Taaj Himalaya Micellar Water £16.87

Back in February, nestled within my JolieBox Beauty Box, was this little bottle of micellaire water makeup remover. I didn’t use it straight away, I was quite happy with the cleansing routine I had, and I didn’t feel as though I needed an extra step when removing my makeup as my Liz Earle did the job well enough. However, when going to my boyfriends for the night, I threw this in my handbag along with some cotton wool pads, just because I wasn’t too sure I still had a cleanser hidden away in his bathroom cabinet (you know what men are like, they always use your cosmetics and hope you won’t notice). I decided to use this to remove my makeup, and then went ahead and cleansed afterwards, and now this has become part of my evening skincare routine. It is quite honestly, amazing. I know there is an awful lot of hype surrounding the Bioderma Micellaire Solution , but I have yet to try it. After using this, I don’t feel the need to either. 

Before receiving this in my JolieBox, I had never heard of Taaj as a brand, and I have found that it isn’t that easy to get  hold of online. I should imagine that it’s very easy if you live in France (damn you amazing french brands). You can buy it HERE on Amazon and also over on the JolieBox website. It is priced accordingly at £16.87, as for 500ml this will last you an absolute LIFETIME. I knew immediately once my sample had gone, I had to have a new bottle ready and waiting to be cracked open. I even kept the little empty one, so that I could refill it from the larger bottle for travelling or overnight stays. I have honestly become a bit addicted to this makeup remover.

It claims to be purifying and revitalizing and that is exactly what it is. It feels so refreshing on my skin, takes away every trace of makeup with one easy swipe (no rubbing or piles of cotton wool pads) and leaves my skin looking and feeling fresh and healthy. I like to use this before bed to remove any traces of makeup from the day. I then go to the bathroom sink and do a cleanse just to clarify my skin and make sure it’s squeaky clean before bed. I sometimes even use this when I wake up in the mornings, just because I’ve become a bit addicted to the feeling it leaves on my skin. It’s like an instant pick me up. It also smells beautiful, not too strong, just fresh and light.

If you are looking to buy or try out a micellaire water makeup remover, I would strongly urge you to try this. I will be buying this until they stop making it (heaven forbid this day ever comes). I now want to try out various other things from this brand too, as I am so impressed.

Have you tried anything else from Taaj? Tried this and loved it as much as I do?

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  1. This sounds really good! I always have trouble deciding on a good makeup remover. Mighht give it a go! Thankyou! :)x

  2. Sounds amazing! I've never even tried water makeup remover, I'm a wipes girl. This review has swayed me a little bit to try some out though, I must consider signing up for Jolie Box so I can have my own experience discovering new products.
    Great review Zoe!

  3. Wow this looks great!! very tempoting as it is not that expensive at all for such a big bottle!!

    Come and join my GIVE AWAY!! you could win a Stila in the garden eye shadow palette!!

    Jen xxx

  4. You inspire me so much. I love your blog, I found it a few months ago and I love reading your posts, your so easy to relate to! I've also been watching you and Louise on Youtube, and your the funniest people ever. I literally just sit there laughing at you both, I loved the video you did for Louise's birthday! :) How did you create the edge around yours images? It looks really pretty. I've just started my own beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog too, and I've tried to take your tips into account.

    http://www.mybeautyandfashionfix.blogspot.com :)xxx

  5. Oooh, I might give this a try after my Bioderma has run out – It is truly awesome stuff, but there is no scent to it and the packaging is just quite plain. I know that sounds silly, but little things eh? Plus, I'm on my 4th bottle so I wouldn't mind trying something else – Especially with your recommendation, woop!

    Thanks Zoe!

    http://fridayisforever.blogspot.co.uk xx

  6. ahh..amazon..I've been wondering where else can I buy this instead of Joliebox…thanks for the info! :)

  7. Ina

    This one sounds so good! I hope I can find some here or can order it online :) I really need a good make-up remover and have yet to find one! Ixx

  8. Vivian

    Sounds great but expensive! the French have such good brands!

  9. hi zoe, do you know if the taaj make-up remover is cheaper in france? could do with a new make-up remover but am conveniently going to france in a months time so am weighing up wether or not to wait and get it there. also are there any french skin care buys you recomend that i watch out for when i go on my trip. thanks. nicole xo

  10. Kelly

    Looks and sounds amazing. Thanks for the tip.
    I'm definitely going to try this out.


  11. Laura

    Sounds like a great product! I've never heard of the brand before either, definitely want to try it out at some point! x
    Dreams and Dresses

  12. WY

    Seems like a bottle full of amazingness! How would you compare this with the Bioderma makeup remover? xx
    Raves 'nd Ramblings

  13. Great review, I have just got my hands on some Bioderma, from my holiday. But I think I'm definitely going to give this one a go once I've used it up .
    – Keyta x

  14. I've heard so many raves about the Bioderma solution but nothing on this one! The Taaj one seems great value for money considering a whole bottle will last for ages xx

  15. This sounds great, I really want to try a micellar water, it must be way more gentle than using face wipes! xx

  16. Does it take off mascara? I always find that the most annoying to get rid of when trying new brands! xx

  17. Ah this is exactly what I love about beauty boxes, getting to try new brands or products you've never heard of and finding something that you love! I've never tried a micellaire water either so I think I'll have to get some of this one now, I can't wait to order some!! :)
    Eleanor x

  18. I tried the eyecream! It's more like a gel. It is really good. It's refreshing.

  19. I tried the eyecream. It's more like a gel. It is amazing. :)

  20. Becky

    That looks good! I haven't heard of the brand before. I'm tempted to try the This Works clean skin 5-in-1 water from Boots which is meant to be similar to the Bioderma :)

  21. can't wait to try this after reading your review,
    can I get it online? coz I live in HongKong, can't get it in pharmacy.
    Thanks zoe!!

  22. Wow, what an endorsement, I was really curious about an in depth review after seeing this is your previous post. As always, thanks for sharing! :)

    xx Veronica


  23. I'd never heard of this brand before you mentioned it. But now, since yourself and essiebutton have both raved about it, I'm keen to track down one of their products and give it a go. I wonder how this compares to the Caudalie Cleansing Water (which I love). Oh, and I had to laugh when you mentioned the men stealing our beauty products thing. My boyfriend does that all the time. I'll mention to him "oh…you should give my Argan Oil a try" and he'll say "um…I kind of already have…" ;)

  24. Roshni

    I hadnt heard of this before, but it is definitely something I would like to try! Thanks for sharing this with us Zoe. I have linked you in my most recent blog post as one of my favourite bloggers! Taaj sounds like an indian name, what other products do they have?


  25. Sophie

    Hi Zoe,

    Is it good for eye makeup?

  26. Char!

    this sounds amazing! need this x

  27. I must try this, have to see if and where I can buy/order it in Germany though.

  28. oh id love to try this out!! i ususally use the normal milky type of cleansers! come check out my blog if you want too <3 xxx

  29. This sounds amazing!!! I really want to try it.


  30. I'm so excited by the possible entrance of this into my life! It looks amazing. xx

  31. I love this and literally made an Amazon order last Friday after my Joliebox sample ran out!x

  32. Smaz

    I fell in love with this makeup remover when I got it in my JolieBox and was very sad when I finished it!
    I haven't got round to purchasing the full-sized version yet but I think I will now that you said it will last a lifetime!




  33. An-An

    I've heard a lot of good things about this product. I wish it was readily available where I live :S I'm so jealous of ppl who live in the UK lol


  34. This looks lovely! I think I need to consider subscribing to Joliebox! I am a huge Bioderma fan though so will have to work my way through that first :) I love the trim around your photos too! Amy x x x


  35. Ayesha

    Ooo I really need to try this! I need to also start investing in Glossybox! A treat every month would be fabulous : )

  36. I am currently using the Avène micellar lotion and I love it. I wanted to try Bioderma too, but Avène is much easier available here so I really think that it's a pity that you can't find this Taaj cleanser everywhere :( I really want to try it as it sounds so amazing, although the Avène one is great too and I heard teh La Roche-Posay one is also lovely!


  37. This look great! I am going to look into it. I need a good remover! Thank you for sharing, darling!


  38. I had never heard of this brand either but I will definitely be doing a bit of research into their products now :) Not sure that I'm ready to part from my trust Cleanse & Polish yet though…
    N xoxo

  39. Tawny

    sounds really good! I'm always on the lookout for a good makeup remover!

  40. Kim

    Wauw! This sounds really good! Why do I live in Holland? :(
    I need someone in the UK who can shop for me ;)
    No kidding! I hope one day I can go to London!

  41. You are so lucky you get to try out such amazing products! xo


  42. Would love to try this! It sounds amazing. Hoping there is a way to get it in the states. Seems all the great Eurpopean skincare just isn't available here most of the time.

  43. Shenae

    Hi from New Zealand,
    I really want to try this out but its going to be impossible for me to get my hands on this as it is highly difficult to get my hands on Benefit. Your so lucky to be surrounded by cheap and easy to grab products. Love your videos and your blog.

    Shenae XOXO


  44. Hey! Oh you make this product sound so tempting, especially as it's not too expensive! I'm looking for a new makeup remover to use so this product is now on my to-buy list, thanks Zoe! Love your blogs, Fiona x

  45. I absaloutly love your blogs and your videos your probably my favourite blogger and youtuber i think your funny and i love your vids with louise i just wanna ask if you could check out my blog please as it would be a great pleasure if my favourite blogger would check it out thanks :)

  46. this sounds exactly like my Bioderma one! I usually don't care much about overhyped products but I do love my Bioderma solution and am as addicted to it as you are to your Taaj solution :)

  47. I liked the cleanser too I really like it and it makes my face feel really fresh glad to hear you like it too xxxxxxxxxxxx

  48. Cheska

    I love this stuff, I also got it in the JolieBox… I have my nan hooked on it too!

    I'm having a big ebay make up clear out with brands like Chanel, Estee Lauder and Decleor, all starting from 99p! Some bargains to be had people :)x

  49. Oooo I've been on the fence as whether to buy Bioderma or not but this sounds fantastic.. may have to give it a try! X

  50. Hi may I know what camera you're using? And what software you use to edit your photos? Thanks babe and you're really very pretty!

  51. Hi babe may I know what camera you're using and what software you use to edit your photos? Thanks! And you're really gorgeous!

  52. This looks like such a gorgeous product, it's definitely swaying me towards water based remover rather than wipes! Love hearing about new brands as well, can't wait to try it out..

    Is there any way you can check out my blog? Just starting out and it'd be great to hear some feedback :D

  53. Hello Zoey,
    greetings from Brazil!
    first of all i would like to say that you're gorgeous and i love you.
    I was wondering how do you do that lovely border on your photos, if you
    could tell me i woul really apreciate it.


  54. I'm a hugeeee raving fan of bioderma, but this looks pretty awesome too! may have to give it a whirl, thank you lovey xx

  55. I need to try this stuff, sounds pretty amazing, I must admit I've never found an
    eye makeup remover I truly like. Love your blog!! :)


  56. I always thought my Liz earle did the trick but this sounds amazing! :)

  57. Phoebe

    I have only just discovered you on youtube etc (don't know how it has taken this long) ..but thank alfie – pointlessblog for doing a video with you :) I was wondering, do you still use this, and where do you buy it, because I can't seem to find it ANYWHERE!♥

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  62. Mia

    Amazing product to try out! I love how it leaves your skin sooo soft after you use it :).
    Love you Zoeee x


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