Headband – Handmade
Plain White T Shirt – H&M
Dark Grey Cardigan – Apricot
Black Blazer – New Look
Scarf – Primark
Waist Skirt – American Apparel
Black Waist Belt – Vintage
Handbag – ShangHai Tang
Floral Leggings – H&M
Grey Leg Warmers – H&M
Pink Wellies – QS (£6)

  1. I <3 the leggings. This is a great look for the winter. xx

  2. Natalie

    I love this outfit.

  3. Your hair is a really lovely colour!

    Love the outfit x

  4. Oh I loveee the outfit zoe you look beautiful.
    So glad you didnt follow the wearing- dresses- in snow- fashion.because that would be silly now wouldnt it >.<! LOL.

    Love the wellies! & you need to start making the daisy head bands so I can get one :D


  5. Caz

    haha I love your creative photos, your wellies are supercute too!

  6. Zoe you look beautiful

  7. gorgeous as ever! :) x

  8. ♥ it! you look so cute and snug!

  9. Can't wait for your hairbands to be available :) Your outfit is gorgeous – I love the wellies haha! Why are you not on Lookbook missy?! xxx

  10. Kerry

    love this Zoe! xx

  11. Lu

    Lovely leggings and wellies. x

  12. Much more preferable than a bikini in the snow! That bag is amazing x

  13. This is an amazing outfit :)

  14. Kirsty

    loving the wellies 8-)
    by the way i nominated you for an award; check it out on my blog!! you are so pretty (: x

  15. gorgeous as always :) xxx

  16. Ahh your outfit is lovely! What camera do you use btw? :) xx

  17. Monika

    gorgeous! fab outfit.

  18. You look great, I actually love the hair color x

  19. Kelly

    Nice outfit. Love the leggins with the leg warmers :)

  20. Becky

    i need those leggings and wellies, so cute xx

  21. Nikki

    You look lovely! Weird fact: I wore that exact scarf today, AND the black version of those wellies! Snow twins.

  22. Gorgeous, I must get those leggings!!! :) xxx

  23. Dani

    Absolutely love this look! I want those leggings, legwarmers, and wellies!
    Love the hair color btw. :)

  24. Gorgeous outfit! I must have those leggings!! Teehee… Puh-lease do more ootd posts – I love seeing ppls different styles xox

  25. Love it :) I havent seen anyone dressed up as cute as you in the snow! I never thought i would be jealous of someones wellies though lol

  26. Have you thought about selling the headbands you make? :)

  27. i love this outfit! dam now i feel bad about how i looked today haha im getting that scarf!! x

  28. your outfit is beautiful, i love everything! :D
    Yay for snow in London! x

  29. :O I love this and I think I'm in love with them leggings!

  30. Jen

    I neeeeeeed those leggings! So cute. I'm going to search for them tomorrow!

  31. Please please please make and sell those daisy hairbands! I think I can say on behalf of a lot of ladies who follow you that we would love one!

  32. Muhsine

    So cute! X

  33. tiffany

    love :)

  34. cute as :) i need some wellies might pop into qs :P

  35. miley

    such a cute outfit!

  36. Jo

    Simply friggin stunning!!!! Even on a cold winters day you still pull it off, you look amazing, fantastic style chick.


  37. LOLanne

    awww those rain boots are soooo cute!!


  38. MW

    u look too cute ..i luv it

  39. Sher

    that headband is too cute!

  40. xKayGee

    I just discovered your blog and I love it.
    I can't wait for a slow day at work so I can read your blogs from the beginning :)

    Love the boots, remind me of my childhood days haha

  41. Rebecca

    TOO cute!

  42. The leggings are soooo adorable Zoe (: I think I may have to pick myself up a pair and be brave and ditch the black leggings that I am obsessed with.

  43. Lucy

    Majorly cute. Please can I have your hair? x

  44. holly

    aww you look so lovely! i have nominated you for an award (: X

  45. blossom

    hey zoe, i'm new to this, but before i joined i somehow read your blog.
    I looove your new hair colour, i'm quite jealous because i don't suit lighter than really dark hair. And the idea of you making or even giving a little tutorial on your alice band would be great :)

  46. tor xx

    You look lovely hun! Are the H&M leggings instore at the moment? I LOVE them x

  47. Nav

    i dont think ive seen anyone dressed this cute in the snow ever, gorgeous bad aswell. x

  48. Daisy

    I want them wellies! And what a bargain! I really need some so will be on the lookout :) x

  49. sanne

    You are soo cute and pretty!
    love the outfit!

  50. the leggings is soo adorable! :)
    +your outfit is sooo cute.


  51. Zoe! I love it! So cute – winter hippy :)
    Defo need to go on LookBook ASAP!

  52. Nicole

    i have those boots in red :)
    stunning outfit <3

  53. The headband is ADORABLE, how'd you make it?

    You should post a tutorial!!!!

  54. Hehe cute outfit & an adorable Zoe :)

    I love those leggings they are gorgeous! & the wellies are sooooo cute x

  55. OMG so cute!! love this look

  56. love your hair in this !!! I mean LOVE!!!

  57. woaw these are just nice

  58. It's adorable <3 but if I dress like this is Canada I might freeze to death haha, maybe this could work for fall or spring