I’m anti-valentines this year.
Well, every year it’s just commercialised crap, why should there be a special day where your partner has to spend money on you & make you realise how much you love them. It should be like that everyday to be honest.
Lush brought out some Limited Edition items this year, both of which i knew i would love.

The first is the
Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar

This smells amazing. The red is yummy yummy yummy scented (strawberries & cream) & the white is vanillary scented. Peeerfect combination in my opinion.
It’s also super cute & made my bath water a pretty pale pink, the bubbles were also really creamy.
Why do lush do this to me? seriously? Why do they bring out the most amazing products for a limited amount of time. *sulk*

RRP: £2.25

Next is the
Ex Factor Bath Ballistic

Essentially, this is Mr Butterball & the Butterball bath ballistic in the form of a blue gingerbread man with a little pink heart & my preferred choice over the others. He’s the cutest & my bath water has never looked so pretty. I noticed when he was fizzing away there was colouring in his little legs, once they had dissolved the water was a gorgeous deep blue.
Add in the moisturising properties of the butterball & the gorgeous vanillary scent & you’re garanteed an amazing bath.
PLEASE STOP DOING THIS TO ME LUSH. Make this little blue fella permanent & at such a cheap price for so many green ticks it’s an absolute must have.

RRP: £1.95

  1. Bicky

    Wow that Ex Factor is amazingly priced! I got a Magic Mushroom and a Love Soap which I haven't tried yet. But I think I might need to soon. But I'm clinging on to the last piece of my Candy Cane Bubble Bar so if it's anything like that then I will probably cry. :( Damn Lush!

  2. Verity

    After one sniff of the ex factor in the shop i couldn't resist! He is such a good price and was sooooo moisturising. i definately know what you mean about the limited edition-ness xxx

  3. The ex factor is so amazing! I really don't want to use the other half of mine :(

  4. Verity

    I absolutely Lurrrve your blog design and layout etc. I was just wondering how you were able to change the font of your blog post titles to your preferred font rather than just one of those boring choices that they give you (ariel etc) please tell me it would be so useful xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Sophie

    Zoe what are you doing to ME I think I'm going to have to visit Lush very soon now! haha

  6. I really wish I lived near a lush store, the closest one is an hour away! i must get in before theese limited ones go away and stock up on them!

  7. Kerry!

    i hope theres some left on the website, i cant believe how cheap they are-need to stock up!!!x

  8. MW

    these look so good def makes me want to get them but there so cute I wouldnt want to use them lol
    xo mw

  9. juicy j

    they are too cute, i always feel like i want to eat everything lush makes caus it looks so yummy.
    i know weird.
    but soo cute!

  10. Great review ^.^ There are so many Lush products I need to try!

  11. I am totally anti valentines day this year too!
    I just really don't see the point, money doesn't show someones love(:
    Anyways, great post. I always love your posts Zoe

  12. Tamara

    Ah you must be joking! The bath bombs are there so cheap compared to ours! Here the Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar is freaking 8€!

  13. I have mine waiting to be used :) the man is sooo cute! xxx

  14. The Ex Factor one is SO cute! :) x

  15. the ex factor is so cute, and what a bargain!xx

  16. Aww how cute is the little pink heart on Ex factor, must try this before they stop selling it x

  17. Bryden

    I got both of these and I love the scent of the mushroom bubble bar the best!

  18. Carrsky

    I used the magic mushroom today…it smells divine! xoxo

  19. those mushrooms are so cute, but no idea what they have to do with valentines day? lol

    i wanna try lush so bad, but im iffy on ordering online :/ since i dont have one near me..

    check out my blog?

  20. I've bought so many of the magic mushrooms, they're my favourite!

  21. Clare

    Totally agree, it SHOULD be like that every day. Those Lush goodies are so cute.

    Happy Un-valentines day!



  22. oh yum! your pictures make them both look so scrummy. i have asked my man very sweetly for the mushrooms for valentines day but the chances of him navigating anywhere past the xbox is second to none! i am going to have to purchase both of these myself *grrr*

    adore your blog, and your parents made an excellent name choice ;)!!


  23. Nicole

    i want the x factor so bad. the closest lush to me is 2 hrs away !! i need to get my hands on him. just the fact that your water turns blue makes him better than butter ball

  24. FELINE.

    cute ass mushroom!!

    ♥ Feline

  25. Hope you had a lovely valentines day even if your anti Vday :)

    So ok then you've twisted my arm I will give into temptation and buy those little cuties :D

    Lots of love,

  26. Kayla L