I don’t live near a Sleek counter, so when my shopping trip takes me a bit further (to where they do stock it) i usually like to buy something to try out.
I had seen a few reviews & hauls of this particular item & I really wanted to try it out for myself as it would be a nifty little item for your makeup bag.

Sleek Face Contour Kit comes in three different shades. Light, Medium & Dark. I bought the light one obviously. Now, the first thing that i noticed was the awfully tacky packaging..not the actual box, or the information on the box or the way it’s set out..the awful model. Correct me if i’m wrong, but she looks like something you’d see on the front of a trashy porn dvd or the front page of Nuts (a trashy gentlemans magazine full of boobies) White shirt open, tie..moody weird vampy face. It’s awful. Please Sleek, try and be a bit more creative with your models. It also looks like it was taken with a digital camera and just placed on there. I think it would have looked better with no model on there. I apologise if you happen to be the model on the front of this box..i’m sure this was not your choice. :)

When i got home and opened the box to try it out, i notice 2 lovely nail marks through the bronzer..someone had either opened this in the shop and just dug their nails in because that’s what they like to do..or this happened when it was packaged. Obviously this doesnt change the way the product works, it was just not what i wanted to open up a new item to find. If this was a Mac Blusher, i would have taken it back.

The actual product packaging & product itself is FAB! The bronzer is matte, which often people find difficult to find. The colour is perfect & it’s pigmented & easily blendable as well as the highlighter.

Besides the little things like the trashy porn woman on the box & the nail marks, this is a brilliant contour kit. It’s easy to use and even comes with a little booklet explaining how and where to contour and highlight. Excellent for those of you who have always wanted to try it but never knew what to buy or from where.

RRP: The kit was around £4-5. I can’t remember off the top of my head & actually when searching for it on the sleek website, it redirected me to a china sex musuem site..i’m thinking they have been hacked! eek.

  1. aretha

    i always always check my items before i pay when im at superdrug and boots. some ppl just like to open and fiddle with the products which is gross! you should do a fotd with this =) how does it compare to BE faux tan?

  2. oooo at my sleek counter all they do so far is blushes etc, so i will be waiting for this beauty to appear!!! cant wait! oh and yes, the model ruins that instantly, cheapens the whole thing actually!!

  3. Sarah

    grrr i wish we had Sleek here =/ someone sent me their Storm palette in a swap and it's divineeeee :) great review darling xoxo

  4. I am looking for a perfect combo to contour and highlight ! And this one looks fabulous !
    I have to agree with you and the terrible model choice lol

  5. It seems to be a nice little product, but the nail marks… It could ruin my day!

    I, too, have purchased some eyeshadows that are supposedly sealed with a sticker, and then I return home just to discover some heavy fingerprints on the top…
    Growse growse growse!

  6. Ha, so true about the visual on the box. It's quite porn star. The instructions seem abit iffy from what I can see there. Contour should be applied below the cheekbone not on it. Still want to check this one out though. It looks good, thanks for the heads up :)

  7. Ha ha I thought the same as you when I saw the model!! Baaaad model!

  8. omg that totally sucks about the nail marks! what kind of people would do that? o__O geebus!
    looks like a nice product! thanks for reviewing :)


  9. Will have to try this! :) Been searching for a matte bronzer.
    LOL @ The porn model. Bless her!

  10. Nice review, I bought this a few month ago and just love it! Its so blendable and beautiful. I agree on the packaging wayyy to tacky!

  11. India

    Ergh I hate it when people open the packaging and play around with a product! It could have just been damaged already though. It looks really nice, even if the woman is a bit tacky! xx

  12. Ahhh my virus security blocked the website…
    id do a virus scan girlies xxxx

  13. Haha, that really made me chuckle about the trashy porn woman, I thought something similar when I bought this, it's so bizarre! There shouldn't be pictures of people on makeup packaging. Like restaurants that have menus with pictures of their food, it's just not right! xxx

  14. The packaging looks pretty tacky but this does sound like a good product – I've been looking for a matte bronzer for a while so will probably pick this up next time I'm at a Sleek counter! x

  15. Cute products and the naughty model is very cringworthy :D x

  16. Lovely review :)
    I agree about the woman on the front..maybe they should find a new model!

    It looks like a good set though, I was wondering if maybe you could post a photo so we could see what it looks like once it's been applied?


  17. Jean

    This looks fantastic :)

  18. Lol! So agree with you about the tacky packaging!!! Great review sweety :)

  19. Kyanvi

    OMG… directed to a porn site, i will be so shocked …

    well, i saw it in superdrugs today for £5.99, but its already sold out… even the eye shadow palette in westfield store today …sigh@.@

  20. Carrsky

    I've picked this up a few times when i'm in Superdrug but always put it back down again as I was never too sure how good a product it would be for so little money…however I think you've convinced me to give it a go :D xoxo

  21. Jen

    Sounds great! I've never tried contouring but think it looks great when done well.

    Shame about the sleazy model and nail marks!

  22. Will definitely have to give this baby a try. I'm always paranoid about bronzers making me look like I've slapped mud all over my face.

  23. ♥Lola

    This looks really interesting! I wonder if I can get this in Australia?

  24. Ooh I think I might check out their lip scrubs! :)

  25. I was sneakily trying to read your blog at work…but I blew my cover when I actually 'laughed out loud' at the porn star comment!

    I really want to get my hands on this kit!!


  26. I agree the model is tacky! It would look so much better without her on the box and just being plain black!

    I haven't seen this before…I'll definitely check it out next time I'm in Superdrug. x

  27. Gemma

    I have been wanting to get my hands on this for ages! I looked at the image and thought exactly the same thing about the woman!! Then I read what you wrote and realised great minds think alike!

    If possible (I know you don't have one near you) could this be the item that makes up the difference in our mini swap? I don't mind waiting till you swing by there again, it might be some time before I have a bloody apartment for you to send it to!! xxx

  28. LOL! Snap! I thought exactly what you wrote, before I read it! Hilarious! I would love to try this product but unfortunately would have to buy on-line to do so. Great review, gave me my chuckle for the morning, thank you xx

  29. Never heard of 'Sleek', thanks for bringing so many new brands to my attention:) Lovely, informative blog x

  30. I thought the same thing as you before I read your review..the picture is cheapy looking but the product looks great..If I see this around I will defo purchase! x
    Please check out my blog ladies

  31. Laura

    Ooooh I simply HAVE to have one of these!! I'm going to go and write your letter now penpal! Congrats on the job xoxoxoxo

  32. Nice review!

    Love u & ur page°


  33. MW

    def gonna try this xo mw

  34. That girl is a bit scary!!!
    Looks like a nice palette though and not too orange!

  35. Frances

    Got this thanks to your review and I love it! Thanks hun xx

  36. Sian

    The comment about the 'porn' model made me laugh so much. I bought this a while ago when I was shopping with a friend of mine and I didn't really notice the model on the box. My friend, however, caught a glimpse of the model and thought I was buying a box of condoms. He also felt the need to shout it at the top of his voice. I don't really know why I shared that story, but great review Zoe! xx

  37. I bought this yesterday and LOVED it :D, I did find it a little difficult to blend at first (I am far more of a hair expert than a make-up one aha) but once I got the hang of it I really liked it. Do you think it will look ok if I use bronzer inbetween the two? Like, highlighter, bornzer and then countour powder underneath (if that makes any sense!)?. And my compact didn't have the porn model on aha :).

  38. Brilliant, I shall be purchasing this!

  39. This looks brilliant! I shall be purchasing it as well :) I just have one question- what type of brushes do you use when you use this contour palette? I am lacking in brushes and a good contour brush is on the list! Love your blog the perfect mix of everything!

  40. You mentioned this product in one of your YouTube videos – so I immediately went out and brought it (along with the eu natural eye pallete). Its an amazing product! I'm no make up pro and I find this so easy to use. And there's no trashy, porno girl on the packaging anymore (YAY!).