I am always on the hunt for the perfect skincare, and although I am deeply in love with my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, the beauty blogger in me is always up for trying new things, in order to find those essential, holy grail products, but also to aid you, the reader, in making vital choices. :)

Nourish is not a brand I was familiar with before I was asked if I’d like to try a few items from their range. They pride themselves on skincare ranges which avoid the use of unfriendly chemicals such as synthetic colours, TEA, DEA, parabens, phenoxyetol, sulfates, mineral oils, PEGS and silicones. Instead, their products contain organic, plant derived, scientifically tested ingredients to enhance and nourish your skin.

Like a lot of people, i’m not always aware of what ingredients do what when it comes to skincare or makeup items, but what I do know, is that these skincare products lack a lot of the things i’ve been told to try and avoid putting on my face (although that is definitely easier said than done).

There are 4 different skin care ranges. Protect, Relax, Radiance and Balance. The packaging is very simple but I really like it and the colours and designs are different for each range. 

I was sent the Nourish “Balance” range, as my skin type is normal/combination. The signature scent for this range, is apple, which is one of my favourite fruity smells. It smells so fresh and rejuvenating on application. I wouldn’t say they are heavily perfumed (for those of you with a strong sense of smell) but it’s not a subtle scent either. 

Nourish Balance Cleanser 100ml £9.95* This was a product which I was most apprehensive to try, being so attached to my Liz Earle and the dry application and cloth removal, meant that I was changing the way I normally cleansed. This has a very watery consistency which you pump into your hand and smooth over your damp face. It doesn’t foam up too much (no bubbles up the nose) & leaves your skin feeling very clean. I wasn’t a massive fan of this one, I felt it left my skin feeling a little tighter than my regular cleanser, and that’s not normally the outcome I like. However, after following up with the next steps, there was no tightness. For those of you who prefer to use water on your face (splashing as opposed to a wet muslin cloth) then you will love this.

Nourish Balance Toner 100ml £8.95* – This toner contains a blend of vitamins and minerals in order to retain the skins natural barrier. I actually really liked this product, it’s one that I found myself reaching for a lot more than the cleanser. I really believed this made a difference to my skin, it felt a lot more refreshed and squeaky clean once i’d used this as part of my regime. I used a cotton pad to apply this to my face post cleanse.

Nourish Balance Intense Face Gel 50ml £15.95* – This was my favourite item from the range. It’s an intense face gel containing organic aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a unique ingredient that detoxifies and adds moisture. It provides protection against water loss and also enhances the barrier function to protect skin. Sounds good right? It is. It says that it’s to be applied after moisturising, although I apply this at night, before moisturising, as I don’t feel right applying a gel over it as a last step. One of the main problems I have with my skin is that I have dry patches, and oily patches, so something like this is perfect for combatting both problems. 

Nourish Balance Face Moisturiser 50ml £13.95* This face cream has a very light consistency (something I wasn’t used to, as I much prefer a heavier cream). It sinks into the skin very quickly and leaves it feeling silky soft. I also noticed that it didn’t leave any sort of sheen to my face (great if you are prone to oily patches). Although it’s not one of my favourite face creams, I do like to apply this on days where my skin is being particularly troublesome in terms of dry/oily patches, as I feel as though it can benefit both. I also like that my make up applies very easily over this. 

I think Nourish is a great brand, and it is refreshing to see a company trying to remove the nastiness in our skincare and focusing on using organic ingredients. I think the pricing is very reasonable, and definitely worth the money considering how much product you get for the price and the ingredients used. I really wish i’d have used this skincare regime through my teenage years, as it makes everything so much easier for you. They advise you which step each product is used, and it’s such a simple 4 step routine. Between the ages of 12-15 when I probably should have been taking great care of my skin, I quite honestly, didn’t have a clue. If I had been presented with these 4 products it would have made life a lot easier, and I would have made a lot more effort. 

I would highly recommend this brand if you are looking for a good structured skincare routine, if you are looking into changing up your skincare or buying skincare for the first time. Slightly more expensive than your average products in your local pharmacy maybe, but it’s worth the extra pennies for something which contains beneficial ingredients that won’t strip your youthful skin, making it even worse (I have done this so many times – I’m looking at you Clearasil)

  1. The toner and face gel sound brilliant! They're definitely well priced too x


  2. I'm so rigid in my skincare routine because it's working for me at the moment but the scent of apple… it may have to be purchased!!
    x x

  3. These look lovely! :)

  4. These look SO nice!
    I've decided to try and be careful with the chemicals I put on my skin nowadays, and also only purchase cruelty free cosmetics/skincare… so I may put this brand on my wishlist! :)

  5. Gua

    I'd like to try those! :)

    And yes, you're right. Many times we're told that such and such ingredient is bad for us, but it's kinda hard to keep up with that. I honestly never check the ingredients…

    xoxo from Argentina!


  6. I've never heard of this brand, but I'd love to try it. I know what you mean about Clearasil as their products were always rough on my skin as a teenager- but their new Perfect-a-wash range is amazing and so different!

    I love the sound of the Nourish Toner and Cleanser. Plus, I love that it smells of apples too! xx :)

  7. I never heard of this brand before but it looks very natural, thanks for the info

  8. Josie

    I'd never heard of this brand but like you and the rest of the blogging world I'm addicted to Liz Earle, the face gel sounds lovely though! Will have to give this a try x

  9. Noush

    Those products looks great !

  10. Me

    Do you know if this is available in the US? :))

  11. Lena

    This sounds so great !
    I think I have to try them x

  12. These sound really lovely and are actually much more reasonably priced than I was expecting. The packaging is cute too, one to look out for! xx

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  13. I am a believer that natural skincare is the best option for those with allergies or eczema. I know of this brand but have not tried anything from the range, great review. If you or any of your followers want reviews for more products like these, then I will plug my own blog. My focus is entirely on free from skincare like this brand http://sugarpuffish.blogspot.co.uk

  14. they look so great! Can you do a review on your best body lotion? i'm having trouble with spot-ish pimples on my legs, and i would like to have them go away, of course. You can also do a video of it on your youtube vlog, im following that one toooo ;) I mean if you decide to do it.


  15. It seems like quite a reasonably priced range, I just had a look at the balance me range and I wouldn't be afraid to try it when my current skin care products run out! xo

  16. I like the sound of the face gel.
    For the price it maybe something I want to try out!

    Thanks for sharing

  17. Vicki

    The cleanser and toner are so reasonably priced, I'm seriously considering trying this if I can find it. Your reviews are always so helpful x

  18. Vicky

    I really want to try these now, great review!

  19. I might look in to trying out some of these products. I have such sensitive skin so I have to try and avoid products with extremely harsh chemicals in them (I definitly can't use Clearasil). Thanks for the review xoxox


  20. I'm looking to change up my skincare routine after this one so I've been doing a lot of research. This brand sounds really interesting and I really enjoyed reading your very honest review :)


  21. Never heard of this brand before but my skin looks good at the moment so i think i'll stick to my current routine….. For now.. :)

  22. Clearasil is a nightmare isn't it?! And Simple as well, surprisingly. I'd be interested to know if, as these have organic ingredients, they are also vegetarian-friendly xo

  23. Laura

    I've only just recently started to invest more money in skincare as i have always been worried about spending lots of money and not liking the products. The moisturiser sounds interesting as i have normal/combo skin, so that might be my next skincare purchase!

    Laura x

  24. I'm always on the look-out for a good moisturizer and this one looks very nice as I like light crams, so I may well give this a try! :) x

  25. amazing review sweetie! =) I like post like this and esp. from you! ;)

  26. Ooooh I've never heard of this brand before! What a wonderful ethic – there are no crap ingredients yet the prices are very reasonable :)! Thank you so much for sharing, I will definitely be giving them a go! http://lipsticksunshine.blogspot.co.uk x

  27. i never knew or heard about these producks have to try them out


  28. Char!

    Clearasil is horrible! These sound really nice though xx

  29. Karol

    Great review! I may try this as no other products have really worked for me although I have tried tones!
    Lots of love! :)

  30. Mavs

    Hey! Just read this great post as I've just ordered some nourish products myself and can't wait to try them out!
    if you are really into using more natural/organic makeup and products then please check out my Natural cosmetics blog for reviews and updates on loads of great natural products! There are so many great ones out there!
    all the best!
    Diddy darling

  31. I wanna try the toner :)

  32. I really quite like a product that tries to not have bad chemicals in it, but it seems a hard feet to find something for acne as such. Still thought, seems like a good product! I might give it a go soon also! Lovely review :)

  33. I like your blog!
    Following you! If you like..check mine.


  34. Eve

    sounds gorgeous ♥

  35. Where can you buy this product?? x

  36. it looks cool, i want to try this out!

  37. Iny

    Me too! I am looking for some great skincare products and trying a lot at the moment. This one seems worth a try indeed!

  38. mmmmm…..apples i love the smell of apples so the apple scent is appealing(im not obsessed or anything i just like the smell:L)i think i would most like to try out the face moisturiser as i like a light consistency and it could maybe act as a primer if it goes on well under makeup and i like the packaging becuase its really simple but quite fun nourish isnt a brand iv heard of but i think ill go check them out now ,i must admit £13.95 a bit steep but if you say its good for if your skins troublesome well my skins always troublesome:-( hop on over if you like:-)>>http://shhhbeautyfashion.blogspot.co.uk/ (i hope my comment makes sense i have a nigling feeling iv babbled alot and sound obsessed with apples)

  39. I agree with the cleanse and polish! Once you've tried that you're fixed! Might giver the other products a go though! :)

  40. Vivian

    I;m always up for new skin care products. I quite like the sound of the first product, I actually dont mind my face feeling a bit tight after washing I sort of like that clean feeling haha :)

  41. This sounds like such a lovely brand, I've never heard of it before but I love apple scented things so I might have to give it a go ♥

  42. you know, my little sister is at the age where she's getting uncontrollable, yucky acne. i should definately consider buying this for her!


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  47. i use Nourish Balance personally , that was amazing results thanks for this good product :)
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