Just a pre warning, this is a long blog post, packed full of images and videos but i hope you find it as interesting as i did being there.
On Tuesday, i was invited by Jack Saundercock (head of makeup) to go backstage at one of the shows for London Fashion Week. The designer was Rachel Freire and her collection was called “Future Noir”.
I’m no fashion expert, although i am extremely interested in art, textiles & trends, i can’t say i’m much of a fashion journalist (in fact, i’m not one at all), so don’t expect a huge in depth spectacle, merely just my personal thoughts, opinions and observations.

The collection involved a lot of reflective strips , black latex leggings/body suits, mirrors, geometric shoes, cassette tape, a mixture of nude & brown & some truly amazing headpieces. The reflective strips are not something i can say i’ve ever seen incorporated within a piece of clothing..besides the fluorescent jackets we use for safety reasons, and they certainly aren’t the most flattering thing to wear i think you’ll agree.
I also love the variety of textures Rachel used in her collection..from floating, draping & inter-twining to very tight latex, body suits & very structured pieces.
There really was an outfit to please every fashionista.

The above image was one of my favourite outfits of hers. Her inspiration came from a soccer players uniform & the very structured, protective shoulder gear they wear. I love the mirrors & the reflective strips teamed with the simplicity of the nude body suit & pvc holdups.
I think she has created a fantastic range, there were simpler designs and a lot more outrageous ones. The shoes were incredible, how they walked i have no idea. It was fascinating to see how much detail had gone into every garment & how well the models exhibited them.

The makeup was also amazing. Jack had really thought of everything. With the title of the collection being “Future Noir” he wanted to portray this in the makeup. Using dark edgy colours along with the contrasting white’s and greys made the makeup futuristic & geometric. I also think the striking white worked very well with the reflective strips used in some of the models outfits. Jack described it as a “Cybotic Army”.

What makeup was used?

What skincare did they use on the models?

How was the look created?

It was amazing being able to see all the products & effort which went into making the models look so amazing. Not only that, but all the thought that Jack had clearly put into his makeup to fullfill the title of Rachel’s collection. Makeup is an art, and that really does come across when you see all the imagination & inspiration which is put into it.
After spending time backstage with Jack and the rest of the team and seeing first hand the products used, i definitely wanted to get my hands on the Jemma Kidd palettes & the lipstick in “Peggy”, as you all know, i’m a total sucker for nudes & this one is perfect & highly pigmented & at such a good price. Jemma Kidd is sold in most Space NK stores if anyone else in interested. I also really want to try out the Dermalogica dry skin lotions & potions that Jack mentions in the video above. My skin becomes dry very easily during winter, and the things he spoke about sounded like something i definitely want to try out.

Overall it was an amazing experience being at the show & thank you Jack for giving me the oppertunity to see how things work at LFW, on the catwalk but also backstage.

  1. Wow! What an incredible experience! As always your pictures were incredible so I could really see the makeup. Are you going to do a re-create of the look?

  2. holly

    wow! looks like you had fun (:,X

  3. Kylieee

    Great post it looks like you had an amazing time :)
    The pictures you've taken are magazine quality you little journalist you!

  4. Shabna

    WOW sounds awesome.
    but the model with the fringe, her hair looks greasy or something :/ HAHA idk why i notice these things

  5. Looks like you had a great time. The makeup and clothes.. wow! What a great opportunity :)

  6. Wow you were right about those shoes they are mad :)

    Lots of love,

  7. this is so awesome! great post and pictures!

  8. Alice

    You're so lucky, this looks amazing! And I am in love with the model's shoes in your last picture! x

  9. What a great post!!
    I absolutely love the make up. Jack has obviously spent so much time and effort creating this masterpiece!

  10. Emma

    glad you had a good time
    what camera do you use? x

  11. wow, u lucky lucky girly! thanks for sharing it though, all looks totally amazing

  12. Ashley

    This looks like such fun!

    I just recently found your blog, and it's quickly becoming one of my very favorites. You're so honest and entertaining! Thanks.

  13. India

    This must have been incredible! Thanks for posting about it :) xx

  14. Sounds like you had a great day! x

  15. neesha

    you're so lucky to actually have went to something like this! &their eye makeup reminds me a post you did a while back while expermenting with your makeup.. gorgeouness<3

  16. wow. the shoes on the bottom picture are amazing. i'd love to do something like this, but more fashion related than beauty :) x

  17. Wow, wow, wow! Zoe this is such an incredible post, thank you so much for sharing your experience! I've dreamt of going to LFW since I was a little girl and your post made me feel like I was there, so thank you!

  18. Debbie

    i've seen jemma kidd at target… if anyone else is wondering. :)

  19. Jen

    How lucky are you? What a great experience. :)

  20. I LOVE the ey make-up.. its wicked xx

  21. Vicky

    Brilliant pics, video and blogpost.

    I love the make-up and the outfits, thanks for showing us.

  22. Wow lucky Zoe! :) Thanks for sharing with us doll. The pics great and the look fierce! :) xoxo

  23. Carine

    I've gone to Fashion Week so it's cool to hear about it from bloggers :p

  24. Nicole

    outfits and makeup are very gaga-esque

  25. wow, the show looked amazing! i loved the makeup look too :)

  26. Zoe

    This looks like one of the best shows you could have been invited to, how innovative and unique is that collection? And such bold eye looks. Amazing! Glad you had a good time, loved reading this post xoxox

  27. Wow…you are so lucky to have the chance to be there! :)

  28. Wow, what a great invite and you got some fab pics!

  29. MW

    i loved this post!!!!!
    xo mw

  30. The hair is so amazing and creative. I am currantly looking for inspiration for my hair design work and have just bought cloud nine straighteners have you used the big 'o' in any of your work? what did you think?

  31. I really enjoyed your post taking us inside. So happy to see leggings everywhere at #lfw.