LOL at the Cheesy title…sorry, couldn’t resist!

Have an equally Cheesy Photo that Shirley took of me at the event to go with it ;)

As some of you may or may not know, there was a big group of bloggers/youtubers invited to attend a beauty event at L’oreal Headquarters in Hammersmith for Maybelline yesterday.

Before the event started, i met with Sophie (Beautymarked19) & Shirley (Shirleybeniang)
& we headed over to Oxford Circus for a bit of retail thereapy.
Whilst at the Illamasqua stand we got chatting to one of the MUA there called Gillian & she was one of the nicest MUA i have come across.

[Me, Gillian & Sophie – Photo courtesy of the gorgeous Shirley]

It makes such a difference when someone is genuinely excited about the products on sale. (something i had yet to come across at an illamasqua counter) She was demonstrating how the pigments could be used & totally sold me on them…i wasn’t planning on getting anything! She even posed for a photo, which she said she will try and Gillian…if you manage to find this, let me know! :)

After this we went on a “find Vicky (Peachykeencheeks) spree” She had only gotten a tad lost. :) Whilst we were waiting for vicky, Shirley asked a newspaper stand guy to take a photo of us. He turned out to be a flirty little bugger and asked Shirley for her name…and guess what she said…Lassie! As in, the dog lassie. It was quite funny. :)

[The photo he took..Me & Lassie ;)]

By this time we were panicking we’d be a bit late so ran to get the train after we’d managed to direct her to where we were. Whilst on the train we met with the gorgeous beauties Mushine (Bubblegarm) & Olivia (BeautybyOlivia), Once in Hammersmith we met with the adorable Anna (TheStyleDiet) and went over to the L’oreal building.

[Top Photo L-R: Sophie, Shirley & Vicky. Above L-R: Mushine & Olivia]

The event started by them encouraging us to stuff our faces with cakes and sandwhiches.. haha.
We then all sat and watched the presentation on the new ranges Maybelline have come out with, a few adverts for the products and an explanation of all the current ranges they have. I found the presentation really interesting as i felt i knew more about the brand and the things it had to offer.
After this, we were given 2 goody bags, the first was a selection of the products maybelline already have for sale & the second was the new items such as the “pulse perfection vibrating mascara” and the new colour sensational lispticks. I liked that they gave us the goody bags waaay before everyone went home, as it gave us a chance to look at the products together.
There were tables set up with all the foundations so we could be matched and take them home to try. As well as the foundations, there was also the nail polishes, the lipsticks and the eye products laid out for us to test and look at.
There was also 2 makeup artists available to do our makeup or to ask questions.
Overall i think the event was fab, very well structured & thought out, well catered, extremely friendly organisers/pr ladies & everything was so relaxed and fun :)

After the event a few of us girlies popped into Primarni in Hammersmith & bought a few things before heading back home.

Some more photos from the event

The Goody Bags…
Thank you so much for such a fab afternoon/evening!
& It was great catching up (even if it was only briefly) with most of you.

  1. Holly

    Great photos!!Your so pretty, loved your hair yest wish I could do that!!Nice to meet you although we didn't get a chance to chat much!xx

  2. LamiatS

    It was nice speaking to you! Hope you got home okay yesterday evening. I'm still gobsmacked as to how much we got in the goody bag, I had to give some stuff to my sister cos there was too much!! xx

  3. Lovely photos! I wish they had these type of events in Australia! xx

  4. Emma

    You took some great pics- what camera do you use? It takes flattering pics (something i need lol)
    Was lovely to see you at the event- your eye make up was gorgeous

  5. Great things you got! I'm jealous :D

  6. Shy.

    You all look gorgeous looks like you had an amazing time, wheres your bag from hun? Love your blog btw :)

  7. Jo

    Great photos! It but looks like you all had a fab time and got some lovely goodies. xx

  8. You guys are lucky!! Glad you had a fun day x

  9. looks like you had a lush time! love the sequins! xx

  10. Lil

    Sounds great! I couldn't make it and this has made me well excited for my goodie bag to come in the post!

  11. lola

    love the photos…you girls look gorgeous…xoxo

  12. Great pics ! tell me what you think about the vibrating mascara i'm thinking of getting it. x

  13. Still jealous – I want blogging event fun hehe Glad you had a fab time and didn't get lost ;o) x

  14. Nicole

    wow, they gave you a lot of great stuff!
    looks like an amazing event !

  15. u look gorgeous and cute in every pic :) lovely to meet u sweetie xx

  16. Faye

    LOL at my head in the group shot – haha, i just peeked over the top!!

    It was sooo much fun but still veryveryveryveryveryveryveyryeryeyryeyreyryeyreyryeyryVERY scary :)

    You looked so pretty!!
    :) xxx

  17. Kerry

    Ohh im so jealous i never go to any of these events!! I live miles away! I might have too one day because i've never been to london! xxxxx

  18. You obviously had a great time :) LOVE your top! x

  19. Ahh you look like you had ffun (:
    Wheres the top you're wearing from?

  20. Daisy

    Great post Zoe! You've made the goody bag look so pretty and nicely arranged (haha, I love the little details)

    Nice to see you again briefly!

  21. that looks like so much fun! and you're so lucky you got so many free goodies :) I wish I lived in the UK

  22. *aly

    So jealous of the goodie bag!

  23. Lydia

    Aww such nice pictures! Looks like the event was fun :) I soo want to meet all you beauties, let's hope I make it to an event soon haha! xox

  24. Catanya

    It looks like you had tons of fun!! You are so lucky! Envy!

  25. if you got that new lipstick in FATAL RED you have to let me know what its like : )

  26. Looks like you all had such fun! So sad I couldn't make it :( Let us know how you get on with the goodies!
    Ps. Looking as fabulous as always! xXx

  27. Sounds like a great event! You got tons of goodies! I really like the dream satin liquid foundation (though I have to mix it with another foundation as mine is a little dark and you can't get it in my country.) I also have the colossal mascara and really like it :)

  28. Sher

    How nice! I wish we had events like this here

  29. amalass

    looks like you had loads of fun :) can't wait to hear more about the products.

  30. AliJ

    looks like a lot of fun! everyone looks beautiful! and that goody bag <3

  31. Loved the photos! Let us know how the new products work out :)
    Gald you had a great time! Looked like a lot of fun :D x

  32. I can see me in the background of one of those pictures!! I was so crap, had my camera in my bag and forgot all about it!! x

  33. LASSIE!!!
    Omg I had soo much fun Zoe!
    Oh your photo of the goodies is just lush!
    Great post!
    Need to do mine! :S


  34. Laura

    Looks like you all had a wonderful time, love the photos :) Natalie sent me the new mascara and 2 lippies, so I don't get totally left out! I am soooo going to have to try the nail polishes and the Amber Rose xxx

  35. Liz

    Looks like you had a great time!!

  36. I was invited to this event, it would have been my first!!! But I was on holiday, I'm gutted to see the goody bags to, how much stuff to play with!! How often do they hold these?

  37. It looked fun (: x

  38. Gaby

    It looked amazing! How do you get invited to those events?

  39. Anita

    Gorgeous photos!! It looks like everyone had lots of fun. I can't wait to hear your reviews on some of the products. Love your site btw! :)

  40. u look gorgeous & ur hair is really lovely!

  41. Holy cow I wish I couldve been there haha I would have loved to try all those products!! =)