This was requested a few times since i got my new makeup storage & i guess is a sortof peek at most of my makeup collection (some is still waiting to be stored away..eek)
Yay, i finally feel quite content with how i store my makeup. It’s now easy to find things & i don’t have to delve down to find certain colours etc. *satisfied*

[To some this may be a stupid amount of makeup..& to others a small collection..but to me it’s just right so no judging please.. :)]

Click to enlarge any pics for closer look

This is my makeup desk thing…it’s where i do my makeup :) It looks kinda higgledy piggledy..but i like it.

The Draws


Eyeshadows – Incl. Duo’s, Quads, Dazzle Dusts..etc etc.


The Silver Chest

This includes all my foundations, primers, some moisturisers & many fake tans on the left.

D.I.Y Ikea Draws

For all you observant peeps, you will notice i have covered these drawers in the same wallpaper that is on my wall in the first picture…It took me a flippin age. appreciate it! :)
In the drawer to the left i have mostly miscellanious drugstore lipsticks & in the right mostly Mac but other higher end lippies too.

This drawer houses my many concealers & a few eye creams

Left drawer is Mac shadows (To depot..or not to depot..that is the question?) & on the right is everything else eye related.

On top of the Ikea Drawers…

My brushes which are displayed in a sainsburys pencil holder (if you are wondering why i have randomly plonked black there, i actually have some black in the rest of my room as its cream/black)… & the silver mirrored drawers which house…

Bobbi Pins.. ♥

Small clear/black hair ties (perfect for the hair plait braid..£1 in primark) & your average brown hair tie.

My coloured hair clips :)

So ladies…that is my new storage system in place…& its working fabulously..especially the mirrored drawers as i never really had a system with my hair accessories before. Makes life a little easier & faster & i heart my new silver draws from Tkmaxx. Soo much room & i can see everything! The baskets are just on my other desk which isnt really that interesting as it’s just hair/body/face stuff in them. But if you are desperate to see those too i will post the pics up, just didnt think they’d be of much interest. :)

Also, one of my bestie’s started up a blog today after i persuaded her..mwaha
So you should go & follow her please, because i know its not nice to start a blog with nobody following you and you feel as if you’re talking to yourself haha.
And shes gorgeous & lovely too & i love her

Follow her HERE!

Thankyou lovelies.
Nighty Night

  1. Laura

    It is beautiful (like you) that's for sure…I love it! It's exactly how I though it would be…super pretty, very organised and full of lovlies! I am SO coming to live with you, hehe :)

    Thanks for doing this post…I just obviously can't get enough of you! Room tour next perhaps, hehe!

    Love you lots…thank you for being there for me today (and the rest) honey, it means a lot I can promise you that :)

    x x x

  2. Oh, I love the Ikea drawers & how you played it up with wallpaper. Nice touch! The mirrored drawers are too cute. :)

  3. Beautiful and really organised. I admire your makeup realm. XO

  4. S

    i think it would be really good if you did a post on your lipstick collection i would be really interested in it. also the two lipsticks nearest the front of the draw with coloured labels are they the Revlon ones? xxxxx

  5. Sarah

    Lovely set up – I especially like the box in the middle and you did a great job covering the other one!!

  6. aww that looks sooo nice, i am so sorry i havnt done your tag, i have been so busy. promise ill do it asap xxxx i heat ur blog

  7. @S – Yess they are Revlon. Nude Attitude & Pink Pout :)
    Yes i will do a lippy post. I already did one when i first started my blog but my collection has grown alot since then. x

  8. miley

    omg, i wish i had that much makeup! but then it would take me even looongger than it already does! so much product to choose from!
    i have an obsession with lip gloss/stick/chap, as it looks like you do too!:D
    and im on the same page as your friend, new blogger & no followers:(

  9. Daisy

    Great post! I agree with the to pot/to depot debate. I'm not sure what to do with mine! x

  10. that's so pretty and so organized!
    my collection is just randomly thrown in some makeup bags, and i've got such a hard time finding things sometimes >_<
    i've got to find me some of those drawer sets. they're so cute too!

  11. I have the same wooden drawer thingy! It use to be as organised as yours but now it houses make up I don't use as much….

    I've got three perspex stackable two drawer muji units now for my "essentials"…and there is STILL make up all over the place!

  12. Rachel

    Gorgeous storage, makes me really want to get organised, at the moment my make up is everywhere! x

  13. Zoella! That's fantastic, as always you are beautifully neat and organized – I am definitely going to look at Ikea for those draws! Thanks for sharing xx

  14. Karen

    wow you have tons and tons of makeup :]
    how awesome everything looks very neat and organized i love the drawers where you put the lip sticks & glosses it's so elegant looking

  15. I love it soo much, its super cute, very organized!!!! I luv it…

  16. kath.

    ughhhh this reminds me how much i need to organize. especially when i go to university in a couple months lol

    i'm new too and have only one follower so far, so i'll definitely follow your friend :)

  17. I really love the way that you have your makeup stored. I need something like that for my personal stash.

  18. I am LOVING this storage. The silver and cream look gorgeous and everything is so organized! I can't wait to start organizing a vanity for myself :D

  19. Wow so pretty and well organised! You have a great collection, I spied so many pretty colours in there ♥

  20. aw yay im glad you did this post i wanted to see it all!! what are you fav mac brushes and eyeshadows?

  21. becky

    i like your collection. its very neat and organized. i need to get my hands in one of those ikea diy containers.

  22. Wow Zoe, i wish I was so organised. I have drawers but everything is chucked into them :)

    I love the TK Maxx drawers and feel like I need another trip there, but it always disappoints me that mine is rubbish, there was no Viv sunnies :(

    x x

  23. Lauren

    Blimmin' heck! You've got loads of make-up.
    Looks very organised too. Love the new silver drawers x

  24. Great post, I love how you keep everything so organised and pretty! :)


  25. I'm SO jealous of all your makeup! LOL.
    Love your blog :)

  26. JoJo

    The TK Maxx drawers are a real find!
    Love how you've organised everything especially the lip glosses. :-)

  27. Jo

    I love these kind of posts! You have inspired me to sort out my dressing table! xx

  28. Aw I love this so much!!! It looks so neat and tidy! I have similar Ikea drawers too x

  29. Louise

    That looks fab pretty but so organised

  30. Helen

    Thanks for the add :) really love your blog! xxx

  31. I have NO storage right now, so I'm really jealous :) Looks great, the silver drawers are beautiful! xxx

  32. I love the silver box! It's so feminine and pretty. Right now I keep all my makeup in drawers because I don't like makeup cases (those professional looking ones), but I really like the way you organized all your makeup!

  33. Lush19

    I tagged you on my blog…. Please do it!

  34. very cute!!! I need some cute little boxes to store my stuff in.. I have big plastic boxes that look tacky =\

  35. Nav

    them silver mirrored draws are cute and so handy. hah thats funny i just started a blog and i feel like im talking to myself.
    lovely colection x

  36. Edna

    Wow, you're so organized. I love your makeup collection :)

  37. I love your storage!! just to let you know, i tagged you. xx

  38. Great, I find it much easier with everything organised into their own drawers and easily accessible.

    Personally, I tend not to use palette e/s as much as singles, so depotting isn't really for me. I don't know why I do that? lol

    I'll be sure to click on your mates blog; I can relate to sometimes feeing like nobody is clicking on you and you are talking to yourself :)

  39. ahh, its so organised! i went to txmaxx and to have a looksee at their storage after your previous post and their stuff is absolutely ADORABLE. im definiately buying some come payday :)

  40. Imo

    Im loving the makeup storage and the vintage style room/blog!

  41. oh my goddddddd i have never in my life seen so much makeup, i am actually sitting here in amazement!!!!

    I feel sick because my makeup collection fits neatly into one little bag… i need to go shopping hehe!!x

  42. Your drawers are SO cute! I love finding new ways to store my make-up, plus I find I use everything more if it's all laid out so that I can see it all! Check out my cheap and cheerful way of storing my brushes…

    Enjoy! x

  43. C

    You are so inspiring Zoe!! Love your blog so much.

    Your whole set-up and collection is so adorable and elegant. I hope this doesn't sound creepy, but whenever I'm having a disappointing day, I always visit your blog. It has such great energy! So lovely.


  44. I love this! I am constantly reorganising my makeup, I think i will have to invest in some good storage!
    Love your blog btw x

  45. I love the way you have stored your makeup! It looks really pretty! ♥

  46. Chloe

    Hey Zoe :)just wondering is your make-up bought over the years or just spontanious whims you have in the make-up stores ? :)


  47. M

    Hey Zoe! Love your organization! I am the same way with my makeup…I like it all hidden, but when I want to use it, I want to know where all of one item is so it makes choosing from them a whole lot easier!

    M, from

  48. Where is the mirror from? x

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  51. Ashleigh Morris

    I must buy some storage like this to keep my room looking tidy. Simply and easy, love it!

  52. David Taylor

    Great makeup storage ideas