at the moment – these look great, can't wait to pick them up. Have been after the glitter for ages to! x

  75. I don't think I can bring myself to pay £9 for one bottle of nail polish. Might aswell buy OPI for that price. Smh. The glittery one is nice, but I think Barry M does a more purse-friendly version.

    louloudaniels@blogspot.co.uk xx

  76. Amelia

    I love nail polish & honestly i will pay up to 20 pound for a nail polish providing i love the colour and quality. love your blog so much

    Amelia xoxo


  77. Love the neon!!! xoxo


  78. Kerry

    Love the neons! I love the Galaxy Glitter! It looks like OPI's Rainbow Connection or the one AThriftyMrs posted about! I still have to pick that up. I'm def gonna check out the AA polishes next time I'm near by though, I've seen so many beautiful colours from them and this just proved it! haha.


  79. I'm like you in that i don't particulary feel comfortable wearing neon, but i never thought to rock abit of it on my nails. I also acheive the 5 year old paints her nails look. haha

  80. I Love these neon colour, I've beent trying to experiment with different designs and patterns with my nails, definitely think I need to bring neon into the mix!!

  81. I was just at American Apparel today and totally drooled at the nail polishes. I love the glitter one.

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  82. I don't think you can find American Apparel polishes near me but I've also been reaching for the neon colours too! Mostly pink and orange but seeing these shades makes me feel brave enough to maybe try another neon colour. Perhaps blue! I don't think yellow would go with my skin tone and I can't wear green polishes for a silly reason so…perhaps blue!

  83. Nanii

    i like neon nails on other people but not myself but im thinking of picking up that glitter one :)

  84. Sophie

    Soo pretty. I kinda sorta copie- was inspired by your orange… ness and bought a polish the colour of infrafred! And i was thinking, could you do an updated favorite lipsticks or eyeshadows blogspot/ video? Pleeaase? Pretty Please!??

  85. Wow, how many blog advertisments you have here from fellow commentators! How do you stand it? They're obviously making a comment so they can advertise their blog.

    Anyways… I think I'm going to try a neon blue. Green and yellow don't look well on my skin, but blue and pink do. I have enough pink polishes (enough is enough LOL), but I'll give the blue one a try. Not a 9-pound one though… It's too trendy and out of style before you wink to be worth the splurge.

    But I did spend 8 pounds on an Andrea Fullerton double polish. Love it!

  86. Roisin

    I kinda feel that £9 for nail varnish is quite expensive as I don't really wear it in the first place. But I really like the glitter varnish though!

  87. Jaz xo

    I debated buying Galaxy Glitter for AGES last time I was in AA and I wish did now :( looks great xo

  88. I'm definitely not a big spender on nail varnish… anything more than £3 for me is usually a no-no! But saying that, I am slowly convincing myself to buy an Essie polish for £7…

  89. Really like the sparkly nail polish – lovely! I am getting better at painting my nails, don't paint my fingers quite so much as I used to which can only be a good thing haha. I don't think I would be brave enough to spend £9 on a nailpolish though sadly however good they looked… I'm definitely a Barry M girl :)
    Lianne x

  90. I love the look of the glitter, although they are quite pricey which is a shame. I'd probably just go for the glitter one, as I'm more of a pastel rather than florescent girl :)
    Daniella x


  91. I really like the white base one :) and if the polishes are good quality then £9 is fine! Essie is around the same price in Boots and so many people have O.P.I and that's double the price!


    Hannah (my blog: ❂ MARIBLEU ❂)

  92. Those colours are amazing! I love neon nails too, so ill definately be checking these out :) x

  93. I dont really like the glittery one but the yellow and lime green are gorgeous colors.

  94. Amanda

    Ugh I hate American Apparel. The owner of it is absolutely disgusting. There are so many sexual harassment charges against him, such as masturbating in front of a reporter and sleeping with younger employees, but not many people seem to know about it! I've totally boycotted this brand because I don't think his behavior should be rewarded with my money. I don't mean to be all political on your blog Zoe, but you get an abundant amount of readers that could possible see this comment and learn about it too. Still love your blog!


  95. Zaynab

    Wow! Love the glittery coat on top of neon paint. Creative

  96. Where did you get that Nail circle thing I really want one! please reply i literally no idea where to buy one please help <3 LOVE YOU ZOE

  97. Those nail polishes are so GORGEOUS!!! I'm not sure what the conversion would be in Canadian funds off the top of my head, but I wouldn't spend $9 on a single polish. I'm a little on the frugal side. The most I've ever spent was $7.00 on China Glaze and OPI. Looking at those colors though… I may reconsider…Great post!


  98. In my eyes i don't think they are worth £9. But i do love the neon colour can make your outfit pop!

  99. I bought the Galaxy Glitter nail polish last time I was in American Apparel, which just so happens was in America. I'm so glad I bought it at the time as it was $6 which equates to only £4! Not a whopping £9, wow! It is such a pretty colour though and I've had so much compliments on it :) xox

  100. I bought the Galaxy Glitter nail polish last time I was in American Apparel, which just so happens was in America. I'm so glad I bought it at the time as it was $6 which equates to only £4! Not a whopping £9, wow! It is such a pretty colour though and I've had so much compliments on it :) xox

  101. Love the colours!

  102. lrob932

    I LOVE American Apparel polishes. They have such pretty colors :)

  103. lrob932

    I LOVE American Apparel polishes. They have such pretty colors!! I hate that nail polishes are so expensive over there!

  104. Those colours are just gorgeous! I find painting my nails so hard though- always seems to go wrong! The sparkly nail is so nice- definitely inclined to give it a go after seeing this post. Love the blog by the way :)



  105. the sparkly one is so pretty, i love all the different colours and the fact that the glitter pieces look quite big, i also love the neon colours, i'll definatley be looking out for them, thanks:)
    i really love your blog aswell x

  106. I love the colours, especially the neons and I am the same I hate painting my nails im awful at it! Also I think £9 is actually okay for a decent nail varnish that you know will last:) will definitely be looking up on them! xxx


  107. I love the colours, especially the neons and I am the same I hate painting my nails im awful at it! Also I think £9 is actually okay for a decent nail varnish that you know will last:) will definitely be looking up on them! xxx


  108. I love these nail varnishes and I love american apparel too. Neon colours I think would really suit you:) and im the same I am so bad at painting my own nails but I think I am improving. £9 is okay to spend on a nail varnish especially if you know its going to be good!xxx


  109. Meabhy

    Zoe i was reading this and i feel the same about painting my nails though i found a really cool top coat from bourjois and it mattifies your nail colour! you should try it, its gorgeouss on black nails! x

  110. Carmen

    Hey dear!
    I just found your blog and you´re so sweet :) I know you´re a busy blogging bee and that you can´t reply to all of the questions people ask but I would love to know where to buy these "nail wheels" you used in this post. I don´t even know how to call them and that may also be the reason why I didn´t find them on the internet so you would help me a lot by telling me where you bought yours.
    Thank you and have a nice day :)

  111. andrea

    oh wow, that sucks! i cant believe they are 9 pounds in the uk… they are only $6 here in the us which is only about 3.5 pounds!!

  112. Unknown

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    Salon Singapore

  113. They're actually $6 USD right now! 9 pounds is equivalent to $14.73 here!

  114. They're actually $6 USD right now! 9 pounds is equivalent to $14.73 here!

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