So most of you will probably know by now, that not too long ago, my good chum Louise turned 25 again, and I went up to stay with her, to launch our new shop, and to celebrate her day of birth. We took a  little road trip to Fleur’s house in the evening, for pre-drinks and a jolly good hoo-hah, and then went out for a few tipples-on-the-town. (I wasn’t drinking, just in case you were worried I “road tripped” under the influence haha). Whilst at Fleurs, I took some photo’s, which I loved so much I just had to share them with you all. How GORGEOUS do they both look? 

I also revealed Louise’s secret birthday video to her, which if you’ve not seen yet, you can view HERE. You can watch Louise’s vlog of the few days I spent there HERE, and Fleurs vlog of evening antics HERE. It will almost feel as if you are there celebrating with us :) Also keep your eyes peeled on my YouTube channel for my vlog too. I think I may have overused the word “vlog” in this blog post! VLOG VLOG VLOG. 

  1. Vendy

    Uuuh… Amazing photos :3

  2. Aww, looks like you've had such a lovely time!

    I also have quite a bit of envy about how SHINY your hair is!


  3. You girlies all look BEAutiful! You look like your having a fantasic day and i have to say the birthday girl doesn't look a day over 21! Hope you had a bubbly day(:

  4. Love the photos! I'm a huge fan of all three of you! I think it's lovely how you met through blogging and vlogging :) xx

  5. You girls looks adorable! Looks like you had a great time! xo

  6. You all look lovely :) xx

  7. Noush

    Great photos !

  8. Shari

    You all look beautiful, so nice that your all friends xxx

  9. Julie

    Everyone looks so pretty! :)

  10. Claire

    You all look beautiful :) The video you made for Louise was the loveliest thing as well! (And hilarious, of course) xx

  11. Farrah

    You all are very pretty! Sounds you had a lot of fun!!

  12. Ahh these photos are gorgeous. Bit of a weird thing to notice but Fleur has the lightest hair and darkest eyes, you have the darkest hair and lightest eyes and Louise is in the middle with both haha!

    Looks like you had a fab time!

  13. Beth

    You all look gorgeous and like you had a great time.

    I'm scared to hit my 20's :(

    beth @

  14. Mia

    Fleur!♥ :)
    I love your make-up. And your blog Zoella /schoee/ is sweet and cool! ♥♥

  15. Amy

    You all are so pretty!

  16. You all look stunning in these photos! A beautiful trio xo

  17. Eve

    You girls look so pretty! I bet you had a good time haha xoxo

  18. Phoebe

    You all look lovely! Seems like it was a really good day! Hope you don't mind me asking, are you wearing false eyelashes? If so, what ones? They look great! xxx

  19. Amanda

    You guys always look like you have so much fun together :)


  20. lovely pictures girls !

  21. Rachel

    Experiencing a serious case of Bangs envy! You do them so well!

  22. Rachel

    Experiencing a serious case of bang envy! You style them SO WELL. <3

  23. Nicola

    Zoe your gorgeous, and so is Louise and fleur! I love all your channels and you are all so great together! I hope Louise had a great birthday which from all the vlogs i can tell he has!

  24. Kat

    Gorgeous photos, your personalities go together so well. Love seeing you all in videos together :) P.s your hair looks really healthy and lovely! xx

  25. Beth

    ah looks like Louise had a fab day! the video is lovely what you made for her :) xxx


  26. Sophie

    gorgeous photos! where is your top from that your are wearing? :-) x

  27. Vicki

    All three of you look gorgeous. If you and Louise made some kind of reality show together I'd definitely watch it, you're so much fun together! x

  28. DM

    Hope you all had fun! You certainly look like you did! :)
    Belated birthday wishes Louise!
    x D

  29. Steph

    Great pictures!! You all look gorgeous!

  30. I loove your Blog. You are so beautyful ;)

  31. you look like you had tones of fun! by the way you look great!


  32. I love these photos, all three of you look absolutely stunning, I totally wish I were your friend.

    Jess x

  33. Your hair looks fab here! Volume! x

  34. Love your lipstick, Zoe~! Can I ask, what is it?

  35. Beautiful pictures; you all look gorgeous! :D

  36. Alice

    It really did feel like we were celebrating with you (if only hey!). Also, can I just say I'm so delighted that yours and Louise's business venture is going so well, I'm so pleased for you and with my purchases…blog post on them coming soon!


  37. Great photos! Your all soo pretty! :)

  38. Laura

    Such beautiful girls! x

  39. .

    I just love your blog and vlogs so fun!
    Gave me inspiration to start my own blog, just a chatty, fun ,stories of my dramatic/unreal funny life
    Started a blog today
    If any one of your lovley jubbly people would have look would be fab!
    Just a blog blog nothing specific like make up or fashion, just life of a uni student reallly.
    Would be pretty cool if you had a look :)
    Alex xoxo

  40. You all look stunning as always. I love watching all of your videos on YouTube, especially when you and Louise are together. You always seem to have so much fun and the birthday video you made was hilarious and heartfelt.


  41. Becky

    Looks like you had a fab time and you all look gorgeous!


    Beckys Makeup

  42. you guys look gorgeous!

  43. You all look gorgeous!

  44. Sadie

    All three of you are ridiculously gorgeous! :) xx

  45. Your pictures are so good! To top off an amazing night. You are very right – I DO feel as if I celebrated with you .. Because I'm subscribed to all 3 of you's's youtubes! and follow your blogs.. and basically it was like I was celebrating too, from home. hahah
    I love that the three of you are interconnecting like this. It's great that blogging and vlogging can bring people together in real life too!
    And I watched your joint video with Sprinkle of Glitter on starting a blog. So much help! thanks.


  46. Kerry

    25 again… that made me chuckle. :) Bless her. :P
    And I'm going to pick a part your sentence on "don't they both look amazing?!" because no, you ALL look amazing. :D

    It looked like so much fun.

  47. You all look lovelicious. Fleur's orange and pink nail polish combo is so nice. Glad you girls had a wonderful night.

  48. Bess

    Amazing pictures! It all looked like such a fun night. You guys seem like so much fun, I love when you get together in videos! Happy belated birthday to Louise as well :)

  49. your eyes look so stunning in the second photo!! :)


  50. Kim

    Gorgeous photos, you all look lovely :) x

  51. On the 3rd photo you all look stunning. X:)

  52. Abelia

    really pretty photos :) xx

  53. Lovely photographs!
    The videos are hilarious especially the one you did for Louise! I couldn't stop laughing when you sped the chocolate finger/walrus up :D

  54. 3 of the most beautiful people ever ! ;) < im not winking at you.. but my colon button doesnt work hahaa. Happy Birthday Louise! ;D xxx

  55. Holly

    You're all so pretty! :)

  56. Monica

    Gorgeous ladies! I love how you each have a different lip color: Fleurs got the hot pink, Louise has a pretty coral, and you have the lovely orange color. Each one suits you guys perfectly!


  57. You all look beautiful! I love the video you made for Louise -so sweet!

    I watch you three all the time, and it made me really want to get into to vlogging, but I don't have the confidence to do it, so I made a blog, would love it if you read it some time!

  58. You guys are so beautiful. This is random but could you please check out my blog. I'm new to this and hoping for more followers.

  59. you girls are gorgeous!<3

  60. You're all such lovely girls! <3

  61. I wish I did know Louise's age lol but oh well not to worry she'll just have to stay 25 forever ;) xx

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