Before the Barry M event last Wednesday i had an hour to spare before i had to meet with the girlies. So i went for a little stroll..right into Boots and Superdrug..uh ohh. *slaps wrist*

I was excited to see that in superdrug they had a Sleek display. I haven’t ever managed to find Sleek anywhere near where i live so i took advantage of this and purchased a few things.

The first was an eyeshadow palette in “Storm”..

I love how pigmented these are. I had heard about these from Sam (Pixiwoo) & Laura (Lollipop26). They both said how they were of such quality for a cheap brand. I really wasn’t expecting them to be AS GOOD as they are! There’s a nice mixture of matte and shimmey shades and all are extremely wearable. If you have a sleek display in your local superdrug i would seriously reccommend you check these out. Especially if you don’t have the money to splash out on high end brands. The quality is just as good in my honest opinion.

The next thing that caught my eye were the “Face and Body Highlighters” & i got “Bronze Baby
There are 3 to choose from. One a lot more golden and another which had a much darker strip in it. I chose the inbetweeny shades. I wish i could remember how i much i paid for this, i know it wasn’t more than £5. They are complete Bobbie Brown Shimmerbrick dupes! The colours are GORGEOUS and this was by far my favourite Sleek purchase. Again, they are really pigmented and have such a fab texture to them. I am seriously considering popping back to london to pick up the other 2! They leave such a gorgeous glow to the cheek bones & because this one has pinky tones in it, it really warms up my complexion…

This was experimenting with the brush (looks shoddy doesn’t it?) & actually, it proved to be quite good..Bit of shedding & i probably wont use it, but like the benefit brushes, it was soft and in order to create the contour on my face i swiped it across the colours and it placed them effortlessly…the colour might seem a little harsh, but this was with no blending & no other makeup. eeeek.

The last thing from the Sleek range was this Inkpot Gel liner in”Purple RainI was in ore of this colour. It’s gorgeous, & i actually had my eye on a similar shade from the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner range, but this was a hell of a lot cheaper! Think it was £2..something. It came with a little brush, which is pants! It’s too small to have any precision with the line and far too fluffy. I have yet to try this out on my eyes, but with a better brush the line was really quite pigmented.

In Boots i noticed the makeup range called “Pure”, i had never seen this before so decided to have a look. It’s packaging was very Sleek (ha) & black. It’s also all very square. If you think Nars lippies are quite square, these are sharp compared! I noticed a lippy in colour “nude” ( very classic). The consistency of this lipstick is my absolute favourite kind..”moisturising” & this really is moisturising!! The lipstick was around £7 (i think..i throw away all my reciepts..soryy). I looove this lipstick, it’s almost like a balm, and because i do suffer from dry lips this has been my staple lipstick for the last week! For all you nude lovers, i think you need to try this if you haven’t already.

I then picked up “Nude Attitude” by revlon, and i have to say, besides the fact it leaves my lips pretty parched, with a gloss on top, it gives me the perfect nude lip & i love it.

On Saturday i accompanied a friend shopping (Had so much fun, shes not really into makeup but decided she wanted to spend lots of money on top quality stuff as she is bridesmaid at a wedding…so imagine my excitement in Mac when i was helping her buy everything) I didn’t have any money but Estee Lauder was buy 2 and get free stuff. So with my beloved boots points i bought 2 lipsticks in Vanilla Truffle & Pink Sand. Both of these i absoloutley LOVE! especially pink sand and i wouldn’t have picked this one out personally. I’m not a huge fan of the packaging on this’s quite classic and kindof reminds me of lipsticks my nan would have in her handbag, but the colour is to die for & is my current fave, think Mac Angel but 10x better. It’s love.

[Left to Right: Pink Sand, Vanilla Truffle]

And look at the freebies i got with them…So technically i got all this for free! It includes 3 gorgeous makeup bags (one large, one medium and a brush bag (which is one of my fave items…so useful)) A lipstick in a coral/orange, The award winning night serum, double wear black mascara, an old lady scent (i think i will give this to my nan..not really a fan of that one), An eyeshadow quad & makeup remover. You get soo much. It’s worth it just for the bags though!

Hope you all enjoyed, if you want any reviews, just ask :)

  1. Angela

    That palette looks like so much fun. Also, nice freebies! I love getting free stuff. I really want to try that Revlon Nude Attitude it looks really nice. take care xoxo

  2. S

    is the pure lipstick in “nude” anything like barry m 101? does it have pinky tones or more brown tones. im tempted to order it right now. i love your blog, i might get the pink sand as well it looks lovely. xxxx

  3. Daisy

    I LOVE Sleek! I bought the Original and Storm palettes after seeing them recommended on blogs- they are so well pigmented and fab. I don’t usually wear bright colours but have been experimenting more since buying this.

    Definitely going to check out the shimmerbrick style product!

  4. ohh those makeup mags are perfect!! I need a makeup bag…hmmm, my mind is planning a shopping trip.
    I was going to buy the Sleek palettes, but when I saw the inside & the horrid top marks on the eyeshadows I was turned off, I think I'm going to have to go back & get it, those swatches are bloody gorgeous, thanks for that!
    I wish I'd been at the Barry M event =( I'd have loved to have met you!

  5. Fantastic haul! I so love seeing what is available overseas!

  6. wowww love the haul! i wish they sold those sleek eyeshadows here in the us.

  7. Anonymous

    Oh we had a BOGO Pure sale a couple weeks ago. I should have checked out the lipsticks!

  8. wow! great stuff!
    i wish i lived in england right about now.

  9. Great deal! I think I check the Estee Lauder Lipsticks out! They look so pretty! Can you swatch them, please?

  10. Ondine

    I have that sleek palette, and I love it- esepcially a couple of the colours. Would love to see swatches of those lippies if you have time..

  11. i really want a sleek ink pot! i never use my sleek eyeshadows as they’re just to glittery, and im not a huge fan of the revlon lipstick as its a little dry and just dont love the colour.

  12. @ S – No, i would say it's alot more neutral and has more pinky tones! :)

    @Peachykeencheeks – Haha, yeh that did put me off slightly, they shud just make them flat. But it's so worth it anyways. Would have loved to have met you tooo :) x

    @Ondine & sterchenslove – Yes i shall swatch them today and post the pictures for you :D

  13. Think i might have to go look at that pure lippie, infact the Estee lauder ones look gorgeous too!
    i wish i had enough boots points for the two,you must be the absolute queen of boots points collecting! :) xxx

  14. I really want to get the revlon matte lipsticks,they look so nice! Its so bad once you start blogging you cant stop buying!lol ive just done a review on the revlon matte eyeshadow! feel free to check out my blog! :) x

  15. hey where is ur channel on youtube…i discovered u on google…i cnt find a link yo ur channel on YT

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  17. Ivy Green

    Hi guys! First to comment! Love ya ZOELLA!