It may not come as much of a surprise to most of you that recently I have fallen in love with Topshop Makeup. I’m starting a series of review posts about each of the things I have tried from the whole range. I’ve already done one on the lipsticks which you can read HERE.

I recently popped into Topshop to have a little mooch around at the clothes, but ended up buying more of the makeup. Maybe, if I actually go there for makeup, i’ll walk out with some clothing? It was the new “Sisters of the New Moon” collection that caught my eye. Topshop often bring out little collections alongside their permanent range, which I think is refreshing, and keeps you interested. I picked up a lip tint in “Crystal” which is absolutely amazing to look at. I feel like it’s almost too pretty to use. It adjusts in shade when it comes into contact with your skin, which I thought was pretty cool. The second was a lipstick, which as you can see, is orange in colour, which therefor means I must have it. It’s a lot less intense on the lips than my beloved Infared, but I love it. Both lip products were £9. I then also picked up a blush in “Flush” from the permanent line which is a pretty shade of fushia pink for £6. The last two items were nail polishes, also from the permanent line, “Hidden Treasure” (right) and “Gypsy Night” (left) which are both gorgeous colours. Who doesn’t love a multi coloured glitter black & blue bottle? Both £5!

Overall, a pretty successful trip to Topshop, even if I didn’t intend on leaving with makeup ;)

  1. Gua

    How bad do I want TopShop in Argentina?!
    C'moooonnnn TopShop people! :)

    Love you Zooey :)


  2. Liesl

    That first lipstick looks shimmer-tastic!!! :)

  3. Im dying to try out some of the new collection! And there are so many different shades of the nail varnish that I want too! Do the nail varnishes last well?
    -shannon xx

  4. Vera

    I love the look of Charmed, and Crystal is just stunning. You have such a smart taste in makeup. :)
    Love your blog and vids.
    The best from me!

  5. Ida

    Those lipsticks are so cutely packaged! gah!

  6. Love all your purchases! Gypsy Night looks stunning. x

  7. Oooh they look like amazing nail varnishes! I think you may have started a new addiction here!

  8. so lovely things you've bought. I would definitely buy the same. :D
    the lip tint lipstick looks interesting. :)

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  9. Tor

    Flush was my first ever Topshop makeup purchase (along with Brighton Rock lippie) and I love it!
    The orange lipstick looks pretty nice too… I'd love to see that on :)

    Tor @ That's Peachy fashion blog xx

  10. Ohhh Zoeeeee, you've completely converted me to Topshop makeup! I can't pass by the shop without going in and buying something :P I've recently become obsessed with their sunbeam highlighter and metallic nailpolishes! xxxxx

  11. you're making me want to break my lent and spend money on stuff I don't need, noooo xx

  12. Maisy

    I have both the nail polishes and they're just stunning. Honestly for £5 I think they beat their price rivals Models Own. Yes the bottles are smaller but the colours are so unique and so eyecatching and look so adorable on my polish rack naxt to the big butch OPI etc!

  13. Anna

    Gorgeous! That blush and 'Crystal' lipstick look amazing…

  14. I want crystal NOW, haha. My topshop is poop and doesn't stock the make-up but I'm going through to Newcastle on Friday so will pick it up then, yipee.

    B xxx

  15. Gagan

    Wow all of this amazing! In love with the blush and lipstick! I am SO excited to shop Top Shop when I go to England in May. CANNOT wait!! Will definitely be picking up your favourite Infared, I think it's really pretty!

  16. Great haul!! The lip tint looks so cool!! (: Love the nail polish!


  17. Lovely make up, pretty colours and packaging! Love the Topshop makeup line! Nice review :)

  18. Ohh,The lip tint looks beyond gorgeous!


  19. Stella

    Oooh! I love both of the nail polishes :)

  20. LOL Another orage lipstick? Love infrared too much, don't you? I wish Topshop is as accessible here in Canada, don' feel like taking subway for an hour just to visit the store :(

  21. we dont have topshop makeup here which is depressing judging by the cuteness of your haul!

  22. Yeah I wouldn't want to touch that lip tint either, it's too cute! Ha ha. It looks like jelly. I love how Topshop packages their make up :)

  23. aaah that lip tint looks amazing! what I'm interested as to what it looks like on, maybe you could wear it in a video so we can all see? xx

  24. The packaging is really pretty. I would love to try Charmed, it has such an amazing colour. Love how your post always looks so stunning. You're one of my fav. bloggers Zoey! <3

    xMarusa from

  25. RuBee

    I just posted about hidden treasure nail polish. It's a beautiful colour. It was my birthday yesterday and I got a topshop voucher – that lip tint is top of my list. X

  26. I love that crystal shimmer!!!! its so beautiful
    & i really love the hidden treasure polish. I tried to get it frm my local store and it was sold out :(

    Already have gypsy night and its amazing!! :)

    x x x

  27. Gemma

    I love the gypsy night nail polish, it is one of my all time favourite polishes!!

  28. C.A.R.

    Oooh i love those! Great purchases :)

  29. love the packaging! ♥
    and the blush looks gorgeos for spring

  30. Noush

    I love the second lipstick the color looks beautiful !

  31. ive fallen in love with topshop too! really want to get the gypsy night nail varnish!

  32. Maja

    I wish we had Topshop where I live.. For the clothes, and also for that adorable make up! :)the orange lipstick looks great!

  33. Hannah

    Heylooo Zoeeeeeeeee shmoey. I have the blush in head over heels and really love it, the other two looked really dark but I'd like to see how they look on you.
    I also have hidden treasure the nailpolish (not actual hidden treasure- I wish!) and it is EXACTLY the same as Chanel's 'Peridot' polish.
    Enjoy your bits! I'm going to have a looky for Infrared today!


  34. harri

    Crystal looks lovely :)

  35. katia

    I love them all! too bad topshop doesn't bring make up where I live :( Love your blog kepp it up!

    Please follow my new blog! :) xxx

  36. These look absolutely gorgeous! The lipstick and nail varnish colours are lovely, I can't wait to see some reviews and see how the colours actually look on! I'm desperate to get my hands on some of their new top coat varnishes! xo

  37. Abby

    Crystal is gorgeous, I need to get it so badly! But like you I probably wouldn't want to use it because it's so pretty :( xx

  38. es-jay

    Absolutely love their new collection!! I picked up hypnotic nail polish recently and it's beautiful! Love your blog Zoe!

    XoxoX for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts

  39. Lulu

    i love Topshop makeup, really excited to see your next Topshop post!xx

  40. Shan

    olordy. i need those lipsticks in my life.

  41. nicola

    I really need to try out Topshop makeup having seen you rave about it! These lipsticks look gorgeous, particularly Crystal! xxx

  42. Claire

    I instantly thought of you when I saw Charmed! I love Topshop make up and I'm actually wearing Gypsy Night on my nails right now :)

  43. I so want the Crystal lip tint!

  44. that's a pretty splurge :) I wish we had lipsticks and blushes in our topshop, but we unfortunately only have a few nail polishes and brushes…

  45. I love the colour of the blush! I've heard great things about them! I'm also a huge fan of the lipsticks like you, 'Charmed' looks gorgeous! You should def try MAC 'Morange' if you love orange lipsticks! I can imagine it really suiting you!! Fab post!! Xx.

  46. Lily

    Topshop makeup is amazing! Love the crystal lipstick :) x

  47. Emma

    I'm so obsessed with Topshop makeup right now too, I want to collect ALL the lipsticks!!


  48. Absolutly love the look of the nail varnishes and the lip tint i dont think i would be able to ues it if i had it looks so nice:) i really need to try some of the top shop make up products xxx

  49. i really want to get the lip tint! have simply not got round to checking it out but i am itching to! x

  50. Looks like a good haul! I love those nail polish colors.

  51. that black glittery polish is lovely!you have a great taste xxx

  52. i've just done a post on hidden treasure! if you like metallic polishes i highly recommend mermaid by topshop, so pretty! xx

  53. Ines

    I like the Crystal lipstick, could you swatch that when you have the time :) Otherwise its just a pretty looking lipstick to look at anyway!


  54. Uli

    I recently watched your video on Youtube about blogging tips. Just want to say I think your tips really make sense and are very important. And of course I took your advice! I think you take amazing product shots and pictures of your room. I find myself paying close attention to every small detail of your vanity, it's so pretty! Thanks for inspiring me! Lots of love from Singapore!

  55. The lipstick looks gorgeous! I absolutely love all the topshop makeup packaging <3

  56. Beth

    I really want to try some Topshop make up, it look so pretty xxx

  57. Amy

    Sisters of the new moon looks like such a beautiful collection- I wish my local store carried it! May have to make a sneaky trip to Bluewater or London ;). Amy x

  58. Maddy

    I'm desperate to try that lip tint but all the topshops I've been to so far only have a small selection of nail polishes. Maybe I'll get lucky in Windsor!

  59. I absolutely love the entire packaging of the make-up. Only because of that I'd buy it!! ;D

  60. Sarah

    Never ever bought a topshop make-up item, but the lip tint may sway me to try. Oh and maybe a polish too :)

  61. Romy

    I'm curious to try the Lash Catcher mascara and RazMataz polish! x

  62. Nina94

    Cool, I already have the blush in flush :D :D I love the green nail polish!!
    I would love if you would do a makeup tutorial for your every day makeup we see in the youtube videos :D

  63. rae

    what great items. i really love that glittery lipstick, almost looks unreal like plastic or something. great color.

    <3 rae

  64. Becky

    The Crystal lipstick looks gorgeous – I really want to try it! The hidden treasure nail polish reminds me of Chanel's Peridot!

  65. Tori.

    i have both of these nail polish's they are amazing :) x

  66. Love it! Nail polish is one of my addictions :)

  67. Lauren

    Zoe you little Toppers addict, you. ;)
    Haha, have you managed to purchase the whole makeup counter yet? Loved your lippy post. The orange lipstick always looks so fit on your face. I love that colour but I reckon it would clash with my red barnet :(
    Oooh loving the lip tints too!

  68. Ellie

    you've got me so hooked on topshop products from just reading your blog zoe! I need to go and get some more ;) I just wanted to say that i love the quality of photos on your blog i think you are totally amazing!!
    Ellie xoxo

  69. I'm yet to try any of the Topshop beauty products.Your posts are really tempting me into picking up a few bits :)x

  70. Holly

    I love the Crystal Lipstick and I really wan't to try it, I will have to pick it up next time I pass a Topshop! I love the nail polish's and I know that topshop blushes are some of the best, might have to pick up most of these items actually, haha! :) Great review x

    Holly xx

  71. O.o Want. That. Lip tint.

    And lol you're not the only one who goes into a shop to get something and comes out with something else.. heh. *guilty look*

  72. Mushei

    I love your purchase! :)

  73. Sarah

    I absolutely LOVE Topshop make up. I heard that it's made by the same company that make MAC products; so the quality of them is amazing. The Crystal lipstick looks absolutely gorgeous. I'll definitely be trying that out! Oh, and not forgetting the amazing nail polishes! At the moment I have an obsession with glitter or metallic nails. You picked out some amazing products xxx

  74. Beth

    I love the look of lipsticks! x

  75. Kate

    I have never paid attention to the Topshop makeup line, but now I might :) those lipsticks are so cute!

  76. You're so right!
    Topshop make-up sounds and looks amazing, they need to come to Holland soon and open a store.
    I would go everywhere to have a look for the make-up

    Thanks Zoë for the good advise of topshop make-up an blame me if my englisch is bad.


  77. Zoe!

    the crystal lip tint is amazing, i love it :) i like how you can build it up on your lips, it can either be barely there or really pink, it's lovely, my best purchase in a while :) xx

  78. The sparkly lippy reminds me of one I had when I was little! Aw!

  79. Top shop's packaging is so gorgeous! It makes me want to try their products even more and the price of everything is amazing! :)

  80. I love your posts they are great. I can't wait to get my hands on crystal!! :D

  81. Daisy

    I am yet to try any of the Topshop makeup but will be heading over to your review now! I will then decide on what shall be my first purchase!

  82. anna

    This post makes me want to run into topshop right this second.
    One of the nail polishes seems like an exact dupe to peridot for Chanel .

  83. Lou

    I have been surprised by Topshops make up range. I have been using the cream blush and eye liner and love them.


  84. LOL :D this really made me laugh…!! I have the same issue with TopShop. I'll go in one way and come out another way altogether. Aiming to get something- coming out with something I had no idea I would ever even want. That store does strange things to people.


  85. I wish I could find Topshop make-up here in Italy too (:

  86. omgosh! i LOVE that sparkle lipstick!!!!!

  87. Hey !! I am so exited to hear the reviews !
    Been wondering about the quality , pigmentations and lasting – got myself a eyeshadow brush not long ago , wich I am pretty satisfied with !

  88. I've been to Topshop loads of times but i just passed the make up stand without really looking.. Thanks for changing my mind:) Its going to be first in my stop for make up :) I love the crystal lip tint.. I might just have to try it ;) <3

  89. Miriam

    They opened a Top Shop here in Toronto and the one time I went in I too was surprised that I ended up putting the loafers down and looking at all the bottles and pretty packing of make-up instead. It's different when you see it in real life vs. online. ;) One day will splurge!

  90. Al

    you wished me happy birthday a couple years ago on twitter (its on the 29) so i always remember yours is around mine
    hope you enjoy your day!!

  91. Yep I can't get enough of Topshop make up too, it's great!! x

  92. RCagz

    I very nearly bought the 'Gypsy Night' polish the other day. It's such a great shade, eagerly awaiting payday so I can splash out on it xoxo

  93. Hi zoe just jouned you huge bloggy world can you please subscribe to my itsy bitsy one i just set up and my new youtube channel littlemissstyleguru,love love love you and Louise and you both have now given great reviews on topshop makeup so i must pop in there thanks,it's just having the funds with a small baby blah but she is worth it ;0)
    don't think i will ever have as many followers as you so what's your secret apart from being young and stunning xxxx
    hugs to ya

  94. Loving the new layout! x

  95. meg

    Loving the new blog layout! How do you make it look so pretty but elegant?!
    please check out my blog:


  96. LiLie

    Thir review is amazing! I Love topshop products!
    Oh zoey, the greatest thing is the new layout! Absolutely cute and lovely pinkie :)

  97. Nicole

    Just wanted to let you know that your blog is definitely a favourite of mine, and that I love your new blog design! xo

  98. Topshop makeup is by far one of the best brands out there, and these look like such lovely products! Might have to pop down to Topshop tomorrow to invest.
    By the way, I'm new to Blogger and I would love it if you were to have a look at my blog :) Thanks! xxx

  99. Erin

    i love reading your blog and seeing what new things you have going on! i wish we had topshop where i live so that i could go in and try all the makeup. looks like a lot of fun!

  100. Love the new blog design! I too am in love with the topshop make-up range!

  101. I love the Topshop make up range – the packaging is so pretty :) x

  102. Ellie

    Hi! I love all of the topshop make up range especially the look, presentation and packaging! Plus I love the blusher in this set! You are so pretty and I love following your blog.

  103. That makeup is lovely! The nail polishes are so pretty :) You take amazing photos, they are really good, you make the makeup look absolutly amazing. Love your blog and your youtube! :) <3

  104. Hey Zoe :*
    I'm really excited to the the reviews. I really enjoyed reading your new post, you're so lovely.
    I'm looking forward to buy more things from Topshop.

    I've got a German Blog, but it would be very nice if you visit it and maybe you could left a comment for me <3

  105. Hi Zoe!

    It seems like a really nice Make-Up Collection. It's just too bad, it's really hard to get "Topshop-Stuff" in Germany.

    I just recently found you and and your Blog.
    It's amazing. You are so nice.

    I am really excited for your next posts and videos. :-)

    Sending lots of love from Germany.
    Janna xxx

  106. You bought such gorgeous looking shades, I feel a Topshop splurge coming on now! X

  107. New background :) So pretty and girly. Will you ever do a post on how did you do it? Love <3

  108. The first thing I will do when I visit the UK is spend all my money in topshop!

  109. Hey just wanted to let you know I am loving the new layout design. The colours are amazing! :)

    I think I just might go visit Topshop tomorrow your blog is definitely inspiring to check out the range.

    Madeleine Xx

  110. Rachel

    Gorgeous photos!

  111. Iv

    'charmed' lipstick- gorgeous! I love this color on lips:)

  112. Ooh love! I still haven't tried anything from Topshop Makeup, keep meaning to :) x

  113. UyenPN

    I really like the color of the blush! I am thinking about buying the same one :o


  114. Elysa

    Hi zoe im obsest with yours and louise's youtube channels and have been looking at both your blogs but was never a blog person intill know. both your blogs are soo amazing. i have never tryed the topshop range but i think i might at some point as i love the corol lipstick that you are ushaly wairing in your videos. loving the blog :D x

  115. Wow the lip tint in crystal looks crazy, I want to go see it in real life to see the colour change! The new look on your blog is fab Zoe, lavs ya :) xxxx

  116. Ooooh I just watched your new video and I wish you and Louise were my friends :')
    Looks like you guys are always having fun and I'm just sitting, watching the video and laughing because of you two! :)

    Love x

  117. aww i wish there was a top shop hear me!!!

  118. Zoe! I Simply love your blog! Its amazing!!! So much hard work put into it!!! :)

    There has not been a post I do not read in full!!!

    Lots of LOVE

  119. Packaging is soooo so cute! It's DOTTY!
    Ummm… I have just started a blog and was wondering if you could help me???
    a) How do you get the banner thing with links across the top of your blog?
    B) How can you get a background different to the ones they offer?
    c) And when you started, did you discuss it with your friends and family?
    Thank youu and btw I love reading your blog posts and YouTube videos.
    Laurensusie xxx

  120. Do you know if hidden treasures is a good dupe for Chanel Peridot? Thanks

  121. What camera do you use? The quality of this is amazing!
    LOVE your blog!
    please take a look at mine

  122. Meg.

    Topshop needs to come to SA! We have nothing here :p
    When I went to the Oxford st one with some friends from back home we were literally overwhelmed by the size of it, lol xx

  123. I've never actually tried any topshop make up but these all look so lovely im very tempted! x

  124. I am also a lover of topshop makeup and i am like you when you said, Maybe, if I actually go there for makeup, i'll walk out with some clothing? my eyes are just drawn to the makeup. x Love your blog and your youtube! xxx

  125. I haven't tried any Topshop make up yet but you're making me so tempted!

  126. I absolutely love the Topshop make-up range, it's definitely worth investing in, especially the lipsticks as they are so pigmented! I work in Topshop and have recently started blogging so feel free to follow me or ask me any questions about products and clothing! Love your blog and youtube channel by the way! :) xx

  127. lozmoz

    I adooooore Topshop make up! I find a lot of the clothes in there to be a bit over-priced for what they are, but the make up is spot-on in my opinion. I have the 'Hidden Treasure' nail polish, it is my absolute favourite at the moment. I love your blog also and your hair is sensational <3

  128. I love the topshop range! I haven't bought myself anything from it, but the colours for lipsticks and nail varnishes are divine! You have an awsome selection! I watch your videos on youtube too and I think 'infrared' you so well! Thanks for your time!


  129. I love the orangey lipstick on you, it really suits you!

  130. That blusher looks absolutely incredible! I will have to add that to my wishlist! I am loving your blog just now, it looks so cute and your reviews are so helpful! Thank you :) xxx

  131. I have the hidden treasure nail varnish, I think its amazing and looks abolutaly beautiful on! I love the topshop make up, they have loevly colours and are very reasonably priced… Love your reviews and youtube videos! xxxxx

  132. Absolutely love your blog! =] you have inspired me to start my own! xxxxxx

  133. Lucy

    Firstly, I'd like to thank you for recommending infrared as I have recently just fallen in love with it and I've always stuck to my nudes and pinks but I'm so glad I took your advice! I think charmed sounds right up my street as I'm now a converted orange lover xx

  134. Sarah

    I hadn't ever considered orangey lipsticks before. I have similar colouring to you, so when you were saying how much you loved them I thought I'd give it a go. Bought Tutti Frutti Revlon Colourstay Lip Butter the other day and I love it. It's quite sheer but buildable, and a great alternative to a red lip for the summer. I'm sure you've tried it anyway given how popular they are, but if not I'd definitely recommend it! xxx

  135. Clobo

    the blush looks amazing!

  136. Emmy

    I love the topshop nail varnishes and I also had a bronze/blush from there which was amazing – they stopped doing it though SADFACE!

  137. Unknown

    Mini topshop makeup spulrge is shown on the post here. Read to know more
    mineral make up