♥ Found these photo’s of me being a total poser with some geek glasses a while back. when i was waiting for the boy to come round. I quite liked my long fringe, it’s sort of making me want it back, and i almost trimmed my fringe today too. Thnk i’ll leave it.
♥ Had a proper sing song to Ellie Goulding’s album today. Probabaly one of my favourites of 2010. I don’t think i will ever get bored of it. Although i would like her to release another one to fullfill my Ellie Goulding needs. Thanks Ellie…if you’re reading.
♥ Aside from singing along to Ellie Goulding i have been in such a rubbish mood. Totally uninspired, drained, unmotivated and generally just down in the dumps. Hate days when i feel like this, they drag.
♥ Went and bought ingredients to make a banana & milk and white chocolate cake. I think i’m addicted to it..when it comes out of the oven and it’s still warm and the chocolate is all melted (i’m quite literally drooling right now)
♥ I have been having REALLY vivid dreams recently and a very disturbed sleeping pattern. In fact some of my dreams have involved some other beauty bloggers (ooer) haha. I hate vivid dreams, they really freak me out and i wake up wandering if it really happened or not. Although i did find these sleeping facts very interesting…
16 Things You Didn't Know About Sleep

♥ Currrently reading Victoria & Milkteef

  1. You look super cute! :D I got Ellie Gouldings album for my 21st and i LOVE it so much! Reminds me of such happy memories :)

    I hope you're feeling a bit happier soon!
    Sending big loves xo

  2. banana and milk and white chocolate cake sounds so delicious! :)

  3. Lisa.

    Wow i found that poster really intresting!!

  4. Chloe

    oo, interesting :) xx

  5. Lauren

    That poster is great, the one about people we've seen is odd! x

  6. bee.

    Thanks for posting the thing on sleep. It was really interesting to read – especially as I barely sleep these days!

  7. Olivia

    Interesting business sleep is then hey! x

  8. nice post, i didn't know over 65 year old peeps only needed 6 hours of sleep…

  9. You look gorgeous in them photo's, i prefer my fringe long also (: It looks more laid back and effortless then a full fringe in my opinion :P
    & that poster is so interesting! haha

  10. Hannah

    Haha cute pictures. And interesting sleep facts! AND you've now made me want to go listen to Ellie Goulding… Hello itunes…. xxx

  11. You look lovely in the photos Zoe :) Love the geek glasses – need to get some but unsure where to get them ?

    Lol number 3 made me laugh- will have to tell my boy mate about that one :L
    Interesting poster overall :)

    Great post,
    Eloise xoxo

  12. Jess

    Your room looks gorgeous, and so do you. I never realised that much about sleep, it fascinates me. I had to learn the sleep cycle in Psychology and never realised so much happens. Hope you have a better day tomorrow :)


  13. you look super cute :-) ! not fair haha

    and I found that poster interesting, too
    especially the thing with blind people, never thought about how they dream…


  14. those facts about sleep were actually so interesting!xxx

  15. Gemma

    I loved the dream facts image- i find dreams and that such really intresting. Shocking how no sleep before food will kill us though, never would of imagined that!!

  16. oh wow your hair is so lovely. I have that problem used to have a long fringe then cut it. now regretting it! also loving your room wow! looks so lovely. those sleep facts were so interesting. I always find it hard to sleep! x

  17. lo

    haha love the glasses, and ellie is god :) xx

  18. eve.

    that cake sounds amazing, you may have inspired me to bake. :)
    ps. i loove your hair. xx

  19. Alison

    4 and 5 freak me out!

    And I always though old people needed more sleep… saying that though they do all seem to be up and about v. early.

  20. You look beautiful. You have the most beautiful BLUE eyes! Sleep facts are pretty cool. I am totally an A. Ha ha ha. I began laughing when I saw it because my husband always makes fun of how I sleep. Ha ha.

  21. Oh wow, thanks for posting my link! That sleep poster is strange, 'we can only dream about faces we have seen' is a little creepy! Really hope I've never met an alien! xx

  22. Lizzy

    you look lovellyyy :)
    love the sleeping picture aswsell, very interesting :) xx

  23. mw

    i love the sleep facts :)

  24. Diane

    I LOVE Ellie Goulding too!! I heard she's releasing a couple of new tracks in November!! Can't wait! And thanks for the sleep article! It's an interesting read!! xx

  25. looking absolutely fandabbydoesy as always zoe! apparently i'm a yearner and getting no where near enough sleep, brilliant. xxx

  26. Kitty

    I've been lurking around your blog for ages, & let me say it is just lovely. I always enjoy reading!

    Those are interesting facts. I didn't know almost any of those before..haha. Cute pictures too!
    Oh and I hope you're feeling better soon.

  27. Teenagers still wet their beds?!?

  28. Nice post, the facts abt sleeping are interesting! I didn´t know that men dream so much abt other men :D

  29. Nicola

    are you secretly hinting to us all that you still wet the bed Zoe? & have sexy dreams about me, its ok its natural plenty of people do it! the dreaming about me thing of course!! now that i'm unemployed I think you should come & live with me!! xx

  30. Holly

    wow thanks for the interesting facts (:,xx

  31. your so pretty and cute :) xx

  32. cool facts

  33. Ellie

    your so gorgeous :)
    those sleep facts are so interesting too! xox

  34. APR♥

    Your hair is so pretty it makes me want to grow mine out

  35. Amy

    Lovely post :) LOVE Ellie Goulding too.. AMAZING!x

  36. Daisy

    Mmmmm that cake sounds AMAZING! What's the recipe?! Makes me drool just thinking about it.


  37. Lee

    your hair is goooorgeous <3

  38. hehee. lovely read!
    yourr lashess are so curled:O

  39. this is a cute post! that banana and white choc cake sounds divine.. i've just came across your blog. i love it, you are gorgeous btw!

    xx adele

  40. Jeana

    love your hair :)

  41. amazing ; )) your pic are so very pretty ; ) i like it !!

    if, you want follow me :*** <3

  42. wow all that sleep stuff was so fascinating! thanks for posting.

  43. Great post!

  44. The facts about sleeping! So good… Posted a few on to my twitter profile!!

  45. Pn00t

    <3 <3

  46. Betty ♡

    I love going back and reading all of your old posts – I can remember you first uploading this!