Taaj Himalaya Micellar Water £16.87

Back in February, nestled within my JolieBox Beauty Box, was this little bottle of micellaire water makeup remover. I didn’t use it straight away, I was quite happy with the cleansing routine I had, and I didn’t feel as though I needed an extra step when removing my makeup as my Liz Earle did the job well enough. However, when going to my boyfriends for the night, I threw this in my handbag along with some cotton wool pads, just because I wasn’t too sure I still had a cleanser hidden away in his bathroom cabinet (you know what men are like, they always use your cosmetics and hope you won’t notice). I decided to use this to remove my makeup, and then went ahead and cleansed afterwards, and now this has become part of my evening skincare routine. It is quite honestly, amazing. I know there is an awful lot of hype surrounding the Bioderma Micellaire Solution , but I have yet to try it. After using this, I don’t feel the need to either. 

Before receiving this in my JolieBox, I had never heard of Taaj as a brand, and I have found that it isn’t that easy to get  hold of online. I should imagine that it’s very easy if you live in France (damn you amazing french brands). You can buy it HERE on Amazon and also over on the JolieBox website. It is priced accordingly at £16.87, as for 500ml this will last you an absolute LIFETIME. I knew immediately once my sample had gone, I had to have a new bottle ready and waiting to be cracked open. I even kept the little empty one, so that I could refill it from the larger bottle for travelling or overnight stays. I have honestly become a bit addicted to this makeup remover.

It claims to be purifying and revitalizing and that is exactly what it is. It feels so refreshing on my skin, takes away every trace of makeup with one easy swipe (no rubbing or piles of cotton wool pads) and leaves my skin looking and feeling fresh and healthy. I like to use this before bed to remove any traces of makeup from the day. I then go to the bathroom sink and do a cleanse just to clarify my skin and make sure it’s squeaky clean before bed. I sometimes even use this when I wake up in the mornings, just because I’ve become a bit addicted to the feeling it leaves on my skin. It’s like an instant pick me up. It also smells beautiful, not too strong, just fresh and light.

If you are looking to buy or try out a micellaire water makeup remover, I would strongly urge you to try this. I will be buying this until they stop making it (heaven forbid this day ever comes). I now want to try out various other things from this brand too, as I am so impressed.

Have you tried anything else from Taaj? Tried this and loved it as much as I do?

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