Nars Eyeshadow Duo Isolde – £24 

This post won’t come as a shock to most of you, considering how often I bang on about how much I adore this eyeshadow duo. I was gifted this for Christmas a while back from none other than my brother (after i’d picked it mind you) and it has become my absolute go-to for an everyday eye. I reach for this above any other eyeshadows (and I own a sickening amount of eyeshadows – including two Mac palettes). Nars is definitely my favourite brand when it comes to eyeshadows and blushers. The consistency of the powders are phenomenal. The pigmentation and longevity surpass any other eyeshadows i’ve tried. A bit higher on the scale brand and price-wise, but totally worth it. I have used this duo almost daily for over a year, and it looks as though i’ve barely touched the surface. The reason for this is that because the pigmentation is so good, and the powder so finely milled, I barely have to push my brush into the product before applying the shadow. The fact that they’re so finely milled, means they also blend like a dream. 

This duo has two very orange based bronze/gold shades. Now, normally, you wouldn’t really think to go near a bonze, or a gold with an undertone of orange, but actually orange is the most flattering colour for blue eyes. I really notice a huge difference in my appearance once I have these shadows on, my eyes appear a lot bluer in colour and I just find it effortlessly more dramatic makeup-wise. I like to wear both shadows either together, or the darker colour all over the lid with a matte brown in the crease and under the bottom lash line for a more smokey effect. I get a lot of people asking me which eyeshadows i’m wearing in my videos, and 8 times out of 10, it will be this duo. I’m one of these people that can’t really wear cool toned colours on my eyes, greys appear blue and drain any colour from my face. So over the years i’ve learnt to stick to mainly warm toned shadows, and this duo is almost smoking on the warm-toned scale. 

I would whole-heartedly recommend Nars eyeshadows, both individual and in duo form. I believe buying  them as a duo is better value for money and I do intend on extending my collection (over a large period of time obviously haha). Absolutely love them!

Do you own any Nars eyeshadows? Love them as much as I do?

  1. Vicky

    I love bronze/gold shades and these are gorgeous!


  2. That looks amazing! very beautiful two eyeshadows! thanks for sharing

  3. Phoebe

    I own Cordura and I also own Isolde (on your recommendation!). I LOVE it and wear it everyday, so pleased you mentioned this on YouTube. Let us know if you find any other Nars duos you love, I really want to build up my collection :) xxx

  4. So beaaautiful, I am lusting over NARS so much right now :( xxxxx

  5. These colours are so pretty! I'd love to try some Nars eyeshadows.. I will get round to it though :D xo

  6. such a gorgeous duo specially for the summer time. How sweet of your brother to treat you with it! even if you did pick it out haha

  7. Steph

    Ah these colours are gorgeous! Right up my street:) I'm yet to own a Nars eye shadow but I must get one soon, every one has only said good things! x

  8. Iny

    I dont own any Nars products, but its nice to know this. I always wondered which eyeshadows you use in most of your videos, it suits your eyes really well. I green eyes, but i dont seem to find the right eyeshafow colours, so i mostly use an eyeliner. I wish i could find the right colour to make my eyes pop!

  9. Elysa

    i own this duo and love it i got it because you rave about it so much :) but i have to say i reach for my mac shadows more but i do love these shadows they just dont look as good on me as they do on you xx

  10. Marta

    It's amazing. Love these colors :)xx

  11. Teli

    I love that NARS e/s! I use it everyday.

  12. i love it!! finally saw it close-up! it's a great nude for me cz i'm tan. :D

  13. Alice

    You've sold this to me and I'm afraid (for my poor bank balance) that this is going to have to take the top place in my wish list!


  14. Weird…my aunt's called Isolde. Just came to my mind when I read that.
    BUT I love the eye shadow colors. I can't get NARS here tho :(

  15. I LOVE anything NARS but I've always been afraid of gold toned shadows…might have to give this a try…thanks for the review :)

  16. really great post!
    the duo looks amazing :) i love the colours. I should go and check it out the
    next time when I'm in England!

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  17. Noush

    I love those colors !

  18. Bethan

    Lovely colours. Would definitely pick this up if I used eyeshadow (alas, I am too lazy!).

  19. Louise

    That looks sooooo pretty I love those shades x

  20. Those colors are gorgeous! Can you maybe do a tutorial on how you apply these please? :) btw I love all your blog post lately! keep up the good work!!

  21. Amanda

    Yeah I usually avoid orange toned eye shadows but I might have to give these a go, your eyes always look lovely and blue :)


  22. wow! those colours look amazing, might have to buy it myself!!

    please check out my blog :) xx

  23. i dont but i wish i did hahaa! really wan this now.. thinking for asking for it for my birthday :)

  24. Beautiful! They're really timeless shades, and also look really pigmented! xx

  25. Never tried anything from Nars. Boohoo! *cries* stupid student budget… BUT. That's not going to stop me mwahaha. :D

  26. Steph

    These remind of half baked and smog from urban decay look similar to them i think :) no nars counter near me :( x

  27. i actually managed to get this duo at a sale at my local sephora (i live in france) for 13€ and they normally cost 34€ here.. so i was really lucky on that one, brand new and all! i love it and it really brings out my blue eyes like crazy! i havent used it in a while but after reading this post, i'm definitely going to get into using it a lot more often!! xxx

  28. Rachel

    i've never tried ANY nars eyeshadows! but these look like my favourite types of eye shades! going on my birthday list !!!

  29. I now want this so bad!! How much is it aha? I didn't know orange was most flattering for blue! I find most thinks clash with my eye colour :(

  30. i adoreeeeeee this, but i cannot justify paying £24 though ;( xx

  31. Megan

    i bought this duo because you loved it and it looks amazing on you, but ended up returning it because it didn't look right on my brown eyes..but i noticed you used Mac's Woodwinked, which i also own :)

  32. Bea

    Never tried a nars eyeshadow.

  33. I love Nars shadows but have never spotted this one before. It is such a beauty!

  34. I absolutely agree with you Zoe, orange and bronzy eyeshadows look AMAZING with blue eyes, i always get so many compliments when I wear those colours. Seems like a good idea for me to splurge on this duo :)

    <3 Melina

  35. Char!

    they are so pretty, perfect combination xx

  36. I love Nars eye shadow, and this one is beautiful, its not too harsh on the eyes either.

    Jess x

  37. The lighter gold in the duo is AMAZING, I feel like I need it right away, and I'm not one normally for eyeshadows (I'm just lazy haha)
    I'm so nervous to make a Nars purchase though, expensive make-up intimidates me! I much prefer spending all my money on skincare ;)

  38. I agree orange tones do make blue eyes really stand out.
    This looks like something I need to own for my eye colour!

    Thanks for sharing

  39. Omg giiiive! I love NARS! I haven't yet bought an eyeshadow, but this could be the one. Love these colours xo.

  40. I do own this duo but I don't really reach for it that often – I really should because it's so lovely! xx

  41. So7

    Thank you Zoe! I also have blue eyes and now i feel like i wanna start reusing my gold shadows!!

  42. Ooh, I love a seeing a new post on Zoella! Wow, they look really pigmented! I've never tried NARS eyeshadows because of the hefty price tag :( I love NARS' Blushers though! xx

  43. Laura

    Such loveeeely colours, I always wear these type of shades because of my blues eyes, makes them pop x

  44. I love Nars blushes and shadows…these look lovely! X

  45. I love the shades, bronze and gold are my favourite eyeshadow shades! I doubt I'll ever spend £24 on eyeshadow though! x

  46. These colours are so beautiful, the consistency of Nars shadows is incredible x

  47. Monica

    Holy pigmentation! I own a NARS duo that's in 2 purple shades and I don't think I've used it more than once.. horrors. I need to pick it up and use it! The browns in this duo are lovely, I can definitely see myself using this duo on a daily basis too. I agree about the blush too! And bronzers! I don't own any, but when I swatch them at sephora, I'm always impressed. I use their face powder daily, and love it! Great company for sure :)


  48. I love the Isolde duo!! I also have blue eyes and bought it after seeing you mention it so often in your posts!

  49. Nisha

    Those colors are so amazing! I haven't bought any NARS eyeshadows yet, but the blushes are similarly highly pigmented.

  50. I was literally just on ASOS about to order this and this has confirmed that I need it! I'm the same as you, light blue eyes so anything that makes them stand out that little bit more is a winner!! Xx.

  51. this post is really informative, and i totally love the colours, will defs look out for them in Nz and give them a little go :)

  52. Alanna

    Gorgeous!This eyeshadow is on my wishlist! I only own 2 NARS shadows Exotic dance and Can Can,love them both though.
    Love NARS products!

  53. Rola

    I have been loving this combo for eyes lately. Pretty for summer!

  54. Gorgeous duo :)

  55. Laura

    I love the look of bronzes, and they always look incredible on people with darker hair, but despite having blue eyes, I feel my blonde hair and fair skin limits me wearing them, they just don't look 'right'…more like an eye infection! I wish I could, some of my most covered shades are bronzes! xxx

  56. RuBee

    Great review. I would live to try this. I love nars blush but I've never tried their eyeshadow. Like you I need warm toned eyeshadow. Grey or silvery colours drain me to much! X

  57. i havent tried anything nars, but i would love to try these and there blushes!! come check out my blog too <3 xoxox

  58. omg i want to buy this so bad! Too bad they are like $75 here :(

  59. really want to pop my nars cherry soon! the colours look amazing :) xx

  60. This eyeshadow duo reminds me of a teddy bear. Not only the colours, but the fact that the shadows look so darn soft! I'm afraid Nars eyeshadows are a little out of my price range but that doesn't mean a girls can't dream! I've been eyeing off Misfit and Key Largo.

  61. Amy

    I love NARS eyeshadows. I always always swatch them but I've never taken the plunge towards purchasing one myself. My favourite NARS product is NARS Gina blush which I am giving away on my blog as I love it so much!! I'm definitely adding this gorge duo to my NARS wishlist (yes, I have one, in the flesh) x

  62. Lovely colours! I would love to own some NARS eyeshadows but I am going to purchase Laguna Bronzer first I think. As their products are a bit on the pricey side I need to research and make sure I am going to love what I purchase! I think they are good investment makeup! I have NARS Gina blush, wear it almost everyday and haven't even seemed to break the surface. The pigmentation is second to none! Great review :)

  63. Maria!

    Looks amazing <3

  64. Cherry

    Love these shades!

  65. It looks amazing!!! Gorgeous neutral colours! Xxx

  66. Jane

    Really need to try out the duo :)

  67. Chloe

    My O my Zoe you have been on a roll :) but I am certainly loving these blog posts :) especially this one, i too have blue eyes & are always wanting the blue to pop out more, so I will be blaming you for my lack of money left after being in Nars :P lol (only joking).

    Also have you ever tried gold or aubergine on your lids, found out these colours are good for bringing out blue eyes ? :)


  68. I don't own any NARS eyeshadows yet. These colour seem similar to Half Baked & Smog from the Naked palette though, which I love! xx

  69. I love NARS eyeshadows especially my Cordura duo! It's always feels like a treat whenever I buy something for Nars lol.


  70. I'm a student and don't have the money for buying a lot of high-end products. But I watched the video on yoututbe where you recommend that, my brother was entering the room at the same time and saw me absolutely wanting this eyeshadow. A few weeks later it was my brithday and already forgot this eyeshadow because it was too expensive to get it on my own. Suddenly my brother handed me his present out and it was this eyeshadow! So thank you for making my brother giving me one of the nicest presents! :)

  71. kim

    Bought this duo because of you and it is absolutely gorgeous on blue eyes! I also started a blog and posted swatches of it there as well as other posts… Check it out:

  72. i think it time i went and got something from nars !!

  73. simtad

    I bought this same duo after I heard you talk about it and I love it! I have extremely dark brown eyes and I think it looks very nice with them!

  74. those colours look gorgeous! you eyes always stand out so they must work ha xx

  75. Beth

    These are perfect colours, I only ever wear bronzes, browns and golds. This is a definite investment! I find Nars products are such good quality and their eyeshadows are so highly pigmented.


  76. I have this, it's beautiful x

  77. DM

    They remind me a little of All That Glitters by MAC. Your eyes always look beautiful Zoe!
    x D

  78. I love these colors! I couldn't wear them, mind you with my skin tone, but I do want to pick up some NARS eye shadows next time! They're amazing!

  79. - B

    I love Nars, I have never tried any Nars eyeshadow, but I am excited to try. These colour are gorgeous, they might be my first Nars eyeshadow duo.

  80. Love these colors! And Nars is definitely one of my favorite makeup brands.

  81. Annie

    they look amazing- I'm desperate for this duo!:)xo

  82. amazing pics!

  83. I love the colours, bronze and taupes are my favourites. Have you ever thought about purchasing the naked palette by Urban Decay?

  84. Karol

    This looks really nice! I saw this in the video you made with Louise. The thing you said about orange pigments and blue eyes has literally changed my life! hahaha Lots of love! :)

  85. I love nars!! I need to add this one to my collection

  86. Bee

    Too bad they dont sell these here in germany :( maybe you can put them in your shop then i know its trustworthy to buy :)

    BTW: I discovered a never known love for orange lipsticks through you, thanks so much i dont know how i lived without them for so long ;)

  87. I own a few duos and I absolutely love them!! I love Charade, which looks great with my brown eyes :)

  88. i've actually been looking at buying this for a long time now. it's so nice to actually see it in person rather than online. the colors are SO beautiful and vibrant!


  89. Don't you hate how when you buy a NARS eyeshadow or blush and the outside is so perfect and black and it gets dirty so quickly and you can never get it back to that black color? It makes me so mad!! haha

    A Little Lacey


  90. I'd love to try Nars eyeshadows!

    You are such an inspiration to me thanks!

  91. Aww you just replied to me about this on Twitter – thank you! Made my night.. Your like my blogging/youtube idol haha :) x x x.

  92. omg love this! gonna get myself a few for the summer next time I'm in sephora

  93. Ellis

    This duo looks absolutely amazing!

  94. I really want this one! They don't sell 'em here though xxx

  95. Lexy

    I love this duo! It's one of my absolute favorites. I own a few NARS duo's that are sort of similar in color, but these ones are extremely pigmented. Good choice!

  96. I really want this!

  97. The colours and pigmentation of the majority of NARS products are beaut! <3

  98. Hannah

    Thanks for the amazing post, once again! You've definitely convinced me to buy a NARS eyeshadow (: x

  99. Annie

    thanks to you i bought this eye shadows and so far i'm absolutley loving it , it makes my eyes stand out and makes them look sreally nice thank you zoe x

  100. Bri.*

    do you think this duo would look good with green/hazel eyes??? Awesome post Zoe!

  101. Bri.*

    Would this duo look good on green/hazel eyes with fair skin? Awesome post Zoe! :)

  102. I own the 413BLKR duo eyeshadow but I tend not too wear it as the shades are too dark for me and as they are highly pigmented its too dramatic for a daily look. However I may consider purchasing tis item…my birthday is in a couple of weeks;)..

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  104. Hannah Porter

    wow! this palette looks stunning- if only i had the money to buy it haha!xx