As you may have seen from my most recent video on MoreZoella, we took a little trip just out of Brighton last weekend to celebrate Poppy’s 25th Birthday. We stayed at Alexander House which is located within acres of beautiful grounds and also has a spa (bonus). On the Friday, Myself, Poppy, Alfie & Sean relaxed in the garden and sat in the jacuzzi with cocktails until it closed. It was so peaceful and tranquil and there were more rabbits amongst the neatly cut grass than you could ever imagine.

weekend 13weekend 5On the morning of Poppys birthday, we woke up early and set up the house we were staying in. It was a great excuse for me to use the balloons and paper decorations from my little stash. We made sure Poppy stayed in her room so it didn’t spoil the surprise. We also bought a cake from Crumbs & Doilies which I was really excited about because i’ve always seen them on the website and drooled at how amazingly they’re decorated. I can also add that it was one of the most delicious cakes i’ve ever eaten and i’m contemplating if it’s worth the trip to London just for another cake with zero reason for one. Alfie and Poppys’ Mum and Dad joined us on Poppys birthday too and brought the dogs with them as they’d had Nala for the weekend. It was such a lovely morning filled with love and cake. Could you ask for anything more on your special day?

weekend 12 weekend 19 weekend 9 weekend 31 weekend 33 weekend 21 weekend 22In the afternoon, we headed down to the lawns (after a posey photo session in front of the amazing flowers) opposite the main house and had lunch and cocktails accompanied with a game of bananagram (seriously great game if you need one to play with your family). I opted for an afternoon tea because why not. I wore my little denim skirt that has braces which I wasn’t sure what I was going to pair with it, but opted for this 1970 body from Zara. The body from Zara doesn’t have poppers which was a major fail when going to the toilet. I was pretty much naked in a public bathroom (we’ve all been there..jumpsuits…). 

weekend 20 weekend 25 weekend 29 weekend 30 weekend 27 weekend 32

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After this lovely weekend away, I’ve made it my mission to take time out like this every so often, even if there is no occasion to celebrate because it was just what I needed. It’s good to have a bit of a pamper and a recharge, and doing it with people you love and cake is always the best way! 

  • God, that cake looks sooooooooo good!

  • Kate Fryer

    Cant wait to have a great read of this! love you so much zoë and thank you for putting so much hard work into your new beauty range, book and also keeping your channel and blog up to date and still with great content! Hope to meet you some day xxx

  • helen christie

    That place looks amazing, and the cake and cocktails look delicious!
    Hels x

  • I’m so in love with these photos. I kinda wish my family celebrated birthdays more like this.

    XO Jess |

  • Reet Lonari

    The photos are to die for! Just donate me your photography skills haha! So glad you had an amazing weekend and when I get the golden chance to visit the UK I will surely put this on my list of 100 places to visit!

  • Zoe can you plan like all of my birthdays for the rest of time please? lol I love how you always go out of your way to mark really special occasions for your friends :) <3

    • I agree with you Emily! Zoe would make a really great party/event planner/organizer. She has impeccable taste. Also, everything sounds a lot of fun. Plus, the photos are just amazing. | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

    • Defo, I wish she could plan mine!!! X

    • Susets and salty hair

      Totally agree with you Emily!!

    • ellie hodgson [PB]

      I will now have dreams like this for the rest of my life now!!!

    • flyingwhale

      I definetly wish that she can plan mine too!!

    • Amelia

      Totally! Imagine if Zoe started a party planning business! First customer here!

  • I love the photos you took for this weekend. It looks like such a lovely place to visit!

    Mae Polzine

  • Emma

    Looking gorgeous as always, Zoë x

  • Kaylee Schapendonk

    Looks amazing as always! I’m also so proud of all the things you’ve done and released lately!
    Love, Kaylee |

  • Anonymous Blogger

    These photos are lovely and it looks like you have an amazing time. I love bananagrams too! We always take it on holiday as it doesn’t take up too much space. It is always hilarious to see what words other people come up with. Happy Blogging! xx

  • The pictures turned out so gorgeous! :) Looks like you guys had an amazing time, the hotel is so beautiful x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  • I love that denim pinafore! It look gorgeous

  • Katy Bennett

    Your photos are seriously on point. I love how bright and colourful you make everything!

  • Wow, the photos here are stunning! I absolutely love your skirt, so pretty! And that cake looks AMAZING :)

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird

  • Zoel Hernández

    That place is gorgeous, I really want to go there someday! I love the images and the post! I am glad you all had an amazing experience there! Hope I can meet you soon Zoe, because I love you so much! x

    Zoel Hernández |

  • The cake seemed delicious x

  • All these photos are gorgeous! I love your outfit Zoe! xx

  • These are so cute! And that cake seriously looks so amazing!

    xx, Diane ||

  • Eva

    The cake just looks amazing!! And I love the pictures you made, beautiful. I also saw the vlog, what a gorgeous location! Like you said, the colours of the flowers are so bright and beautiful. Also: really love your outfit! xxx Eva

  • Ah I already watched the vlog and it looks like you have an amazing time! X

  • I love these photos! I’d like to taste the cake!!

  • This looks absolutely amazing! Loving the cake!

  • Patrick Source

    So amazing Zoe – these posts are a perfect ingredient for a happy and positive mind set :) Love them lots!!

  • Elishia Chave

    You’re so good at creating special occasions, it’s really lovely to see how far out of your way you go for the people you love!! X

  • WoW! Amazing place! You had a great time for sure!

    Today on the blog I show my new 70’s style block heel sandals….very chic and comfy. Don’t miss them! ;)
    Kisses from

  • Emilybelleblogs

    I’ve just booked to go on a little spa weekend with my Mum and Nana to have a back massage and chill. Just what I need to unwind from my A Levels xxx *insert excited emoji*.

  • Trang Van

    This makes me want to throw more birthday parties for everyone. These photos are beautiful! What lens did you use?

  • Charlotte Judge

    That cake is to die for!!

  • Caitlin Jean

    I love this! The photos that you took are so nice! Looks like you had such a relaxing time! And the cake looks sososo delicious!

  • Samantha Frances

    Your photography is amazing Zoe – this looks like such a perfect weekend away! xxx

  • Poppy’s cake looked amazing!! Love your photos Zöe x

    Nev | Miss Nev

  • Chantal

    Love the photos from this post, especially the last one as it looks very professional x

  • Sophia Jade Phippen

    I love how great of a photographer you are not only are you an amazing person, writer, blogger, youtuber and life coach. You are literally my idol! Thank you for existing ❤️

  • Hsiao Weng
  • Thea Catherine

    This birthday celebration looks amazing! The decorations look lovely and the cake looks absolutely delicious! Also, you have amazing photography skills!

  • Always so in love with your photos! x
    – Samantha

  • ciara

    I watched your vlog and I figured you’d do a mini shoot infront of those beautiful flowers! I’m so happy you all has such a relaxing weekend. It’s always a good idea to take time for yourself and just relax yano :)

  • You make every occasion feel extra special! Also, that neopolitan cake looks soo good <3 x

    Regina |

  • Ashley Christabelle

    The UK has some of the beautiful places in the world. And please, oh please, arrange my birthday party this year?! I’ve never had a birthday party as spontaneous as this one! Love what you’re wearing so much. x

  • Ah, so many gorgeous photos! You always go to so much effort, no matter what the occasion. Can’t wait to find out what you got for Poppy, she seemed so surprised!

  • All your bdays posts & vlogs are full of pretty garlands, colors, cakes & balloons!
    I totally relate to your bodysuit problem, but can’t stop wearing playsuits & jumpsuits in summer, they are the best thing!

    KayleeㅣJK’s Dawn

  • niexox

    I love the little efforts Zoe puts in to make everything look great😍❤️

  • Hannah Mayne

    The pictures look amazing I so wish that Zoe would organise my birthday, looks like such a lovely day

  • This seems like the perfect week-end indeed ! The location is gorgeous, and I loved your vlog :) you seriously are the best at decorating places and turning any event into the most festive moment !! I’m loving the balloons and bunting and cards .. And that cake, MAN !! Looks de-lish !!
    Lots of love, Anais

  • Now THAT looked like one awesome birthday party! :-D

  • The cake looks delicious, and your outfit is on point Zoe! :)
    -Ambar x

  • ahahha yes please zoe be a party planner<3 anyway you are giving us tons of ideas!! the location looks awesome, and being surrounded by green fields is already relaxing for me (country-girl at heart!). i'm sure you all had an amazing time!!

    xx from Brighton
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope | | Enter my Charlotte Tilbury GIVEAWAY here

  • Someone on the internet

    Love it!! Hope Poppy had a great birthday! Xx <3 you Zoe! And Alfie you guys are awesome!

  • Sheridan Grady

    These photos are GORGEOUS! The cake looks unreal also x

  • These photos are so vibrant and beautiful! Love it x

    Tash |

  • This looks amazing I’m so jealous about the cake as well omg

  • lifestyleandso

    literally, you’re a high level party organizer Zoe,too impressive what you did x

  • Tilly Bowlt

    I love all these photos so much! Please do a blog post on your photography (preferred camera and editing photos). Thank you!

  • Imaan Shamsi

    this looks amazing! i would absolutely love to be there x

  • This is so pretty! Your photos are always so so pretty, crisp and light! The Crumbs and Doilies cake also looks DELICIOUS! Definitely worth a visit to London!

    Kathryn xx
    UK Food and Lifestyle Blog

  • Is it weird to set those photos of Zoe as your wallpaper??? lol ‘cuz i did. And the photos are amazing as always, loooove it!!!

  • The cake looks UNREAL! So do the cocktails. Looks like you had a lovely time! X

  • I agree with all the comments wishing you’d plan their parties! everything always looks absolutely cute and perfect, so dreamy, a lot like the photography and set work done by Kimberley Gordon (creator and ex-creative director of Wildfox, definitely check her out!) x
    Emily Lavenders

  • These are some very impressive shots! They came out beautiful. Happy birthday to Poppy!

  • The cake looks SO good! And also, your photos are so beautiful as well.

    I hope you are having a lovely Monday!

    Jeff. x | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

  • Laura Mareno

    Such a beautiful place! And the cake looks absolutely delicious! haha kisses:D

  • Beautiful post! Great outfit!!

  • Gosh Zoe, I wish you were my bestie just so you could throw me a birthday party! :D xx

  • Victoria

    Wow, that looks amazing, I want to go! <3



  • secrets2101

    Happy Late Birthday Poppy

  • This is serious birthday party inspiration! Definitely a memorable birthday ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  • Jessica

    The atmosphere is just so relaxing! It’s an absolutely perfect getaway for a birthday celebration and just to spend time together with your fam Zoe. Love the photos as well.

  • It looks like y’all had such a fun time! you’ve inspired me to want to plan more celebrations! ha

  • The photos you take are just gorgeous *heart eyes* and those decorations are so friggin cute! xo

    Catherine | Love, Catherine

  • Lovely photos! Glad you had a lovely time! x

  • Mai

    Zoe you are my queen, my inspiration. There was a point in my life where I felt miserable but you honestly helped me feel so good about myself😊😘❤

  • sofiabenadomonteiro

    zoella make a new vlog everyday in june i love your vlogs

  • Molly

    It looks like a lovely treat to escape to somewhere sooo beautiful with such great friends although now I’m craving cake! :)

  • Clémence

    This place looks really lovely and, as always, I love your photos!
    I have a little question: where did you get your jumpsuits that you’re wearing today (on Snapchat) please? I love it <3

  • OMG if someone planned a birthday like this for me i’d be so happy! Need you in my life aha! That cake looks so good :) X

  • such lovely pics! Poppy is so lucky
    Jackie||Rockin’ Strawberries

  • Victoria Goodman

    This looks amazing! Your photos are beautiful! xx

  • Adri Ojuka

    I love your blog posts! Your pictures are so fun to look at and are beautifully captured. And girl, you sure know how to plan a birthday celebration.

  • The decorations are wonderful (as always!!) It looks like it was a wonderful little getaway holiday.

  • Flor C.

    Everything looks like a Dream! I’m in love with your taste in decorations, I wish I could find all those decor things in my town! xx

  • Looks lovely!

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    Everything about your blog is just amazing. The lay out is amazing, the picture quality is just splendid!! I am proud to call myself a fan of yours! I hope to see you carry on with your blog forever!

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    I love your blogs sooo much they are amazing anyone that has a minute please check out my blog with this link:

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    Your weekend away looked amazing, I watched the video as well, you all look like you had so much fun. Love your outfit for the day as well, very cool. Much love <3 xx

  • Awww what a perfect way to celebrate a birthday :)

  • Oksana

    My birthday is very soon, so I really want to spend it great. Thanks for such type of posts, they inspire me how to plan it.
    Oksana x

  • August

    How cute !!!! Love your outfit :)

  • Looks like Poppy had a fabulous birthday! Also, Zoe have you ever considered event planning? You’d be very good at it! x

  • The decorations looked absolutely amazing! I wish my friends would go to that much effort for me!! I’m really curious as to what you guys got Poppy as a present as she looked really amazed! :D x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

    • Beeinn

      I’m dying to find out as well! Such a teaser there at that moment. She looked so shocked. Would love to know what it was. Glad I’m not the only curious one!!

  • You always manage to plan the cutest parties and celebrations! It looks like you all had a lovely time. I definitely need to make more time to just relax with the people I love, and this place looks just beautiful.

    Jenny xx

  • Michalina Dubisz

    It sounds like it was a great birthday! I love these photos! And the cake.. yum!

  • sounds like you had tons of fun, I’m really glad, you deserve it all!!!

  • Isobel Bruning

    Looks great Zoe!
    Glad you had fun!!!!
    Izzy |

  • rachelsblogaboutevrything

    Hi Zoe, I have been following every single one of your blog posts since the beginning, and you have inspired me to start my very first blog, and I would really appreciate if you could have a look at it and possibly tell a few people about it. I literally told all of my friends about yours! Love you soooooooooooooooo much,
    Rachel <3<3<3<£

  • Freddie

    WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW! I’ve just read your blog after watching Alfie’s vlog where you mention about you writing your blog so I decided to have a look and I was expecting a blog standard (get it? ‘bog standard’, ‘blog standard’!…. no?…guess not…) and I was surprised with a brilliant blog witch was a really nice read! Thank you so much for this wonderful read Zoe!
    P.S: How do you make your pictures so professional?

  • Georgina Avocado

    L💟VE Zoe

  • Rachael Dickinson

    I love this!!

    Rachael xox

  • Aoifa Laura

    Zoe I would really love it if you could check out my new blog @
    You are such an inspiration. Thank you.

  • Lanie

    how did you create your webpage because I have always dreamed of doing something like this on my own but technology is making it very difficult for me to have a chance in a life time so please give me some tips I would appreciate it :)

  • The scenery, the building, the decorations, all are perfections omg

  • Carlie Thomas
  • Carlie Thomas
  • Chloe

    What a lovely place! Looks like you all had a blast!!

  • Lily

    Can you eat a screen? That cake looked amazing! When it my birthday(also my twin brother) I will go ask for a cake of that website. I love your blogs Zoe so please carry on.

  • Phia Montgomery

    Hiya, just started a new blog, would love if anybody would have a look.

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    does anyone know what camera Zoe has? :)

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    I wish you could plan my birthday! Everything is stunning!x

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    I love all your videos and blog posts. You are such an inspiration to girls and women. Love you!

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    Zoe why do you do everything sooooo right!! i love the way you do everything!!!

  • Erin

    This looks amazing Zoe. You should be a party planner. And your blog is amazing too. It’s really helped me with my writers block.

  • plan my 18th in 6 months love you zoe we all do xx

  • Sarah Cox

    Please do a blog on your current cameras and lenses and your photo tips- would be so interested!

  • Mizzy 05070215

    Hi Zoe i love your blog and recently i just started one pf my own and i would love it if you could check it out thank you xx

  • Jess Green

    Looks like a lovely weekend! All the decorations and flowers are gorgeous, and I wish I could make a cake like that… might be easier just buying one though, or at least drooling over their website!

  • Ysabela Jardin

    Zoe, can you please plan my next birthday omg

  • Saby M

    Love this blogpost everything looks amazing from your outfit to the cake and the decorations

  • Grace

    I love how much effort you all put into special occasions! It makes it 100x worth it. Everything looked beautiful! Loved this post, Zoe xo

  • lovesmanatees

    Nala is so cute can you bring her to kingston

  • It looks amazing! I love the cake 😊

  • Love you blog! Seriously I can spend all night reading it!

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    I need to go there! Everything looks so lovely! xx

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    This made me feel relaxed just reading about how lovely your trip was! Glad Poppy had a great birthday!

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    These photos look lovely!

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    Stunning photos. You make everything look so prettyyyy <3

  • This weekend looks absolutely amazing! You make everything go from great to amazing! It really inspires me too get creative with planning and organizing things for my friends and family. Btw I have bananagram and I love it too! <3

  • Ella

    Loooovveeee x

  • That cake looks so yummy and the decorations are so cute, why doesn’t my family do that… Lovely post! xx

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    I love your posts zoe x

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    The cake looks amazing! No-one has ever decorated a room for me for my birthday before. So thoughtful. x
    Louise |

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    hi I have been reading your website for while now and you have given me the inspiration to make my own and I know I’m young and have know clue on what I’m doing after I get by designing my page I will be able to do something I like for friends and others so if you used an app or you created one without one please tell me and give me tips…XO

  • Beaut snaps Zoe. Please check out my latest Nail Problems beauty post.

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

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    Twitter @alionawithlove:disqus

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    Zoe! Your parties and events are absolutely amazing. You put so much time and effort into them and they always turn out stunning! That cake looks so good too!! xx


  • That place looks absolutely amazing!!!

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    Zoe why do you make the most amazing blog posts!!?? I LOVE THEM!! >>>>>>>>>

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    I love how you encourage people to celebrate and make time for unique adventures! It’s something I feel isn’t often encouraged and yet should be as we only get one go around in life so why not make the most of it? I love seeing these types of posts, especially when they inspire me to go out and do something new for myself :)

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    Gorgeous photos Zoe <3 :)

  • Izzie

    Just finished Girl Online yesterday, and instantly went to the shop to get Girl Online On Tour and can I just say, what and incredible writer you are, and I was attached to the first book the most I think as it introduces Noah and the way you describe him/Penny/Anyone/Anything is just a clear image in my head. I cannot WAIT for Girl Online Book 3. Literally have all notifications turned on ready and waiting. Lots of love, Izzie xxx

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    These photos are so so amazing! Zoe you are goals!!

    Any lovely people here if you could check out my most recent blog post: I follow back all followers and as I am a new blog would appreciate any comments and feedback xx

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    Zoella you have inspired me to start a blog too but I’m bit sure how. Can you possibly get back to me and let me know how because im very confused. I love all your vlogs and blogs and main channel videos and I love all your beauty products. Thanks -Holly

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    this looks incredible and extra special!!

  • Hope youve had a good birthday weekend zoe!

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  • Love this post Zoe 💗
    Will most definitely be taking some decoration inspiration for my birthday xxx


    Dear Zoe, it’s the first time I read your blog (even though a few years following you on YouTube) and is just so amazing!!
    Love you ❤️ Bye bye 😘

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    Zoe, you really are a wonderful person! I love how you wanna make everyone feel happy and loved. You always make me so positive – I mean, I only see you in videos or blog posts, not personally, yet you make me feel good. Thank you for that!

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    Hi Zoe I was wondering if you could possibly help me with my blog, I have only just started and I would like to make it beautiful like yours but I am not sure how? What website did you use to get it up because I can’t seem to find the right one. My blog is called and wordpress is hard to use to please will you help me?

  • Looks like such an amazing place! Seems like you really know how to throw birthdays and do them with style, it’s inspired me to do something similar for my boyfriends birthday! xx

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    Wish I could take pictures this good 😫😫 can you plan my parties for me?! This is perfect ❤️

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    Xx Joy

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    Looks like you had a wonderful break, I hope you had a lovely birthday! <3

  • Such a cute post, can you throw me birthday party sometime? hahah <3

    Stella xx

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    Hi Zoe
    I was wondering if you would do another Q&A and if you do What is the best thing of Being a YouTuber and do you have any tips on being a YouTuber

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    I think this day just upped the birthday decoration and cake game, it looks amazing!

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    Hello Zoella is there any way you could possible contact me through my email after reading your books I just wanted to ask a few questions based on my experiences now I don’t know how this works

    Sorry this is so off topic

    • Rock Angel

      I love Girl Online! don’t you? ;) If it’s possible for us to have a discussion over it, I’d love it, but I’ll understand if this is for Zoella

      • Yeah I loved them anyway what but were you wanting to discuss over

        • Rock Angel

          It’s just the book I was talking about; you know, we could discuss what we like and what we don’t…if you want to;)

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    You’re really a thoughtful person Zoe :))))

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  • You are seriously perf 😍

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    Hey Zoella the Cruella ;) Cruel because you’re making me so jealous right now…I need a vacation!! Even though it’s summer break, I’m still stuck here at home, in my room with my PC as my only companion (at the moment because my best friend’s on vacation and she’ll be back in August; like, can she torture me any further??!!)
    By the way, the pictures are awesome and your day sounds like you’ve had the time of your life! Well, if you don’t mind, can we switch lives when you do something like that again? pwweeaase??

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    What an amazing blog post Zoe! Its because of you that I have decided to create my own blog!! Check out my blog at it will mean the world for anyone to check it out, not just Zoe!!! :))x

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  • These photos are gorgeous and that cake looks incredible! Sounds like such a fantastic weekend away x

  • This looks so cute, I absolutely love your photography! – Maria |

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    Looks like you had a great time Zoe! The cake looks delicious

  • Halima

    Ohhhh my goodness! I wish I had someone that would plan a birthday celebration like this for me, waaah! You could set up a business on the side and become the ultimate party planner, ha! Looks like you all had an amazing time!


    • Emily W

      That would be amazing she could plan all of our birthdays for us lol

  • Beautiful photos as always :’) The cake looks amazing too x

  • Emily W

    Hi Zoe the big HAPP BIRTHDAY balloons where did you buy them from because it’s my mums birthday soon and I am in charge of making a cake and decorating the house and I would really like those balloons and her fave color is gold and mint so I am decorating the house in that xxxx 💜

    • hannah

      pretty sure she got them from urban outfitters, she mentioned them in a haul xxx

      • Emily W

        Thanks x

    • Flora

      You can get them at Urban Outfitters.
      On my birthday, my parents got the same gold balloons but they got it from a storefront where you can get a bunch of balloons. Maybe you can try Party Cit (depending on where you live) Hope this helps <3 xx

  • Paige Goodall

    I saw this blog and it looked incredible! Your organisation and decor was insane. Lovely to see Poppy had a great birthday and you all had a nice time.

  • May I say that these photos are absolutely stunning!! Looks like you had a great time x

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    Zoe is truly an inspiration! You are such a nice person i love so so much!! xx hope you have a wonderful day!

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    That looks like so much fun

    • River Strong

      Happy Bday to Poppy

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    I wish I could take pictures this good omg!

  • Wow, everything looks so pretty. I’m glad you had a lovely time (:

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    All the parties you post are serious goals. I hope to be able to throw a party/birthday breakfast like this at some point!

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    These photos are completely stunning! You always make Birthdays look so amazing!

    Katie |

  • I love your pinafore, I really want to get one myself! The cake looks deeellliccciiioous!
    Aleeha xXx

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    I have a blog that is mostly photography, feel free to take a look! Also i’d love to take a look at your blogs, everyone :)

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    So much inspo, can’t wait to celebrate one of my friends’!

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    But when I listen, that you will prepare the second book (Girl Online on tour) I was very exciting. I waited, when this book will be translate to the czech langauge and I look forward to read it. I bought it in my favourite bookshop straightaway and I had read this book in two days. In the book I liked how Penny traveled on Europe and how she fight with her problems. The book impressed me and pleased. :-)

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