I’m sorry i’ve not updated in a while. I’ve been working like a mad woman & had various other things going on with my life. Some not so enjoyable & others slightly more positive. I’m super pleased that the sun has decided to rear it’s little head today, sprinkles a bit of happiness about the place doesn’t it…unless of course you are Edward Cullen, in which case I feel sorry for you.

I slept on my neck funny last night. I’m not sure how I do this, but this is the second time in about 10 days in exactly the same place. It’s SO painful. I have a constant slant to the right. I look like a weirdo. If i try and keep my head straight, it just hurts. I need someone to give me a damn good neck massage. My sleep pattern has been well and truely messed up due to the fact i’ve had a crappy few weeks, and my mattress is so hard and lumpy that it was starting to give me bruises on my hips. Forking out for a new mattress certainly wasn’t on the agenda. If I had the spare cash lying around for such luxuries, I definitely would have, but alas, I do not. My Gpa (thats grandad) came over & flipped my mattress for me & then my lovely Nan bought me a mattress topper. They obviously felt sorry for this little princess and the pea, although in this case, no princess and no pea just masses of springs and various other metal contraptions & an average girl. So, i’ve finally started getting a decent nights sleep. I say this, but i was awake from 10pm-4am last night after napping at 8pm & awoke with a wonky head. Just great. Can anyone suggest any pillows or anything which might help? I’ve heard that memory foam ones are good.

I’ve started with YouTube again. I know it’s not to everyone’s taste, and that some of you may think “why is she bothering?”, but i recieved so many emails and messages from people asking me to come back, and i feel like sometimes it’s easier for me to show you things via video. Maybe even this way I can do a few hair tutorials as the thought of capturing any form of “tutorial” through photographs was quite the chore & would have been extremely tedious. I still absolutely despise the way I sound, the things I say & the stupid hand gestures and faces I make, but obviously I cant help that. haha. I have also discovered that I say “Like” and “Literally” far too much…It’s literally like so annoying. ;)
I lost a lot of confidence over the last year, and it’s only really now that I can sit down in front of a camera & feel brave enough to upload it for you anyone/everyone to see. I’ve decided not to let any negativity affect me, and with anything on the internet, there will be some. Go and subscribe if you want to, obviously you dont have to but it would be nice if you did. Might be nice for some of you to see me in 3d…moving and that. Do let me know what you want me to do videos on. I have a feeling this time i’ll stick around.

Click HERE to go to my YouTube Channel

I’ll leave you with a few photographs that I have saved as little reminders which have made me feel a lot better about myself recently. Bit psychological, and unlike me, but I thought i’d share them with you as they might have the same effect on some of you, which would in turn, make me happy.

all images taken from weheartit.com

  1. So glad you are back on the YouTube wagon, loved the vids so far. :)

  2. You look gorgeous! I actually love your youtube videos! SO glad that you decided to make them again. xo

  3. you look absolutely gorgeous! so stunning, you make me sad :( haha..
    I have the same confidence problem when it comes to youtube! Your vid's are lovely though :) xo

  4. Emma

    im so pleased that you're on youtube, i agree that it's easier to show some things on camera than in a post!
    i like those little inspirational quotes at the bottom and hope you have a happier time than you must've been lately :)

    oh and my youtube requests:
    *hair tutorial for sure
    *wardrobe tour (cos im nosy ;)


  5. i love the edward cullen reference, so funny!
    i'm glad you're back on youtube, i've missed your videos :) don't let anyone put you down, you're such a beautiful lady :D thanks for the pictures from weheartit, really inspiring :) xx

  6. Sophie

    i slept for like ten hours last night, i don't think i've ever slept that long before lol! but i woke up feeling awful! so achey :( your youtube channel is really good!!!! haha, i'm desperate to go to primark now after your haul!xx

  7. You look so gorgeous, Zoe! And I love your new videos, so much so that I've attempted some videos myself. I know what you mean about the self-confidence and the way we criticise ourselves…I'm not confident enough at the moment to upload mine. I hate the way I sound too! But I think you sound lovely and really funny! So definitely keep going with your videos cause they're awesome!


  8. Holly

    I get so excited when I see that you've uploaded a new video (:! I'm sure you get told this all the time but you're stunning<3, I'd give anything to look like you!xx

  9. jus subbbed to ur youtube channel…hope to see more

  10. APR♥

    I left you a comment on your "what's in my handbag" video the other day, but I just wanted to say again how excited I am that you are making videos. And I think you sound fine and super cute with your accent!!!


  11. mw

    U look gorgeous!!!…i saw the cutest hangers in ur primark vid , had to phone my mom to get me some.

  12. I use a memory foam pillow and it is amazing. You will never be able to use another pillow.

    Thanks for sharing these pictures! They make me smile. Already watched your video on youtube! Welcome back.

    Your hair looks so thick, it's really nice.

  13. So happy you're back on Youtube sweet, you're just lovely! Hope you've been okay and not overworking yourself as well (:

  14. mary

    Try using thick blankets and spare duvets underneath the mattress topper, it makes it really comfy and warm :)
    Love your youtube videos, I hope you continue!
    Sent you an email about where you live the other day, sorry for seeming so stalkerish :|
    If it is where I said, you're so lucky it's absolutely lovely there! We befriended the potterer(?) on our visit there!

  15. Ellie

    I had this a few months ago and its called torticollis when your neck is wonky. I went to the doctor and he gave me some anti- inflammatory tablets which sorted it out… so painful! Also try a tight scarf and hot water bottle. Hope it gets better. Love the blog :) xo

  16. Anne

    glad you're back! I saw your youtube video about your Primark haul on my bb on the bus, yeahh kinda went to Primark and bought one of the blouses you showed :)

  17. i love the bloopers on your videos! keep including them :D x

  18. Laura

    I love your youtube videos,your so down to earth.You should def invest in a memory foam matress if you can,I recently got one and the difference is huge,soooo comfy :)

  19. Shannon

    very happy that your on youtube again! i love your videos and you dont sound silly! and youre so pretty, yeah please do hair and makeup tutorials :) xx

  20. You look stunning! I've been loving your youtube videos so far!!! :) I hope your necks feels a bit better soon, i always end up sleeping dodgily and waking up in agony the next day too :( not fun!

  21. Nilufar

    zoeeeee i feel bad for you….noone deserves all the things you went through….not to worry hun the future is bright et i am extremely happy you make videos….you make me want to go primark…xxxxtake care honeyxxx

  22. You look gorgeous, where are your earrings from? I hope you're feeling a little better now and glad you're back blogging again :) I've missed your posts! xx

  23. Erika

    your pictures are SO lovely! and I'm completely jealous of your hair, I can't wait for mine to grow to my goal length, I'm only half way there and it get's harder and harder to be patient. I completely understand how you feel about finding that confidence in yourself. I think everyone struggles with this from time to time ( I know I do!) but your already a stronger person for acknowledging it and taking away it's power. Your beautiful, keep your chin up lady :)


  24. Zoe! I'm sooo glad that you're going to be making videos again…& the "sticking around part" was very uplifting in a away because I will def. be looking forward to your video posts…as well as your blog posts of course. You're so gorgeous & your "stupid hand gestures & faces" aren't like that at all. They're what make you who you are & it adds "life" to your videos & your subscribers/viewers are able to get to know the silly, amazing person you are. ;D (even though I don't even know you in person) hehe. Anyways, if you're one of those people that need some sort of pillow to be able to sleep, indeed, try the memory foam pillows because they're amazing.
    BTW: I apologize for this comment being incredibly & annoyingly long.

  25. Loving that you're back on Youtube and you do not talk or sound funny, so please don't worry about that!


  26. Sophhh

    You missy are too pretty! Yey, your doing videos :D i think you should make one all about your lush hair. how long it took to grow, and how yous style it<3

    please follow xxxx

  27. Suzin S

    WOW your hair and make up is stunning! Hope your ok now hun, i no its hard to just ignore any negativity!xxx


    Your hair is so lovely, JEALOUS!
    I really love those images you've posted, so sweet :)

  29. It's so lovely to have you back, and I think you can tell from all the comments above how much people have missed you! I know exactly what you mean on the confidence front, those pictures are so wonderful – am tempted to print some out. Just know that you're a fab blogger, and if you're enjoying what you do then so are we!xxx

  30. Rachel

    Glad you're back – I'll head over and check out some of your videos right now!

  31. Jean

    Your hair looks beautiful here. I have been enjoying your youtube videos :) so excited that I am getting a chance to go to Primark at the weekend after seeing all the goodies you picked up :) I am glad you started again! xx

  32. bee.

    You're so beautiful and funny. I'm glad you're back and I hope the next few weeks are a hell of a lot better for you! Aww, Grandparents are saviours aren't they?! I don't get a lot of sleep either so I don't know what to suggest I'm afraid. Looking forward to seeing more videos!

  33. Hannah

    You're so pretty! I love your videos so please keep making them!xxx

  34. I just subscribed! I adore your earrings! xoxo

  35. Glad to see your back on youtube lovely! Great photos! xox

  36. Beth

    Lovely positive images. I think I need to print them out and put them on my wall!

    Keep doing vids! They are great!

  37. Chloe

    i cant tell you how excited i am that you're back on youtube, i was so sad when you went because you were my favourite youtuber, now you're back! yay!! xxx

  38. Alison

    So glad you're back on Youtube Zoe, I always loved your videos. I think hair tutorials would be excellento. Your hair always looks PERFECT.

  39. Your hair looks gorge! I will check out your youtube channel, I love watching videos of bloggers it sort of brings things to life. Hmm not sure what to suggest about the sleeping thing, but hope it improves soon!

  40. you are absolutely gorgeous! x

  41. hair tutorials and room tour XD

  42. I love your youtube videos, have just subscribed :)


  43. Welcome back, and love the hair in these pics! I definitely know about messed up sleep patterns… I woke up at 4.30, it's currently 5.30 and I'm reading blogs – it's not looking good for getting back to sleep really isit?!?!
    Beth @ Baking and Brogues

  44. pretty girl :]
    i love your blog xx

  45. Sarah

    so glad you're back on youtube!
    you come across lovely both on your blog and youtube channel, so you have nothing to worry about :) just do what makes you happy!

    sarahbox04.blogspot.com xx

  46. love your vids :) I would like it if you did more of these!!


  47. I love your hair! you are gorgeouuus!!:)

  48. Your hair looks gorgeous! Why do my hairdressers NEVER get my fringe like this? Do you use extensions?


  49. I really love your hairstyle in your pics!

  50. Sarah

    I am the exact same with sleeping funny at the minute; sore neck, shoulders, back… I don't know what is going on!
    Lovely to see you on YouTube. :)

    Sarah x

  51. maria.

    you're so pretty!! and i get kinks in my neck when i sleep funny too :( so painful!

  52. Hair looks lovely! I do that weird middle bit pinned up too if that makes sense. Also I wanna see that dress/top underneath properly! x

  53. Hannah

    You look beautiful as always :) I'm absolutely loving your Youtube videos too, fave youtuber at the minute :) xx

  54. Maria

    my in-laws have a memory foam mattress and they really recommend it. I think they're expensive tho.
    My bf has a microfoam pillow, he loves it, they're under £10 from amazon.co.uk so if you like it's worth a try. search: cushtie pillow.
    Hope that helps :)

  55. I was so happy to see u on the tube, I subbed right away :) I really want ur hair – can't wait for the tut's on that, ur gorgeous and don't let anyone discourage u :) x

  56. Caz

    Loving your YouTube videos Zoe and you look gorgeous in your pics :)

  57. You are amazing and SO pretty don't let anyone tell you otherwise! & i'm addicted to your youtube videos.. definitely my favourite youtube/blogger person! and love those note thingys, really needed those too! xx

  58. you, my dear, are a lot more than average ;-) i love your blogs and vids and you along with others have inspired me to blog! im in the process of setting that up YAY! If u plan on "ombre-ing" your hair anytime soon would u pretty please film that!!

  59. Krissy

    I love watching your vlog! Youre such a cutie!! :) And I love your accent haha!

  60. Luzia

    ikea has a great and very affordable memory foam pillow. I absolutely love it and couldn`t sleep on another pillow since i have this. It did wonders for my back pain i always had in the mornings!

  61. ♥i love your blog so much♥

    ypu re so beautiful.))

  62. You're so pretty! I was also going to suggest turning over your matteress. Mine was lumpy a while back so my mum ended up turning it over for me and I haven't had such problems since.
    Thank you for sharing the pictures btw, they're very inspirational. Sometimes I have to remember that everything happens for a reason and there is no point in wanting to change what has already happened. xx

  63. Shabna

    Sorry you've been having a tough time :( if it's any consolation I adore the way you speak and your facial expressions haha! I was so excited to see videos from you <3 you actually inspired me to start a blog and now videos. I've made a haul but I'm not sure I should post…haha we'll see!!
    Hope you're well xxx

  64. You really shouldn't let people get you, which is obviously harder than it sounds.
    You're gorgeous, and I don't know about your personal life but you have thousands of followers on here who appreciate you!
    Just remind yourself nothing stays the same forever :)

  65. those notes are fantastic! you look really cute like that :D sorry to hear about your neck, but how nice to have such caring grandparents x

  66. Elyse

    I've been reading your blog for quite some time but today is the first time I heard you speak. I LOVE your accent (I'm canadian). You are so cute. Good luck :)

  67. Charlie

    so glad you're back on youtube :) i really enjoy reading your blogs and everything. and i know what you mean with the sleep! i've been having problems with the sleeping pattern for a bit now and trying to get it back to normal. it's a bummer.
    & thx for the pics they're so cute! :p

    click ♡

  68. Vicki

    you look stunning here hun!! so glad you are back on youtube and feeling more confident. unfort haters are always gonna hate but your followers love ya! :) x

  69. Ciara

    memory foam messed up my neck,it was too high for me ha,there is heat packs for your neck that are good :)im so happy your back on yt and cant wait for more videos x

  70. Abby

    gorgeous. love your youtube videos too so keep them up :) how did you get your hair so long?! Its lovely and mine is just refusing to grow! x

  71. Ash

    your hair is stunninG! xx

  72. why are you so pretty!!


  73. sorry ignore the last one, i was typing something to my friend and it got sent to you by accident!

    you are literally so stunning its insane!

  74. kltb105

    ya.. whoever did something to make you feel that your not worthy or pretty or funny or whatever it is that has made you feel less than you are dosent deserve your time its always easier to tell someone that things are going to be okay when they arent the ones in the situation so we are all here for you to tell you things will get better and looking back it will have just been a short phase.

    you might hate your voice and things you do but nobody on the other side of the camera does im from the US. and i love hearing english accents there is nothing pretty-er in my opinion its also funny to hear people from england do american accents anyways thanks for taking time to share part of your life with people you dont even know and i hope you continue doing what your doing.

  75. ABsolutely LOVE THIS LOOK! Its so hair fashion meets Boho, its gorgeous

    Come check out our new fashion blog & support the upcoming Fashion Magazine that is 'Against The Lights'!

    We follow back :)

  76. The bicycle quote is so lovely!
    I feel the same when it comes to Youtube, I always think I sound funny or say such silly things, in my last video I think I said "like so" so many times it was literally every 2 seconds. But Im so glad to see you back, and I would love to see hair tutorials and OOTDs xxx

  77. Filipa

    Hey! I found your blog recently but this is the first time you updated since I've been following you. I love your youtube video, I'm crap with make up so I actually wrote down which ones I want to buy (MAC Creme de nude and Costa shic) haha! You are so sweet and fun and don't let anyone bring you down with negativity, they're just jealous :P haha!

  78. I discovered your blog through your youtube video. I hope you're going to make more videos, they're really fun to watch. You have a really good taste! Keep up the good work!

  79. I'm so glad you're making videos, I love watching them!:) The top you're wearing in those photos is really nice too!

  80. Tru

    just found your youtube and your blog. you're gorgeous and I love it :)

  81. Mikaela

    I love your videos & your accent! It was so cute hearing you and your friend talk together.

  82. Just sat through and watched your videos. You are hilarious. And also in no twisted world could you be considered a "fattie."

  83. You look so lovely in your pics :) I'm glad you've got a youtube channel, I think your video's are so fun xxx

  84. cool blog! You are beautiful! Come visit
    x x x

  85. Charls

    hmm I'm suffering from some serious hair envy right now :}
    love your videos ^_^ très happy you have returned to youtubing

  86. Love this post…shame about the princess and the pea syndrome. Hate when that happens :(
    Already subscribed to your YouTube channel….loving it thus far. FOllow back, 'Onyxsta'

    Xisses, Onyxsta


  87. Elle

    Love your hair in these pics and in your vids! Im subbed to your channel after loving your blogs. Be great if you could do a tutorial on how you get your fringe to sit so well, – fringe envy!!
    Would be cool if you could check out and follow my blog :)
    Elle xo

  88. oh my goodness, coud you please do a video on the look your wearing in the pictures for this post, it looks beautiful, i really love your blush and lip colour. what are they? xxxx

  89. can you do a video on your bang plz?

  90. You are actually so beautiful adn i love your hair please please pleasepost a utorial on this style and keep posting videos!!!!!!!!

  91. Think your absolutly gorgeuse stunning :) absolutley LOVE your hair especially in this style and i feel slightly sad admitting this but ur blog updates adn uyoutube videos rly brighten up my day sometiems :) xxxx

  92. the top looks so nice on you. fits you well.really nice colour! :)

  93. Sana_A

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee make more YouTube videos. I get so jealous when you do PRIMARK haul videos because we dont have that store in America. I wish we did though because you have the cutest things from primark. xoxo Please Follow me:)IT WOULD TOTALLY MAKE MY DAY<3


  94. Jen

    You look lovely here, your hair especilly!

    Now following :-)
    I'd love some thoughts / tips on my blog, would be much appreciated – xx

  95. I love these sayings, I'm so used to tumblr or facebook where you click the "like" or "favorite" button haha, I'm like, where's the like button for this?! pretty funny.
    P.s. I would love loveee if you could check out my blog, I just finished the layout and it would mean a whole bunch to me since I have no viewers yet :) I'm pretty proud of it haha


  96. Kayla

    I'm so glad you started doing videos again! I spent so much time looking for the perfect fashion blog/ youtube guru & finally discovered you!

  97. I'm so glad you started youtube again! If you hadn't I wouldn't have found you, almost 2 years later. You are my fashion/beauty guru <3 Plus you're so lovely/funny

  98. I'm pleased you're not gonna let any negativity get to you. :) Let the haters hate :) x

  99. This is so uplifting, Zoe. I'm so proud of you!

  100. Betty ♡

    Awh, I bet Zoe is glad that she did stick with it!