I used my remington spin dryer today (it was half price in Superdrug & i’d been eyeing it for a while, so i bought it)…a scary looking contraption which blowdry’s and curls the hair at the same time. I love this thing, it’s my new favourite, i just wish i had it in the summer so the “beach” waves would have been more fitting.

I first blowdryed my roots with my head upside down (this is such a vital step, otherwise you end up with masses of frizz on the top of your head..it’s not a good look)
I then used Aussie curl definition serum through my damp ends and taking small sections of my hair i blowdryed. There are videos on youtube demonstrating the process, its not that difficult anyway tbh.
Afterwards, i used “Bed Head After Party” through the curls & also using a straightner i defined the wave where my fringe was being stubborn.
Personally, i love it. It’s the Mary Kate & Ashley wave i’ve always had to achieve by letting my hair air dry…which takes FOREVER. So now i can cut down the time using this handy contraption. You can also determine how tight and how loose the curls are by how long you heat the selected pieces of hair. Although it does drop out slowly anyway, unless you use lots of hairspray.

On my face i am wearing…

♥ Too faced shadow insurance
♥ Sunday Best L/E Mac Shadow on inner corner
♥ Star Violet Mac Shadow blended in
♥ Showstopper Mac Shadow in crease
♥ Maybelline Pule Perfection mascara
♥ Chanel eye kohl in “Ambre” (a deep bronze brown)

(not that you can really see)
♥ Eve Pearl salmon concealer
♥ Benefit erase paste on top
♥ Bare Escentuals foundation in medium
♥ Bare Escentuals Faux Tan bronzer to contour
♥ Illamasqua Cream Blush in Sob
♥ Benefit Moon Beam to highlight brow bone & cheek bone

♥ GOSH Darling Lipstick
♥ Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss in “half naked”

Hope you like my FOTD.
I really like my hair like this, it’s alot more natural looking, and i think it’s alot softer and prettier than dead straight hair or perfect curls. I will be wearing my hair like this alot more often

  1. LOVE that! I am so going to Superdrug to get that as soon as I can! :) xoxo

  2. Faye

    gorgeous as always you pretty thing, you :) x

  3. holls94

    you are so beautiful, the first picture is amazing! i want to get GOSH darling (: X

  4. aretha

    zoe you are gorgeous! :) love those curls and your makeup is amazing as always x

  5. Cyndi

    You look lovely! Gorgeous hair. Love it. =)

  6. the curls look like sexy dreadlocks ;) it suits you!

  7. Beautiful. I LOVE Star Violet

  8. Abbie

    Woww, your hair looks lush !
    I'm deffo going to look into getting these

  9. Jen

    I love your nude lips. In fact, I'm gonna replicate your whole makeup look – it's so peachy and fresh.

    Love the hair too!

  10. yout hair is gorgeous! XO

  11. curls are so gorgeous! ^-^

  12. ANGE

    so so pretty :)
    love it – maybe i shall invest as it's now summer in australia, but i have never seen/heard of this item before lol

  13. I love it!
    Rapunzel style twists, they look beautiful

  14. Holly

    Love the curls, spindryer used to be amazing for me but since having my hair chopped off I can't use it, boo hoo!You look gorgeousx

  15. Yoselin

    I love your hair. Can you do a more detail "how to" on it? I would greatly appreciate it. I do agree, it's very Mary Kate Olsen!!!

  16. you hair looks amazing! :)

  17. I was eyeing this up in Tesco yesterday, and wondered if it actually worked. Thank you for the photos and "how to", I will definately be buying.
    Love the blog btw.
    Claire xx

  18. Kat

    You look beautiful, simply beautiful. <3

  19. Kat

    btw.. You remind me a bit of a Victorias Secrets model here & that's gooood in my opinion.

  20. can you review the eve pearl salmon concealer! plzzz

  21. yuo look awesome hun, i love the waves

  22. Nicola

    i love you …that is all!!

  23. Carine

    wow, beautiful hair !

  24. Nicole

    oh wow how lovely !!

  25. audrey

    you look so beautiful^^ i love so much your hair :)

  26. Olya BB

    I really love that look – it's something I want to achieve :)

  27. Rebecca

    love your eye look!

  28. That's amazing!
    Your hair looks beaut(:
    xo Marie

  29. MW

    ur too pretty

  30. Megan

    i love how your hair looks here! i watched the Demo on the Remington website which shows an end result which look like perfect ringlets! i was just wondering if you had any tips to get a more messy look using this hairdryer?
    Love your blog!

  31. you look beautiful, wow i love your hair and your eyes! just grogeous! i luv the way you do your eye makeup! just beautiful

  32. I love this effect! And it's amazing how little time and fuss it seems to take. I live in Canada and I'm now on a sort of wild goose chase to get this product. It appears it's only available in the UK. That's what ebay's for, right?

  33. I am in the US and I cant find it either! But I want one so bad! I have straight hair and I always spend so much time trying to get it to look like that.

  34. Wow!! what a hair style, I love this,I'd love to try on my hair for this party plan ,thanks for the sharing such a lovely post.

  35. I love them too!! :))))

  36. i wish i read your blog earlier because its amazing! ypur amazing so are your youtube videos love you zoe xxxx