My brushes we’re in desperate need of a good clean, and low & behold, i was totally out of brush cleaner & no baby shampoo.
So, the only thing i could find, which i didn’t think would be too harsh on the brushes, was this Dove hand wash.
I dampened each brush under luke-warm water, added a pea sized amount to the bristles, and lathered it up in my hand. I then rinsed & repeated if it was needed.
The first thing i noticed, was how amazingly well it took out any staining, this hand wash went beyond any other brush cleaner i’ve used & removed EVERYTHING.
It’s been a long time since my brushes have looked new & white.

After leaving them to dry, i noticed how incredibly soft they were. I even think they were softer than when i first bought them. I spent ages brushing them over my face in amazement.
Then came the time i had to use them and dirty them up, it was very hard, but i managed okay with the reasurrance this hand wash will still be by my sink for when the day comes to re-wash. :)

I’m not sure of the price, nor where you can purchase this. I’m going to point out the obvious places like Boots & Superdrug & say it’s probabaly the price of a standard hand wash, but in all seriousness, this worked like a dream.

Thank you Dove, you marvellous bird you.

  1. Shabna

    Do you not watch michellephan? her tip also worked fabulously but i will try this next time!!

    love your blog zoe! xxx

  2. Oooh, nice tip, thank you :) Which brush cleaner do you usually use? I'm such a noob, I generally just rinse my brushes under warm water haha.


  3. Tsk, you've reminded me I need to clean my brushes lol

    Great post, I'll have to keep it in mind for next time I'm out of baby shampoo xx

  4. Fee

    Ohh they do look pretty shiny and clean.
    I normally just use a really basic mild shampoo, but I shall have to try your Dove trick.


  5. Emma

    I always use Dove to clean my brushes and I agree, it works so well, even on paint pots and liner brushes! x

  6. Kim

    I bought some Dove handwash today! It was on offer at £1 a bottle in Sainsburys :D I'll try this with mine :) x

  7. India

    Great post! I find that good old Herbal Essences works a treat at cleaning my brushes :) xx

  8. Hope

    Wow this sounds like a really good cleaner! I will have to pick some up and try it! I wonder if a different dove body wash will work as well…I have some at home..I might have to try it out!

  9. Jordy

    :D I want to try this ~ Seems awesome, thanks for the tip !

  10. Steffi

    I once tried my herbal essence shampoo on my brushes when I ran out of brush cleaner and never purchased a brush cleaner since. It makes them cleaner and softer than anything I ever tried before. Hooray to that! :)

  11. Helloo :)
    I'm new to this and just wanted to say you inspired me to make a blog :) I came across your blog whilst looking on google images for pictures of a middle part haha and then spent ages reading all your posts!
    Anyway I just wanted to ask what foundation brush do you use to put your foundation on? :)
    Sarah xoxo

  12. ah fantastic! i have some of this lying around in my bathroom
    will be giving it a go x

  13. Wow! i'd have never thought to use handwash, i just use my shampoo, but they never look that white! xx

  14. Great post, I've seen alot of youtube vids on washing brushes using some sort of shampoo/cleanser and olive oil but I'm not to sure about doing this to my brushes as I don't want them to be all greasy. Might try this dove stuff out doesn't seem to bad to use :D

    Lots of love,

  15. I use lush yummy yummy yummy to clean mine, makes them smell nice too.. gets the stains reet owt! but i'll defo give this a go zoe tar xx

  16. Snakey

    Wow thanks for the recommendation, I really want to try that now :). I've been using Mac brush cleaner but I find I need to use lots of it and don't like doing so as the liquid is such a pretty pink colour I hate to waste it all! Haha xx

  17. What is the second brush from the top please? I'm after a new brush to apply my MSF Natural with and I really like the finish of Duo Fibre brushes. What brush would you recommend?

  18. Thanks for the hint. I have got some new Stigma brushes and I'm trying to look after them but am finding it hard to get brush cleaner anywhere. I might try this.

  19. Ally

    I might just try this..i can't for the life of me get my 217 to return to its beautiful whiteness it once was. Its also really dry and rough :( so will be giving this a go! Thanks

  20. Ive literally just finished cleaning my brushes using michelle pans method and that worked a treat however next time i think ill give dove ago thanks for the tip :)
    if possible please could you do a post on all your brushes and what you us them for :)
    thankyou love your blog!

  21. I have a MAC brush cleanser for spot cleaning, then I just deep clean with shampoo & conditioner once a week. x

  22. How often do you wash your brushes? I'm terrible at doing mine, I think I should be doing it far more regularly! x

  23. hey, thanks for sharing the tipp! I'm definitely gonna try this one out!

    Could you do a make up routine video? I'm always loving your eye make up and your skin looks flawless! I'd really appreciate it!
    Keep on updating I really loove your blog!
    see you!

  24. great idea :) i might just try this!

  25. I'm going to have to try this. Some of my brushes are so stained, I've nearly lost all hope on them.

  26. Jo

    Ooh that's good to know! Thanks :) xx

  27. Muhsine

    I nearly always use hand wash, best thing ever! Great tip and amazing photos :) Sometimes I like to use the antibacterial hand washes too! X

  28. mon

    great tip! dove is amazing. what brush cleaner do you usually use?


  29. Hey doll, i think you used to follow my old blog, i just made a new one & wondered if you would follow me again, i already follow you :) xx

    I'm trying this too.. my brushes get filthy haha xx

  30. Great tip and very funny closing sentence ;) x

  31. Carine

    I've never used proper brush cleaners, i just use handwash, it works very well and it's way cheaper than brush cleaners ^-^

  32. L

    I'll have to keep this in mind for next time i clean my brushes. Great blog. I have just wrote a little about you on my blog :) xoxo

  33. neesha

    awesome, i have some of that at home <3

  34. thanks for the tip! i love dove too and i have alot of dove hand wash hehe so i must try this out when im gonna deep clean my brushes :)

  35. Lauren

    i always used baby shampoo but i will try this next time i run out

  36. Great post, reminded me I really need to clean mine!

  37. Wow, what a great tip! Im always on the search for all these extra products…such as brush cleaners..primers..eyelash curlers..all the stuff I always forget to buy =( It's good to know one of my products can serve 2 purposes. thanks for sharing =)

  38. I am so jealous that your brushes are so white! I just recently ran out of my brush cleaner and bought some baby shampoo that is doing the trick but my brushes certainly arent that white! Also, how often do most wash their brushes? I must admit that I only do so about once every two weeks, but I hear some girls saying they wash inbetween each use!

  39. I'll have to give this a go, I used to use anti-bacterial handwash but it didn't make them very soft. Thanks for the tip x

  40. Moose

    Great pictures, you should persue your photography more – or do you already?

  41. Great post! When I've been stuck for cleaner sometimes I've used Dettol Anti Bacterial Handwash… they come up a treat and I like the thought of any bacteria getting ZAPPED! :)

  42. Great post!
    what is the name of the second brush next to the top? i love that one!

  43. Thank you for this tip!

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  45. im going to have to try this

  46. Same when i saw this i was like oh, i have that! x

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