It may not come as much of a surprise to most of you that recently I have fallen in love with Topshop Makeup. I’m starting a series of review posts about each of the things I have tried from the whole range. I’ve already done one on the lipsticks which you can read HERE.

I recently popped into Topshop to have a little mooch around at the clothes, but ended up buying more of the makeup. Maybe, if I actually go there for makeup, i’ll walk out with some clothing? It was the new “Sisters of the New Moon” collection that caught my eye. Topshop often bring out little collections alongside their permanent range, which I think is refreshing, and keeps you interested. I picked up a lip tint in “Crystal” which is absolutely amazing to look at. I feel like it’s almost too pretty to use. It adjusts in shade when it comes into contact with your skin, which I thought was pretty cool. The second was a lipstick, which as you can see, is orange in colour, which therefor means I must have it. It’s a lot less intense on the lips than my beloved Infared, but I love it. Both lip products were £9. I then also picked up a blush in “Flush” from the permanent line which is a pretty shade of fushia pink for £6. The last two items were nail polishes, also from the permanent line, “Hidden Treasure” (right) and “Gypsy Night” (left) which are both gorgeous colours. Who doesn’t love a multi coloured glitter black & blue bottle? Both £5!

Overall, a pretty successful trip to Topshop, even if I didn’t intend on leaving with makeup ;)