So most of you will probably know by now, that not too long ago, my good chum Louise turned 25 again, and I went up to stay with her, to launch our new shop, and to celebrate her day of birth. We took a  little road trip to Fleur’s house in the evening, for pre-drinks and a jolly good hoo-hah, and then went out for a few tipples-on-the-town. (I wasn’t drinking, just in case you were worried I “road tripped” under the influence haha). Whilst at Fleurs, I took some photo’s, which I loved so much I just had to share them with you all. How GORGEOUS do they both look? 

I also revealed Louise’s secret birthday video to her, which if you’ve not seen yet, you can view HERE. You can watch Louise’s vlog of the few days I spent there HERE, and Fleurs vlog of evening antics HERE. It will almost feel as if you are there celebrating with us :) Also keep your eyes peeled on my YouTube channel for my vlog too. I think I may have overused the word “vlog” in this blog post! VLOG VLOG VLOG.