When shopping the other day, I noticed that all makeup in Superdrug was 3 for 2. This doesn’t happen too often, not across ALL the beauty brands. Since I haven’t splashed out on makeup in a long while as Christmas left me penny less after buying for everyone else, I decided to take Superdrug up on their offer. To be totally fair, I had my eye on at least 4 of these items for a long time & went straight for them.

L’oreal Studio Secrets HD Smoothing Foundation – I have wanted to try this for ages. The brush on the end intrigued me & the fact it was “HD” meant it was something a little different from anything i’ve previously tried.
Gosh Touch Up Concealer – Yes, i still swear by this concealer…on blemishes and under my eyes. I was running low so being practical I bought a back up. Read a review of the concealer here.
MeMeMe Coral Blush – Again, I have wanted this for a while, since summer in fact. Benefit’s Coralista kept me going but saw this on a few blogs & instantly knew i had to have it. I think coral blushers suit me the most, whether the sun is shining or the snow is falling.
MeMeMe Highlighter in “Moonbeam” (The pinkier one) – I was going to splash out on Benefits expensive version of this, which I do have a sample of that came in one of the kits & it has run out. Alas, I decided that with it’s slightly re invented packaging (a black lid), and it’s almost identical properties I would try this one. So far I have noticed it’s not as opaque but still does a marvellous job.
MeMeMe Highlighter in “Sunbeam” (The golder one) – I actually think i prefer this one so far. It will be gorgeous in the summer mixed with foundation or just worn on cheekbones. I have a bit of a thing with liquid highlighters.
Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Mascara – I’ve been using Max Factor False Lash Effect & I love it, but I am running dry & so wanted to try out a new mascara. My Mum has this & loves it, as well as other bloggers across the interwebz who have sung it’s praises, so I thought i’d give it a go myself.

Have you taken advantage of the Superdrug 3 for 2? If not, i would suggest you get yourself to a good store and pick out a few things you’ve wanted to try out. I can review items individually if you’d like after i’ve given them a fair shot? Let me know.

  1. Rebecca

    Love that Mememe blush. I have the coralista at the moment which is lovely but so expensive!
    I haven't heard of this brand before, so thanks!xx

  2. Hayley

    i got a sleek palette and two items from the Accessorize stand – i did a post about them – itshayleyk.blogspot.com

    I am just about to place another order on superdrugs website because on the reciept i got a 10% off voucher =) x

  3. Ahh this post wants me to go to Superdrug and buy everything! I'm interested to try the Me Me Me products you've mentioned… actually I want to try all the products you've mentioned!
    Will have to hit the shops soon I reckon :)

  4. Kelly

    The MeMeMe stuff looks pretty good, not got any but once payday comes I'll be able to spend money on things other than petrol!!


  5. hannah

    i hope superdrug continue the 3 for 2 offer! i made use of it twice over christmas and it works with student discount too, so everything is a bargain :)

  6. Jessica

    I've seen you mention the gosh concealer before, I think I might give it a go! Can you take a picture of the blush on you? So we can see what it looks like? Thanks! :) xx

  7. Louise

    Ooh I love highlighters so love the look of those Mememe ones! I bought a few bits and pieces and it took me ages to decide what I could have for free. You would think being in an isle with make-up would be an easy choice, but nothing stood out to me!

  8. Please let us know how you like that foundation! Looks interesting… :) Those highlighters looks gorgeous as well.

  9. I love mememe things, I think it's a really close dupe of Benefit and saves you a lot of money. I didn't know this was on, think I'll go tomorrow and get it whilst it's on, penny saving is the way forward, I'd like to see a review of the mascara and blush if you have time :) xxxx

  10. Sarah

    i have benefit's highbeam which i love, but definately need the golden mememe highlighter in my life! lol they've released quite a lot of good products lately, especially with their boxes blushers xx

  11. I might try that Gosh concealer. I have really bad dark circles under my eyes so hopefully it will help! Glad to see you blogging lots, i LOVE your blog :)

  12. Wow, defiitely perfect products right there! The Lash Accelerator mascara is absolutely amazing!
    I'm really wanting to try the blush. I think I better pick one up very soon! Thank you for sharing Honey-Bee :)

    Love Britt xxx

  13. I hope you are fellingbetter. The coral blush seems like something I would love. Great buy too!

  14. I really want to try the Blush Me – such a pretty colour. I love Rimmel's Lash Accelerator mascara and have been meaning to try the Gosh concealer since I saw your review on it ages ago. Looks like that's my 3 for 2 then! x

  15. Fern

    I took advantage of this excellent offer too :) Doing a haul later. I have Rimmel Lash Acceleration, it's uh-ma-zingg though that writing rubs off really easily :'( x

  16. Grr, no SuperDrug here in Canada but the other day I got a mascara and got 10,000 bonus points (Shoppers Drug Mart has a points card that gives you free $$ on their products at different price points. The bonus boosted me up to $30 free! I want to keep saving until I get to $150 and then I'll go loca in there!

  17. Nilufar

    I love that you've blogged thrice in 24 hours…I've got flu :( feel sad, its been 5 whole days already.

    I hear you are looking for great reads: try reading: Love in a Torn Land by Jean Sasson…gripping read, very sad story though.

    I have the Rimmel Lash Accelerator, its great..

    gonna get that gosh concealer now and please let me know what you think of the loreal foundation…I've wanted it for ages, but always unsure…


  18. Phoebe

    Ooh really want to try the mememe blusher and highlighters, but they don't do it in my local Superdrug, nice post :-) x

  19. I didn't recognise the MeMeMe Sunbeam highlighter, think the packaging has completely changed. But I swear by it! It's amazing under blusher and if any of my friends try it they always love it :)

  20. Oh I've had my eye on a few of the mememe products you got, I'd love to see what you think of them. Love that gosh concealer too, it's brill! :) xo

  21. hannah

    rimmel lash accelerator is AMAZING!!



  22. Onna

    I need to pick up a few items so I should probably get to it with this offer…. if its still on! I've been wanting to try a few mememe products too x

  23. Some lovely pieces there Zoe! Except the Rimmel Accelerator, for me it was a Big No No! I too love my Max Factor False Lash Effect. Love the 3 for 2's at the mo too xx


  24. Ooo, definitely might take up this offer – thanks for pointing it out. So want the Rimmel Mascara and the coral blush.


  25. Martina

    Nice stuff! The highlighters look amazing

  26. Great haul! Too bad that superdrug is not available in the country I stay. Can't wait for u to swatch the blush. =D


  27. Nicole

    I really want to try some mememe! I noticed the blushes last time but I was in a hurry so didn't have time to look properly!

    I used to use Max Factor false lash but switched to the collection 2000 equivalent which I find way better & only around £4!


  28. I love this rimmel mascara i think it made my lashes a bit healthier ;) This offer seems to pretty cool, my go to superdrug soon.

  29. excited to see them on your pretty face. xo

  30. Jess

    I had such a disaster with the Lash Accelerator. It was amazing in the beginning and I could see a change, however one day I just started losing eyelashes, and as soon as I stopped using this product, I stopped losing eyelashes. :/ It's only done this to a few people though, so hopefully you have a good experience with it. :)


  31. Emma.W

    I would be interested in reading individual reviews!
    I'm most interested in the GOSH concealer and the foundation. Is it too much to ask that if you do review them, could you maybe include before and after pictures of your face? I mean, I have really dark circles under my eyes, and I have pale skin so blemishes show up very easily, thus I'd be interested to see how well the concealer works.

  32. Zoella.

    Hi Emma, I have already done a review on the Gosh concealer. I will find it and link it in the post for you x

  33. Nicola

    Please can you do a review on the foundation :-) I keep eyeing it up. xx

  34. Laura

    Hi, really like the look of the mememe highlighter might have to pick one up , and the Rimmel Lash Accelerator is amazing its my favourite mascara !

    Laura x

  35. Lydia

    Would love to hear what you think of the L'Oreal HD foundation! Looks like it could be a good one – plus the brush is very similar to the YSL Perfect Touch foundation, which I loved xx

  36. Alaina

    Great purchases :) love your new layout of your blog too!
    Would be intrigued to read your words on the HD Foundation – sounds interesting :)

    Just a random question Zoe – do you take your pictures for your blog in the natural daylight (near a window) etc, they always turn out so clear and crisp :) I'm a newbie to cameras and photography so having trouble with getting that perfect picture like those that you have :) x


  37. Shabna

    Oh wow could you do a review on the L'oreal foundation? I was tempted to buy it before! Lovely post by the way :) xx

  38. Livy

    I've haven't tried any of these, probably because I don't wear foundation and concealer but I've wanted to try Mememe for a while! I keep seeing it pop up on beauty blogs.
    I bought some new year make up, some blusher, eyeliner, lipbalm and one of the highlighters from Mac's Champale collection. I'm planning on a huge haul in Feb/March :)
    Glad to see you blogging again!

  39. Sammi

    ALWAYS fun to get new makeup!

  40. Ive got the mememe's version of coralista and I love it! the rouge one is slightly better though, can't wait to try the highlighters they look lovely xxx

  41. Onyx

    Great finds, gotta love Superdrug. I haven't bought anything from the 3 for 2 yet, well not for a long time, (they've had this offer on a while now) so might go and check those Mememe products. I remember thinking they seemed a little overpriced for drugstore, I don't like to pay for packaging, but that coral blush sounds good, I agree with you, it's the best all year round colour for me too.

  42. lo

    great bargins from Superdug :) good choices of products too, id love to see a review of the mememe moonbeam highlighter xx

  43. Rachel

    I really think I ought to try MeMeMe!!!

  44. Gotta love Superdrug! I haven't tried MeMeMe products, might have to skip on over to Superdrug tomorrow!

  45. Orla xx

    I've never seen MeMeMe producta befroe, they're so like benefit! xx

  46. Sherrie

    Great buys! You'll LOVE the Rimmel mascara, I have used mine all up now and need another one! I'm just using a Covergirl one at the mo which does not live up to Rimmels! Sometimes you don't realise how good a product is until you've used it all up and then tried another. DOes that make sense ha ha?
    I keep meaning to try the Mememe liquid highlighters but always forget to pick them up! Would love to see a post on these if you ever get the chance.
    Just going to check out your Gosh Concealer review, I'm currently using FYF liquid concealer which I love so much, I love the thick creamy texture as it hides my dark circles so well!
    Sherrie x

  47. Eliza

    i completely took advantage of the 3 for 2 too, gotta love after christmas bargains ;)
    ooooh that coral blusher looks yummy
    i may have to return for some more 3 for 2 madness muwahha.

    great post!

    Eliza xxx

  48. Ciara

    wish we had a superdrug !im stuck with just boots !:(

  49. I think I may just have to go to superdrug now! xoxo

  50. I love everything you bought! the offer ends today, so i took advantage and bought lots of make up i dont need! its what working in supersrug does to you! XO

  51. Georgie

    I usually frequent Boots instead of Superdrug but may have to and take a look at the offer!

  52. Phoebe

    Benefit's Moonbeam is one of my all time fave products, would love a review on the MeMeMe dupe so I don't have to spend so much…

  53. Melly

    The liquid highlighter sounds great!

  54. Emma♥

    I've wanted to try them mememe highlighters for a while, so as Superdrug have the 3 for 2 offer on I might have to have a little spend;) I LOVE the fact you're posting a lot of posts lately, as they're all amazing to read!♥,x

  55. I didn't know about the Loreal HD foundation. It sounds pretty prmising. Thanks for letting us know and I'll check this one out :)