I picked up these goodies last week…

(Sorry for the crapola picture…)

  • “Redhead” MSF: Love this, it works as a blush and a highlighter and is the perfect shade for my skintone…although i don’t have a red-head but the brunette MSF was more of a bronzer.
  • “Blackground” paint pot: I have wanted this for a while, and it was between this or the brown one, but i thought this would be good for a smokey eye effect. I tried it out last week and it really makes colours pop, and smokey eye is even easier with this used as a base.
  • Brush 226 (Small tapered blending): This is amazing, it’s the perfect size for blending in the crease. I was put off by the 224 as it was too big for my eye, and now MAC have come up with this one..a must have!
  • Brush 165 (Tapered Cheek/Highlight): Again, another amazing brush by MAC, I have wanted them to bring one out like this for ages, so obviously I had to buy it. Makes applying highlighter as easy as pie.
  • NARS “Hula Hula” eyeshadow duo: My boyfriend bought me this as part of my valentines present. I love it. The Girl at the counter had this on, and it looked fab! On the Nars website it is described as “Strawberry with gold particles and hazelnut with gold glitter particles” Although I think it’s more gold than hazlenut.
  • GOSH “Bananas” Velvet Touch Liner: I bought this after watching Lollipop26’s video on youtube, She wore it in the corners of her eyes and it looked fab!
  1. Bon Don

    Oooh nice!!

    Hi I’m Bon Don… just crusing the blog world! Your blog is cute!

  2. I really want the 165!! I hope they repromote it!

  3. Imogen

    If you haven't, try out blackground and club over the top. It is a brilliant combination for going out! xx

  4. Ashme

    Hi Zoe! I'm a huge fan of you and dedicated I've watched about every video and stay up til three in the morning to try and read every post on your blog. It's like beauty's my religion, your blog is my bible, and your my saviour. Your so beautiful and your videos make me smile when I'm sad! You're such an inspiration to me, zoe, so thankyou so much!

  5. Emilia

    I know how you feel.

  6. No comments in 2014.. until now!:) I've almost finished reading through all your blog haha

  7. Becca Dolan

    loving the post zoe keep it up

  8. Lauren

    Hi Zoe! I love your blog, so much you’ve even inspired me to start my own. I would really appreciate it if you took the time to check it out at xxxlovelaurenxxx.blogspot.com. Thanks again :)

  9. popsicle

    reading the old posts makes me realise how far you’ve come x love you zoe x :)