Here is what i wore yesterday..It’s nothing too “out there” in fact it’s rather casual.
I curled my hair with the Cloud Nine straighteners & kept the makeup fairly neutral.

♥ Mineralize Satin Finish foundation from Mac NW20
♥ Benefit Erase Paste
♥ Mac Mineralize Skinfinish natural
♥ Benefit Coralista blush
♥ Benefit Hoola to contour

♥ White Frost E/S in inner corner
♥ Star Violet E/S in crease/outer V
♥ Showstopper E/S in crease/outer V

♥ Mac Snob L/S

  1. You always look so lovely xx

  2. Gorgeous, but simple. Love your hair by the way! Your hair makes me want my long hair back :(

  3. Daisy

    Your hair looks LUSH like that! I think you need to be put forward for hair ads :) x

  4. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! xoxo

  5. Catanya

    Stunning as usual!! Love the look!!

  6. Lu

    I've only got two Mac lippies, was pondering what to get next. Might have to be Snob now, it looks beautiful, and so do you :) xXx

  7. i would like to steal your hair please!!!!! gorgeous!

  8. love it !

  9. but what mascara did u use ?

  10. Mary

    super cute! love the curls!

  11. J

    Can you show how you curl your hair with a straightener? I have long hair like yours and can not get those loose bouncy curls. Could you please show how to do it?? I would appreciate it so much!!! Thank you. I love the look.

  12. ♥Lola

    Love your hair curly, it looks so healthy :)

  13. Gosh Zoe, you always look stunning!

  14. Your hair is actually amazing. Whoa

  15. k.


    xox, K

  16. Your hair is fucking fantastic. Soo jealous *_*

  17. India

    You look lovely :) Contouring looks great! xx

  18. Lost

    wow pretttty!
    btw what shade of maybelline concealer are you?

  19. Gorgeous Zoe, absolutely stunning :) Love the lipstick x

  20. L S F K

    beautiful, your skin always look so flawless. xx

  21. Lucy

    Gorgeous as always. Top is very cute too x

  22. you look STUNNNING! wow, I must get these products because your skin is so flawless!

  23. you're gorgeous, zoe!
    i've gotta try "Snob" by mac. It looks so lovely on you.

  24. Lookin good here missy xx

  25. your hair looks lovely :) just wondering, what heat setting did you set your iron to?

  26. looks lovely – I really need to master contouring! xx

  27. Gorgeous as always! Where did you get the top… Always a sucker for nautical :) xx

  28. gorgeous as ever! x

  29. Natalie


  30. absolutely beautiful :) as always!
    you've probably been asked this a million times over but a hair tutorial would be so greatly appreciated by me and many others :) x

  31. Jen

    Serious hair envy! So pretty. :)

  32. Looking gorgeous as always my darling! <3

  33. kate:)

    you look soooo gorgeous!!
    Where did you get your shirt from ?:)

  34. Your hair looks absolutely stunning! Along with the rest of you of course!

  35. MW

    U look really pretty !! Xo mw

  36. Beautiful! & I am loving the hair as always! :)

  37. Caz

    Congrats on a year of blogging :)

  38. Your hair and make-up both look so gorgeous in this picture!! Youre make-up always looks so fresh flawless! Thanks for sharing your looks!

  39. I love your jumper, I was considering buying one for myself but hey lets face it my big bangers and stripes, well it's just a recipe for disaster!

    P.S What mascara did you use beautiful?

    Lots of love,

  40. Snob looks fantastic on you! I absolutely love it… Also I love your shirt so cute. New follower. Check out my Blog when you get a chance.♥

  41. Eliza

    Wow your hair is gorgeous!
    Snob is one of my favourite MAC products
    what mascara are you using chick?

    And, I really like you Cloud Nine review below!

    Gorgeous blog!

    Eliza = new follower ;)


  42. Argh I totally fail at curling my hair with straighteners! Yours looks lovely!

    Ps I tagged you in two awards on my blog :) x

  43. your hair is so pretty! :D
    snob looks really good on you


  44. Melissa

    brr it wont let me comment on ur video, i dont know why
    omg that polka dot top, its just like a karen walker dress i have (shes a nz designer), its the most awesome dress ever, there are some pics on my blog (think u already follow yay!)…i wore it on my birthday, it has big shoulders yay!

  45. you're such a doll!! love your blog, lots of beautiful things here :)


  46. love love LOVE the top =) xo

  47. oh my god you look gorjj on this i got inspored by you to make a blog so i did please check it out it isnt brilliant coz i only started yesterday and i would love some tips of you x

  48. love this, you're sstunningg!

  49. Angie

    Zoe, do you color your hair? And do you use permenant or semi-permenant hair color and what bran. Also do you color 2 shades lighter or darker.

  50. Chloe


    What eyebrow pencil do you use?

  51. Laura

    Zoe you are beautiful I am so jealous :( xxxxxxxxx

  52. Terri

    you look beautiful :) where did you get your top from? x

  53. Im trying to grow out my hair like you did. I used to have hair just past my shoulders around early 2010 when i was around 11 or 12, and then cut it into a bob Jan 2012 when i was 13. BIG MISTAKE! Every since around June/July (when i started watching your videos), and realized i really wanted to grow my hair. Now my hair is grown back to just past its original length in 2010, and waiting and hoping it to grow longer. And that's all thanks to you. Now i feel so much more confident, and beautiful and well, girly! Thank you so much!

  54. you always look so pretty :)

  55. Hey I'm a new follower of your blog and enjoying it so far!
    Thanks :)