That title is quite the mouthful. I dare you to try and say it 10 times over without slipping up…let me know if you did it ;)

The photoframe above is a picture of me and my dad when i was about 3. On a beach in Cornwall. I love it. I look so crazed.

I’m sorry these posts are quite frequent. I actually really enjoy writing them because they fullfill my desire to blog without me sitting here slaving away over a long, photo galore blog post. Although some days, i do love to do that for you, so I won’t neglect them don’t fret.

♥ Today has been pretty poop. I feel tired, frustrated & very unappreciated by people closest to me. I’m one of those people that tries to sprinkle everything rubbish with a bit of positivity, but today I am running low on the tinkerbell dust & quite frankly, I could do with a cuddle.
♥ I am loving that winter is creeping up. I am the biggest fan of hot chocolate, and finally, I can start cracking open the cadburys hot choccy, marshmallows and whipped cream. It also means cosy nights under blankets and in your comfiest jimjams & candles everywhere. It also means Christmas is not far away!
♥ Chocolate Teacakes – 89p from Lidl. Sunday life saver ;)
♥ Anybody watch Piers Morgans Life Stories with Cheryl Cole last night? I know a lot of people have a lot of love for Cheryl, me being one of them. After watching the programme i definitely just ended up loving her more. It’s so easy for people to judge her and they seem to forget she’s only human like the rest of us, dealing with normal shit but under a magnifying glass. I must admit, i shed a few tears. It was very touching & definitely had me wandering why the people you love can so easily hurt and betray you. It also left me wandering if Ashley Cole was sobbing into a box of Kleenex on his own feeling like the biggest idiot in the world.
♥ Currently reading Hot Tramp I Love You So & Strikers & Spikers

  1. Love these posts!

    I love Cheryl too, and even more so after the interview last night. She seems to mature, kind and fun! Ashley (and Rooney too for that matter) is such a moron.


  2. I love these posts and I do love chezza…I thought she came across as really genuinely but also realise there is a huge team of people coaching her and planning this interview to win back some of the public thats shes lost. <3 hot tramp I love you so <3

  3. I said it 10 times in a row with no probs! Haha.. You made me want hot choclate with marsmellows! Yummyy

  4. These posts are my fave :)
    All the small pictures you show of your room inspire me so much, I would love to see a room tour :)


  5. i watched the interview last night, i wasn't really crazy about her before but i feel i know abit her abit better.the media make up such a whole load of poo and the people who hate her percept her to be like what the press tell; she is such a strong person!:)

  6. These post are so good to read (: I love Cheryl too last night just proved that – you wern't the only one to shed a tear (: I don't think anyone realised how normal and genuine she was – shocked many people .Lovely photo i have one like that when i was ickle with my mum in Italy – little photos like that just make you realise how special and lucky we are to have loving families :) Don't i sound wise haha ;) :L
    Lovely post hun :)
    Eloise xoxo

  7. Emma♥

    I watched cheryl last night, it made me cry too :( I totally agree with the fact that people forget she's human…
    and you've made me sooo hungry with the picture of those teacakes D:♥ xx

  8. Jade

    We all appreciate you and your blogposts :)
    Teacakes are perhaps one of the most amazing things ever. Have you had the Tunnock's ones? The marshmallow inside that is literally to die for! Love your cupcake candle x

  9. Loved the interview with Cheryl, love the pictures Zoë, your room looks so cozy in the first picture, hope to see room tour pictures one day

  10. chin up zoe, for what its worth i think you are amazing i love reading your blog. you a inspiration to loads of people :)
    i love that cupcake candle so cute

  11. eve.

    i love these posts :) i watched the cheryl cole thing as well. i didn't really have an opinion of her before – i just knew i was jealous – but after watching it, i think she seems really genuine :) xx

  12. i love these posts! you should definitely do more of these!

  13. Awww have a cuddle! I love hot chocolate too in winter, I have mine with shortbread mmmm! I am about to watch Cheryl Cole's prog now, taped it from last night. I think she is fab!

  14. My favourite types of posts are these :)

    I didn't watch Cheryl with Piers last night as my tv is broken, although I may watch it online tonight if I can find it. I must admit before she appeared on x factor, I wasn't sure of her,but since then I've grown to love her :).

  15. Love this posts so definitely keep them up!
    Sending you a GREAT BIG VIRTUAL HUG. Know how it feels to need one sometimes :(
    Yum Chocolate Tea Cakes – I know them as Mellowpuff's (NZ) – nom nom!

  16. I love these types of blogs! Fun and easy to read :)

    I must say I was indifferent about Cheryl Cole before the Piers Morgan interview last night, but after watching it I truly warmed to her. She came across so genuine and normal. And I didn't realise how bad the malaria was for her.

    Love your blog Zoe! And you have a cool name too ;)

  17. This post is cute. I'm not wishing for winter to come, but it will arrive.

  18. aweeeh. i love these posts, a comforting read.
    sweet pictures, capture the atmosphere.
    mmm, regretting not watching Cheryl not too sure i love her though, no doubt she is beautiful, not sure.

  19. Sarah

    I was never a big fan of Cheryl before I watched her last night but now I think she's fab, and such a gorgeous little thing! Like everyone else, I love these posts too. Keep them coming!:) xo

  20. I want hot chocolate! I've always liked Cheryl right from Popstars but i love her even more after that interview was sooo emotional!

  21. Firstly darling, have a huge big snuggly cuddle and don't be sad. Secondly, I loved Cheryl even more after that interview too. I was completely glued for the whole hour. I didn't move an inch. I just found it so captivating. And so powerful. Didn't think I'd be pulled in like that!


  22. Sandra

    I turned into the biggest Chery Cole fangirl after that interview last night. I also cried hahha…

    love these posts, and I love hot chocolate… mmm!

    have a great week :) xx

  23. Kelly

    Those teacakes! Yum and a bargain.
    I haven't watched the Cheryl thing yet, will catch up on demand.

    Loving your hair on the previous post.


  24. I watched cheryl cole that night! I felt especially bad for her after she said she felt that her marriage was so great and then suddenly finds that he's cheated on her.

    Ashley cole is a fool. Who would cheat on Cheryl cole? Crazy.

  25. These posts are amazing! I watched the interview too, i feel bad for her because its obvious she wishes she was still with Ashley.

  26. I am a cheryl fan, she can do no wrong in my eyes. I can't wait for it to be hot chocolate time again either!

  27. I love you Someday Summaries, it inspired me to do them on my own blog, which to be honest I didnt really have much to talk about…anyway love the post…If you have time check mine out


  28. NOU

    Love it! How do you like Chloe perfume?

  29. Muhsine

    *Hugs* and omg I have that photoframe, it's beautiful, love your cute lil pic inside :) x

  30. You look so happy in the photo. I love the cooler weather, tends to make me more creative.

  31. Shirley

    I love these posts!! Just popped by to read 'em again! You're too sweet!

    <3 <3 <3

  32. Danyell

    Ok I have that same pic frame and is that a candle cupcake…love it

  33. *cuddles Zoe-in-the-past* No, I didn't manage to say ten times fast… more like three.

    xoxo, Natalya

  34. Cheryl and I have the same birthday!

  35. alex

    I couldn’t say it :(

    • kaitlyn

      lol me either. i love reading these old posts. talking about wanting cuddles and poop feelings and feeling unappreciated. so relatable. this was before she became golden girl :)