When my friend Gabby was visiting me a few weeks a go, we paid a visit to a cafe tucked away in a backstreet in Brighton in the Lanes next to Cafe Coho called The Marwood. Inside, were star wars figures and spaceships hanging from the ceiling and all sorts of interesting recycled old toys and furniture to make up the entire coffee shop. It’s so full of character. We went on a wednesday afternoon whilst out shopping to refuel on drink and cake, and we certainly weren’t disappointed. I love all things unique and vintage and a little bit higgeldy piggedly, so for me, this cafe was so lovely to sit in. If these sorts of coffee houses aren’t your style then I wouldn’t stop by there, however, I feel like it should be experienced regardless.

Cake/Food Rating – 4/5
Freshly made and delicious. I had White Chocolate & Raspberry with Blueberries & it was so yummy I probably could have eaten another slice…or maybe the entire cake.

Wifi – 5/5
Easy to log into and find and very good speed. Perfect for afternoons on your laptop whilst eating cake and drinking hot chocolate, or instagramming your slice of cake on your thomas the tank engine plate.

Menu – 3/5
Although the menu doesn’t have pages and pages of choice, the things on it are all locally sourced where they can be and AMAZING healthy breakfast choices and the specials board. Alongside that you also have the fresh cakes of which when I visited there were about 3 to choose from. Again not the biggest selection, but people may have already beaten me to it as they are so good.

Drinks – 4/5
I had a hot chocolate which was delicious, and as i’m not a fan of coffee I feel that as Marwood is a coffee shop the coffee is probably of a very high standard and it’s something they really prize themselves on (They even call themselves the Coffee Ninjas). I did see some people sipping away at their coffee and they looked very pleased with it. There is also a really great variation of hot teas, iced teas and coffees so there will be something for everyone

Atmosphere & Decor – 5/5
For me this was the best thing about Marwoods as it was SO DIFFERENT. It was brimming with things that you would find in an attic, a car boot sale or an antiques store. Nothing was the same and everything had so much character. All the chairs were different, even the cutlery and chinaware was all different. There were some questionable paintings on the wall which we only realised half way through our cake but it’s a very artsy place so they can get away with it. There were even old school board games that could be played whilst having a quiet drink if you fancied getting away from the internet.

Price – 5/5
The pricing here is brilliant. Very good value for money and really very reasonable.

Seats Available – 4/5

It may appear quite small from the outside, but The Marwood is actually very spacious and has larger or smaller tables depending on the size of your cake-and-coffee-friends in tow.There is also a very spacious upstairs which is where we sat, and a very cute garden where you can also sit in nicer weather or in the evenings with fairylights and an alcoholic beverage (yes, that’s right, coffee house in the day, bar at night)

If you are planning on visiting, you will find The Marwood at 52 Ship Street buried in the Lanes

I’m definitely going to be visiting again!

If you liked this style of post and want to see more cute places in Brighton let me know, or even if there is a place in particular that you want to visit but you aren’t sure, or you’d just like to see what I’d make of it, then let me know. Perhaps it’s your favourite place in Brighton?

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