Sorry this is a tad late as i actually bought these last thursday.
First i popped into Mac, I was completely unaware the SugarSweet collection had launched that day and was pleasantly surprised it was there.
Here’s what I spent my pennies on…

Perfect Topping MSF

I really like this MSF. I am always drawn towards more pinky colours (Hence why i picked up this one rather than Refined (which by the way i have orderd as i regret not picking it up in the shop..dum dum dummm…)) The Gold and purple veining in this is gorrrgeous, and looks great as a highlight. I am pale-ish…I’m an Nw20 in the winter so i think i can pull off both MSF’S quite well but i would say that this one is foolproof.

Lollipop Loving LippyThis Lipstick is a coraly/pink with green reflex in it (Can’t actually see this in the photo..bum). I bought this as i thought it was a similar colour to Neo Sci fi’s Pleasureseeker and i love that colour. I was also attracted/interested by the Green reflex. This look really nice on, and it’s subtle..don’t worry your lips don’t look green when you turn certain angles. I know alot of people were dissapointed by this which may have been because so many people hyped about it, they may have had higher expectations…me nono. But what i do i love it :DThen i popped into superdrug and couldn’t resist the 3 Dazzle Dusts for £9.9(5 or 9…don’t shoot me for missing a few pence)

The top shade is 03 – pink/goldThis is So pretty, I wouldn’t really say it’s gold, I think it’s pink with a coral undertone and peachy reflex.

Middle Shade is 51 – MushroomI looove this one. I can’t believe i never spotted this before. It’s the colour of Moth wing dust but obviously much prettier. Perfect for a neutral eye.

Bottom shade is a fine glitter dust in 23This is a black with very fine purple reflex. This would look amazing on a night out ontop of a smokey eye. The camera doesn’t quite do it justice as it really is pretty.

Nice little haul for you there.

One other thing…which is completely non-related…but…why do boys give up making you feel special after a certain amount of time? Do they need recharging or something? It frustrates me SO much.

I thought guys were supposed to make girls feel like princess’s everyday?


  1. Olivia

    oo i love mushroom going to get that no.3 tomorrow so pretty cb i have never seen it before.
    Have you tried mac studio fix? what do you think? better than revlon colourstay?

    Maybe its time for a break so that when they get back together he can appreciate BETTER!

  2. @Olivia – No i haven’t tried Mac studiofix..i do want to though. I might ask for pump of it to try. I do like revlon though, it’s the only liquid foundation, besides Mac mineralize skinfinish that doesn’t cake on me.

    Hmm…I don’t even think that would work. Maybe i’m just boring now :(

  3. Olivia

    Thinking of getting the revlon one :). Awww your not boring at all honey *HUGS*. I just asked my mom and she said sometimes they don’t feel the need to make you special once they have you they don’t need to impress you anymore!

  4. Love your haul. I'm thinking of purchasing an MSF from the SugarSweet collection and now that I've seen a swatch of the lollipop loving l/s I think I wanna get my hands on that as well (maybe).

    I don't how boys think and why they think like that. Gahhh! I know what you mean thought. I get that feeling some times with the bf. It irritates me but then the next day they get all lovey dovey >_<

  5. denise

    the pink pigment looks so pretty and perfect topping is super tempting i wanna go buy one now….girl i feel the same way with boys right now….ur not alone…gee i don’t understand them sometimes…anyhu…good haul!!!!

  6. I always love all the colors you pick out in your makeup!

  7. I love your haul! Those dazzle dusts make me so jealous! lol I wish we had Barry M. in the states! And can I just scream about how much I agree with you in your last sentence? The frustration with boys?

    I’m so there. I think once boys know they have you, they don’t have to try so hard. But that’s so not true — relationships are constant effort. Boys are laaazy. They wanna stop trying after awhile. And us girls want every day to be like the beginning of the relationship. Tell the boy to get his butt in gear!!! =]

    Is it so hard to ask for a little romance?! lol Hang in there hunnie!

  8. mushroom looks great!!

    on the boys thing … well i guess everyone loves attention … maybe he’s doing that cause now he wants a little bit of attention himself. :)

  9. Ooooh I so know how you feel it’s simply because once they have you they don’t have to try to keep you!That is how men (boys) think I even asked my boyf and brother and they agreed!!x p.s lollipop loving is purty I’m going to see the green reflex in person!

  10. I find if you do something sweet for your boy, he'll realize how lucky he is to have you and feel the need to reciprocate. <3 then you get happiness and love all around.

  11. Angela

    I love Lollipop Lovin! I just bought that today. Anyways, I love your blog. Take care.


  12. I adore Barry M Dazzle Dusts! Mushroom was one of the first ones I bought, and it’s a lovely everyday shade! I love the pink/gold too. I have a heap of them already, but I hope to buy them all at some stage – they’re amazing!

  13. yummmm mushroom is such a good brown.

  14. Tali

    Boys have to be told and reminded to keep up the treating us like princesses thing. USeless species!!
    Love the perfect topping.. you got a good one.. i saw alot of friends get really weird looking ones!

  15. I actually think after those swatches I’m going to buy all 3 :) Your a star hun :) xx

  16. aw, zoe… i'm going through a lot of your random older posts and your little note about boys at the end of this one made me give out a sad little "awww, poor zoe!" well, fast forward to five years later and i hope you do feel like a princess everyday from all the love from your fans, family, and friends. (and i'm sure having alfie around doesn't hurt, either. ;) ) we <3 you, zoe!