Aloha Zoe-arinos,

As you may have guessed by my oh-so-cheesy greeting, this isn’t Zoe. Hello, it’s Louise here!

Zoe is having quite a challenging time at the moment, being poorly and just having a lot on her plate. Whilst on the phone earlier, she said that she was worrying about keeping her blog updated and talking to you lovely ladies (and men if you are reading).

I said, ‘Zoe you ninconpoop! You just put fresh PJ’s on, grab a hot chocolate and focus on feeling better, I will take care of Zoella”. So here I am, hijacking her little slice of the web for a while- I do hope you don’t mind.

I thought that since reviews are written from a personal perspective, and you have come here for Zoe’s highly regarded opinions, that perhaps it might be better for me to do more of a fun post. I have decided to go wild, and share with you some fun memories that I have with my chummy and hope also that when Zoe reads them, she will chuckle to herself.

Did You Know…..?

That about 6 months ago, on the way back from an event, Zoe and I got the giggles on a late train so badly that we were given some killer evils from other (rather unfriendly) passengers? You know when you just want to explode with laughter but you cant, so instead you just go puce in colour, shake and make weird squeaks? Well imagine that, times ten, on a busy train of tired commuters. Eep!

That once whilst taking a big batch of OOTD pictures in the countryside together, Zoe decided I needed a belt to compliment my orange dress? I didn’t have one so she offered me a lovely black number with gold horse embellishments. Well I don’t know if you have noticed (if you have eyeballs then you will have), there is quite a size difference between Zoe and I. Somehow, managed to squeeze myself in to it, felt proud (and breathless), started climbing over a fence to reach a tractor (as you do) and PING! the belt literally burst off! There I was, in the middle of a field, straddling a fence, whilst Zoe scrabbled around the foliage trying to find her belt. It. Was. Hilarious!!

That on nights out with Zoe I loose all conversational skills? For my birthday this year we popped into town with Fleur for a few celebratory drinks. Naturally, as the birthday girl, I had let my hair down and was ‘merry, so to speak. As we were leaving the bar, my friend Mark (from my Alton Towers vlog) walked in with some friends. He introduced them and said one of them was South African. I don’t know what possessed me to do this, but VERY loudly I said, “Oh wow! You’re South African?! Zoe’s satnav has the same accent!” and smiled like an absolute loon. He was less than impressed, Zoe looked uncomfortable and I felt pprreeeeeeetttttyyyy stupid! Needless to say, we quickly skiddaddled home!

(This was after the belt up fence saga! Haha)

As you can see, we have an absolute hoot and these are just a couple of our funny little tales.

I really do hope that Zoe sees some sunnier days in the near future and that we can split our sides laughing again very, very soon.

If you have any well wishes or uplifting words for ZoeChummy, please do leave them in the comments, I am sure she’d be glad to read them. I know from personal experience what a wonderful and supportive community this can be and know you will all understand Zoe’s absence today.

To Zoe :: You are very much loved and tomorrow will be better then yesterday. Also, don’t be mad at me if I didn’t format this the way you normally do! Hahaha ;)



  1. Get well soon Zoe!
    – Keyta x

  2. Helene

    She's lucky to have you helping her out Louise)

    Hope you feel better soon Zoe! :)

  3. Summer

    This is such a lovely post :]

  4. Hope you feel better soon Zoe! Just know that you have lots of supportive followers and a brilliant friend in Louise!
    Keep your head up! :)


  5. VERY much love, hope your feeling better soon! Get that onesie on! Louise your the bestest chum, if she eats you for the formatting errors then I'll have you instead! x

  6. This is a lovely post. You are so lucky to have each other. I hope Zoe is ok, sending her positive and happy thoughts. We are all here for her :) xxxxx

  7. Becky

    This is such a lovely post! You are both so funny :) I hope you get better soon Zoe x

  8. Ellie

    Get well soon Zoe! i find tying your hair up in a bun , making a huge mug of tea and painting your nails whilst watching the notebook can cure most ills ;) xoxo

  9. Eu

    To Louise: Loved reading this post! Your friendship with Zoe is so adorable!

    To Zoe: whatever is going on in your life, I hope it goes away very soon. You are amazing, and you're going to be okay :)


  10. Zoee get better soon :) We don't mind you not updating your blog when your ill – Just work on getting better! :) xxx

  11. that bar story with the satnav is just hilarious! Recently found both of your channels and have watched all your videos! Love you two! :)

  12. Oh Louise this is so nice of you, and what a lovely post! It made me laugh a lot :)) I wish I had a friend like you!

    I hope (and am sure) that Zoe is feeling better soon and wish her all the best. By the way, I dont think anybody would be mad if she takes time off her blog because she doesn't feel good, that would just be cruel!

    <3 Get well soon, Zoe :]

  13. Aw hope you feel better zoe. Your blog is my fav your so good at it. Get better soon x

  14. I really hope that you get better soon Zoe :) I have been missing your YouTube videos :( xx I have started to get a little bit obsessed with cute tins and I am on the lookout for a Jacobs cracker one :) Take care x

    Ellie :)

  15. Qwerty

    Aww this is a really lovely post! I love reading about how you two are such good friends :) hope you feel better soon Zoe, we miss you! x

  16. Get well soon Zoe. Luv Louise xx

  17. Haha, loved your guest post Louise. Made me laugh out loud! :) Hope you start to feel better soon Zoe xx

  18. Awww this is so sweet…hope you feel betterer soon :3 <3

  19. Aw what a sweet thing for you to do Louise! This will no doubt have cheered her up. Hope you feel better soon Zoe!

  20. Aww Zoe hope you get better :) xx <3

  21. Flo

    I loved this post! It made me smile, well done Louise! I hope you get better soon Zoe, it's a rubbish feeling being ill. Lots of love! x :)
    (It would make my day if you stopped by , I'm trying to get to 20 followers!)

  22. nn21

    Louise, you are the sweetest! Feel better Zoe :)

  23. Awgh such a sweet post! How lovely. Hope you feel better Zoe, we all have our days, weeks and sometimes months of crap, hope yours ends soon! xx

  24. Lovely idea Louise, feel better soon Zoe! x

  25. Becky


    You and Louise have such a special friendship that I am actually in awe of the bond you share. We all have our down moments and times when we are not feeling ourselves but having great friends and taking the time out to remember the little things in life is just as important as being the life and soul of the party. We all need time to gather our thoughts and rest and that's just what you need. It looks like Louise has got things fully under control here so please take all the time you need and rest up girl!

    beckys makeup

  26. Jordan

    I hate it when people on the bus give you the evils for laughing, I laughed so hard once, I got asked to leave the bus!!! I was only 12!!!! :D x

  27. What a lovely post Louise! You're such a sweet friend :)

  28. Get well sooon zoe :) Listen to some cheesy songs such as s-club 7 reach for the stars doubt it will help lol.

    Keep calm & have a chocolate xx

  29. Emily

    Louise, you have to be THE best friend EVER!!! Hope you feel happier soon Zoe xxx

  30. Louise, that is SO lovely of you to do this ! I bursted out laughing in the bus.

    Zoé i hope you get better !

    Love from France


  31. This is so lovely! Hope you better soon Zoe! :) X

  32. You too have such an amazing friendship, what I would do for a friend like Louise / a friend like Zoe! I really hope you're feeling better soon Zoe and every thing works out! xxx

  33. What a lovely post! Zoe's lucky to have such lovely friends! We love u Zoe, feel better soon! Keep busy if you can and watch lots of funny movies with ice cream and loved ones. I'm sending positive vibes your way xx

  34. Becky.

    ahahaha she will kill you for uploading that pic I love her face she's a disgruntled bunny in that picture. (its what I've set her whatsapp picture too on my phone next to a turd of course) <3

    love you fellow peanut brittler bum. Hope you're feeling better soon and your MAC order arrives asap. If not order MOAR.

    If you dont get better soon Im on my way with two bottles of cider and ET you have been warned twinny xxx

  35. Mila

    Such a great post, nice job :)
    Get well soon Zoe

  36. Get well soon Zoe! xo

  37. Sophie

    Louise, m'dear, you are a good egg.
    Zoe, don't worry about it! We miss you, of course, but just get well! we'll all catch up once you're better. Now boil yourself some tea, settle into somewhere comfy and watch a terrible rom-com. You'll be right as rain in no time.

  38. Aw, this is such a sweet thing for you to do! You're such a lovely friend, I hope you feel better soon Zoe! xx

  39. Laura

    You guys are so cute! Lots of love to Zoe xx

  40. Zoe, I hope you get better soon, love you!♥

  41. Aw! So good to see a couple of pals that love each other so!

    I'm not sure if I've commented here before or not, but I've been following you both for a few months and I'm loving it. Chin up, whatever it is that's making you down :)

  42. Aw, this is very sweet of you, Louise!
    And Zoe, I hope you feel better soon. Chin up, beautiful :) Lots of hugs from Peru!

  43. I'm not a very good person to make people laugh but i hope I am in cheering people up (let's just hope).
    Louise did a really good post there, i really enjoyed it and really like the 'hello' (though i didn't really know how to pronounce it (it's like a toung-twister)).
    Zoe, your viewers aren't mad or anything at you because everyone get ill at some point in their lifes, so everything is fine. You do a great job with your blog so if a any point (lets hope not) you'll be ill just have a break and don't feel like yopu have to write a post. :)
    Hope you'll get better soon!

  44. lisa

    Such a cute post Louise, followed you both for quite a while, love your friendship. Both equally hilariious and stunning too!

    Sad to see you're going through a rough time a the moment Zoe :( Keep your head up! Big hugs.xo

  45. That was a lovely post Louise :) and I hope Zoe feels better, after a long hard day of work i always look forward to coming home and watching your hilarious videos. Zoe, just snuggle up and try some Nutella Hot chocolate (its the best) and hope you get well soon.
    Love you girls xx

  46. Hope you feel better soon Zoe :D everyone has days/weeks/episodes that don't go in the direction we've been wanting. Absolutely love your blog and your videos.

    Here is a little quote from Dr Seuss that will hopefully cheer you up:

    "today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than YOU!" (think he's trying to say be yourself and be happy) xxx

  47. Awww bless Zoe, i hope she gets well soon, this is such a lovely and sweet post. xx

  48. Heey Zoe! I must say Louise and your adventures seem like real comedy gold, I do very much enjoy your videos together! I do hope you feel better illness wise. As for the other things; just remember it's never as bad as you think, just keep your head up and it'll be over before you know it. Then you will be back to your bubbly self, and back to adventures with Louise! Get better sooon! xo

  49. Miss_S

    Really sorry to hear that Zoe isn't having a good time. I have a tattoo that helps me through my hard times.
    It says 'Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference'
    I hope that helps even in the slightest. xx

  50. Aw gosh!
    Cheer up chuck, feel better, and maybe put on finding nemo and listen to Dory sing 'Just keep swimming' :)

  51. Bex

    Feel better ZoeChummy! :) What a great friend you are Louise to step in and help her with her blog! :)

  52. hannah

    Hope you feel better zoe! I've been going through a hard time these past few months too. The book 'the secret' is a big help. If you haven't read it I suggest you do, it will change the way you think. Sending you lots of love and happy vibes xxx

  53. This made me chuckle so much. You have a lovely friendship, i hope i find one like you both have :) Zoe, take your time getting better, we are not going anywhere so please don't worry :)

    Love you,
    Georgia xoxoxo

  54. Honey

    Get well soon Zoe! Louise is so sweet for the update, you two have the best girlmance…girl-ship…friendship ever!

  55. Hope things get better for you soon Zoe.
    You seem like such a lovely person and I feel like I know you and Louise! You always make me laugh on youtube and both your channels and blogs are my absolute favourites!
    Best wishes, you're amazing! :) xxx

  56. Cara

    Louise, SO BEAUTIFUL! You are such lovely friends together, how beautifully God brought you two together. Wow!!!

  57. es-jay

    awwwwww what a lovely post! this made me laugh out loud literally! It's nice to have lovely friends by your side when you're having a rubbish time with life and you two seem to have a pretty good friendship!

    I know what it's like to have crappy days and be poorly but don't worry lovely! things will get better, sunnier days are just around the corner and you do have A LOTTA people in this community who think you're wonderful even if certain poopy people don't! it's amazing how a million people can tell us we're amazing but if one person tells us we're not, we can become fixated on it

    I hope things get better for you my dear and we'll all be here eagerly awaiting your Zoella posts when they do, Until then Louise is doing a pretty spiffing job too! lol – for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts


  58. Aww, that's so cute!
    Both so pretty:)
    Feel better soon Zoe!!xxx

  59. I think the fact that Zoe was worried about her blog when she is feeling so rough is testament to how lovely the blogging community is! I hope you feel better soon Zoe, sending you thoughts and hugs! Fiona x

  60. Aw this is so lovely! Get well soon Zoe! <3


  61. Lulu

    aw you both are so adorable! hahaha laughed so much about the belt incident haha!xx

  62. Lots of love Zoe. I could reel off about a bajillion cheesey sayings like 'it's always darkest before dawn', but the one that works for me is simply 'keep going'. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep drinking massive cups of tea. Keep reaching out to those who love you. Everything else will sort itself out in time.
    Much much love… and we will still be here when you get back xoxox

  63. Jayde

    This is such a lovely post, I'm sure she'll love it! I laughed along whilst reading it! I think I speak for all of the 'Zoe-arinos' of the world when I say I hope you get better soon Zoeee! Hang on in there & don't worry about your blog at all! :)xx

  64. Nicola

    That was so nice of you do do this Louise! The tale about the belt made me chuckle! I hope your feeling better Zoe, i have been having bad days where i feel like im going to snap. Surround yourself with people you love, and i hope you feel better! Health wise too as i know your feeling a little ill recently!

  65. Oh, Zoe! I hope you feel better soon! You are not only a hoot to watch on Youtube and read online but you seem like a genuinely very nice person. I always get so excited to see your videos in my subscription box!! Relax a bit and take some time for yourself and then get back in the saddle! :)

  66. Get well soon Zoe! :D

  67. this is such a cute post, and shows how much of a good friend Louise is :) And what do you need most in life, friends. I hope you get better soon, your blog is amazing and i absolutely love seeing your videos as your personality literally oozes out the screen. It always looks like you're having such a good time, whilst always looking uber fabulous too :)

    A good rest, maybe some sunshine (this rotten weather makes us all feel terrible) and a bit of self love will have you feeling better in no time I bet

    Mel xx

  68. Melina

    Louise and Zoe, I love you both so much, you always brighten up my day :) Get better soon Zoe, all the bes wishes from Germany :)

    xoxo, Melina

  69. You two crack me up, I can imagine a day out with you both being a right hoot and having lots of barrels(of laughter). I hope your feeling tip top very very soon Zoe, but you need not worry about us all, we just want you to get better and feel your marvolous self again!

    Lovely post Louise, get well soon Zoe!

  70. Katie

    At least you're not missing out on sunny summer weather zoe (: Hope you get well soon! These stories made me laugh, especially the one about the South African man haha I can imagine that'd be very awkward ;S x

  71. Hannah

    Hope you feel better soon Zoe!

  72. Nikki

    Zoe I hope you feel better soon! If my chummybestfriend would write me a blogpost like this, I think it would make me a lot happier :)

  73. Mattie

    Aw Zoe I really hope you feel better soon lovely! As much as I miss you, your health is way more important than a few blog posts, so don't feel guilty or worry, I'd much rather you had time to recover! The picture of you two after the belt incident is so cute;)And awh Louise you're such a lovely friend;) Get well soon!

  74. Angel

    This is so cute <3

  75. Bec

    So sweet :) Feel better Zoe!! No pressure on the blog; I enjoy whenever you find the time to post, so take your time feeling better. We'll all still be around :)

  76. Hope Zoe gets better soon! And Louise you and Zoe should ''Blog Hop'' from time to time! xx

  77. bx124

    Awww Louise, I had a little tear in my eyes reading your post. The two of you remind me so much of my two friends and i've just realised how much i'm missing them at the minute.

    Get well soon Zoe! I know i'm not the only one who is missing your blog posts/videos :) xx

  78. Emily

    This is a lovely post. I hope Zoe feels better soon and well done Louise. I'm sure this will make Zoe smile if not chuckle at the memories here. xxx

  79. This made me chuckle..Its such a lovely friendship you two have! Hope you are feeling better soon zoe. :)

  80. Zoe is very lucky to have a friend like you louise, and I hope she feels better soon! I really hope she doesn't feel like she has to blog to keep us happy. I would much rather have her concentrate on feeling better than worry about blogging, because it shouldn't be a chore. Zoe, don't worry. Everything will work out the way it should. Relax, feel better, and watch a disney movie. It always seems to lift my spirits. :D

  81. I loved reading these! Makes me think of my best friend :)
    It was so nice of you to make this post for Zoe,
    We hope you feel better soon Zoe!!
    The sun will come out tomorrow! Haha

  82. Aw Louise how lovely! You two have an amazing friendship, you're both very lucky. Hope you're feeling better soon Zoe xx

  83. Zoee :) I honestly hope you get better and feel happy again! You seem to be an amazing person, very very funny, hilarious i would say (from your videos and posts, obviously i don't know in real life, but i would love to btw :))

    Remember that just because you're having an hard time it doesn't mean that better days will not come..

    huge xoxo's from PORTUGALL :)

  84. Milja

    Hope you're okay, Zoe! Remember that we all love you! ♥ :)

  85. so sweet of you to did this for zoe! Get well soon zozeebo!

  86. Aww how lovely!! Get well soon Zoe and great post Louise.. You guys are hilarious :D


  87. issy

    zoe it's so sad to hear you're ill/ a bit down in the dumps! i really hope you get better really soon because your smiley face always makes me happy whenever i see a new video or blog post from you! just remember that you have all your friends supporting you like the lovely louise :D and all your subscribers because we all love you very much and really want you to be well and happy! xx

  88. Becky

    Aww Louise, you are such a good friend to Zoe :) this post really made me giggle! I have had a foot operation and I am stuck inside for 2 weeks so reading this really cheared up ( not the bit about Zoe being poorly obviously) I hope you feel better soon Zoe :) love Becky xxx

  89. This was such a nice little post! I love both of you and together i love you even more! Hope you feel much better soon Zoe!! :) xx

  90. ZeeZee

    What hilarious stories! Thank you Louise for keeping us updated. I appreciate it. And I hope Zoe feels better soon! :) Xx

  91. I hope you get well Zoe! I actually enjoyed this little Louise hack, you have such an amazing friendship! Much Love -Danielle

  92. Zoe, hope you are on the mend…nice of S.O.G. to pinch hit for you :) I'm not feeling that peachy either…imagine being on Sanibel Island and not feel perfect :) I do hope you & Louise consider a meet up on Sanibel one day – wouldn't that be great fun?! I'm sure Floridian subscribers will come from miles around. Gather up all of your orange lipsticks and take a look at each one – that will surely perk you up quick!! :)

  93. aw i love this! certainly put a smile on my face :)

  94. get better soon zoe! :) and keep smiling! xxx

  95. Mrs D.

    I enjoyed this! I had excellent visuals of you two fannying around in a field looking for a belt :D
    Take care of yourself Zoe, worrying about things only makes everything worse so relax and focus on getting better. Sending lots of hugs and cake. xx

  96. Hi Zoe
    I know that there are situations in life that are so challenging that it's hard to believe that there will be better times ahead. It sometimes takes a while to get through those times but from my own experience I can tell you that you WILL feel better eventually, but I'm sure you know that yourself :) I know it's easier said than done though.
    I hope you'll feel much better very soon whatever it is that's making you feel bad.

    Don't forget that you're a great, fun, nice and much appreciated person who's regularly cheering me (and others) up by writing blogposts and making great videos.

    Lots of love (I hope thats not too strange from a stranger ;-))

    Juliane from Germany :D

  97. lovely!
    and funny!

    love you and zoe!


    <3 nadine, from germany.

  98. Hope you feel better Zoe, and thank you Louise for looking after her blog for her! Such a great friend =)

    I love hearing and seeing the funny bits of your lives when you are together. It is so funny, and a joy to watch. I could literally watch your vlogs that you do together for hours.

    The train story, wasn't that in a vlog? I remember you guys talking about something similar to that.

    Anywho, have a great day, and get better Zoe!

  99. aww hope you feel better soon zoe :)


  100. What a lovely chummy you are, Louise!

    Hope you feel better soon, Zoe! :)


  101. Get well soon Zoe. Its awful being ill i know but hope you recover to your bubbly self soon :) xxx

  102. I really do hope you feel better soon, it's horrible to feel under the weather! Just keep relazing; buy loads of sweets and chocolate- relax watching endless of Disney Films, Friends ect… and you will soon feel tons better! xoxoxo

  103. What a lovely post! X

  104. Daria

    This is such a sweet post of you! :) I have been seeing Zoe's tweets and wondered what was going on, I think all followers did, and even if I don't know what's happening to her, I wish her all the best and hope she'll have better days soon! She was the very first blogger I came across (on youtube) and so actually led me to find out about the amazing blogger community and at the end inspired me to start my own blog too :) Lots of love to my number 1 blogger & I hope life will be happier for you soon! <3 xxx

  105. Kim

    Aw this is the cutest. Very thoughtful Louise. Hope your better soon x

  106. Of course we don't mind you taking over Louise!
    I hope things improve for you very soon Zoe, we will all be thinking of you and praying for your return to the blogging world as too much Louise may cause us to lose all normality.
    Remember hakuna matata… it means no worries

  107. Feel better soon Zoe!
    Love the videos of you both on youtube! You sure crack me up! =]
    Take care x

  108. Oh no! Hope you feel better soon Zoe!! It was so funny reading Louise on here!! hehe

    Jen xxx

  109. What a lovely post, you have a really good friend there. And please don't worry about anyone here, all we will want is the best for you, so go rest, have a large cup of tea, or three, and maybe some chocolate biscuits. And if in doubt, look up a video of otters holding hands, cutest thing ever!!

    Kate xx

  110. Ellie

    You are such a lucky girly to have such a great friend like Louise!
    Here's to hoping you feel better soon, take all the time you need – some things are worth waiting for, and your blog posts/videos are definitely up there!! :) xx

  111. Get well soon Zoe!! Miss you! But love you Louise, your just hilarious!! xxxx

  112. Naomi.

    get well soon Zoe!!!!!! And Louise, I love reading your posts, they always make me laugh so keep it up! :)

  113. Beth

    Well done Louise- brilliant post I am sure Zoe is very grateful! I hope you feel better soon Zoe! Don't worry about your blog, it looks like Louise is doing a great job and you have nothing to worry about! I recommend watching funny films and listening to upbeat music when your feeling down and always remember that things always get better! Lots of warm wishes :)

  114. Louise you are a truly good friend for being there for Zoe and taking care of her blog. I do think that Zoe need not worry about being under the weather because of several reasons. Maybe she just needs some time off from everything.

    A quote that always helps me up when I feel not to good about myself for whatever reason is:
    ''Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got'' ~ Janis Joplin.

    And that is exactly what Zoe needs to do! She is a trooper and I am sure she will get through this!

    Much love xoxo Ina.

  115. Hi Louise, please tell Zoe to always look on the bright side of life. If you think about it, you spend half your life sleeping and really…you've only got half your life to do whatever you want. Why would you spend this time being upset? Embrace all the time you've got and think of how blessed you are to have such an amazing family and friends (and fans) that will always be there to support you!

    Much love from Hong Kong! :) xx

  116. feel better zoe! lovely post from louise what a great idea :) i always enjoy your joint videos you two make me laugh so much.

    all the best x

  117. feel better soon!!! i love watching your vids and reading ur blogs :]]]

  118. Oh, I hope you feel better and brighter soon! It is great that you have so many people that love and care for you, like Louise (who did such a good job that I was laughing out loud at work and getting some weird looks myself) I love you both for being such uplifting people! Whenever I watch a "chummy" vlog with the two of you it makes me feel so much better… so its only fair to give back some encouraging words of thanks to you as well when you're down!
    Thanks again, Kaitlin

  119. Lovely post Louise! And to Zoe, don't worry things will get better! They always do :) If you start to feel very down just think "This Too Shall Pass" as a little reminder that better times are ahead of you and whatever problems you're going through now won't last forever. I have that saying tattooed on my wrist as a little reminder for myself sometimes. It really works for me, I hope it does for you too! <3

  120. Rachel

    this was such a lovely post & it made me chuckle! I met zoe the other month and I thought she was the loveliest person ever! so… keep smiling zoe!!xoxo

  121. Get better soon Zoe! Take it easy and soon you'll be right as rain! Hope everyone's taking good care of you. How cute is it that Louise is writing for you :)
    Hope to hear from you soon with lots of blogs :)
    Rosie xxxxxxx

  122. Sophie

    Cute post! Get well Zoe!

  123. nicola

    nawww this is a lovely post! you two both seem so lovely and fun and genuine and NICE :D
    zoe, i really hope you start to feel better soon, both physically and emotionally! lots of cyber hugs and best wishes xxx

  124. Jade

    Get well soon Zoe, hope you feel in tip top condition soon! <3
    Louise you are such a lovely friend!

  125. I love you two together, you literally are like Joey + Chandler. But women versions of course.
    I watch your videos all the time.

    Get well soon Zoe! :) xx

  126. Rachel

    Zoe darling I'm so sorry your feeling unwell! I'm sending you lots of happy thoughts and air hugs that you'll feel better in no time. I'm sure looking at the hilarious and oh so flattering shots Louise has kindly posted will definitely help haha! xoxo

  127. Zoe, I found you through Fleur and Louise. Through them I got to meet yet another fabulous person who I think is just one of the best. I adore you and Louise; you two are the best gal pals any girl would want!

    You are funny, sweet, classy, and just fantastically fabulous!

    I've been ill for a while now and whenever I really start to feel blah I watch one of your videos or a video with you and Louise. You cheer me up. Your personality just lifts my spirit.

    Sincerely, I thank you.

  128. Just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog and youtube videos and I hope you feel better soon. Stuff always looks better the next day and the day after that and then the day after that, and this one's nearly over, so not long now until tomorrow! Chin up, and smile, because smiling releases serotonin in your brain which makes you feel happy (okay, this might be a lie, but I always think of it when I'm feeling sad)! xxx

  129. Oh, Plz get Well Soon Zoe…and Louise you are such a great friend…:-)

  130. get well soon doll xxx

  131. Layla

    Hi Zoe & Louise
    First, Zoe I think it's the best if you take your time to get better and then you can start writing again. In the meantime we have Louise! She is so funny and a very good friend, I think.
    Best wishes layla

  132. Hope you're feeling better soon Zoe. Love the funny stories and hope they make you smile – they certainly did me :)

  133. Get well soon pineapple! I miss your vids but I know how foul it can be to be ill with the added pressure of pleasing others. Just focus on yourself for a while!! x

  134. Get well soon girl!! xxx

  135. Hey Zoe (and Louise), I just wanted to say i hope you feel better real soon and that whatever is making you sad stops it real soon :) you are too much of an awesome person for anyone or anything to be bad to you :( Your such an incredible person and i never miss your blog posts or youtube videos and i love the ones with you and louise the most because you two together are just pure gold :) You are by far the bestest person on youtube and i hope you feel better and have some good old chuckles with louise real soon. Remember all your subscribers and followers are here for you :) Best wishes from your loyal follower Keeley :) xoxoxoxoxoox

  136. Karol

    I really hope that you feel better Zoe! And you Louise are such a precious friend for doing this! You are both lovely people and beautiful women and deserve the best of everything! Lots of love!

  137. Aw, Louise, you're such a great friend! I really hope that Zoe is feeling better soon, it's sad to know that she is going through a tough time at the moment. But things will get better! I look forward to reading further blogposts :)
    From a big fan x

  138. get well soon! some very funny stories that made me chuckle! put your feet up Zoe and get better soon!xo

  139. Get better soon Zoe! Louise this made me smile and hope it does for Zoe too to lift her spirits :D

  140. Joelle

    It's great that Louise can post on your site for the time being though!
    The banter you two have is so funny and we can all tell that your friendship is really special!

  141. What a lovely post :) I really admire your friendship- together you never fail to make me smile (or split my sides laughing!)

    I really hope you feel better soon Zoe. Everyone has a bit of downtime, so don't worry in the slightest about us readers. Its ok for your blog to have some quiet time- we will just appreciate your posts more when they pop up!

    Julianne xx

  142. This was such a lovely & happy post! Your friendship together is so nice & really shows how friendships can be formed online which is so nice to see :) You are both such happy people & never fail to put me in a good mood or to put a smile on my face!
    Zoe- I really hope you're feeling better soon, and like Louise we all support you immensely & don't expect you to be rushing back too soon, take time & as Louise has said "You are very much loved and tomorrow will be better then yesterday. ♥"… Hoping you feel better soon Zoe & sending all my happiness your way in hope that it helps even in just the teeniest of ways! :) xx

  143. Get well soon Zoe :) Chin up and don't let all this worry you! You won't loose any love!! :D xxx

  144. Laura

    You are bloody lovely Louise, and Zoe knows I love her longtime :) xxxxxxxx Chin up chummy, we're all here for you chicken xxxxxxxxx

  145. Poor zoe :(
    Best wishes from Germany !!
    Hope she will get better soon..
    This is so Sweet of you (Luise) that you're doing this for zoe! With all this Love she has to get better :**

  146. oh little zoe! keep smiling. "worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. it empties today of its strength." – corrie ten boom xo


    Hi Zoe!
    Um i didn't really know how to make this comment, so i found a couple of uplifting photos on the internet, and i hope you will see them, and perhaps feel a little bit better, for whatever that's wrong :D
    Get well soon!

  148. Awww this is such a lovely post! I'm sure this will cheer Zoe right up :) xx

  149. Nicola

    aw this is so lovely, hope you are better soon zoe!


  150. Thank God friends are here sometimes, you two are just incredible :)
    Really hope that you get better soon, we miss you a lot on here! You don't owe anything to anyone so don't worry. If people actually like reading/watching or simply like you, they will understand :)

    Lovely post from a lovely person to a lovely other person, nothing better to cheer someone up!

    Love from France xx

  151. Aww Zoe you're so lucky to have a supportive friend like Louise :) <3 So sorry to hear you're having such a pooey time :( Take your time to feel better and get through this bad patch, we all miss you but it's much more important that you're healthy and well. Much love and support xx

  152. Get well soon Zoe. I know how it feels to be ill at the moment, I've had months of being in bed unwell :( I have really high anxiety and phobias on top of it so it makes it ten times harder. But I do know, that everything passes, and you'll feel better so soon :) Just gotta stay strong and keep your mind occupied :) Louise is such a great friend to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  153. Hollie

    Zoe, you and Louise bring a lot of happiness to other lives, seeing a post or a video from you on my subscription feed puts a smile on my face and brightens my day. Don't let the pitfalls in life get you down because as cliche as it is, the sun shines brightest after the rain :)
    I hope you are feeling better soon.
    Hollie (a rare commenter but loyal reader :P)

  154. Whatever happened, I hope you will be feeling better soon! We miss you Zoe <3
    Louise: you are the best friend everybody wishes for!
    Nik xxx

  155. Nabzz

    Awwwh! This is the sweetest thing ever! Hehe, Louise, I know what you mean when you want to laugh but can't. :') Hope you feel better soon, Zoe! Take all the time you need. Everything will get better, they always do.

  156. Get well soon Zoe and don't you worry your pretty little self about keeping up with the blog and such. Living your life and being healthy always comes first. So focus on yourself and Louise you're such an amazing friend :) I was laughing out loud and very hard at these stories!

  157. I got a slightly panic attack when I read this blog post. I am honestly worried that Zoe might delete this site. How ironic that it's herself who is always cheering me up when I'm feeling down (which happens quite a few times)She is also the reason why I started blogging. I'm sure I can say she was my inspiration.

    All the difficulties that come your way are there to make you stronger – not to push you away from what you love. :)

  158. MZ

    Louise you are the best mate ever!! This was absolutely sweet of you. Its really nice and inspiring to see the great dynamic you and Zoe have.

    Zoe, Hard times don't make any sense whilst in the midst of it all but once we prowl through it, theres a great and valuable lesson to learn. Hang in there. I want you to know that on my not so great days of panic and anxiety (which is what puts a damper on my days, not trying to say this is what you're going through) reading yours and Louise's blogs and watching your vlogs has made me feel a whole lot better because its nice to know there are awesome chums like you guys in the world.
    Feel better!! Brighter days are just around the corner.

  159. Bee

    <3 sooooo lovely :) i recognized your writing from the first word Louise :P its nice to see the friendship between you two ~ so keep on the good work ladies :)

    ZOE ~ we all have difficult times and rough patches for sure :/ so please get well soon
    this I wish for you ~<3 *giving an imaginative "get well" candle*

    XOXO Bee~

  160. Kezia

    oh this made me snort like a mad loon.
    Hope you're feeling better Zoe, watch some disney films and keep drinking hot chocolate like medicine

  161. This was adorable! GET WELL SOON ZOE! Xxx

  162. awww louise this is lovely! hope you feel better soon Zoe :) Stay strong, there's always light at the end of the tunnel :)

  163. Zoe, we all feel part of yours and Louise's friendship (in a totally non-weird and poor grammar way) and your vlogs together give everyone so much enjoyment.

    I am quite a bit older than you *ahem*, but I just wanted to say what a brilliant role model you are for young women. You should be SO proud of all you've achieved and the (literally) thousands of readers and viewers you inspire.

    I'm so sorry that you're going through a rubbish time at the moment. Whenever I felt like that, my Dad would say that no matter what happens, the sun will always rise tomorrow morning. It sounds like a daft saying, but it makes much more sense now I'm older. These times will pass.

    And you are stronger than you think, lovely lady.

    Take care of yourself

  164. Get well soon little Zoe! We miss you a lot but we understand your situation, so don't you worry :) We are here to support you forever and ever <3

    Love from Brazil xx

  165. Beth

    That was a lovely post and the belt story made me chuckle a little bit hahaha!!!
    Anyway… Get well soon Zoe! You are so bubbly and funny I would hate to see you otherwise
    All the best,
    Beth xxxx

  166. Lucy

    This is such a lovely thing for you to do!
    Some rather amusing stories too :) It reminds me of my best friend!

    Get well soon Zoe!
    Take as long as you need to feel better as all of your readers will still be here when you do!

    Much Love

    Makeup for Biochemists

  167. Holly

    Aw Louise is such a good friend! I love hearing the adventures you two have it's such a great friendship. Also get better soon Zoe! I'm also feeling kind of down today and reading this brought me up so I'm sure it will make you feel a better also. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope everything gets better for you :)

  168. Rita

    Awww get better Zoe. And I actually loved this post, well done Louise. Adore you both xx

  169. I want a Louise to my Zoe

  170. Aw hope you feel better soon Zoe!

  171. Get well soon Zoe! Take loads of rest and get yourself back to full health again! Much love to you and the lovely Louise for being an awesome chummy :) xxx

  172. kate

    you have such an infectiously, perky personality that i know what ever has gotten you down at the moment won't keep you there for too long! i hope we've all managed to put a smile on your face in the same way you do for us via your many social networking sites <3 :)

  173. Love for you Zoe, you're so wonderful!
    Such a funny caring person, or so it seems on the internet, and that my friend is proof enough for me.
    Good things happen to good people.

    Your blog on anxiety a while back made me feel very much NORMAL, so that's just a fine example of a great gal.

    Hope u are feeling great again soon, but take your time :)

  174. Haha Louise, your times together with Zoe seem like such fun! To Zoe, I hope you feel better soon, and don't worry about anything except getting better.
    Lucinda xoxo

  175. Haha Louise, your times with Zoe seem like such fun! And to Zoe, I hope you feel better soon, don't worry about anything except getting better :)
    Lucinda xoxo

  176. Get well soon Zoe! I absolutely love watching the videos of you and Louise (on both channels) and you both somehow manage to make me laugh along… which is strange because i'm always sat in a room alone laughing to myself. If i'm ever feeling down/ill I can always rely on a blog post or video from you both to cheer me up! I have just recently taken your tips to set up my own blog and have found them very helpful – thank you!

  177. Zoe I'm so disheartened and sorry to hear you're having such a rough time of it but I'm glad you have such a great friend in Louise to try and help you through such tough times. I'm not quite sure what is going on but I know you also suffer from anxiety like me, I went through a horrible phase of severe anxiety which led to depression around the same time as I split with my boyfriend of two years and had copious amounts of university work. I had times when I just thought I couldn't do it anymore and would just sleep all day and stay in bed which only made problems worse, but I want you to know things do pass and there will be that time when something will really make you laugh again and with such a hoot of a friend like Louise I'm sure that won't be too far ahead. Friends and family are the best weapons against shitty times and I'm sending you well wishes from here and hopefully you'll be on the mend soon! You and Louise are truly amazing and some of your videos actually brought me back to life a bit so I also want to thank you!

    lot's of love and get well soon, Lauren xx

  178. kezza

    What a lovely post! Zoe you're lucky to have found a nice and caring friend like Louise. Its nice to see how close you both are. Hope it all goes away for you and that you're feeling back to normal again soon xx

  179. Get well soon Zoe :) This is such a lovely post, you two are adorable together :D xxx

  180. Get well soon Zoe :) What a lovely post! You and Louise are so cute together :D xxx

  181. So sweet <3 wish you both the best- feel better Zoe!

  182. Kayla.

    This is so sweet and lovely. I giggled at Louise's little stories :)
    You two are the cutest, I love watching your videos together, They make my laugh the whole time.
    I really hope you are feeling dandy again soon Zoe. :)

    Kayla, xox

  183. Ashley

    Awww. This post made me so happy. Well, no.. Not happy that you're not feeling well. That's not a good thing. I hope you feel better, Zoe! Hahaha. But, it made me happy because I simply can't get enough Louella. You two honestly have the best friendship I could ever imagine. I only hope that some day a friend and I can be as quirky, funny, and downright hilarious as you two are. Again, I really do hope you get well soon, Zoe! You're missed! xxx

  184. Feel better soon! The blog won't go anywhere while you're gone, just focus on you. :)

  185. Zoe, get well wishes all the way from KY, USA! some words that truly always make me feel a bit better – The Lord your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.” (Zephaniah 3:17) I don't know why but that singing part makes me smile no matter how badly I feel! (as your pal Louise recently said religious quotes might not be everyone's cup of tea but uplifting words are worth sharing!) ;)

    Louise, great post! Love me some fun times with pals! Made me laugh out loud and look forward to spending some time with my own peeps this weekend!! :)

  186. Aw Zoe I hope you feel better!!! I am so glad I found you and Louise's youtube channels and blogs, they have inspired me and I absolutely love you two. Take care!!

  187. Get well soon, Zoe! xx

  188. Ellie

    Get well soon Zoe! I've just recently started reading your blog and I love it. I also lost a lot of time the other day watching vlogs of you and Louise. You girls are hilarious!

  189. Feel better soon Zoe, best wishes!! xx

  190. Sarah

    Everything bad comes out in the wash!Take your time to feel better Zoe. I think you're amazing

  191. Olivia

    Hope you are feeling better soon Zoe!!
    Olivia xx

  192. Julie

    I hope you feel better soon :)

  193. aww Zoe, you're so lucky to have a friend like Louise. I seriously hope you feel better reaally reaallly soon! You're so amazing. Everything will be better tomorrow and ofc don't forget to smile.
    Much love and greetings from Estonia,

  194. aww Zoe, you're so lucky to have a friend like Louise. I hope you feel better soon. like soon soon. What about right now? kk, I'll stop. You're amazing. Everything will be better tomorrow and just don't forget to smile. :)
    Much love and greetings from Estonia,
    Krislin xx

  195. Phoebe

    I love your guys' friendship! And Zoe, some very cheesy but true words – Everything will be OK in the end, if it isn't OK, then it isn't the end.

  196. Get well soon, you lovely chick. I loves ya!

  197. Oh this is such a nice and cheerful post! Reminds me of a quote I love:

    Friends are the angels who lift you up when your wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

    You're well-adored, so get well soon, Zoe!

  198. I hope you feel better soon Zoe:(, I came home from work today as I amnt feeling well either so I am watching some youtube and catching up on blog posts:)! You and Louise always make my day! love you guys:D xxx

  199. Such a lovely post Louise :).

    Zoe – I hope you feel better soon and don't feel pressured to post if you don't feel up to it. The most important thing is looking after yourself and know that you are no.1. Sometimes the world likes to throw crap (trust me I know…I seem to have had an awful lot the past year) and it seems like nothing works, but I like to think there's a reason for everything and that something better is waiting for you around the corner.

    I'll still be here when you return :) – youtube or blog.

  200. What a touching post, and a touching response. I really hope Zoe is feeling better soon; something that my Dad used to say to me when I was feeling very down is "nothing is ever as bad as it seems". Feel better, Zoe :)

    The Style Diagnostic

  201. Hope you feel better!
    Just wanted to say that I love your videos and blog. Both you and your blog are gorgeous :P
    and that I guess I Have been somewhat inspired to make my own blog and see how that goes!
    Hope you feel better and you have a wonderful hilarious friend!

  202. Hope you feel better soon Zoe!<3

  203. Hope you feel better soon Zoe!<3

  204. Louise is such an amazing friend Zoe, you're lucky to have her :)
    I hope you'll be better soon, take care of you, you're a wonderful woman, don't give up!


  205. Such a sweet post. Hope you are feeling better soon Zoe xo

  206. Dear Zoe!

    So sorry to hear you're feeling a bit under the weather…I hope things get better for you soon. We will all be waiting for you when you're ready to come back! xxx

  207. Helen

    Hope you feel better soon Zoe! In the meanwhile, here's a pretty picture of a guinea pig to cheer you up. We all know how much you love them:)


  208. Em

    aw aw aw, this is such a cute post! I hope you feel better soon Zoe! x

  209. This post made me giggle so much. You and Zoe are such great friends, such an amazing thing to have! Sending my wishes that Zoe feels better soon. :) xx

  210. Oh Zoe, I'm so sorry you're not feeling great. I don't know what's happening in your pretty head but hey, yesterday I just wrote blog post about my past and meybe it'll help you a little bit. Don't ever lose a hope sweetheart! Everything is going to be ok! I'm sure you have people around who will help you, you heve Louis. Here is the link to my post : Hope it will help you a little bit! Don't give up.

  211. Anna

    get well soon! you're my favorite blogger and wish you the best <3 :)

  212. Take some time to perk up Zoe and come back to us when you're ready :) You're lucky to have such a lovely friend as Louise to hold down the fort for a while!

  213. Aw, feel better Zoe! annnd you are such a good friend Lousie, just the sweetest!

  214. Zoe!! I absolutely adore you so please get well soon I dont know if I can live without your blog!!
    and thanks Louise for the update and for the hope that chubby girls do fit in skinny belts (even for 5 seconds)
    Kiss Kiss

  215. Pipi

    Such a sweet post Louise!
    Hope you get better soon Zoe.

  216. Louise you are such a sweet friend, and Zoe I am sending my happy positive vibes your way, come back when you feel ready not when you think you should xxxxxxxx

  217. What a nice freind you two are so cute together not to mention extreamly funny. i know exactly what you mean by your train time me and my bezzie have lots of moments like this, as she has this perfect way of making me want to laugh the hardest ever when you know you shouldn't. One time was when two of our freinds was having a bit of a barny in school and i cant remeber how but one of them ended up with her yoghurt over half her face and hair which was amusing in its self but my bezzie just shot me this look and i physically had to put my head in my school bag so i didnt laugh at my over mate straight in the face….its fair to say she really wasnt ammused. Was probs a be there moment but i hope that might of made you chuckle ever so slightly :) anyway i've rambled on a bit but hope your feeling better soon and will look forward to reading your blog when your all mended again cheeeeoo xx

  218. Crying with laughter, you're stories together are brilliant!
    Get well soon Zoe <3

  219. I hope you get better soon Zoe ! Louise that's very sweet of you ! <3 Love you both : )

  220. Dixie

    What a sweet SWEET post!! Zoe, I hope you get well sooooooon! Love and miss your blog posts. :)

  221. Pins

    sending you lots of love and strength .
    hope you are on the mend soon.
    much love, Pins. x

  222. Abby K

    you guys are such aamazing friends, such a lovely blog post. get well soon zoe i love your blog and wont ever unfollow :) hope to see more posts soon xoxooxoxoxo


  223. Grace

    Aww Lousie, this is such a sweet and wonderful post. Hope you are feeling better soon zoe! We all miss you, but of course take all the time you need to get right and dandy again :) xxx

  224. Louise you are so beautiful and such a wonderful friend <3 I love your videos with Zoe, you guys always cheer me and crack me up!
    Zoe, I hope you feel much better soon! I adore your writing and fabulous style, and I could watch you and Louise talk about anything (because I know it will be clever and hilarious). Miss you!

  225. L

    What a sweet friend Louise is! Hope you're feeling better now Zoe!
    There's always more Cadbury profiteroles at Tesco just in case :)

    L :)

  226. Louise this was so beautifully written! You are truly an incredible friend, I wish I had one half as good as you.
    Zoe I really do hope you feel better soon and remember blogging should be a hobby not a chore so you should never force yourself to blog if you dont feel up to it.
    Jackie xx

  227. Im from South Africa, that made me laugh :)
    Get well soon Zoe.


  228. Keeks

    Aww your friendship is the cutest!
    Hope Zoe feels better soon xx

  229. Feel better, Zoe :) Keep smiling, you have a beautiful smile! I'm not very good with words but you deserve happiness. Lots of love from someone who loves your blog, your youtube, twitter. You name it!


  230. Janet

    Not 100% sure if my last message got through.. But Louise you are a really good friend! And Zoe feel better :D

  231. Thank you for sharing those hilarious memories with us, they made me chuckle! Hope you feel better soon Zoe, I miss your videos and blogs full of loveliness :(<3


  232. I'm so jealous of Louise and Zoe! I wish I had a friendship like yours! I'm really missing your videos and blogs Zoe! I think your amazing! Just focus on getting better and I'm you will be in no time!
    "when your smiling the whole world smiles with you!" – something I like to think off when I'm under the weather!
    Love one of your viewers, ele xo

  233. This is such a lovely, sweet post. I love all your adventures together and you both regularly have me in fits of giggles when I watch your videos. I hope you feel much better soon Zoe and don't worry about the blog or anything like that, just focuse on getting better :)

  234. Aww love louise and zoe the videos are so funny (almost wet myself hehe) ZOE hope you get bettet, i dont like that your sad! Just relax! Love youuu ….. xxxx

  235. Teiva

    I hope that you feel better soon, Zoe! I am looking forward to your next video. Have a great weekend!

  236. i hope you feel better zoe! :(

  237. oh zoe! dont worry about us! were deffo not going anywhere! such a lovely post louise! made me smile! hope your feeling better soon zoe! xx

  238. hope you get well soon Zoe!
    I'm waiting for your come back!!!!

  239. Katie

    Hope Zoe is feeling just fine and the belt thing was hillarious hope you found it and as if that wasnt funny enough the sat-nav thing made my sides split!x Made My Day :)

  240. Get well soon Zoe! First rain, than rainbows! Lovely post Louise, what a good friend you are.

  241. Lauren

    Get well soon Zoe! People understand why you're not blogging at the moment, so don't worry about it. We'll be here when you get back :)

  242. What a successful post and such a fabulous idea! You seem like such good friends, and I think it's great that you are keeping the blog breathing Louise while Zoe has a hiatus. And clearly everybody else thinks so too! Great work, ladies.

  243. Sarah

    You are beautiful :D I folow your blog although I don't understand everything (because of my bad english, haha)

    Des bisous Zoe !

  244. Roshni

    You two are so cute! I hope you feel better soon Zoe and Louise you are so lovely for doing this for her! :D

    You two look like you have so much fun. The uncontrollable laughing thing always happens to me and my sister in the most inconvenient times ever! :|

    Zoe I hope you see some happier days soon, if everything is not allright it is not the end so just wait everything will be allright :)


  245. Hope you are better soon Zoe!

  246. Get well soon,lovely Zoe!!!*hug*

  247. Awww really hope your feeling better soon Zoe!! As much as i love the blog posts from Louise, i do still miss yours sooo much, your so beautiful,caring and hilarious. All the videos i watch of you and louise i always end up crying laughing haha get well soon, missing you xxxx

  248. what an adorable post!
    you seem to be just as lovely as zoe :)
    hope everything will work out for her!

  249. Lizzie

    get well soon zoe!
    miss your vids and posts :(

  250. Im so sorry to hear you aren't well! I follow you on twitter and sent u a get well tweet but as my profile is set to private I don't think you will have seen it, but I really hope you are feeling better soon! Sending you lots of love!!!

    And that story about the south african, 'Zoe's satnav has the same accent!' HAHAHA I nearly wet myself laughing reading that! Hilarious! You pair are crazy!! :)

  251. Aw Louise, wish I had such a thoughtful friend like yourself. I've been super ill today so this made me smile :)
    Hope Zoe is feeling better soon xoxo

  252. Jemma.

    Sending a lot of love <3

  253. aww this is cute! I've just started a blog, hopefully i'll get some friends out of it like you have! haha xxx

  254. i love you guys so mmuch!! come check out my blog too if you want <3 xxxx

  255. This post was so funny and so so sweet. So nice of Louise to help Zoe out and try and make her feel better in the process. I really hope you're OK Zoe, we're all missing you but want you to concentrate on getting better in all senses.

    "It's always darkest before dawn". Keep smiling pretty girl xxx

    Visit The Other Side Of Cool
    Tweet me! @othersideofcool

  256. Emily

    Wishing you the best, Zoe! You are one of my favorite bloggers and I'm excited to read your next post whenever you feel up to writing one :)

  257. Probably you won't get to read every single comment of these but I want to sent you some good wishes, too!
    Your blog was the first one I read and because of your I'm blogging now, too! We all love you!! <3


  258. Jojo

    Bless, Louise! You're such a good friend! Love and hugs to Zoe, get better soon! xxx

  259. hiii zoe and louise.
    i hope all is well and that things are starting to look up.
    i love your blog so much that it has inspired me to start to up my own.
    lots of love, laura

  260. Cate

    get better soon zoe! would love to see an orange lipsticks recommendation when you're feeling up to it, I've also become obsessed with all things orange – especially lip colour!
    love seeing picture of you two together – a true friendship right there :) xx

  261. Louise: I LOVE YOU. You are so funny! lovely!
    Take care
    xoxo from italy

  262. Hi Zoe, this is your reader from Sunny Singapore! (You may like it here due to having sun here all-year round) Just want to send my regards to you and hope you get well soon! You've been mia for a week or so, and that made me feel concerned over your condition. Pop more pills if you need to! :) Also, wanna say that you're so blessed to have such a great friend like Louise, wish I knew you too!

    Love, Rebekah

  263. Best of luck getting better Miss Zoe, hope to read and watch your gorgeous self soon.

  264. Hope you're feeling better zoe, missing your posts and videos lotsly, get well soon!! :):) xx

  265. oh and Louise , I want a friend like you! hehe xx

  266. eabhaa

    Zoee get well soon! I love your blog posts and youtube videos (and same to you louise tehee)<3
    You two are a pair of funny gals:D you remind me of my best friend and myself hahaa:)


  267. Alice

    Ahah! I love your personalities, you both sound like oodles of fun.
    Get better soon Zoe, hope you have a stress free recovery :) and if you read that in the tone that I did, it will rhyme too ;)
    It's nice that you still think about keeping your blog updated,even when you are feeling under the weather,shows how dedicated bloggers really get! :)
    -Alice xx

  268. Get Well soon Zoe.
    Laura xx

  269. OMG i love louise shes just amazing and so funny
    but i hope zoe's feeling better now:D

  270. Zoe i really enjoy reading your blog. I hope you get better soon! xx

  271. I absolutely love your blog! And your channel, you have some great advice and a beautiful layout!
    You are precious and I love to see others with the same loves and passion for stuff as I do :)

    Definitely a fan and following

    xo Victoria

  272. Aww get well soon Zoe!! A fab post as always from Louise too xxxx

  273. Oh wow you girls are all so pretty. And Zoella, can you not just give your hair to me please? I'm jealous.

    With love,

    Confessions of a blonde

  274. I just tuned into this blog and it seems so lovely :) Love the stories and hope you're well soon.

  275. Freya

    get better zoe, i know this is late but you may have a little sickness in your tummy, but i thought id let you know i read all your blogs and i love the way you lay them out and everything!!! keep it up xoxox

  276. i love you two!

  277. Dakota

    That's a special friend! Love Louise! Never let her go, Zoella xx

  278. Mia

    Zoe you've been blessed to have the most amazing friendship ever :) I personally have a best friend that cares for me and is there whenever I need her, and I think that these kind of friendships last forever :)

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  283. it’s so funny post, I laugh a lot (I mean I laugh very loudly and lond time) Love your friendship!
    PS love you Both so much xx

  284. mollie copeland

    That was hilarious. The last one made me laugh so hard.

  285. CuteSalad

    Hilarious! Good job Louise! CuteSalad x