Haha, i hate those abbreviations..they look ugly.

Happy Monday dolls.
Hope you all had a good day?

Thought i’d show you what i looked like today, even though, i got rained on big time on my way to work, and my hair went all curly and frizzy, but do you know what? I went with it, and i improvised.
That’s all you can do in these situations i think you’d agree?
I would have used my normal camera but it ran out of battery as soon as i turned it on..what a fail.

Frizzed and wavy from the rain, so i pinned it up with a teeny bit of volume on the top.
I don’t think it looks too bad, lets face it, it could have been worse, especially if i didnt have my fringe pinned back. As my hair is naturally curly…

FaceOn my face i kept it pretty simple, dewy and natural & on the eyelids i wore woodwinked & embark in the crease.
The last picture is just a stupid one, because i felt like a posey idiot, so i thought i’d throw in a mega ugly, goofy one. :)

OutfitI mentioned on twitter that i had purchased some high waisted leggings..
well these are those. :)
They were £19 from Zara and i LOVE them.
They had black buttons on them around the waist and fit perfectly. (it’s very rare i find something that fits my long skinny pins & tiny waist..let alone all at once)
I teamed them with a plain white vest top, grey cardigan and cropped black blazer & some grey plimsolls.
Eh Voilaaa.

  1. Those high waisted leggins look HOT and the classy pearl earings are chic!

  2. Jess

    zoe im gonna come to your house at cut up all your cloths!! ha im so jealous of how you can make such a outfit work!!:) GORGEOUSS xxx

  3. So beautiful. Those leggings looks fab on you :). And your hair looks great even if you were caught in the rain! xo

  4. I love your outfit! & those leggings look amazing on you! XO

  5. omg your make up always looks so niiiiiice

  6. Woah you looks lovely :) Hair looks gorgeous as always! xxx

  7. wow i never saw high waisted leggings before. i'm not sure if its a little uncomfortable to wear them bc its so tight on your higher body then. but it looks definately great on you! and i really love your hair/face/accessories. thanks for sharing :)


  8. Shabna

    wow you have amazing legs ;O and those leggings are hot stuffff.
    topshop have an amazing studded pair which i can guess you'll love haha!
    been missing your posts! <3

  9. your style was adorrrrable. :]

  10. I love the 'rained on' hair! It looks like business up top and party on the bottom…just lovely!

  11. Carine

    Your hair looks good wih these waves !

  12. Jen

    Oh, if ONLY I could rock some high waisted leggings like this! You look great. I'm also super jealous of your hair – it looks fabs!

  13. Laura

    haha i want that phone :)
    really cute! absolutely adore the outfit and your hair!

  14. you look super cute and it didnt look like you got rained on :)

  15. Lisa

    Gorgeous! Love the blazer, where's the gold chain from hun? xx

  16. i love ur outfit!! ur leggings look amazing!!

  17. Meya

    loving the outfit! you're so pretty!

  18. you should do more fashion posts :D love your style!

  19. Bryony

    You're delicious.

  20. Cute outfit!
    And your hair is NOT frizzy, trust me, just gorgeous as always! ;)


  21. aww i love your posts! and you look so adorable here. the hair still looks FABULOUS as always. I don't think its possible for you to have a bad hair day!

  22. Cute! Luv the volume in your hair.

  23. great outfit! u pulled off those high-waisted leggings well:D ur pics crack me up haha u're too cute!:D just saw your youtube vid…adorable! can't believe ur friend's car is that clean plus he's a guy!! i'm quite impressed. just found ur blog today. love it!


  24. Sarah

    Gorgeous!! I want your hair.. and your style!

  25. Hehe fun pictures! You look very pretty!

    Check out my blog too! :)

  26. juicy j

    i adooorre you hair, you are just soo freekin pretty.
    and omg that phone, i die for it.

  27. oooo where is the necklace from??? x

  28. Haha i don't know if you are going to see it of not zoe but i wanted to go back to the first post you shared to see how did you start of and so on this is all i had :') i have started a new blog 2 days ago and i wanted to be insipred by you and so on ❤️ I would be gratfull if you support me somehow❤️ Much love❤️ http://www.scatteredpiecesofwords.blogspot.com/?m=1

  29. This is one of the sweetest pictures i've ever seen and i'm not going to lie and say i've been with you since day 1 because in reality not many have but i've been with you since around 800,000 on various accounts and you deserve everything you'v achieved girl! x

  30. Maddie

    I love going back and reading your old blog posts.
    Blog: Sundaysaresunny.com