I have been walking past the YSL counter for almost half a year, contemplating whether or not to spend £20 on a lipstick.

Can you justify that sort of money on a lipstick?
I never could, and i’d never been with anyone at the time who was remotely interested in lipstick, and possibly thought i was a freak for even considering spending that amount of moolah on a bit of lip colour.
However, about 3 months ago, i was strolling past the YSL counter with my friend, and she actually pointed out the “Rouge Volupte’s”, saying everything that always crossed my mind when i walked past them myself.

“Oh my gosh, the packaging..the colours..they look fab”

So do you know what i did?
I bought one.
and so did she.

The colour is No. 2 – Sensual Silk

So, what do i think of them 3 months on?

Texture: Amazing. This is what every lipstick should feel like when applying it to your lips. It feels moisturising when applying, isnt cakey, and has a slight shine.
Taste: Watermelon, seriously, you can’t go wrong. My favourite lip scent/flavour above all other lipsticks tried.
Drying?: I’d love to be able to say that this didnt dry my lips at all, but unfortunatley, after about an hour of wearing this, i do get very dry lips. Something i really thought i wouldn’t get, as when first applied, it is amazingly soft and moisturising…does anyone else have this problem? I know of a few who have agreed with me.
Durability: As this is quite a moisturising consistency, it obviously doesnt stay as well as a matte lipstick would, and i do find myself reapplying this a fair few times through the day.
Pigmentation: These are pigmented, but as i said above, dont last all that long.
Packaging: Just look at it, it’s stunning. I do feel special pulling this from my handbag i must say haha. & the cute little mirror on the top of the lid is a bonus for on the go.
Price: Hm, at £20 a pop, these really are high end lipsticks. In my opinion, i don’t think they need to be so expensive, but as they are “designer”, i guess thats the price you’d expect to be paying.

Overall thoughts
This was a bit of a luxury, “fuck it” purchase. I’m really happy i have this in my collection, and i do think everyone should own at least one of these. They are gorgeous, but the price is a little bit of a kick in the teeth for me. Unless i had alot of money, in which case picking up more of these would be a regular thing.
Despite it being a tad drying, and having to re-apply more than i’d have liked, i am pleased i have this lipstick & if i came into alot of money (crosses fingers) then i would buy more.

  1. Sarah x

    They are my fave, I haven't got the one you have as My lips are naturally too dark but I have #19 and #26 and I love em xx

  2. It's such pretty packaging, I don't know how I wouldn't be able to buy it either!

  3. I'm gna ask hubby to get me one from duty free when he comes over – lol I was playing with them in Sephora and they did feel amazingly soft and easy on the skin, when I swatched on my hand. I could tell the difference in quality instantly.
    Why are they so flippin' expensive though? I hate spending money on "teeny" things if that makes sense.

  4. Zoella.

    @VexInTheCity – Haha, yes i know exactly what you mean. At least in Duty Free, you'll get a few bob knocked off :) x

  5. Lucy

    Packaging alone is so worth the £20 – divine!

  6. Lisa

    My friend bought me No.7 Lingerie Pink for my birthday and I LOVE it. Sooo soft and creamy, the best lipstick consistency imo. Really want to get nude beige next, frivolous pink looks nice too. Would you be able to do a swatch or post a pic of this 'on' please? Lingerie Pink looks really different on my lips than when I swatch it on my hand.

    I can't say I've had a problem with drying but I do apply Blistex relief cream religiously so that might be why. Totally agree about the price though, WAY too expensive for what it is, especially as they're not very long-lasting due to the consistency x x

  7. i desperately want one of these – i think you'd feel instantly classy for having one in your handbag!

  8. Carine

    he packaging screams 'luxury' ! I would definitely buy some if i was rich :p

  9. I'm addicted to these. I have three of them (total splurge). I always tell people if they could buy one lipstick in the entire year, buy one of these!

  10. I agree with Lucy. The packaging itself is worth the $$ in my eyes.

  11. great review! I've been eyeing this for a long time too…

  12. Jess

    Check out #13 Peach Passion :) My favorite. It dries up my lips too, but the packaging is just the best of the lipstick world.

  13. good for you that you bought one & its a great color too. i dont own any yet, i have 2 of the pur glosses they smell amazing. someday ill have the lipsticks as well

  14. I have two. I got the #12 dirty burgundy first because I love dark lips, but then I thought the nudes were so pretty I needed one, and I got #1 which I absolutely love. Too bad it's drying, but then I find all lipsticks drying on me anyway.

  15. Jo

    They are fab lipsticks, I haven't found anything remotely similar in texture. I have the infamous Lingerie Pink and adore it! xx

  16. Kerry

    I havent tried any of these! Might have too xx

  17. Oh gosh, I have two of these and i'm already addicted :(

  18. What a beautiful shade, I do think these would look better in a silver packaging. :)

  19. Nicole

    i am always mesmerized by the ysl lipsticks but i always hold myself back when thinking about buying one. however, i think your right. every girl should have at least just one!

  20. aretha

    this isnt my fav lipstick but i havent had probs with it drying out my lips. i feel its overly opaque/creamy on e lips and makes my lips look unnatural. i have 1(nude beige), 4(sweet honey), 7(lingerie pink) and 22(exquisite plum). my fav is 4 because its the most natural on me.

  21. The packaging is so lovely…that colour is gorgeous too! I may have to add one to the Christmas list…

  22. Mara

    ooh such a pretty color! i'd love to make a splurge purchase on lipstick one day!

  23. Laura

    the packaging is soooooooo gorgeous <3
    i've definately been eyeing this! hmm, good thing christmas is coming up :)
    thanks for the review!

  24. Couldn't agree with you more on this post!
    If only they were cheaper..I would probably not buy l/s from another brand! ;)


  25. Hi there — what a great blog you've got here! :)

  26. Omg- you have to buy the one i love out of all of them whenever i go past that counter i swatch it and love it and im trying to get my mums lovely attention so shell hopefully buy it for me as for £20 its quite expensive for a lipstick but for the packaging i deffo think its worth it! Hehe i'd love to just get that lippie out of my bag one day in front of lots of people it make me feel so special hehe sad i know
    Great post hun

  27. Martha

    pretty colour

  28. I bought this lipstick too and I love but it ran out reaallly quickly and I can't really bring myself to buy another one :-( My Mum has one too though so i'm sneakily using hers, hehe xx

  29. You know, I totally have to say that those little "fuck it" purchases are sometimes the best, especially when you have been contemplating it for so long. That's my rule, I have to be thinking about it for two weeks after I see it to see if it is really worth it or not. Thanks for the review. I hear the new YSL mascara is to die for!

  30. Kezz_17

    i agree, it feels so drying on my lips, which is kinda strange seeing how moisturizing and 'melt like' it goes on your lips! the packaging is so gorgeous though. x

  31. 20£ for a lipstick, this is an average in switzerland…!

  32. so weird seeing you swear in a blog post! x

  33. One of my Fav lipsticks. I have Rouge volupte. £20 is quiet cheaper then what I paid around £33 (60-ish NZD)

  34. Kaylula

    It’s been 7 years and I still can’t get over the gorgeous packaging… eh I guess I’ll just head over to their website.

  35. Really beautiful picture ! I love this one of YSL.