I was tagged to do this by Claire (The Fashion Teller) and i thought it was a fab idea!

You have to pick 10 of your favourite items in your wardrobe, say where it’s from, why you like it & any memories of you wearing it. No Accessories allowed :)
I found it really hard picking 10, but i managed to whittle it down eventually.

From Left to Right:
♥ New Look baby pink top with sequined shoulders – A relatively new addition to the wardrobe, but i just love the baby pink colour, and it hugs my figure nicely.
♥ Floaty silk cream top with flowers – I don’t know where this is from, it was a charity shop find by my mum & has no label. It also has a cute ribbon to tie at the back. I love this & wear it a hell of a lot.
♥ All Saints dress – I like this because it’s unique. It is very baggy and ties in three different places. I like to wear it with a plain tshirt & leggings with either boots or plimsoles.
♥ Topshop rose & bird crop top – I bought this in Leeds a while ago. I love the pattern & the way it looks on. Again, i team this with leggings. :)
♥ Topshop Vintage Lace top – Bought this about a year ago, i just think it’s pretty & girly & lace is my favourite.

From Left to Right:
♥ All Saints yellow sequin top – This has a weird shape, but i love it, it hangs in all the right places. I wore this to the Barry M Event last year & on my 19th birthday :)
♥ Vintage stripe dress – This came into my mums shop & i tried it on and fell in love. It looks kinda shapeless on the hanger, but the material is so thick and heavy & i feel really 60’s when i wear it. I can’t wait until the sun comes back out so i can wear it with pretty flipflops and a flower in my hair.
♥ Primark sequined top – I very rarely love something so much from Primark that it lasts a whole 6 months in my wardrobe. This hangs really nicely & i just think it’s pretty.
♥ New Look cropped black blazer – I chose this because it was totally bargainus. It cost me £3 in the sale & it has been a staple to many an outfit since. I love it, it fits perfectly.
♥ New Look floaty spot top & cargidan – I cheated slightly here and put two together. Both are currently in New Look & I am totally loving the nautical theme at the moment.

Hope you enjoyed that small insight into my wardbrobe.
I tag anyone else who would like to do this. I’m sure Claire would also love to see what else you all have in your wardrobes..as would i :)

  1. sabrina

    Great tag, I need to do this! its a great post!
    I love the top with the little birds:) XX

  2. abbzzw

    You have some incredibly cute clothes sweetie :) xx

  3. Jasmine

    Your wardrobe is so pretty and feminine. I love it!

  4. Milly

    Aw such pritti stuff Zo.
    Particular love the Rose and Bird crop tee from Toppers. was gonna get this myself!
    Great post yet again lovely.

  5. I love the bird top :) all ur things are really pretty! Great post lovely
    Steph x

  6. Hellooo,
    Just to let you know I tagged you to do the Happy Tag :)

    p.s I love love love the floaty cream flowery top its sooo pretty I wish you knew where it was from … I want it :(

    Lots of love,

  7. Sam

    Love the rose & bird print top. And I have the sequinned Primark top! It looks weird on the hanger, but is SO nice on x

  8. it's all super pretty :)
    i think my favourite is the floaty silk cream top with flowers

  9. Wow…wardrobe envy! Great post x

  10. Could I come and squat in your wardrobe right about now? Ta!

  11. Zoella.

    @DangerouslyBeauty – Haha! You can do, it's extremely squashed in there though :) x

  12. holly

    you have amazing fashion sense and clothes!(L) X

  13. I have the all saints parka too and wear it all the time in summer
    its great to just wear with leggings and ugg boots and the material is so soft!

  14. India

    I love the New Look cardigan! Very preppy :) xx

  15. I love the lacy Topshop one. Girly and gorgeous!! x x

  16. Fantastic post! I love your style & so I'm glad you shared with us some of your favorite pieces! :) I particularly looove the floaty cream top with flowers that your mom found at the charity shop. Great find, indeed!

    – Monica

  17. Well done lovely :) Fab post and thanks for doing it! I LOVE your wardrobe! You have such similar taste to me! Gorge clothes hun!


  18. Paula

    Love the All Saints dress its fab!!! xx

  19. Daisy

    This is a great idea for a tag! You have some beautiful tops- I love the pastel colours.

    I also adore that charity shop top! x

  20. L S F K

    please may i steal your wardrobe? :)

    i love lace too – so girly and delicate.
    do you know if the topshop rose & bird crop top is still in the shop? it's so gorgeous. xx

  21. Jen

    Such gorgeous pieces! I love the creamy charity shop top with flowers – what a great find by your mum. I think I'll do this too, it's a fun tag!

  22. Shannon

    You have really cute clothes(:
    I love everything! Can i please steal these?
    Love your blog Zoe, and great post

  23. It's lucky a pigeon didn't fly over and take a crap isnt it?

  24. what a great post, i'm defintely going to do this tag :-)
    I love the vintage stripy dress, very chic!

  25. I really like this post! And I think it may actually help me clean out my own wardrobe if I go through and pick out my own top 10! :)

  26. Laura

    what a lovely tag!
    & those are all suchhh gorgeous pieces :)

  27. Jean

    Oh the pink lace blouse is lovely :)

  28. That is a great blazer. Love all the lace, very cute.

  29. LaMode

    Love Love love the all saints dress, lovely jubbly clothes you have my dear :D

  30. Tania

    I just did the tag and I just started a new blog page come check it out!!!

    (right now i only have two post:P)

  31. I love it the clothes look like coming straight from a vintage store (in a very good way lol) I love it =)


  32. Rogue

    Really nice colour scheme going on here too :) lovely eclectic mix. Thanks for sharing :) x

  33. Their all pretttty : )
    The colors are amaaazzing .

  34. MW

    love ur clothes ,very nice …i love this tag might do this …(m in love with the cardigan and the sheer blouses cute)
    xo mw

  35. Diane

    great tag! I love that crop top from topshop!! And i think it's time to hunt around New Look for the last top!! xx

  36. awwwwwwwwww……i know from this post that i would fall in love with your wardrobe. it's so cute how you got them hanging outside for cool photo effect :)

  37. Great idea for a post – it's nice to take a peek into people's wardrobes.
    I did a similar thing on my blog – interviewed another blogger and she picked out a few of her fave outfits and sent me pics of them.
    Love that stripey dress!xx

  38. Oh I have just found your lovely blog and cant believe I havent seen it before. You are so cute and we seem to have the same obsessions… fashion and make-up! woo. lol

    Might give this tag a go at some point. I have a blog too – http://www.somewherehere.net.

  39. OMG I Loveee your style!

  40. Lauren

    I adore that Topshop cropped rose and bird top, it's gorgeous.

  41. You have a lovely blog!
    I like the top picture collection ! Beautiful colors.
    Have a great weekend! Here in Hungary it's snowing :)

  42. This is a really good idea and you have some really nice clothes as well.

  43. I love your sens of style Zoe :)

    I also did this tag on my blog, it's new.

    Hope you don't mind I mentioned you on it, to show where I got the tag from.

  44. So cute! I especially love the white lacey one <3

  45. Love your new background Zoe xx

  46. Melly

    my favorites are the top 5 shirts! sooo pretty

  47. i love your fashion sense its just beautiful just like you..

    and you are so lucky to have all these lovely ladies reading your blog ! I have no clue how even get close to one person reading what I have to say.. so sad :(

    love you zoee..

    oh btw cant wait for more youtube vid you're doing great<3

  48. hey lady i have nominated you for an award=]

  49. Iny

    Your wardrobe is amazing Zoe! Really!

  50. Thank you for the great idea!
    I am working on this tag on my blog right now. It's gonna be up in couple hours ^^
    I love your outfits sooo much! I think you + how you wear them create the perfection. haha I really enjoyed reading your blog :)

    My favorite outfits are here.. http://smilewithvivian.blogspot.com/


  51. I think this is the cutest IDEA! You need to be my stylist. :)

  52. Nia G

    Hey zoe! i love you blog, maybe you could do an updated wardrobe staples post?? love you!!