Nars Eyeshadow Duo Isolde – £24 

This post won’t come as a shock to most of you, considering how often I bang on about how much I adore this eyeshadow duo. I was gifted this for Christmas a while back from none other than my brother (after i’d picked it mind you) and it has become my absolute go-to for an everyday eye. I reach for this above any other eyeshadows (and I own a sickening amount of eyeshadows – including two Mac palettes). Nars is definitely my favourite brand when it comes to eyeshadows and blushers. The consistency of the powders are phenomenal. The pigmentation and longevity surpass any other eyeshadows i’ve tried. A bit higher on the scale brand and price-wise, but totally worth it. I have used this duo almost daily for over a year, and it looks as though i’ve barely touched the surface. The reason for this is that because the pigmentation is so good, and the powder so finely milled, I barely have to push my brush into the product before applying the shadow. The fact that they’re so finely milled, means they also blend like a dream. 

This duo has two very orange based bronze/gold shades. Now, normally, you wouldn’t really think to go near a bonze, or a gold with an undertone of orange, but actually orange is the most flattering colour for blue eyes. I really notice a huge difference in my appearance once I have these shadows on, my eyes appear a lot bluer in colour and I just find it effortlessly more dramatic makeup-wise. I like to wear both shadows either together, or the darker colour all over the lid with a matte brown in the crease and under the bottom lash line for a more smokey effect. I get a lot of people asking me which eyeshadows i’m wearing in my videos, and 8 times out of 10, it will be this duo. I’m one of these people that can’t really wear cool toned colours on my eyes, greys appear blue and drain any colour from my face. So over the years i’ve learnt to stick to mainly warm toned shadows, and this duo is almost smoking on the warm-toned scale. 

I would whole-heartedly recommend Nars eyeshadows, both individual and in duo form. I believe buying  them as a duo is better value for money and I do intend on extending my collection (over a large period of time obviously haha). Absolutely love them!

Do you own any Nars eyeshadows? Love them as much as I do?

  • Hannah Porter

    wow! this palette looks stunning- if only i had the money to buy it haha!xx