This isn’t a blogpost about things i have ordered.
These are things which have been sent to me by girls who follow my blog.
I absolutely adore being sent cards/gifts. Being sent from companies it’s not exactly that personal, but from someone who has made something themselves, it has so much more meaning :)

The first package is from the gorgeous Sammie,
You can view her Youtube Channel HERE, and her Blog HERE

She sent me a brushroll which she had custom made. Now, personally, something like this which has been made by someone, is a lot more satisfying to own. I have always wanted a brush roll, it makes transporting your brushes SO much easier. Yes, you can shove them into a large makeup bag, but it will just ruin the shape of the brushes, and lets face it, this is just so cute. I have spent a fair bit of money on my mac brushes, they deserve the best treatment possible..that & i don’t want to be forking out for new ones.
It’s pretty, it’s pink, it has flowers & is the ultimate girly brush storage. I love it. I have all my brushes slotted neatly into each compartment. I also found it was great for allowing brushes to dry, usually i will just put them on a towel and leave them that way, but you can just pop them in here also. :)
Sammie is actually selling these brush rolls, and i would strongly urge you to go & have a look on her blog. They are a fabulous price also at £13.95. I will probabaly buy one for a friend or my mum. I haven’t ever seen a brush roll SO cute.

Thankyou so much Sammie, I LOVE it :)

The next package i recieved was from Louise who is a follower of my blog.
I found Louise on Youtube & instantly LOVED her videos & bubbly personality. See her video’s HERE. She does fab reviews. You can also find her Blog HERE

She just sent these gifts without agenda as she loved my blog, how sweet!
She actually makes & sells Jewellery in craft shops around where she lives. Very creative missy!
The card was also so so lovely of her & i will keep it forever :)

I love my followers i really do!

  1. How gorgeous is that brush roll! I shall be putting in an order once I have a few more brushes to fill it! xx

  2. Wowweee that brush roll is amazing! Definately need to buy myself one (when I build up my actual brush collection haha!)
    You are so lucky!
    ♥ :)

  3. What lovely gifts! I'm going to check out those brush rolls they look gorgeous xx

  4. Abbie

    So sweet :)
    That brush roll is really cute !

  5. Milly

    Aw they are precious pieces! How lovely of those girls. :)
    I just adore the brush roll!
    Milly xx

  6. Gorgeous brush roll! + lovely pretty jewlery, I always love pressies in the post, so special.
    makes my day!


  7. oh how cute!

    I can't get over looking at these pics, it's so pretty and girly and everything!!!

  8. Sophie

    Aw that brush roll really is gorgeous! I love the bracelet too. Also, I don't mean to go advertising my blog everywhere, I'm still unsure of the protocol, but I'm the girl from Australia who emailed you those questions for my journalism assignment. I just wanted to let you know you and lollipop26 have really inspired me and also a friend of mine to start a blog! It would be so awesome if you could take a look at it and tell me what you think, if you have time! Have a lovely day! Sophie

  9. Sophie


  10. Lau.

    gorgeous :)

  11. Jo

    Awwww Zoe that is so kind and so touching. You have some amazing followers and you truly deserve them. You're a gorgeous genuine person, which obviously all your followers recognise.


    Jo.. xxxx

  12. The brush roll is so beautiful!

  13. ♥Lola

    I love love that brush roll :)

  14. Nicole

    that brush roll is darling, its so you ! that was super sweet :) <333

  15. Wow gorge stuff Zoe how generous of them!x

  16. what a nice gifts!!
    specially the first one :)
    i like so much your blog
    is because of you that i am a big fan of lush :)
    since i read you (5 months ago) i like more and more the make up and fashion stuff

  17. Those are beautiful things to receive! You are so lucky! :)

  18. That brush roll is so gorgeous! I think it is amazing that so many people would prefer this to an expensive name brand! We should all be supporting fellow beauty bloggers rather than corporations. It was so sweet of her to send this to you and I will certainly be ordering one!

  19. What beautiful & creative gifts.

    You have lovely subscribers Zoe :)

    Jess Mai

  20. India

    Gorgeous gifts! The brush roll is so pretty and it! xx

  21. That is so lovely of them! (:

  22. Lauren

    so adorable!!!
    thats so nice of them to send you gifts :)

  23. aww, that's so lovely, i adore the make-up brush roll, it is so prety. also, your blog is amazing, i will definitley be following, i am surprised i have never visited it before! ♥

  24. Jen

    The brushroll is beyond beautiful. I want one so much! So gorgeously generous followers. :)

  25. The brushroll is gorgeous! I've just ordered one haha, couldn't resist! :)xx

  26. MW

    love the brush roll =)
    xo mw

  27. those gifts are so cute! the brushroll is perfect!!!

  28. My, you're a lucky one, they're all beautiful gifts ;) x

  29. I love handmade things – that brush roll is amazing :)

  30. Packages are the best! The brushroll is so adorable! :) xx

  31. how do people send you things,do you have a PO box ?:)


  33. absolutely adorable…:)

  34. Teresa

    love reading this now that you and louise are best friends :) <3 so sweet!

  35. This is so so cute! I love that brush case so much! It's so cute to think how close you and Louise are now, I hope over time I will be able to find a few new friends! I absoloutley love you and Louise, and love keeping uo to date with your videos! Never stop please xxx

  36. This popped up as one of the blog posts "you might like"…so cute to see how you and Louise started to be friends! xx

  37. That brush roll is so cute.
    Might see is I can make one handmade and blog about it and describe how I made it! :)

    Also, that is really sweet about Louise and you two are now best friends- love how the blogging community can make life long friends!

  38. Your friendship with Louise is absolutely adorable! And the fact that the moment in which you became so close has been "immortalized" in this post is so awesome!


  39. Awwwh this is just so cute :3. friendship is a wonderful thing indeed :)

  40. Mia

    Old times haha! I love seeing how friendships start, and I myself can say that I'm a proud owner of the best friend in the wold <3

  41. Hi guys! I just started my blog and if you would be ever so kind to just take a peek at it, that'd make my day. I don't want to be annoying and all and i hope you dont mind xx

  42. Its nice to see where the friendship began <3 x

  43. You're friendship with Louise is a dream! Finding friends like that is extremely hard (at least in America)

  44. It's a shame your opinion about that has changed! A shame..I'm kind of disappointed you didn't appreciate my present BUT I absolutely still love your Blog!!
    How about a new Favourite Video? :) x

  45. You are truly an inspiration Zoe, I can't thank you enough for what you have taught me. I live all the way over in Australia, but am originally from Bristol in the UK and it's so good listening to you and learning things off of you, it's like being at home (sorry to sound cheesy) :-)

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  47. We like Bendigo with Easter time time. Were simply open up a at some point – Sunday 11-3, thus jump within plus get several pana chocolate or a different shine rabbit, bushy rabbit or maybe rabbit studs. Much more now within store. Love the weekend.please click on birthday gifts

  48. Svenja

    I absolutely love the brush role! It looks so cute! :)

  49. I love this post, to think that at the time this was posted you hadn't met Louise is so surreal!

  50. Thinking back to the days where you and Lou weren't even friends! Thats crazy! x

  51. Wow, looking at this and seeing you and Louise as just "A girl who follows my blog" Is actually insane! & what cute Chummys you've become now!

  52. Mary Nascimento

    I enjoy looking back on all your old blog posts :)

  53. Amy Wilson xxx

    Anyone know what zoellas Po box is ?? X

  54. So weird how your talking about watching Louise’s videos and now your best friends :) love reading your old posts x