Aloha Zoe-arinos,

As you may have guessed by my oh-so-cheesy greeting, this isn’t Zoe. Hello, it’s Louise here!

Zoe is having quite a challenging time at the moment, being poorly and just having a lot on her plate. Whilst on the phone earlier, she said that she was worrying about keeping her blog updated and talking to you lovely ladies (and men if you are reading).

I said, ‘Zoe you ninconpoop! You just put fresh PJ’s on, grab a hot chocolate and focus on feeling better, I will take care of Zoella”. So here I am, hijacking her little slice of the web for a while- I do hope you don’t mind.

I thought that since reviews are written from a personal perspective, and you have come here for Zoe’s highly regarded opinions, that perhaps it might be better for me to do more of a fun post. I have decided to go wild, and share with you some fun memories that I have with my chummy and hope also that when Zoe reads them, she will chuckle to herself.

Did You Know…..?

That about 6 months ago, on the way back from an event, Zoe and I got the giggles on a late train so badly that we were given some killer evils from other (rather unfriendly) passengers? You know when you just want to explode with laughter but you cant, so instead you just go puce in colour, shake and make weird squeaks? Well imagine that, times ten, on a busy train of tired commuters. Eep!

That once whilst taking a big batch of OOTD pictures in the countryside together, Zoe decided I needed a belt to compliment my orange dress? I didn’t have one so she offered me a lovely black number with gold horse embellishments. Well I don’t know if you have noticed (if you have eyeballs then you will have), there is quite a size difference between Zoe and I. Somehow, managed to squeeze myself in to it, felt proud (and breathless), started climbing over a fence to reach a tractor (as you do) and PING! the belt literally burst off! There I was, in the middle of a field, straddling a fence, whilst Zoe scrabbled around the foliage trying to find her belt. It. Was. Hilarious!!

That on nights out with Zoe I loose all conversational skills? For my birthday this year we popped into town with Fleur for a few celebratory drinks. Naturally, as the birthday girl, I had let my hair down and was ‘merry, so to speak. As we were leaving the bar, my friend Mark (from my Alton Towers vlog) walked in with some friends. He introduced them and said one of them was South African. I don’t know what possessed me to do this, but VERY loudly I said, “Oh wow! You’re South African?! Zoe’s satnav has the same accent!” and smiled like an absolute loon. He was less than impressed, Zoe looked uncomfortable and I felt pprreeeeeeetttttyyyy stupid! Needless to say, we quickly skiddaddled home!

(This was after the belt up fence saga! Haha)

As you can see, we have an absolute hoot and these are just a couple of our funny little tales.

I really do hope that Zoe sees some sunnier days in the near future and that we can split our sides laughing again very, very soon.

If you have any well wishes or uplifting words for ZoeChummy, please do leave them in the comments, I am sure she’d be glad to read them. I know from personal experience what a wonderful and supportive community this can be and know you will all understand Zoe’s absence today.

To Zoe :: You are very much loved and tomorrow will be better then yesterday. Also, don’t be mad at me if I didn’t format this the way you normally do! Hahaha ;)



  • it’s so funny post, I laugh a lot (I mean I laugh very loudly and lond time) Love your friendship!
    PS love you Both so much xx

  • mollie copeland

    That was hilarious. The last one made me laugh so hard.

  • CuteSalad

    Hilarious! Good job Louise! CuteSalad x