When my friend Gabby was visiting me a few weeks a go, we paid a visit to a cafe tucked away in a backstreet in Brighton in the Lanes next to Cafe Coho called The Marwood. Inside, were star wars figures and spaceships hanging from the ceiling and all sorts of interesting recycled old toys and furniture to make up the entire coffee shop. It’s so full of character. We went on a wednesday afternoon whilst out shopping to refuel on drink and cake, and we certainly weren’t disappointed. I love all things unique and vintage and a little bit higgeldy piggedly, so for me, this cafe was so lovely to sit in. If these sorts of coffee houses aren’t your style then I wouldn’t stop by there, however, I feel like it should be experienced regardless.

Cake/Food Rating – 4/5
Freshly made and delicious. I had White Chocolate & Raspberry with Blueberries & it was so yummy I probably could have eaten another slice…or maybe the entire cake.

Wifi – 5/5
Easy to log into and find and very good speed. Perfect for afternoons on your laptop whilst eating cake and drinking hot chocolate, or instagramming your slice of cake on your thomas the tank engine plate.

Menu – 3/5
Although the menu doesn’t have pages and pages of choice, the things on it are all locally sourced where they can be and AMAZING healthy breakfast choices and the specials board. Alongside that you also have the fresh cakes of which when I visited there were about 3 to choose from. Again not the biggest selection, but people may have already beaten me to it as they are so good.

Drinks – 4/5
I had a hot chocolate which was delicious, and as i’m not a fan of coffee I feel that as Marwood is a coffee shop the coffee is probably of a very high standard and it’s something they really prize themselves on (They even call themselves the Coffee Ninjas). I did see some people sipping away at their coffee and they looked very pleased with it. There is also a really great variation of hot teas, iced teas and coffees so there will be something for everyone

Atmosphere & Decor – 5/5
For me this was the best thing about Marwoods as it was SO DIFFERENT. It was brimming with things that you would find in an attic, a car boot sale or an antiques store. Nothing was the same and everything had so much character. All the chairs were different, even the cutlery and chinaware was all different. There were some questionable paintings on the wall which we only realised half way through our cake but it’s a very artsy place so they can get away with it. There were even old school board games that could be played whilst having a quiet drink if you fancied getting away from the internet.

Price – 5/5
The pricing here is brilliant. Very good value for money and really very reasonable.

Seats Available – 4/5

It may appear quite small from the outside, but The Marwood is actually very spacious and has larger or smaller tables depending on the size of your cake-and-coffee-friends in tow.There is also a very spacious upstairs which is where we sat, and a very cute garden where you can also sit in nicer weather or in the evenings with fairylights and an alcoholic beverage (yes, that’s right, coffee house in the day, bar at night)

If you are planning on visiting, you will find The Marwood at 52 Ship Street buried in the Lanes

I’m definitely going to be visiting again!

If you liked this style of post and want to see more cute places in Brighton let me know, or even if there is a place in particular that you want to visit but you aren’t sure, or you’d just like to see what I’d make of it, then let me know. Perhaps it’s your favourite place in Brighton?

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  1. This place looks beyond cute! I don't visit Brighton often, so I'm still discovering new things here, there and everywhere but that's the best thing about Brighton: you see something new every single time. It's a really unique small city like that I just love it, particularly for photo shoots. I created a little Brighton Shopping guide a little while ago but it needs huge amounts of updating http://www.dreamsthatglitterxoxo.com/2011/02/shopping-guide-to-brighton.html. I'm loving Pretty Eccentric at the moment, Tegen's accessories (because they stock Beauxoxo now, yay!) aaaand my brain is failing me this Monday but there's an amazing cupcake shop that sells Elmo and crazy cupcake designs. Catwalk Cakes I think? Possibly! xoxo

  2. Such a wonderful place! Thank you for sharing, especially such detailed reviews. xx I love your blog posts so much :)

  3. This place looks so cute. I really wanna visit Brighton. I'm hoping to go to Brighton somewhere next year since I'm from Germany it's not really right around the corner.

  4. This coffee shop sounds delightful, I love the cheeky paintings on the wall too! :)

    Frankie x

  5. OMG!! It looks like a fun place to go and enjoy a cup of coffee. I love cozy coffee shops. Thanks for sharing this.

    KEEP ON MOVING…latest at:

  6. Coffee shops are my favorite! Please do whatever makes you blog more! <3

  7. I really love this kind of post! What a cute place to go for a catch up and a cup of coffee! :)
    I also can't get over how cute that outfit is from your previous blog post! I absolutely adore that dress!
    I look forward to more of these kinds of posts in the future!

    Ellis – Ellis Tuesday

  8. Love this post! Please take a look at my blog: retaxoxo.blogspot.com

    Reta <3 x

  9. This looks so cute I can't deal. I just wanted to say how incredible you were in your interview on This Morning. I've suffered with anxiety since I was about 14 years old but over the past year or so it just got unbearably bad. I really related to everything you said about it and it inspired me to write a blog post on my own experience with anxiety and depression (http://fiendtofashion.blogspot.co.uk/) Thanks for being you x

  10. So cute! I'd love to check it out if I am 'Across the Pond' hehe

  11. This place is so nice! I really like cafes like that, they are so warm and unique. I hope one day I'll visit Brighton as I live in Croatia. I absolutely love everything about that place it's so pretty.
    I write blog as well, although not as good as you but I really like it. I would be delighted if you could find time to stop by because you are the reason I started writing it. For that and lots of more thing I want to thank you so much. xoxo
    Love Antonia || Sweet Passions

  12. that place looks so fun and artsy, very different from any other coffee shop i've seen! most aspire to have an "earthy" or "chill" vibe, but this one is so colorful! if only i lived in the UK… :) glad you had a fun day with gabby! xo

  13. Abi S

    This is a great post! I'll definitely be going there sometime soon! I love the pictures too! The paintings on the wall look so unique and original! A great 'review' of the coffee shop! Abi :) myw0rldmyview.blogspot.co.uk

  14. Aww this place looks amazing, definitely want to check it out, would love to go to Brighton! I'm hoping to open up my own coffee shop one day <3


  15. Definitely post more about cute, unknown places in Brighton! It's so interesting to see the more unknown places in different cities :)

  16. I love this style of review! Please post more like it, it's very thorough and gives me a great idea of places I might like to visit when I finally make it to the UK.


  17. Eve H

    Wow lovely cafe and I like reading this kinda ratings of places
    Hope to see more

  18. I'm moving to Brighton in September (I'm from New York) and this blog post made me so much more excited! I love interesting places like this. :) Thanks for sharing!


  19. Amy Fu

    Now I'm craving some cake! Right after I've finished my workout XD I love you Zoey, it would be amazing if you checked out my new blogpost too ^^ http://squibblefu.blogspot.com <3

  20. This looks like the cutest little coffee shop ever! Your cake looks so yummy as well. Whenever I visit Brighton I usually just stick to the touristy bits like the pier and the shops and bits by the seafront, but next time I'm down (hopefully soon) I'm deffo going to have to do some exploring!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  21. This is the cutest place! I love the illustrations on the walls! x

  22. Love this post Zoe! Fantastic idea to rate everything so people reading this can see if the place is worth a visit, and Marwood sounds like it is worth a visit! Also lovely photos :)


  23. The lanes always have the best places! I need to go back to Brighton soon. xx

  24. It looks so cute, I wish we had more places like this where I live!


  25. So adorable!! It makes me want to visit Brighton sooo much more now.. So cute!


  26. Looks like such a lovely place, I hope I'm able to visit one day. Thanks for sharing and providing such a thorough review!

    Carolyn | BLOG

  27. WOWS

    Cool and stunning wall decoration!
    I will consider your comments about it for a future visit to Brighton area.

    Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

  28. Nadiaa

    Looks like a nice place, and i love your hair! xoxo

  29. Emma

    This looks like such a cute place, I really want to visit Brighton soon! The white chocolate and raspberry cake sounds amazing, and I love the décor too!
    Emma xo Wallflower Wardrobe

  30. This place looks amazing!
    We have similar cafe's where I live.
    They're not really my thing to be honest but you have to go somewhere like that at least once!
    I'm so glad that you're blogging so much again

  31. Loved the post! In fact it's great to see you blogging a bit more :)

  32. The interior is very unique and definitely intriguing. One thing I look for when eating/drinking out is good ambiance. It seems that place has plenty of that!

    Yes please do more posts like these :)

    Ayesha xxx

  33. I loved this post. I'm defiantly going to have to check out this place sometime in the future. It sounds like a fun place to go to. :)

  34. Lovely post zoe! I love the pictures, and the wall looks amazing! I'm so glad that you and Gabby are friends! I've been subscribed to her for a very long time now, and she seems so lovely! Millie xoxo || http://millsieee.blogspot.com

  35. Bianca

    I'm from the States and will probably not be able to visit Brighton (or anywhere in the UK) for quite a while, sadly. So thank you for posts like this where I can see some of the cool little places the towns have to offer. :) I love it!

    Bianca | born-in-august.blogspot.com

  36. This place looks so cute! I love all of the vintage decor it has. I'm really into that sort of stuff. I recently went vintage shopping and had the best time, so a coffee shop like this is really my sort of thing.

    I'm actually (hopefully) visiting England this March and I think I'll be spending some time in Brighton so I'll definitely have to pop in this shop because it looks so fantastic.

    I'm a big coffee drinker so I have a feeling I could spend hours in a place like this :)
    I do love this post. Would love more like it! <3


  37. That cafe looks so cute! X

  38. this place looks so cute, love the quirky decor. I'm from belfast and I wish my town had lots of quirky coffee places like this but unfortunately it doesn't from what I know of! Think I might take a little visit to brighton when I'm older. looks like such a lovely place. Great post Zoe! x

  39. This sounds so cool! I wish there were more places like this where I live :P

  40. kfc

    I love quirky, unique coffee shops, and being from Seattle, WA in the states, I get to see a lot of those! I love this place you went to and it would totally be a place I'd visit, If I were to ever go to Brighton!. This post is great and the pictures are cute!


  41. It definitely looks full of character and unique! I'd love to go there if I ever get to visit Brighton!
    p.s: Really love this dress of yours! It's so cute! :) xx

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  42. I love coffee shops so I really need to find this place in the Lanes. There is a cute ice cream shop in the Lanes called Gelato Gusto that you should try out x

    Gegsy Lifestyle Blog

  43. Julie

    Definitely seems like the type of place I would call into after a busy afternoon shopping, looks lovely! Sometimes it's nice to go somewhere that isn't your typical chain coffee shop like Costa or Starbucks :)


  44. From the pictures that place looks absolutely adorable! I love quirky restaurants but especially coffee shops! There's an adorable one in Poulsbo, Washington called the Poulsbohemian and I go to it every time I go to Puget Sound. :)


  45. Such a cute place!! Please keep on doing cafe reviews :D

  46. Looks like such a cool place xx

  47. Mimmi

    Love this idea for a post! I'd love to go to Brighton someday, so it's nice to know I can visit your blog for some suggestions if I'm going there :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  48. I'm going to Brighton this summer and my parents were making me look up a few things to do, surely going here, thanks a lot Zoe!

  49. It looks so adorably unique! I love places like this.


  50. I love this idea! Would love to visit this cafe too :D

  51. You should definitely do more posts like these maybe also when you travel to other countries and you go to places there :) x


  52. I absolutely love Brighton, Its a home away from home to me. Next time I am in the lanes I will check this place out!
    I love these posts! <3


  53. I don't think we have anything like this where I live. I may have to do some exploring because I would love to experience something so cool. (And I love coffee & cake, so it might just be perfect). :) xo

  54. Zoe, I loved this!! I live in the States but plan on studying abroad in London soon, and whilst there I plan on stopping by Brighton. From what I've seen in seems absolutely enchanting! I am a nut for finding cool places like this and unique design styles never fail to inspire me. I'd love to see more special finds in the Brighton area and add them to my must-see list. Thanks!

  55. This place looks so cute, I love little coffee shops that have lots of character!


  56. I would love it if you did more of these kind of posts, so inspiring and interesting!


  57. Such a cute place! It sounds great. I love it!

  58. This place looks awesome ! I hope I'll be able to go there someday :)


  59. The UK has so many cute coffee shops like these I'm so jealous!


  60. Such a cute place! It sounds great. I love it!

  61. Talla

    Wow, this place is soooo cute *.*
    I love good coffee and a piece o cake…mmmm ♥
    beautiful photos *.*
    I love you Zoe :*


  62. It's so weird, but I think I know this place from somewhere.. Which is weird, because I live in the Czech republic… :D I wish we had such cute places in here :) I loved the post Zoe, even if I'll probably never visit it, it was interesting reading about it :)

    Berry The Blue

  63. Rachel

    This place looks amazing! I don't live far from Brighton so I love posts like this for ideas on places to visit. I will have to find this coffee shop next time I'm there!


  64. Amy

    This place looks incredible. I absolutely love this style of coffee shop, so much better than a boring old Starbucks or Costa!

  65. Aaa Zoe this place looks so cute! I wish I lived near or could visit Brighton frequently, it looks so fun haha! Rebeka x

    Rebeka Taylor

  66. After I finish my university degree, I want to relocate to Brighton.
    It seems like a lovely environment to be in and has lovely views and places within. I super can't wait to visit as I've never ever been.
    Love this post, so unique and different.

  67. Oh wow this place looks incredible! If I ever end up in Brighton I'll definitely be making a visit there! It looks like you had a lovely time and the photos are great! The art work on the walls is certainly… questionable!! :) xx


  68. I just did a blog post on my coffee shop experience today lol this cafe looks alot more arty though! Love the pics :)

  69. Callie

    If you love this then you'll love st martins coffee shop in Leicester.If any of you guys like unique coffee shops like this one and you live near Leicester or plan on visiting then check it out

  70. This is so cute!! It reminds me of a blog post my best friend and I did because we posted a picture of us in Costa lol, if anyone would like to check our blog out its http://www.justtwocrazyteenagegirls.blogpost.com we have already been fortunate enough to chat with some other lovely bloggers, this community really is awesome!!! XX

  71. Mia

    So lovely! :)

  72. Looks like a lovely little haunt. There's no greater pleasure than a good drink and cake in a peaceful cafe. Lovely write up Zoe

    Cat from OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

  73. Too cute! I love quirky places like that. I've started visiting different cafes around my city in the last couple of weeks instead of going to the same place every day like I used to. It's fun, and a different way to get to know the area! And I've found some damn good coffee too. :-)

  74. Loveee coffee shops. Theres just something about the atmosphere that makes me feel all warm and cuddly. But I gotta say some of those drawing on the wall are a bit… interesting.

  75. Brighton is definitely on my list of places to travel to someday and I hope this shop is around whenever that day is!! Great post Zoe :)


  76. I love, love, love, places like this – the quirkier the better! We've got a few in Norwich, but i'd love to come and visit this one in Brighton.


  77. That place looks amazing, the cake looks yummy and i could just go a hot chocolate and that one looks delicious. You both looks so great, hope you had a good time and great photos x

  78. that coffee place looks so cute! i really want to go now :D

    emily xx


  79. I wish we had a place like this in New York. And while I love Starbucks, sometimes I want something a tiny bit different. Like a secret getaway.

    <3 buildingtheconfidence.blogspot.com

  80. you and gabby are such great friends and i would loveeeee to see more videos of you two together because they are just hilarious!!!!

  81. i would really love to go to brighton, my dad's been before – lucky:(
    love your blog btw:)

  82. This place looks amazing and so quirky!


  83. Sophie

    Oh I love sitting in quirky cafes off the beaten track. My faves are the places with squashy chairs you can curl up in and read or work. Makes you feel like a proper local too! x


  84. I love little coffee shops like this with mismatched plates, cups and saucers and interesting decor! Also that cake looks AMAZING! :) xx


  85. Emma

    I love cute, cosy little coffee shops like this one. In my opinion, coffee shops are one of the few places you can go to alone, relax, work, do whatever needs be. I love how warm and homey the atmosphere is – especially when they play some jazz/blues. I've nearly fallen asleep in one once haha ^_^

    Emma x | Reverie Lane

  86. Amazing post Zoe, you look gorgeous as always :)


  87. Cattt

    This looks like such a fun place! I want to visit Brighton soon, maybe I'll take a visit here next time I go! ^_^

    CAT xo
    What Cat Says | BlogLovin'

  88. Definitely must visit Brighton in the near future! It's quite far away seeing as I'm in New Zealand but am tossing around the idea of visiting the UK next year after I've graduated. I'll have to go try their coffee if I do :)

  89. I wish there were cute places like this where I live!


  90. This looks so cute! That cake sounds freaking amazing – I've never been to Brighton before, but I could be tempted to trek over for a slice of that! Glad you had a lovely time; would love to see more food/lifestyle posts like this in the future :) xx


  91. Always so fun reading your blog and seeing a new blogpost!! :D

  92. cool place, I have to visit it!

  93. I actually want to study abroad, so I'm always looking for places I want to check out in the future. I would love to check this place out. It looks so interesting and fun.


  94. That place looks so freaking adorable, if love to go there!!


  95. Really hate how I live so far away from Brighton, it looks like such an amazing place! Love the blog post though!xxx


  96. This is sooo cuteee, I wish I could live in Brighton! If I ever get the chance to go there I'm definitely going there to enjoy myself a cup of coffee! thanks for the advice, Love you Zoe!


  97. I love finding hidden gems like this, I'm always on the look out for cute cafes and coffee shops!

    You and Gabby both look beautiful, too :)



  98. So cute!!!! Wish I lived near it!

  99. This place looks so so cute!! Very different and nothing like anything have i have ever seen before! Wish i could travel to the UK someday but for now im stuck in the US. :(

  100. Would love to see more posts like this! Also just really enjoying you posting on your blog more, we missed you in the blogosphere :)

  101. So cute! Love cafe's, especially ones with some interesting decor :)


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  103. You're just soooo adorable Zoe! Love youuuu xx

    I just started my own fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog so if anyone would like to check that out I would really appreciate it!! xx


  104. This looks like such a cute cafe! I'm obsessed with any quirky decor, it looks amazing.


  105. It looks so cute! I wish I lived in Brighton :( or even the UK for that matter! x


  106. That place looks suuuper cool – I love weird artsy places like these. The ones that are sort of hole-in-the-wall but so different from anywhere you've been before! I would so love to live in Brighton! I live in San Antonio, though, and these sorts of places are not lacking in my hipster town! xxx


  107. JenTea

    Wow that place looks so cute! Just a lovely place to have a slice of something sweet as well as do some writing or reading. I wonder if they have similar places in NYC? They might, but it's probably ridiculously overpriced! Nice clean and crisp photos as well!

    Jen xx

  108. That place looks amazing! I love little coffee places like that, the small shops always deserve the most recognition :)


  109. C

    Love coffee and going to cute coffee shops like this one.

  110. Small coffee shops in general are adorable and I love going to them (although I too don't drink coffee) but this one looks amazing! I wish I could go to the UK to try it out

  111. Ooh these types of posts are a great idea! I'm looking to visit Brighton during my U.K trip in December, so these will be very helpful. Thanks Zoella!

  112. :'( I just dislike Blogger very much when it "eats" my comment…

    As I was saying, I love this post, Zoe! I live in California, and there's not many places I've discovered that has character like this one. The one I really love here is called Yellow Deli in Vista, CA. Google it – the pictures may not do the establishment justice, but you'll get a good idea. The food is amazing – best waffles ever! I'd love to do a similar post on Yellow Deli but I'm always too shy to take photographs…

    Arianne | http://ariannecruz07.blogspot.com

  113. This place looks really interesting! I live near a town that is known for "weird" places really similar to this cafe, so I think I would really like it there! You should definitely do more posts like this :) It's always fun reading about other places, especially since I really want to travel in the future!

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

  114. I wish I could go there it looks so cool ! Jelousss, I live in Canada haha so it's just a LITTLE far lol. I hope to come back to England soon though for longer I love it, I was only there for 4 hours on a stopover :( so sad but yes it's amazing.


  115. What a cool place!! Now i'm craving a cup of coffee..

  116. Amazing, wanting to come more and more to England and visit London and Brighton. Please do posts on your favourite places to visit, even ones in London :D

  117. I really enjoyed this style of blog post! It has given me some great ideas for my own blog. Because I live in Melbourne, Australia I might have to adventure to some of the quirky hidden lane way bars and coffee shops we have so I can write my own little reviews. This link to my blog is below.


  118. White Chocolate & Raspberry with Blueberries.. that just sounds divine!
    I loved this post and would absolutely love to see more of this from you – nice places to visit and travel is a great thing to read in a blog – plus your photographs are amazing xxx


  119. Brighton is so pretty! I really want to go and visit :)

  120. The shop is definitely the kind of style I love as well. Thanks for this review ❤

    ieyra | babysoulz

  121. Beth

    so original!
    kisses from spain!


  122. oh i love this – looks like such a nice, bright environment! and of course you have to mention the wifi!! only you!! :) it does add to a place though! haha

  123. I LOVE places like this! only problem is finding them as theyre usually tucked away :( so if I visit Brighton at least I'll know about this one now! :)

    Tea With Jacintha

  124. Cutest Coffee Shop Ever! :)



  125. Love these sorts of posts! With my job I get to go to tons of nice restaurants and I only wish I took pics and reviewed them previously on my blog – it's something I've decided I will start doing as I love reading about places to go and visit!

    This cafe looks fab, I'll give it a go on my next visit to Brighton :)

    Mel x

  126. Eloise

    Brighton looks like such a lovely place! I can't believe I've never visited, especially if there's awesome looking cake like this on offer!


  127. Love this post. I'm hopefully visiting brighton for a long weekend with my best friend and would love to know places that we really need to see, as its only for a short time it would be great to know your top picks to visit whilst we are there!

  128. So glad you're back blogging again :) I enjoy reading and looking at the lovely pictures.
    Definitely more blogs on shops! Xx

  129. Love that you are back blogging :)
    I like to read and look at all of your great pics.
    Definitely more posts on cafe's and shops! Xx

  130. It looks lovely!

  131. Looks like such a cute place. I've actually never been to Brighton but I really want to visit sometime this summer!x

  132. I guess you've probably been there, but my absolute favorite place in Brighton (and I've been there only once) is Choccywoccydoodah in Duke Street…amazing place and amazing chocolate!!

  133. It looks lovely! I love small cozy cafés where you can sit for hours.

  134. This looks so cute and quaint.

    Loved this review style of posting.

    Love from Cape Town, South Africa

  135. That shop is so cute! There is a coffee shop here which is very similar. Nice review :)

  136. ooo this looks lovely! I really need to get down to Brighton for a day, London isn't quite the same – I need the seeeaaa! I'm from the Isle of Wight, I popped back home the other week and wrote a little Isle of Wight cake and tea guide if you fancy having a look for next time you go down! http://immymay.com/2014/07/10/the-isle-of-wight-tea-cake-guide/ Enjoy!

    Immy X

  137. I loved this post, and would definitely like to see you recommending more of your favourite places in Brighton. Or anywhere, really. I feel like we like a lot of similar things and I'd love to get to know some of our favourite restaurants/coffee shops/parks/whatevers just to make a list of places I need to visit and stop by at… I love your blog!

  138. This place looks amazing:) I really need to visit Brighton<3

  139. I'm obsessed with coffee shops, so I love these kind of posts! Keep 'em comin'! :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  140. Wonderful Idea Zoe! You should definitely visit more places and blog about the hidden jems of your town. Although I don't live anywhere near you, I'm still very interested :)

    Thanks http://eunoiapri.blogspot.com.au <3

  141. Chloë

    This place looks so lovely, and it's so nice to see you blogging a lot more recently! :)



  142. I've been there quite a few times and absolutely agree with your review Zoe!
    Love it girl :)

  143. Odelia

    I love that your doing cafe reviews and you should expand them into boutiques or anything else :)

  144. that coffee shop looks so good, perfect spot to have a little coffee whilst getting work done. i really like working or studying in coffee shops.


  145. Looks so nice! Really love how they've used a door as the table, absolutely love that!

  146. OMG I am nagging my parents to take me there ;)


  147. Sharla

    You should visit Wai Kikka Mu Kuh (why kick a moo cow). It's a quirky vegetarian cafe that I think is still in Brighton.

  148. This is so pretty and different!
    I wish we had something like this where I live!:)

  149. Love this blog post! Definetly on my bucketlist of places to visit in Brighton :)

    Char xo


  150. Looks like such a lovely little place! I would love to visit Brighton one day.

    Sarah x

  151. YES, I like this kind of posts :) xx

  152. This place looks so cute, I love all the mismatched furniture etc.


  153. Anne

    I happen to love coffee shops and cafes. From where I am these places are sprouting up like mushrooms and my happy heart is brimming with joy. What I like about them is that like The Marwoods, each place has its own personality. The wall paintings/murals are quite cheeky indeed but fun nonetheless. I would really love to visit Brighton someday and pretty much a major chunk of Europe. Asia's really really far but I can dream. Thanks for sharing this Zoe! It looks so much fun and I love the table. It looks to me as if it's an old pastel yellow door. Super creative!


  154. Anne

    I happen to love coffee shops and cafes. From where I am these places are sprouting up like mushrooms and my happy heart is brimming with joy. What I like about them is that like The Marwoods, each place has its own personality. The wall paintings/murals are quite cheeky indeed but fun nonetheless. I would really love to visit Brighton someday and pretty much a major chunk of Europe. Asia's really really far but I can dream. Thanks for sharing this Zoe! It looks so much fun and I love the table. It looks to me as if it's an old pastel yellow door. Super creative!


  155. Anne

    I happen to love coffee shops and cafes too. From where I am these places are sprouting up like mushrooms and my happy heart is brimming with joy. What I like about them is that like The Marwoods, each place has its own personality. The wall paintings/murals are quite cheeky indeed but fun nonetheless. I would really love to visit Brighton someday and pretty much a major chunk of Europe. Asia's really really far but I can dream. Thanks for sharing this Zoe! It looks so much fun and I love the table. It looks to me as if it's an old pastel yellow door. Super creative!


  156. Anne

    I happen to love coffee shops and cafes too. From where I am these places are sprouting up like mushrooms and my happy heart is brimming with joy. What I like about them is that like The Marwoods, each place has its own personality. The wall paintings/murals are quite cheeky indeed but fun nonetheless. I would really love to visit Brighton someday and pretty much a major chunk of Europe. Asia's really really far but I can dream. Thanks for sharing this Zoe! It looks so much fun and I love the table. It looks to me as if it's an old pastel yellow door. Super creative!


  157. definitely very helpful ! i'm visiting the UK frequently, so im very pleased to know some good places to go to ! More of these posts please Zoe if u can :D
    Brilliant !
    Love, Victoria

  158. I live in the USA so I particularly enjoyed this post. I love getting to see parts of England through your videos. Although I may not ever be able to visit this adorable little coffee shop, I just love looking at pictures and seeing bits and pieces of other places. So thank you so much for sharing!
    Hope you have a wonderful day, Zoe!

    Shannon Marr

  159. I have to try it if i ever go to Brighton! <3

    xx Melissa

  160. This looks like a winner :) In Belgium we have a cafe that's also very cute and cozy. It is called Coffee Cafe and it's in Hasselt. So if you ever come to Hasselt in Belgium you have at least one good place to go drink coffee :)

  161. Looks so nice in there, you can't beat a good bit of tea & cake. I think independent coffee shops are so lovely and the food is always so much better than in the usual chain stores.

    Charlotte ♡

  162. This is such an adorable place! I love the artwork on the walls and how eclectic the whole place is in general.
    Much Love, AnnCates xx

  163. Brighton looks so pretty! Really want to go and visit! xx

  164. I love this kind of cute little cafes better these days

  165. As a frequent visitor of Marwoods myself I can recommend it and say that Zoe has done a wonderful job of reviewing it! The pictures don't do it justice. It's like walking into a jumble sale and having amazing cake a coffee! Plus the people are the cool type you want to be seen around! Keep it up Zoe!

  166. Megan

    It looks like a lovely coffee shop xx

  167. Lucy

    I would very much enjoy more posts like this! I'm heading to Brighton later this year as you along with other vloggers have really sold it to me! Brighton tourism should be paying you guys!

  168. you should come to Chichester and try out a restaurant called Trent's! It's only half an hour- 45 minutes from Brighton! xxxx

  169. This place looks so cute. The decor looks adorable. In general Brighton seems like such a nice place to visit but I live up north, I'd like to live there in the future. Maybe one day I'd visit this little cafe, love the whole vintage, antique quirky feel.

  170. I loved this post, I'm from ireland and just about to start up my own blog, and these are the types of things I would love to do, i have visited little odd cafes and things like this before, and really enjoyed it. loving it :D :)

  171. Please make more posts like this, girl
    It's my dream to move to brighton in the future!
    Lots of love from Toronto :)

  172. PLEASE do more blogposts like this! I'm visiting Brighton soon and I would love to know where I need to be to get the best experience!

  173. adorable!

  174. Ooh, I need to take myself there! You would love love love 'Treacle &Co.' on Church Road, Hove (Opposite the big Tesco's) It's quirky, cool and has the best cake I've ever had! (& believe me, that's saying something haha!) xx


  175. D'aw, you girls are cute! The walls are surprisingly full of…unexpected drawings. Never judge a wall by cute colors, I guess?


  176. If you like Thai food, I highly recommend The Office, which is a pub/restaurant in The Lanes. Angel Food Bakery is also quite delightful if you like cupcakes/cake. Cafe Coho next door to Marwood also has great food (their coffee is decent, but Marwood's is much better).

  177. We have a coffee shop like that in Mechelen, Belgium! It's called Kaffee-ine and it's almost like you're at home, relaxing in your sofa. The guy who works there is so nice, and the coffee and the food is amazing! Where else would you drink a coffee with a LOT of whipped cream, Oreo crumble and caramel sauce? Love it :)

  178. Kirsty

    love it love it love it! I can't wait to visit Brighton one day it looks so nice!
    looking cute as always Zoe :)


  179. Kate

    Hey guys! Love this post! This coffee shop is definately my style. Why don't you check my Homemade Iced Tea DIY post on my blog!? Come on, check it out i dare you! http://www.becomingkate.co.uk

    Kate from Becoming Kate

  180. You should do a places to visit in Brighton post :*

  181. zoe

    I love finding little cafes hidden in alleyways or corner streets. I find that they are usually the ones with the best coffee and personality. The décor of this shop is amazing. I love the wall art. I wish I knew who the artist was! I want him/her to do my room like that.

  182. This coffee shop looks adorable! I love finding new places like this, there are a ton in Nashville and I have a bucket list for the ones in England I want to visit! Thanks for the heads up on this one! :)

    Anna xx

  183. Looks lovely! I will be visiting London two weeks later from now and I'm thinking of seeing Brighton for one day. I want to visit this lovely coffee shop :)

    Hope to see you around Brighton Zoe (If I'm lucky enough :))


  184. What a really cute cafe! I love the look of this place and what is best is the hilarious drawings on the wall. In the age of big business and chain cafes it is really refreshing to see such an individual place like this :)

    Emma Louise xx


  185. I absolutely love places full of knick knacks. There's a pub in Leeds that's similar. It has a neon pig sign. Sadly, I can't remember what it's called, but it's definitely worth a look. There's a big Snoop Dogg on one wall.

  186. I loved this type of blog Zoe, as always your blog post is never boring! I love all your blogposts and I love the variety of them.x

  187. This little coffee shop looks so cool and unique! You would only find these kind of things in cool arty side streets somewhere rather than on main high streets sadly as chain coffee places are over taking. Places like this are really good to find original food and drinks too which is what a particularly love about them. Will defietely have to go down to Brighton soon, there seems so many cool places around that area that certainly need checking out!

    holly x

  188. I love little cafes and coffee shops! I've been to a few but they don't really have any here where I live. I mean, we have starbucks but does that honestly count? Places like this just always seem to have a really nice atmosphere that is calming and relaxing. Its nice to walk into a place like that and feel very welcomed. I'm glad it was a good experience haha.

    briannaly xo.

  189. I'm going to visit Brighton this summer and looking for some inspiration where to go there. I think I'll definitely take a look at The Marwood! Does anyone have other tips where I could go (with my family)?

  190. i'd love to see more post about places in brighton! and the coffee shop looks cute, thanks for the review zoe! x

  191. Katie

    Is that an old door as a table? Love it, what a cute idea. Love the craziness of the space. I have actually never been to Brighton, I really want to see more of the UK this year. There's so much to see and I completely take it for granted living in London!

    Katie <3

  192. Amy

    I blogged my first trip to Brighton a couple of weeks ago – there are so many quirky littles shops and cafes, I loved it! Will definitely be back in the near future :)

    Amy ❤ | http://snippetsofamy.blogspot.co.uk

  193. Yes definitely more like this! Even though I live on the other side of the world this is so interesting to see :)



  194. I hope I can go to Brighton one day and find cute little shops and restaurants like this (:

    Visit my blog: littlemisscato.blogspot.com

  195. I'd love to visit Brighton as it always looks so pretty when featured in Zoe's and other YouTuber's videos. I'll be sure to visit The Marwood now too if I ever do go!


  196. jadzii

    The UK seems like such a vintage old fancy place! Definitely want to visit this place! So beautiful! Love this blog too! great work Zoe! greets http://www.jadiebeauty.wordpress.com xx

  197. I love the Marwood Coffee Shop :) I am studying in Brighton and I can't wait to come back and finally try their cakes! This also gives me new ideas for my blog as I could write about the places I love in Brighton :) btw I really like your blog and I adore the quality of your photos! xxx

  198. I've just been there today and took photos like these :D ♡ ♡ p.s. They do HUGE brownies x

  199. This place looks amazing, I also love cute quirky places like that!
    The food looks amazing
    check me out if you want!:

  200. This place looks so nice. I relly love the fact that cofee shops like this are quite popular in Riga lately. Since I am coffee lover and I'm in love with vintage staff it's absolutely place for me :)
    Thanke You for lovely post and hope You will have a nice day :)

  201. That coffee shop looks amazing! My dream is to open a coffee shop one day, so when I do open it you should drop in for a coffee! ;D

  202. I wish I lived in Brighton! It is so beautiful! If I ever do visit, I will definately visit here.


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