As far as shampoo and conditioner goes, I honestly don’t like to spend too much money, something that cleans and conditions my hair is all i need. Of course i like to indulge in the more expensive ranges such as TIGI every once in a while but since i don’t have coloured hair or mega dry frizzy hair i’ve never really felt the need to splash out too often. Because of this, i like to try as many lower end brands as possible and places like Boots and Superdrug are always having different promotions on their haircare.

I came across James Brown’s Scandalous range around 7 months ago when he was giving some away with a magazine. I picked up the treatment and instantly fell in love with it. I have around three lower end (i say lower end, but i’d say its more middle of the road) shampoos and conditioners i would HIGHLY reccommend and this is definitely one of them.

The Shampoo & Conditioner smell amazing for a start. If any of you are familiar with the Thierry Mugler Angel perfume, it is very similar to that but obviously not as strong. It leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean and removes any build up which may cause greasiness or weigh the hair down. I think this is why it gives it so much volume. For those of you with thin hair, this could be an absolute godsend. I have very heavy, long, thick hair, and for any shampoo to actually LIFT the roots and give it a nice light swishy feeling (get where im coming from?) is almost a miracle. Shampoo also lathers fantastically, so for those who get no satisfaction from no lather or suds, fear not. The Conditioner is also fab, leaves my hair silky soft yet no weighing down and gives my hair a healthy shine.

Above is a picture of my newly washed and blowdryed hair (do excuse no makeup and me standing ever so glamourously in my bra, ehem) I also used some of the James Brown Scandalous Mousse before blowdrying…

Which then brings me nicely onto the mousse. By far the best i’ve used. If you are wanting to achieve a naturally voluminous barnet, it’s just standard that you use a mousse before blowdrying. If you don’t, this could well be where you are going wrong. I will always use mousse after washing my hair, it boosts the hair at the root but also just makes styling so much easier. I use a nice full palm of mousse but obviously it varies depending on how much hair you have. If you steer clear of mousse because you feel it leaves your hair sticky, you’re applying too much. Mousse should never leave an icky feeling in your hair. It should feel weightless.

The next thing is the treatment, this is amazing if you are feeling like your hair needs a boost of shine and body, and basically a little treat. Just as simple as other treatments, work into the hair concentrating on the ends, and leave on for around 5-10 minutes then rinse. Smells amazing and makes my hair feel SO soft. Love it.

Last but not least, the hairspray. Besides it’s amazing scent (as with all the products) this hairspray is designed to make you feel as though you don’t actually have any hairspray on your head. I wouldn’t say it’s good for a rock hard freeze hold but i love it because when i’ve just freshly washed my hair, sometimes i hate the fact i spray on the hairspray and it instantly looks frizzy and a little “hard”. Obviously if you have a certain style in mind, you’d be in need of something like that, but when you just want a natural flexible style to be held in place without it appearing as though you have a head of hairspray this is perfect! Especially for styling your fringe.

Basically i absolutely love James Browns Scandalous Volume range and i will be buying it until the day it dissapears from the shelves. There’s currently/was very recently an offer in Superdrug 2 for £6 (I think, don’t quote me) so if it’s still running i highly reccommend you go and stock up on everything in this range and give it a go. You won’t be dissapointed.

  1. Vicky

    I adore this range and stocked up just yesterday in Superdrug. The products are fantastic quality and they smell utterly divine. The original James Brown dry shampoo has always been my product of choice so I'm looking forward to trying the new one he has launched in the Scandalous range.
    Immensely jealous of your hair btw, it is stunning!

  2. I am currently in LOVE w/ Say Yes To Carrots Shampoo & Conditioner! I would say it's on the higher end of being a low end product. But I knew I had a winner when I hadn't gotten my hair done for 6 months and when my stylist felt my hair she immediately asked me what I was using because my hair had never looked or felt better!

    xx, Mary
    PS: I am having a great giveaway on my blog for hitting 50+ followers!

  3. Ooh I am definitely going to try these! I have so many problems with my hair and its awful condition at the moment and can't get on with any decent products! xx

  4. Good rave :) I tried one of the treatments when it was free with.. glamour maybe? possibly company…
    I did really like it but kinda forgot about the brand but your post has me very intrigued about the mousse. My hair is about the same length and like yours is thin but I have masses of it, so I might have to have a peep at that next time in town.

  5. Ok I am rendering my hair to that! You look fab!

  6. i've tried the shampoo & conditioner and i so agree,these are amazing!glamour got me hooked on these:)

  7. wow great review…i have very thick hair but the longer i grow it the flatter it goes… this could be the answer! Also luckily I'm in need of mouse and hairspray – will try this if the offer still stands. I really like the packaging of these products too xx

  8. I tried the shampoo, conditioner and treatment when they were free with Glamour and unfortunately I came out in an awful rash all over my forehead because of them…I so wanted to love the range but don't think it's for me unfortunately!

  9. i love this range too! and your hair looks so healthy and gorgeous here :) <33

  10. I got this free in Gamour, and I really didnt like the rescue treatment, I really didn't feel any difference with it. Plus the glitter made me feel uneasy, but it didnt stick to my hair! I really wanted to like it, but didnt :( Smells nice though!

  11. I was eyeing these products the other day but was a bit dubious about how well they would work. After reading this I may have to go and purchase a couple of the items to test for myself =] Thanks for sharing


  12. My hair is thin and quite bleach damaged but I apply a protein mask to improve its condition. I've been looking for a lightweight shampoo and conditioner that will give volume and not weigh down my hair. Thanks! :)

  13. I hated the rescue treatment stuff but I'm really intrigued to try the volume mousse. Your hair looks absolutely beautiful!


  14. Haribo

    you have THE most amazing hair!

  15. Lauren.

    I was looking online at these the other day and I am going to get them now thanks to your post.
    You have lovely hair :).
    Love you blog :D


  16. I think it was Glamour that did the freebie, I love the packaging smells nice but I prefer a thicker texture e.g Herbal essences :)

    Lots of love,

  17. Evchen

    Woow, your hair looks gorgeous!

  18. Emma

    I got a James Brown Scandalous Haircare product free in Glamour a couple of months back as well but I never knew whether to try more so thanks for the review hunn, very helpful ;-)
    Your hair looks beautiful btw :-D

  19. I also have really long, heavy hair and I personally have been swearing by Moroccan Oil shampoo/conditioner sets for just over a year now. They aren't drugstore finds, but aren't break the bank either in my opinion. My problem is that my hair itself is very fine, I just have a lot of it and it's long, so it weighs down my poor thin little roots! For some reason I never thought of using mousse before blowdrying. I am a pretty skilled blowdrier also so I will definitely check this out.

    I hope they sell this in Canada! Thanks for the review!

  20. I love your bangs:)

  21. wow this range looks good, hopefully my nearest Superdrug has this I really want the mousse if thats how it makes your hair look xoxo

  22. I was sooo close to buying that voluminous shampoo today in Superdrug, then I thought nahhh it surely won't lift my hair that much! Now I think I'll head back tomorrow and purchase before the offer runs out!! :) xo

  23. a_demis

    This product seems amazing!
    and your is gorgeous hun, but i don't live in the UK so where do you think i can buy the set?

  24. i want to try this product but i live in the U.S do you know if i can order it online?

  25. james

    Natural care is that the best take care of hair treatment. I actually have dry hair and that i use egg with mustard oil each alternate day to form swish and silklike hair. additionally there's some treatment for hair however I like natural care. I actually have few additional strategies for dry hair treatment and is incredibly helpful. i actually appreciate your article.