Maxi Skirt: New Look – Jumper: Charity Shop – Hair Band: New Look – Belt: Primark

I don’t often do fashion how to posts, as, well, I don’t really consider myself hugely fashionable or highly knowledgeable when it comes to all things catwalk or “on trend”. I wear what I like, and something I feel happy & confident in. I gather all my inspiration from people around me and those who I claim DO have a fair amount of clothing know-how. However, when I recently filmed a haul video on YouTube, I showed a couple of maxi skirts and asked if anyone *may* be interested to see how I wore them. I had an overwhelming amount of “yes pleases”. So, with the help of Louise as camera lady, I set out and created the video especially for those of you who asked.

Maxi skirts are my summertime essential. As someone who suffers with “I despise my legs” syndrome, they are my perfect go-to on a warm day where tights and leggings would be an awful & sweltering idea. They cover my legs, provide a cool breeze, suit my shape & frame, yet still look quite glamorous & effortless.

A few tips & hints:

  • If you are short, wear a maxi skirt at your waist, rather than your hips, it elongates the legs making you appear much taller, as well as shortening the length slightly.
  • If a maxi skirt is too long, but you absolutely love the style & colour, then take it up! Don’t be lazy, it takes minutes to stitch up a hem, or even use the iron on webbing if you aren’t very good with a needle and thread.
  • If you are on the shorter side, and anything “maxi” is just too long or you can’t be bothered with adjusting the length yourself, then count yourself lucky that you can wear some killer wedges with it. You appear taller, feel more elegant, and nobody will ever know ;)
  • If you are taller and find maxi skirts impossible to fit you length-wise , try going for a maxi skirt which is designed to be sat at the waist, and wear it on your hips. This way you are shortening the length and the appearance of your legs.
  • You don’t ONLY have to wear maxi skirts in the summer or when it’s hot, put on a pair of leggings or tights underneath for a bit of added warmth on those days where the sun is shining but there’s still a slight chill. Nobody will ever know!
  • You can also layer up with different t shirts, jumpers & scarves in the colder months. I find that jersey like fabrics sit better for colder days, and floaty fabrics look a lot more summery for the hotter days.
  • As maxi skirts are so long, you can get away with wearing many different top variations and tucking them in. You could even wear a pretty dress or swimming costume underneath & all would be concealed.
  • I find that cropped jackets & blazers look best with my maxi skirts, as it helps to balance everything out. I tend to opt for a cropped denim jacket for a more casual look, and if i’m going somewhere nice, I’ll go for a cropped blazer.

There really are no set rules around styling maxi skirts, tuck tops in, let tops hang out, wear flip flops, wear boots, wear leggings, wear at the waist, wear at the hips, wear in winter, wear in summer…you make the rules. I know that not everybody will feel the same love I do for a floor-length skirt but it’s such an easy thing to dress up, or dress down, and if you aren’t blessed with gorgeous pins as I unfortunately haven’t been, they are a summer life-saver, plus, you feel so elegant & feminine!

  • Mary Nascimento

    So pretty! Love the colors and the flower crown :)

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    Love your flower crown! Where can I get one like that? Lysm xxx

  • Emma Griffith

    Even looking back at this blog post and video, you are still soooo creative and beautiful :)

    I love ya lots and lots!!!

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    Love the skirt I really want one I’m hoping I get one soon the head band is so cute by the way you always look beautiful love you ❤️Xxxx

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    You look beautiful as always Zoe. >3 xxx Emily

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    hi everyone lookin lovely zoella as always

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    You look very lovely, and your fashion sense is wonderful.

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    You are so pretty

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    Zoe you’re stunning and you’re honestly such an inspiration! I love your YouTube channels and I love coming here to read your blogs whenever I’m feeling down. I love you so much Zoe, keep doing what your doing and never let any hate or anything get to you! <3 xx

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    You look really lovely dear, you are so beautiful and I love to read your blog and watch all of your vlogs. Your awesome at what you do, you really are! Thanks for being the amazing Zoe that you always are! Have a great day everyone

  • Maxi dresses are so much fun to style and we love that cream jumper with that pink skirt! These are also amazing tips just in time for the summer time!

    ISA Professional

  • Saaga Khalaf
  • jajaja I love these older posts. They just remind me of being young and I remember thinking it was so cool to take pictures side ways. :) You look absolutely beautiful!

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    i love ur looks

  • I think these tips are definitely to help be upgraded and accept latest fashion trends!!

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    These are so helpful! Thank you.

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    Lovely maxi skirts here. You can checkout some more.

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