Howdy Doody you lovely lot. It’s been a while, and for that, I do apologise. You know when life get’s manic, and you feel like you only have time to eat and sleep & your creative juices have run dry and you have a serious lack of motivation? Yeh, that’s exactly what happened. You know it’s time to sit down and write a blog post when your mum says “Zoe, you’ve not blogged in ages…”
I know that some people can still bosh out blogposts even when they are lacking in blogging enthusiasm, but I just can’t do that. I like to sit down, and enjoy what I write about, and feel a sense of satisfaction once I hit that “publish” button, and although that sometimes means I don’t post in a while, I hope that sort of makes up for it. *batters eye lashes*

So where have I been & what have I been up to?

Well, first and foremost, the summer has well and truly scarpered. We had a lovely late summery burst a few weeks ago (see photos), but now the cold and drizzle has arrived. *depressed sigh*. I do love autumn though, I love the crispy golden leaves and the build up to Christmas (yes, I love Christmas, A LOT), but I hate grey, drizzly days. Even if it’s chilly, everything is so much better when the sun is out.

Now, I would like to say ANOTHER massive thank you to those of you who voted for Zoella in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards, and I’m absolutely over the moon that I won “Best Established Beauty Blog”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the awards ceremony but it looked like everyone had a fantastic evening & I’d also like to congratulate everyone else that was nominated and who won awards themselves. All very well deserved :) Makes me proud to be part of such a supportive community.

I have also been working on mine and Louise’s (Sprinkle of Glitter) new venture. Which I’m hoping will be out in the open in the next few weeks and certainly in time for Christmas. All I’m saying is keep some money aside whilst buying everyone else’s Christmas presents because I’m fairly sure you will want in on it. ;)

I have thoroughly been enjoying searching eBay for cake decorations and nail art decorations, not for any particular reason other than both are super cheap and pretty. I have also been scouring eBay & the local charity shops for winter knits. I did this last year, and I’m fairly positive I didn’t spend anything over £6 for any of my winter cardigans or jumpers. You can honestly save so much money doing it this way, and nobody else will be wearing the same thing as you. I’m thinking of doing a post about charity shopping, a bit like my “Shopping in Primark” post, so let me know if this is something you’d be interested in reading. I know that charity shops aren’t everyone’s idea of fun, but once you find something you love for really cheap, it almost becomes addictive.

I have a lot of things I want to blog about in the up and coming weeks, so expect to see a lot more of me in your dashboard.

  1. Claire

    The charity shopping post sounds like a great idea – I always mean to get myself to a charity shop and hunt out some bargains but whenever I actually get round to it I basically give up before I've started!
    Hmm, the new venture sounds very intriguing…

  2. Slater

    Conrgats! Looking forward to whatever it is you're doing with Louise!

  3. How strange, I was just thinking that I was missing your blog posts and so I was reading some of your old ones…then I jumped in the shower and when I got out you'd published this! Brilliant! I'm glad to hear your back in the blogging mood!

    Sarah xXx

  4. Nicola

    yay i love reading your post and watching your videos and cant wait ti see your and sprinkle of glitters little secret :D

  5. Congratulations for winning 'Best Established Beauty Blog' I voted for you :)

    I'm also so excited for yours and Louise's venture, I just want to know what it is now!


  6. Congrats on your award Zoe!!
    The charity shopping post sounds like a great idea.

    Mollie xo

  7. Amy

    Yay, well done for the cosmo award. I was so pleased for you. Agree about the charity shop jumper thing. I'm currently sat in a massive cuddly jumper which only cost about £2! xxx

  8. yay, I am glad we will see a lot more of you in the dashboard! I was wondering where you were!
    Lovely post, lovely pictures!

  9. Halima

    Can't wait to see more posts from you! And I was SOO happy to see you won the award, well deserved sweetie! xo

  10. Congratulations on winning the Cosmo award, you totally deserve it :)
    Cannot wait to hear what yours and Louise's venture is! xxx


    Welcome back!*
    You were missed!*
    Looking forward to the venture =)


  12. Sarah

    I'm completely the same – I love certain things about autumn/winter, but not being freeeeezing (which also brings my Rudolf nose) :(
    You've probably already heard but I thought I'd mention it anyway as I know you live in the South West (not a stalker I promise, just we go to the same Primarni) that there's a Christmas Bloggers Party coming up in December. Lyzi has a blog post up all about it :) would be lovely to meet you! I've already bought my ticket :)


  13. Cute !

  14. love it!!
    just a quick question Zoe, what effect did you use to create these pictures theyre beautiful! xx

  15. Alex

    Yay, so glad you're back! Only found your blog a while ago and have been reading your old posts and watching your videos, they're so enjoyable! Your Primark shopping guide was really helpful so would love to read a charity shop one :) x

  16. Soph.

    Cant wait to see what you and Louise are up to!!! :) the charity shop post seems like a good idea! I lurve charity shopping!!! x x

  17. Monia

    You lookn really beautiful ;)

  18. BunBun

    Glad to see you're back! I always miss your sweet little posts and gorgeous pictures :) Congrats on the win too! I suppose now you're obliged to do a few more beauty posts! just kidding ;) xxx

  19. congrats on winning and I can't wait to see more posts :) xo

  20. Hello Zoella i have been watching your Videos on YouTube for ages, i love your primark Hauls and you always make me laugh, i am no beauty queen like you, but i know how hard you must work to look that pretty :) I am GirlNerd23 if you want to check my YouTube but im scared that my video's won't appeal to you since i dont vlog about make up :( I don't feel i should it's just i could be missing out on a "girl" audience? I am into fashion and the latest trends though. Congratulations on the Reward btw you are a worthy winner!!! I am thinking of making and starting a new Blog because i am chatty person when you get to know me and i love talking about my life, boyfriend, college work etc. P.S. i love your Monkey Onesie ;)

  21. monika

    how adorable, you look gorgeous as always. xx

  22. Congrats on your award! I love the pictures in this post.

  23. Char

    congratulations on your award, you totally deserved it! I agree, i love the run up to Christmas and Christmas itself XX

  24. Chloe

    Oooh how I love it when I see a new Zoella blog pop up in my RSS feed!
    Congratulations on winning the Cosmo award – you deserve it!
    Chloe x

  25. I'd love to know how to charity shop, I'm terrible!

  26. Sophia

    Zoella is back!!! Yay :) I'm looking forward to the next blogposts. Oh, and you totally deserve the award! Congrats <3

  27. lrob932

    Congratulations!!! :)

  28. I am so baffled as to what this venture between you and Louise is, I just can't wait to find out :) Congratulations on the Cosmo Award, :) Glad you will be making more posts as I LOVE them :)

  29. Lush Pictures x

  30. Pretty hair do, I would love the see the charity shop post (:

  31. Congrats on your award! You deserve it!
    Love the sound of the post on charity shopping, sounds like a really great idea! xx

  32. im glad youve blogged again, i love reading your posts:) and i think the charity shop post is a great idea:Dxxx

  33. Mila

    i absolutely agree with buying cute and cheap things, definitely a better choice than spending lots of money for something not necessery (except for big events, you know..)!
    i also agree with the fact you can't write a post without being in the right mood, and maybe it's just this that makes your blog so good, your award proves it! :)

  34. congrats Zoe! The charity shop post would be fab; glad you're blogging again :D

  35. Lischen

    I'm so glad you are back! Your blog was the first one I've ever known and YOU motivated me to start blogging!
    I'm so excited for the follwing posts the next few weeks! And yes, I'm very interested in a post about charity shopping!That would be great, because I don't know anything about it!!

    Much love!!


  36. Cheska

    Welcome back! So happy you'll be blogging again, yours is one of the only blogs I really look forward to reading (and watching!) It definitely proves you have to believe in what you're writing to stand out, and I'm sure is one of the reasons you won your award :) peace and love xx

  37. Emma

    Congrats on your award :) x

  38. Tina

    Do you know how depressing it is that your photos are summery? Way to make me miss summer. I wrap up every day in 2 tops, cardi, scarve, mittens and coat and im STILL cold.

    Cant believe i used to go out without a cardigan a few months ago!

  39. Congrats on the cosmo award! Have missed your posts alot :)

  40. Vivian

    congratulations on the cosmopolitan blogs! I voted for you a couple of times, so glad you won, you really do deserve it! You were like the first blog i ever read. Anyway, I know how bad weather sucks. Although I am from Australia and we're in spring, every now and then we'll have the unexpected down pour.. arrglhh bad weather! :P but yes! as you said, its all leading up to Christmas, so I guess it'd have to be worth it hey? :) lovely pictures zoe. xx

  41. Jorien

    Lovely pictures as always!
    I'm glad you're back! Again, congrats with winning the award, you so deserved it!
    Can't wait to see the upcoming posts..

    Xx Jorien

  42. Elena

    glad you´re back :D

    and yes, i´d really appreciate a post about charity shops, though there aren´t many in germany ._.

  43. Yay! So glad to read a new post from you! When I saw it pop up in my Bloglovin' I nearly keeled over from happiness! :)

  44. Grace

    totally agree with you on the weather front!
    I don't normally look in charity shops but have seen a few posts about them being really good, so I may have to have a look for myself :)

  45. Jessey

    Glad to have you posting again, I've missed it!
    Your blog inspires me, please keep it up!

  46. Good idea, I'd love to see a charity shop post. In fact, I was thinking of doing something similar myself. I've found so many great things in charro shops it almost seems a waste not to share them x

  47. Noush

    Amazing photos !
    Congratulations for the Cosmo award, you really deserve it !!!

  48. Wooo a post from the lovely Zoella, congrats on your award again lovely one. So deserved!


  49. Would love to see a charity shop "how to" kind of post! Massive congrats on the blog award, I absolutely love your blog and you really deserve it! xxx

  50. Jenny

    ahaha warn us if theres ever gonna be a picture of a frog again ::D i love the rest of the pictures though!

  51. I LOVE Christmas too! … only 46 days to go :-)

    A post on charity shops would be amazing!

    Glad to see you're posts back, hope the dreary weather isn't getting you too down. X x

  52. a charity shopping how to would be wonderful! I love to search thrift stores to find things I can change up. Like I found a shirt and turned it into a bodycon skirt, it became addicting!

  53. Hannah

    lovely to see a post from you again, I've been checking every day hoping to see one haha :) i think a post on charity shop shopping would be splendid!

  54. Joella

    all I said to myself when I saw that you did a blog post was YAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYYY! :D (I could say this for ages!)
    congrats on your award! :)x

  55. Lily

    So glad you're back chick :) x

  56. jpoppy

    Congrats on the award!! And YESS to charity shop shopping :) x

  57. Rubiiee

    I enjoy charity shopping, feels good to know that your purchasing for a good cause and that you are whimsically buying new items that cost you body parts.

    Glad you posted, missed your blogs!

  58. Love it that you're back ! :)

  59. Yahh I have been really looking forward to this post, it always makes my day seeing you on my dashboard! Please please please do a charity shop post because I live near Bristol too and I just cant find any charity shops… if you do do a post then can you tell us where abouts the charity shops are please. I cannot wait until your future posts.. eeek im already excited! xxxx

    P.S. Well done on your award, you seriously deserve it!

  60. Vici.

    nice blog ! ;)

  61. Chrissy

    PLEASE do the charity shop post! :)

  62. Congratulations and i'm looking forward to more upcoming blog posts.

  63. Mayz

    charity shop post would be great! Great photography! x

  64. Charity shop post sounds really good! i love charity shopping and always seem to find the most sweetest and cheap things :) x

  65. congrats on your award! so well deserved. these pictures are so gorgeous especially the first one! xoxo

  66. Rosie

    a charity shopping post would be really helpful! xx

  67. laura

    Love your blog Zoe! The photos are always amazing and what you write :)

  68. Lea

    I really love your Blog! Actually I've posted it on my Blog because I like it so much :)
    Maybe you would like to see mine too.
    It's :)

  69. so excited to have stumbled upon your beautiful's awesome! new follower :)

  70. Mushei

    you're so pretty on the first photo! & I love your blog :)

  71. i'm assuming charity shops are the equivilent to thrift shops. i would love to see a post like that!

  72. Hey Zoe! You have such an amazing blog and I'm so glad that you're posting because I've missed seeing what you've been up to. These pictures are lovely and I would really love to see your post about the charity shops! I actually just went to one today and found really great things! Keep up the awesome posts!

  73. anna

    You have an amazing blog. Please don't ever ever stop posting. promise ???

  74. S.

    I love your posts!

  75. You look so pretty in that picture. I love your photos, they always look amazing. I've given you a blog award on my blog by the way x

  76. Charity shopping is a good idea. yeah' Its addicted and hard to overcome with it. But let see this in a positive way.

    Faye-Dark Circles Under Eyes

  77. I can't believe, that I just discovered you now!! You are so cute & Lovely!!

  78. Lim

    WAW … very unique.i love it

  79. kizi

    rất hay và thú vị

  80. Maria

    Wow, i must say, i watched you on youtube and i found the link to your blog and i looove your style. I'm from Canada and i wish we had Primark here, you guys always have great stuff from there…anyways, continue what you're doing, we love it :)!!

  81. Hayy, I watched all your videos and with your influence have started a blog thankz for the tips you gave with 'sprinkle of glitter'- I have found a new hobby !,Love your videos they are really funny an inspiring <3 Your a really nice person -xoxo-

  82. Oh my i am excited about this venture with louise (Sprinkle of Gitter) You should have your own channel together , you do make me chuckle so!
    Lucy from LylaBuzz X

  83. Chloe

    I love watching your videos :) they are very funny.
    you look very beautiful in the top photo.

  84. anna

    pretty pictures adore your blog !

  85. cant wait for your charity shopping post !! x

  86. I LOVE the outfit and your photos. You live in such a beautiful place

    • Paige Anderson

      same and i feel very comfy and snuggle up with my soft blankets and my coffee and relax