One thing that a lot of people ask for is a Flat tour. Although I don’t feel comfortable exposing every corner and cupboard of my house, what I do love to share is any thought or ideas that I had when setting up my home.
Moving into an empty space can feel a bit daunting, as well as buying furniture for the first time. I never knew what sort of style to go for but what I did know, is that when it came to my living room, I wanted it to feel cosy but have pops of colour.
I am a massive fan of yellow (and mustard yellow) with shades of grey so I knew I wanted something along those lines. I know that you can get really artsy sofas that look beautiful, but I always know full well I won’t be cosying up on one as they are more likely to be a lot more sturdy. This sofa however, is my DREAM SOFA. Just trust me when I tell you that it’s the comfiest thing i’ve ever watched television on. I also decided to add some purple into the mix as it broke the colours up a bit more and just found cushions and bits and pieces as I went along.
One thing I did want to point out was the yellow floor lamp, I love this so much and to accompany it I bought a light bulb that wasn’t your stereotypical round bulb as I felt this added a little bit more to it. It’s amazing what a lightbulb can do!
Anyway, I don’t want to do this post in order to tell you where everything is from as some are gifts, some were bought with vouchers from friends and family and others were bought in little shops in the lanes, all I want to do is give you a little living room inspiration if you’re looking for any right now. Plus, I think the photos do all the talking in this instance.
It might not be to everyone’s cup of tea, but I really love my little cosy corner and I also LOVE seeing what other people have done with their houses too.

Retro Phone
Yankee Candle in Clean Cotton
Orla Kiely Cake Stand
Candle Lantern
Custard Cream Cushion
Giant Yellow Floor Lamp

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  1. Wow. I really like your blog its so creative and different (in a good way). Could you please tell me or do a blog post how to started up your blog and what gave you the idea. Could you help me with a name because my name is Niall and I am not quite sure what to call my blog. Hope you get back.

  2. Kim.

    So lovely zoe ♥

  3. So nice and bright! I absolutely LOVE it!

  4. love u zoe

  5. Zoe your house is beautiful just like you xxx

  6. Flora

    I really aspire to have a home similar to yours! SO beautiful <3

  7. It's so pretty, it's seems like a scandinavian inspiration but no too much, really personal, everythings is so well mixed together! love it!!!

  8. I love your new home! It looks really cute! and I'm so glad to see you blogging more! <3

  9. You actually have my dream house.

  10. Your living room is so lovely <3

  11. Gorgeous! :) really love that colour combination. I've become a bit obsessed with interior decor lately so this was lovely to read.

    Sam | Tiny Paint Pot xx

  12. I love your blog post! You really have inspired me on what I want to decorate with later on in life, especially your kitchen! I absolutely adore you and your posts and everything else, and thank you for being such a amazing inspiration!(:


  13. Abby

    I love it!! Can you please just design my dorm for me? It would be so cute!! Lovely post :) Also, I made a post about Playlist Live (a bit late, I know) and it would be so cool if you looked at it!! My pic with you is included :)

    -Abby xx

  14. Love this! That lamp is particularly fantastic!
    Katie x

  15. Wow literally adore your living room design, you have such an artistic taste Zoe! Love all the subtle bursts of colour ❤

  16. I love the rug!! It's SO cute!!

  17. Beautiful! I especially love the yellow, I'm hoping to do my kitchen furniture like that :) plus your sofa looks hella comfy! Lots of love for it xx

    Tea With Jacintha

  18. I love how colourful it is!

  19. Really love how you've decorated the space! Yellow/mustard is a great colour and always seems to brighten up my mood so I think it's a perfect colour for where you'll probably spend most of your time :)
    Saadiya x

  20. diabe

    It is so pretty

  21. Suzie

    I am in love with this vintage phone! It's just GORGEOUS!

    xx, Suzie form Poland :)

  22. Your living room looks really cosy! It wasn't a scheme I'd expect you to go for, but you've done very well to make it look so super cosy :)

    Can't wait to see how you've decorated the rest of your home!

  23. Gorgeous! Been trying to persuade the other half to do yellow and grey for years!!

  24. I love it, so vintage!!

  25. I just love the colours, perfect, and the painting is so pretty!

  26. Purple and yellow are complimenary colours on the colour wheel so good choice there Zoe! The 'foxdog' rug is so lovely too.

  27. This is gorgeous! I actually love the colour scheme too even though I'm not a big fan of yellow, you've done it really well :) I'm super jealous as I've just had to move back to my mum's house from my own so I no longer get to decorate my way :( here's a link to my room tour before I moved out though!

    Blog: Holly Sparkle | Shop: Sparkle Motion

  28. amy

    Everytime I see bits of the flat in your vlogs I get a little envious! This is like my dream living space. It's so cosy and cute, like something out of a magazine!

    Amy x
    The Creative Outlook

  29. Your living room looks very cosy! I've always dreamed of having a fluffly sofa.

  30. Lovely décor. Saw the floor lamps in Edited last week and fell in love!

  31. Great to see your home decor bits in situ Zoe! Would love to know where your art is from as have been admiring it in your blogs. I moved in to my house just over a year ago and have been blogging about the renovations. I publish a new room most Sundays as past of my This Little House series and would love you to drop by. Keep up the inspiration!


  32. I think the yellow, grey and purple look lovely together. Love what you've done with the living room. It looks so homely too.

    Monica xxx

  33. kfc

    I love that pastel blue telephone! It reminds me of the old school wind up one I used to have at my house oh so long ago. I love how cozy everything look inside your living room =)

  34. So lovely! I love grey and yellow as well! The room looks so homey :)

  35. I love the bright pops of colour! I don't think I'd ever be sad with all of the lively things you have around your living room.


  36. It's so cute! I love the cute little touches like the lanterns and the telephone

  37. Your.
    that's all I can say.
    Much Love From The States, AnnCates xx

  38. Absolutely love your flat, you're so good at interior design and the whole place looks amazing, what I've seen of it anyway! Another lovely blog post with some great pictures.

  39. I love the artwork behind the chair and the little pops of colour everywhere. My bedroom's a light grey with mainly bits of purple hear and there! You've definitely inspired me to be a bit more adventurous!

  40. Abi S

    This is so lovely! thanks for giving us a bit of insight into your home! I love how even the smallest thing has been really thought out and that it's personal and unique to you. I love the huge yellow lamp, it really pop out and goes well with the artwork on the wall which looks so nice and colourful! You are so lucky to have a gorgeous fireplace too! I bet it's so nice to be in front of it in Winter! I love you telephone too it looks so vintage and is a lovely shade of blue! Lastly I really like your big cushions – I can never find them in shops! Thanks for the links! Abi :)

  41. Rosi

    I love the mash up of the retro and the modern! Looks lovely!!

  42. Love the little accents & decor pieces you threw in! They really bring the place together, especially with such vibrant colours that tie in together :)

  43. It is amazing. I love the retro phone.

  44. Love the layout so much!!! It shows how much thought you put into it! And it looks amazing!!

  45. I love your decor. I love the pop of color with the yellow lamp and rug. I prob wouldn't use this style for myself i think im more country but i adore looking at other people being super fun and eclectic with their decor. I'm thinking about doing a room tour of my own at some point to share my space but i don't dare to show it just yet.
    Anyway i love it good job Zoe!

  46. You've styled your flat really well Zoe! :) I'd love to have one of those old fashioned telephones like that, they are really cool x

  47. I love the yellow! Especially with the grey! It looks lovely. It must be lovely to be in your own place and actually able to afford all the homey things that are essential to life. That lamp is on wishlist, just as soon as I have the cash.

  48. Oh wow, I love the decor !! Loving the colours and layout and prints. So funky and cute.

  49. Conny

    Your interior is literally perfection, I'm so jealous! :) xx

  50. Maggi

    who is your print by? I ask because I have a cousin who is an artist that does things that look just like that… Oli Goldsmith… But LOVE your house! Everything came together so wonderfully! <3

  51. Oh my gosh YES, Zoe you have such a good eye for interior design! This all looks so nice, particularly the yellow lamp, retro phone and the custard cream cushion! Gorgeous! I'd probably be similar with the purple and cute bits and bobs!

    Jade ♡

  52. Absolutely gorgeous! Everything looks so perfectly matched but still really homely… Like a perfect show room! Love it Zoe xxx

  53. I love the color combination! I've been thinking of how I want my living room to look when I move out next year and this definitely gave me some inspiration. Thanks for this lovely post!

  54. Beautiful room! :)

  55. Andrea

    It is amazing. I am really looking forward to style up my flat in the future :)

  56. I love it! If you are looking for more little pieces for your home, I think that you would love this shop! I adore it!
    I am Spanish and i love every single post and video that you and your friends have posted on the internet and I would like to thank you for helping me with your smile and nice words. I am not having the best moment in my life right now and watching your videos and Alfie’s or Joe’s or Tanya’s is helping me to get through it and get better, so I would never be able to thank you as much as I would like you to be, or at least that’s how I see it, my friend.
    I think that I have seen all your videos far too many times and every time you twit that you have upload a new video or blog post I ran to my computer to be able to enjoy it. Don’t let people tear you down because you are a beautiful person and you deserve every marvelous ting that is happening to you right now and I hope that you know that we are all very proud of you.
    Lots of love,

  57. I'm looking at these photographs and i feel like i already know your living room by heart (great feeling) but that's because i watch your vlogs (and Alfies) <3

  58. I love your flat, the colors are so lovely. I can't wait to move into my own place someday!


  59. Chloë

    This is amazing, the colours all go together so well!


  60. Wow your sitting room is really plush! The yellow lamp is amazing and I bet it gives off lots of light, which is best :D I think it is lovely posting interior design ideas but I can completely understand when you don't exactly want THOUSANDS of people on the internet peering in your window at all times (metaphorically) haha!
    I really love that you are posting more often on your blog! I can't wait for the next post.
    All the best,

    Emma Louise xx

  61. Oh wow!!! Such a beautiful living room, Zoe! I love the pop of yellow. It's very nice to look at. I never knew a light bulb could make such a difference. Now I'm wanting to go out and look at all the different kinds of light bulbs (could you imagine doing a light bulb haul? ha!). Seriously great inspiration here!

    That sofa looks heavenly. It's very nice looking, but it also looks comfortable. That's a hard thing to pull off!

    I totally understand not wanting to show your whole flat! I would think that would be a bit weird for you. Thanks so much for showing this! Oh, also the rug! I'm drooling over that rug!

    The only time I did anything like this on my blog was when I did "ten things in my house" and now looking back on it the pics for that post were horrible. Haha. Thank goodness for new camera's! Thinking about doing something like this now! <3


  62. Emma W

    I really love your flat! You are a great interior designer you really know how to make a place your own :)

  63. joana

    You are truly inspirational in every way possible! I love your style so much, and your flat is absolutely stunning! It really looks like a home, not just a house. God job Zoe :)


  64. Looks great Zoe – love that you've managed to turn what looks like a large room into a cosy space. Love the pops of colour too!


  65. Lovely pictures! Your living room is so cozy. Gotta love the colours! ♥

  66. So perfect, I love it!

  67. You have such a nice home Zoe! I admire your taste and style. I can't wait to get my own place and go a little crazy on interior designing, haha. Great post! :)

  68. I LOVE IT!!! How fantastic! I'm going to get a retro phone for our place too. :D just love them

    xoxo, kerri

  69. Mel

    aww looks great Zoe, love the custard cream pillow! x


  70. I LOVE this so much Zoe, looks so cosy yet clean and modern and I love the light bulb idea! Will definitely be taking some inspo from this! x

    What Rachael Wrote

  71. I loved this so much! I'm already excited to have my own place when I'm older!

  72. I adore your interior – it is so cosy but not too overwhelming at the same time. I think you did a great job – especially for a first home – and I think interior designers will be jealous they didn't take those pictures for their own magazines! Amazing. x

  73. I love the grey with the pops of color, I am in the process of building a home right now so I am looking for all kinds of inspiration. :)

  74. That lamp is incredible, I'd love something like that in my lounge. I have a bit of a yellow and grey vibe in my lounge too … great minds!!


  75. wow love the colours and layout :) the pillows and sofa together!

    emily xx

  76. Talla

    Oh my….your living room looks like the same in my dreams <33
    I love your style, it's perfect :3

  77. your living room is very nice.

    Pleassee check out my blog it is

  78. Loving your more frequent blogging, it's so nice to have a peek at more of your home! I only hope when I am older and looking at how to furnish my home, my interior designing is as good as yours.

    Amazzable xox

  79. It really does look cozy, artsy, and posh. I love it. I can't wait to have my own place!


  80. Zoe that's amazing! I love your color combinations, I wouldn't have even think about putting those colors together :) I've said it before, but I really like your little rug. And those photos are beautiful as well, why don't you do another blog post about how to take pictures? And what camera do you use? :)

    Berry The Blue

  81. I love your style. I always find it hard to match colour schemes and never would have thought of mixing it up – you have really inspired me. I especially love your dinning room and you can never go wrong with candles. I LOVE yours blog. Where is you make up table from (if you don't mind) x

  82. Kim

    Gosh, this looks so cute! The reason I can't wait to get a little bit older is this. Simply this. Getting an apartment. Buying all these cute home ware stuff. I JUST CAN'T WAIT! It looks amazing Zoe, love the retro things!

    XXX Kim

  83. Jordyn

    Love it! It looks so cozy and the perfect place to get up your feet after a long day! I especially love all of the lanterns by the fireplace.
    Pretty Lovely

  84. Your flat is so beautiful!!! Ah, dream home haha
    The style is just so lovely, modern, fun AND cozy! Love it Zoe :)

    Kinza xx

  85. Karin

    That sofa looks so comfy and with that many cushions on it, it must be heaven. I really love the color combinations, it all goes together really nicely. x


  86. I LOVE the way you decorated your apartment! It's just like you said, cozy and colorful. It looks like a place you could walk into and feel instantly welcomed and comfortable. So cute! <3

  87. well, i really like your taste – with this cosy stuff & things, so I'm still visiting school so it's not my time thinking about buying furniture yet but I know exactly what I want to be my future home like & yours is just so nice. I also noticed the vitra chairs at your dining table – got some of these to & i am totally in love with them. Also like your sofa a lot. looks so so cosy & comfy. Summarazing your little loft is very aesthetic furnished. Nice :-)

  88. This is along the lines of what I'd like for when I move out. I'd have lime / mint green though :). I visited the range the other day and saw a lovely mint green floor lamp like that one, the range is amazing, it's a huge store that sells everything for your house. I fell in love with the place, I could easily spend tons in there lmao.

  89. The lamp is definitely an eye catcher! x

  90. Love this post – so nice to see a home inspiration post that's not just all white and full of ikea furniture. Would love a kitchen inspiration post :) xx

  91. Grace

    I really like the carpet! I think I've gotten used to it from seeing it in so many vlogs. I was there when you just got it and showed it to us! :)

    Every Day In Grace

  92. Looking at Zoe's house seriously makes me want a house of my own to decorate.. and I'm only 16 hahha.

  93. I LOVE posts like this! The decor in your flat is so lovely :) That phone is amazing and I need that lamp! xx

  94. Ah I love this set up! The colour scheme works so well together. It's not colours I would personally go for but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like them. The touch of purple really brings out everything in the room. Love your rug by the way!

    Ayesha xxx

  95. i especially love that fire place bit. it looks so bookish and romantic. id want to curl up with a book and read there.
    and the carpet!! omg. it matches your mugs!!!

  96. Your living room looks amazing, you can tell that loads of thought went into putting everything together. It's got a real vintage feel, which I love!

    London :)

  97. Lovely room! Love the colour combination :)

  98. also, the yellow. i just want to say, for a lot of people that is a very brave color choice, i for example do not know if i would be able to pull off yellow in ym living room. but congratulations because you have done it well.

  99. I love the retro telephone and the yellow lamp, and yes that sofa does look rather comfy. The first room I always seem to go to with regard to changing colour scheme is the kitchen oddly enough! I think I just find buying bits and bobs for the kitchen so much easier to buy as all those bits are in one place usually where as your other living areas tend to be pieces plucked from here there and everywhere depending on your personal style!xx

  100. S Kuo

    I see your living room all the time in your vlogs (that sounds a little stalkerish haha.. sorry…) but it never gets old. I know it's not my living room, but I think it's important to have décor that manages to stay interesting– even when you see it every day. especially when you have a creative job like yours, you need something inspiring(:

  101. Perfect colour combo!

  102. All of those colors look soo amazing together! I can not wait to get my own apartment and be able to decorate it however I want. My mom is looking for a new couch right now and everything I suggest she hates because of how soft a cushy they are :/

  103. Zoe I love you living room! It would mean a lot if you or anyone reading this would check out my new blog. I've only done one blog post but i am just getting the hang of it. Its mainly all things to do with beauty, tutorials, reviews, etc.
    Thanks! :) .

  104. I love style, I'm definitely going to be bookmarking this for future inspiration!
    Megan x

  105. This sofa looks comfortable!

  106. Gorgeous setup! I love the pop of colour with the yellow, definitely my interior design inspiration for the future x

    Nnedi //

  107. You have the cutest, coziest living room! I love your rug and lamp :) Nowadays, it seems like many people go for that minimalist approach where everything is sleek and shiny, black or white. But I really just love a cozy home that feels, well, home-y!! :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  108. It's all coming together Zoe! In love with that painting you have hanging~ So unique!

    She Will Be

  109. I love the color palette you chose! Grey and yellow looks so nice together.
    Carolyn | BLOG

  110. Lovely color choice! I am a huge fan of the pop of color additions, and the yellow brings such a happy feeling into your room. I would love to see any more decorating inspiration, as I am trying to purchase some new room furnishings!

    Maggie D. xx

  111. I have a retro phone too! Mine was my grandmothers. So cute.

  112. I love this :D When I move out I want to decorate my house beautifully too *excited*

  113. May I ask where you dream couch is from? :)

  114. I LOVE the bits of color. It looks so welcoming and comfortable!

  115. Amy .

    It looks so pretty!! It looks like it was designed by a designer. :)

  116. Your living room is so artsy! Love it!

  117. anna s

    your flat is so cute. i can totally imagine you living there. i love the vintage looking stuff and the fireplace, so chic xo

  118. Susie

    That rug is adorable! I love how colourful the area is! I've always been a bit shy to have such bright colours, but you've inspired me !

    Susie | june lorraine

  119. love your living room!

  120. I love the giant yellow floor lamp, industrial looking lights like that always ge my vote. I also love the grey with the pops of yellow, I think it works really well H xx

  121. I love it, i wish i was as creative as you x

  122. Cosy corner is always important T^T I always dream to hv one but my flat is juz too small to hv a lovely corner like that :'( [Hong Kong's juz too small for everything T-T]

  123. Your room is so lovely and cosy! I love how cute it is.


  124. Oh I love your Orla Kiely cake stand! And the whole style of your room – too cute. :-)

  125. I love the pops of yellow in your decor, it brings so much to the room. My favourite piece has to be the custard cream cookie pillow, it's just so cute!

  126. Your custard cream cushion might be my favourite thing ever! I really struggle with decorating but when I move back to uni in autumn I think i'm gonna give it a much better go.

  127. Katie

    That corner sofa is incredible! Love how you've styled this out. It's so beautifully colourful but you can easily get a warm vibe from it. If it was me, I think I'd like a coffee table in front of the sofa, but that's the beauty of interiors, people will always do them differently!

    Very lucky girl to have a beautiful home at such a young age, but you don't need anyone to tell you that. You've worked so hard for what you've got, and you seem like a very humble, deserving person!

    Congrats Zoe, and thanks for sharing!

    Katie <3

  128. Aww gorgeous flat, you decorated it beautifully! Love the pops of colour :)

    Ana, x

  129. I love it! So cozy and pretty! much love from Finland xxx

  130. Nora

    i love your living room! the picture in the back is amazing, love all the colors and cottons! xx

  131. I love this so much, although completely different pieces, they all work well together and the yellow really brightens it! xo

  132. Megan

    Love the custard cream cushion . Xx

  133. OMG! You're living room is so beautiful! ♥

  134. I love the sofa so much! Can you please tell me where you've got it from?

  135. absolutely love this! it's so retro and modern and very you!

  136. This really suits you & the area you're living in!
    This is something that I probably wouldn't go for myself but you've put it together really nicely.
    I love that you're blogging more too.

  137. Oh my goodness, I LOVE THE PHONE! It is something I would love to have in my own home once I move out or am able to make a deposit on one. You can't really find them here in NZ but you can find the original old school ones haha. I went to a antiques store in Invercargill one day when visiting and they had quite a few, I fan girled a little ^_^

  138. Absolutely beautiful! I love love love the lamp and cushion but it is all gorgeous :)

  139. The use of the yellow looks amazing, such a vibrant contrast!

  140. Love the colour combinations and the yellow floor lamp xx

  141. Mia

    Really nice! :D

  142. Your fashion and decor sense is just truly stunning…. LOVE it <3
    I am moving into my own little cottage soon and this has seriously inspired me to start planning my own decor!

  143. your flat is so nice! I can't wait to move out so I can buy really cute things and decorate it :) It would be great if you'd check out my beauty blog and follow:

  144. I LOVE IT. You really are my inspiration. You're style is amazine. Fasion,beauty,decor…everything. When I move into my own apartment I definitely want a lamp like this. :)

    Greets from VIENNA! :) xx

  145. Love the yellow. Very unique

  146. EllieB

    I really need this yellow lamp….it's so catchy.

  147. That painting just pulls it all together, and the yellow elements make the space seem larger and less cramped. It all came together beautifully!

  148. Thank you for sharing this with us! I absolutely love seeing people's interiors as well!
    Your place is so bright and cheery :)


  149. I love interior design and I think your living room is so unique and funky! LOVE <3

  150. Loving the old school telephone! I can't wait to move out as always whenever I see pictures of your place and your lovely hauls. Take care always zoe!


  151. Abbie

    Wow this is stunning!! xx

  152. I really love the style of your home, cosy but with a few modern and personal elements to it. When I am decorating my home I am definitely considering using grey and yellow as a theme, the colours match perfectly!

  153. i am also obsessed with yellow+gray – it was my wedding color color scheme. thanks for sharing the photos with us! i especially love that colorful painting – it's so interesting and bright!

  154. So lovely!

  155. Mia

    So cute! I also have the "home is where the ❤️ Is" decoration in my bedroom x

  156. I looove your living room! The colours you've chosen are a great mix of neutral and more vibrant colours and it is soooooo lovely and cosy looking!!!! Also, I'm soo happy that you're blogging more, your posts are always fantastic!!! :)

  157. alice

    I absolutely love what you've done with the space you have. Sometimes its difficult to make rooms like these, that are light and airy with high ceilings, still look cosy and homely, but you've managed it. The sofa is amazing and looks so comfortable, and I'm absolutely in love with the lamp. x

  158. Love it!!! It is seriously amazing! I love how the grey sofa makes it look classy and sophisticated, while the purple adds a hint of luxury to it. The yellow also adds a bright pop of colour and a cute, homey and cosy feel! Zoe, you are seriously an awesome interior designer! Hats off! :)xxx

  159. I've wanted a post about this for ages! I absolutely adore your living room, it's so happy, bright and cosy!

  160. Mimmi

    I love your living room! It's really retro, artsy and magazine-like, but it still looks homely and inviting. Perfect!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  161. I love your living room! It's so cute and different from what we usually see online. It is so you haha :) Glad that you're more active in blogging recently as I'm always looking forward to your posts! How about a baking post someday?

  162. Really would never have thought of grey and mustard looking so good together! Your homeware haul videos inspired me to share my own home and interior things on a blog, so thanks!

  163. I love the way you've designed everything, the colours are amazing!

  164. I love this Zoella! You have such good taste. I love that you're blogging again too!

  165. I love this! You have great taste Zoe! And I'm so glad you're blogging again, loving all the new posts! xxx

  166. I cannot get enough of design posts, I love the pops of colour and the extreme amount of cushions!! xx
    I did a similar blog when I re-designed my bedroom:

  167. Do you actually use that phone or is it just fake?

  168. I LOVE it! Something like that is what I always try to pull off, but it never really works…

    Love and hugs, Janina @

  169. Your blog is perfect! You are so cute and I absolutely adore you. Thanks for the inspiration to start my own blog: xoxo

  170. I just got so many lovely ideas for my living room design :) I recently moved into my own apartment and have been on the hunt for ideas! Thank you Zoe :)

  171. How fun! The colours are so unique and refreshing. Great inspiration. Thanks for sharing :) x

  172. Your living room is perfect! You always have really original decor! You should make videos on interior designing type of things!

    Krissy |

  173. Ania

    OMG, I LOVE your living room!

  174. Your flat is adorable. I've seen bits of your livingroom in Gabbys videos. But I am most attracted to your fireplace. I love old features in homes, so I'm in love with your fire place, Zoe. You have a beautiful home.


  175. Such an adorable living space, Zoe. You are a true inspiration!! I hope to one day have achieve insightful and lovely blog posts like you, after a bit of perseverance and experience. :)
    All the way from Australia,
    Shannon xx

  176. Such a lovely livivng room Zoe! Yellow has always been my favourite colour when I was younger. I kind of banned it from my room the last couple of years, though. You just inspired me to give my room a little yellowish touch again :)

  177. Isabel

    I loove your rugs so much ! I'd loved to own that cute little foxrug ♥ Loved this post and feel so special to get to see a part of your house. I adore that kind of retro-ish style that you've gone to. Love you !

  178. Caiti

    Zoe I love your sense of style!

    Caiti |

  179. Yes!! Zoe please do a post on how to blog successfully! Also your sense of style is on point as usual

  180. I love the colors! I'm a big fan of grey as well, and you can literally match so many different colors with it. I think your flat looks nice and homey. Also, I love the retro phone! Adorable!

    -Chelsea |

  181. Hey Zoe,

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  234. That's my cup of tea :)

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  242.'re the best …you inspired me sooo much to get through all the hard times ..give myself me time ,love myself and start a new blog

  243. Zoella your house is amazing its so unique and awesome. i wish my house waas like that!!! I love the vintage style too :)

  244. Zoella your house is amazing its so unique and awesome. i wish my house waas like that!!! I love the vintage style too :)

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