I recently did a video reviewing 5 High Street/Drugstore foundations, and although most of you may have already watched the video, I thought I’d just post it here in case you missed it! I’m certainly no expert when it comes to describing foundations, but I did my best and I hope this may help some of you. I opted for a few foundations I’d heard great reviews about, and a few which I’d never seen before. 

I can also do an in-depth review of my favourites of the bunch here on my blog if you want me to do that?  Let me know!

Foundations Mentioned in the video:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum 

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation

17 Hide and Chic Foundation

MeMeMe Flawless Cream Foundation 

  1. I have the Rimmel 'wake me up' foundation and I love it!
    I must say, I'd love to try the mememe foundation after your review :D xo

  2. Annie

    I recently bought the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and im loving it too! The colour range and the lighting in superdrug however, im not loving so much haha x

  3. Aisha.

    I really like the sound of the Rimmel foundation and the MeMeMe foundation, they look like they will suit my skin type.
    I would enjoy it if you made a part 2 :)
    Aisha xx

  4. the only foundation (of those five) that they sell in the united states is the rimmel "wake me up." i've been seeing it everywhere and it looks so promising! i'll definately have to pick it up — i'm always wary of buying drugstore foundations, though. i'm always afraid that the color isn't going to match my skin!


  5. Please do a more in-depth review of the MeMeMe foundation x

  6. im tryinf to ween myself off Chanel foundations, if you think Rimmel is reall good zoe i might try it. Im always a little apprehensive abouttrying new foundations though! Thanks for the suggestions x

  7. Flo

    I found this so helpful, I've been looking for a decent foundation for AGES and after seeing this I think I'm going to look into the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. Thanks for the review Zoe, it helped so much!

    (it's a bit of a long address I know but I hope you like my blog if you take a look!)

  8. Eli

    Loved the video :)
    I got the wake me up foundation a while ago and really like it

  9. Jane

    Loved when you did this video! Think i'll have to try the Wake Me Up foundation by Rimmel, everyones been raving about it! Hope you do another one! x

  10. Anni

    May check them out, but now I'm very content with my bebe BB-Cream!


  11. I watched this earlier and I found it really helpful and insightful :) xo

  12. ive never even heard of me me me but it looks really promising!! Im thinking at least a plastic bottle wouldnt crack if it was getting flung about in my hand bag!!!

  13. This was super helpful because I just cannot find a decent foundation over here in Germany (They're either too dark, too yellow or not suitable for my skin type) and next week I'm visiting my dad in UK so now I know I'll have to go to Superdrug and try the MeMeMe foundation =) Thanks a lot!!

  14. Josie

    I've only tried healthy mix off the bunch and to be honest I just couldn't get on with it. I do want to try wake me up but when I swatched it I found the scent really offputting – does anyone know if it fades? x


  15. Oh no kust checked the ingredients and sadly I'm allergic to the MeMeMe foundation =( *sniffles*

  16. Wonderful video review. Please do a second part, can't wait to watch it :)

  17. Petal

    An in depth review of them would be great!x

  18. mollyy

    i loved this video, it was soo helpfull (: xx

  19. This was so helpful Zoe! Thanks for doing these reviews as I can always trust anything you say.. especially when it comes to makeup as you are so brilliant at it xxx

  20. Loved the video! :) Can't wait for the 2nd part. Wouldn't have thought of looking through MeMeMe for a foundation so thanks for that tip! xx

  21. Amy

    This was a really helpful video- definitely going to try out Rimmel Wake Me Up!

  22. SW

    Really great video, thank you!


  23. Cesca

    this was such a useful video, thank you! Rimmel wake me up is my current favourite :)


  24. this vid was so so helpful :) thanks, zoe! It's always hard to find the perfect foundation,
    especially an affordable one.

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  25. Laura

    Loved this video! x

  26. I love Bourjois Healthy Mix for my 'good skin days'! Definitely going to give the Rimmel one a go now :)


  27. I really want to try the Rimmel Wake Me Up! I saw you use it on a video and it looked like a great product. x

  28. I loved the video! It was so helpful :D

    Beaumaquillagex.blogspot.co.uk xox

  29. Awesome video!



  30. Love your post, really want to try the rimmel wake me up foundation. At the moment I have been loving the Rimmel 25 hour foundation because i think it lasts longer than other foundations i have tried.

    Sophie Louise


  31. I hardly ever watch videos on blogs as I find them very samey and a tad boring, however I watched this one all the way through and found it so insightful and helpful. I'm a bit of a make-up phobe. I love make up and like to look good wearing make up but am just rubbish when it comes to choosing what to have and how to apply it. I love your blog and I will be purchasing the MEMEME foundation. Thank youuuu x


  32. elbeau

    Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation is great! only just started using it and loving it so far! x

  33. I'd love to read a more in depth review of all 5 on your blog! I really like my rimmel wake me up foundation too, and it actually applies really well using the e.l.f studio powder brush!
    I'd love to see other drug store reviews on your blog too like blush, bronzer, lipstick etc… :)
    Eleanor x

  34. Thanks for this Zoe! Foundations are always so hard to find and match to your skin, so I think I'll take your word for it and go for the Wake Me Up foundation as my next option, even though I am a little scared of liquid foundations! Worth giving a go though :)

  35. Josie

    Love the video.. x



  36. Super Helpful Zoella, thanks!
    Also using the Rimmel Wake Me Up in True Ivory – lovely lovely lovely

  37. your review was really great and helped me a lot since I am looking to get a new foundation but don't really want to pay too much. I want to try and get the rimmel one because I've seen a lot of good reviews on that. thank you very much.


  38. Mia

    Last day I bought the Rimell Wake me Up foundation, and it's because of you! Sadly, I bought it in a lighter shade, but it still suits me. It doesn't have a great coverage, but it's good for lazy days! It also works mixed up with the Photo Ready BB Cream from Revlon:)
    Thank you babesss xxx


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  43. Kjirsten Whitsell

    A blog on your favorite foundations would be amazing! I trust your opinion on these things, and would personally love to see your favorites.

  44. Pabbles (not really hehe)

    I love your ENTIRE blog! You have come very far and i hope to one day be like you; but in my own style ofcourse! I love this post hehe!

  45. LillyOnline

    Going through this now zoe really helped as im going throught his stadge where im trying to take really good care of my hair and its doing so well and its longer now i wanna do some stuff with it and the make up to go with it as its becoming near summer now a lot of this did help thank you sweety <3