Argh, I am becoming obsessed with Lush at the moment…I have quite sensitive/dry skin, and this stuff actually makes a why wouldn’t I indulge a little? ;)

On Sunday i picked up these things…

This is the soap “Sweetie Stack” (Around £7.49), which includes (from the top) “Should I Coco?”, “Rockstar” and “Honey I Washed The Kids”. I can’t even begin to explain how good these smell, so I can only suggest you take my word for it or get in the shop ASAP and buy these babies. They’re SO worth it, they leave u smelling and feeling amazing.

This is “Buffy” and it’s a body butter. It doesn’t look at pretty as the soaps, but it’s amazing. It exfoliates your body and has shea butter in it, so it also leaves your skin feeling silky smooth…you almost don’t need to moisturize after the shower. Would highly reccommend for anyone with dry or sensitive skin.

There are hardly any blogs (that i’ve seen) that have Lush reviews . Does anyone else have an obsession with Lush?

  • I’m so glad that Zoe is as obsessed with Lush as me. I’ve already used these products and she’s right. They leave your skin fresh and silky smooth. Waiting for more and more LUSH reviews. :)