Grandad's Birthday (90)
In the time I was away, I grew myself an impressive moustache. You like?

I was going to title this blogpost “An Apology” as I haven’t blogged in a few months, but then I changed my mind, and I realised that in fact I don’t need to apologise at all. I have been on somewhat of a blogging holiday, lost my blogging mojo & have been super busy living life with it’s ups and downs & just haven’t really felt like sitting down and doing it. I have no excuse, besides the fact that blogging is not my job, I don’t get paid for it, it’s a hobby, it’s something I want to enjoy doing, something I want to sit down and really get into. I’m not going to do it if it feels like a chore.

I was actually quite disappointed by the fact that some of you got a little aggressive with me about it.

To quote one girl “Do you not think that being a bigger blogger means you have more responsibility to give your viewers exactly what they want”.

There are so many things in this statement which make me want to pull my hair out. The term “Bigger Blogger” is a load of poppycock, I’m no bigger than anyone else. I am humble and down to earth, and NOTHING sets me apart from someone with 10 followers. I just blog about things I enjoy, and it makes me happy to know so many of you love reading it. It doesn’t automatically mean I HAVE to blog more or change the way I’d do things naturally. So no, I don’t have more responsibility to give my viewers what they want, I’m hoping you all follow my blog because you like what I choose to blog about, and the way I do it & not because I feel I have to.

Don’t get me wrong, I also had a lot of nice positive comments from people simply saying they missed my blogposts & they hoped i’d return soon, and those I didn’t mind at all, there was just a handful of people which gave me absolutely no motivation to want to get back into blogging whatsoever. Please don’t nag at me if I don’t blog enough in the space of a few months, I have a life too, and any spare time I have had, I’ve done a Youtube Video as I feel they are much easier to do sometimes.

That said, I can now say “I THINK I FOUND MY BLOGGING MOJO”. Lets not all get too excited though, i’m still running low on juice, I’ll need to do a few blogposts to get back into the swing of it. I have lots of reviews I want to do on things i’ve been loving though & obviously my nice new camera to take some spiffing photos with.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to say HELLO to all the new followers I’ve gained even though I have been absent, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my older blogposts.

Anyway, this blogpost was more of an update/mini rant to remind some of you that my official title is NOT “Blogger”and I will be updating more regularly from now on. Hoorah!

  1. Shanah

    HAHA, omg, sorry, but that picture is just too funny for words!

  2. Marrie

    I missed your blogposts! simple as that! But I totally understand you! Good luck with the blogging! xx

  3. Devea

    glad you are back :)

  4. Sophie

    She was way out of line, you can blog whenever you want to! In fact, people appreciate each post more if you have less of them ;) Think of it that way Zoella! And to be honest, you look pretty damn hot with a moustache! Check you out.. ooft. Especially as it's Keith Lemon ginger. ;) LOL. xxx

  5. Vida

    Good to hear you're semi back =) I'm glad that you like doing youtube videos because I love watching them! And reading your blog too, of course.

    I say do what you want, all of your posts/vids are great!

  6. nice to see you back :)
    I'm everyday checking your youtube page to see if there's a new video, I really enjoy watching your videos :) you're so sweet and funny :)

    loads of sun, Kai Liis

  7. Girl, things happen. I enjoy your posts, but its fine if you don't post a whole lot.

    It is also tough on the reading end. Going through nearly 1,000 posts a day, you start skimming through posts. I can't imaging if each blogger I followed posted several things a day. I would never get through anything!

  8. Hello *waves* I love your blogs and welcome back!
    I love your YouTube videos too :) xxx

  9. i totally agree with what youve written.
    some ppl are unbelievable.
    im glad you blogged (i missed it :)) but if you wouldnt blog – no1 has the right to judge you.



  10. Jenny

    You're rocking the tasch fiercely ;p Glad you're back x

  11. I think people forget we blog because we love it and not because we are forced to. Oh people.

    And the picture is great.

    Zoe Gabrielle

  12. hahahaha i LOVE the pic :) :) Just brightened up my day tha did haha x x

  13. aimeee

    yay so glad your back ;D

  14. bee.

    Oh god, some people are so bloody demanding! I say you can blog whenever you want sweet (: I'm absolutely in love with that photo! By the way, I want basically everything you showed in your last YT haul!

  15. Ciara

    gah,its not like you were gone FOREVER.some people are so impatient !,anyways HOORAH :)

  16. I agree fully with this post and glad you will not change as you are a "bigger blogger". we like you the way you are. Glad your back. x

  17. Stacey

    Love reading your posts so glad you're back – some people seem to think they own you? Very weird, there are some crazehh people out there!

    Stacey x

  18. Layla

    I'm a fairly new follower and I've read through a lot of your archive blogs – it's distracted me nicely from my revision! Haha.

    Welcome back!

  19. ahh that picture is hilarious hahaha! screw people that leave mean comments like that. I think we all need a break sometimes to find our mojo and when we come back we usually come back head on and stronger than before.

  20. Morven

    How bloody needy can you get! Haha, well said sugar puff! Glad to see you back :) x

  21. Xenia

    Ohh I love your blog. I read a lot of your posts when you were away and I love it. Whoever said that nasty thing to you is bit of a pleb.

    And I am loving the sweet tach.

    Xenia x

  22. Nicole

    At the end of the day, it's your life and it's completely understandable if you don't feel like blogging – i feel the exact same way. Sometimes, you just can't be bothered.
    You shouldn't feel like you have to do anything, or it'll take the fun out of it and you'll eventually hate blogging.
    All your 'loyal' (hate using that term as it seems a bit silly) followers will still be here regardless of the schedule of your blog posts!
    Hope you're well xxx

  23. khaz

    That photo is hilarious! I'm glad you're back, and you're right, there's no point blogging if you aren't 100% into it, so hopefully your mojo shan't desert you again, and if it does, we'll be waiting for you to snatch it up again.

  24. Izzy

    is that an app??

  25. Tat

    lovely to see you home baby :)

  26. I cannot believe this. What is wrong with those people ? Complaining because you've not blogged in a few weeks, really ? It blows my mind ! You don't owe them anything and they should be glad you even blog at all ! Anyway, welcome back ! I wish you to find inspiration and motivation again. Lots of good things to you Zoe ! <3

  27. Lulu B

    So glad your back, love reading your blog! Can you believe the audacity of that girl, how pathetic! Obviously she doesnt realise there is such thing as living a life outside of the blogging realm! hahaha rant over so glad to see your pretty face back making me LOL xx :o)

  28. Mim

    Some people are so full of cr*p, you go girl! You tell them! P.S. Love reading your blog and nice to see a new post from you. Much love x

  29. Nicola

    Yay! I'm glad your back! I love your blog x

  30. Haha! That ap is amazing, my boyfriend has perfected the eyebrow motions to go with each phrase… it's genious! :-)

    Be cool to read some more of your posts again!

    Dayner x;

  31. omg, you're beeaauutiifuul ! :*

  32. Beth

    I think that blogging shouldn't be a chore. If you feel like not blogging, don't. That way you are only blogging when you want to and therefore your posts will be better :)

  33. I am a new follower and I really enjoyed reading all your older entries during the last weeks .. I love it!

  34. you are so right girl!! don´t let them tell you what you gotta do!

  35. Ugnė

    Hi, I'm your new follower :) I had a bad day yesterday, so I layed in bed all day reading your blog. All. Yes, I did it :D And you made my day, thanks for that!

    Anyway, what I wanted to say is you got some really nice moustaches. Envy. Haha :D

  36. hannah

    it sucks to have to deal with these kind of things, when you start having alot of people that follow you, but please don't forget about us that support you no matter what you do~ you are real and not one of those who suck their followers buttocks to please.. that's just fake to me. stick up for yourself. that's why i read and watch your stuff. you are just real.

  37. Adele

    Would never demand a post from you…just simply missed them!! Welcome back!! :) xxxx

  38. RCagz

    Welcome back! ^_^ don't let the small minority get you down, haters are always gonna hate.
    You're right, there's no point in blogging if you're not inspired or enjoying what you're posting about.
    Looking forward to your future posts!

  39. Miles

    Glad you're back! I salute to your honesty and come-what-may approach in life :) Can't wait for more of your Make Up and Skin Care posts

  40. It's so nice to see you :) hope you enjoyed your blogging holiday! Maybe you'll need some blogging bank holidays too ;) I still read your blog every day..even though you weren't blogging. Love what you do

    love, Emily

  41. yvonne

    glad your back :)

  42. joana

    Ahah so crazyy

  43. i am sooo happy youre back! ive missed your posts way too much!

  44. Glad your back!, have been watching your vids and they are great, keep them coming xxx

  45. Sammi

    That photo is hilarious! I totally wasn't expecting that.

  46. I really did miss your blog <3

  47. Yay! I thought you weren't coming back. Looking forward to reading! x

  48. kate

    hilarious photo! i can't believe people have sent nasty messages about the lack of posts. quality, not quantity people ;)

  49. Tashi

    Love the photo !!! welcome back !!! can't wait for more cracking blogs !!! ^U^

  50. That's really annoying that a handful of people were on at you about not posting. You don't have a legal obligation to post a certain amount of times a month!lol. Any normal person would just assume you were busy getting on with your life…some people baffle me… Glad you're back in the saddle now though :D xxxxx

  51. Haha loving the pic! Really glad you're back, I had missed you but I totally understand what you mean about not blogging for a while. Yours was one of the first blogs I followed & now I've finally started my own, although I've neglected it this week due to stress/uni/life

    Hope you're all good :)

    Lois xx

  52. I love your posts and videos, and I don't blame you for taking a break!! Sometimes life gets busy and you just don't feel like blogging or etc. People need to get over it!
    Do what you do ;)

  53. looool love the pic!

  54. i think that no matter what you write, or how often, the true reader of no matter what "size your blog" will keep reading as the posts come. i think you do a great job, and i love peeking at your posts however often you write, poo on everyone who disagrees! ha ha,… and the mustache is a definite keep, too.

  55. Girl you don't have to explain yourself to anyone! If you needed time, you needed time! Point blank!

    With that said, I'm sorry you had to go through that. Some people clearly have no life! LOL

    Anywho… glad you're back and I look forward to future posts!!



  56. Ash

    welcome back!! look forward to more posts. cant believe some people get sooo agressive about it, its your space, you can do whatever the hell you like!!

  57. Cait

    that is quite possibly the best photo you've posted on your blog! you're blog posts are the most fun to read of any other blogs I subscribe to, I've missed them, but you don't have any sort of 'responsibility' to us. It's no fun for anybody if you're trying to continue blogging without your 'mojo'.

  58. Good on you for doing this post, and it just reminded me of why I adore your blog. So glad you're back xox Nicole

  59. hahaha that is one awesome photo!! =]

  60. Deanna

    Glad to see you're back, I was so excited when I saw a new post from you in my feed :D
    I missed you! haha


  61. I'm happy you're back! I recently found your blog and I love it! Very inspirational! And hearing that people were inconsiderate in comments makes me sad. You should blog because you like doing it!

  62. That photo is hilarious!

    Great post :) There is no fun in blogging if you feel pressured into posting, good on you for standing up for yourself!

  63. Claire

    im glad your back!! i really enjoy reading your blog!!! yay!!! xx

  64. {ila}

    I TOTALLY agree.. and I'm sincerely happy you're back, I enjoy your posts :)
    Welcome back :)

  65. Sarah

    nice moustache zoe :P xx

  66. nicola

    yayyy, so happy to see you back! its your blog, everyone loses their blogging mojo from time to time, but so happy to see you back :D
    nicola xx

  67. Yay!! You're back and sporting one uh-mazing tash! I'm well Jel! Don't listen to the haters Zo, blog when you can it's your blog – init! lol


  68. glad you're back zoe! you were one of the first bloggers i ever stubled upon and also one of the bloggers that inspired me to start a blog. I've been reading your blog since the very beginning and i stil enjoy it when a new blgpost come up in my feed. Don't let the meanies get to you, do what you want cause that makes you who you are, that is an amazing person with a lovely personality AND a great blogger :) xx

  69. Laura


  70. k8te

    I completely agree with what you've said, and if you weren't out there busy and living your life your blog posts wouldn't be so interesting!!!! I love reading the posts you do thankyou xxx

  71. Amanda

    You're blog is super cool! x

  72. I missed your blogpost, i can't wait for your upcoming reviews, this picture is so funny hahaha :D love it. Your right blog is hobby, i used to apologize so many times for being away for a long of amount of time on my ex blogs. Welcome back one again :) x.

  73. Glad you're back zoe :)
    Its a shame that some people seem to see the internet as an exuse to say things you just wouldn't say to someones face, but i think you've done pretty damn well just resisting to send grumbley messages back to them! :)

    And i hope you're able to properly enjoy blogging again soon :)

  74. Lol i enjoy your posts but i didn't even notice you've been on break. I'm surprised people have no life that they have to msg you DEMANDING more posts… Thats kind of sad.

  75. Louise

    Of course you should provide us with regular scheduled posts even if you don't want too! You bad blogger you! *end of sarcasm*

    Some people are silly, blog when you want too! Yay you are back!

    I approve of the moustache ala keith lemon styleee

  76. Glad to see you back, luckily we had your entertaining youtube videos to compensate for the lack of blogging:p

  77. haha :) Brilliantly said! You are wonderful :D

  78. joanne

    ignore what other people say.
    Dont let people bring u down.
    Happy to see ur back again hehe

  79. haha that picture is funny! xo

  80. Sana

    I am so glad that you found your "mojo". :)

    Your blog was the first blog that I have ever followed. It motivated me to create an account and start blogging myself. Your blog is my absolute favorite out of anyone that I follow because your posts are so insightful and fun! I've spent hours reading your reviews! Not only do you have great blog posts but you have amazing pictures which I really appreciate. I am totally looking forward to reading future posts! Also, good luck with everything else in your life! :)

  81. Zoe

    I can't believe somebody would say that to you! Its nice to have time off because sometimes blogging just doesn't fit into life and everyone lacks inspiration sometimes. Anyways, welcome back :) looking forward to more posts!

    Zoe xx
    Life of a Vegetarian Girl

  82. Joke

    Glad you're back ;) I enjoy reading your blogposts a lot, so I'm kinda happy now!
    You're the best

  83. Love the picture :)

  84. Ellie

    I've actually missed you so much :L <3 xx

  85. I'm so glad your back- I absolutley love your blog, you were the first 'blogger' which inspired me to get my own blog.
    Also- I'm loving the moustache ;) Immy xx

  86. Lu

    yes yes yes, Zoella again!
    In the meantime I follow you on YOUTUBE. <3

  87. Chloe

    i totally agree. i won't blog if it feels like a chore. If I fancy doing a post Ill do it. Don't listen to any haters or whatever ;)

  88. Lizbet

    Welcome back! :D

    I look forward to get some of your mojo again!


  89. LOVE the photo first off. I follow your blog, youtube, twitter etc – and I must say I've never had an issue you 'not blogging enough'. There are plenty of blogs for people to read, no need for complaints. Listen to majority of people on here and ignore / delete those who do – so not worth it :)

  90. Ams

    I think it's unfair for people to expect bloggers to post regularly all the time.
    You should just blog when you feel like it :)
    ams x

  91. Yay so happy you're back! Have to say that your youtube videos were one of the things that finally motivated me to start the blog I had been thinking about doing for months and months so thanks :)
    And in reference to your wee rant, as a friend of mine likes to say: 'sure if you're not doing it for the craic, what are you doing it for??' which i think sums blogging up perfectly. You aren't OBLIGATED to do it, you just do it because it's fun and no one has the right to pressure you! There is nothing worse than when blogging turns into something you procrastinate from, rather than procrastinate WITH… (if that makes any sense… i know what i mean anyway, oh well)

  92. Love your blog!!!! That pictures sooooooo funny! Glad ur back xx

  93. Yay Zoe, i'm so happy you are back :) But even though i missed your posts, i understand you do have a life. And you are right, there's no point blogging if you are just not in the mood. It's supposed to be a fun hobby, not a chore :)
    I'm just looking forward to your new posts. And in your absence, it gave me a chance to re-read all your old posts! xx Shannon

  94. Hello again :).Looking forward to reading your posts agaiin

  95. iv missed your posts popping up on my dashboard but i understand why you wouldnt want to blog if you were seeing it more as a chore :) iv just started a blog and i probably wouldnt want to blog if i wasnt finding it fun

  96. Thank you for the new welcome :)

  97. Keava

    I have literally become addicted to your blog in the past few days – you're an amazing blogger, and absolutely beautiful :) You've inspired me to start my own blog, so fingers crossed I can do it as well as you ;) xxxxxx

  98. Peach

    I have just discovered your blog, well it's absolutely amazing! keep on blogging, I'm following you! hope you'll find some time to check out mine and follow if you like it!

  99. Hahaha, love the pornstache! ;)

    I like your unapologetic stance. I never quite understand it when bloggers constantly say they're sorry for not posting in a while. I don't have time to *read* daily blog updates, much less *post* them. I post when the feeling strikes, when it just feels like I need to get something out of me. The mark of a great blog isn't how often the person posts but the quality of the ones they do post. THAT is what keeps people coming back, and I think you've got that covered. Glad you're out there enjoying living life!

  100. Nana

    I'm so glad to read you again! ^0^ Don't pay attention to that silly comments, of course you're absolutely free to enjoy your life! Re-welcome back! ;)
    Greetings from Barcelona!

  101. Leigh

    glad you are back! no big in being gone though! love the photo :)

  102. Ah, lovely to see a blog from you! Well said about the comments. I have no idea how you get time to read all these comments!!! Took me long enough to scroll to the end of them.. And now I've gone and added to your long list of reading ! Oopsy! :)

    Fab blog


  103. elin

    Absolutely, positively agree <3
    Can you write some more now please please please with cherries on top? xxxxx

  104. Happy to see you're back! Can't believe people have been hassling you though, how bloody rude! You still look gorgeous even with a moustache haha x

  105. Your right, that is a load of baloney. I can't believe someone would say that, blogging is just like ice skating, knitting, or drawing. And if your likeable you get followers, I mean how ridiculous would it be if someone said "well, a lot of people like your knitting so your forced to knit as much as possible". I'd say just forget about those kind of people, if your not posting, than that person should find something else to do instead of saying things like that.

    But I do have to say I'm glad your back! I love reading your posts, their very entertaining :)
    happy blogging!

  106. Lucy

    Yay, you're back! Love your blog xxxxx

  107. How do i make my blog as good and famous as yours! :'(

  108. pic

    is that the cassius application? :D

  109. cloboe

    this photo is tooo funny! and i agree, blogging is your hobby and if someone wants to post something every day, second or year its up to them…

  110. You have such a lovely blog, and I really enjoy reading it. I also watch your youtube videos and find you hilarious, I have been wanting to make a blog for a while but didn't know what site to use and how to do it ect. So I'm really grateful for you and Louise to make that video, thanks:) I really love your style choices. Thanks again, xx

  111. Elicia

    ZOEEEE i love your blog….. iam really jealous you went strawberry picking as we dont have anything like that were i live and i LOVE strawberries i remember going a couple of times when i was younger but i just cant remember where hmmmm …Also your trip to cornwall looked FAB that little log cabin was so cute … looked like something off of a little cute postcard … what photo editor do you use? your photography is amazing … ive tryed to take some lovely pictures but my camera just cant get the lighting very well … hope you are well xoxoxox

    check out my blog if you have time

  112. Do not let a group of entitled brats dictate how you feel. Blog when you love to. It isn't your job. It is your passion and do not let one single voice make your passion less enjoyable. You do an incredible job. I love coming here and I appreciate every morsel you put out. Its like chatting with a really really REALLY awesome girlfriend. Keep up the great work–whenever the hell you feel like it. :)

  113. I completely understand where you are coming from in this post. I am new to the blogosphere, and I am already finding it overwhelming to balance blogging with work, school, family life, and other activities. I think it's unfair for anyone to expect that you give your followers exactly what they want. Coming up with original topics and provoking content should not be underestimated — it's a challenge even with a great amount of spare time at hand. That being said, I think you've done a great job of this so far. Also, I really admire your writing style — It's casual, upbeat, and engaging.

    – Amara